The Real Cancer Personality Traits

Let’s talk about the real Cancer personality traits.

There are so many myths these Creatures of the Moon. Some anti-Crab-people rhetoric out there flows from the olden days. At various times in history and even in the present day, people have viewed the Moon with suspicion, deeming Luna a lesser light compared to the Sun.

In the Burning Times, for example, being out under a Full Moon was for witches and werewolves only. This thinking saw the Moon-ruled people as shadowy and mysterious when compared to then more valued bright and logical Sun.

The Moon God of Ancient Babylon was called Sin and, of course, “loonie” comes from Moon. Even more recently, there have been outbreaks of Moon-Bashing. The Moon card of the Tarot seems sinister, the water stagnant and scary, seemingly part of an alien sea or the surface of a subterranean labyrinth beneath a city lost to memory.

Check out Zodiac Signs In The 21st Century to see how the sign of Cancer is more linked to Anubis and wolves.

No, Cancerians Are Not “Mother-Obsessed”

They’re not “mother-obsessed.” That idea probably comes from the long-standing association of the Moon with maternal instincts, the womb, and other concepts around nurturing. It is more profound than that.

Cancer People tap into the ancestral lineage without effort. A part of their psyche aligns with those who went before them. They’re the Sun Sign most connected to ancestor guides and the spirit of a place.

You see a homebody, but beneath the love of pantry, fridge, their bed and sanctuary is a Cancerian aware of land deities. They’re there, old-magic entities that exist no matter what. Cancer people experience deja vu far more frequently than the other zodiac signs.

Cancer people are empathetic, but that doesn’t mean they’re blobbing around in lavender kaftans drinking Lilac Wine and nodding sycophantically with everything you say because they get it. Or that they’re like the mutant “pre-cogs” in Philip K Dick’s The Minority Report.

Yes, this unique psychic skill can inform counseling and therapy genius. But it means that the Cancer person knows what you’re feeling at any given moment, regardless of your clever words or controlled demeanor.

They know it because they feel it. Your alibi, charm, carefully constructed appeals to their logic and any amount of scene setting are powerless in the face of this Cancerian super-power. It is one reason this sign enjoys building muscle; they appreciate the physical armoring.

Cancerians Don’t Have Any No-Go Areas Of Their Psyche

Are they moody? It can seem that way. But Cancer people are aware of Shadow Selves. These are our inner ghosts, vestiges of the people we used to be or aspired toward being. They hang around in our psyches, occasionally trying to call the shots, usually via idiotic sex, shopping, or food decisions.

They’re running a subliminal script based on a narrative we forgot. They’ve lost the plot, and there is no character motivation; only compulsions. Cancerians don’t have any no-go areas of their psyche. Whether or not they want it, they’re aware of all of it. It makes them too whole for a new age socially mandated mindful persona.

If they’re passive-aggressive, you could see it as a sensible strategy in a society that routinely discounts or tames the expression of inconvenient emotional truths. That has been particularly the case with women.

The word “hysteria” is literally “madness of the womb” – the womb being one of the connections to this sign. And, as mentioned above, the words “lunatic” and “loonie” come from lunar. But how often were these used to discredit people trying to call out hypocrisy or stifling convention, Revolutionary Road style?

The contradiction between instinct and societal conditioning sends Cancerians crazy occasionally. But it also turns them into wily tacticians. There are many closet witches and mages gliding around the higher echelons of finance, government, and management or running their businesses/creative brand.

They don’t need your fancy displays of validation or approval: cash will suffice. They know what figure you’ve got in mind and whether your confidence tide is high or low. They’d rather be at home in fluffy slippers with their familiar, but in the meantime, they’ll deploy epic tenacity to hard-drive the deal home.


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Wish Upon a Star

Just discovered I have Ceres in Cancer 5 th house. Also natal Mercury and Venus in Cancer, and Gemini Sun 4 th house.

This post is empowering.


Such an wholistic enlightened appraisal.Thanks Mystic. And yes we do tune in to people without even trying, and sometimes get vibes we don’t want to know about. Never mind just keep.sending the love and compassion out there


The best description of Cancer I’ve read. Full stop. The best!


I concur! Brilliant. Mystic must be lunar herself to have such an astute take on Cancer.

Tammy Anderson

Wow. Got goosebumps. Your words are spot on for this sun, moon, venus, in cancer.

Sim oneness

Thanks for this Mystic, needed the reamfirming, cancer person knows what you are feeling at any given moment…..
Also I wanted to give you 5 stars for this but it only allows 1 ?


So very true MM


Wonderful Mystic…me to a tee 🙂


My dad is a sun and Venus conjunct in Cancer. I don’t know what time he was born, so he’s either Cancer or Gemini moon. I have a picture of him holding me as a wee baby and showing me my first full moon. There’s another from my twenties of us at the gravesite of an American Revolutionary soldier of whom we are descendants. I have a slew of immediate family members who are Cancers but my only water is Scorpio. I’m always fascinated to read about the energies since I do not share them.


