Every Sun Sign Has A Different Definition Of Loyalty

Trust is paramount and every Sun Sign has a different definition of loyalty. Understanding these variations will help you avoid misunderstandings and enhance relationships. So, what comprises loyalty for each sign of the Zodiac?

Aries – Unrelenting and flamboyant awe. Anything less and the Aries could take it as disdain. Failure to praise is envy

Taurus – Not touching their stuff. And no, that is not a figure of speech. Picture the talismanic and protected status of a druid’s sword or the cauldron of a priestess. That’s Taurus with everything.

Gemini – Not fuqing up the flow of their analysis and anecdotes with fact-checking. But Geminis are like a game: you can refresh your loyalty credits at every new level.

Cancer – Understanding their internal emotional algorithm without having to put it into an intellectual context. You can’t quantify feelings, but there may be some leeway if you can cook.

Leo – Letting them direct, produce and star in the production without quibbling. Leo people would also like if you leapt dramatically to their defense, should anyone slight them. They wouldn’t care if you got arrested for it and their court wardrobe would be spectacular.

Virgo – Memory. Virgos may not care for flashy gestures but recalling minute details about their preferences – a favorite author, that they dislike coriander and hydrangeas, obsession with ergonomics, whatever – is true allegiance.

Libra – Loyalty is not a particularly Libran concept. They feel it can devolve into fake alibis or the irrational maintenance of dysfunctional connections. They do, however, value respect for their equilibrium. Upset that if you want them to erase you from their consciousness.

Scorpio – Blood oaths, setting a location to meet up in another life and keeping the date and guarding the Scorpionic secrets as if to release even a hint would unleash an ancient curse upon you.

Sagittarius – Telling them the truth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re lying about having eaten breakfast already or being a double agent – deceit corrodes their psyche.

CapricornCapricorns are worldly people with a remarkable ease about many transgressions but mess with money and never mind loyalty; it’s treason. And their version of ‘money’ is broad; dissing a valuable contact or wasting their time also count against you.

Aquarius – Seeing loyalty as a construct, Aquarians probably wouldn’t over-react if you sold their secrets on the dark web or began dating their ex the day after the divorce. If they were to define loyalty, it would be the finesse to not crowd them or cloy their consciousness.

Pisces – Believing them about the U.F.O., paranormal romance, reincarnation C.V., being of Sidhe heritage or the poltergeist in their garage. To Pisces, not killing their vibe by dissing the magic is loyalty.


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  1. Wish Upon a Star

    I have a question that is off this topic.

    Venus is conjuncting my natal Chiron in Pisces 29 degrees , 1st house , at the moment.

    What does this mean? Please?

    I am a bit down at the dumps today. I had stuff to do but I can’t be bothered. At least I am embracing the feeling and I am trying to be gentle with myself. I think it’s best not to go out when you feel like this.

    I am practicing self-care by trying to relax and feel into it knowing that it will pass.

    1. Chiron to me is “the blues”. There’s a kind of ennui that’s hard to put your finger on. Working with chiron, for me, has been about developing a practice of acceptance, and really getting my head (and heart) around spiritual release. I think your approach is about right, Wish. You’re wise enough to know, and you would have experienced a Chiron Pisces asc transit at some point… We have to go very gently when Chiron is doing things don’t we…
      Today and yest have felt rather off-kilter and on edge. I read somewhere that Saturn is now void in Capricorn which can switch on some heaviness. I wish you a gentle weekend with twinkles of happiness to see you through. Xoxoxx

      1. You are a beautiful soul Pi. If anything I have learnt is to hold onto your tenderness and sincerity. Everything is in Flux. But my Pisces soul says you maybe scrambling above the waves. But remember your heart is answered to the Earth. But thz anchor shifts like the sand. Then connects with the earth. Love cobyerccccwncxbBNws all.

      2. Hey at least I went out today. Put some food and some wine. The taxi driver that drove we heard was from Paris. Reigniting the fire to travel and to feel my own freedom. It has been such a change in about 40 years.

      3. Hey don’t judge me. We have all been there.
        A least I can sing with the Laughter in my heart. I love you Mum and Dad.

    2. Aw.. I don’t really want to bust in on you two lil fishies..

      But y’know I will 😉

      Isn’t Venus your chart ruler Wish?

      1st house themes meet core wound/door to freedom themes activated by chart ruler.

      And 29th degree there – well that’s a house cusp for me but it’s also typically known as a critical degree in any sign. Interesting you’ve had a bit of a crisis moment….

      Perfect solution – using Venus to ease your being through the day/vibe. Valuing the self enough to take care of the self. Venus is more than cash, physical possessions and romantic love.

