Respect For Aquarians

Respect for Aquarians involves shredding a few myths about them. They’re not rebels or (usually) overtly political. That’s Sagittarius vibe.

Being part-ruled by Saturn and a Fixed sign, Aquarius people* like to conserve energy. Ask them a direct question and they may lecture rant in response but it is not their mode. At an early age, most of them clock the government as hopelessly non-progressive or corrupt and structure their consciousness/life plans accordingly. They’re rationalists. The way they live their lives is the rebellion.

Few people give Aquarians credit for the daily stress levels they have to mediate. They are creatures of the future, living in an anachronism. The technology exists to deliver utopia and yet so much is behind the Zeitgeist. Or, worse, actively working against it.

Aquarians Are Living In An Anachronism

Every single Aquarius person has had an early life moment where they express a fairly obvious truth and get smacked down for it. They’re not “aloof” – they’re trying to figure out something to say that won’t freak you out. Of course they want to ‘belong’ but at what cost? Aligning with the mainstream kills the Uranian/Aquarius genius. If you see it as being like a magical spirit or daemon, the way the ancients did, it flies away if you consume most of your psychic energy trying to act ‘normal.’

Nor are they emotionless – they’re just not sentimental. Sentiment is to emotion as an air freshener scent is to the fragrance from a rosebush. And Aquarians don’t confuse feelings with social conformity. They don’t trust government assurances that something is “safe” and they don’t believe in a collective concept of “appropriateness.”

Aquarians are used to a cycle of things they know being deemed weird, but then incredible. They try to live by their credo, anyway. Years later, when their weirdness is suddenly cool, they’re bored by your enthusiasm.

They Feel Low-Frequency Vibrations

Another misconception: that their reputation for being ‘experimental’ means they like excitement, surreal fashion, or a ‘kinky’ sex life. Their consciousness is like a storm: oppressive atmospheric pressure lows, a lightning bolt of radical inspiration and realization, and the rolling thunder of a big, drastic morph. Their nervous system is ultra-wired and they can hear/feel electromagnetic fields/low frequency vibrations. That seventh sense is becoming stronger now that Uranus – the co-ruler of Aquarius – is in Taurus.

They’re seeking clear space, without energetic pollution from fuq knows what frequency. They like solitude or company that’s not obtrusive or flustering. Animals and digital friendships are a good fit. If it’s a formal occasion, involves crowds, or requires clothes that might itch, most Aquarians will instinctively avoid you forever for even mentioning the possibility.

Having to think about clothes that somehow reflect their persona is exhausting. What would? Hologram rainbow fabric that deflects 5G and attracts beneficial galactic cosmic rays. They’d rather wear a version of a uniform and many settle on a core look. As for sex, whether or not they’re active, they’re not necessarily going to attach it to romance. They crave routine and many are thrilled to eat the same food every day.

Aquarians are ultra-conventional but only to their conventions.


*This post could also apply to people with Aquarius Rising or the Moon in Aquarius. 

Image: Joe Tilson

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  1. When I saw the little star thing next to the word *people* I thought it was because not all of us Aquarian’s identify as *people*.

      1. It’s a weird little gauntlet, there in Mid-February. Ronald Reagan, Feb 6; Sarah Palin: Feb 11; Alex Jones, Feb 11; Glenn Beck, Feb. 10, and, for shits and giggles, Bikram Choudhury is rumoured to be Feb 10 or 11 — his Wiki page no longer shows. I include him because I think the dictatorial nature of Vikram yoga illuminates the others’ conservatism. They truly think they know the way. And they’re gonna be pains in ass, Messiah complex-y about it.

  2. HELP , I’m not aqua but I have natal Uranus conjunction mercury in sag , plus Neptune conjunct sun in Capri and now Neptune transit conjuncts my Júpiter and mars in Pisces ,,, I’m an ultra sensitive person, I cannot be nearby WiFi’s , I cannot go out without a tourmaline in my pocket so I’m not a sponge transmuter of energies without my consent… smart meters makes me anxious , stresssed and irritated. I’m scared of the 5g roll out , I just got to San Francisco which is now a smart city since mid December and feel nauseous , headache and with anxiety. I don’t like people touching or using my things cause I feel weird afterwards. Saging is part of my daily routine . I think I should go and live by myself in the woods , this gets overwhelming at times . This smart system is not for me and seems inevitable now , technology is going to fast and without any concern in health repercussions in humans … what’s the future for people like me 😖

  3. Although Mystic’s knowledge allowed me to understand that my sun is actually 15 minutes into Pisces, I still love Aquarius to the core. I joke that after my mother’s
    C-section the doctor wrote down the wrong time. My Mercury and Venus are in my fifth house of Aquarius. My ascendant is Virgo but this post is spot on for me in so many ways. I am not overtly political and I have never been fond of sentimental feelings. But I was also raised by a Cancer mother and her sentimental ways were enough for both is us.

