Sagittarius Traits – High & Low

You can’t neatly divide the Traits of A Sagittarius into good and bad, high or low, but I did it anyway. Peruse the lists and see if you concur!

The Positive Traits Of A Sagittarius

SPUNKY:  Sagittarians are like the people in personal hygiene advertisements would be if they weren’t lying. Sagg really is as comfortable in a ballgown as they are in a pair of jeans, as happy bushwalking as they are flying into an exciting new city. Even weirder, they’re like lovers in rom-coms. Sagg girls really do come striding out of some shop, swing their shiny hair around, smile at a cute child/dog/love interest, and then leap into their snazzy sports car.  Sagg guys wake up in the morning looking hot, sing in the shower, bounce downstairs for a smoothie and zoom off to tennis or sailing.

They’re High On Endorphins, Hubris And Maybe Dreamweed

JOYOUS:  Saggs are keen to maintain a high level of personal optimism and glee in life. The one time a month they get around to cleaning the house, they will be deliriously happy with the way everything gleams. More dour types accuse them of being on drugs. They’re not. Oh, all right, maybe some of them are. But their love of living bubbles up from deep within them, like mineral water from a deep secret source at the base of a volcano. They’re idealist so while they do angst about genetically engineered food and endangered wild animals; they keep it real and positive. They’re natural born activists, fiery and idealistic.

FUN-LOVING: Like Spanish painter Picasso’s Sagg lover Francoise Gilot, they think life is a one-way ticket, it can only be lived forward. They have a huge appetite for everything life has to offer. A Sagittarian would volunteer for a backyard cloning experiment if they were in the mood. Saggs love flying off to a great beach or going halfway across the planet for a fabulous party. A Sagg can be at a ski-resort toga party on a Saturday night and back in time for Sunday morning’s aquarobics class before heading off to lunch.

Saggo Punctures Pomposity And Elevates Mood

CANDID: Saggs can puncture the most pompous bore with a well-timed quip. As novelist Mark Twain wrote, “power, money, persuasion, supplication, persecution – these can lift at a colossal humbug – push it a little, weaken it a little over a century; but only laughter can blow it to rags and atoms at a blast. Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” Incidentally, Twain once sent all his friends telegrams saying, “All is discovered – flee at once,” and to his amusement many of them did.

IN-THE-MOMENT: Sagittarius loves to savor the moment, relishing the abundance of life whether they are skydiving, larking it up on a cocktail bar, or doing something as mundane as scraping a squashed snail off their foot. Like 19th-century British novelist Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice), Sagittarians “think only of the past as its remembrance gives pleasure.”

MOTIVATIONAL: A Sagittarian’s sheer delight in living inspires all around them to go for it. And Sagg’s bawdy good humor enlivens everything. Their presence and cheery good nature elevate the dourest of moods.

Image:Dennis Hopper- Jane Fonda 

The Negative Traits Of A Sagittarius

IRRESPONSIBLE: Sagittarians can walk – or sprint more like it – away from any problem. And what is a problem for these people? Responsibility or, as they call it, ‘’negativity’’. They can’t hack the idea of being unable to cope so they won’t cope. See? It’s a choice that Sagg has made – because they’re dynamic, adventurous, and free-willed. Hey, they didn’t want to hang around and put up with that negative crap. Their idea of dealing with an issue is to make it your problem. Sagittarians are prone to storming out and telling someone to get their crap together even when it is the Sagg’s crap. Even worse is the Sagg who’s done therapy: “I’m picking up that you’re in a resentful place right now…” before galloping out of the door lecturing you about being your best self. If responsibility were a place, Sagg wouldn’t even be able to find it. Some Saggs don’t like the word “place.” It sounds too fixed. They prefer “space.” Sagittarians have spaces in their heart, not places. They have their space in the sun and their moral-high space.

TACTLESS: Sagg lack of tact is legendary. They drop the most amazing “did she just say what I think she said?” clangers and they don’t even work at it. Never let a Sagg wing it for a speech at a wedding, funeral or christening. As everyone cringes, Sagg will smirk, thinking, “at least I tell it like it is.”