      Hope today’s better x

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I’m glad you did bust in Centarus. I do value your words. Actually I am a Pisces rising so Neptune is my chart ruler. But I am very interested to hear about what the critical degree means and what does being on the cusp means

        I know I always thought my cusp was pretty much Pisces but you seem to think it’s also Aries. Could you give me a new interpretation with this new information please Centaurus?

        Speaking to that French taxi driver made me realise how very bored I am in this town. Regional Queensland really doesn’t do it for me. But I already knew that I just have to be patient.

        Anyhow one interesting thing did happen last night after a few wines.

        You can probably see that in my writing Lol.
        I became aware of the intense pain I was holding towards fostering 4 cats that I had to let go. Too were pregnant and 1 gave birth to 4 kittens and 3 died in my care. That was hard. And I think I saw one of the cats I fostered on TV the new story was about people mistreating animals. It was horrible.

        And also remembered when I lived in a well-to-do leafy suburb of Brisbane. A cheeky little Scottish terrier one day came to my back door and barked for hours and hours. It was the afternoon and I was sleeping. Due to the Acoustics of the valley I didn’t realise he was at my backdoor. But when I’ve got up I saw him. He was a cutie and then the owners came to the door so my meeting was brief but joyful.

        Anyway many years ago I saw the owners on TV Apparently somebody had killed their dog and buried it. That was a shock. So last night I grab the stuff toy and use it as a medium to talk to the Scottish terrier. I got answers and I felt better. I felt bad because dogs always come to me to try and tell me something and I wish that I had spent more time with him.

        Anyhow the wine unlocked some grief and it was pretty much resolved.I also felt guilt for returning the foster cats.

        p.s. I do feel better today. And please excuse my grammar. I use speech text and I am lazy with editing.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Seeing koalas scrambling for their life in the Australian bush fires and also kangaroos lay dead on roads brought this old grief back to me.

        The Australian wildlife deaths are a new grief. I do live in Australia.

      3. I knew there was Taurus something… face palms. Right, got it soz,

        Let’s start again … the reason it’s a critical degree is because it’s the last degree before a change of sign and energy. It’s also called the anaretic degree. It’s said that planets (not so much a house cusp though I have a couple) on these degrees can be indecisive, flip-floppy or perhaps rash and unpredictable. There’s a sense of change in the air so the way that planet might express it’s energy is said to vary due to the sense of change (in this case from mutable water to cardinal fire, from endings to beginnings etc).

        To be clear a rising sign is one or the other even if your house cusp was 29-59″ and seconds it is still in the sign it is but energy of the degree may throw some confusion.

        Your Pisces rising house starts on a degree and finishes on another. In a whole sign view it’s all Pisces. In Placidus for example it’s going to have some Pisces and some Aries. House 1 could start at 15 Pisces and go through to 15 Aries and your Chiron is on the cusp of one sign energy and another in the same house so maybe that way that planet expresses itself can change suddenly or in specific situations…

        It can be quite nebulous to feel out the blended energies of houses. I don’t think I always get it myself (and I don’t know if it is always necessary to drill down to that detail) and then if you throw progressions in hahaha etc. It’s a subjective view when it’s us looking at us. We know our inner landscape well but we also know it well enough to know how to hide it or make excuses for it.

        When it comes to outcomes and responsibility we hold it is almost impossible to see around corners or predict futures. Even if we do get a picture it may not be as clear as the hindsight versions. You do what you can Wish and maybe these memories are here to encourage you to do more of that kind of thing in a permanent way up the track? Maybe they’re just simply here for release and healing? Maybe the spirit of the animals has come past to let you know it’s not all on your shoulders. There was a life before you and… after.

        Your speech to text is actually pretty good if unedited. I use my fingers… have quick silver strokes and stream often so my errors come not so much from not editing along the way but from the energy which drives the completion of the thing – it often lacks inclination to bother with a full review when I’m done.

        Glad to read you’re feeling better 🙂

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    Yes I can relate to the obvious ones.

    Taurus,Gemini and Pisces reflecting my Taurus moon Gemini sun and Pisces Rising. And of course Cancer reflecting my Venus and mercury in cancer.

    But the curious one there is Aquarius. Don’t cloy my consciousness. And Sagittarius. I just need need you to speak the truth.

    Natally i have an empty 11th house but at the moment Saturn and Pluto are transitting it. And I do need a lot more time to myself. Almost a hermit.
    Sagittarius is on my mid Haven. I can usually see the truth. This is really obvious to me. I get very disappointed when people throw up a shitstorm or smokescreen or blatantly lie to hide the truth. I am not talking about white lies here.. Maybe that’s my Scorpio South node.

    Obviously I can’t cannot relate to Virgo. I have taken to speaking text as I really hate texting on an iPhone. And I am a bit sloppy when it comes to editing the text. Haha lol.

  3. I wonder if the moon sign may be a factor here – i’m a taurus sun and aries rising and am not so fussy about my stuff and don’t require awe – but upset my equilibrium and i will want you gone.

