How To Be More Scorpio

Scorpios themselves are often baffled by their archetypal Scorpio sign traits. “I don’t have any of them,” they’ll sniff disdainfully, deftly concealing an incoming message notification from scrutiny.

Like ultra-rich people who ‘don’t care about money’, they don’t measure “sexiness” as a metric and couldn’t care less whether someone thinks they have sex appeal.

Superficial people calling them ‘obsessive’ is an omen they’re on the correct path. Note: In Scorp-O-Vision, practically everything/everyone is superficial. They’ll say they’re not new age or don’t believe in astrology but their desk is always aligned to Betelgeuse or they have the Necromonicon downloaded onto their phone.

Read on for more Scorpionic traits.

From an early age, Scorpios are aware of a primordial energy source that they can tap into via that very same emotion that non-Scorpios deem ‘obsession.’ This same Plutonic Swamp Water enables them to quickly perceive covert activity or dead-energy-fields where someone has locked up a secret and thrown away the key. Not that they’re suspicious. Like Cedric Bixler-Zavala (Sun, Venus + Mars in Scorpio), they think paranoia is a hallucinogen. 

21st Century Scorpios are proud of their emblem, the Scorpion. Never mind the ‘phoenix’ or ‘dove’ aspects, whatever: Scorpions are where it is at. These desert creatures are able to control their metabolism, custom-blend their venom, and stay submerged underwater without stress for over 24 hours. They have a fluorescent component in their exoskeleton (think armor) which means they glow neon under ultraviolet lights or Full Moon rays.

The Scorpion species is 300 million years old and was probably the oldest land-dwelling creature. In awe of their survival skills and magical traits, the ancient world revered them. Sacred scorpions were kept at the temple of Ishtar and Serket, below, was the Ancient Egyptian Scorpion goddess. Her disciples were healers, specializing in bone-setting, antidotes to poison, and curse removal.

I’m basically a witch,” says New Zealand musician Lorde, sporting a skeleton necklace and citing Bowie as a spirit guide.

Enraptured by complexity and drawn to the depths, Scorpios are religious. They’d probably prefer to say that they are ‘spiritual people’ but that sounds too flimsy, a bit gerbera. They’re not Serenity Signallers and they don’t engage with anything unless they completely understand it. Religious is a better word for their passionate exploration of undercurrents.

Scorp musos like “I’m all about Pluto” Bjork, Frank Ocean, and Anthony Kiedis are more Metaphysical Shamans. Their eloquent takes on taboo topics light the way for more timid souls. People talk about Sagittarians being outspoken but nobody is more direct and fearless than a Scorpio who has engaged. Eg: The academic and activist  Ayaan Hirsi Ali. See this Vulture magazine interview with Thandie Newton talking about sexual predators, sexist scripts, and specific racism for another example.

Scorpios don’t court controversy; they’ve got a long-time thing going on with it.

Aside from the obvious Goth themes, the Scorpio aesthetic can be difficult to define. Sunglasses, yes. Black? Not since Saturn in Capricorn. That color intensifies Saturn/Capricorn energy which can be good for career and focus but Scorpios have had Uncle Pluto in Capricorn since the G.F.C. Enough was enough.

The designer Rick Owens, who says he is inspired by “death, mortality and utopia” hones his creativity with cold showers as well as “chain-smoking in bed and watching old movies.”

For archetypal Scorpio inspo, read Super-Cannes or High Rise, by the triple-Scorpio surrealist J.G. Ballard. When a publisher rejected his novel Crash, suggesting that he seek psychiatric help, the author was thrilled, seeing it as a sign of artistic success.

Or, read your dream diary religiously, a la Ryan Gosling. That’s your hotwire to the meta-realms, whether or not you’ve got Scorpio privilege. FYI,  Gosling has hired fellow Scorp Charlie Kaufman to adapt The Memory Police, by Yoko Agawa, a novel about a dystopian surveillance state that Ballard would have loved.

You cannot simply become a Scorpio – it is a metaphysical state, although Pluto transits will approximate la vie en Scorp fairly well, as well any 8th house action – natal or transit. As for Scorpios, they become more scorped up with every transformation or dive into their esoteric depths.


