Venus Signs And Beauty Routines

Your Venus sign reflects your attitude toward skincare, grooming, cosmetic aesthetic, and self-maintenance. Do you know your Venus sign? If yes, read on. If not, you can find out via one of my instant Astral DNA reports.

Some people feel a skincare regime to be insanely comforting, a guaranteed this-will-happen ritual. It’s meditative; no matter what else fails to come to fruition that day, they will care for their complexion. It is similar to the way people in the military get taught to make their beds immaculately every day. It is a ritual of intellectual order and an affirmation that they will return to it that evening.

Others loathe the very concept of anything regimented but invest psychic energy into cosmetics. It takes on totemic value, like my meteorites experience.  Everything around us is charged with energy. Ask any shaman or quantum physicist.

Rituals, affirmations, and spells intensify an energetic transaction that is already taking place. If you are going to be doing something anyway, you may as well put some magic into it. Cleaning your teeth, for example, is a way of honoring Saturn and his associated themes of structure, bone, and longevity. To wash your face with a beautiful smelling floral essence infused cleanser is acknowledging Venus.

Venus in Aries Needs Things To Happen Fast.

If you’re wise about the products you’re using – or make them yourself – you’re also supporting a healthy ecology – yours and that of the planet.

But back to your Venus sign and how it influences your style of upkeep. Here are my thoughts. Venus in Aries is the most likely to attempt cold showers and fast-tracked revamps. Results by next week are not good enough. Venus in Taurus is a traditionalist in perfume and skincare, investing in quality products and names that they trust.

If you have Venus in Gemini, your attention span is fleeting. You don’t want a regime, and you’re bored by doing the same thing all the time. But if there is an “it” lip gloss, you have it already. The Venus in Cancer person likes comfort and textural pleasure; a fluffy fresh white face cloth and music playing while a face mask soaks in. They can go all High Priestess at the altar when applying face oils for the evening.

If your Venus sign is Leo, you appreciate dramatic results and theatrical makeup effects. You will be on excellent terms with a beauty therapist and see high maintenance as a sign of self-respect. Venus in Virgo researches products like a scientist on a deadline for a dictator. They find out how to get the active ingredient for as little cost as possible. And, not only that, without add-ins like lubricants and probably poisonous scent.

Venus in Virgo Is All About The Active Ingredient

If your Venus sign is Libra, you’re adept at beauty. You’re a Venus Person, and you gain sensual pleasure from every aspect of self-care. Venus in Scorpio people are more likely to be obsessed with a modality: Hot Yoga, Colonics, Raw Food Diet, Acupuncture. It will be a belief system, and everything else will ping off that.

The Venus in Sagittarius person is classically low-maintenance and disdains money spent on product or make-up when they could be skiing, traveling, or doing something. Being hyperactive and open-minded is their beauty regime. Venus in Capricorn has old-money approaches to all of it. They’re more likely to religiously keep appointments with their dentist, dermatologist, and Pilates teacher than enhance features.

If your Venus sign is Aquarius, you have a digital consciousness and may alternate between forgetting you have a body and taking up super-ahead-of-the-Zeitgeist approaches to beauty. Aquarius Venus people will purchase a lung exercising machine to improve their complexion before booking a peel.

Finally, Venus in Pisces, the Venus of fluidity and moods. If this is your Venus sign, you could spend weeks with a regime that barely involves cleaning your teeth and then whirl up into a ten-step face care routine.


Image: Sylvie Vartan – a Leo with Venus in Virgo – backstage at the Palais De Congres, Paris – 1975

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  1. This is hilarious and so on point – I am Venus in Aries and “Results by next week are not fast enough” made me laugh out loud – more like results literally as I smoosh the cream on!😆 I so WISH my routine were like the Venus in Cancer priestess-at-altar, but at the moment my (mirror-less) get-up is buying toxin/phthalate/paraben/cruelty-free shower gel (doubles as shampoo) and washing face with cotton flannel in shower. Done.🙄🙏

  2. Pisces Sun Leo Rising. I don’t do anything that seems to equate with self-care / beauty regime. The only thing different I’ve felt compelled to do lately is I’ve started washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner for the first time in 3 years. Don’t really think about wearing makeup unless I’m ‘going out’. I’ll shave my legs and underarms in summer. I used to go to the gym but I’ve given that up in the last 2 months and just going with the flow of however fat I get.

  3. As a Horse, grooming me gives me total delight.
    If not working reading watching HBO series or shopping and writing lists, then i’m grooming myself from top to toe. Grooms are not easy to find nowadays..

        1. Hmmm, *mindful touch is a form of loving*. So very true – it is essential to life.
          Very premature babies can die if not touched. Those that are touched and gently massaged thrive and live.
          I adore being touched & groomed too – which is probably why we do bodywork? 🙂

  4. Leo sun. My routine is mostly hair related LOL. Usually I wash with ‘No poo’ products by deva curl. once every 3 days or so. Today I bought an instyler thing with a brush for smoothing and spent an hour straighting my hair~ very unusual for me lol… For beauty routine I’ve been using some plant derived products by Origins, but I’m always trying the next new thing never stuck on any particular product.(12th house leo sun, venus/uranus conjunct in leo1st house)

  5. I have a 2 stage routine to get myself feeling better. A nice close shave and a no. 2 all over buzz cut. Shaving the face has to be the best exfoliate ever and hair to me is the remnant of the past that once gone feels like 20kgs is off your shoulders. Now I understand that women don’t shave their faces and few can give themselves a no. 2 every few weeks but I’m telling you girls it’s magic 😉

    1. Clean shaven legs, David have a silken feel, waxing smoother of course but the aloe vera suffused Venus shaver is the one!
      When i’m behind the person,at the head of the mass table and a person has a buzz cut which tickles my middle when i reach for their spine feels super cute 🙂
      Was told Ancient Egyptians plucked EVERY hair from their body.
      Strangely is was Scorpio mother who told me now i remember.

  6. I think there’s something wrong with me… Venus in Cancer in the first house. I kind of use whatevs. Water? Hemp oil.
    First house is Aries though.. So I guess not so interested in such things.

    Venus square Pluto natally. No rituals, no totems, no skin interest at all.
    I am amazed how popular this conversation is! I enjoy reading these comments, it’s enlightening.

    1. Rock on! I have always envied those not interested in primping. A lot of hours are wasted each day trying to groom. I have a few friends who just roll out of bed and toss on some clothes and go to work like that. They are lucky to spray on deodorant or brush hair.

      I tried that sort of lifestyle while I was sick and dying to conserve energy. I tried ‘keeping kesh’ (like not cutting or grooming hairs) for like a year. I couldn’t keep doing it. I’m too venusian. Decorating the temple (myself) is how I show myself I love myself.

      1. Well, I even have Sun in the Temple of Venus (I like this – no house – a Temple!) Leo in the Second House.

        I do wear makeup, and I used to put quite a lot of effort in as I enjoy art and considered this a form of art! Just the skin issue.. healthy glow stuff. I dunno, I think it comes from the inside too.

