Is Pisces A Parallel Universe? Probably.

Pisces Characteristics Revealed

The amount of misinformation around Pisces characteristics is staggering and Pisceans themselves contribute to most of it. They can’t explain anything, least of all themselves and even if they could, they wouldn’t. So here is the most current, need-to-know summary of their traits.


When Pisces swims into a scene they create psychic ripples. They’re a glamor-casting, good-gossip-bearing enlivener of the ordinary. If part of the performance involves spinning the dull yarn of tedious tales into golden lurex glitter thread, does anyone really mind?


Pisces is not necessarily empathetic and they’re not clairvoyant in the classic sense. But they have haphazard prophecy skills. They’re like a human oracle, suddenly coming out with uncannily correct statements that they can’t explain the source of.


Pisces people despise moderation. To them, the mainstream is never safe. Enthusiasm – as in its original meaning – ‘to breathe with the Gods’ – powers them through the days. Without passion their projects or romances splutter to a halt and their aura powers down.


People talk about ‘having’ intuition but Pisces is all intuition. They painstakingly cultivate logic or learn how to feign the logical process to ‘pass’ but their best moves were intuitive and they know it. Of course, it’s difficult to be in a society that undervalues this asset.


The Pisces ‘Metamorphosis Mode’ is notoriously inexorable. Once they’ve engaged it, they’ll cheerfully churn money, time and people to reach their new reference point is. It’s not calculated or (usually) intended to hurt but their methods verge on fanatical.


When they flip from “…obsessed with Deep Tech music” to “…only ever listen to Vangelis,” it’s not contradictory. Their mind is like S.E.T.I., sweeping the galaxy for everything from interstellar microbes to extra-terrestrial intelligence. If it’s transmitting, they’ll pick up on it.

“Pisces has been called the dustbin of the zodiac.”

Vivian Robson – Astrology and Sex – 1941

Where Did The Ridiculous Concept Of Pisces As The ‘Dustbin Of The Zodiac’ Come From?

This bizarre analogy is repeated over and over but it’s not as if repetition somehow makes it meaningful. Even if it were somehow correct (and it is not), how would it work? The zodiac sign of Pisces would be a collection of all characteristics that the other signs were discarding? That could work! But seriously, where did this even come from?

Well, in 1941, astrologer Vivian Robson (pictured above) wrote the following in his book Astrology and Sex:

Pisces has been called the “dustbin of the zodiac” and there is probably no sign quite so capable of producing such a state of sloppily emotional senselessness as Pisces, or one which tends so readily, like Viscount Castlereagh and the pump, ‘to spout and spout and spout away, in one weak, washy, everlasting flood.’

First of all, you can’t have it both ways: you’re either ‘weak’ and perhaps more like a puddle that leaks OR you’re a flood, presumably powerful.

This is the first mention in print of the dustbin concept so is he quoting himself? What was his grudge against Pisceans? Every sign of the Zodiac has foibles but he appears to be particularly scornful of the Fish. A Virgo Rising curator and librarian, Robson had the Sun, Neptune, Mercury Retrograde and the Midheaven conjunct in Gemini – aka ambition central.

As he is best known for his earlier work on Fixed Stars, could the Sex & Astrology book have been a purely commercial move which he felt beneath him? He died a year later, evidently in reduced circumstances. Earlier he’d stepped into help edit and complete an unfinished book left by the renowned astrologer Alan Leo after his death. There is far more about this in Skyscript but Robson quarreled with the widow – an Aries with a prominent Neptune in Pisces – as well as several other people.

He may have wanted to evolve into a position as elevated as the one enjoyed by the celebrated, charismatic and incredibly influential Alan Leo, called the father of modern astrology. But Leo was a quintuple Leo – yes he changed his name   – with an easy eloquence. He published the first Sun Signs book, established the concept of psychological or spiritual astrology and was said to have inspired Gustav Holst to compose The Planets.

His take on Pisces did not mention dustbins:

This sign is decidedly dual yet on the whole good, for there is a great deal of the Jupiter nature in it. Pisces people can nearly always be relied upon; they are never fully appreciated for they will keep their talents in the background in an unassuming way, being very modest in their pretensions…when self-reliance has been cultivated, these people become very useful members of the human family. They are capable of achieving PEACE.

