Lilith Before Eve

Rebel Queen, Babylonian Wind Spirit, the first wife of Adam – Lilith gets around. Like any woman with a past, her history is extensive, and half of the stories are lies. Slander, alibis, selective edits, chronicles written under gaslight – you know the sort of thing.

The astrological Lilith is popularly known as the Shadow or Black Moon but is actually the Lunar Apogee: the part of the sky where the Moon is as far away from Earth as it can get without breaking orbit and flying off to parts unknown. From She-Devil to Pretty Witch, every version of Lilith lives on the periphery and loves her wilderness.

She’s no Juno, Venus, or Artemis, and she is not defined by motherhood, wifehood, or daughterhood. Lilith has no social role, but she is a liberator. If Eve is the Earth-bound Moon and an archetype that feels more secure with connections and an identity intermeshed with other people, Lilith is the utter opposite.

You know, if you’re a Lilith type and you don’t even need to check out your Lilith chart placements: you don’t fit in, and Eves don’t like you. At first, it seems as if cultivating the Eves or learning the lingo will help Lilith take her rightful place at the table, but no. She is the Queen of Air and Darkness, not a princess. Nobody wants her in their garden, and the Lilith woman is reborn the day she remembers that she doesn’t want to be in the garden either.

Metaphysically, Lilith women are motherless – even if the mother was there, she was zombified on sedatives or deference and treated the Lilith daughter more like a rival. To be fair, the Eve mother of a Lilith daughter may try to pass on her ‘ways’ to a Lilith, daughter but be so thoroughly scorned that she detaches.

Privileged Liliths become the ‘oddball,’ less privileged Liliths are deemed delinquent. Historically, they’re scapegoats – destroyed with whatever excuse worked in the era – witchcraft, nymphomania, ideas above their station, etc. If they did manage to live successfully outside the system, it was probably a well-guarded secret. ‘Anon,’ as Virginia Woolf noted, was always a woman.

At some point, most Liliths decide if women don’t like them anyway, they may as well become – or try to – ‘the hot girl’ – the femme fatale. Emily Ratajkowski, in conversation with philosopher Amia Srinivasan, has some astute observations on the terrain. F.Y.I. Ratajkowski is a Gemini, with Lilith conjunct Uranus in Capricorn and square her Aries Moon. It’s a legit Lilith/Moon conflict, and My Body was her Saturn Return book.

But even there, the raw honesty wrecks the deal – if Lilith types want a genuine, intimate connection with a man they’re sleeping with, they’re ‘reading too much into it’ or even a potential ‘bunny boiler.’ If they’re nonchalant about the fact they see sex/their body as a tool with which to make money, that too is somehow ‘wrong.’

The Narnia Chronicles author C.S. Lewis didn’t invent his concept of girls being ‘daughters of Eve or daughters of Lilith’:* He was a theologian at Oxford University, a multiple conjunct Sagittarius (Sun, Uranus, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury) cruising around labyrinthine libraries perusing ancient source material.

It’s obviously very Madonna-Whore complex to say that females are Lilith or Eve but going with that for a moment, remember this: In the Genesis Myth, Lilith is the first wife of Adam, the first man. She flat-out refuses to be subordinate, argues, and says she’d prefer self-rule in the wild to marriage. She swears at God, sprouts wings, and flies off.

Eve is then made from Adam’s rib to render her more compliant than the primordial Lilith, but that plan screws up when Lilith turns into a snake and offers Eve the apple of knowledge.

Her back story is obviously far more extensive and complex – you don’t get to be the chief villainess of patriarchy through trashing a garden or after just one divorce. In one version of the old testament, she is even God’s ex-wife.

*C.S. Lewis epitomized the Lilith archetype via his White Witch character in Narnia.

Most renowned for trying to kill Aslan (the Jesus Lion) and rip a hole in the time-space portal, she has a name and a villain origin story. Jadis first appears in The Magicians Nephew, the far more original and sci-fi-ish precursor to The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe.

She’s tall, striking – ‘a devilishly fine-looking woman’ as the protagonist’s Uncle refers to her and first encountered striding around the ruins of a kind of interplanetary Babylon. It’s vaguely implied that she wrecked the city, of course. An alchemy laboratory experiment gone wrong? Mismanaged dragons? The wrong demons summoned? Burned pikelets? Who knows with witches?

So she comes back with the hero and heroine to London and then somehow ends up wanting perpetual Winter in Narnia. Odd, because she comes from a desert city, but I think at this point, C.S. Lewis or the publishers pivoted away from his ‘Receptionist of Babylon‘ concept and borrowed liberally from The Snow Queen.