You Say Ego, Sagittarius Thinks Self-Esteem

SELFISH:  You say ego, Sagg thinks self-esteem. Because so many of them seem bohemian, their ego can go undetected. It will be swamped in a sea of intellectual discourse, full-on raves about principle, and general Sagg swagger. But it’s there, even if this lot start off every second sentence with “I don’t want to boast but…” They get frustrated when their support system slacks off. They don’t get that it’s not the done thing to screech “don’t you know who I am?” at their family.  A Sagg can think the fact that their partner barely has the energy to do anything other than nod “yes, dear” is a good thing. It means the person is becoming accustomed to being a valet or handmaiden to Sagg genius. Then they act all appalled when an outbreak of “negativity” occurs in their life. Many a Sagg has returned from a surfing safari with their ex-lover to find their home empty.

FULL OF CRAP: It would be so cool if Sagittarians came equipped with a mute button. They go on and on and on. Ideally, like the characters on television, they would not know that they had been muted. They carry with them an invisible soapbox on which they leap to deliver their interminable preachy raves. They can be so in love with their righteousness that they don’t even realize they are pulverizing someone else’s psyche. Not deliberately, of course. Our Sagg is totally into freedom and self-expression for all life forms. Well-brought-up Saggs can manage to shut up and not interrupt. But all of them secretly think that the tedious interval when someone else is talking is a small gap for them to catch a breath while their mind boggles at their profundity.

Image: Jan Stuka – the Emperor Nero at Baiae

75 thoughts on “Sagittarius Traits – High & Low”

  1. My sagg rising may be influencing my opinion here but I’ve gotta say that it is the sunniest, loveliest, most exciting sign of all. I’m across the low characteristics, but I still say, what’s not to like?? Saggs are just plain gorgeous!

    1. I love Saggi’s too – they are plain gorgeous! Even a heart breaking Sagg ex who also happened to kiss my Sagg girlfriend didn’t deter me – I still love them both! I don’t love the Scorpions and the Aquarian who did the dirty with him – so what does that tell you? (that my choice in friends was shonky for a start I guess!). Sagg’s you ROCK!! No one even cheats like you do!

  2. I have Moon in Sagg and I have to say it has ruled my early years… I travelled for years, started a backpackers, worked for dive shops, put on full moon parties and took people horse riding… But I realised it was all too extrovert and youth oriented for me and came back to Oz. I relate quite strongly to Mystic’s post, but am happy to say I feel at home on the couch these days doing my free falling in dreams.

    Savannah’s as to your thoughts on quality I have to say I don’t like starting a job unless I have nice tools to use in the first place, but I attributed that to my Mars in Virgo…

    My 16 month old has Sagg Rising with a Cancer Sun – I am curious as to how his Sagginess will express itself in his case! I am thinking his Libran Moon dominates so far, he’s kind of polite for a toddler. Does anyone know such a combo?

    I do love Sun sign Saggy’s and wish all the Archer’s out there a fabulous birthday! They are such comfy, crazy characters they make the world a lot of fun!!

  3. LOL call the police on YOU, ha that’s funny.

    Have a brother that Sag love him to bits, he’s all of the above. This maybe just me but I noticed they like expensive-ish things from the everyday to dreaming about that sleek car.

    The man eye candy that I see regularly through work has a refreshing & honest outlook on life.

  4. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

    Wow Mystic, you nailed it! But that shouldn’t surprise me. 🙂
    Reminded me of my ex-bestie Sadge, who due to his ‘freedom’ let the drugs run his life.
    At one point toward the very end he was threatening to call the police, while, get this, he was outside MY front door, because I woudn’t let him in. Gee, I didn’t let him in because I was scared for my life…? What with his yelling and banging on the damn door.
    Yep, full of lo-self & full of crap at the end, went with the lo-manifestation of Pluto in Sadge.
    We had SUCH good times and we both adored how honest we could be with each other. Having Eros in Sadge we connected on an extra level.
    I neither miss him nor regret the friendship though. 🙂 It simply was.