Could it be time to stop requoting the ‘dustbin’ comment as if it had gravitas?

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  1. Sun and moon in Pisces conjunct. It’s shit, too much sensitivity, so have mastered the art of switching off and walking away once all the reserves in the fuel tank have been used up by any particular relationship. Terrible at small talk, pluto in the 12 near the Libran ascendent is constantly in process mode – where everything is pulled apart and reconstructed again. Totally resonate with the wild animals, lack of structure but that is usually at burn out and also being spontaneous.

  2. Pisces

    Adapt and mutate, ability.
    its strength.
    Impaired if
    for too long
    in the same place,
    same world,
    the same conscience.

    Or when they close in,
    when their prey is oneself,
    or fear overtakes.
    Or when here
    is not the proper place.

    Flick of the tail
    all that’s required.
    To reopen,
    to continue to grow.
    Somewhere else.
    to find one day
    somewhere to stay.


  3. May we hail Mystic, ultimate Pisces that many of us need and can’t find elsewhere! Love to your Mars Virgo and Uranian brilliance and all the 8th. L😍ving the fonts, colour blocks, layout. I just knew to be patient when there were certain changes to the Dailies (forward timing now, no longer the last delicious read for an early riser, sometimes at the end of huge day), the Personals, and good goddess always the artwork. And i know there has always been diversity, bc i tracked back into archives for a specific lost clutch at a pic that i realise had wallpaper from an astral travel intense dream from years back…found it and even got forward traction on a rewrite (einstein would get the genius in this) after suggestion from my good good psych guide!
    Seriously, THIS BLOG at its sometimes seemingly time glitchy but sharply channelled on point best of goddess energy has helped me read “news” without psychic intrusion, and consider fashion and bodily care as rightful anointment of every woman not the undigested pap view of honeytraps and narcissistic fog as women’s superficial crap consumerism.

    And you made a space for us to chat! It includes the brave and questing DL and young davidnumbers the articulate piscean whom i always recall and bless, Pf and william and all. The blog is held by mainly beautiful strong women who like to flick in lightly with a quip or post randomly or just read, or communicate on another level. Have only been here since, oh i dunno 2010 2011 or somesuch but i read it all. Miss some commenters but through it all is Mystic, a lady and a woman xxxx

  4. I’m sorry to keep prattling off here (not really 😂) erm
    But I wonder if having Neptune in the 12 house
    (trine Venus in the 8th) makes me more simpatico with Pisces?
    Or having a 12th house moon?
    Jupiter as ruler makes so much sense. Am I hallucinating or did Mystic mention that?
    I always assumed water = totally opposite of anything I would relate to but yeah they have a lot in common with Sagittarius too. I’m thinking of all the Pisces people I’ve known in my life and and wow.
    Absolute bangers all.

    1. Jupiterian = expanding
      Can be seen as expanding mastery, jovial and benevolent; but also greed, taking and claiming, gambling on chance.

      Neptunian = expansive
      Can be seen as broad, wide, deep, inclusive; but also diffusing, like some believe homeopathy works or a way of using essential oils; or the focus getting lost.

      Hard with my personal astro to completely draw a distinction! But perhaps also why i make it. After all, Pluto Virgo Vision shadows my Sun in Opposition. Along with the spice of Lilith Virgo bitch in the details, be only your strange self and keep living it where it seems unaccepted.

  5. Anyone aware of a tendency towards hoarding as a low energy expression Pisces trait ?
    We get on pretty well as cohabiting arrangements go, better than average certainly for the polar opposites we personify
    Virgo stellium hyper minimalist,
    Pisces zero waste climate change activist
    It’s not as bad as you’d expect because both signs seem willing to accommodate- mutability benefits maybe?

    1. You actually sound like a fantastic match! I bet the convos are epic. Hope you’re safe and happy. xx
      I can only speak for myself – I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder per se (Jupe in Toro conj MC, lol) but everything I own has a story and personal significance and that’s why I find it hard to ditch stuff.