  4. Aquarius rising here, other than craving routine (although I do like to find my own rhythm), and eating the same food everyday, I feel this.

  5. Only empty 6th house in aqua, it squaring my great taurean stellium it has not been in focus. My Uranus is in a tight opposition to Mercury ( who is in the Middle of my taurus stellium) so my mind is very uranian. At work i allways like wearing something that is like a uniform, and i probably seem aloof, trying to find something to say that does not seem weird to others.
    ( everything is weird to them, even my home made german style sour kraut,)
    Uranus has started its transit over my stellium, Mars, Venus first. I actually feel like using more uniform like clothes off work as well. And i love old school British style conservative clothing. In fresh colours, yummy fabrics, and deep symbols in the brooches i wear, that only i understand.

    1. My empty 10th house is Aquarius. I do feel an affinity to Aquarians and Uranian ppl though. And I have a Taurus stellium — moon, mars, mercury in 2nd Taurus and Jupiter next door in 1st house Taurus

    1. That’s a really good question. I have Uranus conjunct Sun in Libra – I’d love to know. Some of this definitely rings true for me.

  6. This new moon is in my 2nd house- and it’s the first time since I changed direction where I’ve come to the end of the month and there is still some cash in my account. Seeing the date as anything after the 15th usually means – ugh- hang in there girl- roll on the 30th and so on.
    Still to some degree obviously, these things don’t shift all at once but there is momentum and there has been learning so I’m grateful and even cautiously optimistic for a change.

  7. “ Animals and digital friendships are a good fit.”
    Dammit all of this is so accurate! I feel seen in almost a creepy way.

    With the additional Taurus influence I’m like really fixed in my strange Aquarian ways and it makes compromising with the world on a daily basis exhausting.

      1. OMG HI it has been awhile. I got lost in career stuff for a few years and getting my life together, growing up finally.

        I miss your writing! I remember you had an amazing blog and it went offline

  8. Wish Upon a Star

    The new moon in Aquarius is in my 11th house. Hooray. Pluto and Saturn also transiting my 11th house.

    I can really feel the new moon signalling a new beginning. Clearing out the debris from the Saturn Pluto conjunction.

  9. Yes, to the highest power – all of this! I’m Aqua Sun, birthday a week from today. Also with Pisces moon and Crab rising, which seems to further sensitize my already hyper-sensitized nervous system. Happy New Moon and Lunar New Year to everyone!
    Thank you all for your support here last month, too. I have been attending a support group at a women’s center for domestic violence victims. I’m getting support in finding a job and will then get out and into my own independence again. Things have been touch and go here, but I’m ok. Thanks again, every word you all wrote meant the world to me and helped me find the strength to reach out and get some support here in my community which has made me safer in my situation.

  10. All the YES in the world. This is the most truthful and apt explanation I’ve ever read. 🥰 Thank you for finding the right words, MM. xo

  11. Wow I really relate to this description. Although I think it’s the secret ‘real’ me that I keep hidden from others. Now wondering if I’m kidding myself there? In any case, I’ve never associated myself with Aquarius and weren’t aware I had much Aquarius in my chart. The more I learn however I can see I have north node, eros and IC in Aquarius, and my sun exact squares Uranus and my moon opposes Uranus. Maybe enough to explain it? In any case, I indeed have a new respect for Aquarians.

  12. So spot on Mystic! Aqua sun here and all of that resonates 100% …and yeah, I don’t just like a routine, I need one. I can eat the same food for days at a time but have loads of other pattern routines like say, when I studied in high school (which I actually loved) I used to listen to Enya on repeat and eat dry nutri-grain. Everyday for all of year 12. I listen to the same play list every time I run on the treadmill and mow the lawn. Same goes for writing. When I wrote my novel exactly same play list every writing session.

    I’m realising more and more that I am preferring no company to any company. I love catch-ups and short visits but long stays (even with good friends) exhaust me as much as small talk with other mums at the local pool. I strongly avoid the pool to the dismay of my daughter!