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  1. I really love this post and also the photo of Ryan Gosling wearing his Scorpio jacket, seen from the back… Venus in Scorpio here 🌋

  2. I actually created an instagram page for Moon in Scorpio peeps and the peeps who love them…cause I felt like I needed a support group. It’s such a defining aspect of my existence and so damn lonely at times.

  3. When something is so perfectly correct and complete as this it is hard to know how to comment. I will say I have Scorpio Moon as does/did my little bro, and we have a hard-to-know Scorpio mother. Her psychologist said, quite unprofessionally I might add, she had never met someone so ‘closed’. She is just a Scorpio who didn’t like or respect you Doctor! Cedric Bix-Zav has all the poses, I wish I had his core strength. Further to his hypothesis of paranoia as a hallucinogen, I read that paranoia is associated with a kind of hyper vigilance of personality that lead to survival in the jungles of Papua New Guinea for indigenous villagers. True or untrue, Papua now evokes a Scorpio energy for me.

    1. As they say, the Moon in one’s natal chart represents, among other things, how that person experienced their mother….so you and your brother definitely knew your mother as how she truly was.

      I’m also a Scorp Sun, and it’s taken 3 decades and countless appointments to (at last!) find a psychologist who I feel comfortable with. And yeah, your mother’s psych sounds third-rate.

  4. Would you include scorpio risings in this??I really connected with it. i also have pluto in scorpio in my first house and mars in the 8th house in cancer.

    1. No no no. Scorpio risings will shine another time 😂. Let Scorpio suns shine for once. Let us enjoy the spotlight 😄😊 haaaa

    2. Definitely! And Moons too. Scorpio Suns are uber Scorpio, but I gotta say, I live my Moon practically even it I look like a Leo doing it (I have Leo Sun, Gem Asc).

      1. Year of the Phoenix

        No nobody knows the depths of my Scorp Moon soul. My Virgo Asc + Sun + Pluto are all people see until I choose to show them more

  5. Mars in scorp in my 7th house, pluto in scorp in my 7th house, South node in Scorpio in 7th house…. I’m starting to think my scorpion is missing a leg… Self sacrificed for ethereal/esoteric knowledge? I almost feel that.. Having Scorpio in the 8th house may be a little less…obtrusive? There are moments when I feel extra confrontational, but in a quietly subdued capricorn psycho kinda way.. Rather than overtly Scorpio. whatever it is, my capricorn sun, mercury, Venus, neptune, vesta all in my 9th and 10th houses combines so intensely with all this Scorpio. Talk about dark lucid dreams and finding all the hidden meanings and truth. Both in my professional dealings and my personal relationships. I go back and forth between treating my relationships like business and becoming passionately infatuated for a time..but to speak on the intuitive knowings that i gather from some cosmic information download, I find the superficials label it bipolar, obsessive, get the idea. I also feel that scorpio being a water sign is more of a pot of water on a burner, subtly climbing to a boil..rather than the comforting embrace of mother ocean.

  6. I have Scorpion Sun / Uranus and, without trying at all, I freak out fake and insincere people. Wondering if anyone else experiences this? I could be zoning out in some reverie and suddenly I’m being asked if I am mad or upset about something… Or, I hear that someone thinks I don’t like them, when I have barely given that person two seconds of thought. My intuitive assessments upon meeting people are generally dead on, but I don’t like wasting energy on disliking people even if they are quite unlikeable. I just file it away and move on with life, but it’s like they know I know… something. When I was younger, these kinds of reactions made me felt like a freak, but I realized I don’t have this “image problem” with genuine and honest human beings.

    1. I have sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio in the 5th house and really relate to what you said. I’m always so surprised people think I don’t like them, and rarely actually dislike anyone I just don’t think about them at all!

    2. This resonates with me – I’m Scorp Sun conjunct Pluto in 5th. I don’t freak out at fake people but it’s like this feeling of immediate “whatever” mode when I meet superficial peeps. I can make small talk, listen, etc and be nice but – if I am around a close friend after meeting them, I’m usually, like “Well she/he kinda sucked”… and they usually ask “oh, but why? They were so nice!”… Ugh. “nice”. And like you, I’m usually right; they’re not a genuine person. So frustrating! Why can’t people just be real!?