Espesh with your sadge and scorp bits, it’s an interesting way to explore and inhabit other worlds / states of mind


I do have my Leo sun in the 9th, which is ruled by cancer. I’ve tried to guess but I can’t figure out of my dad is Gemini rising or Gemini moon. People should start sharing their birth times with their birth days!


I think Gemini rising has a kind of quickness about them, and an animated face that a gemini moon doesn’t. I’m basing this on literally one Gemini moon person I know, who lives on their phone and is constantly messaging everyone, but is kind of closed (it seems) when it comes to new ideas, new people, free and open conversation etc.


My dad’s not exactly mercurial unless a slow trot with lots of baggage counts. He does have facial expressions and a super active social life though. I’m not good at guessing rising signs but I’m pretty sure he’s a mutable.

Eclipse Tripper

Cancer sun, (conjunct) ascendant, moon checking in (did someone mention feelings?). Insanely stoked about the MP3, yes please! Mega generous offer, I would happily for it – I value your work Mystic and this is one of two or three things I pay to subscribe to. Totally agree the ‘mother’ thing is at least more mother/child, or is more about family, and nurturing (or not being nurtured), or where you get your nourishment…and yes, ancestry, with our love of the past. Nurturing – giving and receiving tender care/soul food, and the balance or tendency for imbalance (over giving/not receiving adequate)… Read more »


Hi Mystic, yes please. How generous you are. A Sun- Venus Cancer x


You are so generous Mystic. Thanks for the offer of your Future Cancerian Mp3 rant. I would really appreciate you sending it to me. I am a Mystic subscriber with Sun in Cancer.


Thank you MM, I would love the Mp3 ! What a brilliant and lovely gift. You are generous beyond words.


Yes..wonderful Mystic and spot on…my intuiton is my brand, albeit sometimes hidden from the social broohaha and even family.
I once read that Cancerians live most of their life within their own conciousness,
how true and just part of the deal, we can’t help it.
Not that we would live any other way. 🙂
Yes, have already emailed re the Cancer rant 🙂 and thank you in advance.
As always, your site is my go-to each morning..


Yes please I would love the Cancerian birthday offer with many thanks


My best friend is Cancer Sun and a dear close friend is a quadruple Cancerian! I am Cancer Moon, and this is BANG ON. 🙂


Oh, yes please to the wonderful Future Mp3!

Mandie Sanders

I could not love this more. I’m so over the tired Cancer sun cliches. I personally know so many Cancer suns (myself included) and not a one of us is particularly “motherly” or overtly emotional. True Cancer characteristic run far deeper, and you totally nailed it! (P.S. Sorry to hear that people were being jerks about this offer! Ugh.)


Bang on with the contradiction between instinct and societal conditioning – I’m knee deep at the moment! To me it’s no problem at all but to the Taurus of my affections – it’s likely it’s overwhelming!

Yes please to the Future Cancerian MP3


Hi Mystic, thank you for the offer of a birthday gift. Gratefully accepted

Camilla Pickard

Two things struck me so hard here but they are both kind of part of the same point. 1) feeling other people’s feelings (emotional intentions) despite anything they say (eg lies and alibis, or just not admitting to their feelings). In one bad case (with a Gemini, perhaps unsurprisingly) I was damn certain another person was in the picture. But I had no proof and I really wanted to believe his discussion/explanation/etc that he was only into me and would NEVER. Long story short for 3 years I tried to accept I might be paranoid crazy when really I was… Read more »

Eclipse Tripper

’emotional intentions’ nails it!


Great insight thank you, please send through the Future Cancer MP 3


Mystic it is so disappointing to hear this! There are some very selfish and greedy people out there. You do amazing work, thank you, and it was a brilliant idea ❤️

curiouser and curiouser crab

Wow, that is so disappointing to hear, people so quick to be so negative. Well, I’m thrilled I’m going to be a recipient o f this amazing and generous offer. Thanks Mystic, it warmed my heart when I read abut it on your blog and your daily email. x

curiouser and curiouser crab

Oh for gawd’s sake… craziness. You couldn’t have predicted that.

Melanie Nicholson

Wow – it’s my birthday today and I was super excited to see your wonderful offer. I’m signed up till 2021 so I’m so grateful for this lovely gift. MM we are living in divided times – I renamed my business the Balanced Brain because bloody hell, I would love to see us living in a less black and white world. Love is pure energy. It will always come back to you when you give with that intent. I know that’s where this gift came from. You provide so much value to all your members in lots of different ways.… Read more »


You know that never crossed my mind ? Some folk can be so sad or struggling or just combative I suppose. It’s a shame that it destroys the generosity which is in your soul to give ? Should we automatically withdraw our spirit to placate theirs I don’t think I would.