    Oncoming thunderstorms used to give me migraines but now only do if no rain comes with them.

    I went through a stage of being a barefooted wild dresser but now all I’m after is simplicity, comfort and pretty much an invisibility cloak.

    Read a great thing recently that solitude is not isolation…oh it was Elizabeth Gilbert.. totally clicked with me as had been a bit worried about my growing love of hermitting. Now not worried at all. It’s good for me simple as that!

  13. This brings back a memory of a lovely aquarian guy I had a crush on 15 years ago. He dj’d at my local pub and I’d go there and dance for hours and request songs. He was a messy haired surfer type. I asked him out and he declined and was a bit shocked I think. Those were the best Friday nights dancing to Madonna etc on the tiny dance floor!

  14. I feel so proud to be multiple Aqua right now, thanks for getting us so well Mystic. We’re sensitive folk, not robots at all. All I’m going to add is – Ricky Thompson. Happy Aquarius season bitches!!!!

  15. I have Uranus – Lilith rising, Aqua North Node and moon in my 11th house. I found this post highly relatable – maybe with the exception of clothing, core looks and uniforms etc . I’m a Libra rising after all! I enjoy changing my look so much that often people don’t instantly recognise me, day to day. I had an old bf who used to call me the chameleon for that reason He was an Aquarian, too. Strangely enough.

  16. My family is filled with female Aquarian energy and I find the ties fascinating. My mom has a late Aquarius sun conjunct Mercury and Venus in Pisces and her Aquarian vibe is so different from her sister’s, an early triple Aquarian. They are both insanely organized and pro at what they want to be pro at. But my aunt is an outgoing jolly daredevil and my mom is intensely introverted and nervous (hmm I wonder where my Moon Neptune conjunction came from). My daughter is solar Aqua conjunct Mars and I landed with Uranus rising and Aqua IC. Uranus is part of my t-square and my IC is the “missing leg”, opposite my Leo sun. My daughter is a total riot and beautifully driven. We have a very healing relationship, there’s a deep friendship under the mother daughter bond. As if we knew one another before.

    My husband has an Aqua DC, a moon Aqua mother and a solar Aqua paternal grandma. My father in law has a strong Uranus. Rising signs don’t even play into it all yet since I don’t know everyone’s.

    I attract Aqua moons like crazy. I used to be stunned but now I don’t bat an eye. I spent New Year’s Day with my Taurus sun/Aqua moon friend at a world renowned botanical garden and conservatory. She’s developed a personal ‘plant therapy’ to help her through a recent traumatic event. It’s like she communes with the soul of the plant.

    Oh, one more. When Pluto was crossing my moon Neptune, I met a fellow Scorpio rising with Aqua sun plus like four other planets in her third house. She closed that t-square and changed my life.

  17. Hey PIABes this comment has nothing to do with Aquarians, although I love them, obviously. I just got the daily email for Thursday here in London- (because it’s Thursday tomorrow here in London).

    Yes I am absolutely counting the hours and willing the time away. I rarely do this but some dark moons are beasts and this one, for me is as beastly as a dark moon can be.

    I feel compelled to say thank you to Mystic for mentioning the low energy slump and highlighting the singular vibe of the Capricorn energy
    I thought Scorpio dark moons were intense- and they are but this one has me flattened- physically and emotionally. On. The. Floor.

    Not fighting it.
    I’m realising so much lately. Letting the information register consciously and then percolate So much has changed in my inner landscape and the way I feel in myself during this Capricorn convergence. The Saturn square my sun, moon and Mars has brought up SO MANY FEELS it’s insane. I’m almost permanently engaged in a dialogue with the little child who got so horribly squished back there. I’m letting her tell me how she feels and encouraging her to keep going and to trust me.
    God she is brave.
    I’m honestly in awe.
    It’s so related to my going NC on my father. Also to the fact that I left a voice note explaining why. I’m glad I did it. I don’t regret it. I feel so much clearer now and stronger in myself.
    I can feel the difference between the sludgy greasy fear in her stomach as she lays in bed listening to footsteps outside and the present day.
    I’m no longer conflating the council tax reminder with the wizard of oz. you know.
    It’s a revolution inside and it’s far from comfortable. She was wailing in the shower recently after swimming because of the despair and having no one she could trust. Feeling the terror and existential shock and being so young and having to contain all the darkness and pretend. To protect the people who should have protected her. No wonder she’s restrained.

