A Homage To The Aries Personality

Congruent with the New Moon in action Aries, here is my homage to the Aries personality. Think you can add to these alpha Aries traits? Go ahead; I dare you.

* They are fantastic for weathering storms. Other Zodiac signs give prettier “I’ll weather the storm with you” talk. But Aries will be the one charging around moving outside furniture indoors and ducking lightning bolts as they scramble over the roof looking for hatches to batten down.

* Aries people are genuinely non-elitist. They treat everyone the same, until given evidence to contradict that stance. As they’re Mars People, they perceive others by their effect on the Aries energy field, not status.

* They have fantastic biceps. Even if not toned, they put on muscle there at Warp Speed. What, you may wonder, does this have to do with the Aries personality? It’s indicative, a metaphysical reflection of their willingness to take over other people’s loads or wield a sword and shield on behalf of those with less strength.

Aries People Are Your Go-To Hype Squad

* Aries is plucky. If you ever had to go on a trip to hell and back, Aries would be your traveling companion. They’d strut into the place with a defiant little jaw jut, demand to see the boss, and make some scorching suggestions for improvements to amenities.

* They’re supportive of other people’s goals, no matter how technically unrealistic. If you need a Hype Squad, get a phalanx of Aries types. Others look mildly perturbed or damn the enterprise with faint enthusiasm – “Yeah (shaking head), wow (sarcastically, like you’re maybe insane) and well, I guess someone’s got to try it”). Not Aries, they’re delighted to be let in early on bold ventures. They want in. They’re visibly impressed at any evidence of protagonistic, enterprising behavior.

* Their pep talks for when you’re flagging in motivation are epic. Scott Belsky’s The Messy Middle is one long, double-Aries hype-up.

* The Aries personality is Ride Or Die. The only drawback is that if you’re riding, you have to listen to their non-stop ranty monologued manifestos on the trip.

77 thoughts on “A Homage To The Aries Personality”

  1. Ha ! Thanks Mystic. Needed this grounding pep talk at this stage of this *EPIC* Mars retrograde – in my own sun sign of plucky, non-elitist, ranty Aries. 😉 So true about the non-elitist-unassuming attitude unless given evidence o/wise – for me that will be sensed through my qi draining radar (will avoid whole suburbs if I sense they are having some weird qi-draining geomancy decade/day/month – but maybe that’s my pisces stellium talking). Aries is as Aries does. Signed, Allergic-to-Not-Talking-Straight/inaction. 🙂

    1. (Whoops!! Totally forgot to quote that as “Aries is as Aries does” because am 99.9% sure that is Mystic’s hilarious commentary – I think from the amazing Astrology DNA reports but could be from Tarot interps. Anyway – it’s hers!!)

  2. Just re-read this in the middle of a storm – Brilliant
    Sun (and then some) in Aries and proud LOL
    And a Virgo Moon that sometimes gets in the way…
    Thanks MM you ground me

  3. Hahaha. Did you just describe me? I have the biceps (a little tiresome as a girl – no shirt fits me), I have the temper, I have the fearlessness, I have the defiance, the To Helle and Back, The Rants, The We-All-Look-Stupid-Eating-a-Banana-So-Cut-The-Elitist-Crap tude, the RideOrDieBitches…. I am quadable Scorpio, so might be thus…. Mars and Co rulership and all.

    So refreshing a post – makes me proud of myself.

  4. Really love this post, Mystic– thank you! It’s like a birthday present!

    The New Moon was directly on my 15 Aries Solar Return… the family came to my city to see me for the first time in ten years. We had a lovely party (the big 5-0!) and I felt very loved. Best birthday ever. It feels like a new start in life.

    1. Wow– looking back on my comment two years later… that New Moon Solar Return was no joke! My whole world changed that year, and for the better.

  5. Great to hear Aries comment immediately on the “idiot” in the picture, then laugh happily reading further, with a final reading aloud of “Ride or Die” and the “monologues”! Hadn’t the heart to scroll back up to picture and ask if that’s the idiot 😀

  6. ♈ moon on 10th cusp, (trine sun/mercury in leo):
    I literally refer to myself as a “hypeman” and frequently use tue phrase “ride or die” (esp since my recent viewing of the entire fast and furious franchise–which I had never seen and found surprisingly motivating)

    Coming to terms with my Aries qualities has been extremely beneficial to temper my depressive tendancies. Like, yes I feel everything intensely, I am fresh off my Saturn’s return, natal Pluto in scorp trine my ascendant, transiting Pluto on my 7th cusp for like years–and guess what? I am still here and fresh af.