Wow, Mystic, I am so sorry that people don’t trust you enough to know you spread generosity far and wide regardless of sign. I mean fair play to those pointin out fairness but whatever happened to random off-the-rack, “you are a winner today!” and everyone just being happy about it? It’s not like you’ve offered a lottery win, it’s a happy birthday!

..having said that, I am feeling lucky today… 😉

sorry a good idea flipped Myst, pre-eclipse jinx?
It’s the thought that counts xxx


Wow, people never cease to amaze me.
Pity the petty minded for they must lead pathetic lives.

Mystic, your site bears gifts every day. xx

Wish Upon a Star

Oh Mystic you open that pure Piscean heart and feel good about it. Then along comes the mundane and shits all over it. I’m sorry you had to go through that.

It can break your heart. Much love and hugs to you.


Wish Upon a Star

I just hope you are not beating yourself up about it. Business is trial and error sometimes. The sun will still come up tomorrow. In 10 years time you might even laugh about it. In the meantime get good rest and take it easy hey? And I agree with Pi below. Don’t answer those emails. You have answered them already with your statement above. You could always cut and paste that and send it to them. Anyways just don’t let it tax you. Have a cup of hot cocoa and put it down to experience. I wonder what Saturn is… Read more »


What if you just ignore the complainers and go do it anyway? It’s your site. For everyone grizzling there are 10 others saying Hey that’s cool
File those other emails in a separate folder marked “trash.” You don’t have to answer them.. or is it late and I’m feeling obnoxious today

You could always preface the prezzies posts saying that this is a year long project so patience plz or else That way people don’t get all stressed(?) and wierd


Mystic, I thought your offer was so heart warming. It’s difficult to understand people who can’t be happy for others. I really hope the lovely Cancer people here enjoy their gift. xX


Yes, I mean I was probably feeling a bit prickly yesterday so my words were a little strong, but you certainly don’t have to feel as though you’re being mean or a hardass or whatever just because you’re working on a cool new Mystic Project in a systematic way, which means things roll out in astro-calendar time.. of course ppl want your good things asap, but good things can take time yeah? X


I just wanted to say thank you for this offer as well, you are amazing. As mentioned above, just freaking go for it Mystic. You are THE breaker of moulds anyway and you can do whatever you want to do. People can be assholes, that doesn’t mean anything about the beauty of this incredible gift you are offering. I can feel it comes from your heart and that really matters in the world we are living in right now. SO thank you again, and I really hope your beautiful heart can keep glowing through the crap that’s been thrown at… Read more »

dark star

Damn! Ppl suck sometimes! If they wanted the offer so bad they could become a member and stop whining away :p
I’m so excited to listen to the rest. 5 mins in and I’ve gleaned some excellent points for cancerian bf. I agree with the trash email method, house witch that inbox!!


Thanks for this post, and the offer – yes to the Future Cancerian MP3 Mystic.


My boyfriends have almost always been Cancer men, a former best friend of two decades was a Cancer woman, and one of my favorite people in the office right now is a huge Cancerian former soldier. <3 Love Cancerians. Happy birthday, all you lovelies!


Oh boy being a cancer stellium I do all this especially Feel other people. I know exactly what’s going on with them because I begin to feel them and not me. A flood of anguish or anger and I think hmmmmm that’s not mine It’s him or her I just love feeling people out . Quite proficient at it these days and of course I call them on their bullshit ! And frequently am called witch. Yes please to future rant mp3


And I’ve just set that image as my home screen It’s basically me


I feel very seen Mystic! May I also say a big mf thank you for calling out the abject bs of witnessed passive aggression. Suppressed & complex as it may be, it is a jumble of felt emotion verses socially acceptable/unacceptable release of fear, insecurity & powerplay. It’s everyone’s beef, not just a crab’s. I am so over outdated steroetyping of zodiac/gender/freudian-style psychodribble. Love your positive insights into the shadowy moon-lit world I tread well. Intuition is disarming, thats why people love/hate it. Personally, I love it & I will often apologise before I bat a psychic home run, “I… Read more »


I have Mercury in Cancer. Feeling other people’s emotions resonates with me. I can be very passive-aggressive in my communications. Especially if you have wounded me, in any way. I clam up. Shut down. Big walls go up. I have also been hurt deeply by Sun Sign Cancer friendships, who were so close, and seemingly without warning, I am shut out, having no clue why. I can still tear up thinking about those lost friends, like a hole in my heart. Oh well…..

The Crabby Water Monkey

I’d love to take up the offer of the Future Cancerian Mp3 please 🙂 xx

curiouser and curiouser crab

This creature of the moon is reading this in the lght of the early morning moon. Magic. Thank you for your words, yes yes yes they resonate. Thank you for your gifts and the gift of you xx

Simone Weil

Yes please to your generous offer of the free Future Cancerian Mp3. And thanks for the positive spin on all things cancer. xxx


Yes. Spot-on. All of it.