    There’s been a lot of grieving for the childhood I never had but I am learning not to numb myself with impulse purchases. It’s so tempting to create a problem I can actually fix – buying stuff so I have to creatively generate income and be more frugal in spontaneous ways. Like eating only rice with oil and for a month

    Err no. I have done that, so I could buy things I really wanted and I don’t regret anything I’ve bought in the past year but I’m increasingly aware that the behaviour is a compulsion-to numb out and not about what it’s about. It’s deeply wired neurologically by now and I still get hooked and loose chunks of time blankly going through online carts in my online metaphorical candy stores but.

    I’m actually too shattered to write anything else.
    But yes.
    Dark moon.
    Pluto & Saturn. Yo.

    1. For me, it’s been a life lesson to be financially sensible – one I too have had to learn again and again, far too often the hard way. The head, heart and soul ache of trying to work out how to survive on too few shekels where, for me at most times with some forethought and less impulse (and yes, it has to be said, less sparked joy that arises from that spontaneous purchase of a thing or an experience) it could be avoided. Gem Sun in 4th, Aqua Rising, Pisces Moon in the second house.

      Over time, I’ve worked out that the ache is worth avoiding as it just throws me around. Part of that is learning to value what stability gives me: a base from which I can enjoy life and thrive. Trying to find the joy in small pleasures. Being as real as I can be.

      That’s where my Aqua rising can help if I embrace it: simplifying things down to allow me to focus my decision-making on other matters.

      The fantasy online shopping carts: mine are usually travel oriented.

            1. Hmmm thats an interesting one. I guess it depends how it’s aspected and on the current transits but also as with all things Jupiter, hopefully gets more refined and easier with maturity?
              Makes me think of those child actors like Macawley Calkin (?) and Drew Barrimore who make tons of money and then suffer the bloated Elvis consequenses. That said old Drew seems to have gotten the whole balanced life thing down. According to her instagram (and thats reliable right?) she spends an inordinate amount of time at the beach with her kids, packing lunches and making toys. So..yeah
              sorry I digress, cool placement – I imagine it plays out in rather obvious ways for you.

              1. Definitely interesting and because it’s Gem it’s kind of amped because of the natural Gem energy and because it’s opposite my Sun (not in aspect) and Mercury is in Saggo so they swapped. Also the signs of my nodes.

                Yes, I think that about sums it up without getting personal Invicta (am too 8th house to chat too freely about some things and sometimes code is misunderstood or missed) hehe – suffice to say themes of everything amplified have played out across many different 2nd house matters and also Venus ruled.

                Jupiter opposite Jupiter wasn’t great either. As a mature Saggo I’m now firmly of the view that Jupiter offers blessings but sometimes the blessing is in learning to abstain and wait for something else/more clarity on what you truly want etc. It can be such an excessive, she’ll be right, fly by the seat of your pants and fix any bits that don’t work later. Soemtimes you can’t. Too optimistic it’s almost Neptune on steroids at times. Hahaha… lucky like cats most of us archers are blessed with some extra lives/turns but only a fool would think they were an endless supply xx

      1. That’s valuable insight about the travel stuff. Our desires become more refined if we can wait, pay attention and let them simmer instead of gulping down the first found thing. Yes.

      2. I can imagine that Pisces moon in the second must feel quite the compulsion to soothe – using money but then the ache of consequently not having enough money is even worse.

        1. Taurus moon in 2nd means I comfort myself with good food and wine, luxury, beauty, art, gardening and plants. And lovely smells

    2. She is you. Be in self awe and appreciation of you and your journey.

      This dark moon is not feeling as intense as the last one for me and I’ll take that change in vibe without hesitation.

      Rest and rejuvenate girl x

    3. I hear you. I was just thinking myself that gee this dark moon is unusually intense, and feels like a dark moon in Scorpio, which I also dread (despite being a Scorp!). Take care, hope you’re feeling better soon. x

    4. and thank you for defending that little girl, and loving her, and listening to her. Tell her she has growing into a beautiful, fierce and brave warrior. She is Persephone ripped away from the light but in time she becomes Queen of the Underworld.