      1. Saturn in Toro 6th. Will ditch in an efficiency fit, miss the thing a week later in a Piscean Use-It-Differently dream, and LORD HELP ANYONE WHO MESSES WITH THE SLIMLINE WHAT’S-LEFT. It was calibrated by meaning and magic by my Aqua Venus IC for airy graces of my past that may still bless my futures. Also, how can i give anything away at a moment’s notice to anyone who really needs it, when you stole it away?

        Yes, muggles, even that “old bic”, will you be hunted down and shamed ahem randomly visited by sweet Pisces signing your office card, mentioning the democracy of the bic in finding who needs it wherever it may lie, and will you try to neatly hand off your DISRESPECTFUL ACT forgettery by offering it to that Pisces as a gift? 0_0 Ahem again. It’s an office metaphor, i am not so petty (but i really really notice those tiny things.)

        I just notice when i have made office (the best crowdfunded example) type magic around my stuff and the small small ways people have. Pusillanimous. That word is the tell for every Piscean, even the ones without the Bull Guarding the Stuff. Digital ownership counts, too.

    2. She’s making an effort to use up all the stuff she’s stashed “for a rainy day” since I pointed out that it’s pouring every day!!! I mean it’s February in the UK. We almost never don’t have a rainy day

      I was looking at other flats because it was really getting to me.
      I can be a tyrannical/ autistic robot as my Virgo shadow side stomps around and rages inside muttering about the clutter and broken stuff everywhere. My nemesis is broken shit everywhere. It seriously upsets me, irrationally- triggering the “towering snit” (one of my favourite MMisms)

      I realised that I was playing the tape in my head of how my parents used to criticise me because doing so gave me a self righteous inflation- sense of being superior- which clearly I am not!
      This leitmotif of being in an inflation psychically came in a dream.

      1. Perhaps having so many concurrent Neptune squares and oppositions atm makes it easier to connect with the Pisces psyche?

          1. You need SPACE for those dreams.
            Last year was hard on everyone’s Dreaming, so i cut myself slack as i contended with what i could. However, one day i looked at all the undone, and saw it took even more space and energy away for my Daily Living Dreaming creative continuum.

            1. True milleu.
              I’m trying to write down my dreams every morning. The ego resists but it’s so unbelievably revealing that it’s worth pushing through. It feels like time wasted or like I’m being flaky but the insight into myself and my true motivation/ estimation of myself and my efforts or lack of them make me shrink.
              No wonder the ego is resistant to taking dictation from the boss

        1. Often a Pisces cannot easily connect with the Piscean psyche! Meander through it, swim around being it, but true connection takes a proper swan dive to resurface. Last break i had, i checked in with all the bits around home: if it’s not fixed, it ain’t doing any recycling, is it? So i got to work restoring, and chucked the rest. Woodwork, wires, documents, linens. Still going in my bits of time off. Polishing up that Piscean psyche, by polishing up the daily details. It’s supposed to be meta + physical.

          1. We are all something of a mystery unto ourselves I suspect. But it’s especially true of Pisces. They know exactly who they are in an esoteric sense. Like wise beyond their years vibes but the day to day ditziness is comical at times. It’s incredibly endearing because there’s a vulnerability and for a while it seems as if the Pisces person has no boundaries until SNAP
            And you’re on the outside again

      2. Superior, just read Different. “ I am different to you. How fabulous. My gods you do what ??? How amazing I’ve never wanted to do that. Can’t even imagine it. “. How incredible this world is, with all these other realities surrounding us all the while that we don’t see, unless possibly given the chance. “ Ok I’m going back to my room now with my bed and a duvet. There I am in my reality and at peace. “ Acceptance of the world around you but knowing when you need your own cocoon. Don’t beat yourself up for your own cocoon even if it is the one room in the house. We all need our peace. If you’re good you can carry it inside you through the maelstrom of life, sometimes it needs to be a room or a house physically allowing you to close the door. And these other realities allow you to witness your self in amongst it and get to know who and what is real for you and how it drives you. But let go of control. It’s a losers game. Be determined to be you in a world you can’t control. See the joy in that.

