Astrology, Aspergers and Uranus

Astrology and Aspergers seem unrelated. But are neurally different people explicable via astrology? Are Aspergers and associated ‘spectrum’ modes of intelligence just Uranian? As described here, the ADHD personality descriptions read like a list of Mutable characteristics.

After a plausible Mars in Virgo style rant re mismatched socks, a Scorpio male accused* me of “being Aspergers”.

*I say “accused” as he sounded accusatory but I don’t think it is a crime whatsoever. At first confused, I consulted this online list of traits and realized I relate to a lot of them.

But they are all reactions and quirks that I have always thought of as broadly Uranian or Aquarian by nature.

That is, reflecting a strong dominance of astrological influences from the planet Uranus, the 11th House and the sign of Aquarius.  Uranus is my ruler – as I am Aquarius Rising – and it’s flanked by Mars + Pluto exact in the 8th House, so it’s strong.

While Uranian people are not fantastic at fitting into the dominant social paradigm, they don’t usually want to anyway. Even when they’re giving it a decent go, deep down they know it’s not their realm.

They’re the inventors, activists, circuit breakers and creatives. Maybe it’s society, education, the economy, and politics that needs to change?

My doctor, who is highly Uranian, thinks it is a “new mode of intelligence.” Tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel (Mars + Moon + Pluto in aspect to Uranus) prefers to hire people from outside the neuro-typical ranks.

Now I have some new optics on my character traits. Could all those things that I thought of as broadly reflecting my Uranus-driven nature be actual blips on this so-called spectrum? Does astrology have some input to the Aspergers knowledge base?


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  1. I have a stellium(Moon,Mercury, and Venus) in Aquarius. It forms a square to my Uranus in Scorpio. I always enjoyed being by myself because when I’m with groups of people, I zone out easily because my mind tends to wander off and feel overstimulated. Plus I always enjoyed interests that those in my social circles never had any passions of. I’m always an outsider.

    1. I have Uranus in Scorpio in my 1st House. I’m curious what the Uranus in Scorpio connection is. I recently realized I’m Autistic.

      1. I think it’s that Uranus does not encourage close one to one personal connections. It seems to have a function of detachment and distance (compare with say the moon or Venus or even mars, where all of these planets need a human-type entity to contend with or relate to (even if that’s just ourselves)

        Just an off the cuff thought, happy to be challenged

  2. Im an astrologer and artist, and diagnosed with asperger. I have Sun conjunct Uranus(Libra cusp Scorpio) Pluto conjunct Mercury. I def recognise over focussing with Pluto and Mercury in combination with my asperger and a lack of authority and an outside the box thinker with Sun and Uranus. Uranus has aspects to Saturn, Sun, Mars, Moon and AC and MC.

  3. Wish Upon a Star

    Does my natal Sun square Uranus and Moon trine Uranus make me Uranian?

    My natal moon is Taurus. That sounds like a benefit in these Uranus in Taurus times.

  4. Hello! I am so happy someone does look into the subject! I’m studying Psychtronics and I chose the subject on my graduation work. I need people with diagnosis that would be interested in the analysis! If anyone would be up for it, it would be great!

  5. My sister and I both have Aquarius moons and Aspergers. Our immediate family is very Aquarian/uranian as well. From DNA testing (just as important as your astrological chart 😉 ) we have genes associated with autism coming from both sides of the family. The most interesting to me were the OXTR genes—we have a lack of oxytocin receptors in our brains, which is the “cuddle hormone”—it leads to relationship bonding, sociability and eye contact, which people on the spectrum tend to have trouble with. However, low oxytocin has cognitive benefits. It sounds an awful lot like an Aquarius moon :). Just wanted to throw out the dna info, for anti-vaxxers and people who think it’s just a hip diagnosis.

    1. this is really interesting! I did not know you could test for oxytocin receptors. Is this something that endocrinologists do? Neurologists? or you can order online? Please tell us more!

    2. Most of my family have Aspergers and Aquarius moons/rising/anything! However I only have Saturn in Aqua and am on the spectrum, with a Cancer moon-certainly not devoid of cuddle hormones. On mum’s side of autism, it’s a Scorpio pattern, so probably fixed energy lends itself to that.
      Also as a psych student looking to specialise in autism, autistic people (Aspergers is an old-fashioned name for people who look like they’re not on the spectrum, basically), the claim of difficulty with relationship bonding, sociability and eye contact is only relative to how neurotypical culture defines it-autistic people are usually great at socialising with each other!

      I’d also highly recommend reading about Grunya Sukhareva

  6. I definitely think there is a Uranus connection… I’m an astrologer (and artist) and deeply interested in finding patterns in the charts of those of us that are on the spectrum. From the charts I have looked at (which aren’t really that many to have a clear view yet, and would really like more charts and data to have a better understanding and more thorough research) Uranus seems to often be in ‘hard’ aspects (conjunction, square, quincunx, opposition)—to Mars, Mercury, Moon, Sun, and the Ascendant, or Uranus is unaspected to other planets in the chart—and/or a 6th, 4th, 9th, and 11th house emphasis, also an emphasis on Gemini-Sagitarrius, Virgo-Pisces, and Leo-Aquarius axis, especially if these are the angles in the chart (ASC/DC, MC/IC) or if there is a stellium in any of these signs. Also if any planets/angels are at 0 or 29 degrees of these signs. I also think if Neptune is thrown into these there is extra sensitivity (especially for those that are picture thinkers)

    1. Very interesting! I’m an aspie with mercury conjunct Uranus, moon square Uranus. Oh and moon is in Aquarius and I’m a Leo rising. My Venus is also exactly conjunct the galactic center @26° Sagittarius, which I saw linked to Aspergers on another forum. Oh and like you, I love astrology because of my obsession with finding patterns in things 🙂

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      My gut feeling is that you are right with the hard aspect to Uranus. I have Sun in Gemini sq Uranus. Uranus in the 7th house. But my moon in Taurus is trine Uranus. So that may soften it.