    My sister’s bestie is Haute Sadge through and through, and it was her bday yesterday.

    Happy Birthday to all the Sadges!!! 🙂

    1. Leonine Librarian

      Do you think that a wide amount of Sagg people have difficulty with the word no…? I’m not being facetious btw.

      I’m sorry things got so extreme for you U&PV…just reading your story reminded of me of the times that family Saggs in my life have their own extreme difficulty in hearing no. I have a Sagg aunt who lost most traces of civilisation when I for the first time ever, told her no. It REALLY threw her…and growing up my Sagg daughter was relentless in trying to get her way…and it wasn’t in a spoilt way as such as she would try to steam roll me with her logic. Not sure how much libra rising and a cap moon have to do with that…but still it took ages for her to understand that in her requesting something she might hear no…that’s why it’s a question.

      1. LL yes this is so right, for it makes perfect sense that if one can logically argue as to why one should be able to do something – it should be so!! ; > After all it makes perfect sense Dear Heart! Hmm maybe this is why I drove my sweet irrational Mum batty as a teenager? ; > I must say though, that if you can show logically why i should not do something – you will have my total support!

  5. sal sag – yay for bday goodnesss! I love sagg’s and planet placement of just had fabulous arsehole training early on it’s all cool. How am I meant to pass on sexual wisdom if I haven’t run into every rockface head on myself 😉 as mystic points out and the excitable matt post serious good upbeat peeps mostly.

  6. Hey Guys, thanks so much for your sweet wishes. Paris is happening in 2010 as this way I was able to get early bird tickets. I am into anticipation and this wait gives me time to save for spedning, accommodation $ etc. Yep, I am giving the family chills as they have no idea how I will swing this…but ah will! Just watch I say! : > Thanks for the lovely ideas for Paris too – yes I will go up to the Eiffel Tower and yell my head off declaring the new bold take no crap me! : >
    Sorry for the spelling errors yesterday – I was in a bugger it mood – I am not going to go back and spell check. Though I am a spelling Nazi with the kids, I tend to type back to front at times, as my brain seems to go faster than my fingers! If that makes sense? I was so gutted yesterday looking back, but today I feel better for things must improve surely!

    Saggigal, I so understand your despair, for I too get so incredibly sad at man’s inhumanity to man and animals. I refuse to read or look at news as I am sick of the horror. If it is important someone will let me know. Cruelty to animals and children particularly infuriate and sadden me and I tend to spiral down. However I make myself look at what is true and good and beautiful in the world and I think having a grateful heart makes one phoenix out of the doldrums – for me at least. I too love wolves, always have and can be a lone wolf myself.

    Oh MS your last Sagg guy seems totally brain FUQ’d. Glad you escaped him. Some people are just fit for compost methinks – so at least some good comes from them!

    Happy Birthday to my fellow Sagg’s : > xxx

    i hope im the ‘Haute’!
    Sagg guys wake up in the morning, sing in the shower, bounce downstairs for a smoothie breakfast, and zoom off to tennis or sailing. SOOO TRUE! HAD GLEE BLARING AS I WAS IN THE SHOWER AND RAN DOWN STAIRS FOR A HONEY BANANA SMOOTHY! MYSTIC UR SOOO GOOD AT THIS!

    JOYOUS Saggs are keen to maintain a high level of personal optimism and glee in life. The one time a month they get around to cleaning the house, they will be deliriously happy with the way everything gleams. More dour types accuse them of being on drugs. They’re not. Oh, all right, maybe some of them are but their love of living bubbles up from deep within them, like mineral water from a deep secret source at the base of a volcano. They’re idealist so while they do angst about genetically engineered food and endangered wild animals, they keep it real and positive. They rant on to everyone they know, spreading the word, fire off letters and petitions and attend protests

    loving the GLEE reference!

