You Know You’re A Virgo When…

How do you know if you’re really a Virgo? My double-Virgo friend Gala Darling has the answers lol.

You Know You’re A Virgo When…

+ You research the menu before you go to a new restaurant.

+ You travel with your own washcloths.

+ You find yourself — almost against your will — asking boring questions about how long things take, how to get to a certain place, and how long someone has known someone else.

+ You organize your iPhone apps into folders so your home screen looks tidy and organized

+ You run everything through Evernote.

+ You own a Roomba, and you regularly tell people it’s the best thing you ever purchased.

+ Browsing WholeFoods slowly and deliberately, and taking time to read the labels on everything, is your idea of a relaxing afternoon.

+ You are devoted to whatever your organizational system is (Filofax, holler!).

+ You have a favorite brand of pen, and you will only ever buy those (and preferably in a box of 10).

+ You pack everything inside packing cubes, shipping envelopes, and Ziploc bags when you travel, grouped fastidiously.

+ You have a vast array of medicines — both conventional and woo-woo — on hand for any possible ailment.

+ You are always delegated the research tasks, no matter the situation.

+ It feels really good to work in a garden (deliciously earthy, plus creative and destructive at the same time).

+ Fewer things make you furious than bad manners or charmless people.

+ You’re always starting sentences with, “I read recently in the New York Times that…”

+ You loathe artificial fragrance and have to hold your nose in the cleaning aisle at the supermarket.

+ You believe that dressing up is a charitable act.

+ Anyone who uses text speak is automatically 86’d from your life.

+ You find bookshops irresistibly sexy.


+ Making a spelling error horrifies you beyond belief…

166 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Virgo When…”

  1. totally accurate. I used to manage a nutrition store. I love hanging out there. I’m a double Virgo. I have a cool rock collection too

  2. I regularly research products/ingredients on my phone right in the shop aisle, because I read the labels before they make it into my cart. Just one Scorpio’s expression of her Virgo bits (DC conjunct Persephone in mine).

  3. +Whenever you look at a list of virgo traits, most of them don’t sound like you at all.

    Or is that just me? I agree about the scents and bookstores.

    Could be the Moon+Neptune square.

  4. older/wiser virgo

    This is perfect! So accurate. I hold my breath in the cleaning aisle or try to avoid it whenever possible. Don’t own a Roomba but I did spend $700 on a Sebo and I love it! I am constantly correcting my bosses e-mails. He writes them with that awful text shorthand…ur instead of your…thx instead of thanks…LOL…TTYL….makes me want to kick him!

  5. I can recognize my friends with Moon in Virgo, falls into my 11th house and Im destined to have them around..

    But wow this is just so boring and I cant stop from laughing, cant finish reading the list haha why would someone live like this

    World is a crazy ever changing place and if you try too hard to control it you become crazy

    Yes, I am Gem with Aqua moon (time to run away)

  6. Can I add more about psyche in Virgo? I know, I know, it’s all I can contribute lol and there are other far better qualified than this fish. But one of the men here (ok, also minor crush, I think it may be circumstantial) uses the MOST yum-smelling soap, it is proper soap scent, Gah it is driving me a bit insane, in a good way…If that’s not psyche in Virgo, what is? (Moon in cap prefers understated but ultra high-end cologne, Venus in Aries likes the smell of the fresh air, split logs, open ranges and woodsmoke, and the blood of the vanquished, hahahahaah ok j/k on the last one (maybe) )

  7. i never do any of this – i do agree about fragrances and bookshops and gardens, but I think that’s a combo Libra/Toro in my chart. The only real Virgoish thing I feel strongly about is spelling/grammatical errors. Pluto in Virgo.

    I have to say, sorry to all you people above especially Gala, but the rest sounds so tedious and unsure….Live free people! liberate yourselves from the tyranny of micro-control!

    Just joking, each to her own of course….but astrologically I am intrigued. What is it? Too much neptune? Would neptune on an angle opposing Moon be enough? Any other Neptunians feel suffocated by this list?
    ps. I never thought of myself as Neptunian before now.

    1. I think Neptune on an angle is a big deal! So yes. Depends on which angle, of course…

      I feel that the danger is to consider that being “organised and efficient” is the highest goal in one’s endeavours. That’s where someone might get stuck in Virgo virtue. For an extreme example, telling someone who is bereaved, why can’t they ‘just get their shit together’ (paraphrasing but more or less the communication I received from a Virgo friend(?) ) this is a problem. Virgos who cannot see the forest for the trees.

      1. oh yes, I suppose that’s where it’s the anti-Pisces, ergo, Neptune…thanks, I hadn’t seen that in axis terms, but certainly being β€œorganised and efficient” is the highest goal in one’s endeavours does not seem like it would validate a Pisces πŸ˜‰

        my Neptune is on the descendent, but also this whole thing strikes me as very un-Uranus, and I also have a Uranus-Venus conjunction natally, so all this order and control and “must”, well, it all seems very fixed to me (and I am already very fixed). Where is the mutability? I’m genuinely wondering, astro curious about this – in what ways is Virgo mutable?

