There Are Three Types Of Capricorn

There are three types of Capricorn: Stoic, Sensual, and Supernatural. Excitingly, they are not all ruled by Saturn.

Additionally, a Capricorn can segue between these different modes at various points in their life or manifest a hybrid version.

Fittingly for the only chimeric sign of the Zodiac, Capricorns excel at “X by day, Y by night” lifestyles.

Thoughts? Time does not allow for an exhaustive list of cool Caps but if you have a favorite Capricorn, please nominate them and the type that you think they are!

Here are the three core types of Capricorn:

Stoic Capricorn

These are the Saturnine ones, Time-God ruled and they know it. They keep score, calculate odds, and set deadlines. They don’t resent rules, they master them. Stoic Capricorns would rather be in a position where they make the regulations, write legislation, or have enough clout to be a formidable challenger.

They’re stoic in that often, from an early age, they define themselves by their ability to endure what others cannot, whether hardship or their self-imposed regime of study or training. Many report an early peak moment when they felt suddenly charged with a distinct ambition or calling.

Temperamentally, they’re drawn to areas with measurable, non-negotiable success metrics: Difficult university degrees, black belts, trophies, and job titles that say ‘boss’ or provide the precise experience/info required. Shunning hubris, they devise ways to leverage their assets or access without false reckonings or profit-destroying pride.

Shunning Hubris, They Unsentimentally Leverage Their Assets

Stoic Capricorns are not moved by baubles or the ‘rich look, although they study successful people and will unquestionably sacrifice so-called leisure to attain their goals. Know them by their air of maturity, polished public statements, and coolness with systems/bureaucracy, even when young.

They’re not scared of self-discipline or accountability, only of failure and time wastage.  Some are admirable, some not so much but whatever they’re up to, you can see that they’re climbing.  These Saturnians are the classic mountain goats, strategizing their next hoof-hold, eyes on the peak, and exerting enormous strength to maintain composure as they rise.

Cold showers, conscious self-control, and spread-sheeted everything aside, they’re purposeful. They often restructure or fortify society, lead, inform, or inspire.

They include Simone de Beauvoir, Jeff Bezos, Christy Turlington, Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, Greta Thunberg, Franca Sozzani, Zora Neale Hurston,  Louis Chevrolet, Shulamith Firestone, Alexander Hamilton, Fareed Zakaria, Susan Sontag, Christine Lagarde, Justin Trudeau, and Lebron James.

Sensual Capricorn

The Sensual Capricorns are ruled by nature deity Pan, the Wild God. AKA the Green Man and Cernunnos, Pan represents forests, free love, music, and pagan pleasures. Pan disdains temples – wood glades and waterfalls are his church – and artifices like work or clothes. An animal lover, he demands that no creature be sacrificed in his name. Rather, revere the trees and rivers.

Sensual Capricorns Are Affiliated With Wild God Pan

The Christians took his appearance – Pan is a satyr, half-goat, half-man – and turned it into their devil. Was it the ‘idolatry’ of nature, the God’s penchant for frolicking around looking hot and playing the Pan Pipes? Or all the sex outside of procreation? The word ‘horny’ comes from Pan and in the old days, children born without an obvious father were said to be Pan’s offspring. He is also credited with having a gigantic phallus and being the god of masturbation.

Like his namesake Peter Pan, this God of Sensual Capricorns is forever young. The secret of his youthful vibe? Orgasms and creativity. Unlike belief systems that say sex is depleting, the ethos of Pan is that nourishes and sustains inspiration.

This is the deity who reigns over the Sensual Capricorns. Know them by their resolute devotion to pleasure,  disdain for shame or judgment, genius artistic instincts, ease in moving through the creative demi-monde, big appetites, nature worship, and innate sex appeal.

The successful ones make their fortune from being charismatic talents, actors, musicians, and painters, etc but their main skill is in giving people permission to be wild themselves. They’re energy magnified, rebel muses for the masses. They hire Saturn people to take care of the details. They’ve got life force to spare, emerging from sex scandals or party decadence mishaps. looking supremely relaxed.

They Emerge From Sex Scandals Looking Supremely Relaxed

Sensual Capricorns are often nomadic, grounding enough via sex, physical movement, and food to seek their next high. They’re transcendentally minded and you can see them on television talking about karma or Pleiadians and enthusing about everyone in their industry as they eye the exit. But in their heart, they’re in a green valley with bluebirds swooping around, knowing the true name of every single plant and creature.