  4. O/t post, are we still allowed to post off topic round these parts

    Help me astro-fam, I’m stuck in that eddy current of relentlessly googling “man with Venus in XYZ. / Moon in ABC ” to see if I really am the Taurus’s type. We have all sort s of other stuff like node/DSC, vertexes exact opposite etc , planets on Pluto in composite chart etc I need my internet access privileges taken away from me srsly

    Like I think I’m here to help him be more himself and grow and he’s here to help me feel less fear re relationships of whatever sort

    1. Sending you whatever you need to break the spell Pi. That kind of research has got an aura of LZ around it.

      Option 1 – continue with unquantified thought streams unchecked.
      Option 2 – continue with unquantified thought streams with awareness and go within to understand their mechanics and drivers.
      Option 3 – relish the secret relationship and desires without being fixed on an outcome.
      Option 4 – remove Neptune goggles and ban yourself from this sort of “research”
      Option 5 – ignore me and make up your own options.

      Well you did ask… 😉


    2. *R*egroup your overeactive mental-emo energy & ground yourself, often.
      *E*njoy the moments you have together without analysing them to death.
      *L*et go of all expectations.
      *A*llow room for friendship to breathe & love to grow.
      *X*enoplanet influences & dark matter weave our lives in ever-changing &
      invisible ways – even to astrology.

      If I had studied my partner’s chart along side mine when we first met, i could have lost my greatest love, coz on paper the challenges look huge & the oppositions many. Yet it’s been the easiest ride ever.

      1. Thanks, Skarab. I don’t think id be doing this if we weren’t in different states. I might save your words there.. love a mnemonic

    3. Pi. Do you like the guy ? If so just enjoy what you get and if you stop enjoying it say thanks and walk away with good memories. And be prepared to Accept that he needs the same freedoms. We can not control we can just enjoy.

      1. Afaict from my life lessons in matters of the heart to date, that is basically what I was put on this earth to learn, hehe thanks emg. The shitty abandonment-issues part of me says “lol no one wants to stick around for you pi deal with it ” and the realistic moon in capricorn part of me says “dude you don’t even know if you’d get along with him and hello he will never move from current City and has rather a lot of life flux now so can you please just do you”

      2. Ohhhh hmm ok will ponder
        What is the opposite of the moon? Like I don’t know where to go from here and I’m just so tired of “rise above” I just want a spunky dinner date honestly
        Shall ponder lol
        Saturn is parked on my moon for months ohhhhh ok now I get it sigh /lol

        Cheers for the moment of reflection Centaurus

      3. Opposite of the moon would be sun energy but I think you’re really asking what’s the opposite of that feeling and a way to kill the soundtrack.

        It’s a drag of a transit. Sometimes these kinds of transits require total surrender and the so called ‘meaning’ is only arrived at afterward.

        From an antidote perspective I personally look to Mercury, yes even if it’s wry dark humour or self depreciating cackles. Gem energy to get you out and about and distracted and multi tasking / thinking. Fire to dry up the muddy astrosphere and some air to help fan the flames.

        This too shall pass…

        And I hope you get that spunky dinner date too x

  5. I just actually laughed out loud at Cancer because of how accurate it is!
    Also my Taurus ascendant remembered the times I made the mistake of lending someone something of mine and it not being returned or returned in not as good condition as it was given. This is enough to make me not trust someone about anything ever again! If you scratch my CD you will probably scratch my soul…fact! hehehehehe!

  6. As a Toro stellium in the 2nd (moon, mars, mercury) and Jupiter in Toro in 1st house, I can *share* and am not overly invested in stuff. I LOVE decluttering and throwing stuff out/donating to op shop/passing on to others. Also like my home clean and (fairly) clutter and knick knack free. I do fall in love with items and really want to buy them, mainly beautiful clothes, skin products, jewellery, art, books, plants, furniture but being on a low income for 10 years means my purchasing ability has been very limited. And I prefer to buy used stuff if possible, it’s often better made, and I love recycling/repurposing. Love buying just the right present for people (never expensive, but good quality) and love giving stuff away to ppl who appreciate it. Don’t mind a few dents in my car, or marks/knocks on furniture, I’m a proponent of wabi sabi (the beauty of imperfection and things being ‘worn’).

    1. I’d never buy a fancy car, for example, always buy used and keep them for decades… I’d rather spend money on travel and good food than anything else. Nor do I aspire to live in a big fancy house. Also have never wanted a ‘holiday house’. I’d rather rent when I want to stay somewhere else. Having two houses when some ppl can’t afford one seems wrong to me, also having your óther houses empty and not used seems silly.