        pisces rising speaking. 😌ommmmmmm

        1. You’re spot on. It’s a great balance and it’s never dull between the two extremes. My bedroom is beige and all my clothes are beige (actually the palette is shades of tan, taupe, blush, earth, sand, caramel, mocha, vanilla, dust, nude, ecru, peach etc) but she sees beige and to her it’s bleaggghhh. Too much like the corporate styles she had to wear on the trading floor and shmoozing clients (bankers mostly) so I get it. She’s into dressing like your favourite art teacher did with
          clashing colours and prints over prints over prints.
          Makes me dizzy 😂

          1. Odd huh. My aqua has the most bizarre colour wants. He’s into dirty shades. Colours that draw the light in. Drab. They don’t give off light, nothing bright. Me on the other hand , everything is vibrant, expanding, giving. His previous bedroom was the most god awful green. Think sludge. So now we are trying to design the Italian pad the paint scheme is a case of least offensive to him and vibrant enough for me. But mostly I just get yes dear !

            1. So understand that colour thing about drab- sucking in the light as am in the middle of repainting the worst dark green window sill (god awful green) in laundry that was painted by the DVN 20 years ago. Taking 3 undercoats plus top coat, in cream of course. Not many men have a sense of colour guess that’s why they wear many shades of blue or black.

              1. Probs not many DVN house painters have a sense of colour or anything other than unfinished chaos masquerading as a painted windowsill. After all, artistic chaos may simply be unpalatable to the next tenant, but unfinished chaotic random energies even in some ordered form can make you feel sick. Difficult to look at for no rational reason, difficult to unsee, perfect for the wearer who may also have tattoos that look like dirt or smudges of bad reading like you get from faraway billboards.

          2. The colour thing matches mine…ALL neutrals, all shades of cream, ecru, ivory, arctic white & white. Winter is black, rust all earth colours. CANNOT wear colour but love it in decor cushions and some walls but not ON me as distracting. Once had to ask a friend to take off her red sweater as she sitting opposite me. Minimalist to the nth degree. The house is being re painted at the moment by really hot renovator who breeds scorpions tarantulas lizards & has a mastiff and pitull.Looks arabic -italian and we are getting along very very well IF & when speak prob because when he showed me pix of his tarantulas, they look so furry i wanted to pat them.No haven’t asked his DOB as don’t want it to be Scorpio as too idiosyncratic…lol. Am preparing to move out or move back in with almost nothing with a re-set mind-set.
            Can’t imagine you sharing but a girl’s gottta do what a girl’s gotta do as housing so unavailable due to people returning from O/S to home country. Clutter & anything not used daily would drive me bonkers, hoarders give me a heart attack.

            1. You and I must never go out together then. Little black dress for me is usually vivid red or bright blue ! You’d have to wear shades.

              1. EMG wonderful that you CAN wear colour!
                Wearing colour depends on the lighting in the country you live. Wearing black for example in French Polynesia just looks wrong in day MAYBE at night in a swanky hotel.
                LOVE COLOUR maybe could do an emerald green or ultra violet one day but:
                It’s only high end clothing that has the perfect pigment in colours, the K-marts etc colours look fake & flaky same for lipsticks.

                1. So true. I have started wearing more muted tones that don’t compete with (annihilate) my complexion.
                  Looking back at photos from when I was younger and better looking, my colour choices were verging on the delusional. Actually not just clothes 🤣There’s wisdom in the classics. Boring but enduring.

  6. It seems like Mr Robson is somewhat envious of Pisceans. Very easy to denigrate what you secretly admire. When a Piscean says something, my ears are on alert. They seem to swim in those watery depths of the unconscious with a natural ease. The Piscean sun signs that I have known have been incredibly in tune, had the most seductive eyes, and a great capacity to detach when needed by swimming away. The softies have been those with moon in Pisces.

