Mystic Tarot Reads

The Alchemy Tarot

This single-card reading, drawing on ancient magical concepts, provides oblique, esoteric insights. The Alchemy Tarot is apt in mysterious ways: regular readings help hone your intuitive acumen: A card often prompts an ‘aha’ moment days later.

The 12 Card Tarot

Important: The 12-Card Tarot IS Working Again but is upgrading over the next week so you may notice some style variations betwen cards until the work is completed. It’s either that or taking it offline. Thank you for your patience!

The 12-Card “Horoscope” Read is revealing, direct and can be very specific but it’s aim is to guide, not dictate. Echoing the 12 houses of the Astrology, your reading will show the current influences in various life areas, giving you an enviable metaphysical edge.

Earthstar Tarot Insights

Coming Soon: Inspired by plant magic, surrealism and numerological principles, this unique and brand-new Tarot is a single-card reading that provides sparkling, directional guidance.

Classic Waite Tarot Time Trio

Coming Soon: Featuring the iconic ‘Waite deck’ with the artwork by Pamela Colman Smith, this three-card Tarot reading will illuminate your dilemma or situation through time: Past, Present and Future.

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