They include Nigella Lawson, Elvis Presley, Kate Moss, Joe Manganiello, Mary J Blige, Orlando Bloom, FKA Twigs, Sade Anu, Tiger Woods, Ava Gardner, Joe Orton, Marianne Faithfull, Jack London, Skillrex, Donna Summer, Karen Elson, Jared Leto, Stan Lee, Federico Fellini, Dolly Parton, Aaliyah.

Supernatural Capricorn

Supernatural Capricorns are the Mer-Goats, the only hybrid ‘chimera’ creature in the Zodiac. The symbol is based on a story before time or, more likely, pre-flood civilizations whose words and records were destroyed in the Alexandrian library fire. These styles of Capricorns are ruled by the ancient Babylonian Enki, one of the original Annunaki, the pet peeve of many a biblical conspiracy theorist.

Enki is also associated with Odin and Hekate. Odin is the Hanged Man of the Tarot; having suspended himself on the World Tree Yggdrasil, hovering in a weird liminal state to obtain occult secrets. Hekate, like the Saturnine Hermit of the Tarot, carries a light. She walks shadow paths between worlds and lives. Yes, this is the territory of the Supernatural Capricorns. The real story of their mysterious symbol is obscured by time. They’re magicians but it’s Old Magic.

They’re Magicians But It’s Old Magic

They have a mystical awakening early in life, usually something so weird that they pretty much figure out on the spot that they probably should not share it. They’re mature, not because they don’t scream the house down when they get a tax bill or chase people who don’t want them but because their psyche remembers previous existences. They don’t feel old so much as ‘been around’ already.

Regardless of their success, failure, good press, bad press, fans, critics, fortune or no fortune, they’re higher-powered, spiritually guided people who are channeling something rad from another place. It flows through everything they do, sometimes connecting with a vast audience and earning material comforts, sometimes the opposite.

Supernatural Capricorns Are In Kairos Time

Supernatural Capricorns don’t live in Chronos (Saturn) time – they live in Kairos time.  Capricorns like this infuriate the fuq out of people who don’t get how they know things. And it’s not like the Cap aspires to being “spiritual” – they’re not Serenity Signallers, ever. Often when they have their early initiation, the desire is to push it away and go in quest of more socially acceptable goals or guidance.

But they usually end up tuning back in and infusing their magic into their life, work and creations, summoning up that relentless work ethic to do some sort of contemporary alchemy.

The Supernatural Capricorns include David Bowie, Nostradamus, Jeanne D’Arc, David Lynch, Deepa Mehta, Edgar Allen Poe, Marie-Louise Von Franz, Sandra Cisneros, Robert Bly, Andy Kaufman, Mary Karr, Isaac Newton, Louise Bourgeois, Jean-Michel Basquiat, George Gurdjieff, Kahlil Gibran, Charles Addams, Patti Smith, J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen Hawking.


With Mystic’s upbeat and super-useful Astral DNA natal astrology report.

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Ani'a Morris-Gordon

I’m 1-13)
I feel like I’m all

Nathan clark

Dec 30th 89 end and begining

Ontreas Empire

Born in December 22 I guess I am 90 percent stoic capricon


Im 50% Sensual 50% Supernatural
Jan. 9

Last edited 8 days ago by Leeyah

I’m the 2nd one, born Jan 14 and I love sex beyond measure 45yrs old and been rubbing it out since I was 11 or 12 constantly with consistency even now with or without women.

I love it too much. Going 1.5months max without masturbating was my limit break literally. I have a huge immediate lust for 95% of women I see in public.

I fantasize, dream, ponder and linger overtime.

I’m definitely the 2nd type of Capricorn without a doubt.


I’m def a combination of all 3. Born Dec 25. My initiation happened quite young and I wouldn’t dare share it with others. I would receive messages constantly and I just knew it was other worldly. I’m happy to know there are others out here like me 😊

Ria saunders

I’m all three I feel like

Randee Bell

Definitely a sensual supernatural cap. January 19th. I feel I’m a little different too being born on the cusp.


Snap bro, we’re capriquarius. I feel like I had elements of all three and stuff that must be from outside here.


