There Are Three Types Of Capricorn

There are three types of Capricorn: Stoic, Sensual, and Supernatural. Excitingly, they are not all ruled by Saturn.

Additionally, a Capricorn can segue between these different modes at various points in their life or manifest a hybrid version.

Fittingly for the only chimeric sign of the Zodiac, Capricorns excel at “X by day, Y by night” lifestyles.

Thoughts? Time does not allow for an exhaustive list of cool Caps but if you have a favorite Capricorn, please nominate them and the type that you think they are!

Here are the three core types of Capricorn:

Stoic Capricorn

These are the Saturnine ones, Time-God ruled and they know it. They keep score, calculate odds, and set deadlines. They don’t resent rules, they master them. Stoic Capricorns would rather be in a position where they make the regulations, write legislation, or have enough clout to be a formidable challenger.

They’re stoic in that often, from an early age, they define themselves by their ability to endure what others cannot, whether hardship or their self-imposed regime of study or training. Many report an early peak moment when they felt suddenly charged with a distinct ambition or calling.

Temperamentally, they’re drawn to areas with measurable, non-negotiable success metrics: Difficult university degrees, black belts, trophies, and job titles that say ‘boss’ or provide the precise experience/info required. Shunning hubris, they devise ways to leverage their assets or access without false reckonings or profit-destroying pride.

Shunning Hubris, They Unsentimentally Leverage Their Assets

Stoic Capricorns are not moved by baubles or the ‘rich look, although they study successful people and will unquestionably sacrifice so-called leisure to attain their goals. Know them by their air of maturity, polished public statements, and coolness with systems/bureaucracy, even when young.

They’re not scared of self-discipline or accountability, only of failure and time wastage.  Some are admirable, some not so much but whatever they’re up to, you can see that they’re climbing.  These Saturnians are the classic mountain goats, strategizing their next hoof-hold, eyes on the peak, and exerting enormous strength to maintain composure as they rise.

Cold showers, conscious self-control, and spread-sheeted everything aside, they’re purposeful. They often restructure or fortify society, lead, inform, or inspire.

They include Simone de Beauvoir, Jeff Bezos, Christy Turlington, Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, Greta Thunberg, Franca Sozzani, Zora Neale Hurston,  Louis Chevrolet, Shulamith Firestone, Alexander Hamilton, Fareed Zakaria, Susan Sontag, Christine Lagarde, Justin Trudeau, and Lebron James.

Sensual Capricorn

The Sensual Capricorns are ruled by nature deity Pan, the Wild God. AKA the Green Man and Cernunnos, Pan represents forests, free love, music, and pagan pleasures. Pan disdains temples – wood glades and waterfalls are his church – and artifices like work or clothes. An animal lover, he demands that no creature be sacrificed in his name. Rather, revere the trees and rivers.

Sensual Capricorns Are Affiliated With Wild God Pan

The Christians took his appearance – Pan is a satyr, half-goat, half-man – and turned it into their devil. Was it the ‘idolatry’ of nature, the God’s penchant for frolicking around looking hot and playing the Pan Pipes? Or all the sex outside of procreation? The word ‘horny’ comes from Pan and in the old days, children born without an obvious father were said to be Pan’s offspring. He is also credited with having a gigantic phallus and being the god of masturbation.

Like his namesake Peter Pan, this God of Sensual Capricorns is forever young. The secret of his youthful vibe? Orgasms and creativity. Unlike belief systems that say sex is depleting, the ethos of Pan is that nourishes and sustains inspiration.

This is the deity who reigns over the Sensual Capricorns. Know them by their resolute devotion to pleasure,  disdain for shame or judgment, genius artistic instincts, ease in moving through the creative demi-monde, big appetites, nature worship, and innate sex appeal.

The successful ones make their fortune from being charismatic talents, actors, musicians, and painters, etc but their main skill is in giving people permission to be wild themselves. They’re energy magnified, rebel muses for the masses. They hire Saturn people to take care of the details. They’ve got life force to spare, emerging from sex scandals or party decadence mishaps. looking supremely relaxed.

They Emerge From Sex Scandals Looking Supremely Relaxed

Sensual Capricorns are often nomadic, grounding enough via sex, physical movement, and food to seek their next high. They’re transcendentally minded and you can see them on television talking about karma or Pleiadians and enthusing about everyone in their industry as they eye the exit. But in their heart, they’re in a green valley with bluebirds swooping around, knowing the true name of every single plant and creature.