    I HOPE im fun loving! lol and CANDID! yay

    im soo loving this quote mystic “think only of the past as its rememberance gives pleasure.” and it truely is A SAGGO quote!

    MOTIVATIONAL A Sagittarian’s sheer delight in living inspires all around them to go for it and follow their own dreams. And Sagg’s bawdy good humour enlivens everything
    OMG SOO TRUE! i run the human rights group and we help hundreds of kids realise their dreams!

    MYSTIC U HIT THE NAIL WITH IRRESPONCIBILITY! and OMG i think FULL OF CRAP! is correct too! mum always says -” damn why didnt i invest in a mute button” when i get too loud!

    i once again apologize at the length of this reply BUT OMG MYSTIC THANKYOU IVE WAITED FOR AGES

      1. LMFAO! Postmodscorp i think just a bit more saggo energy will lift this ecconomic crisis RIGHT off the seams of society! lol

        1. With a bit more saggo energy everyone will just go surfing/mountain climbing/nude running and there will be NO financial crisis, cos, like, who needs money man?? I’ve got some time and a shovel, I’ll grow some veges, you can trade me a chook from the free range ones in your back yard, Prowln can cook us a Greek feast, UV will clean up, and Mystic will accept our paltry offerings in thanks for her words of wisdom. Its like the time before man, man!

          1. Hey Postmods, how come you can get into a Sagg head like that?? ; > I am SO for bartering and I love organising jobs for people to do! ; >

  8. OMG! You have described Saggo dude down to his last freckle! I nearly wet myslef when I read the “at least I tell it like it is”.

  9. Thanks Leogroover- well I smile now I was a kid then so I bare no grudges just learn lessons 😉 movie script life thingy I think everyones story is interesting if told in the correct light. Mine all sound like made up crap but they are real x

  10. one glass of wine and she’s anyones- below caption should read highly conjunct venus neptune sagg conjunct descendant with sagg moon = delusional adventures

  11. omg Post Modern Scorpio!- cranky ex had cap asc, sagg sun, pisces moon ,merc scorp. I love pisces moon but can utterly wallow in self pity. xx

  12. What a great story Ms. Sounds like a a great movie script. i’ve known a year of the monkey/sagg and been burned by her unwavering stubborness. i know another friend who was similarily been burned big time- mother left behind his children with him – never looked back and left a trail of devaastion in her wake.

  13. Happy Birthday! I laughed low Sagg as it’s true innit? Not all Sagg are upbeat its true, I had a very strange magnet for Sagg men ONLY born either 27th or 28th November for years and my first true love a sagg musician who now works in a circus (I joined and then ran away from) He was total lone wolf and extremely grumpy. famously infact. Has anyone been watching mad men?, he is don draper. no fail. Scorp mercury though (which I have too) nasty tongue. I was dumped by him with all my belongings left in a plastic bag and hitch hiked into town only to meet another Sagg who was a animal liberationist filmmaker and had an affair so hot I didn’t get out of bed for 4 days. We split 3 weeks later after I had a dream about a girl he dumped me for as she would make a better mother and had long hair which we laughed about over coffee one morning, 2 weeks later he met her and now they have children and for some reason hates me and is carrying serious scop venus grudge after I slightly badmouthed the way I was so loved up and cast aside. More centaur pride than skipping in the garden. I have venus in Sagg (conjunct venus in sagg (not fun) and a moon in sagg too) so I have delusional adventures..

  14. Oh man, my BF is a Sagg – and I’m talking a LOW SAGGING SAGG!!! You are terribly, scarily accurate Mystic.

    I’m a Cap with my North Node is in Sagg so I”m hoping that I’m evolving towards a Haute Sagg, all the way. Low is just sooo hard to live with. Relationship troubles? Us? Seriously, i haven’t slept with BF for a year and he honestly doesn’t get that we’re in a bad way. He just doesn’t see it! He tells ppl how fabulous I am and how wonderful life is. I dare not broach the topic of a break-up as I think it will completely bowl him over with surprise. (In case you ask, I’ve been too busy working on my writing project – hence I haven’t acted sooner on fixing the “situation” I find myself in.)