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  1. I’ve come back to this. And have surrendered. I now proudly wear a Lilith sigil. I ask myself how to use my apple of knowledge, and my outer-worldliness. Love your work Mystic. Xx

  2. I have an out of sign moon-Lilith conjunction in the 5th house (moon gemini and Lilith Taurus) and it is soooo true that I feel I am too free spirited and reliant on myself in a way that really bothers people and makes them demand some sort of subservience to the rules they feel oppressed by

  3. Such a great read! I never think about my Lilith–in the first house, at 0 degrees Libra and trine my 1 degree Aqua Mercury. When I put her in that context in my chart seems like I should spend time with her!

  4. LightningButterfly

    Got Lilith in Scorpio in the 9th house…does this mean Eves hate me more than usual? Haha…I will say that I am often puzzled when the wives of men I’m only friendly with suddenly turn cold, when there was zero flirtation or signs of attraction or anything else like that between us…don’t know what i’m giving off, I spose?

    1. you can select her in the extra choices on the free natal chart on astrodienst, just scroll down she’s hanging out with chiron

  5. Mystic, you’ve outdone yourself with this post.
    I now have a rationale for recurring incidents and an explanation of my teens and early twenties….’the Eve’s won’t like you’!

  6. Heavily aspected lilith Leo in the 8th – trine Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, ASC, sextile Chiron and MC, opposite sun and inconjunct moon.

    She’s definitely active and it’s an ongoing challenge and journey to balance her without going full-on shady or triggered into trauma/shame. There is a deep deep desire for intimacy through sex, but like lacking the mature interpersonal skills to seek, and show up to receive it. Shame around sexuality in general, but also the conflict of wanting to be admired sexually but in the most private ways.

    There’s an image I have of my lilith and sun opposition. In a small cozy high ceilinged room with half the walls as bookshelves. Aqua sun is like a very slim tall wise birch tree alien figure sitting quietly in a chair and Lilith is this glorious and sensual tiger laying half erect in front of the blazing fireplace. This image is their ideal balance, there’s communication that no one else could understand. There is high tension, but it’s an exquisite one borne from time and effort. Working on it lol. Cos’ man that tiger has death pounce in its eyes at all times and birch alien is just alllllllwaaaays processing/deciphering something or other.

    1. Beautiful image Rubedo, the tiger in front of the fire and the birch tree alien figure sitting in the chair across from it…

  7. Lilith 14 Libra conj Uranus 14 Libra and Sun 16 Libra all in my first house.
    Found this very well, I work with Lilith as an archetype, she rocks and has an interesting sense of humour.

    1. Yay! A 1H Lillith/ Uraniac sister! (Mine’s in Libra too….add Pluto Rising into that mix (but not near the BML/Moon/Uran conjunction) and that’s can be a crappy first house popper.

    2. As a Libra Rising conjunct Uranus and Lilith (and Pluto hanging out in the 12th house), I completely relate – especially her dark sense of humour (yikes!)

  8. Lillith at 20 degrees of my Libra ascendant opposite my Aries moon. I never felt I fitted anywhere, zero connection with my mother, no children and no relationship.
    The synchronicity of the post is unreal, I was contemplating on the fact that women are viewed as mother, daughter, wife and are translucent to the world if they don’t follow this path.I find it hard to connect with people, small talk has never been my forte.

  9. Huh. For me, Lilith is conjunct my moon in Taurus, in the 11th house. I’m not sure what that means. Things were fairly cool between me and Mom, but not terrible or toxic. I wasn’t terribly popular as a kid, and I don’t date now, but I don’t know that that’s a Lilith thing. Probably more about having a stellium in Virgo.

  10. The timing of this post! Synchronicities are so beautiful ✨ I definitely was detached from my mamma at a young age & we became bitter rivals, which fueled rebellion and rejection from the Eve’s early on in high school.
    A situation i proudly swanned away from like Naomi down a 90s catwalk lol.
    I’ve been connecting to my Lilith in the 5th (Aquarius), which I never truly realized the hold it had on the acceptance of my creative she-ness. Lilith quincunx my Midheaven has felt super oppressive till now.
    I’m feeding her energy daily. If she’s the darkness between my Moon & earth I’m learning to walk around in her darkness with confidence (maybe with an iPhone flashlight just in case lol).. 🔦

  11. i have Lillith conjunct moon in Aries.
    Yes, only one child
    Again, cannot wait for Sorceress!
    Didnt realise Emily wotsits moon was aries, kerpow! 🔥

  12. Very interesting but I do have some doubts regarding the pitting of one female archetype against another. I don’t think Lilith should be put on a pedestal at the expense of Eve, it just doesn’t feel right to me…
    English is not my first language, so I hope I have found the right words to express my thoughts here 🙂

    1. You expressed yourself correctly, and I agree. Women are only taught to tear each other apart because it serves the purposes of those who seek to see us occupied with trifles rather than embrace our true raw power.
      I think Lilith would pity Eve.