      I barely remember now my own sensitive little girl at 55, busy in life and having fully developed my Aries merc voice but reading your words brought up some resonance for me. I did not face the horrors of your early years, but I did feel overwhelmed by loud manipulative voices, generational family secrets and discord. It is a hard path, I wish you love and healing. xxx

    5. Oh love I just read this! I hope you are ok. Sounds like you’re letting it happen the way it needs to happen and that is wonderful.
      “to create a problem I can actually fix”. Massive aha moment for me right there.
      What Centaurus said… she is you. The two of you can draw on each other’s superpowers when you need them xxx

      1. This website and community makes me happy 🙂
        Yes thanks I’m doing much better now that the new moon is here. I had to sleep through most of that dark moon. I didn’t have a choice tbh. Just kept nodding off.
        I had some really revealing dreams about the nature of money tho

        1. I havent been able to remember my dreams since.. oh at least a year now and then just recently they’ve come flooding back. Being religeous about the night time and morning ritual and my dream witchery practice. This new moon feels big, chariot energy.

  18. Fun read! Completely describes my Aquarian self! The only bit I can’t relate to is the part about craving routine. Nothing makes me feel more hemmed in than routine!

  19. I was raised by one, my father. He lived by his own inscrutable rules, which included never outwardly expressing judgement of anyone. Never telling anyone including his children what they should or shouldn’t do. He lead a spartan style of life and his nick name was ‘dollar a word’. I never saw him drunk or inebriated in any way and we all knew that he could read our minds whenever he sensed one of us was in some kind of trouble. That was when he spoke. He’d read your mind, sit back and look into your eyes and then come out with a deep one liner that described your secret and the solution. Other people at the table would look at him and think WTF was he talking about ? But the holder of the secret knew.
    He had a photographic memory that was astounding. He once decided to sit for a very difficult exam to gain a diploma that he required to get a job he wanted. The night before the exam he quickly scanned the 3 thick technical text books and came first in the state with the highest mark ever attained. When the fancy job offers came in he refused them and decided to work as a gardener for the local council. Much to my mothers horror. If anyone knows the coastal walk between Gordon’s Bay Coogee and Maroubra, well for 10 years he helped build and plant that. In fact in his work life he never, yes never ( 40 years) had i day off sick !
    He passed away last year and we miss him but not like you miss a friend, it’s more like the way you miss an extraordinary person you had in your life. There is no gap ? He was so self contained.

    1. The Holder of the Secret. He is one of the Special Ones. Most of us with Aqua sun or rising don’t necessarily profess to this level of self-mastery.
      What was his father like?

      1. His father was an extraordinary figure. The local member of his northern NSW country town. He was known and loved by everyone in that town, the most gregarious socially conscious person I’ve known. Selected by the government to be one of the first Australian business people to visit Japan after WW2 to initiate trade in dairy products. Gave 100s of acres of prime coastal land to the National Parks so developers and sand miners couldn’t get their hands on it. My grandparents house was the one on the hill near the river that everyone knew. My father was the oldest of 4 sons. All highly skilled and gentle men who could run a rural property single handed by the age of 16, highly educated and loved by their piers. All ruled by their fathers drive to contribute to their communities. I’m not sure that these type of people exist anymore.

        1. Thanks David for sharing this!
          I’m a little more optimistic that people with these qualities do exist, but maybe our contemporary settings don’t allow for these qualities to be recognised and valued for the gold they are.

    2. A lovely tribute to your father, David.
      A friend, lover and ex husband of 15 years, the Aquarian I admire is similar to your Dad. Diet wise, yes, 3 weetbix + fruit daily, more fruit with meat + 3 veg for dinner, smoking pot after dinner. He is such a thinker, looks like he is doing nothing but thinking and solving problems are gold to him. Whatever he does, he is good at, chess, entertaining people, sport scores, martial arts.
      Can be hard work for 4xVirgo, being such a doer. We still have a relationship where we surf & catch up together, he will always be a friend to me and the rest of the world. Thankfull we are all so different but similar !

      1. Yes and although within myself I have possibly not reached the levels I could have from that inspiration I have tried to pass that on by being the best father I can be to my 4 offspring (24, 23, 20, 16) So far they are all on track to being worthy of their ancestors. All of them have the potential to lead happy productive lives and all conduct themselves in a way that is in turn inspiring me.

        1. I don’t know whether we can really ascertain whether we’ve reached certain levels of anything from a mortal mind perspective or whether it even matters. Our souls are seeking/getting the experiences they need and nobody can say whether that’s in or out of the zone – sometimes not even ourselves.

          You do alright for an Aries Sun dl (hahaha… and this IS a Saggo Sun shoot from the hip, say it as I see it statement). We have to live our true nature in between aspiring for things.

          You’re one of the good guys mate 🙂

      2. I was thinking the same thing when I read davidl’s original post, only to read the second and the one below re his children.