    Plus BF fancies himself as a thespian and while he’s okay at comedy plays, that doesn’t mean he’s good at speeches required at important occasions. But there he goes, standing up and volunteering to toast (eg birthday girls with inappropriate jokes about their age.) And he thinks he’s truly wonderful. Doesn’t hear the negative, only the applause and compliments, no matter how absent. The worst is when he incorporates racist jokes/ imitations because he believes that’ll make ppl laugh. Oooh dear. He just calls me a “lefty greenie” when I politely try and apologise to ppl for his behaviour.

    So thank you for making me see I’m not going mad, Mystic. I thought I liked Sagg peeps – I”ve had such wonderful Sagg buddies – it’s just that BF has turned full-on LOW SAGG!!! (Dec 5th born). Ahhhhhhh!!!!!

  15. How did you know all that about me………are you the Astrologer of my Dreams?
    If so, you are sooooooo clever 🙂

    Matty, ain’t she a marvel 😉

  16. ah yes, love this post. being a huge fan of the sagg (friends, ex-lovers and my own mars, neptune and jupiter in the sign of the archer), i totally relate.

    i do love their candour and appetite for life. and such well-meaning souls! they are often completely taken aback when they realise that their oh-so-honest remarks have offended…tact definitely not a strong point.

    have to agree with prowln too; they are lucky bastards! god bless ’em.

  17. lib rising ramzilla

    Last night was cruising.. ah.. “social networking” site and saw this guy’s profile and just from the pics (leaping all over the place, surfing etc) he was pure sag. Looked at his sign and giggled.

  18. I’m a Sagg in denial, I think. When I read astrology books and it gives a definition of what Sagittarians are supposed to be like I just shake my head and think: “This is so not me.”

    Sometimes I love having a Scorpio stellium, other times it’s a drag.

    Happy Birthday to all the Saggies, though! Get buck naked and swing from the chandeliers or whatever it is you do!

  19. Mystic…wow : o you are spot on, as per usual, except I am way too responsible, I would be off and away if not for my baby bear. I am scandalised that you think us self centred when we are so giving etc….but I confess, I do get impatient when people are tired or need sleep and are so ruled by the mundane :)….oh….oh…… No wonder I drive my Cap sister nutso.

    Today is actually my birthday and I have been so sad and weighed down. The property thingy is all done even though the magistrate wanted to protect my ex Scorp, saying he was not interested in the impact of his heroin addiction on the settlement! He wanted to make sure it was all fair and equitable! I said, yes it is extremely as he came with absolutely nothing and has done extremely well thank you very much! : o Anyway, its all done, c’est fini. Yet I am tres sad. What a waste. I would love to drag my soap box and give a speeech to anyone who would listen that one should not waste life blah blah blah! Sigh!

    I am totally batso….have borrowed money and am going off on a break for 2 weeks to Paris as promised to my daughter. It will be good, though tres bad to get into further debt to the bloody banks. Ah well, when I fall off the prch the kids can sell the house and share whatever is left after paying the bloody debts!

    I am usually the joyous Sagg and yet I feel so blue today. Perhaps its the Scorp Rising, Venus, Mercury and Neptune in Scorp? Pluto and Uranus is in Virgo so is this why I get so cranky with myself for being such a wuss? Yet I am Sun and Mars in Sagg. This gah blah feeling is not me, particularly when I seem to be hurling out into the sunshine finally!

    BTW I find December born Sagg’s highly irritating and male Sagg’s are totally ? giving us Sagg’s a bad name!

    1. Happy Birthday SS – here is to a COMPLETELY NEW LIFE!

      Bugger debt, make it useful, and as you say, when you die, will you seriously care about debt?

      Enjoy Paris.

      And bags of empathy on the closing of a chapter. The emo of it all will pass, and your Joie de vivre will return. And I have a fetish for 19 Dec Sagg boys…. no idea why, its always after I find them hot I work it out….