    2. Actually, interestingly (maybe)
      I am more wary of Virgo energy now because of two important things. One, I am more ‘myself’ than ever and I don’t need someone telling me what to do as though I am nine years old. Two, this emotional landscape in which I now live that a more blinkered Virgo type cannot fathom. It’s the “explaining yourself” shtick that I just can’t be fucked doing this time and forever more. Just figure it out or fuq off.

  8. saturnplutoflux

    Nary a skerrick of Virgo in my chart,(multi-multi Sagg) but this describes me to a T post the last few years of Saturn “restructuring” (aka demolition)…

      1. Really!! I cannot fathom the thought of washing my face with the same cloth that has slathered 1000s & 1000s of anonymous, grungy arses.

        ER-MAAH-GERD, that’s yucking yuck!

      2. And I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s a 5-star resort, or how much bleach they use, or if they wash them in 600 deg F, reverse-osmosis, triple distilled water from the Appalachians … community washcloths? Nope, not going near this lady’s orifices.

  9. Ok so ten of your favourite, pens? Yes but have you ever (hand) written on onion skin paper?..Semi translucent, ivory white, croxleys…You have to have an a very fine black artline fineliner…

    1. Its another life, lives away from my current one, but the onion skin paper is bliss to write onto, just as fabriano paper is lovely to paint or draw on, there must be others here who know this too.

  10. I relate to everything on the list from medicines down. Always so disappointed in myself when I don’t research the menu as it takes me forever and 32 second guesses to order and I invariably give up and just order and then regret my choice. Want a Roomba. Still haven’t found the perfect pen. Does it exist??
    Psyche and Hygiea in Virgo. Uranus and Neptune in 6th (cannot get organized regardless of deep desire for it) Prog moon in Virgo though, and a long string of Virgo-heavy exes. Love them.

    1. sometimes I skim the menu and when everything looks as good as everything else, I just shut my eyes and point, la la la,….. ok *that one*. decision made. [the dessert menu is shorter and people can share, so that one’s easier: a bit of everything πŸ™‚ ]

      1. I look at gift registries online and pick out a first and second choice before I go to the store.

        Seriously, I’m going to take another look at my chart, because all I know of is Psyche in Virgo but there must be more. It has been so fun to read this post and the comments.

      2. I don’t think I could ever do that! Taurus side and Scorp-ruled 6th (plus years of working in kitchens) are obsessive about food. Dietary restrictions and sharing everything do help focus the mercurial monkey mind. πŸ™‚

      3. Oh definitely. I mean, my menu ‘devil may care’ (LOL) attitude is only when all other things are equal, or, I am SO hungry I will eat almost anything. Then: roll dice πŸ™‚

  11. wow! moon sign? that’s kind of cool. how does your collection look then, any interesting connections? is this Kataka version of the Dewey system? πŸ˜‰

  12. Sun-merc-jup in Virgo and now recently discovered that because i was born minutes earlier than I was told now also have a late late Virgo Asc. but my first house is almost totally in Libra so I guess it justifies my name here: Virgo Sun Libra rising πŸ™‚

    Yes to almost 95% of things above. Spooky how true it is.

    I push for details, interested in the minute details, can often be heard to say “This article/book I read mentioned…”, was into woo woo stuff (kinda still am) until a few weeks back had a crises of faith in the self-help industry after reading pages of testimonials from women who had paid for what they thought would be an amazing business school online but turned out to be a Qi-sucking money making scheme. Aways good to remain cynical i guess.

    I was a massive fans of wholefoods until I started to feel uncomfortable with the concept. I always felt I was just an “organic” / “natural” product away from amazing health. Once in a supermarket being the typical Virgo I took my sweet time reading all the finer details of a packaged soup product, rotating it to read every possible word on the packaging then picking up other flavors – oblivious to the fact that a salesman from the company was behind me observing the whole scene. After something like 15 minutes of this when I felt satisfied with my research I tried to walk away when a salesmen approached me and asked if I was searching for something in particular. To which I could only blush and shake my head peheheee. In that country, no one spends time reading any of the packaging which made me stick out like a sore thumb.

    I have recently begun nagging and nit-picking a lot which seems to be the low-Virgo quality that I have to actively keep in check πŸ˜‰

    1. hehe. I am a packet-ingredient-reader too. It comes from my aversion to too many un-necessary or crappy ingredients / cheap alternatives in a product. Also, kJ (calories) per 100g, carb breakdown (total / sugars), fat content, etc. I am not necessarily looking for specific details but like you I just want the data πŸ˜‰

      Is it possible that a nit picking virgo is an anxious and unhappy virgo. My virgo moon sister can become unbearable when she is in a state about something (big or small, short term or long term). Everyone is doing everything wrong, *except her* [it seems from the outside]..

      take it easy VSLR
      that interview process – put it down to experience. Yeah it must have hurt. A lot. It’s nice, necessary, to have hopes and eyes-forward, but sometimes nature pulls the rug out when we think something is a ‘done deal’ before it is…. Sorry you had a bad one xx

      1. also i had a similar experience btw with a short term job that would have solved all my money problems instant-issimo… but although i was temporarily crushed at not getting it, turns out blessing in disguise: two weeks later i get the info that i have to move house pronto: being out of town for a short term job and packing my life up at the same time would been unbearably stressful …

  13. Yes! Mercury Virgo, but most of the list applies to me in a perfect world. I do make compromises to my perfect adherence to many of these organizational and communication strategies because of my Sagg ascendant and Leo sun.

