Ask The Oracle

Oracles are a tradition that stretches back thousands of years. Essentially, ask something and an apt answer appears. But why is it so accurate? Ask a paid-up member of the skeptics’ society and they’ll say it’s a hybrid of placebo effect and randomness. Others cite synchronicity. I say it’s synchronicity well as magic, so-called dark matter aka quintessence -and the questioner’s mindset.

The Oracle gives metaphysical insights and sage – albeit sometimes bizarre –  advice for an array of questions. Example? What is your Saturn in Aquarius message? Were you and X involved in a past life? They cover relationships or “things” that could become a relationship, talismans + house witchery, and tactics.

Is an Oracle on a computer or phone as esoteric as a message channeled by a priestess or something you arrive at after a week at a silent retreat?  Totally. Think of it – no intermediary, your desire for a perspective to augment your innate judgment or intuition, and light particles moving at an extreme velocity.

Check it out here. It’s a Mega Mystic members feature, that you can also access directly from the member’s page.

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