Leo Style Tips From Napoleon

Want the ultimate Leo style tips? Read on. The French revolutionary Napoleon Bonaparte was, depending on who you’re talking to, either a military genius or a dangerous megalomaniac. He was also a triple Leo and evidently extremely attractive, although his vanity was legendary.

Born with the Sun, Mercury, and Midheaven in Leo, his self-care rituals – even under ridiculous duress – were metaphysically uplifting and part of his brand. If you’re a Leo or aspiring to overthrow an oppressive regime whilst also becoming an enduring fashion icon, these tips could help. Actually, their timeless nature makes them inspirational for anyone seeking to bust a style rut.

(1) Shun the cold. While perfectly capable of waging military campaigns in freezing weather, Napoleon insisted every room in any house he was in was bright, warm, and well-lit. Additionally, he always kept his neck warm and the back of his neck covered – suggesting a Traditional Chinese Medicine influence. In T.C.M, some winds can be pathogens and the back of the neck is particularly vulnerable.

(2) Create your own cologne and use it liberally. Napoleon loathed bad smells and went through liters of cologne a week. The two most associated with him were called Aqua Mirabilis (Miracle Water) and St Helena’s Cologne. They were both aromatics with loads of therapeutic and vitality-boosting herbal essences: lemon, thyme, and rosemary in particular. He splashed them on continuously and claimed they helped him think – rosemary is apparently brilliant for the brain. He was said to have smelled sensational.*

Napoleon Used Litres Of Cologne A Week

(3) Avoid dark clothes. Napoleon’s aversion to them went so far that he did not like to spend too much time with people wearing black or blue.  For someone as Leo as he was this sort of makes sense – he identified with the Sun and with daylight. Or, in an era when people in mourning would don somber clothes for months to signal bereavement, he may have been superstitious.

(4) Consider Cat Naps. This apparently is not good for you because you never get REM sleep but Napoleon slept approximately six to seven hours of every 24 hours but in increments – an hour here, three hours there.

(5) Power-bathing. Napoleon took many meetings in his bath – usually with rose water and almond milk to soften his skin – and considered the ideas he hatched there to be among his best.

Take All Meetings In The Bath

(6) Diligent Dry-Brushing. Centuries before it was a fashionable, standard detox recommendation, Napoleon was dry skin brushing with some form of loofah every single morning.

(7) See positivity as self-discipline. He thought it was poor form to talk about fatigue, particularly when you were the boss of everything, and was obsessive about maintaining a cheerful demeanor.

(8) Adopt a talismanic personal symbol. Napoleon’s was the Bee and he had it embroidered or emblazoned onto practically everything he wore. You can see his groovy occult Bee and Serpent belt buckle below.

*Napoleon wore SO much cologne that some historians suspected that it might have killed him. But the winning theory seems to be that his enemies poisoned him with arsenic when he was in exile on the island of St Helena.

37 thoughts on “Leo Style Tips From Napoleon”

  1. I wonder if his emblem the bees has anything to do with stars of Praesaepe, the beehive within cancer constellation, stars that are in tropical Leo x

  2. My Mexican Mom always told me to cover my back and the back of my neck in the wind, “se entra el aire” to not get sick, it seems it was always ancient knowledge.

  3. My Leo sun agrees with this whole post ☀️ …. this definitely has given a whole new perspective on Napoleon, even though he was this great conqueror I still saw him as having an incredible Achilles heel with Josephinè (as per Robert Greene’s writing in ‘Seduction’) and being a very timid character in person – albeit all these points definitely worked to bolster his presence!
    I always find it fascinating to dissect these larger than life figures, it somewhat humanizes them and highlights how we really are all doing, whatever we can to live our best damn life lol

  4. The Lion & The Centaur

    Stopped to think what my talisman is… My hair? My sunglasses? Maybe my Bracco Italiano? Gemini Venus, it’s too hard to choose!

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    And all this time I thought Napolean was a chubby, short guy with his hand in hisfront jacket.

    Alas he was a metrosexual of his time. LOL !

  6. Penelope Darling

    I love this! This winter I have learnt the hard way that I must also shun the cold. I normally wear only black but recently have been playing with introducing green into my wardrobe.

  7. My cat, Baron Von Whiskerton is a triple Leo. Him & Napoleon, makes SO much sense; the dry brushing just sealed the deal. More wonderfully, Ubasti in my cart, is in Leo. For me, my extra Lion cat was written in the stars; its like living with Madonna, if she brought you dead stuff, shouting outside the back door, demanding to be let in but better.

    Also, those Bees!

  8. Love this. I am Leo Sun/Venus/Uranus/Midheaven, so must be my Scorpio Rising and Moon that attract me to dark clothes.

  9. As someone with a Master’s in Napoleonic era France this was all extremely accurate and delightful to read, thanks MM!

  10. Interesting I know very little about Bonaparte other than he had Jacques-Louis David paint his portrait five times with wild eyed ponies (war horses? Nope they diminished his size symbolic stature) Each country’s conquest was symbolised by a different colour cape, usually blowing in some terrible powerful storm, again symbolism master of all. Oh and his lust for Josephine!