      1. p.s postmod please watch out for Dec 19 boys : o it must be the Scorp in you that makes you stretch out to the fire!

    2. Leonine Librarian

      SS the other weekend after we’d been out kicking it up at my Scorp uncle’s party, my Sagg daughter was having a 2.30 am rant about drugs being anti-life and why was it so hard for people to see that life is fragile and should be embraced. Although her position has come about through seeing friends suffer, I’m still glad that she is even more determined to stretch towards the life. I get that vibe from you too.

      I mean really a Paris trip has the potential to build some great memories with your daughter. Somewhere in the sorrow I see some anticipatory joyous sagg in your Paris trip…

      Birthdays can blue people out at any time…and you’ve been through a hell of a year…Happy B’day SS….you’ve got a lot of good stuff ahead of you.

      P.S Have you been to Paris before?

      1. Thanks Postmod and LL for your kind wishes. Yes I have been to Paris before LL and I loved it so much. I went this totally stingy boyfriend and we ate tuna and crackers in the apartment and had salad and pasta for dinner again cooked by him. I only had 1 cofee and 1 dinner out in Paris! He was like a General, you had to go from Plan A to B and no digressing! I drove him batty as I was enchanted with sparrows playing in a mud puddle in front of Luxembourgh Palace. He was infuriated as he wanted me to be more impressed with the palace. I was, but my heart sang at the sweet sparrow who cared nought for the past grandeur of manking, yet savoured the sheer joy in dancing about water and dust, keeping cool on a hot day! The General drove me totally bonkers. So this time I am going to run riot! : >

        I so get your daughter! I am determined to stretch towards life and to cut the dead wood away, gutte though I am. Postmod and LL I am so looking forward to the ggod stuff and the Joie de vivre to return as I sure feel like a hessian sack at present – gunny sack as they used to be called remember? I wonder why “gunny” LL?

        1. Leonine Librarian

          ohh riot running sounds good you can just revel in whatever moment you want to…how cool is that?

          LOL SS as soon as you ask me this stuff I just have to find it out…

          A gunny sack got it’s name from the Sanskrit word gon, meaning jute or hemp fibre (btw hemp textiles have nothing to do with the smoking variety of hemp).

        2. scorpalicious robot

          WOO HOOOO Happy birthday Salacious Saggy !! This birthday is the beginning of your new life! 🙂

          Paris sounds awesome and this time around you’ll be free do enjoy it as you see fit without the boring General.
          It’s okay to feel like a hessian sack after what you’ve been through and yeah, stuff the debt, you deserve a bit of goodness!

    3. many happy solar returns SS and Bon Voyage! I think trip away significant mind cleanser and signifies new beginning. Tres Bon!


      Sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit flat, but it sounds like you’ve come out the other side of the wringer – and PARIS (!!!!) is sure the plump you back up again.
      Nothing like a holiday to symbolically end/begin a new life. I hope you and your daughter have a glorious time kicking up your heels in that fantastic city.

    5. SS bon voyage fellow saggi. i echo the others sentiments when i say fuq the debt, enjoy paris and bravo for continuing to move forward despite the painful circumstances you have around you at the mo.

      i know lots of saggis who have a tendency towards melancholia and depression, to add to the discussion of ‘non typical saggis’. i am one of them. what happens is that something punctures the natural faith and optimism, and leaves us wondering (and wandering) why? my despair has often crept up on me in terms of the world and life just not being this thing of beauty that i want it to be, or being utterly disillusioned by the rest of the world caring about things that i see as silly/materialistic etc. its like we have 3 layers sometimes- the shallow ego party sagg, then underneath that a bit of pain/troubles that cause us despair (and often are the real reason we travel/seek a new philosophy every week to try on/ constantly need new people around us, new activities- each one more crazy than the last- to occupy us), then underneath that again, the REAL joy, optimism, exuberance- not the fake one we flash around desperately trying to convince ourselves and others that we are fun loving, nothing gets us down etc etc…

      i am only speaking from my experience and the many, many saggis i have around me, but i totally get that we are not the only ones out there 🙂

      i think it comes back to the unevolved/evolved dichotomy. not that im saying im tres evolved. actually maybe i am, LOL 😀 But what im trying to say is that its not actually that strange to have tendencies towards glumness, lone wolf-ness etc as a sagg. we care deeply about life and living it well. and we’ve had pluto then saturn putting us majorly through the wringer the last billion years (it seems).

