Love Zombies: Back With Venus in Leo?

Venus in Leo is imminent! Instead of the standard 3-4 weeks in a sign, she will grace Leo for 18 weeks. Could this phenom, the planet’s longest non-stop run in Leo* in nearly two centuries, revive the Love Zombie paradigm?

Yes! I mean, sure you could argue that supply chain economics, stagflation, post-pandemic cynicism etc – we all know the fuqery metrics – could dampen general enthusiam for crazy crushes or falling in love with your own phantasms.

But I wouldn’t argue that because Venus in Leo is vitality incarnate and Love Zombies are anti-fragile. They’re like the spores or seeds that lie dormant beneath layers of rubble and ice for millennia and then flower again.

Not that L.Z.s or their romantic interests re-flower, as such: they spring up from the ground, fully-formed and ready to simultaneously unfurl multiple tendrils in the service of their, er, ‘complicated’ situation:

*Real-time, multi-media, quantum research acumen that would make Open A.I. look like an abacus.
*Scent-layering by Moon declination and plant/star correspondence to a degree last seen in old Babylon.
*A fervent, focussed devotion so strong and enduring that it could only be torn apart by proxmity.
*Accidental acquisition of practically professional shamanic/wizard skills in an attempt to understand ‘the thing.’

Venus in Leo naturally lends itself to ‘teenage’ romance energy and this is not an insult – Venus in Leo loves ‘moments’ and high art. The scene and the style are as important as the substance. It’s also a Venus sign that – generally – unabashedly values the passion plus glamor and originality component of any relationship. If you think about it, why would Venus in Leo want to mate in captivity?

Venus in Leo from June 5 till October 9 will also square Uranus, a provocateur from way back, three times in a row. This is the cosmic catalyst of upset wins, surprise hook-ups and decoupling moves, regenerated sex, music, hair, art etc vibe and an aversion to settling.

This goes for everyone but for zombie crushes and anyone with Love Zombie inclinations, this is catnip ambrosia. Much of the ‘together in a parallel universe’ romance’s appeal is that it’s fantastic – literally.

It goes with the Leo-Venusian lucid glamor and really, who doesn’t want their love and creative lives (Venus rules both) to be lit in soft golden art-deco glow? And yes, even more so after the years of clinical gray light.

It may even be possible that at this point, an endorphin-arousing beautiful love phantasm is preferable to a sensible but morale-sapping plod-along.  Venus in Leo will not only lift the game of your fave Love Zombie or outrageously impossible but intriguing technically plausible flirtation: it will hype haute magic or art and incandescent attraction scenarios.


Image: Faberge – Addiction perfume 

*Venus was last in Leo for this long without a break in 1812! That Venus phase saw the last shipment of the stolen/borrowed/moved/plundered Elgin Marbles arrive in London. Fittingly, they look like they’re going to be returned during this extended Venus in Leo phase.

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  1. Fantastic insights. I love love love when you share uncanny correspondences in the timing of things: the Elgin marbles being returned in the same alignment. Chills!

    1. Thank you! Well I originally mentioned somewhere that “maybe” mid-2023 would see some action around this and only recently confirmed that it is likely. Astrology perpetually delights with – as you put it so beautifully – “uncanny correspondences” like this.

  2. The Lion & The Centaur

    NO! I’ve just kicked my year-and-a-half long LZ scene (Induced by no other that Neptune square Venus transit) and I’m NOT going to fall back again! Mark my words! It’s time for a fresh lover in this Leo’s sheets.

  3. Just went and looked at Tina Turner’s astro. Suitably iconic Leo Asc- Everything else in her natal also suitably iconic. Her current transits – Uranus return, Saturn conjunct her natal Mars Lilith conjunction. Lots and lots there. Vale!

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    So I have Leo in Jupiter 2 degrees conjunct Venus in Cancer 29 degrees both 5th house. This firms a trine with Neptune in Scorpio for this Pisces Rising.

    What does this all mean for me?

    1. It means that you must buy a new, fabulous pair of oversize movie star sunglasses. I’m envisaging square enamel-black frames with a touch of diamante embellishment, but then again I don’t know what suits your face. Channel the following women:
      Elizabeth Taylor
      Courtney Love
      Winona Ryder
      Whitney Houston.

      Use your best thrifty instincts to pick the sales and or vintage options.