  7. I
    I LOATHE wearing mascara as it ALWAYS comes off around my eyes no matter which mascara and or primer I use. I’m just so over peer at my reflection at some random mirror when I’m out and about and having to rub all around my eyes trying to remove the black panda smudges. So not sexy or cool. I’ve pretty much stopped wearing it altogether lately in protest of this. I never thought I would as I love lashes but nix on the panda look and nix on “how do I look?” make-up malfunction paranoia syndrome.
    I’m tinting and going without too. I’ve been using an eyebrow gel that is supposed to create length and volume in the eyebrows on my eyelashes because it has that cool mascara brush applicator and it’s like a clear conditioner gel that disappears in seconds and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. My sporadic use of it means I have yet to notice any effect but friends have seen results using a similar product for eyelashes. I find the eyelash one stings my eyes a bit and the applicator is this weird brush thing that doesn’t work on eyelashes IMO – poor design, but I figure the eyebrow one is the same type of product.
    The mascara issue.
    Yes. I feel that.

    1. I bought mine on amazon for ten bucks and it’s lasted forever. I’m guessing Eye Envy is a similar product?

    2. Same have not worn the rabid stuff for years.
      No it doesn’t ‘open’ the eyes, just makes a mess on everything it touches.
      DIY tinting is cool and easy 10 mins.

  8. I’m up in the shack and i’d forgotten my bath bag – which contains the few potions i do have – in the van which is parked 5 kms down a steep, windy road. Normally i would have freaked and hiked back down for it – Libra Rising & a Leo Moon & stellium demand standards. But this time i thought fuq it – i’ll do haute feral. Now i realise that i AM doing a super Pluto-Venusian beauty regime anyway. I’m swimming/washing in the mountain stream every day. I have no soap so I’ve been exfoliating with the sandy soil from the stream. Yesterday i went upstream and sat under a small waterfall for ages to “wash” my hair. I’m on a diet of wild cherries, plums & nuts; drinking infusions of wild rosemary for energy in the morning; and infusions of camomile – which grows just outside the door – before going to bed – so sleeping like a baby. My skin & hair are soft & looking the best they ever have & my dark circles are gone. I’ve hiked down to the one-horse-town for some supplies & screen/media fix, and 2 people have commented on how well i’m looking.
    My Venus-Vesta share same degree and are conjunct natal Pluto.
    Right now trans Venus is ON my Sun.
    I’m training the ravens to braid my hair 😛

    1. God, Skarab, that is the kind of experience I need right now. Pure bliss. I’m giving that a Venus in aries thumbs up for beauty routine. It makes all my pisces 9th house bits electric with happiness. Wild, natural and free. X

  9. fwiw, perfect potion does these really yummy aromatic balms that you smudge wherever e.g. before you go to sleep, their lavender one is transcendental, i’ve had a jar for ages and wasn’t using it fast enough so i am using it more quickly as mega intense hand moisturiser, on feet (i am a pisces, nothing is too good for my feet), cuticles whatever.

  10. With a Libra sun and Taurus moon, you’d think I’d have a serious, complex beauty regimin, but nsm. Lavender soap and inside day moisturizer, spf 15 moisturizer for days when I’ll be spending time outside. Biking, walking, and yoga for exercise (although I could stand to do more of each), and good sleep hygiene whenever I can manage. One new thing for me–I’ve started putting on perfume before going to bed. BPL’s “Vice” is great for falling asleep quickly and dreaming vividly. I’m also thinking of adding the B3 vitamins mentioned above.

  11. I’m addicted to Aesop primrose hydrating moisturiser, that is my one every day beauty ritual. About four days a week i’ll get up early enough to do three salutes to the sun in the morning, better still if I can do a Deepak Chopra 15 minute meditation.

    I ride my bike to work twice a week, yoga class 1-2 times a week, walk and climb stairs as often as possible.

    Always get a really good haircut (my hairdresser of 30 years is amazing) but do my own colour. Currently my grey streaks are showing but I’m about to add some red and blonde streaks to mix it up.

    I love food and eat pretty healthy but I don’t deny myself anything — be it carbs, wine, dark chocolate, or homemade cake. Or cheese, did I mention cheese?

    I think the most important thing about beauty is to *feel* good and to have confidence and swag. And to enjoy yourself !

  12. I’m such a fool. This venus thing for me isn’t about beauty. It’s about relating and pleasure. She’s transiting my 1st house right now, and uranus is conjunct my natal venus. No wonder I’m feeling so zingy. I wish I was born with these aspects! It’s like being permanently upbeat. For the first time in about 4 years the thought of calling friends and socialising actually makes me feel happy, although that could also be the benefit of having a little bit more money to spend.

  13. VenusInCancerMarsInScorpio

    Got REALLY into retinoids with Pluto opposing my 15 degrees Cancer Venus. Then the injections of plasma (my own). Both work magic (my adult acne intensified this spring and now it’s close to non-existent + both the retinoids and the plasma are collagen-building), but with the retinoids there are some side-effects that I’m trying to fight off this week. So it’s a dangerous, plutonian cure))
    + I have a shopping list for the serums I’m going to start using once off the retinoids. That came after months of learning about how cosmetics work because nothing worked for me.
    My sun+venus are in cancer, but my rising sign is scorpio with mars and pluto within a 1-2 degrees orb. So i’m oscillating between a detox-spartan and a nutrition-rich soft self-care regimes.

  14. Ah, beauty posts are my weakness! Libra SN with venus square jupiter! I read all manner of makeup/beauty regimen/style commentary online but am supremely low-key in real life about it as an Aries moon – Sag venus conjunct uranus – Aquarius sun.

    I’ve had a face routine forever though, but only at night since I literally give myself exactly 15 minutes from the second I get out of bed to be dressed, ready & out the door.

    Love the aztec clay mask once a week. My skin glows for days after and it stops pimples in their tracks. Otherwise I exfoliate 2-3x a week and then slather on emu oil and a shea butter concoction. Mineral sunscreen in the morning, a bit of lipstick, and big sunglasses is my daytime aesthetic. Never use soap or even cleanser on my face — too drying. Just an oily exfoliant + more oils plz.

    Re. Teeth: brushing with my new electric toothbrush & some tooth remineralizing powder (bentonite, calcium, clove powder, etc – recipes online). Can’t commit to that coconut swish just yet though it’s on my list.

    Black spruce essential oil is my power scent right now.

    My #1 skin hack is ozonated olive oil (or ozonated coconut oil). !!!! It’s a miracle ointment and i’m a big skeptic of topicals. It’s not a face cream but a dab on any little skin flare-up (rash, hives, acne, cold sores, mystery redness, whateva [oh the life of sensitive skin] – it will heal the fuq out of it over night).

    Wearing less metal and black/blue since loosely feng shui-ing my wardrobe. I need more wood and bone jewelry but trying to find less hippie versions of it is difficult. None of my current clothes are working for me so I need to do an overhaul with that. My style has changed so much in the past year…

    My biggest resistance is to be overcome is working on my BODY. I will tend to my face 100% but the rest of me is slovenly and supremely neglected. My venus-pluto goal (and mars direct) is to change that. I think it’s my 1st house Aries NN calling me to be more physical and strong in my body, less focused on perfecting my face/image (Libra SN). Oh but new eye glasses first! Before my insurance runs out in 2 days, eep.