      On the flip side… I also understand the “real” that I am asking from people requires a great amount of courage to look inwards and to really take a look at themselves. It takes work and well… it’s hard work. I think that’s how I’ve managed to look past the “You’re fake” type of disdain and see them as people who aren’t comfortable with certain aspect of themselves (I mean who is?)/or haven’t gone through/committed to the trenches of self-growth that I value. It’s never ending and daunting. So I get it. We’re all addicted to something and sometimes it’s avoiding oneself.

  7. Dear Mystic,

    I’m not a Scorpio, I’m a Virgo 8th house Sun with Saturn and Jupiter in Libra 8th house as well (capricorn rising), Venus, Lilith, Uranus, Juno, MC all in Scorpio, fortunately not in the 8th house, the heavens thought is already enough to have them in scorpio already, thank God!

    May I consider myself Scorpionic, although I am not a Scorpio? Cause I surely feel I am one of them…

  8. I’ve had an intensely Scorpionic year. Weight loss due to existential angst and psychic impressions about things that it might be better for me not to know. With my Taurus sun, it’s something that would well serve me to acquire/get use to. Naivety squashed and I keep explaining to my friends (somewhat in jest) that I am a Scorpio now.

  9. Want to know more about Serkhet? A few years ago i went on a soul-research bender into the Fixed Star i have rising, flagged by the Oracle’s messages: Antares is identified with Zrkhet. Deep bow to Mystic’s Oracle, and gratitude to subscriber Calidor for providing Selqet’s asteroid number.

    I have it conjunct Venus IC, along with some other witch asteroids, and in return to Calidor and all Scorpio influenced want to give you one link start to a deep soul research bender into the Antares Srkht connection:

    This inspired some bizarre channelling into glyph call8graphy, poetry and drawing, when i found it. Hope Scorp types search Serkhet and get the Neptunian Life Coaching Art channel buzzing on! Come deeper into the ocean where primitive fish have their own reading light.

    Cor Scorpionus. Weird in middle of Sag, but nice counterpoint for me, with 0 degree Scorpio to begin cusp of my 12th house. When i was 14 i miscalculated myself as Scorp Rising, and much of it read true for my childhood and later resurrection out of dark 12th house themes.

  10. im hoping that one more person with a house spouse job hobby career and bank account complains to me this week. one. i’m hoping just one more does.

    in person, not here. not in the quiet safety zone of a comment section.

    in real life.

    feeling that scorpio come minute by minute closer to the progressed acendant, while the sun stays in the 8th house regardless.

    1. That’s interesting, because I have 2 kids, and my oldest is a super-Scorp (Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Ascendant, NN), and my youngest is a super-Aries (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus). I like the idea that when they’re a bit older (they’re quite young now) my youngest will be able to help out his sister in the way that you describe, and that his addition is some ballast to the family astro-blend.

  11. Well, Mystic, you did an audio chart for me several years ago and the word “Shaman” was used several times. Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Neptune Venus in 8th House, Sun conjunct Neptune, both at 13 degrees Scorpio. I have a “second shift” while I’m asleep;busy in the astral plane.I should be paid by some cosmic employer. Dreamed about Beirut explosion and woke up from that dream exactly 30 minutes before it happened. I could go on and on. I love your stuff Mystic, you’re the best astrologer on the interwebs!!!

    1. I hear you regards the ‘work’ that one may be involved with regards astral body activity. There have been times in my life when it was clear to me that ‘waking’ life was for rest and the ‘sleeping’ life was my work. Rest assured that none of this astral activity would have begun without your agreement and that at that time the terms of the agreement would have included the benefits of fulfilling it, along with an out clause. Try and think back to the time when that agreement was made. Imagine now a timeline like a measuring tape between then and now. Imagine now another tape from then that shows a timeline from then to now without that agreement. Try now to put a value on the difference between the two and you will see if the agreement is working for you.

      1. Thank you David. It is a labor of love and I wholeheartedly agree that I agreed to do the “work.”😊

  12. And talking of 8th house activity on the money front. Don’t know if I have stated that I got a sizeable pay rise this season and within minutes of me receiving it my Captain was on the phone saying “seeing as you’re now paid all this cash you can start to do more work for it “. Basically because I won’t do the basic deck work which falls in his department because it means my department falls short, he has been so pissed off. I work 14-18 hours a day. So I basically told him to fire me. In actual fact I should have walked months ago but damn it I deserved that rise and got it. Seeing as he’s not been given a rise in over four years. I also told him if he wasn’t man enough to ask was I to blame. And it’s so peeved him since that he messed with my holiday pay and got me into a wrangle with our hr company. In total… I need a new boat.

