The First Day Of Pluto In Capricorn

Do you remember the first day of Pluto in Capricorn? I do. I was at a fancy restaurant getting my heart fuqed over by a Gemini.

Pluto entered Capricorn on January 26 2008 at 2.:43 AM Universal Time. For me that was lunchtime and I was at a  plutocratic diner with chrome, glass and seaviews so dazzling that some of the waiters wore sunglasses indoors.

Heath Ledger had tragically passed a few days before. Britney Spears was launching her sixth fragrance – Curious Heart – in a series that had already sold a billion bottles and being put into a conservatorship that would last for most of the Pluto in Capricorn era.

Elon Musk, already a Uranian billionaire even back then, was preparing to launch Space X and the Large Hadron Particle Collider – the world’s most costly science experiment – was firing up for the first of several attempts to recreate the “Big Bang” conditions.

There was a guy at the table next to us who was aiming for a rhetorical big bang, bellowing “just pour it” to the waiter hovering with a magnum of chardonnay before continuing with his ancedote:”I said 50 million? Tell him to dream on….okay, fine, say I said he can go fuq himself.”

BigBang guy wasn’t touching it, but every table also had untold bottles of sparkling mineral water which, over the Pluto in Capricorn era, was to become massively more popular.

The Gemini I was at lunch with tried to wow the sommelier with an improvised performance of ‘wine wisdom,’ ordered another bottle of ‘the unpronouncable one‘ and then dumped me with such a labyrinthine, flattering monologue that I thought he was proposing marriage.

When I’d worked out what he meant, I dealt with it by going to the architecturally impressive but scary bathroom where I serendipitously encountered an Aries woman smoking dreamweed and crying about Heath.

We speed-bonded over the irony of the kitchen playing Flo Rida’s Low while the restaurant had an avant-garde ambient soundtrack and the bathroom became our hq for a while, rusty ironic industrial implements and all.

A few months later the head of the IMF warned that the “world financial system was teetering on the brink of systemic meltdown,” Bernie Madoff was arrested for the then biggest Ponzi swindle in history, the Lehmann brothers collapsed, Bitcoin launched and I thought briefly of the ‘50 million is not enough‘ guy at the restaurant.

I hadn’t forgotten the Gemini but not being with him had become an item on my gratitude list and it meant I was ahead of the curve: my personal bubble burst literally on the first day of Pluto in Capricorn.

And weirdly, recalling this day has made me realize how much it resonates with now, the end of Pluto in Capricorn and (soon) the start of Pluto in Aquarius. Get this:

Now free, Britney has released a new scent – Naked Fantasy – a flanker to her 2005 top-selling fragrance. This is smart because it equals money in the door without her having to perform or try and put out an album at this point.

She’s also a hired a top-notch forensic money guy to trawl through every single nano-byte of revenue and expenditure for the entirety of Pluto in Capricorn.  Never mind how rickety or not she seems on social media – this is the real story, she is regaining control.

CERN, the operators of the Large Hadron Particle Collider, have ‘voluntarily’ shut it down early for the Xmas holidays to ‘help save power’ in the context of the European energy crisis. It’s future must surely be in doubt at this point.

Each time they turn the thing on it uses 1.8 trillion volts and despite the astronomical expense, it’s apparently failed to ‘fill the gaps’ in the standard particle physics model. Note: the ‘gaps’ are the 95% of matter that they can’t explain.

Maybe all the gigantic magnetic field/particle smashers were a Pluto in Capricorn phenom? We may even pivot to a whole new theory of high energy physics. Pluto in Aquarius has form for this: Copernicus launched his then shocking treatise on heliocentricity – that the Earth revolved around the Sun – during it.

The energy crisis is also threatening sparkling water which, I think, may fall out of vogue anyway. I say this as someone who has been practically addicted to San Pellegrino and similar btw. But my prediction is that information around the health impact of drinking water to which carbon dioxide has been added will emerge.

The actual supply of carbon dioxide gas (which comes from fertilizer manufacturing) is at risk:

Italian drinks companies are facing a shortage of the carbon dioxide (CO2) they need to put the fizz into their cans and bottles this summer as some gas producers cut output in response to rising energy costs.

CO2 is a byproduct of the ammonia produced by chemicals groups for use in the manufacturing of fertiliser, engineering plastics and diesel exhaust fluid.”

Having always vaguely gone with the ‘it’s sort of natural’ line, I’m a bit skeeved out by this.

Sparkling water does, however, interact with tastebuds in a manner that could become habit-forming and for the carbon dioxide to be successfully ‘infused,’ the water has to be de-aerated first.