    3. Beautiful father David. I watched your video about the cat last week. I can understand the despair in that grief. I have lost both parents. It has only been a year for you. That’s not long at all.

      Be gentle with yourself David it takes as long as it takes. Irritability is a part of grief.

      You might find that homoeopathy helps.. But I would ask around as it is hard to find a really good homeopath.

  20. Well, this gives me hope after a series of Aquarian relationships culminating in a difficult ex-husband situation. As some dating apps are chock full of Aquarian males I generally swipe past as my Aquarian ex-husband was extreme noir Aquarian but instead of living in the future he chose a dystopian past as his current state. Maybe I will swipe right one day.

  21. Best Aquarian description I’ve EVER read (I’m Aquarius Sun + Rising). Thank you for explaining me so perfectly right down to the hologram rainbow 5G deflecting dream outfit!

  22. LightningButterfly

    Love this…my 3yo son is true Aqua–I can see it already! He really chafes against rules, likes to do his own thing, spaces out often (and will catch himself and say “I’m spacing out”), makes friends with everybody, is fearless, and has a very analytical mind that loves symmetry and building things. He will line up tennis balls in perfectly curved lines and builds the most amazing Lego and Magnatile houses. He’s amazing!

    He also only eats about 3 different things for dinner. 😀 I’m Gem sun, Aqua rising so we get along like a house on fire.

  23. I love this! My son is AqA jan 26 , I love the individualistic gives very little fucks nature
    He’s also deeply sensitive At times and will come to tears very easily
    Oh my heart

    1. Too cool for school… hehe

      We don’t need no education…

      Waters and Gilmour had the Virgo/Pisces Sun tension but Barrett was an Aqua moon.

  24. This is a good post and another good point regarding rulership which I think goes a long way in explaining some of the natural ways of Aquarius.

    It’s kind of interesting to ponder and maybe Aquarius flips in between these natural rulership frequencies – this could look Uranian on the outside but might just be a station change to Saturn if you know what I’m saying.

    I am an Aquarian Lilith with other asteroids and is my MC. The outlier has probably always been my kind of uniform, sometimes intentional, sometimes reluctantly and sometimes by surprise – just when I thought I was getting a break from that I’ve been moved into target practice position but not handed the bow. Oh.. it’s AT me. Hey I’m the archer here, I should have the bow! But I wouldn’t follow through, I’d sooner put my energy into walking or working out a better way.
    The benefit of one against a crowd under fire can be thicker skin. It certainly deflects the barbs (outwardly at least). The misconception is that there was a need to shoot down someone who didn’t applaude and gush about more of the same and things pitched as something they aren’t but I wasn’t supposed to see that and certainly not say that. I appreciate that’s my Saggo Sun/Mercury talking (well, maybe gesticulating wildly/enthusiastically) there as well but most of my Aquarius is 9th as the MC is 27 and Mercury sextiles Lilith who squares my Asc.


    I just realised my progressed Sun is less than 2 weeks from zero degree Aquarius.

    Not only the Cap convergence been raking so much of my chart it’s also managed to fit in a progressed Sun. Well played Pluto – you got the natal AND progressed Sun.

    I am looking forward to it. The first transit I’m looking forward to in a while! Progressed Sun trine North Node – yes, it’s loosely in now but until the sign change I’m not really factoring it in seriously. Y’know I think I’ve said before there are times when I’m almost at the mercy of staying put and free will/choice aside it has a feel of limitation. I need to wait till I get the call from the future and practice a different focus. When I do get that call I can execute a change quite quickly. It probably looks erratic, unplanned or risky from the outside. I’m still sitting listening to the winds but when the right one blows it’s like animal instinct. As of late yesterday I felt a shift and all my senses are pricked – this feels like the early signs of a call from the future.

    1. I just said to someone on social media that it’s like how some people have a ‘wild side’ – Aquarius and Aquarius Rising have a secret saturnine side.

      1. I’m seeing more and more evidence of newer Astro info moving away from co-rulership. I think archetypes endure with collective consciousness even over aeons of time so yes, ‘secret’ side!

  25. “Years later, when their weirdness is suddenly cool, they’re bored by your enthusiasm.”