    My Virgo sun mate is somewhat nontraditional Virgo, but many applied to him too. You should see us talk about food, shopping for food, and gardening; or perhaps our many on-demand woo-woo remedies for any ailment…

  14. I am a Leo with Aries Rising Libra Moon with Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo,,,,I am passionately anal….LOL!

  15. Virgo Kathleen

    I am a Virgo with 4 planets there and can confirm most of these are true for me. The reason why I read menus is because I am a vegetarian so I need to check there’s at least a few options for me. Instead of the New York Times I say “On a podcast I was listening to…”

    Also I usually retread texts before I send them so I am mortified when a spelling error got by me. Usually it happens not because I misspelled something but because autocorrect replaced my word with a totally different one. I compulsively edit even a comment like this one too.

      1. virgo kathleen

        “Edit reply” would be amazing! I’m rereading my comment and cringing because I changed verb tenses in the middle of a sentence. UNACCEPTABLE.

        *sigh* I’m so Virgo it hurts.

      2. Totally. My process goes like this: post, reread, die of embarrassment, consider *corrections upon corrections post, decide against it (I really doubt that others read our phone typos and think “what an illiterate idiot.”), and use it as an exercise in detachment. And then cringe some more. Verb tenses matter! Xxx

      3. I have just come to accept my post typos. I have decided to trust anyone reading it to be intelligent enough to figure out what I meant πŸ™‚ and to understand that this is a blog not a literature publication πŸ™‚ (pi sleeps better this way πŸ™‚ )

      4. virgo kathleen

        I suppose that does make sense too, but I don’t appreciate Autocorrect thinking it knows what I’m saying when it obviously doesn’t!

  16. it’s been ages since I have had a lover with virgo aspects but now I do I am smiling to read because it really is all in the details for virgo and virgo asc people. sometimes I think he only sleeps over just to use my luxury organic real sandalwood soap.

    the presentation thing is very strong in leo virgo combo people I notice. they are like walking style bible, even if its only conduct.

    1. I have Venus and Mars in Leo — plus born during both Mercury and Venus retrograde — and that is so true for me. My need for style and beauty is absolute, and I don’t miss ANYTHING.

      1. That’s quite a combo. He is venus leo as well Purification. Presentation is service. Manners are everything. I love this because it can really bring out the best in people around them as well.

  17. It’s nice to read and “dip-in-and-out-of” the list… thinking that, well, I’m not THAT! I’m not ALL Virgo! Then you find yourself actually counting how many dot points there are, so you can work out a percentage of Virgoism. xx

  18. About half of these are true of me, & I am a Gemini. I am also a writer and artist & serious when it comes to anything to do with my craft, hence the pens, working in a garden, sexy bookshops, absolute synergy. Yes my iPhone apps are in folders. I do believe Venus in Taurus conjunct the MC with Sun in 10th house could be responsible for the more creative & less nit-picky Virgoan side of things. I DO love Virgos (women are better than the men sorry) but just keep that pedantic “you must follow MY system” dogmatism away from me.

  19. I do many of these things, but in secret, because I don’t want virgos to think that their raison d’etre (piscean deshabille both mental physical and logistical) does not exist. It does exist but not 100% of the time. I need virgos on hand just in case, like a 10-pack of tissues, hair pins and lip balm. πŸ˜‰

  20. Oh dear πŸ™
    My only saving grace, is that I don’t have an iPhone, I don’t know what Evernote is ( but I can guess) and I’ve never heard of Roomba, but I’m just about to find out ….

  21. As usual anything Virgo related resonates with me despite having zero Virgo in my chart and an intercepted 6th house. I had my Vedic chart done recently though and I had 4 planets in Virgo, so who knows. Vedic astro is a mindf**k and a half.

    1. I’m going to get mindf**ked and check it out. I seriously have something that resonates with Virgo. I always thought my 10th house Saturn near my MC did it. I got my B Goddess and I have Hecate in Pisces in the 4th, which is good for house witchery. Maybe that’s part of it?

      1. I have Pisces in the 4th house on my IC and Neptune has just moved into my 4th too. The level of insanity around housewitchery is just exhausting.
        Today I was scrubbing bits of my bathroom I’d never even noticed before. This afternoon I was wandering around asking, “what in this house is making me ill?”
        As if the furniture could talk!
        I settled for cleaning surfaces in the kitchen and doing laundry. I do think I’ve become somewhat unhealthily obsessed with cleaning the flat and with Feng Shui.
        It’s the most unglamorous I have ever been. So much for Venus in Leo huh?
        And I HAVE Venus in Leo!
        I’m just constantly wandering around with a frigging cloth in my’s ridiculous. I feel like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Remember that Disney cartoon where things get so out of control? That’s me, just add mop!
        Today someone sent me a sexy message and my reply was, ” sorry but I only have eyes for vacuum cleaners and curtain hooks today.”
        An hour later I was just ????
        Anyway, like most things with me it’s developed into a crazy OCD obsession and I can barely leave the house lately. If I do it’s to buy some bit of DIY- bob.
        I’m about to take my new curtains down because I’m not happy with how they are sitting. The stupid old hooks need replacing. I got new ones but honestly I’m just knackered. I think I’ll rest up and do it tomorrow.
        Life in the slow lane..
        First I have to vacuum up all the sea salt I’ve been flinging around the bedroom.
        I found an area I’d never salted before in my flat, this tiny crevice between the bed and the wall. Trouble is, how on EARTH am I going to get to the sea salt.
        God I really feel like a Feng Shui basket case here!