  7. Loyalty is different to collusion but sometimes we get asked for one and it’s the other that’s being sought.

    This week my prog Sun has moved to Aqua. I’m still down with the Saggo vibe as far as truth goes but as a 7th house Sun you can probably add a dash of Scorpio in select circumstances.

    Last year my prog Asc moved to Cancer so it’s still early degrees and a new fit. Suffice to say I’m a little less invested in the keep out of my space and don’t touch my stuff but selectively it’s still there and I guess anything that involved snooping or sticking ones head into spaces that are not open and accessible would be considered a treason of sorts hehe.

    I’m pretty sure my prog Moon is back in Cap and I am pretty much down with that one too but have had lots of tolerance tests of this in recent years and I gotta say as frustrating as it has been it’s also been very illuminating and allowed me to stretch even further. I think my first line taps into both Sun & Moon.

    Yeah – see the trouble with mutables is ….

    Pick one.

    What – just one?


    I can’t.

    Yeah you can.

    Ok, well here’s the first one but if I had to have a second it’d be this.. etc etc.

    I said pick one.

    And I said I can’t.

    Sometimes I just pick one outwardly and a couple internally. Some things are not worth the….

    Execute demure grin.

    Win | Win.

    1. Collusion! Thank you, that is the word i was looking for. The Libra in me sees the danger of blind loyalty as leading to collusion – which is a whole different thing.

      Also, those pick *one* answer profile tests are torture for this lunar-ruled libra riser. Ask me to do the same test on a Dark Moon & my extrovert status shifts over to introvert. Proven.

      1. Yeah – it’s a thing! And it’s fairly common. Collusion sounds a little bit more palatable I guess but basically it’s manipulation be that conscious or unconsciously. I tend to find myself navigating it daily in work. Gets a bit tiring.

        Ok, so Libra says a single answer needs to balance with what is and probably the entire profile content/conclusion as well as how it integrates into this, that and the other and does it feel harmonious (perhaps rather than true?) – Libra can run some anxiety underneath the calm demeanour when presented with things that can upset the inner landscape, which you’d know has a direct impact on the outer. 😉

        Haven’t tried any of those tests with luna in mind but I know they vary over different periods and I have had mixed results anyway.

  8. ok ..this isn’t really related to this post, but I just deleted my old twitter account with all its followers and started a new one – had to get rid of that old energy. BUT, I just realized that I started the new one with Mercury in Pisces and the Moon in Gemini – which also happen to be my natal chart. SAY, WHAT!! ! I am an Aries, so if all else fails, as per this post, I am praising my own unintended ingenuity! 😀 But honestly, I identify more my Taurus rising – don’t touch my stuff.

  9. Fantastic post, mystic! It’s given me a lightbulb moment too for why things don’t and probably never will work for me and a Libran man I’ve found hard to not Love Zombie about. I just need a blood oath pal! There’s nothing overly intense or intimidating about that now, is there? 😆
    Can really relate to what you’ve written about the other water signs too – if you want in with a water sign, you’ve got to respect all their sensitivities, be it emotional or magical.

  10. This Gemini will only allow a certain amount of levels of forgiveness, then they will cease to exist, I will pretend I never knew that person even after years of friendship, if I ever happen to see the person on the street I will blank out and act as though I don’t know you and walk right by without blinking an eye. Once a person is at that level, that’s it.
    I won’t even speak their name.
    Plus I have Moon in Capricorn – turns me cold.
    Libra rising – I slip onto other dimensions.
    Cancer in Venus & Mercury allows me to remember everything, EVERY minute detail. FOREVER. And that hardens my exterior.
    Basically, f with me and the person may as well be dead.

  11. The Lion & The Centaur

    Lol yeah. Sagittarius can forgive you if you slept with their crush as long as you’re honest about it and you both will probably even have a laugh about it. But lies. Nopee. Not down for being held a fool.

    Also Leos will give people multiple chances and if they turn them all down, it crushes something deep inside that Leo heart even though Leos probably won’t let anyone see that.

  12. Saturn in Pisces

    Taurus w/ Aries Moon and Venus and chart ruler in 2nd house stellium, Cap Rising, and plenty of Scorpio hanging out at the top of my chart, and I knew I was going to be CALLED OUT as soon as I saw this title… I hardcore identify with this post and would say the Taurus-Scorpio axis is the worst for this. Blood oaths indeed. If I could legally bind people not to touch my stuff I would. I have stooped to message eBay purchasers of my items to make sure the stuff is “doing ok” and worry a great deal about fate of my donated declutter items.

    One of my current big sources of stress is that I am moving and I am trying to think of how to make it clear my new home’s “strict no exceptions chemical fragrance ban” will NEVER be lifted. I seriously dread relatives coming out of the woodwork begging to “drop by” (I don’t do actual guests lmao) and fucking COMMENT on my space, hence ruining the meticulously crafted vibe/privacy… I don’t even want approval or praise for decor I just want people to GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.

