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Every Sun Sign Has A Different Definition Of Loyalty

Trust is paramount and every Sun Sign has a different definition of loyalty. Understanding these variations will help you avoid misunderstandings and enhance relationships. So, what comprises loyalty for each sign of the Zodiac? Aries – Unrelenting and flamboyant awe. Anything less and the Aries could pick up on diminished affections. Failure to praise is hostility. Taurus – Not touching their stuff. And no, that is not a figure of …

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Suddenly Attracted To Geminis?

How could someone be suddenly attracted to Geminis? Is it like when you change sexual orientation, but really, you always knew? And nobody is surprised when you show up with your Gemini dental hygienist? Or start to broaden your mental database of contemporary information to ve more aligned with a Gemini? Hints: Make your mind more ‘news feed’ than ‘scholarly.’ Remember that verbosity and pomposity are more of a threat …

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When You’re Gemini Sun With A Scorpio Moon

Gemini Sun Scorpio Moon people are not duplicitous, but people can think they are. They’re in the moment, counter-agents against mediocrity. But their subconscious is like a subterranean secret river system. Nobody has ever mapped it, and maybe that’s not the point. These people are the polar opposite to the classic simple person trying to seem deep or complex. They’re complicated and sustained by a depth consciousness they don’t want …

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The Dominant Gemini Personality Trait

The dominant Gemini personality trait is not duplicity nor even adaptability. It’s thought speed. Whatever the cognitive destination, Geminis get there before you do. Your “I just heard about this.” is their Seven Hours Ago. Your Tomorrow is their Yesterday. Their renowned enigmatic smile is often because they’re sick of repeating “I heard it already.” They’re Meme Queens and Kings. Sometimes it seems as if Geminis are the internet, so …

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When Your Manifesting Love Intentions Malfunction

Manifesting Love Sounds Good But What If It Malfunctions? Hi Mystic, I have an extra weird current with someone and I just don’t know what’s going on here. I had this on and off thing with an older guy in my early twenties and around the same time got really into manifesting love. And I thought I was consciously choosing to have this no expectations, no strings attached, purely physical …

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The Accidental (Gemini) Icon

Interested in style at a certain age? Check out Lyn Slater. She became an accidental Gemini style icon after her 2nd Saturn Return. She thinks that ‘dress your age” fashion dictates are a control mechanism. The first time Lyn Slater felt control over her body was at the age of 40, when she got her first tattoo. Twenty-three years later and she’s never felt better. The oldest of six siblings, …

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