They include Nigella Lawson, Elvis Presley, Kate Moss, Joe Manganiello, Mary J Blige, Orlando Bloom, FKA Twigs, Sade Anu, Tiger Woods, Ava Gardner, Joe Orton, Marianne Faithfull, Jack London, Skillrex, Donna Summer, Karen Elson, Jared Leto, Stan Lee, Federico Fellini, Dolly Parton, Aaliyah.

Supernatural Capricorn

Supernatural Capricorns are the Mer-Goats, the only hybrid ‘chimera’ creature in the Zodiac. The symbol is based on a story before time or, more likely, pre-flood civilizations whose words and records were destroyed in the Alexandrian library fire. These styles of Capricorns are ruled by the ancient Babylonian Enki, one of the original Annunaki, the pet peeve of many a biblical conspiracy theorist.

Enki is also associated with Odin and Hekate. Odin is the Hanged Man of the Tarot; having suspended himself on the World Tree Yggdrasil, hovering in a weird liminal state to obtain occult secrets. Hekate, like the Saturnine Hermit of the Tarot, carries a light. She walks shadow paths between worlds and lives. Yes, this is the territory of the Supernatural Capricorns. The real story of their mysterious symbol is obscured by time. They’re magicians but it’s Old Magic.

They’re Magicians But It’s Old Magic

They have a mystical awakening early in life, usually something so weird that they pretty much figure out on the spot that they probably should not share it. They’re mature, not because they don’t scream the house down when they get a tax bill or chase people who don’t want them but because their psyche remembers previous existences. They don’t feel old so much as ‘been around’ already.

Regardless of their success, failure, good press, bad press, fans, critics, fortune or no fortune, they’re higher-powered, spiritually guided people who are channeling something rad from another place. It flows through everything they do, sometimes connecting with a vast audience and earning material comforts, sometimes the opposite.

Supernatural Capricorns Are In Kairos Time

Supernatural Capricorns don’t live in Chronos (Saturn) time – they live in Kairos time.  Capricorns like this infuriate the fuq out of people who don’t get how they know things. And it’s not like the Cap aspires to being “spiritual” – they’re not Serenity Signallers, ever. Often when they have their early initiation, the desire is to push it away and go in quest of more socially acceptable goals or guidance.

But they usually end up tuning back in and infusing their magic into their life, work and creations, summoning up that relentless work ethic to do some sort of contemporary alchemy.

The Supernatural Capricorns include David Bowie, Nostradamus, Jeanne D’Arc, David Lynch, Deepa Mehta, Edgar Allen Poe, Marie-Louise Von Franz, Sandra Cisneros, Robert Bly, Andy Kaufman, Mary Karr, Isaac Newton, Louise Bourgeois, Jean-Michel Basquiat, George Gurdjieff, Kahlil Gibran, Charles Addams, Patti Smith, J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen Hawking.

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Jackie Burrows

So interesting
Comparison of Western and Vedi


Can’t lie…I’m all three Capricorns…and it’s a hell of a balance




Same here all three. Boy oh boy?!?🤟…

Kaci Anne

Mac Miller!! He is legit all of these but specifically the last 2 types, sensual and supernatural. He came with a mission, crammed 10 lifetimes into a career spanning intensely from his teen years until his tragic passing at 26. Age never applied to him.He worked more than he lived, made thousands of unreleased songs… was a Stellium of 5 planets in Capricorn, 11th house. I would def have him listed!!


I’m a triple capricorn in my Natal chart and I don’t relate to any of these, and genreally I rarely feel connected to the character of a Capricorn. I’m so confused

Kristan Riddick

Is it possible to be all three because like for real I associate with all 3. I am very supernatural. Ability to know things that are impossible to know without effort. Keeps me listening to my inner self for advise. Very much in tune. But I have a need to have sex and be naked and free. I absolutely can’t think of anything more fun than just being outside wether it be in the mountains or at the lake, in the desert, living the city life or just plain country. I have to be all three is what my perception must be. If anyone knows the answer if it is at all possible to be all three instead of just one hit me up with a response let me in on your thoughts of the matter. Thank you.


Additionally, a Capricorn can segue between these different modes at various points in their life or manifest a hybrid version.

I feel rather attuned to all three. And struggle to nail down one as the main me. I think I shift between them at different times in
my life. And I take the above words that Mystic says as implying that you can.