  5. Oh I am here for this, a little spice is good for the soul… just gotta make sure my brains aren’t gobbled in the process

  6. I love Venus in Leo, and yes, my LZ ex/attraction has that placement, square my Scorp sun/merc, and it’s unbelievably tenacious, seemingly for this lifetime, no matter how much my brain tries to override it. Also his Pluto trine my Venus. Since I can’t seem to squash the psychic bond I’ll aim to independently evolve it with that haute magic/art manifestation!

  7. Not only am I a venus square pluto girl, but Neptune has been parked in my 7th house in Pisces for almost my entire adult life–it’s frustrating! I’m ready to argue over the dishes with someone (or whatever long partnered people fight about it–I wouldn’t know!!) instead of “why are you sending me little hearts and smiley faces and longing insta posts while on an international vacation with a woman you claim to be casually dating,” or “we broke up two years ago and you’ve disappeared off the face of the internet but in my weak late hours I still google your name and the last city I know you moved to and have a little cry.” Saturn is about to enter my 7th and I’m so excited. It torpedoed my dumb life when it went through my 6th (got me sober!!!! HELL YES) and I love my daily life now. Come on Saturn and puncture my romantic delusions!!

      1. Mystic this link is a perfect little antidote!! And I checked–that Saturn conjunct Neptune will be at the very end of my 7th house in 2025. HM! Something to look forward to maybe. Thank you for the always inspiring astro <3

    1. When you ask them if they’re dating the other person and their eyelids start flipping like a defunct furby as they babble ‘yeanoyesnoyesnoueanoyesno’.

  8. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I’m excited for venus in Leo. Fashion! hair! Art!
    Deffo gonna watch LZ tendencies tho

  9. Corduroy jeans

    Am here for the Love Zombie Astrology – 12 Steps Anonymous, program.. * sheepishly pulls up a chair* …
    As a native Mars conjunct MC in Pisces (exactly square Moon!!! In Gemini!!! with literal abandonment issues!!) I thought I could write the book on LZ-ing at one point – and this very fact makes me phosphorescent with shame, acidic fury at myself, and also strangely but completely fittingly, ineffably sad.
    BUT – how amazing are those “Accidental acquisition of practically professional shamanic/wizard skills”??? (Laughing aloud, again – thank you MM xoo).
    But knowing you are an LZ (or have been) is self-awareness, right? Which is the first step out of that Minotaurean maze, in my (limited) view. A self-aware Love Zombie is better than
    being an unconscious one, more than likely? I really don’t know. It has started many on a spiritual path (including moi!!), so who knows.
    When I entered my mid-40’s (and imagining myself far, far removed from my early adulthood days of professional L-Z- ing), what came as a complete shock to me is that you can LZ about so many things – careers. Degrees. Types of homes. Dealing with world probs.Types of parenting!!! Lipstick colour suitability. Clothes with high waists. Blah blah.
    For this Venus-in-Furs Aries, I had to be really blunt with myself. It helps to start a clock timer (Aries). Am I wasting my time?? Because, boy!! Do I get chafed at that.
    Equally Aries-unattractively, am I just out for myself here?? Because that also smells like the mouldy damp of LZ territory.
    Anyway – just showing everybody my Ariadne’s thread/underpants. What ho.

    1. Love this Venus in Furs, could this be a rebranding event? The resilience from a change in LZ perspective, the self awareness and confidence that comes from Love and Loving. As in the capacity to love and Love is not the issue, it’s the outcome when that love is not acknowledged and nourished in reciprocal ways.

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Hi S (Venus in Furs – c’est pour vous, non??)
        *sigh* – can only speak for myself.
        But what i felt wasn’t love. And what is worse, is, my psychic smoke detectors were going off the whole time, every single time. I just chose to hit “snooze”!!
        Did I have a paranormal/telepathic connection with each LZ person??? Totally. But it was a feature of a “skill-set”* I accidentally found out i had, as opposed to much else. Past life/karmic connections also very real, but like MM has said many a time before, this doesn’t necessarily mean anything..?
        *Re skill set – for myself, can form pretty quick spirit connections with most ppl i meet IRL – but have learnt the “off-switch” or, boundaries now. Sometimes it is as simple as saying to them mentally “thanks, but no thanks. Go with love.” when they pop into dreams/mental tv frame/feelings. But MM has just placed a great link above with greater advice!! X
        Speaking fer meself!! LOVE XOO

        1. I share that skill set with you Corduroy jeans. I’ve had people tell me many conflicting accounts over the years…It’s wrong for people to visit my dream space or communicate with me without my consent. Geez I don’t get to pick and choose who visits my dreams or converses with me in this bizarre frequency mode. I’m aware I get messages all the time and I have to focus to push the mute button, so I can function as best as I can.
          Some come through clear and I respond quickly to the intel, others are akin to overhearing a lost person and like you’re catching a ride on a thought balloon. Hard to explain but my life has been saved and those I care about by this communication frequency.