      i for one am only just feeling truly joyful again after god knows how long. its taken alot of soul searching (and travel.. , and spiritualitie(s), philosophies…lol) to get here.

      ps Im a december born saggi! but ive never seen much distinction between nov/dec members of my sign to be honest.


        1. Leonine Librarian

          Saggigal, I think your three layers of Sagg is pretty apt. Sagg daughter has had some definite times where she has felt despair, and she sort of siphons off the pain with giddy surface sagg energy till she can access the deeper more sustaining joy of living. Even though I’m biased I think she is pretty amazing. She also associates strongly with wolf imagery.

      1. I think the Saggy Jester is like all comics and hides a deep well of yearning for something transcendent beneath their wry truth tinted barbs!! But what is a world without a bit of pain? It’s what keeps us pointed in the right direction according to our inner compass. Following the yearning is the bravest thing a Sagg can teach the rest of us I think. Saggi’s excel in the philosophy department and it’s so often in action, they are amazing!

        1. FireTrine- yes- the yearning for something transcendent. was just reading eric francis’ bit about the Galactic Centre over on planetwaves- all about why saggis have this totally out there quality. and i thought, fuq he nailed it. thats why i love other saggis too- i think we are always searching for something more.

    6. Happy Solar Return SS!! xx Enjoy Paris, perfect diversion/celebration. Astro set to improve after the Venus squaring everything in Aqua by next week as per Mystic – you’ll have a ball.

  20. Hah, my father must be the lone depressed Sagg….. He’s Sagg sun/Virgo Asc/Pisces Moon. and I’ll be honest – he really does wallow in the negative of all those aspects. In his defense, Dad does want to be lighthearted, he does want to flit off around the world (I just escorted him on his first trip to Europe…. He is planning to go again, just as soon as….). But he gets totally absorbed in his own mental neurosis. ARGH! Must be his Merc & Saturn in Scorp….?
    I however am totally more Sagg, with my merc, venus and neptune in Sagg, I’ve been back from Spain 9 days, and jet off to the Margaret River in 1 week…..
    I just love how most Saggs always have an activity planned…. its their gift. One I try to emulate….. Until my Scorp revolts and I disapear into a dark cavern to create charms, spells, and noir reality…

    1. scorpalicious robot

      i would say your dad’s Sagg postive person would be dampened by Merc in Scorp for sure. I think peeps underestimate the influence of Mercury – it plays such a big part in how one thinks and views the world.

      1. Hmm – time to discover the Merc influence…. I’m upbeat, chatty, all those saggy things – so don’t get it…. Lets just say after 5 days driving around scotland, we were both totally frustrated by the other! I needed conversation, not sure what he needed…

        1. lib rising ramzilla

          My sis is Sag sun and mostly Saggilicious – but pisces moon. She does get dreary sometimes. And Leo rising. Actually, the little coit is *infuriating*. Tho of couse I love her so

          Anyways, whole point of that was I reckon Pisces Moon & Virgo asc – are you really suprised that he can wallow/ get down?

          1. Actually I have noticed that Pisces Moon is the most phenomenal depressor – my flatmate is also a Virgo Asc/Pisces Moon (Aries Sun), and she can deflate a party mood with one comment…. Its not that what she says in depressing, its her ssssllllloooooooowwww execution and too in depth explanations are often the complete opposite of the party mood!