      2. Oh and the ONLY question I ask the oracle now is the housewitchery one.
        There’s zero interest in what X or Y might think. I can’t believe I ever cared.
        I have become obsessed with my home.
        So this is how THAT feels, wow.

  22. Moon in Virgo and everything there makes sense, ESPECIALLY the list. One thing missing for me – making your bed. An unmade bed is the sign of an unmade mind.

    1. Yes! Plus, research shows (hello, Virgo!) that it is one of the things that increases happiness the most.

    2. There is a distinct feeling of crawling into a bed that has been made all day. I think gravity works some magic on making the sheets feel just right.

      1. Yes! And the opposite holds for slipping into an unmade bed, which I did once and never again. There’s no way to get comfortable and sleep well.

      2. LightningButterfly

        Virgo Moon too, but I rarely make the bed. I loathe leaving it generally, so I spose I’m always hoping I’ll get a chance to hop back in for a quick nap! πŸ™‚

        Just about everything else on Gala’s list resonates though. I’m not that good at packing, I’ll say, but I would like to be!

        Today I all but stormed out of my house because the “work table” (actually the dining table because I have a home business but no office, d’oh) was covered in crap, as it often is, and I simply couldn’t stand it. Working with 2 boys at the table all day means it is generally covered with food dishes, too many glasses, cords everywhere, glasses, random crap…ugh. ANd the thing that irks me the MOST: the fiance always folds back my tablerunner so he can put his computer there, so it’s getting wrinkled and dusty. And he NEVER puts it back. I left and said “I can’t work here, it’s a fuqing mess. I have to get out of here.” LOL.

  23. Wait.
    There’s been no mention of THE OBSESSIVE EXFOLIATION RITUALS yet.
    Is it just me?
    I’m having a bad day if things are messy or in disarray.
    I get horribly anxious when I’m running late or feel like I don’t have time.
    I loathe eating unhealthily and every hangover I’ve ever had has made me so utterly miserable I just want to check into rehab and declare myself an alcoholic for life and begin my “recovery”…
    I have a form of hypochondria that verges on truly paranoid.
    It’s never just a headache…a skin reaction can’t be from the bracelet I wore it must be the absolute worst thing I can find of google.
    If -as now, a few weeks have gone by since I hit the gym, I consider myself totally out of shape and see only imperfections in the mirror.
    But a truly terrible day is one without the sacred ritual of exfoliation.
    Face and body.
    At LEAST once per day, sometimes more than once with some kind of salt scrub and or (but usually both) the dry body brushing ritual.
    It’s like a form of therapy to slough off dead skin cells.
    Even writing that makes me shudder.

    1. Yes, my new thing is making a masque from sea kelp ferment and niacinamide. Very lightly exfoliating,

    2. Ok I will concur! Exfoliation extroardinaire! Love it, purify, heals circulation…such an uplifting pastime…as is skin brushing with a natural loofah, but it must be done with the direction encouraging flow to the heart…Revives, and gives vitality! And makes skin feel so sensual, a loving way for ourselves.

    3. I can’t bring myself to watch that Prince.
      I will probably inspire an insane thing lust and by the time it arrives I will look at the box and wonder what possessed me to spend more money.
      If it makes you happy, do it xxx

  24. Totally!
    Down with the zip lock bags and wash cloths!
    Being Sag rising and having a saggo moon means I’m impulsive and impetuous enough to horrify myself when being even 5 minutes late (or not showing up at all…The post mortem is pure hell and generates a week’s worth of anxiety induced self loathing and insomnia.
    Reading food labels, check, I hate it but can’t stop myself.
    Checking restaurant menu online in advance- yup!
    Gardening – yup.
    Fastidious about personal hygiene and general appearance- absolutely!
    Adore Tom Ford.
    Owning 6 or even 10 of my favourite stationary or cleaning product- check!

    Oh my new curtains rule btw.
    I slept ridiculously well.
    Been writing for two hours in bed..
    Must get up.
    But yes, with a Virgo sun, mars and mercury, I cannot function, let alone, live or work in a mess so all the Feng Shui, decluttering and general housewitchery, purging of past has been rewarding if exhausting.
    My Sag side wants to live like a teenage boy.
    Clothes left in a pile on the floor generally but my Virgo side cannot abide it.
    Since I can’t afford a cleaner due to voluntarily (although when you are Sag rising AND have a Sag moon nothing feels voluntary, simply how things must be now) reducing my income to make time to write, I do everything myself.