    THE VIRGO ONE!!! Just the other day I explained how I got on a Virgo Rising’s good side by making a flamboyant show of how I separately plastic bagged a container containing a soy derivative and wiped down the counter several extra times and warned the Virgo Rising (with a soy allergy) where the soy had been and in which garbage bag the plastic bagged soy derivative container was. Since then I have been Approved and Trusted.

    1. Lol, it’s so true – Taurus-scorp axis really is the worst! 😆 We both have great troubles letting go of things and people too, I find. I’ve found it interesting with Taurean men how you can break up with them and they will still stay in touch pretty much forever. It really is like there’s a secret blood oath between us.

      1. Saturn in Pisces

        YES haha. “Letting go” is not even comprehensible to us!

        Interesting about Taurus men! I am a Taurus woman and I am much more prone to the “I need to arrange my life so that my ex might as well be dead, or we never met in the first place.” Loyalty betrayal means BURNING any and ALL items remotely associated with that person, including, for instance, a pair of underwear or socks I recall wearing when we went on a date once or something… getting a new phone I never texted them with if possible…

        I consider it no accident that most dictators are Taurus and many literally erased their enemies from the world… I am passionately a pacifist and have no evil inclinations but I definitely function best if exes are “dead to me” and nowhere near my life whatsoever. They can do whatever they want… FAR away from me! Of course I am implying and assuming all breakups are bridge burning situations…. maybe my only dating Leo’s has something to do with the typically ferociously dramatic nature of my breakups? Leo is intercepted in my 7th so try as I might I cannot seem to avoid dating Leo’s exclusively.

  13. To test Mystics theory of Libras regarding loyalty, I asked my multi-Libra partner (Sun/Asc/Merc) what his stand on it was. In classic Libra style he stood there for about half a minute in silence, eyes squinting, visibly weighing it up, his head tilting one way then the other, & then he said “hmm, it’s got to be the right balance between the heart & the head” (a Libra gem right there); Then proceeded to give examples of how family loyalty could lead to nepotism in society and how mafias survive by weaponising it.. blah, blah. So yeah, spot on!

    1. I just imagined sitting in the back listening to you ask him the question and then become totally despondent as he librarates the question from anything that could be called an answer. Then I see myself sitting up really straight pushing my hand in the air like a 2nd grader demanding the teachers attention. Ask me ask me, ( cause you’ll never get a fuqing answer from him) as we turn all that’s left of him is a smile floating in thin air. .

      1. Hahaha, yep!…Fortunately he ignores my fire stellium’s incessant foot tapping & deep sighs. But what’s annoying though is that he’s almost always right … in so much as covering all bases is right.

      2. You probably understand it more than what you consciously think. If your Asc is Gem, then isn’t your IC Libra – that is already your heritage & your home life. And with your NN in the 4th – haven’t you been actually living out your NN, by being home and creating a beautiful base for your brood? I’ve even heard you talk about (gasp) “everything in moderation” being your motto in a recent post – that’s Libresse right there if ever i’ve heard it.

      3. seriously ! Shit, so just a quick Astro question if my NN is libra does that mean if I have another life here my south node will be libra ? If so I think I’ll confirm my next life booking on Krsnaloca.

      4. So… idk if your question is for me or Scarab and I suspect it sits in the less ‘serious’ camp but I’ll throw up an answer anyway D.

        Clarification – by denial I mean avoidance, overlooking, peace at a price, harmony on the surface, making excuses and so on.

        Short answer is no, I don’t think so. Nodes don’t work like that with karma and past life/future life. Nodes work with evolution and much bigger cycles. I daresay there’s probably a pattern of sorts but us humans can’t see it from a macro enough view to get that.

        Is it the 10/4 axis or 11/5?

        The natural 1/7 axis is broadly all about me and my needs/wants v others and their needs/wants and balance of both and I suppose in essence that’s the sort of view I’d apply going around the zodiac, how does one sign/energy balance, compliment or negate another sign/energy for this person.

        The 4th is also depth psych and ancestors in this world and no longer here or long gone. It’s the deep dark roots of our story that we think will illuminate who we are and yet sometimes all it does it add more complexity not clarity.

        When the Sun is same sign as SN it’s true it can be a tricky bit of biz (natural conjunct here) as we’re essentially guided to do our Sun but move away from our SN. For various reasons I maintain that both points need to be integrated equally in a life otherwise they simply wouldn’t exist. One broad stream of thought can’t say there is nothing inherently bad about an aspect or placement and then say get away from you SN… like now!! Run!! Just one point of contradiction out of the whole lot? Pfft. I am getting a different feel of this as time goes on. It’s not so much time but it’s the data I’ve been assimilating. Balance isn’t a static state anyway. There’s always movement even with stillness. Sit in meditation as still as stone but your heart still beats and your breath continues etc. The past is perhaps the stillness and the future is always moving but what if it was actually opposite? One depends on the other the same way that the still centre of a being in meditation requires the activity of the body to maintain that stillness.