  15. This libra sun launched an indy makeup brand last year and after stalling due to elder care issues, I’m finally selling some. I’m so broke due to the eldercare i had to file bankruptcy. I’m trying to get past the anger but I discovered that I think my husband subconsciously sabotages me yet resents that I don’t bring in more cash. His butthurt is so strong I’m tempted to sell my car to spite him.

    So last week an old friend of mine visited from New York and we met at this amazing old luxury hotel just 20 miles from where I live. (I’m a Minneapolis girl; I rarely venture to St. Paul…the cities are literally next to each other yet I find St Paul totally foreign to me). The visit was so invigorating and inspiring. My Venus is in Sag so I need to feed it with lots of ideas, vision, brainstorms, high vibe conversation and a wonderful elegant setting. The hotel itself looked like an old world grand hotel and had a Klimt in the lobby.

    I was so taken by this space, I long to go back, hoping to capture the essence of why I just fed off the space. I’ve been to other hotels before what’s the big deal? The vibe was very haute and I think that’s what I was seeking.

    So, at home, I look at my house and think…that’s what I want to do with it. Less stuff, more art and more order, better quality. I’ve been driving around the cities inquiring about selling some stuff and I came to the realization that I’ve been a dope buying retail when gently used high quality estate furniture, designer clothing at 1/3 of the price is so much affordable and stylish but it was also the realization how much we blow our money on mediocre quality.

    My Venus voodoo is to go back to the hotel and get clear about my next phase. I want to order more samples for the makeup line but I need to really commit to it..Fact is, I don’t trust myself and my own qi is so blown from years of frustration and going it alone. This is my Mars retro swamp trip so hopefully after the new moon and Mars goes direct I’ll feel more clear.

  16. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    My current spartan beauty regime is:

    Drink noni juice.

    Wash hair with baking soda once a week

  17. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    My gosh there is a WEALTH of info in these comments!

    Gonna try some o’ these ideas!

  18. Skin care + cosmetics are my everything!

    I’ve been all about beauty products since I was a little Toro and have always found my beauty rituals so comforting. I know that I’m off my game when my nail polish is chipped and my eyebrows are overgrown 😉

    And yes Mars in Virgo LOVES to exfoliate!! I live for a good scrub. Just whipped up a sugar scrub that has my skin glowing.

    As of late, I am throwing out old clothes/makeup samples etc like crazy – I like looking at my empty closet, so satisfying!

  19. This is such a great post! I love the bit about a skincare ritual as akin to the military reassurance of coming back to a perfectly-made bed. Hoooly shit is that ever me. If I have a few too many drinks or whatever and don’t do my bedtime ritual (and this is not just skincare but teeth, making a cup of tea to drink in bed, etc etc etc) then I feel Not Right At All for days after. It sets my teeth right on edge. I’m Capricorn Sun, obv.

    Something else that has just dawned on me (THANKS MYSTIC) is that it’s entirely possible that my Libra Rising self (you know that thing about how you resemble your ascendent? I literally look like all those old Renaissance paintings of Venus. Which is all well and good but it’s taken me 27 years to figure out why potential lovers see me as a wild-haired temptress rather than the cosy soulmate I was hoping for) is possibly at least partly to blame for my ludicrous (like…200+) collection of lipsticks, most of which are Vamp Red. Or my inability to leave the house without a full face of makeup. Or my deep dedication to looking like a character from Byron or something even when there is no-one to see me. So my Venusian resolution for the next month or so is, I guess, to just chill the fuck out a bit and try to appreciate these things as a form of self-care and comfort rather than to satisfy whatever the hell image I’ve cooked up for myself that week.

    Also to stop reading 19-century novels so much because I don’t think all the descriptions of dramatics and smelling salts and so on is helping (Madame Bovary, I am looking at you. But trying not to.)

    1. Oh do find a heroine- not Madam -Emma- who isn’t low Neptune to inspire – she was soulless! Both in English and French! LOL!!

  20. Funnily enough (Or not – as a triple Taurus sun, Venus, Jupiter, I am very Venusian) self care has been much on my mind recently. I have moon in libra (yes more Venus), which makes me very attuned to aesthetics, particularly what I wear. Apparently Einstein had a ‘uniform’ that he used to wear so that he wouldn’t have to waste time choosing clothes. I get that, but my clothes are part of my expression, and if they are not exactly matched to my mood, I am uncomfortable all day. Also, Mars in cancer makes me a house witch, so keeping the energy of my house humming is part of my self care too. All that Taurus means yoga, massage, facials etc are my greatest delight, and in fact, I have a whole day with those three things booked tomorrow! Bliss ??

    1. LiberatingVenus

      #BoutFuqingTime LOL!

      Definitely the work of Venus on Sirius, IMO, sextile the papal Jupiter – Ebertin speculates re: Sirius that it’s possible for a “rise in station made possible by protection from people of influence”. Personally, I do tend to feel that when Venus is tied up with stars like Sirius, Aldebaran, Regulus, etc. that it can often be a marker of having “friends in high places”. Now Pluto in Capricorn is of course apparent in both the repeal of her ill repute and in the subsequent flushing of the defunct status quo, i.e. apostlehood only being reserved for The Good Old Boys.

      “The Dog Days are over; the Dog Days are done….”

    2. If you get a chance, read the Gospel of Mary – like the Gospel of Thomas, it was left out of the bible, cos Mary/Thomas were given knowledge by Jesus that the other Apostles couldn’t cope with. Too dangerous; too gnostic. Fantastic stuff.

  21. I do Retin A every night, squalene oil, hyper vitamin d and fish oil, kick boxing with weights, yoga at home, no chips,dry method hair cuts, one gallon of water per day, and anything else to keep it tight and right. I exfoliate my body with those prickly gloves and use glycerin soap. I believe self care is an investment – but if all else fails, I go to Retin A, hydration, and good cardio. Seems over done, but it has also taught me that what I focus on, good or bad, is what I become. Truth in beauty and beauty in truth.

    The water infusions are interesting, too. Mint, cucumber, lemon, etc. I rather have it over those green smoothies. YMMV, though.

    I love musky scents, but for a long time I wore only almond oil and pheremones. it was too much even for an Aries sun and moon (wink) Thinking of detoxing after this Mars direct business. Ah, who knows? I am just happy and grateful to be here another day, and to be better than I was yesterday. Amen.

    Have a good day, beautiful ones.

  22. Moon in Taurus conjuct Venus in 6th house (always had a beauty ritual since I was a lil babe)
    Venus trine Neptune
    Moon and Venus opposite Pluto (sometimes these rituals become obsessive especially if I find a new wrinkle or blemish…I don’t mind finding a cute freckle tho.)

    Morning : Step1. Wash face w/Dove soap in shower.

    Step 2. Dab of avocado oil(organic) under eyes, forehead,and around mouth.