    1. WHAT is the Captain’s astro?!?!? Btw, i love reading your work updates. Just find them and you so incredible, what with my old “never love a sailor” thing. Can love you, Sailor, Mme Amazing, i think my Cap Mars feels a thread in your waters that i also have to face on land.

      1. You two. That’s so hilarious. I’ve a cappi friend who keeps telling me I should write this stuff. But you’re right, it’s only here under my incognito that I can rant about a tiny bit of my life. You want to hear the rest of it… as to the captains astro, well here’s the daft thing. He’s adopted and states his birth certificate does not have the right date so he is officially a Gemini but says he has another date and refuses to give it to me because I’d steal his soul. Ha! I don’t want it. That’s half the problem. I don’t want him. That pisses him off too
        So Gemini I can really feel that. But some big agro mars or Aries stuff too and anything else that’s truly wimpy under the bravado.

      2. Ah, yes, those that ‘truly’ don’t want to be found for who they are, yet create a tangle with a Kool Katakan influence! Big aggro = pass aggro and you don’t rise to the bait. Amazing! Yeh, the Pisces types want SailorWoman’s memoirs 😁 it helps heal a whole lotta mermaid and boy sailor stories we carry ( n throw to the more present Gary 😘, Chrysalis, non?)

  13. Confused… does having scorpio north node make me fairly scorpionic? Also, uranus in scorpio in 10th?…. I’m guessing I’ll just keep was resonates… 2019 was much harder than 2020, so over everything right now!

  14. Neptune in scorp 7th house and Pallas and Juno conjunct in scorp in the 8th. Have a triple Scorpio friend who is a workaholic, bad judge of men, very fun and fiercely loyal. I’m drawn to the intensity and dark side and scorpionic themes like death and secrets as I get older. I wouldn’t recommend crossing one!

    1. You must be my era. I’m Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th conj SN. that all trines with cancer 5th and Pisces asc. I have an easy relationship with death and cycles. An intensity to have the real person please stand up but cannot seem to get to the money owing to you stuff. I’m just not cut throat enough. It’s my Pisces asc that foils me every time.

    2. Have Pluto Saturn & Mars in 8th house, could explain why my nightly dreams feature rellies and friends that have parted for the happy hunting ground.Am enthralled by the ‘after-life’. You mentioned the workaholic aspect i wondered about with Scorpios.

    3. If one has crossed you, then you work years with your other living and dead Scorpios, and never read the first so-called victory as the last. You have to keep drawing out the poison over years, and be grateful for the soul work. And remember that when their death comes, only your work and pain will release your karma.

    4. I have 4 Scorpio placements and I think you just described me above. Once you’re ‘mine’ I will do anything for you, but I cannot CANNOT judge men at all.

    1. Yes, did Kiedis have a ghost writer? Seem to recall reading past year or so that he did. Flea is Pisces. Check the Astro Flash for 17th century wisdom: Dave Navarro b 7 June!!! Enjoy your reading, and wow out with the astro 🤩

      1. And soz about the 7 june wrong date! Far out, i am so over administrivia from work, and more than i realised! Mars really agitates my brain

  15. Scorpio Moon, with stellium in 4th.. Amd so thankful it’s finally Scorpio Season! Its like the fog and haze have lifted and I’m all in!!

  16. The Scorpio Mysteries! Know them quite well from having a Scorp mother born on a Friday 13. Brushed off my airy fairy ways when i was young but had the first crystal egg ever polished on her desk and wore a star of david, a cross & number 13 on a neck chain and thought ‘the only crime was being caught’.Guess that means having a STEALTH persona.
    In retrospect feel sorry for her having a multi-Sagg ‘tell it all’ nature daughter to her ‘keep it all hidden’ one. We’ll sort that out in the next life, those secrets affected me deeply. She was a man magnet and epitome of cool sophistication, so i became a tom-boy. Laughed when that book came out ‘My Mother-Myself’ as always had mother-issues and was told once by an astrologer (Bernadette Brady) that having Moon mid heaven can be about the mother.
    After her 3rd True Love died she blamed her birthdate and sunk into a severe depression followed up (or cured) by 14 hour x 6 day work days.Scorpio trait? Cover it up with work?
    Do love me a Scorp, a more loyal friend one could ever have apart from a Capricorn.