      My brother is am Aquarian with 4 other planets in Aquarius. The image that comes to mind is a hot air balloon with him stuck to the ground lounging in the basket eating fine food and wine. One strong gust and his off.

  7. Lol just because someone’s sun sign is a Pisces doesn’t make their chart neptunian…I’d think a reader of this blog would have a greater understanding of the nuances of chart rulers et al

  8. (I say autism, because Aspergers no longer exists as a diagnosis, and its all just a spectrum, anyway). Yes, so much strong uranian energy there, however do not discount martian energy in all this. Autism in my family is the synergy between uranus and mars. My son, aries rising, was diagnosed as autistic at a very young age. This did not come as a surprise, as he is just like my father. My father is a whole post onto himself. He is the uber-Aries. Aries sun, moon and I think also rising. You once posted the Aries-nation rules. Yep. Everything in there was my life growing up with super-scientist-explorer-genius-Ramzilla. After all, autism was so named due to the characteristic of being confined and defined by their sense of self. Its not sociopathic (I say this as an Aquarian – I feel qualified to expound upon sociopathic tendencies), its just it doesnt naturally occur to them that other people have feelings or thoughts that differ from their own, rather arian ones. And if they do, thats illogical and they should get that sh1t sorted. ASAP. WIth age and practice they can learn to run the algorithm for differing opinions in other people, however this does not dissuade them from their view point, because their view point is, duh, the most logical. Professor Simon Baron-Cohen (Yep, Sacha’s cousin) and renowned Autism researcher, feels that autism is the hyper-expression of the masculine brain. *cough* Mars, much.

    1. this is really interesting…
      I decided to do a search to see if there was info about what autism feels like. Because I actually have no idea what it means, from day to day, to have autism. I found a 2016 article by Lori Sealy who writes about ASD, she’s amazing. Her description was really helpful as a starting point to understand. thanks for the prompt, howdyhihi..

  9. UM, wonder if you have thought of putting your clinical experience in a format that might be effectively included in this debate? But also have to say, I’m a bit taken aback by the decisive judgement offered in your comment re the author. I was under the impression that MM (if that is who you refer to) was offering an alternative perspective on a condition/state of being to the mainstream. Not to diminish it in anyway but – as someone here put so delightfully – to embrace the spectrum of our difference

  10. I know I do go on here, but can i recommend a book some might find interesting, “What about me? The struggle for identity in a market-based society” by Paul Verhaeghe. He is a psychothererapist and the book was originally published in the Netherlands, it reflects his european perspective rather than (say) british or american. I think the perspective is constructive..

  11. All this makes me wonder if diagnoses from the DSM IV would be more prevalent in different astrological signs or in aspects to planetary bodies? Please also no offence intended, I probably meet the criteria for most of these 😉 just curious about it now

    OCD – Virgo
    Asperger’s – Aquarius
    Antisocial personality disorder – Scorpio
    ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder – Aries
    Depression and eating disorders – Taurus
    Borderline personality disorder and attachment disorder- cancer
    Narcissism – leo
    Bipolar – Gemini
    Schizophrenia – pisces
    Separation anxiety disorder – Libra
    Tourettes and conduct disorder – saggittarius
    Fetishistic disorder and insomnia – Capricorn

    1. Yes I definitely have oppositional defiance disorder. I’ll do just about anything for people, but please don’t tell me I must do something because then I just can’t. Of course this works both ways, tell me I can’t do something and godamit I’ll move heaven and earth to show you i can.
      So mature 😉

    2. i’d consider BPD for pisces – the agony and the ecstasy. or, old school ADD (sans hyperactive). which I propose might be a manifestation of a strong but un-recognised (or difficult to attend to) neptune or chiron transit

  12. My aqua daughter and I (Pisces with aqua rising) are on the spectrum. I think the traits are very Uranian but the difference is the intensity and the fact that they interfere with everyday life tasks. Much of the research on girls and women with autism has only been published in the last 5 years. It’s quite different to the stereotypes. It’s not a stigma to me but it does present challenges that are invisible to others and difficult to express. We do just fine in the right environment.

  13. My Aqua chap processes the world his way. Hears his own internal dialogue not what’s incoming and then has become shunned by his peers. He’s also left handed, dyslexic and ‘doesn’t play well with others’. I simply see him as aquarian frankly. He’s a clown, funny, very bright, super fast, capable of sorting anything and has far reaching ideas. He’s not normal but then who is ? I also have a number of those traits in the article, mostly from childhood which I now seem to have a handle on. I’m also far from normal…I only really like those who are as distant as me and my Aqua.
    Both of us have the Uranus Pluto conjunction although mine is bang on his is a degree apart. He’s got his moon conjunction those two in his third and I’ve got them on my DC.

