Venus in Pisces

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How To Understand The Venus People

Remember the Mars People?  Meet the Venus People. Who are they? They’re anyone with a strong Venus or Venusian presence in their natal astrology.  They’re Venus Rising, or their Venus is conjunct a booster planet like Jupiter. Maybe they’ve got a stellium in either of the two Venus-ruled signs – Libra and Taurus. Or, their Venus is in the 2nd or 7th house, extra-potent by also being in Libra, Taurus …

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He’s A Pisces

The Pisces in Love prefers a paranormal romance. They have only two speeds: cynic and time-crossed karmic lover. They show their affection in weird ways and are easily crowded by relationship demands that other Zodiac signs would consider standard. Pisceans navigate by intuition and deja vu prompts. They’re perfectly capable of combining shallow awareness with depth consciousness and have no idea of how confusing they are to be in love …

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Venus in Pisces

Ask Mystic: Is Venus In Pisces My Downfall?

Hello Mystic! I trust you are having a wonderful weekend. I am seeking your opinion from an astro point of view regarding my Venus sign. My strong  Fire Vibe serves me well in career and academic pursuits, so no real complaints there. However, my Venus sitting in Pisces has been a sore point. All ex-partners have been Water signs. The men I seem to attract have had issues with alcohol, …

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Before And After Venus Retrograde

Because of the Retrograde, Venus in Aries went for way longer than usual. Many of us are far more invested in our autonomy now. Less Fawning – More Fun! As Venus emerges from the shadow zone of her Retrograde by Friday – it is an excellent time to reflect on what this Venusian Voodoo did for us! It was in effect from late January,  super-strength from March 4 until April …

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Venus Goes Direct

Venus Goes Direct – A Resurrection

After 42 days of being Retrograde, Venus is now not only direct but back in her role as the Morning Star.  Her Retro is always 42 days; the whole cycle is eight years and – if you did not know this – the Venusian orbit forms a pentagram. There are those who equate Venus with Ishtar, Inanna, Astarte, and other Ancient Babylonian Love Goddesses.  All of these most potent of …

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Are Gemini Careers Going Off Track?

Are Gemini careers going off track? No. But Venus Retrograde may make it seem as if they are. Dear Mystic,  I am desperate to know what the hell just happened in my stars. Are Gemini careers going off track at the moment? I’m a Gemini and this month I got the 10th house activity in spades. Out of the blue I got offered a job doing hair on a TV …

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