      2. My exxy poo was a tres typical Sagg Haute and Lo, he was a rising Virgo with his moon in Cancer. It was like the Virgo made him a PROFESSIONAL Sagg, he was scrupulously witty and obsessively upbeat, it was actually quite tiring I can tell you. His Mercury was also Sagg so very strong in his Jovian thinking process also.

        But I reckon it was the Cancer Moon that did him in. He was endlessly appealing to women as he would dive off the nearest boat, come up with dinner, cook it and then listen empathically nodding until his sensitive (seeming) philosophy could be espoused.

        He never had to lay a hand on anyone, the girls attacked like velociraptors! Not great relationship material in the long run and in the end it made him disrespectful of women to find it all so easy… Venus in Scorpio may have played a role in his case I guess too.

        But I agree that Merc could be a contender in making him so crazy in his need to be full of incessant joi de vivre.

  21. Oh Saggos … I’ve known a few. They are all bonkers. Some lovably. Some fuqing irritatingly. I see Saggos as having big long legs, always gambolling about the place (oops “space”), frequently bumping into stuff … people, objects, obstacles … which they have this uncanny knack for transmuting into one of their “amazing learning experiences” or “an obstacle into an opportunity”. Unless yes … it’s too hard, too demanding, too BORING and then they will just fuq off with a “it’s THEIR problem” attitude.

    One thing I’d mention is the uncanny Saggitarian luck. These guys do have amazing luck … lucky coincidences, lucky chance, lucky opportunities. It’s no accident me thinks that Saggo is know for its gambling tastes. But I think the real key is that Sagg instinctively understands that you create your own luck just by participating in life … just by being there and being present, you stand a greater chance of being in the flow of life and thus able to experience its bounty!

    The Sagg motto to all problems must surely be Just Do It. I bet a Sagg even invented that slogan.

    I’ve got a Sagg moon which I’m forever grateful for as it totally lightens all my Cancer Sun/Venus moody psycho bitch crap – to the point where I know think I’m actually a Cancerian in denial and identify more with my ascendant and moon. Ok I do like the incredible intuitive powers of being moon ruled … but other than that …. anyhoo yes Sagg. It helps me see the light side of all things, it’s where I get my bawdy/norti humour and helps me to see the truth and have the balls to say it how it is.

    Plus Jupiter is truly the great benefactor of our solar system. Apparently without it Earth would have been smashed to bits by asteroids eons ago. So no wonder Saggos have such natural optimism.

    1. scorpalicious robot

      i can relate to your comment about being grateful for having a Sagg moon to lighten your Sun sign and also about being in denial.
      Feel very much my Sagg moon and my Cap rising but in denial about being a Scorp – until someone crosses me.
      It’s great being able to pick and choose which sign you want to vibe though isn’t it? Hehe

    2. omg lucky! YES!
      i think ive stated how many things ive won on this site!
      all saggo’s i have met are very optomistic! I think jupiter has a LOT to do with that!

  22. My parents are both Saggitarians. This is all spot on: the running away from problems, the breezy fun-loving and following the dream thing. We moved so many times when I was growing up, all to live out crrrrazy hippie visions. And especially the candour/foot-in-mouth-ness. My mother had this habit of getting tipsy at dinner parties when I was a teenager and asking me, in front of a million people, if I thought she was a good mother. She totally expected me to say “Yes! Absolutely!” … And she is, she’s an incredible person. But I didn’t think so at that exact moment 🙂

  23. My hubster is a Sag, bless his fun-loving soul. He can easily make Everything large or small all about him….with me being a Leo, I have to laugh it off! Either that, or remind him he is indeed Full of Crap…

  24. Brilliant assessment of the way they’ll dazzle you and break your heart. My ex was a Sag rising with a ton of 9th house planets in Leo. Sexy, adventurous, impossible. Even his friends say, “The ego has landed” when he walks in the room. But everyone adores him!

  25. even with the low saggi traits, i do love being a sagg 😀 I wish i could live up to it right now with some one way ticket somewhere…feeling soo like it today.

    happy birthday season to us!
    I’m off for a run 😀

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