  14. My uber Aquarius son, sun and Uranus conjunct in Aquariusin the first hous plus Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius in the 2nd, is Uranian, but not air/AS at all to me.

    His Pisces sun brother is. He has Neptune conjunct Lilith and Mercury conjunct Uranus, all in Aquarius in the first house. I have suspected he had aspergers for awhile, but his recent diagnosis of bipolar makes tons of sense.
    His Pisces sun twin with same aqua placements in first house as well is not aspie at all. Nor does she have bipolar.

  15. Heads up that Asperger’s is no longer a recognized diagnosis per psych community. Everything is ASD/autism spectrum disorder. The new DSM-V reconstructed this to avoid minimizing/maximizing and in-group/out-group thinking.

    I think, as a psychology professional, there are significant differences between true deficits in social interaction/communication/mental organization and idiosyncratic ways of being. I strongly dislike it when people say things like “I’m/You’re so bipolar/ADD/autistic”. This stigmatizes people with true, lifelong struggles and makes their oppression sound like frivolities. Yes, we all want to categorize each other…it’s easier and helps us make quick decisions…but there’s a world of difference between being Uranian and “zany” versus disabled, labeled, and “dysfunctional”…

    Appropriation of mental illness seems so outdated and backwards. It certainly isn’t Uranian. Uranus, the forward thinking people-power energy that is so pro-social, in my mind would hardly condone it…

    1. Still, I believe. There is so much overlap between the constructs of astrology and psychology. Science so frequently rejects the mystical though its heart is our desire to know the unknown.
      & we do all have traits that could be labeled disordered or problematic.

    2. I understand your point but i have to say that i felt validated by reading some of my “weird” traits on that list and seeing them reframed as a ‘mode of intelligence’ rather than yet another situation in which i was unable to get ‘with the program’….

      1. I can relate to this too. My discovery of these traits caused me a big ‘aha’ moment (similar to what Invicta described on the blog a while back in her journey). It can be empowering to find a category that describes you. You realise how strong you are, how you have compensated and how to improve – a category often has an accompanying set of tools!

      2. It does help to get a frame of reference – I’d agree (my example is trauma rather than asd but it brings clarity and something to work with for the parts of us that just don’t seem to work easily in wider society, irrespective of whether a ‘diagnosis’ is the outcome

    3. So agree. My father in law has lost all his friends, his natal family (he moved to avoid the shaming), his marriage to his disability. His struggles are so monumental. Quirky is a shallow way to describe his disability by people who know him at a minimal level. It’s not quirky to not remember basic social survival tools. He is not Uranian, he is doing his best to cope and the costs are staggering. He is very spiritual though and I believe this helps him tremendously.

    4. Have you looked at the research showing increases in stigma the more that mental illnesses are seen as diseases of the brain versus variations of normal? I found it so interesting, since Western culture believes it will reduce stigma by doing the opposite.

      I don’t think, based on that research, that stigma is increased by the casual use of such words, but I think sometimes real struggles can be trivialized. My ex lives in a house full of garbage because his OCD makes it too overwhelming to touch it. That’s a far cry from me self-describing as OCD for hanging my clothes in order of color in the closet. AND I think seeing both these things as a spectrum of humanity rather than one as normal and the other as diseased, really helps in having compassion for the guy whose house is full of garbage.

      So in my mind, it’s a fine line.

  16. I am glad women who resonate with the label aspie have more resources to turn to and get support these days.

    But honestly the list reads like one of those …you might have candida checklists that lumps just about every weird symptom in there as a catch all.

    I don’t think the list is particularly Uranian to me. I also see hints of Neptune. What i mostly see I see as Meyers Brigg XNFX . Many people who identify mostly as INFX and even some ENFX will have theses problems and traits because of sensory processing issues. That doesnt nean they have a problem if they process the world differently. it is annoying how people are pathologizing NORMAL introvert behaviour.

    I had a discussion with a friend who labelled herself aspie who kept fighting with me because i did not see myself as aspie, and she wanted herself to ONLY associate with others on the spectrum. I feel like i you want to label yourself aspie because you have a few of these traits fine, but dont go labelling others.
    And if you are trying to figure it out, i think the primary thing to consider is do any of these traits keep you from living a full “expected” life? If the answer is no, then you prob are not Aspie. Even though i am not an expert; i am the expert of ME. Even though i dont consider myself “normal” i am on the normal spectrum. Introversion is normal and not something to be cured. People who spend so much time trying to “cure” it obviously do not value a world full of interesting books to read, games to play, songs, or movies to watch. Because guess what type of people fill many of those expectations? If you get rid of people with those traits …

    1. I wanted to add a comment about this and I’m glad you did, although I would have said INTX ppl.

      The the traits my mother has are basically related to her being strongly introvert – so much so that when I (finally, 28 years later, Pluto square I guess) related my experience of being groped by a “family friend” as an adolescent, (he’s dead now yay!) she was more concerned that I not tell his still- living wife, so as not to upset her, you see, and then also took two full days and me actually dragging myself out of a pit of doom to say “did you actually manage to compute what I told you a full 48 hours ago, do you recall having this conversation that was I’m not sure if you realise extremely fuqing important for me and quite hard to have” not to mention other times I have described my childhood experiences of family life to her… Attempting to elicit any form of some kind of human empathic response is like getting blood from a stone

      Sorry this is tmi and possibly triggering and not actually mbti, but it did confirm that i probably made the right decision by not saying anything as a kid lol if that’s the reaction I would have got lol. strongly introverted NT multi air mother is better off counselling others than connecting with their own slightly fuqed up daughters lol.
      Not seeking sympathy or even a response venting longstanding hurt and frustration I think

      1. You’re right! I forgot to include, INTX as well as some ENTX. They also have trouble!! Good catch!

        …and ZOMG! The years of having to stay silent about a grievous incident! Wtf! >:( angry for you, but i do understand that NT mindset bent on survival in a perceived hostile environment. In that day and age (and even now) it would or could be made into “your fault” and then the resultant fall out.

