Zodiac Fashion

It’s celebrity astrology but not as you know it. Zodiac Fashion features cool, astrologically informed takes on trends, beauty, style and the stars.

Planets In Astrology

You are more than your Sun Sign and fascinating planetary influences are always in play. Sharpen your celestial savvy and have fun.

Astrology Transits

From sobering Saturn transits to snazzy Venus Returns, transits are the astrological key to self-actualization, understanding others and fab timing.


“Is it a Full Moon?” is the most common astrological query/freak-out, and for a good reason, but there are many fantastic lunar phenoms to look into. 

Sun Signs

What your friends won’t tell you – your Sun Sign will. Browse elevating and amusing posts about – or featuring – every Zodiac sign and their foibles.

Astrology Houses

Extend your understanding of the astrological ‘houses’ of the natal birth chart. Houses are archaic and can seem arbitrary but guess what? They work!

Relationship Astrology

This section roams from Sun Sign compatibility to intricate Synastry then Vibe Vampires, Future Fakers, Mars-Venus Flash Crushes, Love Zombies, and more. 

Magic & Dream Symbolism

Be pragmatically magic. The more attention you pay to dream messages, instincts, and symbolism or synchronicity, the more lucid they (and you) become.

What The Astro-Fuq?

Understand the astrological influences behind crazy geopolitical trends, financial crisis crap and turbulent times: these posts are empowering and pragmatic reads.

Daily Mystic

A Mega Mystic members feature, Daily Mystic Updates cover the need-to-know astro of the moment with timely alerts and helpful perspective. MM members can also opt to receive them via email.

House Witchery

Take charge of your living environment and infuse it with quality energy via time-tested, practical magic. Ghost-busting, space-clearing, Feng Shui, astro-decor – it’s all here.


Astro-Gaga is an array of whimsical posts from an alt-astro dimension, where pentacles are currency and Neptunian Life Coaching is available in multiple time streams.