Mystic Tarot

Think magically, act pragmatically. Gain clarity and additional insight into any situation with an instant Mystic Tarot reading. Exclusive to Mega Mystic members, the Tarot can be consulted as often as you like. Optimally, particularly if your query is broad in scope, it’s best to take at least a day between readings – so that you can let the Tarot message marinate. If you set your consciousness to ‘receptive but relaxed,’ you’ll notice subtle symbolism, street synchronicity, dream messages and Freudian ‘mis-hearings’ that affirm or develop the Tarot reading.

The Alchemy Tarot

Drawing on ancient magical concepts, this single-card reading provides oblique, esoteric insights. They intrigue and inform. It’s apt in mysterious ways: regular readings help hone your intuitive acumen. Consult the Alchemy Tarot.

Twelve Card 'Horoscope' Tarot

This spookily accurate reading reveals the influences currently at play in twelve life realms, loosely based on the Zodiac houses. Use it for a broad-terrain take or zoom in on an area of interest. Consult the 12 Card Tarot.

Classic Waite Tarot Time Trio

Coming Soon: Featuring the iconic ‘Waite deck’ with the artwork by Pamela Colman Smith, this three-card Tarot reading will illuminate your dilemma or situation through time: Past, Present and Future.

Earthstar Tarot Insights

Coming Soon: Inspired by plant magic, surrealism and numerological principles, this unique and brand-new Tarot is a single-card reading that provides sparkling, directional guidance.

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