    Step 3. Apply moisturizer/Sun block combo (organic from Trader Joe’s).

    Step 4. Makeup routine…..always at least lipstick and blush.

    I slather a combo of lotions on my body after shower.

    Night: Step 1. Wash face with Dove soap.

    Step 2. CLAY MASKS as recommended or Cucumber masks…I used to make yogurt and honey face packs…avocado and oatmeal masks are good too.

    Step 3. Moisturize with combo vitamin e oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil.

    1. I also have a vitamin and hair routine….lots of personal care routineservices. When I was younger I was more obsessive now I do the essential.

  23. When I first got sick I lost about 80 pounds. Bedrest was the muscle loss. When I started being up and about I got hit on more women often said “my god you look greaaaaat” which with my verbal communication being fine, got awkward when they asked “how did you do it?”

    I’ve been taking every possible supplement known to boost immune health and all these “probably doesn’t help the brain but I’ll keep at it” vitamins. When people say “you don’t look sick” I completely understand. My skin is amazing, my hair is thick, I have nails that could cut metal, and exercise which has become the “I have to fill my day” staple. Can’t go for more than 15 minutes so every few hours it’s plank time. Venus in aries,8th house. I used to work too much, I know this now, but I ran on fumes for ages. She’s trine neptune, she’s sextile saturn jupiter and mars, she’s combust the sun. Opposite pluto, square nodes. She was tired. I saw that she’d progressed through taurus and is almost out of the suns rays. It fits, the wanting pure air and water, ease and laughter as she eases into gemini. She’s ahead of me. Wanting to go dancing and desperately wanting the beach,still the aries (yes pi, the shorts, I wonder why the image of cutoffs and a tank top are so specific) I guess she’s still a tomboy kid whose bossy dad never let her go off to Santorini and flirt. I hope she gets to show off one day.

      1. maybe cos venus in aries can wipe engine grease / surf wax / spilt milk (lol) off her hands onto denim cutoffs and they still look hot. if not even hotter hahaha

        1. My ex said I pulled off freckles and bruised calves with flair. I think daisy duke had something to do with it. She was a bad ass. I could never commit to which character I wanted to be in the sandbox. It was luke or daisy. Surfs up.

          1. Omg don’t tell anybody, but Beau was the first man I ever kissed in a dream. It was G-rated: I was 6. My little bf in kindergarten was blonde, too.

            It wasn’t until a few years later that I had a dream about Daisy. 😉

            Nono, i’ve always thought you look like you belong in roller derby! We’re you ever? I was about to join myself, then I got sick… So now I feel like I was in roller derby– just last night– but I never was! Lol

            1. I never did roller derby. My older sister did, clocking in at 49 she had black fishnets and black lipstick… “so you get it now?” I say to her soccer mom self, “yes. Yes I do” she fractured like 8 bones in her leg though and I could feel the winds of “the change” rip through her finally elbowing people out of her damn way heart. Total bummer.

              I got my third concussion on skates at one of those rink birthday parties. I lacked ,uh, motor skills. Young woody allen.

              I’ll let you in on my not in anyway secret to my family but definitely up for my comeback comedy tour truth. At 7 I had a list of “husbands” that included Erik estrada (not ponch), luke duke (not the actor) and probably 25 other major or minor celebrities. Each night as I turned down my bed I spoke to the chosen, oh this is funny to me, like an early 60s housewife would IF she were polyamorous. I just.dont.know. how I was that weird right off the bat. My cousin stole the list and told everyone at a family shindig and everyone was laughing. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was but somehow got coated in the shame from the laughing. But it seemed totally logical to me. I was pretending, duh. Adults pshhhh.

                1. Ah electro! Since my venus progressed into gem but stayed 8th house (I’m not getting out of there alive) I’m learning. Always learning. Transform!

  24. I decided just the other day to try to stop drinking coffee, not that I drink that much anyway. I’ve cut it in half and already noticed healthier skin. I’d like to get to the point where I’m drinking herbal infusions or homemade chai in the mornings. Now that it’s my summer break, I have the time to run to my favorite farm stand for raw keifer and fresh veggies any time of the week. I’m also getting to bed earlier, thank goodness that is finally working. Meeting with a personal trainer today, believe it or not. Decided I’m ready to move beyond my “yoga, sex, and walking the dog” exercise routine.

    I’ve been doing the 12 house clean-up that Ankh suggested that that is pure gold. I’m an 8th houser, so I clean with great intent. It’s taking me longer to do it this way but I’m getting every nook and cranny. What else am I going to do when Saturn is rolling over my moon Neptune? Certainly not cry into my pillow every day.

      1. My 4th house room was the living room. The same day I knocked out that room, we picked up my husband’s Aquarian grandmother’s childhood bedroom set for my Aquarian daughter. My 4th house is ruled by Aqua and grandma & I got along famously.

        A past roommate of mine said the way I washed dishes was ‘cathartic’, and another friend could sense when I was cleaning my closets for too long and gave me a call. So I get the intention thing, it works like a charm. Or a spell 😉

        1. For real housewitchery, Electro! I love it: that’s just what I’m talking about 😉

          Haute Aquarian 4th house vibe: The Living Room! All of that Aquarian synchronicity too. You are so working it.

          I went hearth/kitchen for 4th cuz mine’s ruled by Gemini w/ some Kataka thrown in– & my grandma was a Gem (& I totally equate her with Keeper of the Hearth).

          Now we have grandma synchronicity! Far out.

            1. I believe it’s Ankhy DIY.

              Link up a part of your house with your natal chart. When I do it, I think about the energy of my house sign & planets while I clear out the old and make space for the new. It also infuses your energy to the space.

              For example, I matched my bedroom closet to my first house – Scorpio ascendant conjunct Uranus. I cleaned, rearranged, tossed, etc and thought about how I could better honor that part of myself. I’m also going to frame & hang a picture to enhance the vibe. I go all out so its exhausting and slow but it works like therapy.

  25. LiberatingVenus

    I’m aaaaalll about the beauty! Not so much cosmetics, though…it has to radiate from within – superficialities never cut it for Venus/Pluto. But on a physical level, with Venus in Cancer hit by Pluto I’m currently doing Revenge Abs, sans the actual revenge – achievement unlocked. Cancer IS the stomach, no? Venus beautifies it, while Pluto makes it a lasting (physical) transformation.

    Oh, and the standing squat press for the derrière – Venus = buttocks. The thing just about fuqing kills me and I hate it while I’m doing it, but the results are so, soooo worth it!

    1. Yes, LV – push-ups for me. Daily. Lots. Real ones. Knees crackle in squats but I do them all the same.

      Quit gym because nature, yoga, running, are enough-

      1. LiberatingVenus

        Wow, that was kind of a WTF article for me, TBH. I have loads of childhood trauma – there are things I could tell you about my upbringing would probably make your hair stand on end. And yet I have a really healthy relationship with debt and always have – have excellent credit and have never bought what I couldn’t afford, nor signed for a loan I could not repay. If I owe you something, my word is my bond and I *will* make good on it come hell or high water.