    The transition from having a full time mom around to clean up after me has been more challenging than I anticipated. Sag side thinks everything will always be a breeze.
    I’m getting better at it. Yesterday the two sides of me were just at war with themselves the entire day. Saggo side wants to run, workout, anything but this. Virgo side says “listen – you were the one who impetuously blew off all that cash so you could live a more authentic life, well this is what comes of it so buck up and get with the program!
    My own dyslexia and impulsive nature mortifies me when I read comments I’ve posted here and see typos everywhere.
    Miss Virgo would prefer to be cool and always get everything perfectly right.
    Sometimes I feel like a civil war.
    Today there is a truce though.
    Side effect of great sleep due to the dull grind and effort I put in to DIY yesterday.

    1. I have sagg rising too and those virgoan organized ziploc bags and travel washcloths get translated as i always have an organized bug-out bag ready for any short trips.

      Also i have had the displeasure of using somebody else’s washcloths when they use too much cheap fabric softener or scratchy washcloths or ones filled with lint. Once you’ve had that happen, you bring extra.

    2. the sag and virgo combo is a crazy mix, I have all my sag planets in the 6th and 4 planets in virgo in the 2nd/3rd. I’m always interested to see how having quite bi polar planet aspects manifests in people.

      I’m no virgo, nothing with my sun, but I am a virgo sympathiser given my chart

    3. I have Sag Moon and rising too! You’re so right — nothing feels voluntarily, changes are ESSENTIAL, and they have to happen RIGHT NOW, this is the new status quo!

      1. The part about not turning up and then feeling the guilts.
        Totally me right now.
        This habit is now catching up with me – an I’m taking a serious look at it.
        My Virgo sun- asc-merc-jup hasn’t been able to tame my sagg moon’s need to be rebellious, adventurous, impulsive – it truly horrifies my virgo bits because it loves organisation and punctuality. Waah! πŸ™‚

        Are you actively working on sorting it out or have resigned to it?

      2. I vacillate between three. Mornings I’m actively sorting things out, afternoons I’m working on it but by the evenings usually I’ve done the spin cycle a few times and am just exhausted by it all so I guess I try to sleep with resignation.
        Then I’m up at 2.30 am or something stupid, determined so sort it all out NOW!

  25. Wow, I never knew how pervasive my Virgo moon was! With Saggo sun and Leo rising, one would think the fire in me would prevail, but most everything here applies, and aptly. πŸ™‚

  26. I love that list. Am missing the Roomba, but own a Dyson Animal. I am one of the few people I know who actually likes vacuuming, so a Roomba would deprive me of fun.

    Virgo Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto. Aquarius rising. A walking contradiction.

      1. please tell me HOW that works?
        I’m struggling to get my head around the concept.
        But I’m hoping it will work out for me.

        The other day I used my vacuum cleaner for the first time and had to take the whole thing apart and wash all parts first. I couldn’t believe that the manual had never even been opened!
        Two cleaners have worked for me and the filters should be washed monthly according to the instruction manual. No one had ever opened it before me… I guess no one cares as much as I do.
        Anyway, Dyson is operating beautifully now and I’m getting a bit obsessive about it all.
        Think I will clean it out again today and do the floors again!
        Ok, Mrs Mopp just answered her own question!
        It’s all so new to me though!
        But actually yes, I can imagine it quickly becomes routine and fun even…

      2. Ha!
        The Virgo Dyson club.
        I have no pets but coveted that particular model for AGES.
        when I could afford one, I bought it.
        I love the idea that I have a superior vacuum cleaner.
        DYSON <3

      1. My roomba is the best thing ever. It gives rides to cats and cleans the room. Some people have too much clutter to use it. I at least have organized piles of clutter easily portable so it works out for me.

      2. Holy fuq!
        I’ve been watching videos on their site today.
        Tried to fight off the thing lust all day but couldn’t. Justified the purchase eventually by working out that it costs half what I used to pay my cleaner each month! There is even one that scrubs the floor!
        I think my little robot slaves will be very happy together…;o;

      3. We just got a puppy so I told my husband that we HAVE to have a Dyson and a Roomba. I get a little crazy about the floors. I will stay up into the night to clean them and I’m not even a Virgo!!

      4. Yes this! You don’t have to choose between Dyson and roomba. Get both. I can’t use the roomba to vacuum my car or suck dust off ceiling fan, etc…

      5. Oh i really want the one that scrubs floors but do ‘t know how well it really works. I make industrial strength messes that pretty much require human scrubbing, but daily crumbs on the wood flooring? Sure roomba ‘s got you covere.

  27. A part from researching menus and having a strong dislike for artificial fragrances (that now extends to designer perfumes), i cannot identify with any of the other things on this list.

    so it all makes sense because i have no virgo in my chart what so ever.

  28. I conform to almost everything in this list. As I’ve said before, I only have Jupiter in Virgo, but Jupiter is the Great Expander, and that’s how I explain my Virgo tendencies in an otherwise fiery chart.

  29. oh gala, how i love you!

    i identify with a lot of this list. she and i both have merc in virgo (it is my only virgo placement; moon in 6th house, however, so my virgo is def amped.)