  17. I’m scorpio moon, my son is scorpio rising, we both have what my partner calls “the look” when we’re tired of his antics (he’s sag-rising and can’t help being silly). Lately into grey and khaki green.

  18. OMG how did you know about no more black (almost)? I thought I lost my Scorpiness in the past two years because of a developing aversion to wearing black. Geez…

    1. IKR! Black (punctuated with navy) was my go-to for decades but noticed a trend towards deep teals and purples. Thought I was either a poseur or getting old.

      1. Getting old = powerful wisdom & experience & deeper learning opportunities = Hekate Style. Happy Halloween and happy morphing

      1. God, its true.. I just love black, I can´t not. But
        I bought brown boots this year. The first time since 1993.
        I´ve also managed navy pinstripe and tortoise shell, forest green and several prints on black. I absolutely love blood red but its not an easy colour to find- the proper deep hue. There was also a brick/plum jacket from ebay this week and a few shades of dark grey. I stood back the other day and smiled at all the colour in my wardrobe now. I love colours a lot, I mix them, but to wear them myself requires breathing into a paper bag.

  19. Crystallised future

    As someone with a fairly full 8th house (as does my youngest daughter)we understand my double scorpio son (sun bang on scorpio ascendant) but he baffles a lot of people – they can’t ‘read’ him, which baffles him, lol! Difficult for him as a kid as adults couldn’t put him in a box but he’s growing into his mystique. 🙂

  20. Thanks. A great post as always and very relevant now, Survival preservation in a triple conjunction (of dense earth outer bodies for this) year. Progressed scorpio rising now, mid degrees, and closer to my natal Juno, Neptune. This year has been less about spooks, more of past haunts and learning to face demons. Mars transiting now my 8th would probably be uncomfortably inconjunct that, and I certainly sensed it. The occult fascination is always alive but its peripheral to all the other energies that seem to speak symbolically too.

  21. actually my favourite scorpion is very ill
    i always thought i’d end up with him, but im finally being shown that this isnt going to be
    end of an illusion
    we share the same birthday, although he’s nine yrs older than me
    yes, i did a synastry chart from mystic:
    my merc opp his n node
    my n node / sun conj his mc
    his sun conj my n node / sun
    his venus conj my n node / sun
    its very sad, he’s amazing, im just hoping i get to see him one last time
    he will be back in this country for treatment in a few wks
    goddamn ❤️🦂

  22. My Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st house and ruling venus in the 8th applauds! A disproportionate amount of my nearest and dearest are Scorp suns/rising/moon/something prominent, and I am happy for it. Left a relationship with a very unhealthy Scorp earlier this year, and a couple of spider mates helped me get out of it, so very familiar with being stung and helped by them in equal measures.

  23. Very interesting interview! I love what he said: every day is Halloween! Crazy and scary the part about the ouija and the lyrics.

  24. Far-out action pose by Cedric Bixler-Zavala!
    Lo-o-o-ve the Scorps with their deep hues & acid humour (Chart ruler Venus is flanked by Pluto & Mars) …. i’m like a moth to a flame.

    Trivia: Just finished reading that Madonna refused to work with DJ & producer David Guetta when she found out he was a Scorpio. She liked his work & was wanting him to work on her new album. According to Guetta, they were having lunch & getting on splendidly. Then she asked what his sign was. When he answers Scorpio: “Suddenly, she makes a face and she says to me, ‘I’m sorry, we’re not going to be able to work together. It was a pleasure to know you. Goodbye!’”
    WTF, Madge?!

    1. I seem to recall Madonna being ultra-Cancer? Maybe got a dose of that Scorpio stinger from someone in the past and swore off for life!

      1. Leos and Scorps sometimes spat because one is the sun and the other, a black hole… incompatible as both intend the drawing of every eye/every energy.