        The way I see it, debt is slavery, pure and simple. I value my freedom and independence highly and all things being equal generally prefer not to owe anyone anything. A bad relationship with debt seems to me like it could possibly indicate a compulsion to try and make up for a lack of some kind whilst not doing the psychological work to truly unpack that baggage – valuing the material over the psychological, in other words. The article would seem to reinforce my impression. I am the compete inverse and have always valued the inner over the outer. With compulsive spending (as in hoarding), *things* may matter more than relationships. I am the total opposite – relationships matter way more to me than things do. And having a 2nd house Uranus means I only like money for the freedom it buys me. That, and because it allows me to give and to share. I can live without things, but I cannot live without love….that is an inside job, though – I’ve spent a lot of time and energy deconstructing what it is and what it isn’t and at the end of the day it has to emanate from within. Our attitudes toward debt/money/things/love are all intertwined, and these are certainly fertile areas to be psychologically digging around in with this Venusian Voodoo in the air. Intriguingly, I was just mentioning this morning that now is an ideal time to be stripping away debt and dependency in favor of self-reliant empowerment, so the link to the article is both timely and validating.

  26. Venus in Scorpio/8th house here, conjunct Sun & Mars; trine Saturn in Kataka & square Lilith in Aquarius.

    I wash in rainwater with chem-free frankincense soaps, scent with natural oils (ylang-ylang, sandalwood, patchouli), & moisturize around my eyes & mouth religiously. Always comb my eyebrows. Rarely wear make-up but when I do I play up my eyes. Been getting my silver-streaked curly hair cut in layers for volume: I like my mane Big.

    I’ve found a shot a day of apple cider vinegar to work wonders on my skin: no break outs, evens tone. I do my shot in the a.m. & chase it with a glass of water.

    Never paint my fingernails, but if I paint my toenails it’s black. To match my handbag. And my soul. 😛

      1. Lol I have no piercings or ink but yes, the goth is strong with this one. On the outside I pretty much look like a child of my chart ruler Neptune (in Sagg & sq my Pisces asc-Jupiter): bohemian. With a bite. Stealth Pluto ops 😉

        Tell you what, tho: if I was more cashed up, there’s a wrist tat & a pair of doc martens that I really, really want! One day… *sigh*

        1. Love your work! How’s the art going? Mine — mostly nonexistent for the past 6 months. I need to get back to a regular PRACTICE — in art

    1. aaah – those luscious Aries eyebrows…. 😉

      I can make that ditto pretty much everything – except it’s purple toenails/heart for moi.

      I’m also slathering apple cider vinegar all over me to keep the ticks offa me. Little shits. And so now i’ve discovered why i’m such a big hit with the wild horses – they just luuurve the stuff. Was almost licked to within an inch of my life this mornin.

  27. seawitchmermaid

    My Venus therapy stuff has been sorely lacking. This Venus/Pluto opp is on my MC/IC, respectively, and I’m a Libra rising (with Mars ruling my ruling planet lol) with Toro moon, so yeah not good. Mainly because I’ve been feeling so maxed out and overwhelmed that anything “self-care” feels like another massive chore I just can’t deal with. Been going to bed too early to do anything at night, I am beat by dinner time. I am a sixth house sun (Pisces), my skin care routine is simple, too simple probably, as I usually slack on doing anything besides take off my makeup at night (if I’ve worn any/I did once have a bedtime routine and this is motivating). In the AM I was with Ayurvedic powder, tone with rosewater, moisturize with coconut oil, and then add sunscreen (it’s summer where I am and the stuff with it built in just wasn’t hacking it). For the last two years I’ve had this rash thing on my face, got it while pregnant and it just hasn’t gone away. It’s so annoying. Like pimples but they’re not. Don’t get me started on the state of my house, so much needs to be done.

    Yeah, I need to do some serious thinking on this stuff… I rather feel like a hot mess. Need a makeover on several levels.

    1. Good luck for the Pluto transit on chart angle. I don’t know if it’s fair to blah about beauty therapy to mothers of young kids.. I try to avoid talking about stuff that is not an option for them .. a bit like if a pal was talking to me about house buying or renovating and I’m like “wow I’m so happy that you and your attractive, loving and stable partner actually have $100,000 to blow on an extension to your already quite nice home, can we talk about the weather now?” LOL no it’s ok
      None of my friends with small children seem to be having an easy time of it. It doesn’t seem right. Hmmm :/

      1. I lived in a homeless shelter with my son and I still managed to have a weekly bath with my Maxwell songs.

        In contrast, I was at the park one day and overheard a mother talking to her friend about how she didn’t have time to shower…while her nanny played with her children.

        Children def use up time and resources, but not at the expense of your hygiene. That shit sits squarely upon the standards of the parent/s in my book 🙂

        1. seawitchmermaid

          Just re-read this and see that I completely misinterpreted your comment. Apologies! This Mars situation is getting the best of me, clearly I need to chill the f out.

      2. seawitchmermaid

        Thanks Pi! Yeah, the Pluto stuff has been intense. So many changes, so much stuff going on the past year or so. Not to speak of the psychological stuff. 😉 My kids have had a bit of a bumpy past year too with their own stuff, so been navigating that. Plus just finishing my Saturn return, and Chiron just stationed rx on my Sun, lol! It’s all good though, sometimes I get discouraged but I mostly keep my chin up, maybe a new skincare routine is just what I need. 😉

    2. LiberatingVenus

      If I may? Try taking away all the product first to eliminate that as the potential source of the rash. Then – and this is going to sound freaky – stop using cleanser. That’s right, just wash you face with water ONLY. And no exfoliation. Try this for a couple of weeks and see if there is any improvement – if it’s summer where you are, you can totally pull off bare-faced now anyway.

      It’s possible that the hormonal changes from pregnancy have left your skin super sensitive – the cosmetics industry is always trying to sell us a solution to this or that, but if you have super sensitive skin, less really IS more so the less product you put on and the less you fuq with it, the better. IIRC you are pitta dosha and that does incline one to have sensitive, easily irritated skin.

      The other thing I would check is if it’s possible your shampoo/conditioner could be irritating your skin when you shower – try washing your hair separately in the bathtub for a week or so (being very careful not to get any runoff on your face) to eliminate haircare products as the possible culprit. You could even add a layer of protection by slathering your face w/ coconut oil first to create a protective layer in case some of the runoff does splash onto your skin.

      1. We had a allergic-blotchy reaction to a MD deem prescribed unguent. Definitely do elimination- Pisces and Virgo very sensitive signs-

      2. Redlipstick Virgo

        I agree I have skin that looks ten years less than my age – I wash it with water and every now and again feed it with Eve Lom cold cream if it’s dry and about a once a month hit of Creme De La Mere. Never liked makeup cleanse toner etc just water and no soap works for me.

  28. I am surprised i have never seen the oracle to counsel to purge your lingerie or underwear drawer. (it might exist as an answer but i have never gotten it.). Because oh baby! Like magic! I threw out weird ratty pieces i wouldn’t even see fit using on my cycle. But wow the lightness of being afterwards and sexy renewal!