        One path always leads to the other as you’d agree when the road is circular not linear. It might even lead to that place you’re considering booking… um what is that place btw?

      5. Thanks for this C x yes and yes and yes. It’s 10/4 and that’s good. I chose 4 over 10 many years ago and never regret that. You’ve shown me something that’s been staring me in the face since I was late 30s.
        That’s when I put 4 ahead of 10 and I’m still learning how that works at 60.
        I have embraced it but still a novice in many ways.
        Thanks to you and Skarab I see now that yes when you make family and home your main game that the rules are different to 10th house stuff. All I can say is I’m trying to apply positive libran attributes but often it’s more a fake it till you make it in some respects. When Aries knows he can do something that will make things better for the group it can be frustrating to go through the libran process with the group. I’m still sometimes just doing it and then collaborating 😬

      6. I can see it now and you even have postcards. I bet they took some delivering 😉

        I like that you’ve prepared your statement. I haven’t gotten around to that yet.. well at least not in writing but maybe I also need a location sorted first.. hmmm?

      7. We’re all still novices eh – even when we’ve mastered something. We’ve only mastered it from one perspective (our own mind) oftentimes, not from another view so yeah it’s good to have the wisdom to see that in the mix D.

        Glad to be still learning..

        I don’t know if it’s a fire sign thing or just me but I definitely had an unteachable phase where I thought I knew it all hahaha. It was a blissful illusion for a time. One that I’m glad I’ve outgrown.

        10th house is how you’re seen and what you’re known for so that can be (or is often) attributed to career and associated successes and achievements but it’s not limited to that, It’s also the success of creating a great family and say.. how you’re known in your circles or community for that. It’s reputation broadly.

        So it’s good you’re still bringing your Sun into the mix and taking the lead here and there because you probably can’t (and shouldn’t) ignore it – particularly an Aries Sun and in a cardinal go-getter, my word is the law, build something to last styled house.

        I think the thing about all kinds of group dynamics is how to inclusive but also not ignore our own needs. Totally Libran right. Democracy was probably founded by a Libran. It’s still important for taker style dynamics to be reminded of limits or to have boundaries set and this is where Aries Sun would work well I reckon. Sometimes (again in the Aries/LIbra theme) we’re also role modelling how to be assertive or to hold your ground or ask for what you want whilst demonstrating the how if that makes sense.

        I laughed at the fake it til you make it Libran attributes because… wait for it… that’s also exactly how Libra can work as well. If it comes across on the surface well enough and gets the heat off, smooths the edges, includes everyone, gets some harmony or cohesiveness then I’ll pop a dazzling (perhaps demure) smile on and just ease everyone through the process even if I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ll also just quietly rearrange a few things whilst I’m at it… nobody will even notice…. 😉

        Boom Tish.

      8. For me (also node) it started to come down to ratcheting down my own sense of “must get what I want rargh” and carving out genuine space for Others in my life. Becoming more agreeable? Not sure. Pisces ness probably helped. Venus in South node has been probably a complicating factor. The Aries vibe just feels so good. Until no one wants to play with you. So, it’s a balance ..

      9. What about your Mars? Also, maybe keeping a constant track of Mars helps too? I know that’s really obvious, but i didn’t realise how much trans Mars actually affects my demeanour.
        (P.S. let me just say that i understand your problem – when you got Gary conjunct Aries SN it’s hard to be Libraesque too)

      10. Yeah I have Mars in Cancer first house. The way that manifests I think I’ve mentioned before, you know how they talk about helicopter parents, well I’m a Blackhawk parent 🙂

      11. Ha this is interesting, the Taurus I’m talking to has mars Saturn in cancer , very family oriented *shrug emoji*

      12. It’s the Haute libra. I see it as a judicial process. How can a magistrate hand down a just sentence (scales of justice yeah) without weighing up every element of the case, and putting it forward for the court records? This way all parties know where they stand. Libra lives afaict, by a consensus model – nothing’s agreed until everything is agreed. partisanship and bias is for those who can’t set aside their own interests long enough to get everyone on board. I’m ranting a bit sorry, but hopefully it makes sense. I embarked on a Libra Study Program a long time ago (Pluto, ic and node for me, I needed to understand the challenge) so that’s kind of where I got to. I don’t really go in for the pink gauze perfume libra theme, the Libra suns I know are hardcore Jupiter Pluto family dynasty types. Never a scene ever
        Oh and a junior Libra I hang out with sometimes. He’s SO libra. Every social thing he suggests is simply lovely. Oh god and the triple Libra boss. Would rather die and send his company broke than lose a customer (yes, dysfunctional at times). Argh they’re everywhere haha

      13. Ascendant & Node for me too. Frankly, I don’t think there IS any fairer/just way to problem solving other than looking at all sides. I get it, no matter how impatient the fiery part of me gets. But it sure is fun to take a jibe at the Perfect Ones at times ;-).