        1. Sorry to go on up there – am feeling a bit bad about that rant now
          The INTs I know (I’m an EF..usually lol) unless other mitigating factors , while sooper intelligent also tend to be hardass in the parenting stakes, more of the “just get over it” vibe rather than whatever else
          Wow life sure is fun on this here rollercoaster haha

  17. This was the area I’d be most likely to have something to add to, looked at virgo scopes for today first because I got deeply anxious and was like, yeah maybe not today. Read the list. Gonna go rock back and forth for an hour or two.

  18. Sun and mercury (chart ruler) conjunct Uranus in my first house (plus mars in Aqua) and have often been described, though not diagnosed, as a bit aspergian.
    Anyone intelligent, individual and direct seems to be described that way now. I prefer Uranian.

  19. All other things aside, I think a workplace populated entirely by non neurotypical ppls as MM mentioned would be kind of amazing actually.

  20. I come from a family of uranian moon types aspecting many things of prominence in the chart & most of us are on the spectrum some VERY much so… I love our ‘traits’ haha only thing would be that some are more emotionally mean/vindictive/gone, etc can be so harsh/painful.
    great topic 🙂

  21. Ultra Aqua (Sun, NN and Merc, all conj. in 5th) and Uranian (Conj. Moon in 1st) here and yeps. Re: your connection with tech, in Essef, it’s dismaying to see peeps emulating these traits in order to be perceived as genius geeks.

  22. HMMG (Holy Mary, Mother of God)! That online list of traits had me going yeah, yeah, yeah. Aqua rising and Chiron in Aqua. But while it is useful to give a name to something – eg gaslighting as an abuse of power in relationships (wish I’d known that one years ago) – there is always the issue of differing definitions and our responses to them (eg a hysterical woman or a justifiably angry one).
    In general, I avoid labels. They always leave a mark on your clothes.

    1. I agree. As Mille said above, it’s much better to accept and appreciate the infinite spectrum of being than to constantly be compartmentalising everyone. By always attempting to define we lose the nuance, the hidden secrets and inner workings of life itself. It’s not a very intelligent approach or one that gives room for growth. In fact it’s the source of most discrimination in our society.

  23. So much yes to this…….when my son was diagnosed (I prefer to think he was sorted by the “sorting hat” ) into the aspie corner, I remember sitting there thinking oh, no he’s a double aqua with a lot of other Uranus in him, he’s ok, he’s just himself, marching to his own beat 🙂

  24. my ex ‘accused’ me of having aspergers…i freaked at first….for a long time i thought there was sthing ‘wrong’ with me…but there isnt, im highly sensitive.
    prefer socialising one on one than to grps, love alone time…the socialising thing is hard to balance…

    1. You’re a treasure x you’re one of the gang here that comes across as very authentic, honest, to me. Socializing one on one is really the important type, right ? The group thing is more political and strategic and on a social level I usually find that totally boring.

      1. aww thankyou Davidl.
        you’re right, i totally hate bullshit, i am pathologically honest…authentic…must b my aries moon! x

  25. I ticked a few boxes but the article explained my work mate down to a T. She does have two sons that are aspie, I now know why. Especially to complete zoning out and revealing WAY to much detail…continually! Great article too I might add.

  26. My birthday today. Don’t really want to go all out and celebrate – dark moon? Or the sun sq saturn stuff yesterday?!

    Life has been good this past year. Let’s see how this year unfolds…excited!!

  27. remembering too, that to function ‘normally’ just means (to me!) that you’re accepted as an economically productive citizen who obeys rules, nothing more – so being neurotypical or normal or whatever it’s called really ain’t shit in the bigger picture of human functioning and world at large

  28. I like matching pegs on the line. I attribute it to what’s pleasing to the eye, my aesthetics thing and Venus rulership. It’s part of my life as art philosophy. MC Aquarius | Lilith hanging in Aquarius 9th | Uranus 4th

  29. Well, I know quite a few Aquarians with gut issues, mental health issues etc which are relevant to the discussion of ASD . My very ASD son is strongly Uranian: Moon-Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter in Aqua.
    But my Aspergers Sagg-in-law is very Saggi indeed with a Virgo Moon.