Wassup I’m January 19th too.. I feel the same way..

Gina ji

I’m January 20th I definitely feel the same the last one clicked a lil more but the other two as well


I’m definitely 50% Sensual and 50% Supernatural. January 7th.

Last edited 22 days ago by Jeanie

I’m the 7th too. Never meet anyone with my day


Same. Im 1/9

Suzanne Cyr

I’m January 9th, at 10:55 AM I definitely feel like the “Supernatural” one


Birthday twin.


I’m a mix of all three i feel. i’m born on the 19/01 at 9:35pm



Kristina Harper

I’m a mixture of all 3, born January 19th. Sometimes I feel I have aquarius traits as well. Is that possible being born on the line?



Randee Bell

I feel the same way 01/19 here


Wait lets find this out, I’m an ’88 baby, fire rabbit too…I’m a goat on fire climbing hop/running leaving smoke flames in my wake in this chronotropic life 🤣🤣🤣


1/19/94 at 11:57pm.


Even just reading these descriptions is soothing.



Last edited 23 days ago by FRANK_LEE_1LOVE

I would say I’m 60% supernatural, 30% Sensual,10% Stoic lol my bday is 12/25.

ogunlana mary

My birthday mate how are you?

Rose claiee

my bday is on Xmas too 🎄 woo
I feel most connected with the sensuous and supernatural one too ☝️ I’ve always had weird psychic things happen to me like I’ll think of someone and then they’ll call me, etc. stuff like that 🙃


How would I know which one I am? Born 12/26/1974


I was born the day before you lol


I am a hybrid of all three. I would guesstimate 45% Enki, 35% Pan, 20% Saturn. Born 1/6/80, what my grandmother called Olde Christmas, I took my first breath at 5 minutes to 5am. And to accompany my Sun, I rise with the percision of the Archer and my emotion ruled by the Virgin. A wonderful setting of rulership no matter which deities you associate with them but I am partial to Enki, Marduk, and Inanna/Ishtar. Blessings to all


I’m a mix of all three. December 31st baby.


Me too 🙏


Same 12/31/88

Rachel Rose Farber

This was an amazing post!!!! Me to a T! Thank you so much for posting. I have always felt super different


I’m def the supernatural cap. With Pan thrown in. I love nature and animals. Feel best when I’m outside. But there’s another part of me I’ve always known was ‘different’. High intuition etc. I’m a v old soul. I can be alittle bit of a true Cap thou. Loyal and kind of judgemental sometimes. I’m so glad to read this as it answers many questions I’ve asked myself over the y.s

Rita Emerson

Hey glad to hear I’m not alone there are more out there like me. We’re ok



bri luman

def the supernatural cap lol.

Brook Cooley payne

What if all of them fit you in all ways?


i don’t know


Am fit in all of it and it kinda bothering me


im a cap,and i think stoic


I have never known this and I think im 40% sure im a sensual and 60% super n I will not say how but omg people DO YR REASEARCH STOP PUTTING ALL OF US IN SLYTHERIN PLS!!!!!!!! (not my photo)

Musawenkosi Hlatshwayo

im a cap born on the 15th jan but i possess none of capricorn traits.
someone please help

Tris Heroin

Me too same birthday date, zero traits


Same birthday. The only one I kind of (if I really stretch) is the 1st and maybe the 3rd, but even then I don’t feel like I can relate all that much at all. That’s 3 of us January 15th babies. Maybe it’s just us? Lol


Lols I’m 15th Jan and I think I am 50% super natural , 30% sensual and 20% stoic


hey, jan 15 too!! and yeah don’t relate to these. i kinda don’t relate to capricorn traits at all, no work ethic and super unorganized. strange to see other 15th caps not getting these


Checkout out your natal chart. For a time I resonates more with my moon sign than my sun sign. I’m a Scorpio. Aquarius moon. However I’m here reading about capricorn because my progresses sun is transiting. There’s a lot to astrology, do a little digging. You can learn soooo much 🤞🏾


Same bday but I relate to all of them in most ways lmao😭🤣

Shari Chapman

I’m January 15, I’m mostly 2 and 3 but with a sprinkle of the first…

Jennifer Ilean Dennison

Check into the 13 constellation zodiac signs.. My birthday is jan 9 1980 and i never resonated with alot of the cap traits.. But if u are going by the 13 .. Cap is jan 20-feb 16 and sag is dec 16 – jan 20.. And oddly enough i do find i resonate alot w sag .. My rising is Aries and this also adds alot of fire to my chart.. None of us are one thing we are very complex mixes of all of our placments..