          I do believe that through my lived trauma (very early and other complex events), somehow created this communication frequency for my safety. It’s amplified through water, with some people and others it’s through touch.
          I will check out this link too. Thank you for your reply 😇 we got this, even if it’s murky as fuq.

          1. Oh lord, yes. One second scolding and declaring need for space. Feel it then go sniffing around the perimeter like ‘okay there’s the space now let me out of my own enforced boundary because no my abandonment alarm is about to go off’ rinse repeat, recycle 😩😂
            Caught this loop recently, started imaging a little ticket taker machine at this threshold for those that I do find I’m genuinely interested in. I pop the ticket in to remind myself this is a ride, a moment, NOT REALITY, then proceed. When I start to feel too much of myself going in and starting to believe THIS IS IT I bring the ticket machine to mind and am like ‘oh right, this is temporary, enjoy it for what it is, not for the “salvation”.

            1. I did an epic reply here. Four paragraphs and it didn’t post. Would appear that someone was also posting their comment and 7 emojis might have been too much for the system.

    2. Venus in Furs was a book read many many moons ago. Don’t remember the author but you do? Then they made the movie i believe.
      Love your writing or i could say ‘exposes’….Venus Revealed – Venus in Velvet Pants?

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Egads..! Just looked it up – I could have sworn it was a band I used to see live in the 90’s with a song about a hapless gent called Jimmy Rogers. But no -that band’s name was just “Fur”…
        I lay no claim to the many alternate versions of Venus in Furs that exist, it appears🤣😲! Although I DO like the idea of “Venus in velvet pants” – disco Chiron, too? 💖

    3. Fwiw imhe the LZ materials are best harnessed for personal creative work. The LZ subject is secondary to the work and is a muse at best, if we are able to safely fuel ourselves with the immense heart-energy that pours through the cosmic taps but also disinvest from the person and recognise the situ as a mirage. It gives us a compass direction and a blinding sense of salvation, as long as we recognise that we will come-to while thirstily gulping down handfuls of desert sand in the blazing sun while a vulture circles lazily overhead ☠️♠️

      1. This feels like the difference between a LZ schlepping along behind the mirage (unconscious) and the haute LZ (can that be a thing) travelling in clarity’s boat towards creativity’s horizon

      2. Corduroy jeans

        Oh Sam. *clinks glass full of sand with you, settles down on a fallen log around campfire with recovering Love Zombie gaze..*
        Do you know I am STILL figuring out how to do that!!! So glad it is not just me. I still fear something is seriously wrong with me that I can’t (easily) summon “the muse” without a dysfunctional, self-destabilising, and entirely imaginary fixation. But wait – I can see that Jupiter-in-Taurus fighter jet flying in so – – better get our green eyeshadow on!! XOO

        1. Oh you’re fine. And thank you *sips sand* I wonder if The Work can be done without the four horsemen of the lovepocalypse. I don’t think it can? You named three of them. The fourth can only be spoken by poets and ghosts, and whichever part of us inhabits the other dimensions while we are incarnate. They feed us with strange ingredients and new recipes as we travel with their caravan under the stars..
          The occasional fighter jet timeout does indeed seem to help to stay grounded ? Ironically.
          *Digs around for emerald green eyeshadow*

  10. Corduroy jeans

    “…A fervent, focussed devotion so strong and enduring that it could only be torn apart by proximity..” Pow.
    Oh how I laughed out aloud… 😀
    (Bold italics clearly my own… ahahahaha)

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Hi darling Pegs. XOO I’d been meaning to reply to your comment recently, about how good banter draws you into relationships//how shared laughter at world is attractive. Well – me too. But I found they clouded my vision!!! (As in, I would be so busy having a great time//feeling seen, that I wouldn’t see much else, lol).
        A very insecure Sun cj Jupiter past boyfriend taught me this.. (Oh, but the fun in finishing each other’s sentences !!)
        They do co-exist (good relationships; with men who can banter/make you laugh) but – they have to make you feel safe and loved, too..💕💖 Luv CJ X

  11. I felt this last night MM. Love Zombie Rehab? I’m there, closing doors with a little WD-40 and opening new chapters.
    Nah so many art displays and visual merchandising gone to the pack lately. Not even doggos would lift their legs on some of this. I adore creative spaces and expression however surely a resurgence of creativity is around the corner. At this stage it’s over priced burnt caffeine. I do remain hopeful of life improving.
    Always a pleasure to see how everyone is going here in the MM community.