  7. The Lion & The Centaur

    Pisceans intrigue me, and I vibe with them against all (fiery) odds. They are surely the bat-shit craziest people I know. But also fun, loyal, emphatetic, mesmerizing, fierce. Deep, soulful oceans of humanity and otherwordly mystery. I like the saying about Pisces & 12th house that they are the oldest sign and oldest house, holding the whole zodiac in one, already halfway trough the veil, dissolving their singluar human persona and becoming one with the universe.

  8. I’m all Pisces/Virgo and the dustbin concept always made sense to me. It’s a constant cycle. Virgo clean-up of Piscean’s inevitable mess.

    1. Best say nothing of a quick broom for a Virgoan’s perfectly calibrated mess. Let’s put it into the ocean.

      A few years ago a Sun Mars Virgo started shorting, despite having been told by their Cap partner, a broker, not to do that, please, otherwise you can do anything (knowing new Virgo mama at home after birth, also being a genius, needed an outlet). It was fascinating to hear of the graphs the Virgo made and all, but this Pisces knew no other person who could hold that info/secret and also remind the Virgo of Gamblin’ for Fun 101 types running in their ancestry. Really, i should have got some tips!!! But ultimately, yeh Virgo swept it into their own bin, not me, and the bad genealogical habit got binned and trimmed. Now, that’s good Pisces-Virgo balancing, i reckon.

      Let’s say nothing of my own Virgo planets, welcomed and more integrated than i ever realised, needing Pisces energies. Pisces is my only natal water. Maybe waters others, too, with whatever is there.


    OMG, Mystic I LOVE your characteristics description and never felt so understood 🤗❤️🧚‍♀️ Thank you 🙏❤️🧚‍♀️

  10. Some astrology descriptions of Pisces say as the 12th sign, Pisceans posses traits of all the signs. Is this what he means? Although “dust bin” may seem derogative, he may be referring to the fact that Pisceans have a little of all the signs and can use or adapt using traits required at the time?

  11. Perhaps the dust bin quote refers to our fluidity? ‘Sweeping’ the galaxy as one Gemini’s trash is another Pisces treasure?

  12. Ooooo Pisces. Oooooo Pisces. My very favourite lovers. Just next level connection. It’s just plug in and disappear or possible expand beyond human reality.
    Being a fish rising and a crab sun I’m just so at home in that depth of ocean. Granted I have to come back to reality to settle myself as I can’t live full time that space or maybe I’ve just never had the courage to go and stay ?
    I am partial prophetic, I do drop in odd lines that come in through me at people. And I can never ever ever explain myself and now never even begin to try. An enigmatic smile or a giggle and wander off seems best. I let them figure out what I just said. It was for them anyway.

  13. Well, two of my college roommates were Pisces. One relationship did not go well and the other is still ongoing. Their birthdays are only two days a part. Both have a selfish streak but in different directions. One always wanted to be married and pursued marriage like a job. The other had to be the hottest woman in the room. Both were very preoccupied with beauty and very good with math. Now both are very into organized religion and also have professions that involve helping people.

    1. I had two Pisces friends- one from high school and the other college. That’s decades in the making. Both ended within the last 4 yrs, or rather I had to cut the cord. Both were selfish. The high school made ‘culturally offensive’ decisions. In her 40s, she was ostracized by her parents, but I was there behind her as usual lending support, listening to her stories of heartbreak after chasing married men. She then stole my concept of a startup. I asked her to join me. She said she was too busy and within three months had started her own based startup on the same idea. My college friend, well, he took and took but never reciprocated when I needed a hand. But the interesting thing after I cut them off they were begging to come back. But it never was a full sorry or how can I make amends. It was “I had this idea way before and just decided to act now” or “I can’t go on knowing we’ll never speak again”. The apology was still about them. So yeah, the Pisces narrative of being so giving and martyr like is not what I have experienced although the way they explain a situation definitely makes it sound so. And yet, they are inherently good people. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. I’d never heard the dustbin quote before, so it never hurt me. I love your “intuition” paragraph, i am constantly trying to convince juggles of my “logic”

  15. Does the “dustbin” analogy come from being at the end of the astrology cycle, an accumulation of all the signs. I dont like this concept. Pisces are great, yes, in a world of their own sometimes, great recyclers, caring for their own, empathetic, ruthless when they set their mind on something, easy to be with, deep, peace lovers and a mountain of fun. And all of this is a bad thing, I think not ! Fabulous friends are Pisces xx