I’m 60% stoic and 40% supernatural capricorn i think .


I am a cap but don’t know anything about this plants and astrological things can anyone tell me about this my birth is 18 Jan 2004


And mine is 18 Feb 2004 I’m also capricorn


18 Feb no sir you not , u are Pisces

Erin C


Suzanne Cyr

You are not Cap Dazzling,


well I hope that u dont just go to tictok pls there r way to many common misconceptions and we r mostly left out or left till the last part and disappointed. I recommend trying different platforms and places to find info. but also to consult your birth chart as it helps to align u further with the rest of the zodiacs. but warning it can be confusing so take yr time and try not to fall down a rabbit hole of info best of luck! (and yr a borderline december cap like wow one more day and then u… Read more »


Honestly Bowie is a sensual Pan Capricorn too. (Excuse me, was). He was a straight-up sex god, charming and delighting women (and a few men) into bed, with famous… APPETITES. And of course, incredible creativity, and an innate mission of letting other freaks know that they were members of his tribe–that it was not just okay, but wonderful to be weird. “Giving people permission to be wild themselves,” as you put it.


I believe I am all three so does this mean I need to reevaluate..I do believe in The Most High God…and fear him
But wait oh o I need to find out which father I be talking to now all could be revealing to me who they are and help me to get the negative out of my life so I can to the fullest


I’m about 97% Sensual Capricorn and 3% Supernatural Capricorn.

Last edited 5 months ago by Lunesta
Chaxx Duduh

WTF! Do am a wild God. As from now am gonna call myself Mr Green man. The whole shit talks about my life. My characters. And all the sought. Am amazed. Thanks for this piece of shit.

Amanda Payton

So pan is my dad. Great to finally know! Also, I’ve been wondering who is constantly making faces at me from the trees. Sometimes I’m happy to see them, sometimes they piss me off. But there’s never a tree, rock, or cloud not making faces at me. My favorite color has always been green. I’ve def had phases in all 3. Probably combos of them most of the time.. And I plan on keeping it that way until I can finally leave this meat sack. I’m ready for my horns.

Rebekah Stone

Holy shit this is so Capricorn it’s like all of our conscious streams from them wild bars of Saturn and we all sorta have this attitude 🖤


This was amazing, thank you so much!!

Method Guy

I can’t even understand my self all.. islke I’m all but I fear God very well..


How about

Chronos (Stoic):

Benjamin Franklin
Clara Barton
Richard Nixon
Noel Tyl
Rudolf Bing
Mary Tyler Moore
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Pan (Sensual):

Cary Grant
Marlene Dietrich
Rod Stewart
Susan Lucci
Sarah Miles
Denzel Washington
Zayn Malik
Janis Joplin
Tiger Woods

Mer (Supernatural):

Johannes Kepler
Rod Sterling
Stephen Hawking
Martin Luther King


I have Saturn in my first house (but not close enough to the ASC to be a conjunction). I’d say it has a lot of influence, and I’ve expressed various forms of Saturn as this post describes!


All three mixed crazy work of art. 7 Jan Cap Xennials (Gen X + Millenials).


Thank you so much for sharing this, it has just given me a greater understanding of who I am and why I am the way I am!!


If say atm I am mainly Pan. I was stoic in my twenties until about 27 when I suddenly threw it away and changed tacks to become more Mear. Then fifteen years ago I found my Pan and I have been there for a while now. There is another shift afoot but what it is I am not so sure. I enjoy not knowing what’s next. Actually I refused to go into my house in the future as I’d love to it know what’s in there. Preferring to experience it along the way. Fantastic piece. Thanks.


This is amazing. If possible could you provide your members with a suggested reading list?




Def a hybrid of all 3 here.. Quad cap in sun mercury venus neptune (and if we’re counting astroids, here comes Vesta).. It’s like an awesomely weird and electric buzz, like downloading info from my dreams and going stoic/remaining disciplined enough to manifest that ish. But then..much of the time I’d rather be in the woods, playing my skin drum, leaves in my hair and mud on my feet.. Only to sit for hours and download more messages from the universe..what’s a mermaid goat to do?