    “You need to move” says my Aries-ness–both literally and figuratively.

    1. Well, this Pisces does! Proud to be with one, and be part of his Aries mateship tribe as well. Being one of the “Mars People” probably helps 🙂 but it helps me make sure I hold my, ahem, ever-shifting Pisces/Neptune/12th house/multi-mutable-Sagg flaming marsh ground. Aries does respect “the right to be me”!

    1. I can totally vouch for all of these qualities in my Aries man. Yours will show up; you’re a Piscean, and amazing at manifesting/attracting your vision. xx

  7. My multi Aries cousin writes copiously- published author- in several genres- is a retired reporter- and still gourmet chef, couturier, does any “hobby” with all out gusto-haute standards. Shirks dabblers. Cannot do subtle or diplomatic.

    She detests the faux and wannabes.

    Did I add that she is multi-lingual and maintains a gorgeous home on a mountain? And of course she has a cat, herb garden and wonderful adult offspring.

    Her response when confronted with imposters, qi vamps- “Oh come on!”

  8. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I feel a positive Aries will always be delighted if you “have a go”–no matter the success of your endeavour

    1. Just got appreciated for having a go sticking with an Aries, and for all my past & recent efforts working with the challenges. It’s like i’m an athlete who just got praised by the ultra-communist-style olympic coach after years of almost dying under the rigour of the regime!

  9. There’s an Iron and Wine lyric “I loved your son for his sturdy arms”. I’ve since always had that as one of my only physical criteria desired in a partner (smile lines being the other one). I’ve just felt that sturdy arms would be indicative of good hugs and as Mystic says “willingness to take over other people’s loads or wield a sword and shield on behalf of those with less strength”. I’ll have to rethink my stance on Aries. As an ultra watery, Neptunian, multi-Pisces, I’ve never related to one. Thanks Mystic for this super enlightening take on the sign I least understand.

    1. Other chart influences can really temper that Aries steel. Nothing ever “un-Arieses” an Aries but strong observational or partner oriented influences can really focus that steel in a spiritually gracious way. Like many kinds of relationships, it may need constant calibration, and that can be exhausting to the spiritually knowing Pisces and the service-oriented Virgo. It’s tough to claim the right to be Mutable in the face of Cardinal! One needs to step into Empress energy to handle an Emperor.

  10. I genuinely like being an Aries. Can relate with the above, particularly Ride or Die…seem to have been born with a decent amount of self-belief (although at 54, the biceps could use a bit of toning up…)

    In fairness though, I would just like to mention that the non-stop ranty monologues come out of the mouth of the Leo/Sag -moon, Gemini stellium SO !

      1. Yep, even this Jupiter in Sag Rising trine Mercury Aries can attest to Next Level Ranting from an Aries Sun!

  11. My sister and Dad are Aries suns, I’m Aries rising. Thank goddess, bc that’s about my only ‘fire’ element. So much earth and water, minimal air, if I didn’t have Aries rising I’d get stuck in the mud (Toro stellium). I see it as my bravery and ability to ‘fire up’ e.g. get passionate, or fight for what I believe. Also, stoicism, although that might be my Toro. Aries are not wimps.

  12. great friends with benefits
    Not sure re partner (Gem Sun/Aqua Rising/Pisces moon) – few I’ve met have a weird blend of strength and sookiness (not softness, sookiness).

    1. Haha, egoistic pride and self esteem questioning continuum! Def not soft, absolutely operating through the continuum. We all do that in different ways, but Aries way can be like nurturing an amazing but precocious and fqing annoying child. Thank god children grow, eh?