I am also all three not so much of two but it’s there


I also associate with all three as well.
I’m a Capricorn that was born on the 7th of January. Plus I’m also a star seed born in 1975. So that might have something to do with it. I also have six children that are all stars seeds from the ’90s and early ‘2000s also makes me rare.

You can call me Mijo

Loved the article so much!! It’s the first time I have felt identified with any astral literature.
Born Dec. 26th of ‘88. I feel like I’m 50/50 Stoic and Sensual. I am a hyper driven, disciplined and obsessive musician and an absolute horn ball. A gentleman never tells, but, you know… I am constantly lusting over women and have had the privilege of sharing beautiful moments with females. After the night is over, it’s time to practice, compose and create something I consider to be beautiful. Again, again and again. I am thankful.

On another topic, I didn’t see Jimmy Page or John Paul Jones in the list of characters; Jimmy, a man, undoubtedly of the Supernatural inclination and John, a man of Stoic demeanor, actions and intricate yet colorful bass lines. The only Rock band with 2 Capricorns, and for me, the greatest!


01/16 Ofc Jared Leto falls into the sensual category with me. That man is SO fine……but Stan Lee…..I didnt know he was THAT kind of Capricorn. Slay queen.


12/28 Strange.. I’ve intentionally explored all of these categories. I don’t know which one i naturally possess, but I’ve experienced more with the supernatural than all the others. Up until it started taking a turn for the worst so it seemed… I quit after my latest experience. Only because it felt like it was getting stronger to the point where I lost command and the visions would just happen on their own time. Then grew into sound and then further into voices and then physical.


Bad MOJO. Been there, done that. I prefer fun loving Pan. So many cute guys, so little time. LOL.


Jan 17th. I feel I’m a mix of all 3 types but I’m nowhere near my goals.


This time 1000x. One foot in the core of the earth, head in the clouds and spirit is spoken to often. I would really like my life purpose now. It’s getting OLD. Oh im the 17th too. Cusping criss cross apple sauce in the astrology department.


I am also the 17th. I am definitely he Supernatural Cap. I am such an empath, I can sense everyone’s energy and it can seriously affect me. I wonder if that has to do with the fact that my moon sign is also Capricorn. Cap Sun & Cap Moon in the New Moon Phase. I am so in tune with my surroundings it crazy!

Kristan Riddick

I’m on the 16th and I am super in tune with others feelings and thoughts. To turn left or right. Energy is felt if a person animal or the sun. Always listen to your gut it will know exactly what to do.

Nikki c

12/25 I’m definitely a mix if all 3 Caps. I often feel very misunderstood.


12/25/84, here. All 3 with a heavy dose of supernatural. My feeling is that 84 was a significant year. All my favorite art, movies, music seems to springboard from this year (or have something to do with it), and a lot of crazy shit happened that we are still seeing the ramifications of today.

Renae Loving

Same! 12/22
My sexual nature is crazy. Im disciplined, calm and stoic all in one. I can feel others energies and it can positively or negatively effect me. I wake up with an idea then bam its done. Oh and im very selective with whom im around because once I share my energy their life changes its a secret I know only.


Hi fellow Caps, I’m 1/16/68. In the past palm readers have seemed scared of reading me, I’ve thought it was the scar in my right hand palm but maybe it’s was fuzzy ness they were experiencing. This article sheds light on how I seem to be so different than others when it comes to understanding seeing ahead unlike many others. I hope this doesn’t seem confusing and thanks for allowing me to post, I feel like many of you understand where I’m coming from. 🙂

Ish ish

I feel exactly where you are coming from. I often time feels people keep me at a distance for some unknown reasons. While other times I am like a freaking magnet. People become engulfed in my presence and influence. Whereas other spaces I feel shunned, neglected and or inadequate. I can see myself in all three. I relate most to Stotic and supernatural but in my early 20s I was more sensual.