    And then I am not well versed in medical astrology, but I have read that the immune system is governed by Pisces. Since a huge portion of mothers of autistic kids have auto immune issues, maybe we can look for Neptune in the equation (or you know, those who vaccinate, those who respond particularly badly to toxins in the environment and who pass on the stressed immune system, so maybe by transit).
    Autism is in some people has a genetic factor, so there may be a predisposition which I imagine ties in with an ‘engineering’ mind, as there is a saying where you find autism “look for the engineer in the family”. Or maybe autism lends itself to success despite adversity in the sciences in that one might be more able to function very well despite some cognitive damage due to the structured nature of the field? I dunno, but my hub’s side have all sorts of engineers – even in robotics!
    Most would agree toxins and neurotoxicity is a major factor in autism, auto immune issues, gut issues, (vagus) nerve damage etc.
    Given that, Aquarius is stubborn, fixed but outside the box, brittle-natured, loves technology etc I think all of these Uranian style ideas lend themselves to an Asperger check list harmoniously enough, but I hesitate at this as I find Astrology a romantic language and cognitive delays being romanticised bothers me somewhat. Though I do think it isn’t that simple either, like a blind person who develops huge sensing ability for hearing or echolocation in some cases, one’s destiny can be defined by the compensation in a positive and beautiful way.

    Given there are some 300 symptoms of Autism and if you tick enough of them, you have autism, I think there is a lot of room for all the signs to add their flavour.

    1. i wonder if the appeal of the STEM disciplines is because it very specifically (traditionally) does not mandate smooth-as-silk social functionality in order to be good at what you do. The most brilliant discoveries required leaps of logic, tenacity, an inquiring mind and experimental processes that benefit v much from not sticking to info norms etc..

      1. Yes I agree, though in the case of the Saggi Aspie he was not capable in STEM unlike other family members. He found his niche in technical translation and languages through sheer obsessive non-stop work. Almost hasn’t moved from a chair in 30 years.
        Computers have taken over his role as a technical translator as has happened in many roles in which Aspies could flourish unfortunately. Saggi refuses to acknowledge this and will work days for pennies. He doesn’t understand when he is wrong, inappropriate or has pulled the rug from under others in the ‘guild’ so he has lost his client base. He will also occasionally scream at the random clients he gets independently, lol. Mainly he spends time fixing his computer now.

        I read a lot on health and autism and while I am all for love and acceptance I think the normalisation of what is a health epidemic is really disturbing.

        We are in a chemical soup and because this change has happened bit by bit we are like frogs in hot water calmly accepting neurological damage and related mood disorders as a norm now.

        P.s. I absolutely identify with the female Aspie traits linked!

  30. Hi! I’m not on the spectrum, but always interested in other ppls experience of this world.
    This writer is Autistic, so uses Tarot and Numerology to navigate her life and it’s great: Madeleine Ryan.
    She said something along the lines of “I don’t know what I want and I have no idea what others want.”
    Totally Relate. XD

  31. I am an under-the-radar Aspie (mostly because I don’t fit the male stereotype version) and an Aqua. 😀 I do think that there is some overlap between the ‘typical’ traits of Uranians/Aquas and Aspies!

  32. My brother has Aspergers, and is very much not Aquarian. He’s a Virgo with Leo Moon and Scorpio rising. But his Aspergers is a lot of getting overwhelmed very quickly by all the details he sees – not the “talking like a machine.” It’s true that he sometimes doesn’t understand human nuance (“Is Mom there?” “Yes.” … [he hangs up on me, not realizing I wanted more than this piece of information]), but in general he’s having a lot of trouble with his many emotions overflowing in light of how much he’s taking in, not that he’s operating robotic. So he’s different than what most people mean by Aspergers (and I guess technically he’s high-functioning autistic, so maybe there is more of a distinction there than I thought).

    I think all the neurodivergent traits lie on this spectrum we keep discussing. There is plenty of wiggle room before it becomes a disorder. We think differently; it’s okay.

    There’s also some fishing to do about the overlap between Aspergers and HSPs.

  33. I can think of a few aspie spectrum friends & they are all profoundly Uranian – one is an aqua, the other two are genre-bending one-offs, real stand-out personalities, way ahead of everyone else.
    There’s an online quiz you can take! I’m way too empathic & gooey to be an aspie, but they do share some traits with HSPs (that’s me).
    Think my first love has autistic traits, absolutely brilliant mind & the ability to express it in prize-winning, highly respected & influential writing. Venus sq Saturn tho so believe me that was no picnic. Unempathic to steely proportions: as a 20 year old student I asked him to make sure I got into a taxi after an operation which I was very frightened about & his response was “I need to be in the library”… We had been together two years at that point!

    1. I should have read this post first – HSP/autism overlap is an interesting one. Some real similarities and in some ways total opposites.

    2. Interesting to note the difference in HSP/empath because I suspect I am both whereas my daughter is more the first one. I thought they alway went together, but I guess not.

  34. My son was diagnoses wirh Asperger Syndrome at 5. He is a Taurus rising 29° and his Uranus is in Aqua in the 19th trining his Mars in Libra IIRC in the 5th. Mercury is on the Descendant line in the 7, along with his Sun in Sadge..and Pluto also forms a kite ? in Sadge to the Uranus and Mars…Speaking is very.challenging to him…wants to gramatically correct sentences and often starts and stops in a sort of stuttering. He doesnt really make sense, but he learned how to make good rhetorical points from youtube commentaries. He is very sweet, never talks back, seems happy and is very well adjustes. Kids like him. He went to Prom alone and was fine with it (and cool with the schoo) and he even had a solo moment dancing to Michael Jackson on the dance floor! He is now learning auto repair skills and job skills and carpentry. His academics were good, his social slills….not so much. He has great sturdy character.