    So funny! I love Aquas, I can’t think of another sign I want to spend all my time with, I’m fascinated/awed by them. 🦄

  26. So. How long have you had the cameras on me? my whole life?? 😉 brilliant, and thankyou for putting it all so clearly. I’m not emotionless it’s just that when people DO get excited about something I was talking about years ago or I can see they actually understand the loyalty I have for them, I struggle to produce anything more than a massive eye-roll (internally, I’d not intentionally be rude unless I’m teasing someone I know well) and a sigh. “Of course I’ve got your back. Why would I even bother with you if I couldn’t admire you?”.

    The world and so many things in it are so fucking annoying = low threshold for any kind of fake (and yes, the itchy clothes to match persona is a real thing, well put) and when can I get my spaceship back… I’ve just been ‘coping’ as a human. I feel more and more as I age ‘I love you all now please piss off and leave me to dream’. As a child I never understood the authority model. People with very badly fitting society mantles seemed like newly hatched flies….just mindlessly moving around in some unconscious pattern of adherence to a survival format. Observing is not ‘a thing I do’ it’s what I am here for.

    The tell about sensing low frequencies also tickled my mind. I often have to find sleep in the lounge on the couch due to my Aqua man’s freaky tractor snoring. (Yep, we are both Aquarian, but he’s covertly, really really weird…he is an Aquarian stellium: seven planets in Aqua, and I will be getting him his chart done; of course, he’s not slightly interested in this at all.) Lately I’ve been kept awake by a constant low thrumming from the cable tv box. Took me a little while to find where it was coming from…but I knew it was there. It has a band range of around one metre that peaks right in the middle of the loungeroom … infuriating.

    I love your take on everything Mystic. Wonderful to start each day reading your thoughts and observations.
    Galaxy Twinkles

  27. I always felt Linda Goodman had a pretty insightful take on Aqua women….that is to say: she’s a little bit magic. x

    1. Was trying to think of her name the other day and called her ‘That Aries woman who turned the (mainstream) world onto astrology.’
      She WAS very readable.

  28. I laughed and smiled wryly at this. Dear MM, nail on head. And now I have a clear, concise, beautifully prepared description of internal operations! (Aqua rising, Gem Sun, Pisces Moon).

  29. Would you consider an Aquarius south node to be an Aquarius person? I’ve always related to this sign, possibly the most, even though I have no other planets there- or in the 11th house (apart from part of fortune). The sun in my Draconic chart, I recently discovered, is also in Aquarius- but I know very little about that Astro system!

  30. Big props as this is extremely accurate. Usually I do feel most Aquarius profiles are not in the slightest. I wear a uniform of my own wacky creation – I own the same skirt, shoes, tights, shirts & cardigans in six or seven colors. I eat the same foods every day & yes I am thrilled to. I do crave a perfectly consistent routine. I have spent my entire life carefully assessing what I say as to not freak others out. My way of thinking is often seen by others as both enlightening & upsetting. I intellectualize my emotions & have very low tolerance for over sentimental approaches. Solitude is extremely soothing as fitting in is a huge job & endlessly exhausting yet still at times seems somewhat desirable, only from a distance. I know what I’m into is always yes, weird to most & yes it inevitably becomes cool eventually but by then I’m usually over it & don’t feel excited others now think they get it as it’s now boring to me. I tend to feel socially isolated yet I easily get along superficially with most. I do prefer animals over people & all my core relationships /friendships began as years-long digital conversations. I do wonder about this seventh sense development? I’d love you to elaborate on that as I’ve been feeling haunted by what feels like a looming super big morph as of late. & yes, there’s an intense before the storm type feeling always before a huge radical (& usually self-liberating) change for me.

  31. The Lion & The Centaur

    Sounds just like my Aqua brother and my Aqua stellium friend! Actually many points sounded weirdly familiar and then I realized it must be Uranus in my 1st. One thing I’ve found about Aquarians is that if they’re obsessed with one thing, they become like all champion league Pro at it. I love my Aquarians although I constatly hear that opposite signs can’t stand each other. No way!

  32. Saturn in Pisces

    Sending this to my whole family as my dad has Sun and 5 personal planets in Aquarius. Being raised by a quintuple Aqua, and having Uranus at 0 Aqua in the 1st squaring my Sun/Nodes, I feel a connection to so much of this! My dad definitely raised me, aside from a brief flirtation with “activism” when Uranus went over my Moon/Venus in Aries conjunction (on a more productive note, when realized I was gay AF!!!), to hold to this pragmatic self-sufficiency that Mystic sums up expertly: “At an early age, most of them clock the government as hopelessly non-progressive or corrupt and structure their consciousness/life plans accordingly. They’re rationalists. The way they live their lives is the rebellion.”