Ie: the less oxygen the better. The carbon dioxide or rather, carbonic acid, is not supposed to be a problem for drinkers because we just excrete it. After all, it’s not like there are any other toxins around to excrete.

The first carbonated drinks were launched in 1783 – another Pluto in Aquarius era – by Jacob Schweppe with the founding of the still in business Schweppes. Clearly they’re huge revenue rakers and notice how you see the fancier ones as perpetual props in styled real estate ads.

There is something ironic in bubbly water being under threat at this point, the effervescence too costly to maintain.

And of course at the end of Pluto in Capricorn, we have another Ponzi but this time it’s a crypto-Ponzi and the alleged instigator, a well-connected millennial, is active on the lecture circuit.

So what were you doing on the day Pluto went into Capricorn? And what do you make of the resonance?

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I remember that time very distinctly. I put a message to the universe that I was hopeless in judging who was good for me in relationships. Four weeks later I met my husband. We are still together and it’s been glorious. I’m going through a huge change of life phase at the moment – quit my CEO job last year and struggling with some health issues, but have turned back to my passion for painting and drawing. Not sure what’s next!


I had a massive spiritual awakening on the 24th of January 2008, at 2 in the morning, I’d literally just bought my first journal, which is why I remember the date because I woke up and wrote a couple of A4 pages about my epiphany then when back to sleep. I’ve only recently started studying astrology and realised it correlated to Pluto transit. Fastening my seatbelt 🙈


Pluto was conjunct Venus in my 7th House at this time. Pluto through my 7th saw a reconnection with my husband (to be) in late May the year previous. We found ourselves in the strange situation of my being pregnant within 3 months which Gem didn’t hesitate to embrace. He found us a small home on a large block with an incredibly beautiful English garden with a sumptuous grassy meadow, flowers, fruit trees and a hills hoist encircled by rosemary and lavender, the scent of which soaked into all my washing as it dried. We welcomed our boy in July… Read more »

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I would add that I also found Mystic’s blog around this time! It was a source of great inspiration and magic at a time I needed that connection. Thank you Mystic!

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Interesting, now that you mention it, I believe it was the same for me! I was definitely getting in touch with the witchy side of me that I had never had a chance to realize I had growing up in a science as god but otherwise atheist family. So at that time I was just discovering astrology, tarot, feng shui, alternative health practices etc. and I remember stumbling upon Mystic fairly early in the journey and have kept the site as my only trusted source of everything astro.


I had just found out I was pregnant with my first baby and my husband had terminal cancer (we wouldn’t know this until March). 2008 was a crazy year for me, lol. Heading into Pluto in Aquarius now – over the past 14 years, I had the baby, built a solid career, bought a nice house on my own, got remarried, got divorced, had him die in my guest room, have traveled just about everywhere on my bucket list, lost my dad, became estranged from all of my family except a cousin and an aunt/uncle, found a sister on 23andme… Read more »

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That is a profound and remarkable journey. I wish you all the best in the law suit and your retirement plan which sounds wonderful.


Thank you! It was a roller coaster, but I certainly became a new, super independent person who knows what I want in life 🙂


Wow. Pluto really brought the darker themes of its influence through your family life, was it in the 4th house??
I had a similar era myself, so I felt all of your words on a personal level. If you’ve made it through the lowest expressions of Pluto, your next era is going to be the renaissance you and yours deserves 🤍


Natal pluto is my the 7th house, trine my moon in the 12th house. I was going through my pluto square pluto from the 11th house and neptune square sun and venus. That was by far the hardest period of my life, sounds like you have been through something similar. You feel like you won’t make it out and then all of a sudden the world opens up again and you are surrounded by all new people and circumstances.

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Oooooo wow you had a trine to a 12th house moon too, mine was square my 12th house moon 😳😳 I knew your story felt similar, I recognized your battle scars and the confronting psychological upheaval vibes. Pluto square Pluto is at 0 degrees for me today still, I’m still in it but you’re right I’m in a totally different place (location too), and surrounded by people that recognize my true self rather than actively set out to destroy me (figuratively/literally). Half of this transit was coming to the conclusion that solitude and peace is in the long run more… Read more »

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Yes!!! I came to the exact same conclusion. I spend alot of time alone or with my daughter these days. I feel like 2023 will be my time to slowly get back out there and find my tribe.


This is EXACTLY my plans for 2023! You know you have to do the hard psychological/spiritual work before you’re ready to attract the people vibrating at the higher places, as to not repeat the same tired old scenarios. There’s great people & places waiting for us ✨


I was at the Astrology conference (the first one I had gone to) watching the Pluto-entering- Capricorn ceremony (it was lunchtime). It felt so stabilising and grounding at the exact moment Pluto entered Capricorn. From then on I could physically feel when planets are ingressing into a different signs, stationary retrograding or stationary direct and of course always felt Full Moons.