  16. Pisces undeservingly gets a VERY bad rap but (in my experience) it’s usually formed from their reckless abandonment to reason and their extreme levels of being enamored to the creative arts, in whatever form that may manifest in. I was raised by a lead guitarist Pisces Father & he abandoned any sense of responsibility to fatherhood to chase his dreams no matter what the human cost. I think my obsession with Kurt Cobain ultimately was the reason I began to understand him lol, all of that emotion & connectivity can definitely be overwhelming if not channeled correctly. HOWEVER no sign should bear the weight of being labeled the “dustbin of the zodiac”…. definitely sounds like it was written by a man tackling his own shortcomings with his own sign lol 🙄😆

      1. Yes. I think she’s going by Sam these days. Pi’s old posts are under that name now so…
        Hope it’s okay for me to mention it.
        I’ve been reading posts from 2015 -late 2017 researching Saturn square/ opposite Venus transits bc I’m starting on rn and it feels SHARP

        I like it.

        Actually I was looking for the Saturn pillow post and found it but it’s not currently available in the UK within my budget. I’m thinking of getting something similar for £40 on Amazon end of the month

        1. Pi did change her cyber name a few times previously so……
          (of course it’s alright to mention it. Sister doing it for themselves x
          She was constantly evolving, mutable fluid just like a Pisces 🙂

  17. Hells yeah. Pisces rising and north node 12th coming through.

    There’s no doubt I’m capable of wild emotions that could be perceived as ‘senseless’ on occasion, despite sun in Aqua and moon in Virgo. I don’t get what that has to do with being a dustbin, though. Sounds like some outdated bull$hit if you ask me.

  18. Can you tell me if there is an egocentric side to Pisces? I have experienced this a lot and even when they’re helping others it’s because they want everyone to tell them how fantastic they are. The goodie goodie flip side.

    1. Sun in pisces, I can speak only for myself but yes my ego was terribly dominant for much of my adult life. I like to think it was maybe due to a programming error resulting from my rejection of all things considered normal in this world when growing up as a youngster. I was a chore I am told. Anyway I had no choice but to turn my back on that stinking ego after a bout of cognitive dissonance brought on by sudden acknowledgment of selfishness. Buhdist words and spirit helped me realise i was lost. Which although very painful at the time was a blessing, as I now am on the path to be found. Hopefully. With the ego in check ( well most if not all of the time ) the piscean life takes on a even more intense aspect of intuiton and manifestation.

  19. As a piscean moon I found this very reassuring (I’d heard the dustbin rumour).
    And then, funnily enough, I decided to ask Oracle 1 about the sign etc for today…
    It told me to embody my moon sign.

  20. The Pisces I knew best joined ranks with an Aries to form a small pseudo-cult in the late ’80s. She ruined several lives and negatively affected mine. I probably shouldn’t let that color my view of Pisces as much as it does. Still, I’ll definitely disagree with anyone who says they’re all manic pixie dream people.

  21. So Mutable It Hurts

    I am a Pisces rising with Jupiter also rising…and well, i can attest to the inability to tolerate the mainstream. However, now that I have a child I am trying to stay grounded for her, and basically just trying to function in some normal way, and it’s actually super distressing because it’s so challenging that I end up getting depressed and then also have what they call hypomania, so it’s like, in mainstream society I get diagnosed with bipolar 2. It’s very confusing being caught in different realities, and it’s no wonder Pisces turns to mind altering substances for reprieve! If anyone could offer me some hopeful words, something to hold onto, I would really appreciate it.

    1. My moon is in Pisces…super super SENSITIVE. We bear the burden. I’m working on taking back more control to be more authentic (that 9 year shift thing). Yes, more sensitive but with better ways of expressing it. Alas, Creativity!!! I’m gonna paint-exercise-feel okay as I summon new and improved.

      1. Yes the sensitivity needs to be nurtured.

        Creativity is a great outlet. Whatever you enjoy will stave off the depression.