    Funny, I am Juno 2 Aqua, 3 Aqua Rising, 5 Pallas Aqua and 11 Lillith Aqua. My Uranus is conjunct Pluto in Virgo (1965 baby!) So given my son’s Uranus/Mars/Pluto connection, i relate to him very well.

    Holy crap i just noticed that his Pluto is conjunct my SN/Venus/Mars in Sadge at 5°.

    Looks like we are helping each other grow!

    It can be tough to parent an Aspie when other adults just dont get it. I now live in an area where Iam not alone.

    Ooh, another thing…I was.born during the Pluto/Uranus conjunction of 65. Many of my peers born during this period ALSO have kids born with this spectrum. Chiron is in Pisces during that time…we are helping rhese kids live with lots of support and resources than in other history.i wonder if that is a factor.

  35. I can understand this. I’ve actually described my mother and sister of having “Aquarius aspergers” in my more profoundly exasperated moments – Geminian nails it, you literally just can’t connect at the vital level needed to ‘feel’ / be ‘seen’ ‘as a person’. I put this in quote marks as taking the piss out of one’s own sentiments has – for me – been literally (yes) the only way for them to start to register what you’re saying (you’re just a concept, remember).
    At other times the rise-above detachment is blissful and when I can embrace my own air elements it is very helpful.
    Interestingly though. My aqua dad – I am a Pisces raised by three uranians and I also befriend them alarmingly easily – could speak “feelings” – I don’t think he had much water in his chart so I need to investigate. My ultra amazing aqua gynae surgeon pal (triple aqua, moon mars sun exact conj in 8 th house) is cancer rising – she does have a broader sense of human suffering(?) as well, with a moon-ruled chart.
    My Fearless Martian Aqua friend is also triple aqua with Aries rising, her classic foot in mouth moments are completely hilarious and adorable , she is one of my favourite people, so yes, I guess uranians get their own ‘spectrum’ of operating – aspie or not xox

    1. For statistical purposes, I think my mother wins the uranian stakes in my circle though. Aqua rising, 5 planet Gemini, with Uranus exact conjunct mercury, in her 4th house and a loaded 7th. Her professional passion? Fairness in family relationships. The two aquas I know (the surgeon and my mum) whose chart ruler is situated closely with Sun or something personal – are very dedicated operators whose ability to Not get enmeshed in other peoples lives – to remain professionally detached but also focused and adept – is exactly what they need in their calling to succeed.

    2. so interesting! My dad an aqua too, a brain doctor so kind of Uranian but more emotional / personable?? (Saggo asc and Leo moon)
      I speak his language most of the time as a Mercury in aqua but sometimes feel way more understood emotionally by my scorped moon mom. That sounds rly hard though, a total Uranian family!!!

      Dated an aqua for a blip- we got on super well on a mind front but I couldn’t handle the non emotions -I’m way too watery for that heh. I did not “feel seen”.

      1. Yeah, funny though, no idea how it looks from the outside but my 4th house and lunar everything spells out “Raised By Wolves” so my DIY relationship skills does probably looks a little rustic lol

        re dating… yes.I think it’s the gap between being happy to be friends with a uranian but take three big steps back when I detect the “Error: Missing .dll. Abort / Retry?” in the connection (see what I did there, uranians) It’s like buying back into my childhood – there’s a lot of me that the connection will just gloss over – because the ’emotional perception’ program won’t have full functionality. This is not to condemn these folks, but it’s real scar tissue for me.

        1. YES same, undercurrent of emo support was not there or was intermittent despite love and all physical needs taken care of. And yes it’s almost impossible to explain to some, and I can just tell mid explanation if it’s not computing

      2. and i’m sure the reverse is true too as many commenters here have described their experiences – the little uranian kidlet being ostracised or lampooned because they’re speaking a different language too.

        Comprehending the totality of Difference and accepting this is I think / hope one of the lasting *positive* run-on effects of saturn in sadge?

      3. my dad had Leo rising, Darkstar – maybe the fire helps with the interpersonal something a bit?
        air and earth combos seem to be trickier

  36. Moon in Aquarius here- my dad ‘accused’ me of having Asperger’s. I accuse him of being emotionally abusive and avoid him at all costs.

  37. My daughter has a lot of Uranian energy in her chart. She’s been accused by peers of being broken. She will never fit in. I love it. To me, it’s like a different frequency not a condition, but I do see how others perceive it as such. She has a 12th house Taurus moon and has visions of lives beyond this one. Whereas my visions are of timelines and afterlives hers are of intergalactic colonies and lives as alternate species. She has a deep compassion that is warm yet impersonal. Tons of acquaintances but few to no friends. I adore her.

      1. Aw. That’s a kind statement and I am inclined to agree but I am not so sure about that. She also remembers being a serial killer 🙂

    1. Just wanted to raise my glass to Samantha Craft! Love that she is bringing awareness to autism/aspergers in females and helping the discussion along. People contributing to society like her make my heart swell.

    2. I really resonate with your description of your daughter, though I am sure we are very different still. Uranus on my Sun and Uranian moon emphasized as chart ruler.

      Im thankful for you describing it as a different frequency rather than a condition. That has been what Ive been trying to get across to people my entire life. To me its not much different than someone – just for example – labelling races other than caucasian as “non-caucasian” – its ignorant and discriminatory, as if there is a global normality box we are supposed to fit into. I dont buy into preconceived “normal”, or even a label as being static or solid in anyway as it makes everything other than that problematic… it causes untold miscommunication and issues. I see this especially with gender, but also race, politics, religion, language… really it spans so many areas in my eyes.