  13. Have you guys seen Jenny Lewis’ new fabulous tarot album art on Spotify? She’s a haute Aries moon I think

      1. My link is awaiting moderation. But it’s the album “on the line” and mobile Spotify has the Jenny themed tarots. My favorite is the Red Bull and Hennessy judgment card lol

      1. Unless it’s, “I believe you can!” with steps. Sport coach them! Then give ’em time to train before your next session.

  14. After 18 years with my Aries partner, your description is the exact opposite. Freaked out during 2 cat 5 cyclones, never rode with me on my bike, usually started a sentence with, ‘ dont you think you should’ or ‘ I hate to say this but’ or ‘ dont you mean’. Always was the default setting, my opinion was ‘bullying’. And the male Aries? So up themselves, when given the opportunity to lead, it turned into a clusterfuq. But overall it didnt bother me that much, after all, I am a Leo! Run my fingers thru my hair and do it anyway!

    1. imhe that’s just typical of rampant misogyny of many males (and females) regardless of sign (or sex) unfortunately.

  15. socialgraffiti

    It’s a little bit hard for me to get along with Aries. I have Saturn in Aries, retrograde plus strong Saturn/Capricorn energy so sometimes, when I run into them, it’s just a big why… why do you do that.

    But I appreciate them at least in theory.

    1. Yes, of course, there is a neg side to Aries, as with any Zodiac Sign but i wanted to do a post focusing on the positives.

  16. Sadly the only Aries in my inner circle is my (cancerian) father’s brother. He allows my father to whether all the emotional turmoil and simply hot-air spats his way a shallow, materialistic, anger-fuelled life. In the 80s, it was all blask ash furniture, multiple (insane) wives and red hot sports cars. I have never really gotten over the impression he has left, which is sour and because of his negative traits, via any dating scenario, aries are quickly removed as option. I would love to wipe my astro judgemental slate clean.

  17. Quotes from an Aries ex-boss from my old publishing life.

    After briefing us on some job, he loved to yell WHAT ARE YOU LOT WAITING FOR – A BOMB UNDER YOUR ARSES?!

    You knew it was over for someone when you’d hear: “BOTTOM LINE (name)- THERE’S NO ROOM FOR BLOODY BLUDGERS OR WHINGERS IN THIS OUTFIT!!”

    And his bargaining finesse with potential investors & clients who hesitated a second or two usually ended with “LOOK MATE – ARE YOU BLOODY IN OR OUT ?!”


    I left after 18 months – apparently one of the longest stints of anyone in his “outfit”.
    (All i have in Aries which rules my 6H is the South Node – perhaps that helped)

    1. Crystallised future

      Oh this made me laugh out loud!!! All I can picture is practically every Aussie male I met in the 80’s. I miss it sometimes. All this female dominance has needed to happen in many ways, but now their afraid to say anything at all!

      1. I’m glad i’m heavily sedated right now… i’m seriously considering moving to the shack on a permanent basis, chucking out electronic devices & only fraternising with the libra & the beasties – at least they make sense to me. unbefuqinglievabe….And if i start to waver in my decision i’ll just watch the Julia Gillard misogyny speech in parliament. Or even just look at a newspaper or watch the news and see that our law makers consist of about 80% of men in suits.

      2. Fuq why didn’t i know?!?! Could have saved my martial strategies at every freaking turn and just been good girl compassionate for all those poor people not operating in the dominant paradigm that is suddenly ME, intersectional and complex abuse issues all put to bed and rise ‘n’ shining out across the lands!!!

    2. Oh I think I’m working with him now. His motto along with a couple of absolute sweeties is FIT IN OR FUQ OFF ! I’m amazed at the utter intolerance. His life is deeply uncomfortable. Trouble is it then extends across the house we all share. Yes I have to live with this, literally. We had a blissful week of three of us in the house, it was tolerance acceptance fun laughter and comfy. He arrives and within a day agitation and raised adrenaline and cortisol everywhere.

  18. When people talk to me about their plans/dreams/aspirations my response is always “why don’t you?”. Invariably, they come back with their “yeah, but Y, Z, X”. Fortunately, I have other placements in my chart that allow me to give them space to “soak up and sink in”. After I left my job, I joined an investment consortium, and it’s been challenging to witness so many sparkles and yet so little fire. To think that Prometheus went through all that trouble, geez!

    1. Sometimes the singed bits scare people. by the time you get a good idea to someone it can look like you’re fried eh?

      1. I don’t think Aries likes hanging around long enough to see the whole process: sparkle – fire – ember – ash. Bless the other signs!