      14. Hahaha! I do get it I think, having lived with a Leo recently, and knowing what I’m like at the aries /cap end of my astro spectrum
        I’m naturally indecisive for some things, or at least familiar with it having a mother with a loaded 7th house (same but different). Like oh my g O d .
        The perfect ones … hahahaa

      15. I never met a loyal Libra. They may be out there. Big gossips and run for the hills when you call them on it.

  14. Great reading,..I mean all of them too.

    Love the image of the model in Mugler against the faaaaake Dino!!.

  15. Hahahaha

    I was recently discussing my work with an aqua academic who was overanalyzing & fuqing with my flow. It ended with me saying “don’t be quoting… don’t be quoting”

    1. Yeah my gem son never lets the facts get in the way of a good story. As a gem riser I have to agree. 😉 I mean don’t they say it’s myth that influences culture way more than the facts.

      1. It’s unfortunate we share the same sign with Trump who has gone to town with “fake news.”
        I like the facts, the truth, evidence but just don’t be quoting my area of political philosophy at me, I got this!

      2. Its hard not to miss the Gemini MO lol, the propaganda! The trash talk! The facts got wrong but who cares you just delete the post w’ever lolhahahah ! Get over it loserS ong
        Side note, *privileged* Gemini (I have to spend a lot of time around a Gemini rich kid and omg)

  16. Laughing in agreement at these – my Cap-rising holds grudges against people who waste my time for sure, waste my time with useless meetings or appointments and I’ll cut you off if I can and if I can’t I’ll be asking for an agenda ahead of time. I’m a Pisces sun and yes don’t shit on my belief that magic is real.

    My son is Scorpio-rising and has a stellium in the 8th house, and the other day he asked me what a “memoirs” was (he’s 8 years old), after I told him he goes “You haven’t written one, have you?!”….”Phew, I don’t want anyone knowing my Personal Information.” He is also big on promises and I’ve learned to never say anything I can’t follow through on with him, because he has the memory of an elephant.

    1. LaFemma, I’ve also got a hold with an 8th house stellium (almost 9) – gosh I can relate to this! Such an interest in the darker side of life too. Talked about wanting to have a holiday in jail once because she thought it’d be interesting! 😆

      1. Oh yes jail, how interesting! Haha Scorpleocap!

        I was interested in the occult as a child, but my son has taken it to a whole other level and from such a young age. He was very aware of death earlier than I remember thinking about it and is all over ancient myths, Egypt, crystals, wizardry, witchery…anything magical and dark just resonates with him. I showed him an instagram account of a witchy-type person who does metal-working and he was in awe like “you can actually be a witch?…I want to be that when I grow up!!!”. 🙂

      2. Oh, our kids sound like a match made in heaven!! Yes, with my daughter it was from such a young age too. It really is interesting having a kid with an 8th house stellium!

  17. I can’t quite work out which one I’m aligned with. I know my capricorn moon translated by Saturn in 2hLeo has a pretty strong hold on my material values.. but it’s not about stinginess, it’s about Respect for quality. E.g. I bought this couch because it was made in 1967 that couch is older and still in better condition than You so show some decency and don’t stand on it in your stilettos (ok they are fabulous shoes darling but get off my couch or effing else)
    Like I see the Cancerian Nest and know that their ancient Super A-mart couch (whatever, couch theme ok) is irrelevant because the people they have visiting on that couch are far more important than some stupid furniture and they get the pisces ocean currents…. Scorpio loves the little fishy corners of darkness and disarray, they’re a point for the psyche to connect… Pisces understands the Vault too,

    Yep, loyalty to me is if you can understand me and not judge or try to control.. But pisces needs help sometimes.. we know this, it’s why calm, kind but grounded (and discreet) earth-ish signs are kind of catnip to us. Like a cosmic concierge, a spiritual breakwall, being there if we need you and helping – sometimes – to direct the flow, understanding that it’s what we do, we might not always turn up but if we can trust you with our selves then I’ll be there for you kinda spiritually does that make sense? do any number of late night calls, ride or die, share a thing, talk you off the same ledge 350 times… Bring some of the surprisingly practical pisces advice sometimes .. idk maybe Remind you of your souls purpose… (just don’t wreck my stuff, but if I love you I might even forgive that .. eek lol)… And if I get wind of you using my pisces ness against me in shitty ways, then you get to learn the true meaning of being ghosted by a pisces 🙁

