Astrology Moon Calendar

Moon Calendar

This Astrological Moon Calendar has accurate data for any location on Earth.

It shows the exact time for…

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    Moon Signs – Including the precise moment that the Moon enters each sign.
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    New & Full Moon Calendar – along with the degree of the zodiac sign that they occur in.
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    Void Moon phases – These occur frequently and last from a few minutes up to an entire day. They’re the secret timing weapon of many an astral insider.
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    The planetary shifts into a new sign – for example, Mercury into Gemini or Venus entering Scorpio.
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    Mercury, Venus, and Mars Retrograde phases.
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    Fortunate days – for relationships, health, celebrations, study, and more, as well as useful alerts for less optimal days.


Following the lunar calendar is an extremely effective style of Astrology. It’s also the easiest!

Simply select the timezone for your location & click Go.

Moon Calendar Key


As the starting point of the lunar month, New Moons represent fresh ideas and emotions. They’re a celestial startover cue, a reliably revitalizing influence, and, in general, a brilliant moment for successful beginnings. Read more.


Full Moons don’t have to be dramatic but they’re a polarity: the Moon opposes the Sun, emphasizing contradictions within people’s psyches and relationships. The upside of these lunar flashpoints?  Radical Clarity.


The 48 hours preceding the New Moon is a so-called Dark Moon, even if it includes more than one actual Moon sign. It’s the end of the lunar cycle and a good time to let go of things – literally and metaphysically – that need to go.


The Void Moon is the time between the Moon’s last aspect in a particular sign and its entrance into the next Moon sign. They’re spooky little tangents of opportunity and inspiration that are worthwhile tracking.


Venus-influenced days (and nights!) are fabulous for romantic harmony, sensuality, and intimacy. They also enhance people’s appreciation of beauty, music, scent, and – broadly – pleasure. Fashion and aesthetic choices made at these times are rarely regretted.


Zap Zone days are turbulent and demand focus or the avoidance of known trouble zones. Yet the same challenging planetary aspects are catalysts which can force growth or help clear the air. Working with them gives you an undeniable astrological advantage.


Certain combinations of Moon and planetary cycles are exceptional for study, quality research, coding, project planning and coming up with new creative concepts. Got an apparently unsolvable problem? Beam some quality thought time at it on a genius day.


Some of us are more open to metaphysical insights than others, but it’s easier to sense other dimensions during these moments of heightened intuition. They’re amazing for psychotherapeutic pursuits, shamanic journeying, dream analysis, and meditation.


Hard work and ingenuity are the base components of the success formula. Aligning your efforts with astrologically prosperous phases is the secret ingredient. Money Moons (they include planetary aspects) are exceptional for freeing up cashflow and acquiring funding. They’re also just damn lucky!


Beneficial blends of Moon and Planetary influences generate an optimal atmosphere for recovery, life-enhancing health decisions, sharp, accurate diagnosis of nebulous symptoms, smooth -running medical procedures and vitality.

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