  12. Aaah, I’m so excited for my thrice Venus return, I’m already feeling the urge to do something bold (and somewhat unhinged, thank you Uranus) 🦁!!
    We. Want. GLAMOUR. Now!

    “*Accidental acquisition of practically professional shamanic/wizard skills in an attempt to understand ‘the thing.’”
    Who has not been seized by oddly yet vastly superior spiritual skills during a LZ episode? I literally learned professional-level synastry while hallucinating romantic rapport. Your senses are so sharp for any crumb of confirmation, you hear the music of the spheres. LZing will have you astral projecting to visit your beloved so no unsightly bit of messy human reality shall make itself seen.
    Magnificiently, deliciously nutty.

    1. I love everything you’ve posted here and Venus is going to form a grand cross with my tsquare three times this venus in Leo–I’m going to try to go with your energy here!!! Happy (many) Venus returns! <3

    2. 😆 The LZing not only freed me from a plodding, long dead but oh-so-practical arrangement but also speed-rocketed me into Astrology and Tarot. So, absolutely spot on!

  13. Honestly Mystic your posts must be part of the divine order because I just came out of an early morning deep dive into using the scent of wormwood on Monday’s to honor the goddess Artemis, then read this post lol. 🙌🏼
    I feel most of my greatest attractions exist in a parallel realm, and I survive years of self induced love exile (#VenusRxinthe12thproblems) by living off the ripples of another version of me who found her king 👑 lol

    1. Closest iv’e come to wormwood is deep diving into Absinthe…
      in the hope of writing like Beaudelaire but nah fell asleep.

    2. Currently peeping a Venus 12 house guy without slipping on my delusional specs. For everytime I lean towards the notion there’s something mutual there I lick a little salt and remind myself that this guy likely has an inner world wholly unto itself and wouldn’t necessarily give definitive answers as to if it’s he’s attracted to or if he’s just enjoying the input to his inner world. Like Krishna with one of many gopis.

      The fact that nothing has been mentioned explicitly AND we’ve only ever interacted in online group settings AND his 3D response:ether activity ratio feels akin to a feather and an anvil on a teeter-totter I am thankfully, if a little longingly ,returned to Earth and reminding myself of my concrete needs and standards. Which are the literal best tool for countering LZ. And strangely the very thing old stories had me believe we’re what kept me from love and then through their absence LZ tendancies were born

      1. Hhhmmm….. you know unless he is aware himself that the 12th house placement has him swimming in the abyss, even while in the physical presence of others that definitely seems like a nightmarish situationship. I very much feel for anyone that attempted to be my anchor because I indulged HEAVILY living in liminal spaces, and almost resented anyone that wanted a reality with me. I never wanted to come down to mingle with the earthlings lol. Unless of course he has an artistic outlet for all of the very tangible Venusian energy, which I’ve only started channeling the past few years…….and that has become my grounding & center. I do wonder how many true Venusians make it out of their inner world to share themselves with others though……..??

        1. He’s a very excellent astrologer, for sure. I have no doubt he’s aware of his Venus and he does bring aspects of it into the real world. But does heeee want to come more into the real world? Is there a distinction between the person and the Venusian energy? Hard to parse and unnecessary to speculate on. That is neither mine to answer nor to insist be answered at this point.

          Pretty sure we hang in the liminal realm, but I keep being reminded that hanging there goes not mean that it’s going to be going anywhere else. And then poof, the energy changes.

          And I have experienced that resentment for being someone’s anchor. 7 year one stand situationship! And a remnant relational dynamic from childhood. Glad you’ve found the roots and anchors of creativity to channel your Venusian magic!:)

          1. Then no doubt he is aware of his charm and presence! Now I see just how elusive this may feel….I definitely think there is a distinction between both, because at different stages of life we may be leaning into the lower expressions of the planet / sign due to lack of self awareness/evolution but with understanding you begin to work with the flow, rather than being pulled into the dark & ominous current that really makes for distorted connections & perceptions of life.
            Oh wow a 7yr situation is a-lot to swallow. The no. 7 is associated with Saturn cycles, I do wonder where it was lurking around in your chart during this time?? 🤔🤔….. sounds very karmic and I also understand the remnants from childhood playing a factor in all future connections. All too well…
            And thank you love! Escapism is no longer my favorite form of entertainment lol.