    1. Oh a sixth house moon!
      Yes, I can see why you find vacuuming and floor cleaning soothing. It comforts your moon!

      1. As a Leo with a 2nd House Sun (read couch loving lion) and with a 6th House Moon, it comforts me if someone does it for me. πŸ™‚

    1. I find it so rude when people (women are generally the worst offenders) wear too much perfume.
      The other day I got into the lift in my building and it REEKED from the previous passenger.

      1. Had this same conversation with Virgo male at work yesterday. He refused to get in the elevator because of a repeat olfactory offender. You could smell her before you could see her and whatever subtleties were contained in her scent of choice, they were drowned by the volume used. And the lingering….

      2. Belch!
        Instant brain fog!
        I had a similar experience with an estate agent recently. You could smell her long before you could see her and she was trying to show some potential tenants around a flat but couldn’t get into the front door.
        Turns out she was in the wrong building.
        Why was I not surprised?
        Those chemicals fog up the brain..
        The smelled like candy floss on steroids.

  30. Eros in Virgo must be enough for me, I am totally Virgo-ish. I have to be organized or I cannot think and I cannot relax if things are dirty.

    Unfortunately I married the most un-Virgo Virgo ever. His first house Virgo sun is outdone by his Venus in Leo rising. He has 4 planets, including moon in libra and absolutely nothing else in Virgo. He has the Virgo nose, he’s a great cook (was that on the list?), and his mind is highly organized to remember everything but the man is so. freaking. messy. Maybe he needs an exorcism to unleash his childhood demons and embrace his inner Virgo.

    My 15 year old nephew is a Virgo and has memorized every which way to solve a Rubix Cube so that he can do it quickly and precisely. He also keeps his kicks super clean. That must be the 15 year old male version of being Virgo.

    1. I have psyche in Virgo too.. mystic’s soul mating notes are pretty good on this and go a good way to explaining why I have a thing for …’deftness’ in a love interest. Finesse maybe. But not preciousness Urgh . I cannot abide a genuine slob. (I do not see all mess as equal, ftr.) And maybe this explains why I am strangely put off by men who totally disregard their health and fitness. Hmm.

      1. Yes same. Combine with Eros in cap and competence and quiet finesse (deftness too, haha) are like candy. Creative disorder is great but awareness and respect for others (which I think is the problem with complete slobbery — making people clean up after you? NO, ya jerk) is key. Same with the body. Play hard but put in the work. Self-maintenance IS good manners.

      2. I have Eros in Sagittarius. My husband is messy with his stuff but well-groomed physically. And he cooks like a freaking genius, which is important to my second house Sag moon. His secret is making me gravy when I’m angry at him. He has a well- travelled earthy vibe that I love.

        I love Mystic’s soul mating book. I got a bit of an ego trip when I read the description of what he has: Eros in Scorpio and Psyche in Gemini.

      3. Tee Hee. Many interesting beings here, I believe. How much fun would it be to hang out with some PIABs for real?

  31. Fantastic list! Only one thing missing: dental floss. If in doubt about someone’s sign I can always guess Virgo based on their relationship to floss. Weatherbeaten Virgo had packets of floss everywhere for emergencies… hidden in the couch, in the kitchen, in his car, jacket pocket, office… to say nothing of the stockpile in the bathroom. He also fits the profile above pretty well to the letter.
    I’m Mars/Pluto/Uranus in Virgo, first and second houses, and I am a lot like this also. If I really need to get crap done I channel my inner Virgo. Plus I am an absolutely killer editor. At work I am sought out for my ability to slash and burn like a topiarist through bad prose.

    1. Dental floss addict!
      Right here!
      I guess any Virgo who also has Venus in Leo considers having something caught in your teeth a fate worse than death!
      Not purely the cosmetic side either, it’s an OCD thing.
      I cannot relax if I haven’t flossed.

      1. Oh yes well he was also Venus (and Mars) in Leo. He was a lot like that re the floss.

    2. I am a teacher. I drink my coffee on my way to work, and then I brush my teeth so I don’t have coffee breath. I keep dental hygiene product in my desk. I also keep those little disposable toothbrushes and dental floss in each of the purses/bags I use regularly.

  32. My only planet in Virgo is Pluto, but I have a LOT of sixth house planets. And I can check off many things on this list! Bookshops are INSANELY sexy.

  33. I’m trying to be like above but Saturn opposition doesn’t help!
    Having Venus in Virgo is a bummer though
    If you meet other peeps with Venus in Virgo too
    You find yourself asking
    Where is the love

  34. Whoa! That list is ME, to a tee. But the only things I’ve got in Virgo are Saturn conjunct North Node 10th House). Guess I’m doing the NNode well…

  35. I’ve got my natal Sun and Neptune in Virgo, but I don’t FEEL like a Virgo at all. My Libra ascendant, on the other hand, fits like a glove. πŸ˜‰

  36. Mostly guilty. VIrgo IC with stellium: Pluto-Uranus-Merc, sq 1st H Gem Moon … good times for all – eek! πŸ˜€

  37. Virgo moon here and do all these things! Probably the most organized, plan-ahead, healthy-eating for actual health not just some craze, grammar-correcting (I’m a novelist), germphobic-ist Aqua you’ll ever meet. Don’t own a Roomba, but my idea of a vigorous workout is scrubbing my kitchen floor by hand. I get a strange thrill from seeing squeaky clean floors and burning calories doing something in the house (Virgo moon in the 4th). Also, I love the smell of natural cleaners and soaps!