    2. Every thought about what you’re teaching your child ? Trying to stay the opposite of what you are ? Turning yourself inside out to be acceptably parental. Why not teach her about the depths and heights and the way your world really is. There’s many who are living the ‘should, life of pain’ but how many authentic souls do we meet. If you can meet her daily with love but honesty I believe she will see the world for what it can be not what it should be.

      1. Beautifully said emg.

        Flow of my consciousness:

        I had acupuncture today from my beautiful ♋ lady. I got to that point of grief where I am just so fed up with the pain I have endured. But supported by acupuncture flow I get past this point, surrender and let go. Then I experience a spark of joy then love.

        All afternoon I have been bubbling like champagne.

    3. I agree with what emg says.

      Children are not stupid. They pick up the real you. Shoulds are exhausting.

      I am also a Pisces Rising. I have been called weird. And yes I am extremely sensitive. But I am 54 this year and no longer give a shit. My mum had a Capricorn moon with Aquarius sun. I picked up on her quiet strength and not conforming.

      So she subliminally helped me alot. I find children ground me alot.

      I think getting depressed is a high price to pay for appearing normal. I had a bi polar lover who exclaimed that I get his feels. I did but I’m not bi polar.

      A schizophrenic once asked if I was a white or dark witch. I just giggled mysteriously. The time I spent with him was precious. These people are in another dimension. Society deems them crazy and worthless. I know times are changing but in my era there was a pecking order.

      Being a Pisces is an individual process. Personally I experienced alot of pain to find peace. I have generational trauma so I am not suggesting this is your path.

      I do remember experiencing what you are feeling now. At the moment I have rediscovered Australian Bush Flower essences. Particularly useful is the fringed violet. I don’t feel peoples energy entering my aura anymore. Another one for Pisces is Angelsword.

      1. Also Bach flower essence : Walnut.

        God’s for sensitive souls. So you are not so affected by outside influences.

        Typo error above but I will leave because it’s sweet.


    4. Your work is to discover your world and then with all your hesrt give yourself to it – Buddha.

      No doubt you have discovered your world in your daughter. All else is trivial and irrelevant.

  22. My flatmate is Pisces and she’s great. She’s 💯 zero waste and even redistributes food from shops and homes that people list on the olio app. For free, on her bicycle. This woman has an MBA in Finance and Corporate Social Responsibility. She left her job a few years ago and literally never ever spends money. I mean she owns the flat and her life is comfortable because of how thrifty she is and that 💰💵💸education!
    Her being Pisces makes total sense – going on her taste in clothes (Scandinavian designers-very colourful and intricate- well made stuff always bought 2nd hand on eBay ) anyway she’s great. I get on with Pisces people well.

  23. My mother is the uber Pisces high functioning flake. She’s a totally capable athletically glamorous scientist who in one breath can segue from a tribal belly dance class to giggling her way through a study course on Atlantis or a spiritualist meeting while still volunteering to teach high school students higher maths. When I was a teenager she would cheerfully throw out any of my belongings I left with her for safe keeping on the basis of “decluttering.” Now she’s mostly retired she has escalated into decluttering her stuff into my place when I’m out. I got home the other day and discovered a dugout canoe and a 40” TV in my lounge room.
    She loves secrets but is crap at keeping them, but not like Scorpio likes secrets, more like embellishments and deliberate mysterious vagueness, particularly about relationships. Pisces don’t have a poker face. At all. The only way they win at poker is because they vague out on what they’re doing and are too distractable to have a tell.
    I often find that some outlandishly ridiculous claim my mother offered as a truism with zero evidence years ago is subsequently proven true by science. My life is a constant series of hearing news factoids and thinking “Huh. Mum said that YEARS ago.”
    Being raised by a Pisces is a bit like being raised by wolves in the wilderness. They care for your well-being and make sure youre fed and watered, but there’s always the sense you’re being cared for by a wild creature. There’s no routine, structured safety net. Maybe you get cookies one day, but the next it might be broad beans… or shout out to the time she put cheese cubes on toothpicks in a breadfruit and proudly announced hors d’oeuvres for dinner.

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