I have emptied my inbox and outbox during a particularly harsh Mercury retro in 2019 so I can’t check there and I have no recollections of that time. I remember falling in love obsessively and not reciprocated – it was opposing my Venus in Kataka – but I am not experiencing that now. So I can’t get much closure I guess?


I dug up an email I sent to practically my whole address book in September 2008, a time when I didn’t have a social media platform to just post my thoughts publicly: Some people are worried that the Large Hadron Collider could destroy the Universe: (link to an article titled “Courts Weigh Doomsday Claims” about international lawsuits in which “the plaintiffs claim that those involved in the particle collider’s operation have not adequately addressed the idea that the LHC could create globe-gobbling microscopic black holes or other catastrophes such as matter-wrecking strangelets or magnetic monopoles. They’re calling for further safety… Read more »

Corduroy jeans

What a beautiful mind you have, Molly. Hope you’ve written/are writing books ..
Lover of Knits.

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Corduroy jeans

(Also consider the multiverse theory proposed by Prof Bernard Carr & others, as a way of explaining all the coincidental “fine tunings” or Goldilocks “just right” conditions needed on earth for self-aware, questioning, conscious human beings to evolve/exist – right temp, oxygenated atmosphere, radiation levels, water/food supply – one way of explaining is that we are a one-in-a-million data anomaly, and therefore there are another 999,999 worlds (say) out there, where conditions are not right for human beings, but perhaps other conscious, questioning beings. And this is just the physical realm – imagine concurrent multiverses in the non-material? Where the… Read more »


I think you put it very finely, Earthstar! Thank you for the widened perspective.


Yeah I’d be fine if the LHC did wierd things. Who cares? What else are are supposed to do with our lives? At least it would be interesting.


To elaborate on my abrupt comment above.. I mean ‘matter-wrecking strangelets’ (what a delightful term, like subatomic gremlins) if harnessed could have positive uses? Could they reduce nuclear or plastic waste (or weapons stockpiles) ? Or then again , less positive uses, I imagine a government or three wouldn’t mind some kind of device that they could point at an undesirable to vaporise them on the spot, sans evidence. Admittedly there might be some decidedly sci-fi moments where say a magnetic monopole creates localised time-space distortions and all the music plays backwards or there’s a ‘matter blackout’ or the year… Read more »

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Such a wonderful and gentle teacher you are!

Corduroy jeans

Hope you ok, MM. Sounded very Neptunian/mutable to my amateur ears – (mirror-like) chrome, seaviews, bubbles, a slippery and opaque conversation. Hope the other side of the Pluto in Cap bridge not as glary but still a lot clearer!! Xx

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Penelope Darling

I was on the brink of throwing my whole life into the air. I believe the pieces have only just started to land.


Yesterday I graduated with a postgraduate degree, the doing of which was like wading through glue and took years longer than it should have … too many obstacles to recount here … AND I signed on the dotted line a legal agreement that freed me from a business partner (Scorpio) who had been screwing me over for years with dodgy contracts, was stymying the business deliberately and yet refused to let it go. AND on the full moon last week I parted ways with another person managing some of my business interests who was charging outrageous fees to me on… Read more »


Hello, I sent a message to support … but it may have been spammed – I hope you get it xxx

Pearl Icicle

I got laid off a job managing an art supply store right around that time. Now I’ve just applied to a Graduate art program focusing on art, craft and design with the intention of adding to and joining the global awareness of hand made, sustainable craft. It’s time for me to shine and give back in my middle age. Thank you Mystic!


Such a great & hilarious read – not about your poor broken heart of course, but “speed-bonding” in the loo with a distraught Aries weed smoking Heath mourner, while being so ceremoniously dumped was priceless. I’m curious to know if you know anything more about the Gemini? i only ask since Gems like to remain friends with exes. Yes i do remember that date, thanks to journalling.That was the day that an angry Italian man started ringing & threatening me, saying that he knew where i lived & that he would harm me if i continued to see his partner,… Read more »


This seems like a section from a novel I would totally read and a microcosm of things to come.


Question to bubbly water lovers here, have you considered Sodastream or the likes? I’d post a link, but that sends me to review jail.
Personally, I can’t tolerate anything not “natural” to drink. Freaks out my 6th house sun and Virgo rising-ishness.


We got gifted one, it’s nice to have refrigerated bubbles on a hot day. Keeps you from being tempted to other drinks less healthy.

Penelope Darling

I was gifted one by a relative, unfortunately its factory is (was?) on illegally occupied Palestinian land.