    That Tom Ford quote is divine. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I love that Tom quote, quite a standard to set though!
      I have two people in my life with Virgo Moon and they are just the messiest people, petit-hoarders.

    2. I am sun vesta conjunct aquarius 6th, so work was my absolute life for many years…My 12th house jupiter conjunct ascendant is virgo. Then there is my 1st virgo stellium 3rd decan degrees, pluto uranus conjunct.

      My mother is virgo moon 8th. The list is in many ways her but with a uranian flavour too, as ceres is conjunct her rising.

      My daughter is saturn virgo 3rd decan degrees 1st, with Aquarian neptune quincunx in the 6th…

      We are all influenced by whole foods, clean and natural lifestyle, creating a strong sense of well being.

      The last point from Tom Ford just is in our home, (I worked in fashion and textiles for over a decade, almost two) and my husband who has pluto virgo 2nd, is less forthright, more clandestine in his love of fine clothes.

      1. Meant to clarify mother is Aqua rising..Oh and sister is aqua sun too, with virgo pluto in 12th.

    3. as much as it hurts my knees and takes forever, i do get a strange satisfaction out of scrubbing my floors by hand with vinegar and hot water.

      1. Ok, we need to talk.
        I think I’m turning into YOU!
        My dust phobia has gone off the charts.

      2. Yes!
        Addressing the vacuuming fetish here.
        I just did some and I’m about to do it again after cleaning the dust barrel. I t IS IN FACT DEEPLY THERAPUEUTIC!
        Who knew???
        Do you also START with the corners and other hard to reach areas most people tend to ignore?

      3. i tend to start on one end of a room and move to the other, getting all the corners and tops of things as i go!

      4. I love to vacuum, too. (Virgo Sun & Neptune)… It’s instant gratification, right? Like leo, I start in one spot and work my way around, doing tops, bottoms, corners as I go. For some reason I tend to start in the area furthest from the outlet. Not sure why that seems right to me, but it does.

  38. I’m an Aries. 6th house Venus Rx, 10th house Pluto conj NN Virgo. Is it wrong that my pantry is alphabetized? I’m a librarian. Go Dewey!

    1. I love Dewey SO MUCH! I worked in the school library in junior high, and learned it then. I also love alphabetizing, it’s fun, and strangely soothing.

      Do you miss.card catalogs as much as I do? The way they smelled, the smoothi glide of the drawers, the tidy ‘click’ when you closed them…man, if I’d known they were going away I’d have bought one!

      (Now see my comment, below, about not being a typical Virgo Ha. But bookstores and libraries are an exception. As are my unreasonable irritation at bad manners, and abhorrence of spelling mistakes – anyone’s, anywhere – but most of all my own).

      1. Haha, also hate typos, which I invariably see as soon as I’ve hit send…

      2. Do you miss.card catalogs as much as I do? The way they smelled, the smoothi glide of the drawers, the tidy β€˜click’ when you closed them…man, if I’d known they were going away I’d have bought one!

        (Now see my comment, below, about not being a typical Virgo Ha. But bookstores and libraries are an exception. As are my unreasonable irritation at bad manners, and abhorrence of spelling mistakes – anyone’s, anywhere – but most of all my own).
        The Virgo stationary fetish.
        I have a thing for index cards too.
        Spell check is my soul mate, except for the word ducking. i have never, ever meant to use that word.
        But Libraries are so erotic. Not just the books but the DDC. The order.

      3. So my stationary fetish is down to Virgo? I’d never thought about it. Nor realized I HAVE a stationary fetish until I read your comment. But I do have drawers full of beautiful notecards, blank journals, unused stationary…I virtually NEVER use them, but keep buying more. They’re lovely, and my paper collection of the few things I keep organized ( no doubt never using it helps). Those drawers are a joy to behold.

        Libraries definitely = sexy.

      4. I love card catalogs. *Sigh* I loved the way that the typing was so perfect on every card, and all the interesting things one would see when looking up something. I have a stationery fetish!! My favorites are my Frederico Fellini stills on blank notecards. Aaaaand the notecards. I have regular, colored, and large.

        Sheesh, maybe I am past life Virgoan.

    2. You organise your pantry alphabetically? This is amazing. I would never have thought of doing this. But i totally would not have the patience. There is a method to the madness in my pantry, although i’m not sure what it is…

      1. I’m now keeping my clothes in colour co-ordinated mess zip up travel bags with labels.
        It makes me happy in a way I can’t explain.

  39. I can tick some of these boxes!

    My 6th House is very watery, Scorpio ruled, Moon & Neptune live there.
    Mars at 0 deg of Virgo.