        I have to say I can’t imagine a good David Guetta\Madge integration…

    2. I find this sort of thing so dumb but funny, usually because there is some giant conjunction, trine or magical Jupiter component in another persons chart with completely different but more important alignments if you are getting on famously that completely tops your only possible sun square.

      1. Yes. Also can’t help thinking of the adage that (with some people) a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Not to mention that when you stop projecting & get over yourself, working with squares & overcoming their difficulties is when real magic happens.

    3. Not sure if anyone has been keeping up with the Danny Masterson arrest, 3 charges of rape in LA and Scientology supposedly been accused of fear tactics to silences victims. Cedric BZ is married to one of the survivors and two of their dogs were poisoned, which Scientology has been caught doing to it’s detractors in the past. Anyway, they picked a worthy opponent in Cedric; he is hell-bent to seeing them get due justice.

  25. Love this blog and have always had an appreciation for Scorpio’s, their depth and their loyalty (IF they are on your side, that is). Even if they can be hard to take sometimes. I always found Björk’s Hyper Ballad typically Scorpio – a song about someone who regularly likes to lay on the edge of a cliff, imagining what it would be like to fling herself off of it. This, in order to be able to better appreciate her day-to-day life. ⛰

  26. As a Scorpio rising, 8th house (Gemini) sun I definitely did not realize my own sexiness until in my late 20’s, early 30’s, but it’s a real thing. The blend of the light-Gemini charm with the Scorpio intensity is very powerful when managed with a deft hand (so it doesn’t give people whiplash). I’m recently married and I actually feel like I’m more attractive than ever. Luckily my husband has a Scorpio moon so he’s in tune with my vibe, and Aquarius rising so the last thing he’d ever want is to be possessive. I’m cherishing Scorpio season this year as I have some big career opportunities and due to spiking COVID cases in my city it looks like my household is going back into an unofficial self imposed lockdown. All the better to work my ass off and take advantage of the final Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, conjunct my natal Mars in the 2nd house and trine my natal moon in the 10th. Big money, big career. Hope everyone is staying safe and well!

    1. I had a close childhood friendship with a Gemini/Scorpio and agree that it can be a very beguiling combination. Aquarius ascendant/Moon in Scorpio may not want to be possessive but don’t bet the house on it being the case. Both signs are fixed/intense but know how to play cool…or freezing.

    2. I love that you are planning to amp that transit, sounds golden. I have Gem rising, with Scorp sun and a stellium but I think Scorpio rising looks so Scorpio in the eyes (and moon, that glare can cut glass) and is way more scorpio on first meets/ across a room/ that aura. My asc has made me more gemini at the party in person but my bestie growing up was a sicillian/gypsy scorpio asc with the most hypnotic eyes and could draw people to her like a moth. She loved that power and would drink it like nectar even as a teenager. I felt like her security guard. Actually I was.

  27. My mum was double Scorp – I’m progressed Scorp rising and have Pluto conjunct my Ascendant. All of this resonates.

  28. Ever since your Southern Hemisphere revelations- and thus finding out that I am a Scorpio Mars, Pluto and RISING (not Taurus ASC)… everything makes so much sense. Soooooo much more sense. Sun & Venus are still trine Neptune & Uranus in the 8th, so I’m still a slippery Neptunian Uranian nightmare child… but VIVA LA SCORP 💀🤍🏴

  29. Couldn’t resist my Scorpionic Sun etc nature and had to look up the asteroid number for Selqet – 136 818 as soon as I finished this article. Discovered that my natal Selqet is conjunct my natal Mercury in Scorpio (and conjunct my natal asteroid Prometheus in Scorpio too, just for lols). Transit Mercury and transit Selqet are heading towards them…am very excited and thanks again Mystic

    1. Oooh thanks for the Selqet number, Calidor. Woke up today in a v dark mood about the general shite going down in the world ATM, and went back to sleep whereupon i had obsessive revenge reveries about how to take down several world tech tycoons using poison – that time-honoured technique for eliminating enemies. So no surprise to find out natal Selqet is on my SN – but also that trans Selqet is on my Asc. 🙂

    2. Thanks for the asteroid number, Calidor! This is an important deity for me since a star research bender couple or so years ago. And finding it in my chart using your reference was an illuminating journey back to those saved sites.

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