    1. Somewhere in the archives of my mind, I remember reading that on the way back from one of his campaigns, he wrote to Josephine saying he returning and that she should not wash for two weeks. Au naturel “cologne” from his lovers the preferred fragrance?

  11. Double Trouble Scorp

    Wonderful post! I love info on someone’s life beside the public persona.

    Also, the last sentence is so convincing! Mystic, you’re a great writer and motivator. Where’s your Leo? 🙂

  12. I just purchased a new brush for dry brushing! JUST! They wear out so must replace frequently…

    Have a symbol…

    Smell fabulous (or try to)

    I do not know if I vibe up, but maybe

  13. Well you know i had a moment while i was struggling to do everything yesterday afternoon, and i said to myself: You are not Napoleon.

    Sure enough, i have some kind of virus. I wish i would stop thinking of my Piscean self as lazy sometimes.

  14. What a great little Astro Napolean read. He was truly fascinating and terribly odd and ended being paraniod. Lord Byron had an obsession with N. He even had a carraige made to look just like N’s and Byron was a fanitical bather, of course he traveled with a tub and a menagerie of animals, like a fox, a peacock pair, ravens,ducks, a wolf… he was an Aquarian but antway this post made my day! I would love for you to your Astro on Byron sometime!

  15. That Day in the life link is interesting – a great read

    Sounds quite Libra rising I think – (a Scorp would have better security!)

    I thought this “In particular, he wished his private apartments in each location to be identical, even down to the design and arrangement of the furniture” – sounds like Howard Hughes

  16. Have adored Napoleon from my impressionable geek years as a library shuttered 3rd grader hoarding all manner of bios and prints on him, Josephine and the French Empire. Napoleon began my fascination with all things France though French-Toro-ex considered him a near sociopath.

    The coronation robe portraits are among my favorite, saturated with ancient astro-pagan symbology, sumptuous detail and obvious egoistic delirium – it does seem a Leo orgy. And great call MM on the Libra rising, I always assumed the peek-a-boo scales were revolution-themed but maybe he was simply flashing his chart.

    1. I love these posts. Sumptuous graphic, mythology, symbolism and an invitation to integrate them with your personal narrative. Awesome! 🙂

  17. electric eel libran

    i couldve swore there were stories about him not wanting josephine to bathe when he was coming home. that doesnt sound libran to me…sounds more scorp or sagg.

  18. The Leo Socialite

    Well dahlinks i am back from my sojourn in hell (don’t ask) and here is one of my favourite topics! What would Napoleon do? i often ask myself that – also what would cleopatra do? I find it helps to focus the mind and help me rise above the mediocrity that threatens every one of us on a daily basis. Even the most fabulous.

    dry skin brushing DOES work but you have to do it daily. napoleon was correct. He also only slept 5 hours a night but napped a lot, he could fall asleep whenever he liked for 20 mins at a time. I would kill to have this skill. He also invented solitaire didn’t he? Still mad at him for killing marie antoinette tho

  19. O god you had me at If Napoleon Could Find the Time So Can We.

    Funnily enough i brought back a picture of Napoleon to amuse some clients about a fortnight ago. We had been joking about the fact that Napoleon was a bit early born for the invention of the camera. Have been musing on the hexagram since watching a math doco three months ago, involving the geometry of the soap bubble and the beehive – was it a link posted from someone here?? – and its relation if any to the pentagram.

    And how much do i fqng love the sceptre in his left hand (our right) with the symbolic Heirphant hand?? A lot. Believe me, enough to get off the blog and start the day again, pretending it’s morning because i did only half the things this morning that I had vowed to do last night. I don’t even care if it’s because my to do list is always overly ambitious and doesn’t account for the very slow nature of real time. Right: activate Mars in Cap and Leo MC. If Pisces Sun wants to go to bed she can and the rest of us will get on. We’ll regroup in the evening.

    1. So fab to hear someone else’s Leo / Pisces tendencies arguing….My fish is ready for a nap too…. love the nap!

      1. Oh me too. My Leo rising is busting a gut to get with the audacious scheming. My Pisces sun/stellium is going, ‘oh but it’s a beautiful day, a bird is singing, let’s sit and enjoy the lovely world’. My Cap stellium is looking at its watch going, ‘ffs, DO something’.
        This is my daily, sometimes hourly battle 🙂

      2. Oh and my Gem NN in 10th is saying, ‘wheee, look, other peeps to talk to, you can do that boring update of your CV some other time’ 🙂
        OK – Cap wins, back to it

  20. Haha! Just when I thought my Leo sun was being all washed out with my Pisces rising Neptune MC and general watery vibe I look around at my home as I write away this afternoon and see Owls EVERYWHERE incense going in three places, scented candles awaiting nightfall and a very precise bathing ritual: brush salt coconut oil! lol Phew! Roar indeed 🙂

    1. oh he heh i’m opposite…Pisces Sun Leo MC…skin nails hair clothes all taken care of… just looked around and realised i need to reinvigorate ritual house magic 🙂

      1. Fab Mille, House magic is just so much fun and perfect weekend for it! On second glance I also seem to have a unicorn thing happening… not sure when that happened but I think I should draw the lion there lol

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