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The Mystic Medusa Horoscopes are unique, upbeat and inspirational. Using the latest contemporary techniques and ancient magic, they won’t insult your intelligence with new age fluff.

There are four different types of Horoscopes on the site: Monthly, Daily, Weekly and Daily Personal – the latter is calculated from your personal birth chart and so it is incredibly accurate. It will feature the exact time that – for example – Venus will be conjunct your natal Moon on a specific day, in the time zone of your current location.

The Daily Personal Horoscopes are – like everything on the site – Mystic’s words – but the interpretations for each day are selected by the program. The other Horoscopes are all written by Mystic in real time. Her aim is to inform and amuse but mostly to arm you with astrological intel that will help you thrive through these weird times!

They are for Mega Mystic members only – the site has zero advertisements, no trackers, no promoted posts and is completely private – but you can read some of the archives in the zodiac sign horoscope pages linked below.

For astro-geeks only: Mystic uses the Tropical Zodiac but also references the astronomical constellations and some Fixed Stars. She incorporates asteroids, the Lunar Apogee Lilith, heliocentric as well as geocentric perspective and declinations. There is not room in a horoscope to spell out “and the heliocentric chart shows xxx” and it would confuse/annoy many readers but it is deployed behind the scenes.

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