    Also re-feng shuiung and painting!

    1. I did that 2 years back. Everything of mine, including “period panties” are in IMMACULATE condition. I don’t do ratty lingerie one iota.

      I went to the mall today and man, has my Taurean kicked in. When I buy “cheap” it’s still great quality. But I cannot do cheap quality ish. I couldn’t, but these days I am revolted by mindless racks of sameness.

      1. I am also amazed at the new underwear technology that exists for periods like Thinx! Now i can have decent underwear!

        Cheap underwear is like eew. I have always regretted buying it. It almost always implodes by the 2nd or 3rd wear. My sagg asc too rough and tumble for it.

  29. I recently went a bit more conservative on the hair colour, ashier and some low lights. Also had the urge to exfoliate this morning in the shower.
    I started making my scent using a blend of aromatherapy oils based on my favourite Tom Ford perfume, Sahara Noir. It has been discontinued, but I still have several bottles of just that scent. On its own, it doesn’t smell all that but on me, it is = just me. I abhor over the stench of chemical fumes, though, and women tend to be more guilty than men of thinking the world and my elevator should smell like toxic candy whore stench. There is an estate agent who- nevermind..we’ve all had one of those in the building at some point!
    So I’m making up ye olde bespoke fragrance for myself again. It’s about twelve different essential oils (heavy on the wood notes and Frankincense but also enough bitter orange and some obscure notes to keep things interesting. I chuck the oils into two bottles of Neutrogena sesame instant body oil because it gets absorbed quickly after a shower and I am soo Vata so the sesame oil is good for La dosha, allegedly.
    The clutter purge continues, as “normal.”
    ADD doesn’t subtract, so I have to do that consciously and remain vigilant, or things get pretty unmanagable Chez Moi.

    Dark moon is always my favourite time to do that and I have hardcore PMT right now so it all feels perfectly in tune and right.
    Have done a major inbox and contacts list purge.
    The joys of gmail rules and relegating irritants to the spam folder before they have a chance to annoy.Cyber trees falling in cyber forests. If I don’t see them, they never flopped into My Inbox.

    I’m beginning to develop a hereto unknown sense of home pride. Pride is too strong a word; perhaps comfort is closer. It began with accepting that I am messy and will never be zen, Kon Marie will always seem Spock-like to me. I adore her Vulcan-ness, and I’m envious, but it ain’t me, babe. I try to keep things clean and get rid of clutter regularly. It does make me feel good when I see things tidied neatly and so much more so when it’s me who tidied.
    I used to feel so dependent on having someone to help with chores around the home but the combination of acceptance of the chaos and a daily commitment to reduce what doesn’t spark joy have helped.
    I’m fantasising about throwing out the rugs and having sparkling floorboards right now, but they are less than six months old, they were insanely cheap which makes me feel good and like them more, and they are blue and grey like the walls, quite unrefined and textured. I’ve taken them all outside so I can clean the bits of paint off the floor and I like the floorboards naked.
    I’ll decide later. Might give the walls a lick of paint soon too, they could do with an RE-fresh. I wonder if it’s better to wait for the new moon before ADDing anything like fresh paint?
    Any thoughts ?
    New moon is on the 4th no?
    Something feels Cancerian about this, must check my Power Moons reading.

    1. You could always roll the rugs up and store them e.g in the garage or roof or friends house wherever until winter returns.

      1. Lol garage?
        friends with storage space?
        na uh.
        Central London is such a bore in that regard.
        Insanely expensive and zero storage space.
        Thanks tho.
        I checked and the new moon on the 4th is in Cancer so my home-y -ing instincts are bang on.
        I popped in here because I’m frustrated with trying to download bank statements from HSBCs online banking website
        I downloaded the latest acrobat reader which necessitated updating my adobe password (I always forget them) but still no joy.
        I’m wondering whether it isn’t the bank’s security system that’s stopping me downloading the statements…FFFFFFFFFFFFFrustration at max ATM
        I don’t do well with these kind of tasks.
        Determined to do my taxes super early this year though and get the self employed tax returns behind me asap.
        I started working for this company ..I think beginning of this year..need to dig up the date but the tax is automatically taken out of my salary and paid each month. Now I just have to learn to live on that salary!

        Actually I can, I’ve adjusted and even weaned myself back off the credit cards. Now I just have to pay them all off. Am more finacially lean that I’ve ever been in terms of impulse control and spending habits. I just need to find a way to pay those babies off …
        Maybe I’ll have a genius idea and create a windfall.
        Seems like the only viable proposition right now.
        Mars is going direct on my LILITH at 23 Scorpio.
        I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel this. oi vey I feel it.

        1. Yeah I was writing that thinking pi she is in a London flat there is no such place to store such things … You know xx lol

  30. I am growing out my half-head ash blonde higlights. Shoulder length.

    This is YUGE for me, as I swore by my blonde wavy hair for aeons.

    Then came Feb, when 8 weeks touch up was due, and I JUST COULD NOT.

    I am sick of it. The highlights, the salon small talk, the $, the everything.

    Suddenly, the dark ash brown roots peeking through looked better against my skin tone.

    I booked an appointment, then moved it, then delayed it again, until I decided – f this, let’s move on over to the dark (hair) side. For real!

    Now I have six months of roots, and have used De Lorenzo colour fusion shampoos to give more depth to the ash blonde bits. Golden blonde-ish looks better ‘blended’ with dark roots than ash blonde.

    I did try one of those Live 8-wash semi shampoos, which looked great, but washed out after one wash, and eugh! …THE SMELL! :/

    Read all about PPD and how freakishly terrible dark-hair dye (even the 8-washes one had it) can be for immune system so NO THANK YOU.

    De Lorenzo does not contain it, brilliant.

    I am now committed to the 2 years it will likely take to grow out my super shiny soft au naturelle locks to shoulders. Yeah, it will look a bit bogan two-tone in between in meantime, but it’s like some new paradigm inspires me not to care whatsoever.

    It is LIBERATING. I have a few greys too that are more silver — love them, and I take perverse pleasure in side-stepping every salon.

    Coconut oil, blunt ends trimmed every 8 weeks and lots of hats. Love love love my new (old) hair. I don’t miss the salon small talk AT ALL. 🙂

    1. That sound really healthy Darkside
      I know what you mean about feeling smug/happy about sidestepping salons. I was positively GLOATING when I was cutting my own hair. I did dye it black then too tho, but I loved it. I really envy your commitment to the two-year process of growing out the colour. I applaud you!
      Will google De Lorenzo

    2. Once the roots get a bit longer it becomes better looking and esp if you’re in nthn hemi summer right now, where you can get some Sun into the locks.

      1. Thanks Pi. I look really a bit trailer trash chic at the moment, but pushing through.

        In Australia so hats are my go-to. I hear the first year is the ‘toughest’ — as soon as roots are beyond ears, there’s hope.

        Such a 1st world problem 🙂 I love the shiny soft natural hair! Worth it.