      Last thing I want to say is that she is blessed to have such an understanding and open minded mother. Some of us have had a very rough time getting along by mere birthright from being wired differently. My family and I are like completely different species, and its been challenging just to get along my entire life. Its like one of us is a plant, while another is mammal… and then there is the piece of space debris… lol. Which would be me, naturally, ehehe. So naturally I feel that any relationship outside of self starts with appreciation of differences. Im happy your daughter has that with you, a friend in her mother… I would have loved to have had that experience. I have a lot of respect for mothers everywhere that know how to love their children in the way that is needed for the child to be nurtured, no matter how varied it may be from the “norm”.

      1. Same here with the Mom thing. I remember telling my feelings to my Mom when I was around 11/12 and her telling me they were bullshit. It impacted me – no one person’s feelings lie – they just are. She could have had any response but that one. Tell me how to cope then, you know? Not just bullshit and done. Its tempting as a parent to do. I mean, we do wipe butts and birth the thing and for years make decision-guesses as to how the mammal feels. But, we all have to grow out of that. One life or the other. xo

        1. I feel you with your mom experience. My mom didn’t deny my feelings but she never validated them either… all whilst expecting a strict set of behaviors around her.
          I’m approaching my 40’s and although I stopped expecting any of that to change awhile back, what was hardest for me to accept was that she loved and cared about me… I know now she does, she was just very ill equipped and not totally present for the handful of a child that I was. Yes, I am a handful 😛 Anyway, I’m trying to not let my subjective human experience taint what I know is the greater truth of love that exists here. I’m sure we all do grow out of these places, 12th, it’s just sad that some of the most important lessons only come through great pain and suffering. Such is the human experience. xo

    3. You are both blessed with each other, 12HV, truly. The idea of a frequency is so much more empowering and loving.

      Imagine if ll Asperger’s diagnosed could be told in that way! “You resonate on this amazing frequency. May you ever be appreciated for it.”

      1. Thank you for the kind sentiments. I don’t know about appreciation. Are any of us really appreciated? Or do we learn to do without that sort of thing? I am kind of militant about attaining maximum self-efficiency which means liberation from opinion. She says I say “perfection or death” but I am sure I have never said anything so stupid. I must come off as severe though, for her to think I think such a thing. Or else, she just likes fuqing with my head – entirely plausible. 🙂

        1. Well, helping your child to attain maximum efficiency within their own frame is supreme appreciation!

          Of course, children truly appreciate their parents as people in general a lot later. But now, she knows you, and even if the reading in her mind is not your own wording, she is close to you and will in time value that closeness more deeply.

          I mean, how close do you have to be to truly fq with someone’s head 😉 (My fam all do it to me, it’s apparently teasing, and it definitely fqs with my 12th house sensitivities. Yet there they all are, right here, calling it like they see it which is what i claim I appreciate…as a Sag influenced person!)

          She’ll always be right there xx

  38. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I’m with you MM

    Most people I know who get “accused” of having Aspergers have a ton of Uranus/Aqua in their charts.

    Anyway—Aqua to me always equal “genius” potential

    1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

      I kind of suffer from the opposite…

      I am hyper empathic–something I associate with Kataka

      Venus in Kataka…sigh…

      But I’ve learned to manage it—channel the saggo moon

    2. My Uranus is in 11th Libra (maybe i disrupt social graces) and trines my Aqua Venus 3rd communication).

      Have definitely been called Aspergers type, though I’m not, i believe. And yes, it has often come as an accusation.

      I’m not a genius, though.

  39. I dated a guy last year with Uranus rising. Very aspergers, very Uranian, very intelligent but I couldn’t be with him because underneath all the quirks was something very absent emotionally. Great at science and technology and whilst love was a concept they could come at intellectual, it wasn’t one in terms of connecting and a deeper level with another human being. Such is life.

  40. I love Aspies, BTW – I find their eccentricities endearing <3 My ruler (Venus) is OOB on top of the aforementioned Sun/Uranus action, so I think this goes quite a way towards explaining my preference for more unconventional, offbeat companions. My current BFF is an Aquarius (not an Aspie, though, LOL).

    1. I’m very fond of them as friends & raconteurs too! Less so as lovers, I’m too empathic Mars in cancer moon-Neptune goo-goo to deal with aspects of their rationalism/ honesty when it comes to lurve…

  41. I totally do think it’s Uranian. Without getting into all the details, let’s say I’ve dated my fair share of Aquarians and after the most recent one I’ll just say this theory seems totally plausible to me. Other than the difficulty w/ emotions thing (huge), it didn’t really bother me, TBH – I’m a Sun/Uranus kid and it’s one of the tightest aspects in my chart so meh; my philosophy is we’re all a little weird somehow! I’m all for embracing neural diversity – there are good and valuable people to be found on all ends of all kinds of “spectrums”. I generally prefer to see people rather than their labels – labels are useful for giving one a broad idea of what flavor(s) they’re dealing with (mine comes in “wacko astrologer”, LOL), but beyond that the variant in individual expression is huge. But if someone just wants to see my label, by all means let it be a dealbreaker because in that case it’s best for us both they steer clear. I’ve got to be free to be me and if you can’t accept that, feel free to find a friend/partner who fits inside your lines by all means – I won’t chase you.