Jan 18 91 I would say iam supernatural 100% of the time I had my initiation very young and was diagnosed schizoaffective I have hallucination all day also alot of synchronicitys i can manifest forms in the 5th and they become visible like holding out my hand and thinking or saying i want a hand to grab mine and it will appear iam sensual 70% I love sex and can orgasm or not on thought alone was gifted with a decent member and do work like iam being filmed I am stoic 95% (unless iam drinking) iam always on guard and well versed in introspection to the point I feel iam being dishonest or manipulative a very commanding presence


I’ve spent alot of time mastering my body so stoic, supernatural and sensual meld together


Hello, I really liked your reply, and I do find myself in all three but mainly the last two, also feel free to follow my insta _.neergreve._


this post understands me more than I do but there is still so much more of me to figure out

if anybody here is good with charts and wants to try to read mine please let me know 🙏🏾
01/01/2002 12:03am

Qwik hans

had an astrological reading around 11-12 years of age from a reputable person and I pushed it aside as just jibberish. I think I’m beginning to understand slightly because he checked my chart (also aura) and couldn’t get a hard read. I remember he seemed almost confused. I’m beginning to think that I’m a hybrid of these three. So maybe that’s why he couldn’t tell me as much as my mother or my brother’s reading. Will definitely listen to my reading again for the first time and ponder more…




It’s nice to know there are other hybrids out there besides me. Zodiac readings never fit me now I know why. I’ve been different percentages at different times of my life but the super natural has come back in full force just like the article predicted. I’m impressed actually.

Alecia Waldrep

I think I’ve been and am all three. As a child definitely stoic 70%, sensual 25%, supernatural 5%. As I’ve grown age 42 now I have completely evolved sensual 50+%, supernatural 30%, stoic 20%. I was born on December 29, 1979 @ 2:30 p.m.
I feel like something I’d missing in my life though not sure can’t pinpoint what it is. Do any other caps have this problem? Great article and awesome engaging posts from readers. Thanks I really needed this today. Perfectly timed to come into my life.

R. Ellison

Wow! This is Crazy!! We share the same birthday, but born different years. I was born 1962 @ 2:00pm. I felt I have never fit the typical Capricorn traits. People are pleasantly surprised when I say I am a Cap! But, now I know why! I was stoic and supernatural in my younger years. Now, I am 50% Sensual and 50% Supernatural! Loving life !!!!!

Chris Costa

I was born December 28 1953, I also feel like something is missing within me. I’m glad someone else also feels this way.

Kristan Riddick

Doesn’t seem to matter I feel like something needs to be done or the need to get up an run far away from my location at the time being. Just overly concerned on the unknown.


We share the same birth date. Although I’m not sure of my birth time. But that part about something missing is spot on

Lady Z

I am a New Year’s Eve baby and now entering my “golden years.” I’ve often wondered why I don’t feel as one dimensional as most Capricorn descriptions imply. This makes perfect sense to me and describes so much of my personality!!


I would say younger I was stoic but now my stoic becomes my supernatural I’m so big on it my sensual have never came into I’m more sea than earth I’m more human than a goat I feel magic is just things I go thru make no one believe that’s why the last day of a Capricorn is “Who I Am ”
Jan 19

Paul W

Also last day (Jan 19) Cap. While I felt Stoic in my youth, now only a tinge remains. I’m mostly Pan ruled with a healthy dose of supernatural. It’s refreshing to read something other than how Capricorns are conventional, money grubbing, snooty bores.


bro i felt so understood when i read this post.
i’m definitely 70% Stoic, 12% Sensual, and 18% Supernatural. Dec 23


Dec 22 definitely supernatural and sensual for the most part. Since a young age. People would often get upset if I mention something like deer or police while driving but it was usually correct. I just know things are happening even if I am not there. The bad part is I usually must investigate. Lol I have never felt like a true Cap as I sit on the cusp but this is relatable.


I don’t even know my own can anyone help me


I was Born January 10. I would say I am more the supernatural one.

This is interesting to read, It puts an explanation to the unexplainable feelings or sensations I’ve had my whole life.

Being brought up as a Christian has made it challenging for me to believe I could have such abilities, but they are there.

I am definitely a spiritual empathy. I absorb feelings and emotions of those around me all the time. This is why I tend not to like to be in large crowds.

I have bits and pieces of the other two, but definitely dominate in the one.


I was born on the same day, the tenth and feel every word you have said


I’m also a Jan10 Capricorn and hear you both completely! I can definitely identify with stoic and sensual, but I think of those as “masks” I put on for work or relationships. At my core I’m an empath and very spiritual. I feel and listen to the energy around me more than anything.