Thanks MM!


Brilliant. One of the best assessments of Cancerians I have EVER read!


Interesting how posts on Cancerians leave us Cancerians saying little about ourselves … whereas a post on Leo – bahaha Anyhoo I would say quiet homebody witch with a love of plants, animals, nature and a soft spot for children, the elderly or those in need is apt. Also art, craft and cooking … basically any “work” one can do with their hands fed by empathy and close to the home base. Financial witchery is another thing. As is extreme defense strategies employed when somebody messes with my territory, loved ones, peace of mind. I’m now a middle aged crab… Read more »


Lol – i love me a good Leo post! Where else can one let rip & go the full fuqing fun filled unapologetic hog on self love & assertion?

@Crab w Leo Moon: Best of both worlds 😉


My father is a haute-Cancerian, warm and welcoming, baby-and-food-loving, deeply rooted to his ancestors (and mine), and slips watery references into conversation like I slip Gem-rising did-you-knows. As an author myself, I’ve always believed Cancers make the best writers – more of them have influenced me than any other sun sign. Perhaps it’s the Shadow Selves whispering new tales into their ears? Or the moon watercoloring their memories with impressions of even realer memories that they must express? Love Cancers …


Yes please to the Future Cancerian MP3 Mystic! And thank you for dispelling some myths about Cancerians. The whole mumsy bit is getting tired.


This is everything!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for your wise words. Not having any psyche no go areas – tick! The ability to intuitively know what a person is feeling – regardless of the words or even lack of words – tick! It disarms some of my friends when I’m always right about how they are feeling or thinking – regardless of the issue. And yes to building muscle – I’ve spent the last year hitting the gym with the goal of building muscle! For too long Cancerians have been regarded as Mumsy shut ins! And tenacious is… Read more »


Thank you thank you thank you!! Thank you for your gifts(!!) and wonderful words that go beyond the mother-themed mush most astrologers roll out. Cancer native here with Luna on the MC. I concur with all of what you say, however i have been known to **blob around in lilac kaftans drinking lilac wine** – in fact RIGHT NOW!! ….. Well it is HOT and it’s Midsummers’ Eve – aka St John’s Eve to Christian muggles who are busy lighting bonfires and letting off fire crackers all night to ward off witches. So can you blame me?! (Random Crab thought/… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

That’s horrible about the bonfires and firecrackers. I know where I would like to stick a firecracker.



Wish Upon a Star

Sorry scarab if I offended you. I just got triggered by the image of burning witches and firecrackers.

A long time ago I had a dream of being a herbal healer and being put on the bonfire to burn. Thankfully I was saved by a little man on a small 0 brown horse. The dream was very real and felt like a past life.


No – I was agreeing with you. I was aiming for wryness.
(And thank god for yr little man on a brown horse!)


This is such an affirming post. It took me ages to work out how to put up psychic boundaries to not absorb everyone elses’ emotions and confuse them as my own. Mind you, your take on my powerful career astro (Sun + Mercury retro in Cancer on MC) is leaving me a bit flummoxed as to how to actualise my potential, and my strategic impulses can be great, but pretty useless as a waitress, which is largely the only work around the area I live. Nurturing and empathy are important aspects of Cancerian energy, but so is directing aggression and… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

Interesting what you say about martial arts. I need a good physical outlet for my aggression using my arms and legs.

I have researched this but will have to wait till I move to a major city to take it up. What type do you do and why?


I do a style of karate that is a fusion of the Ashihara and Kyoku-shin styles. I’d tried a couple of different schools of martial arts before I settled on this one, and I went along to it because a friend of mine (who I had a mega crush on at the time) has been doing it for a long time, so I thought I’d give it a crack-so it was a bit of high-level love-zombying to begin with! It was also during the long Mars retro of last year, so it was my secret strategy I took up and… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

From Love Zombie to Self Mastery during a Mars Retrograde. You deserve a gold star.

I can feel the integrity of the art by your description in the latter paragraph. I will definitely get into it.

What are these feats that seem impossible? Can I chop firewood with no axe? LOL

Sounds like a good idea to try out different modalities to see what suits.


I am also a Cancer sun who has directed some of my energy into martial arts and do taekwondo, well the patterns we do are taekwondo but the fighting/sparring is fusion karate/boxing/mma/taekwondo. I have to agree that I know when I am not going and getting my ‘hit’. The other thing I do is dance, but I find MA more efficient.

Wish Upon a Star

When it comes to dance I love the Sweat your Prayers lady.

Wish Upon a Star

“the Cancer person knows what you are feeling at any given moment”. I had a Cancer friend like that. It was totally disarming. They are warm and unpretentious.

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