    3. I’m really feeling this Darkside!!

      I’m also at six months without stepping into a salon – for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a slave to my hairdresser but have not been able to afford the $300 + for each visit. Plus, the small talk!! LOL so spot on!!

      1. Thank you! I know! And the TIME. I worked out that over the next 30 years, I would have spent 16.25 days (DAYS!!) in the salon.

        Now I won’t!

        Good luck with your process of sidestepping salons too 🙂

    4. Neptunian Amazon

      Oh wow, feb was the last time I got my hair coloured! It is definitely a journey to uncover what colour my natural hair is…but you’re right…it is so liberating! And yes, I agree – the natural hair colour looks so good against the skin.

      What sun/moon are you?

      1. Thank you to everyone above’s support and kind words!

        If anyone had told me a year ago I would stop highlighting, I would not have BELIEVED it.

        Neptunian Amazon, my sun is Pisces and moon Sagittarius. Rising sign Virgo. Yes they all square/oppose each other… mutable madness pummeling me at the moment with transiting Saturn closing in on my moon and Neptune, and transiting Neptune ramping up for my sun and Mercury while also squaring natal Neptune.

        Who said being mutable is dull?? 🙂

        Natal Venus is in Aries. Zero patience for my shiny dark hair to emerge. If only I could ‘grow’ it a la My Little Pony style by just PULLING it. Lol.

        Invicta, you will love De Lorenzo. Natural good stuff ingedients, an Australian product. Their Color Fusion shampoos (more toners than shampoos; I recommend washing still with your regular shampoo, then using De Lorenzo as a toner for 5 mins after shampooing, before comditioning) has 16 colours to keep salon colour beautiful in between visits. I used their Silver (purple) shampoo to keep my ash blonde highlights ash and not yellow/brassy. Genuis product that WORKS.

        Now with my au naturelle hair resurrection, I use the ‘Natural Tones’ one to give dimension and warmth to the blonde (turns it into a cool light coffee colour w/ a hint of gold).

        I first used the ‘Chocolate’ one, which is JUST STUNNING on dark hair, but looked a bit pink/red on my blonde bits that are growing out. Hence the ‘Natural Tones’ as plan B.

        6 months down…Only (estimated) 18 more months to go!

  31. mines already minimalist-i adore the organic pharmacy’s carrot butter cleanset.
    my skin looks soo gd in the morning after that, and it smells amazing.
    dont even use it everyday!
    been loving aesops shampoo and other products…what is that aspect that mystic says indicates that u love luxe beauty products? that is totally me.
    i buy the small versions off ebay

  32. 9th house Pisces Sun and Aries Venus means hitting the beach or any kind of free-range adventure is the best way to restore my vibe. Which is the first rule of beauty maybe? No point being ‘beautiful’ (lol) if I’m just going to ruin it by being some kind of jerk. Which I often am anyway hahaahah
    Moon in Capricorn .. getting the foundations right … Complexion, teeth, posture.. not slouching and not stomping around like a potato farmer in a muddy field these cost nothing lol.
    Eat the food that feeds your skin in the long term. Including all the good fat too 🙂 basically I’m talking yummy fresh veggies (anything) doused in olive oil..
    Wearing clothes that flatter, owning my ass instead of being ashamed of my womanly proportions (I know wtf lol took me long enough)
    Vitamin E serum and steam, regular gentle exfoliation, moisturizer free of junk… You know and like Hepburn or roald Dahl said, try to think happy thoughts
    Overhaul? More sunshine in the vibe maybe. Sorting out wardrobe that just makes me go “this…Still?” when I see it
    Frayed denim shorts is my dream outfit so I guess walking, lunges, squats and hitting long staircases evertwkere is my next big thing

    Then you do all this stuff and

    1. I guess more involved lady-routines are predicated on having (1) an actual routine (2) regular disposable income (well for a cap moon who would happily blow $400 a month on a trainer, body work and facials without blinking hehe) (3) a lifestyle that makes it worthwhile and since my life is a bit like a pizza with different flavours on each slice, I have to kind of keep it simple I guess. No point having a lush manicure with midnight blue sparkles when.. oh hang on a minute
      This could be the thing

      1. I have pedi with deep turquoise under mermaid green sparkles.

        Mergirl teen and I splurge on good top coat/base coat and indulge colors- sparkles etc. My feet are pretty – Hands hopeless-see under frequent digs etc.

        Sun et al Venus Libra stellium. Cultivating habits of order- to banish chaos. Tis a struggle against utter sloth/inertia vs compulsive purging, bashing about of SO.

        Wearing very old but simple freshly ironed dresses chez work. Hair done, tamed. Understated makeup. ASC prog to Cap from natal Scorp.

        Seeking nutrients for skin- not toxic.

  33. Year of the Phoenix

    Reading my mind again : )

    Tonight’s schedule includes organic coconut oil on hair and then a bit mixed with some caster sugar for a vim filled scrub before an Epsom salt bath, am house sitting and this is my chance for a deep soak with a aspirin and honey mask on my face, it is Salic acid and moisturised for a song!

    Considering a rad hair undercut cause I can!

  34. I’ve recently discovered high dose vitamin B3, dermatologists now recommend it topically to stop keratoses other precancerous skin lesions progressing to malignancy. Take 2 X 500mg tablets, bung it in 100 ml water splash on twice a day wherever. Seems to help my xerotic skin retain much more moisture as well, in about 3 months I’ve noticed a marked improvement. Take another 500mg daily orally, it is the limiting factor in NAD (B3 is nicotinamide) production which is the latest focus of our neverending pursuit of the fountain of youth, but even better is also involved in a particular pathway known as the Sirt 1 pathway which is known to be protective against alzheimers and other aging related cognitive decline.

    Virgo lots of Uranus and pluto aspects. Cap rising.

    1. B3 also makes me sleepy! Love i!
      I have been using niacinamide topically to get rid of dark spots, commonly found on a complexion like mine that tends to hyperpigment.

      Take some kelp ferment found in diy beauty stores and is an expensive ingredient in products like La Mer creams and mix in some b3 powder from 1 or 2 opened capsules. (Not that pricy as a diy ingredient.) apply to cleansed face for 20 min. It will not dry! It will give you a rosy glow!

      1. kelp ferment sounds great. I have some kind of algal ferment thing but not kelp I don’t think. I’m a bit of a lotioncrafter addict.

  35. Came across this today, I loved how Madame Toro says she does her make up as she doesn’t want to spoil anyones selfies !! ….(Needed a Brexit news break, got onto Jennifer Saunders, and ended up reading Joanna…)

    I have flashes of freaking out about my skin, and the wrinkles round my eyes, i started tracking when it happens now – Moon in Libra ! now I keep the good stuff in the drawer for those moments… Working in the sun (big hat and suncream) , with the earth sans gloves – i love the feel of soil…hands are getting more lizardy…nails are usually filthy..nail brushes at every sink …i do scrub them up for moments when it’s expected…or when i don’t want to draw attention to them..

    I’m not fussed, I feel privileged to still be standing..