  42. I have a friend who at 50 was just diagnosed with aspergers. Personally I just think he’s way too intelligent and quirky for general society but the diagnosis seems to have been a relief for him. Labels help sometimes I suppose ?
    I think maybe every one is on the spectrum somewhere. This friends latest project was building from scratch a bespoke olive green 1965 convertible Mustang for a billionaire client. It’s taken 2 years and the price was $750k. He built every panel by hand, stitched the upholstery, redesigned virtually every component. This 65 mustang is not a reconditioned one it’s all brand new !
    I’m in awe of his skills and maybe the aspergers sort of helps ? Working alone for 2 years in his workshop striving for the perfection of every one of the hundreds of parts. It’s totally mental but beautiful.

    1. Wonder about Saturn placements, and aspects from Saturn to Venus, and Mars. Refinement and luxe, the craft of beauty, and the dedication.

      Labels may give a sense of having a place, rather than always being an outsider or misunderstood.

      Asperger’s and autistic people i know well are quite sensitive and love to have their work appreciated. Not too different from anyone else, i guess! But it seems like more of a battle for them since people around tend to need small talk and social stuff before they feel like validating that person. We can’t help but be who we are, but how frustrating it is to feel or have felt all your life you’re somehow “unacceptable” or unaccepted.

      I’ll bet your Aries directness is welcomed by your friend! No reading obscure cues, no mistakes or inadvertent offence. I think my Merc in Aries is appreciated by those Asp types in my life, so i actually feel kind of validated by them 🙂

      1. Yeah I’m going to look into his Astro a bit more. He is single, no kids and his dad just passed. He’s been spending a lot of time with us and I’ve offered to help him grow his biz. He’s a truly worthwhile person and yes, my nature makes him laugh. In Hebrew culture they say you take on the attributes of the biblical character you were named after and David was always found communing with the outcasts, in that respect I do have a tendency to appreciate and get close to that group. I think it’s my 12th house moon in gem. They trust me and I them.

      2. “Labels may give a sense of having a place, rather than always being an outsider or misunderstood.”

        Hmm. I hear you Mille, however a thought I want to share as a Uranian dominant type, is that I have a hard time accepting that this would be the case. I see where you are coming from and I see the truth in your statement(and there is), but I feel the statement there is more for the other side of the equation, not the Uranian. I dare say Uranians dont really go around looking for fitting into a place with others. The relief David mentions in his friend is perhaps the relief that the friend knows what to say to others so that
        he feels some sort of acceptance and tolerance from others as he is, finally. David can confirm or deny my conjecture here, but I would imagine its not about the Uranian’s personal sense of acceptance, its a label for the people around him so that they can “accept” him, and thus *their behavior* changes around him. Giving him relief to just be who he is without having to explain, reassure, etc.

        Perhaps there might be some Uranians that are interested in how they fit into the spectrum touted by others simply out of trying to understand group mechanics or simple curiosity, but I personally doubt that finding a place in a group that they have no real connection with a significant priority. Finding a place amongst true peers, however – a strong yes. Might explain their strong preoccupation with certain subjects or hobbies, its the one of the few things they truly vibe with.

        Just a thought xx

        1. Yes i totally understand.

          I couldn’t re-craft my wording at all well, so i left it.

          I am thinking of the depression some Uranian types in my world have been experiencing. How can i put it? Less about acceptance by the tribe, and more feeling that how they approach their sense of task is a valid contribution.

          They seem gifted with a unique perspective to me, but i think they run up against so much negative feedback that creates limitation or blocks, including frustration from others, that best efforts often result in their own frustration.

          Er, still not articulating it the best, i feel, because i don’t want to post in detail about someone else’s actual story, but i agree with your distinction.

          And thanks for your incredibly respectful wording! That’s thoughtful.

          1. I totally understand what you are saying here Mille. No apology or explanation needed, and thanks for your incredibly sensitive and thoughtful viewpoint throughout the thread btw. Not many care to linger or understand. If more people took the time to ponder re this as you do, I’m sure there would be a lot more well balanced, healthy, thriving Uranians in this world. 🙂

  43. yay, am aspie and sagitarian, lots of crossovers there -the chronic foot in mouth, blunt, open, honesty etc… isms either way.

    1. Wanted to mention that in Australia, two leading brains on female autism spectrum disorders are Tony Attwood and Tania Marshall. I saw Tania for assessment, and the whole process was so cathartic 🙂 A link to Tania’s site and her great books on female aspies:

  44. I was just thinking exactly this! Right this second! Maybe I am in the autism or aspergers spectrum. Then I took the cell phone and open facebook and saw this.
    I think that’s answer my question. And sometimes I think I don’t know like someone is listening my thoughts even or I am that connected with the whole. Thank you for your online wisdom!

  45. Follow up response, I’ve just read the list (double Aquarius, btw) and I relate to the majority of it but again, I may be a bit odd but I don’t think that even to have ALL of those qualities qualifies as some sort of condition.

  46. I’ve always thought that aspergers and autism are just misunderstood high levels of psychic sensitivity. Basically, as a few other people have sort of already said: characteristics which don’t conform to current societal norms and therefor must be ‘disorders’ and labeled and ‘treated’. I think it’s an evolutionary leap that those outside the spectrum can’t relate to.

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