    This quality is what I most respect about Aquarians – they embody “be the change you want to see” in the least hokey way possible. They just DO it and thus demonstrate that it can be done. They don’t wait for others to join, they lead by example without intending to do so. They demonstrate that our biggest obstacle to freedom (sans obvious cases of violent oppression!) is worrying about what others will think/say/do in response. Don’t warn, don’t tell, just DO… My lesson from having grown up with so much high Aquarian energy: do whatever the fuck you want – just don’t advertise it. If you truly value FREEDOM and the ability to live out your niche interests peacefully, to embody your own values sans the sort of social curtailing that puts out so much light, you will not feel an egoic need to advertise what you are doing. You don’t need social validation, you don’t need permission. I believe Mystic described Aquarians previously as “PERMISSIONLESS” and while this could be a problem growing up when my dad would suddenly begin tearing out “outdated” cabinets with zero warning or regard for anyone else’s schedule (not at all purposefully inconsiderate, just… permissionless!), this quality is essential. This trait is the future, and it’s something we all can learn from Aquarians.

    1. Saturn in Pisces

      Also EERIE accuracy on “same food every day.” My second house stellium Saggo mum, a phenomenally creative cook, was driven crazy by my 5 planet Aqua dad and me, the “I liked it the way you made it before” Taurus. The challenging thing was that my dad only wanted very “simple” food and would not touch most veggies or “different” dishes, whereas I was just as picky but I couldn’t do “simple,” I need/needed everything extremely spicy, pungent, complex, could taste the different between salts, etc. Poor mum!

  33. Hahahaha. Having had my Aqua man for over ten years now I can agree so fully with this lot. I don’t think there is a statement of fact here I can argue with. It’s absolutely him. I have managed to get him into some conventional shirts but the shoe thing is still a hellish problem. He’d pitch up on a flashy yacht or some amazing restaurant in Crocs. And think nothing of it. What I like about him is the rationality and that lack of sludgy emotions. He and I are very very rational and we vibe cold to hot headed emotionals. It’s not that we lack feeling but we appreciate the futility of a lot of it. So again Mystic, you’ve got him taped.

    1. Triple Aqua. If I don’t have comfortable footwear, it blocks my mental antenna and I can’t think straight! We’re the sign of ankles, after all, haha.

  34. Aqua rising with Mars conjunct Uranus here… thank you Mystic for the uncannily exact description, and for making it sound cool and funny as opposed to the utter inability to deal with “the real world” that I have been feeling of late. Your writings are always so uplifting, validating, and cheering. Viva Mystic!

  35. THANK YOU MYSTIC. Though I would say I’m highly sentimental, I don’t think I’m using it in the same way. But it’s probably to do with some pesky planets in Libra.

  36. The way they live their lives is the rebellion – so true. And yes, I have no problem in having the same or similar food every morning or every day…same as our ancient ancestors or our animal friends. The ritual is reassuring and grounding – it is a part of my self care.

  37. “Change is the process by which the future invades our lives” Alvin Toffler

    As an Aqua sun I struggle with this quote because invasion sounds so harsh, so ominous. The reality is that to me the future is always here and can be so comforting on many levels. I feel I live in the future as I click in and out of my little moments ( neurologists call them temporal lobe seizures) but to me they seem like a glitch when the present is catching up with my thoughts.

  38. As a multi/ mega aqua peep (sun, rising, mercury, venus, mars, saturn, all in aquarius/12th house) I can attest.

  39. I live with an aquarian ascendant and my dad was Aquarius. Ultra-conventional but only to their conventions, yep! Spot on.

  40. Hahah eat the same food everyday, I see what you did there MM. Aqua rising with Taurus Sun with Merc, Mars, Ceres, Juno and N Node and a few asteroids thrown in. Ping ping ping

  41. I recently briefly dated an Aquarius man. He seemed to find romance deeply unsexy. The more romantic things got, the more turned off he got. The odd thing was, he was the one who kept saying and doing romantic things. I’m a triple earth sign so I was just “can we have sex yesterday please?”

  42. Of course Aquarians are ultra-conventional to *their* conventions!! Brilliant. Would like to add that this also applies to those with a loaded 11th house or conjunctions of Uranus to personal planets.

  43. YES, my husband is Aq, as is my mum, one of my best friends and her husband (the only couple we will spend any time with funnily enough)
    I’m a Virgo

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