            1. Saturn had been travelling from my 9th-1st house during that time. But since we’re talking about Neptune, we met as Neptune was crossing through his 10th and over his Venus, sun, and north node. In one of our last conversations, he confirmed that during our time together he saw men and woman as purely abstract subjects, sexuality was purely social – i.e. neither of us were real and the entire relationship was based on living in this ambiguity. OUUUUUF. While this was never spoken in the relationship, that’s most certainly how he acted and I believed he was smarter – he was my pseudo-intellectual projection with Zerrro emotional availability.
              Saturn caught up with him (it’s in his 8th house which my moon also sits on in synastry) He’s now more or less a recluse in a small mountain orthodox Christian community, believing that everyone is a narcissist and recovering from his ‘excessive swimming in sin’ (his words)

              Needless to say, it’s very easy to steer clear in the physical world, and it’s been a helluva journey in the ether to let this dude go. My pride was wrapped up in there along with painful co-dependency issues. Our connection should not have lasted more than a few months. The undertow of youth is no joke!

              “Escapism is no longer my favourite form of entertainment” – YES. Putting this on a T-shirt. Maybe along with a hoodie that says “I’ve been on the escapism ride and I survived to thrive”

              1. Well the man sure does have a way with words, not delivery because “hello heartbreak” but in an intriguing, pervasive way 🫠🫠
                Neptune has a way with pushing relationships to non-tangible limits, is this real? was it ever real? is life on earth real or am I merely an echo of a hologram? Most of my greatest relationships were Neptune flavored = never real but always a good time lol
                Neptune energizing SO many bodies plus the North node makes for high key illusion, mystique and an attraction more likely hitting those synastry areas that force growth in uncomfortable ways. When we place someone on a pedestal, we strip ourselves of our power…… something I ALWAYS did as a double Libran!!
                Hhmmm you have an 8th house natal moon?? He sounds like he’s having a Russell Brand-esque redemption for one’s sins tour lol, a deeply personal time and good time time for you to recover without his presence physically. It does sound like a deep soul connection though, the toughest connections normally are. You could strip back so much of this relationship and study for years lol. His reflection an important lesson into yourself. Very Jungian.
                LOL….. would love to see that on a tee! it’s so crazy when you look back at how you were living in earlier chapters of life.I mean I survived my own life!

                1. Agreeeeed! Love this:)
                  I don’t have an 8th house moon natally, my moon was in his 8th house in synastry, conjunct his Saturn.
                  Our composite was also Neptune centrallll-pisces rising with majority of planets in 12 house pisces. No dry land in sight – except me🤣 and I got submerged.

                  I do think he’s in some kind of recovery and more importantly it’s not a phase I. To be at all involved with. I think that was in part why our connection lasted pat it’s expiry date. Our respective dry lands are actually oceans apart. Without the thick veila of youth, delusion, naivety; without the unfulfilled longings and ungrounded romanticism it’s like ‘uhhhh we’re just two people do we really need to take on this particular relationship load?!’ the pisces age is going out with the tide. No thanks, lol. Deep connection, yes. Sustainable and nourishing, no. Since my orientation has shifted from the former to the latter in terms of choosing relationships, it’s a no brainer.

                  But brains (and heart) stay clear eyed, since the depths have been experienced and are still desired. Just with adequate containment!

                2. Also, man, it’s a challenge for me to journal things like this out by myself. This small exchange has helped so much time up these final loose ends.

                  Thank you!

                3. Oh okaaaaay the 12th house is like the final test from the other houses where your inner world is given a temperature check if all the lessons learned are healthy, balanced and even real! Any imbalance and will be felt in all liminal spaces ….throw a whole other human with their experience & natal imprint into that and wow those ripples will echo for timeeee. I completely understand how stuck you must’ve felt now! Isn’t it great when we’ve moved all the way on from a situation where we felt so trapped in? FREEDOM.

                4. My pleasure hunny! So much of our lives & emotions just need the acknowledgment so we can move fwd. Journaling is so healthy, our inner world needs space to breathe 🤍

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