  19. Yes, husband and son both Aries, libra rising. Husband is non-stop, won’t slow down but then, like a light switch, drops with exhaustion lol. Works construction (wanted to be a marine) and races dragsters. Son races motorcycles.. its a speedy existence 🙂 Always some project going on that I get to be an assistant on …

      1. You lot are the only online avatars I’d show up to a bus station for.
        After all this time?
        Zapzone astrobitches ride or die 4evah

  20. Wish Upon a Star

    God I had a past Aries male friend insinuate he would take charge over my male abusive Aries neighbor. I should have taken up the offer, but I did nothing.

    That would have been fun to watch. And yes this friend used to be a firefighter.

  21. I love Aries energy. My moon, my little brother, and a surprising number of my friends are Aries. This time, when the moon went into aries from pisces i felt soo good. I woke up myself again, happy, impatient, enthusiastic, full of joy and energy. Aries makes my world a happy place ❤️

  22. ha ha! non stop ranty monologues is spot on! just finished with an aries, the blonde keith richards.
    waaa miss him already bloodyhell

  23. absolutey brilliant, and so to the point. My Aries ASC approves. “They’re supportive of other people’s goals, no matter how technically unrealistic.” – this is what my friends cherish about me, I know because the tell me this.
    My Uber-Aries husband (Sun/Mercury/Chiron conj & Venus at a later degree)! And yes “The only drawback is that if you’re riding, you have to listen to their non-stop ranty monologued manifestos on the trip.” – but he “makes up” for it all the time via boldness, realness, childlike innocence, enthusiasm and a Lion’s heart that would make every Leo envious. Gotta love Aries qualities!

  24. omg beautiful and accurate. their childlike innocence is endearing. Their actions are definitely typically pure. I Appreciate this a lot considering I am an Aries asc femme. It’s been a struggle learning how to be comfortable with more masculine qualities, but I also feel the power of saying fuq it and being me <3

  25. My father is the uber Aries. There are books written about him. His career is best described as “professional adventurer.” Only an Aries can have their last name turned into a verb. Eg “getting Wilsoned” (not his real name.) usually, this was used to describe ending up partaking in an activity completely outside of your comfort zone and skill set at my fathers insistance, and somehow surviving. This usually occurred because Aries assumes you have the same (next level) capabilities that they do. Aries base assumption is that everyone can do what they can if they just set their mind to it. It’s a weird kind of Aries equality which sucks if it involves carrying heavy things.
    Aries take a martial view of most things. Without even realising it, friends and family end up soldiers in their Army of Awesome. This can be tiring if you just want to goof off, but they have Big Plans which already assumed your participation.
    Aries are the poster child for “doing things right the first time because it saves time and trouble later.” They’re not big fans of a do-over or revisiting tired territory.
    As my Dad has said: “the first time is exploration, the second time is confirmation and the third time is perversion.”

  26. My boyfriend is a Scorpio with Aries moon/Jupiter/NN and is the biggest, warmest (literally-he time very hot) hyped-up puppy dog supporter and absolutely radiates enthusiasm and can-do attitude.

  27. Hell and back? Hell, yeah. Native Aries sun in 6th here. Fending off slings and arrows of outrageous opponents/fortune. People don’t see the Aries immediately but they get it after a while. A house full of Aries asteroids and Vertex back up the Sun to counteract the Pisces/Neptune/Libra camo from early 6/12/1 in my case. My son has Mars in Aries rising. He picks up the phone “What’s going on?” Just like that. That’s undiluted Aries. When he visits he paces the floor and keeps opening the fridge door….gotta feed the fire. In fact, he did want to be a fireman…or cop…or a soldier. Agree with everything you’ve said Mystic, including ranty monologued manifestos. But, hey, Aries are so used to going solo and the never ending battles…..it’s a requirement to get through hell…and back, yeah. Self motivation. Sure as hell no one else will save you…or them…..to the rescue!!!

  28. YES


    if all sun signs but one had to be extinguished forever, I’d choose to keep Aries. I love their brave honesty, their courage, their willingness to do literally anything, their joie de vivre, their upper body strength lol (yes even the girls), their freedom from cagey bullsht . COME @ ME ARIES step aside scorpio

    1. Aries are like the stem cells of all the other sun signs. Need Libra fairness, grow it from an Aries. Need piscean support for the underdog, grow it from an Aries. Need Cancerian territorial defence, grow it from an Aries. Need aqua dgaf, … You get the picture lol

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