    1. Loquacious Air with a Scorpio Moon

      Cotton glove and some serious, heavy duty moisturiser, to be slathered on at nights, in bed. Don’t skip the dirt-burying – so many benefits from getting soil under your nails, physical and mental! But make sure you have a heavy duty sunscreen too. And always wear gloves when washing dishes, etc. I forget this last one frequently, and my hands are going lizardy again 🙁

  36. Redlipstick Virgo

    Have just this weekend been on huge fetish for the new – new hair cut – razor bob and immaculate bangs. New colour – golden blonde out and ash blond in. New Chanel glasses frames, new Byredo fragrance, new eyebrows from specialist brow place plus awesome mani pedi. New shoes and accessories of late. It’s like if feel like I need to totally look the business.

    BUT… So sick – am resting, sleep, juicing, tumericing, fermented fooding, binaural beats, journaling, metaphysics but have still have Shingles, Stye on my eye, massive chest and sinus flu plus migraine, autoimmune swelling in my hand. Am now doing Tonglen as in so much pain and discomfort. Is this healing crisis? It’s interesting that my former mother in law who dislike me and disapproved of my very existence died about two months ago – I realised how much resentment I had for her and how I felt that the one person on the planet who judged me and found me wanting was gone and that there was nobody on earth disapproving of me anymore and I wondered if the shingles was the unforgiveness and the cold was the grief and the autoimmune was the stubbornness and I am clearing a shit load of toxic energy.

    1. gosh wow that could be it. Is neptune doing funky things in your chart? Brings on the most mysterious psychosomatic illness symptoms. Uranus too actually, especially shingles since it involves nerves? Apparently DMSO cream/oil is very soothing for shingles-related pain. Best of luck <3 sounds like you're almost there & it's all part of the transformation. Venus/pluto would totally be a toxic mother-in-law situation too…

      1. Redlipstick Virgo

        Wow Moonstark thanks that’s an amazing post. Yes have Neptune rising so that fits – not sure what it’s doing in my chart right now but it is prominent. I love the connection you made with the ex mother in law and Venus Pluto. Thanks and blessings ?

    2. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

      Damn girl. I’ve also struggled with immune probs. My two fave herbs (to drink as a very strong, well steeped tea) are astralagus and andrographis.

      Also ginseng and ginger tend to make my thyroid fuck up, so I avoid them (despite every well-meaning naturopath trying to foist them on me).

      1. Redlipstick Virgo

        Thanks will check out those herbs. I find orange juice Fuqs me up for some weird reason. Think I may have said it before but love your blog name! I adore The Cramps 🙂

  37. I went through my closet again and had…4 items to donate.

    I’ve donated over 70% of my wardrobe over the last 2 years. All I have left is the ish time-tested to be worn in its respective season with a FEW (literally handful) for token holiday eras.

    I have actually been buying new clothes – not much, but a few items that are classic and classy with an “edge” (or pop, however you see it) that will def be worn come evening. If I don’t see myself wearing it more than 12 times, I don’t invest. But I also wear the heck out of a few things, so I need a few new things so ish doesn’t get worn out.

    Looking forward to my annual color wash. Third time in my life I will get it, and I dig it – mahogany looks good on me, brings out the green eyes.

    What DOES need an overhaul is EXERCISE. It’s getting beyond stupid. Yes, I walk everywhere but it’s not enough. And with all the down time with flu’s and sprains there is a good 2-3 inches that have been put on that would be better kicked OUT. How to approach exercise with no personal trainer advice is tricky for me at this moment, but where there is a Taurus will, anything is possible.

    What I DO need is new sheets. I won a voucher for a competition but they ran out of sheets, so, I have a new duvet cover and new pillow cases but no new sheets. My bed needs a fresh vibe, though I love my old sheets those patterns have been adorning my bed for 5 years and I need something “fresh”. The duvet and pillows won’t pop until the new fitted/sheet is adorning the bed.

    Finally found the soul of my son’s room after 4 years and it is coming along beautifully. Massive vibe uplift.

    What I am ready for is NEW OPPORTUNITIES AND RELATIONSHIPS. Done enough donating the last 2 years. Time for a spruce in the relationships area of my life 🙂 <3

    1. You sound like you got this! 🙂

      I broke a relationship drought recently. Honestly, i think it is just the right transit, but too prep for it i did several things.
      Clean up the underwear drawer, which you have already done. i started attending some shamanism classes to develop myself more while in the company of others. I am good at working on myself but prefer to do it alone, so being with others was novel. Also i found acro-yoga to be useful in both keeping my weight off and working on strengthening relationships with anybody including self. It is yoga you do with another partner. It really revs that partner energy.

    2. Go for 1000 thread. Last for years, get better with every wash and feel so smooth and sexy =an investment.

  38. Unicorn Sparkles

    Keep everything simple.
    Can’t leave house without mascara and my hair tied back.
    Currently obsessing about feet. Specifically exfoliating those dead skill cells to oblivion.
    In recent months have binned every “free sample” and unwanted scent gifted to me and stored for the beauty product apocalypse.
    A good facial and massage are heaven.
    Need to change my hair. Living in hair despair.

  39. saturnplutoflux

    I could never really see how my Libra moon activated until I realised that the aesthetics of my surroundings had a massive impact on my mental/emotional wellbeing…visually/auditory/olfactory harmony and pleasure are pre-requisites for optimal functioning (princess much? lol)… not sure how that plays out in beauty rituals, but I think the act of beautifying my surroundings and maintaining them (don’t go to bed with dishes still in the sink, wardrobe well and truly KonMarie-d for over a year now) counts as part of my “beauty regime”.
    Not sure about the sagg stellium’s influence, prior to all this Saturn action I was definitely Miss Boho, patchouli and all, but that is long past and the idea of returning to it a some future point…*shudder*…
    these days I am all about evening facial massages (with bush flower essence products of course) and loads of Vitamin ZZZZZ (thanks again Saturn!)

    1. saturnplutoflux

      alterations? I’m desperately trying to get away from wearing only black with a hint of grey (bleurggghhh). I love pink and lilac and white… maybe this Venus action is my signal to transit to a more upifting colour range 🙂

    2. yes this! I’m a libra SN, pisces rising, 1st house moon so my surroundings are so important. Everything needs to be intuitively, aesthetically aligned in my home. Sag stellium too but in the 10th and includes saturn so I’m resistant to the standard sag hippie/boho chic. More into a vintage anthropologist vibe and kitschy but tasteful religious imagery….

      Love pachouli though ! in moderation…

      1. saturnplutoflux

        ooooh- love the sound of “vintage anthropologist vibe”! It’s like the grown up version of Sagittarius boho… (side note – I wonder what sign Indiana Jones is?).
        My sag is 8th house…I’m not the “lovin & leavin” kind (too under the influence of my Toro asc) but I am prone to erm..”anthropological investigations” in the bedroom.. (ex-husband Yemeni Jew, ex boyfriends inc. Tibetan & Mapuche Indian, current lover Parsi…)

  40. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Ooh great topic! I’ve had my wardrobe feng shuied and that was a revelation!

    I adore my new colours and vibe.

    Gotta do something about the HAIR though. It’s annoying me.

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