Glenn Davis

I agree 100%, I was born on January 10th. This is why sometimes people think I’m hard but I stay away from people cuz I feel other people emotions so much. Its draining sometimes

Kira Ray

I am also Jan 10th. I have been feeling like this my whole life. It’s like it’s a blessing & a curse sometimes. Being that my great,great, great grandmother was an Indian woman really makes it more powerful. My relationship fail because I just know too much about them. I’m never wrong!


Wow. This is so my personality. I am all.
I see things even before it happens, I feel I have been in this world or a particular place a long time ago even when in real life, I haven’t been there. My speech and way of life is way beyond my age. It’s just too much to say, but I am happy to know it’s normal for people like me. Dec.28th.


Yes! I have repetitive dreams over the years and it’s almost like I have lived a parallel life. It’s so real and then upon wakening confusing and almost sad.


All three jan 9


Thank you, I’ve always never felt irregular even to my fellow caps Im none of these but a startling combition of all 3 my thoughts are stoic, my mannerisms an love toward one another is sensual and my speech and what not are definitely at a supernatural level but it’s hard to define me at such simplicities I’ve always said that it’s that I’m Krazy with a capital K or I’m sooooo in my right mind that people just think I’m crazy time means nothing to me but time not used on importance of life is time just wasted. Even as I sit here typing this out I feel seconds going by on wasted efforts so Inturn thank you for sharing an thank you for letting me do the same untill then this your January 16th/97y saying duce’s have a blast never know tomorrow could be our last

Betty Flud

To all of the Christmas Caps – May the rest of your birthdays be blessed with two distinct gifts! One to celebrate the birth of Christ, and the other to celebrate the birth of you!😃

Abutt@ 18

I’m jan 18th and reading this im 50% sensual love sex, 30% supernatural, and 20% stoic!!!


Interesting. Same birthday here. 7:25am 1995 but id say im 60% supernatural 40% sensual

Ani'a Morris-Gordon

I’m 1-13)
I feel like I’m all


Me too! 1/13 and see myself in all 3

Nathan clark

Dec 30th 89 end and begining


dec 30th too!

Eddie van

Wow I’m December 30th too 1989 Saturday

Ontreas Empire

Born in December 22 I guess I am 90 percent stoic capricon


12/22 and hardly stoic at all. Lol def the other two. Maybe 50/50


Im 50% Sensual 50% Supernatural
Jan. 9


I’m the 2nd one, born Jan 14 and I love sex beyond measure 45yrs old and been rubbing it out since I was 11 or 12 constantly with consistency even now with or without women.

I love it too much. Going 1.5months max without masturbating was my limit break literally. I have a huge immediate lust for 95% of women I see in public.

I fantasize, dream, ponder and linger overtime.

I’m definitely the 2nd type of Capricorn without a doubt.


I’m def a combination of all 3. Born Dec 25. My initiation happened quite young and I wouldn’t dare share it with others. I would receive messages constantly and I just knew it was other worldly. I’m happy to know there are others out here like me 😊

Betty Flud

I’m a Christmas baby also! Regarding which type – as for stoic, the only similarity is tenacity, so maybe 5%. For supernatural, there was no initiation in life, early or otherwise, but I do tend to leave people perplexed when I know something that I shouldn’t know. I think that has more to do with them assuming that my tendency to babble means I’m an airhead, and when I don’t fit their assumption, they’re confused. However, there are times when I’ll mention a song and it’ll come on the radio, or I’ll be thinking about a movie and it’ll come on a few days later. So, if I had to guess, I’d say probably 20% supernatural.
My house is definitely dominated by Pan, or the sensual Capricorn – I’m actually reluctant to say only 75%. Sex is great, but that’s not as intoxicating as the freedom of letting go, embracing the symbiotic relationship between myself and Mother Nature, which more and more people sever every day. That’s what I’m in tuned to, Gaia, and the life she’s provided me.❤️
May the rest of your birthdays be blessed with two distinct gifts, one to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and one to celebrate the birth of you!☺️

Ria saunders

I’m all three I feel like

Randee Bell

Definitely a sensual supernatural cap. January 19th. I feel I’m a little different too being born on the cusp.


Snap bro, we’re capriquarius. I feel like I had elements of all three and stuff that must be from outside here.


Wassup I’m January 19th too.. I feel the same way..

Gina ji

I’m January 20th I definitely feel the same the last one clicked a lil more but the other two as well


Bruh ur an Aquarius.. talking about January 20th..