Dang, u r just crackin’ me up here! “These styles of Capricorns are ruled by the ancient Babylonian Enki, one of the original Annunaki, the pet peeve of many a biblical conspiracy theorist.” Although my conspiracy theory style is not biblical, the Annu is sure one of my petpeeves. Some years back I was at a Judas Priest Show and these guys sitting in front of me were having a heated discussion about the Annu before the show started (Who could be discussing during JP show?!). I was livid! How dare you?! After awhile I said, “Hey, I’m trying to… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Luppa

All three sound like my Cappy partner – at different times. I think the stoic one is his core self, but he regularly needs time out from the grind with the sensuality of Pan play. The spirituality is there. I often tease him when he’s getting all wound up (Mars in Toro) and ask if he’s checked in with his sky fairy lately.


Dont tease will never trust u

natalie le

Like reading our lives out loud ey caps?? Never felt so understood. I am all of these things and depending on whatever 7 year phase I’m in they rotate with strength. Right now, I’m a product manager for a behavioral research company and CEO of a creative consultancy moonlighting doing experimental nude art, live painting, and giving psychic readings when it suits me online. I talk to rocks, hug trees, have a massive to do list and actually take cold showers to keep me healthier. The thing about divinity though and having an experience at a young age is typically… Read more »


Omg we have so much in common. Happy to tell stories of how things come to me in the esoteric world. Amazing experiences.

Cynthia Jeanne Paulhus

DECEMBER 22nd 1987. CUSP BABY CAPRITTARIUS OF BOTH EARTH AND FIRE ELEMENTS NOT MEANT FOR THIS PARTICULAR TIME DIMENTION.I AM NOT OF HUMAN DECENT INTERLEXTUALLY. fav color Green. I think you are my doppler twin more than anyone I’ve ever encountered. Not knowing what you look like, where you’re from or if u and your mother are toxic or loving with each other. My soul just soaked every last words of intellect in your post like a sponge. You- my fellow old soul have an amazing u unique quality that will never compare with most. May the universe continue to… Read more »

God Of Meyhem

You card for a cap shaman? I’m not deeply rooted in my Native American ancestry but I have visions and Astral projection is common for me in a meditative sleep state

Goldy Hawnbag

I read this and thought of Dolly Parton’s America – the last episode when she’s talking about her faith and how it’s tied up with sex and music and self love – starting from a moment in her childhood when she created a portal to her own divinity. If that isn’t Capricorn I don’t know what is. Plus she is hella good with the ka-ching. Actually I think she straddles Supernatural and Sensual Cap.

Last edited 2 years ago by Goldy Hawnbag

I always found interesting the 3 women in my (dec) husbands life are Capricorn.
Me – 24 December
Mother – 2 January
Daughter – 19 January.
Wonder what he was sent here to learn?

pepi paige

Or maybe he was brought here to bring the three of you together?


Brilliant article Mystic, totally agree with these insights & categories.
I’d add my favourite poet, John Wieners, to the list of Supernatural Caps. A gay schizophrenic junkie who wrote the most beautiful and avant-garde poetry, much like Bowie in the ability to channel otherworldly wisdom with profound earthiness and humour.
& Ralph Fiennes can go on to the list of Sensual Pan-influenced ones.


Cap rising (crabby sun & stellium FWIW). I am SOO the stoic one. Even in primary school, I remember looking around the classroom one time and thinking, ‘yeah, no point bothering with you lot’. I didn’t really care as much as other kids would have, that I wasn’t popular because I was top of the class and none of them could catch up with me. I was just like ‘I’ll be out of here in a couple of years. my results matter, not their opinion’ I did have a friend who had a similar mindset, I wasn’t a complete monster… Read more »


I have Cap rising, sun, mars, and mercury. Every word of the “stoic Cap” — yes. But at night…party Cap comes out to play. It’s a hybrid of the other 2 I’d say.


Thank you for capturing the Capricornian range and complexity so well … I relate strongly to the Sensual Capricorn type you describe. One of my all-time favourite novels is the delightful ‘Jitterbug Perfume’ by Tom Robbins – lots about Pan, and how misunderstood he is. 🙂

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