  18. Great post👍 As a Pisces sun, and mercury Pisces square Uranus, I really appreciate when people don’t write off my sometimes slightly unconventional or off beat views and theories as being silly or just wrong. My Jupiter in Aquarius also values in other people, the ability to be different and open minded, and I therefore really appreciate it when people return the favour 😃

  19. ‘Loyal en Tout’ my old school motto. YES deception! How can one function, plan just gad about in the world if not told the truth, it would spin you in all the wrong directions, draw all the wrong conclusions.
    Virgo friend once said ‘CORIANDER’ when i gave him delicious pumpkin soup, ‘I hate coriander’. I mean how can anyone not love coriander. Someone who still eats Weetbix for breakfast i guess.
    (Yes this is the Virgo i’m going to visit…oops).

    All so brilliant, so TRUE….lol. Those water signs are the Mariana Trench, the’re so deep.

    1. YUP, steal from me, borrow my best jacket and ruin it, don’t pay back a loan, lose my best vape, but NEVER EVER lie to me 🙂

  20. Ha! Ok clearly Pisces is true but as a Virgo Rising the details thing really resonates.

    I had a long term love zombie relationship with a man who constantly ghosted me but always sucked me back in by remembering weird details: that I prefer to use a dessert fork to eat because I have small hands or what I was wearing on a particular day that I had forgotten but he recalled as a treasured memory. To this day, anyone that remembers my preference for something or references a conversation that we had weeks or months ago is instantly a person I will be loyal to.

    Also, no strong Taurus influence in my chart but touching my stuff is akin to unsolicited physical contact. So cringe-y.

  21. Love it when you do the short sharp 12 sign descriptions, Mystic.
    As a Libra Rising, I totally, without a shadow of a doubt, 100% agree with your Libra description re loyalty.
    As a Crab Sun, that could change any second soon.

    1. Libras ghost you rather than discuss issues. Just had a fellow Libran drop out of my life. No clue about offense given- no response to outreach. I am all good/relieved: it was loyalty tests hour by hour, rants on conspiracy, Red Queen edicts. Life is simpler.

  22. Hilarious! These beautifully describe the ego aspects of each sign, which have been very prominent of late with all this Capricorn-earth-plan-organize-energy myschief. (spelling error there, but I kind of like it considering the setting.) I really appreciate the (albeit slow…) shift away from the heavy Cap-Conjunct into a bit more quirky-airy energy.
    Thanks for the… everything, Mystic.

    1. Thank you! And yes I am about to head full tilt into Air and humor. If anyone wants my thoughts on neoliberal plant screwing fuqery, they can search the archives.

  23. I now see my Aquarian Moon as the potential root of a lot of my boundary-setting related prblems, LOL. “On the intellectual level, I can understand why they did it and can’t be sure I would never do the same, because “never” is an extreme word. So can I demand that they never do it? Hm hm…”

  24. A true hero needs no praise ? 😉
    Trust but never depend on that trust. Depend on yourself, trust yourself.
    To start with trust is also way easier than to attempt some type of verification. That’s a slippery slide. Even more slippery is to start with suspicion. Suspicious people make me suspicious.. down we go.
    Praise the heavens don’t praise me ? Can also be saying Blame the heavens don’t blame me. Trust needs to be trust that someone is taking responsibility for their words and actions.
    The only praise this Aries likes is recognition of effort. Recognition that there is a big difference between talking about something and actually doing it.

      1. Come out from behind that aqua moon ! Be out and proud baby ! Together now … I am ? Does that work cause ‘we are’ just doesn’t feel right 😉

    1. Trust is being authentic. If you’re who you really are, no bullshit, then there is never a need to second guess. Lay it on the table, take it or leave it.

    2. Hrmm, yes, perhaps to an Aries it’s more about expressing loyalty through action, or perhaps by following their lead?

    3. My youngest has Aries MC and Venus. She is super organized, busts out her work, has a loyal small crew of BFFs. Maintains her cool in crisis. In kindergarten, she packed bags and lunches for her older brothers when our heat was out- and we stayed at my in-laws. She was done while her Virgo brothers were still looking for their shoes.

      Now in college, she let go of a childhood friend who gas-lighted her and denied bad behavior. My Mergirl-Aries owned her part- but frenemy denied any need to change.

      My Euro-dwelling über Aries glam cousin: novelist, traveler, gourmet chef, couture level seamstress, fluent in Chinese, and French. Her three kids live high in academic-arts echelons. We feel hopelessly Mid-Western by comparison. She drops lunch partner A-List names and I have to google them.

  25. Me (Taurus stellium): Who used my beach towel?

    I bought them all a beach towel and there’s spares so why use mine? Hehe so true

    1. I have several planets in Libra and Sagittarius (my Venus in Sag) cut way closer! Into the bullseye, actually. The Rising having influence in this makes sense though

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