  13. I saw Kiki Smith’s, Lilith, (1994) in AGNSW in the 1990’s. She summed her up perfectly, breaking the laws/rules eg gravity

  14. I’m fascinated by Lilith. Mine is in saggo 8th house – but she is currently almost conjunct my Gemini sun in 2nd house. Since childhood I didn’t comply or act like my mother wanted me to, and I’ve never married and have been single for decades of my life. Getting married and having children was never an attractive proposition to me, and being a housewife like my Mum, seemed to be slavery/martyrdom to a husband, house and children.

    i love the illustration of the white witch riding her chariot above 💕

  15. Mmm. I have Lilith in Aries 2nd house. 2nd also houses Saturn.

    I also have Magdalena precisely on my Taurus moon 3rd house. I choose the high priestess energy to nurture and empower me. When I read Mystics description the penny dropped. It was a watershed moment. Lost parts of me were recovered. I felt whole,protected and serene.

    In my past I have watched small minded people/society try to squeeze me into the madonna/whore box. If you distance yourself from it, it is actually quite hilarious to watch.

    But Lilith in Aries is a different Archetype altogether. She is the one that has saved my life. The one that scares small minded men.
    She is bold.

    1. Agreed. Bold AF. I have her in Aries in 2nd house too , my moon is sandwiched between her & Eris.

  16. if anyone’s in the uk or plans a visit, an exhibition on lilith is scheduled for the spring at the british museum. I imagine it will be mostly on her iconography, but I’m sure it will be fascinating.

    1. Thanks for the headsup. Need to apply for visa and prepare for the quarantine starting right now to be executed in Spring. 🙄
      #Rant: When would things get back to normal when we would take the next morning flight to see an exhibition on a whim?

      1. I loved catching cheap long distance flights with a stopover in my city, before the Saturn-Pluto-Uranus shitfest. One time, ex-husband managed to put us on an Ethiopian Air flight to Oslo 3 hours before its departure. It was a magical weekend! 🙂

      1. Witch history. Please let us know what you find out.

        Or is it a more personal/,private quest ? In that case I respect your privacy.

        Go Well !

  17. The Lion & The Centaur

    I just ended a relationship where my Lilith was conjunct their Juno. I felt like he tried to force me into being a rib of a man. Now I’m disgusted by the idea of a traditional heterosexual relationship and into exploring poly relationships with all genders. Lilith mode = activated.

  18. This post came at *exactly* the right moment. From a 1H Lillith conj. Moon/Uran oppo 7h Mars (being agitated by Venus/Pluto today), THANK YOU Mystic.

      1. Edit: Meant for SheRat, though I mistakenly answered you, Wish. 🙂

        I think your biking and touring persona wonderfully lives up to Lilith, Moon, Uranus sticking it to Mars. 🙂 I love when astrology is literal. 🙂

        Please check your asteroid Lilith too. I would not be surprised if thats prominent in your chart too.

      2. Well well! I did and the asteroid is loosely conj. 3H Saggo Neptune, but more closely sextile that Moon/Uran/BML conj. and sextile my 5H Aqua Sun/NN/Merc. So I suppose the weird grad school biker chick fits a Saggo Lillith to the T as well! LOL.

  19. Lilith in the 1st house, here, and male, but also gay. It’s been an interesting life with her as my guide. I keep finding her stories reflected in my life.

  20. I don’t necessarily think that all Liliths are rejected by Eves. Case in point, no matter how ridiculous I find Emrata, she is defended ceaselessly by young women citing Feminism 3.0, and how the previous generation of feminists just don’t understand them. Nor do I think that using Sex is a hallmark of being an empowered Lilithian type. She may just as well be a narcissist, instead of an evolved rebel witch queen.

    Personally, I have a prominent BML in Pisces conjunct my descendent, trine my Venus, and do best with men who have prominent Lilith (ANY Lilith) in their charts.

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