Nope, 20th of January is also my birthday and I’m a Cap. I was born before the noon and I fit in Cap’s 30° 😀


I’m definitely 50% Sensual and 50% Supernatural. January 7th.


I’m the 7th too. Never meet anyone with my day

April Garrett



Same. Im 1/9

Suzanne Cyr

I’m January 9th, at 10:55 AM I definitely feel like the “Supernatural” one


Birthday twin.


That makes three
Of us then


I’m a mix of all three i feel. i’m born on the 19/01 at 9:35pm



Kristina Harper

I’m a mixture of all 3, born January 19th. Sometimes I feel I have aquarius traits as well. Is that possible being born on the line?



Randee Bell

I feel the same way 01/19 here


Wait lets find this out, I’m an ’88 baby, fire rabbit too…I’m a goat on fire climbing hop/running leaving smoke flames in my wake in this chronotropic life 🤣🤣🤣


1/19/94 at 11:57pm.


Even just reading these descriptions is soothing.




I would say I’m 60% supernatural, 30% Sensual,10% Stoic lol my bday is 12/25.

ogunlana mary

My birthday mate how are you?

Rose claiee

my bday is on Xmas too 🎄 woo
I feel most connected with the sensuous and supernatural one too ☝️ I’ve always had weird psychic things happen to me like I’ll think of someone and then they’ll call me, etc. stuff like that 🙃

Betty Flud

I’m a Christmas baby also! Regarding which type – as for stoic, the only similarity is tenacity, so maybe 5%. For supernatural, there was no initiation in life, early or otherwise, but I do tend to leave people perplexed when I know something that I shouldn’t know. I think that has more to do with them assuming that my tendency to babble means I’m an airhead, and when I don’t fit their assumption, they’re confused. However, there are times when I’ll mention a song and it’ll come on the radio, or I’ll be thinking about a movie and it’ll come on a few days later. So, if I had to guess, I’d say probably 20% supernatural.
My house is definitely dominated by Pan, or the sensual Capricorn – I’m actually reluctant to say only 75%. Sex is great, but that’s not as intoxicating as the freedom of letting go, embracing the symbiotic relationship between myself and Mother Nature, which more and more people sever every day. That’s what I’m in tuned to, Gaia, and the life she’s provided me.❤️
May the rest of your birthdays be blessed with two distinct gifts, one to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and one to celebrate the birth of you!☺️

Fairy godmother

Also 25/12 here. I can’t really identify with the sensual. If you asked anyone who knows me they would say 10000% stoic (but they don’t know about the secret supernatural) both take major part of my personality so I guess I’d have to say 50/50


How would I know which one I am? Born 12/26/1974


I was born the day before you lol


12/26/91 here! I definitely am 50% stoic and 50% sensual. Thanks to Mystic I am able to identify these two parts.


I am a hybrid of all three. I would guesstimate 45% Enki, 35% Pan, 20% Saturn. Born 1/6/80, what my grandmother called Olde Christmas, I took my first breath at 5 minutes to 5am. And to accompany my Sun, I rise with the percision of the Archer and my emotion ruled by the Virgin. A wonderful setting of rulership no matter which deities you associate with them but I am partial to Enki, Marduk, and Inanna/Ishtar. Blessings to all


I’m a mix of all three. December 31st baby.


Me too 🙏


Same 12/31/88


Me tooo . 31/12/1999.
Just a mix of all three. More towards stoic maybe because I am in my twenties and starting a new chapter in life.

Rachel Rose Farber

This was an amazing post!!!! Me to a T! Thank you so much for posting. I have always felt super different


I’m def the supernatural cap. With Pan thrown in. I love nature and animals. Feel best when I’m outside. But there’s another part of me I’ve always known was ‘different’. High intuition etc. I’m a v old soul. I can be alittle bit of a true Cap thou. Loyal and kind of judgemental sometimes. I’m so glad to read this as it answers many questions I’ve asked myself over the y.s

Rita Emerson

Hey glad to hear I’m not alone there are more out there like me. We’re ok



bri luman

def the supernatural cap lol.

Brook Cooley payne

What if all of them fit you in all ways?


i don’t know


Am fit in all of it and it kinda bothering me


im a cap,and i think stoic


I have never known this and I think im 40% sure im a sensual and 60% super n I will not say how but omg people DO YR REASEARCH STOP PUTTING ALL OF US IN SLYTHERIN PLS!!!!!!!! (not my photo)

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