    I am a little confused by the Mercury influence of Virgo vs the Mercury influence via Gemini in the chart? Curious as I am Mercury ruled.
    Is there some kind of sliding scale they exist on and where do they merge and separate?

    1. Not speaking from technicality here, but my fiance is a Virgo (with Gemini rising) and lots of other Virgo influence and I’m a Gem and I would say the Mercurial difference is that Gemini’s use their Mercury energy abstractly whereas Virgos use their Mercury energy systematically. Or, as I say, a Virgo is an adult version of a Gemini. I’M DA BABY

      1. Lol, I like that. I guess I see Hermes as half Virgo, half Gem. Wise and playful. Systematic then abstract?

      2. “I’m da baby,” so true. Also, along the lines of systematic vs abstract, I feel like Virgoan Mercury is more identified with their ideas and the results of these more. Gem Mercurial ideas just come and go and eh whatever…

      3. Gem Hub, isn’t a baby man, very systematic, so I get a little confoozed at the idea of him being the baby, lol. (I’m Gem Asc, I’m da baby!)

        But I do see him as having a more easy going attitude than my Virgo friends generally.
        Also the Virgo friends definitely like to start and finish a project for the ‘sensation’. I think my Gemini friends are more interested in putting their energy there as long as the idea is practical. They can finish or not in real world terms, the idea was the key anyway?

      4. well one is yin and the other yang – but is that how we see them playing out in these ideas? I find this structured concept of virgo more masculine than feminine, but I don’t claim expertise, just adding ideas (very yin-like) πŸ˜‰

      5. Yin is practical I think! Women are great pragmatists. Less likely to die for a cause because who will raise the kids? I think this tallies well with that notion.

      6. o defo! but – I’m not really talking men vs women here – but feminine vs masculine. I think the feminine may works in a more organic and less structured way

      7. Of course, the men/women is an example of the energy I see in my life about me, I don’t mean it like that either. πŸ˜‰ Maybe it is air vs earth that affects along with the yin/yang? I don’t know I would think the same about the yin being more unstructured but I guess I don’t see that evidenced in the Virgo people I know..

  40. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Deffo speaks to me.

    I’ve only recently learned to embrace my Virgo sun thanks to 3-Step Astro.

    I always thought being organised immediately stamped you as BORING. I now realise that was my Saggo moon talking. I say to it gently, yes, there will be time for adventure, just let Virgo sun do her packing first! It really is a bit gestault…

    1. Ha! That’s so interesting to hear what it’s like with a Sag moon! I have my moon in Cancer, which works pretty well in the area of organization–my Cancer moon loves to collect things, and then the Virgo in me loves to organize the things I’ve collected πŸ™‚ I would often rather somebody give me nice storage containers than an actual gift!

  41. I am almost all of this list except the text speak thing (some people still have ghetto phones..rather elitist so they can’t type fast enough and don’t have all of the emojis), fave pen, organizational system, iphone…no evernote. Also don’t really care about the NY Times that much, but I do often begin sentences referencing science journals or whatevs.

    Venus in Virgo! LOL! I feel like whoever came up with this list is peeking into my personal life. creepy in a good way!

    1. I was LITERALLY going to write the exact same thing. I am ALL of these, except the text speak part. Only thing in Virgo I have is Venus.

      1. Hey same story here. Only Venus is in Virgo in my chart, but I can tick almost all of the boxes!

      2. Venus in Virgo too, but many of those things ring true. I thought it was my Leo Sun that caused me to feel I was rude when I am wearing jeans in certain situations…

    2. My phone is Very old and not an iphone or high tech, and I don’t have emoticons and that’s actually part of why I really hate text speak, but mainly, I have to admit, it just sounds kind of…lazy and not very eloquent or kind towards words and language to use something like, “lol” or “omg.” I feel so annoyed when anybody does that, even if I don’t tell them so. Virgo’s hate slang (I have Venus in Virgo too, but I’m also a real Virgo, Sun sign Virgo, with Saturn and Mercury in Virgo as well). Virgo is argumentative and precise and intellectually inclined in general, and nit picky, so it makes sense to me that we wouldn’t like faddish words or abbreviated speech. I don’t know all the technology programs mentioned, but the gardening one really resonated with me. I love to work in my garden, but I also really love to remove (read, hack away and destroy) invasive alien plants from my yard.

      1. sorry, I misspelled “Virgo’s” it should have been Virgos for the plural. I do hate misspelling, but doesn’t mean I’m never guilty of it.

      2. Written like a true Virgo! πŸ™‚

        A lot of text speak besides the typical omg or lol thing are abbreviations because you have to press a number key possibly 3 or more times causing you to spend an inordinate amount of time texting. Examples: i am not going to type “on my way” when all my friends know *omw* means that.
        But if someone sends me a text that says something like “y u h8in me bro?” I am going to be like nope. Ignore.

    3. Oh I thought the text-speak thing was referring to people actually speaking the “words.” I was on the fence about the ZenDudCap when he said “dgaf” as a word. You’re not 12, dude. Done. Buh-bye.

      1. You are right. I’m not quite sure what that phrase exactly means. My Virgo bits crave clarity on this.

        Does he pronounce it as Dee-Gaff or dee-gee-a-eff?

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