Oh! Didn’t know! The morons!

Arian Pisces

Where to start… I don’t remember what I was doing in Jan 2008 but in March I got a job with an iconic company that I thought would be a dream role. While the company certainly elevated the trajectory of my career, the company was made up of several self absorbed people with big narcissistic personalities. My mother was also diagnosed with one then two then three serious illnesses during this time, eventually dying due to the third one. I was made redundant from this company after nearly 8 years in a shitty drawn out process then went to work… Read more »


“Poor Career Choices” can optimistically be redefined as “Good Learning Curves”… from someone who has had a lot of “good learning curves”… It may not be entirely true, but i believe both are at least part true, and it certainly makes you feel better to reframe it in the positive. I’m reminded of the description of corporations as “psychopaths” in the 2003 documentary The Corporation. The logic being, that as corporations have ‘legal personhood’ then that’s the type of ‘person’ they are. That probably needs to be updated to “narcissistic psychopaths” for the current era. There are good and bad… Read more »


Moved from NYC to LA. One of the best decisions we ever made. It hasn’t always been easy, the Plutonic shedding of old skins and all, but it has been deeply healing and transformationally empowering.

Calli G

I believe around then I was taking care of my dad, whose health was starting to decline. Pluto in Capricorn manifested more in the Lord of the Dead sense, for me, taking several family members and one good friend. I spent a fair bit of It handling executor stuff, which seems as Pluto in Capricorn as it gets. I’ll be glad to get out from under it. While I’m arguably in a better financial place than I was in 2008, I’d like to keep my remaining family for a bit.


I hope you do Calli 🥰


My first-born son was 22 days old. Suffice it to say that time is lost in a haze. I was probably either breastfeeding or trying to sleep. LOL!


San Pellegrino is what i call Holy Water & is the champagne of bubbling water. It is now $4 a bottle! Am going back to still cask water, no one in their right mind drinks Adelaide water it’s as bad as breathing through your mouth & along with the upside down Feng Shui it responsible for projects never getting off the ground. Colonel Light the founder, an ex resident of Penang planned the city on Feng principles for the northern hemisphere. Bad move. 2008 was the final break with the Sagg Kung Fu-ing Sheriff who ghosted, gaslighted & breadcrumbed me… Read more »


If it’s not too far for you to travel Pegasus try Greenhill Springs up Waterfall Gully Road. $3 for an 11-litre bottle, great value I reckon, and local. 🙂 They deliver too, but that makes it more expensive. If you go, tell Albert, the lovely Singaporean man who runs the place, that Alex sent you 😀


Alex thank you, at that price delivery is fine, good value., and will mention you.
Shopping yesterday at Coles, 3 usual items have increased by $4!
Time to take notice at expenditures.

The Lion & The Centaur

Pluto has transitioned across my 1st house and the outer planet conjunction in Cap. My life entered a more violent rollercoaster in 2008, with more dopamine and less serotonin. I was 14 back then and my teens & 20s have been mostly sh*t but with a sort of rockstar swagger, great soundtrack and some great friends so it could have been a lot worse. I’m done with this 1st house transit AND my Saturn Return (28 degrees Aqua) in March – I hope some gentler winds blow my way soon!


Friends will help you through everything. Always & forever.


Pluto in Capricorn has been downright cathartic for me financially, materially, and structurally. I resisted and I scorned it and made it more difficult than it had to be, I think. On January 26th, 2008, Uranus was crossing my Ascendant and Mars. I was tired of the status quo and wanted some BIG changes and was very impatient with myself. After my recent divorce, I made some very bad decisions. There were four planetary objects transiting my 12th house. It was THE most difficult year, and Pluto in Capricorn has felt difficult, but I have never felt the oppression of… Read more »


I don’t know of it was that exact day, but that week, I applied for a job that took me out of my country, out of my field, launched my global career at a MUCH bigger scale.
Now, I am talking about a spiritualist startup in Pluto in Aquarius era. 🙂




Thank you, Pegs! I am sure I will bore the loving community here to tears, when I come closer to finish line. Our business unit got sold last week, and I might be out of a job soon (a Gemini full moon in 10th, SURPRISE!). Its all very timely and frankly, very Plutonian.


Bore us please Cappie, everyone here is interesting 🙂


Okay, you asked for it. 🙂 Here is my #1 wish for Pluto in Aquarius. I want to launch a device that would push the phones out of bedroom by letting a user record their dreams on audio while still in that half-asleep state – without having to touch a screen or an analog diary, derive keywords out of this recording and create an AI powered analysis that monitors sleep quality, spiritual meta-themes and collective consciousness messages. (Need to work on how much of the mission to reveal to potential investors.🤭) For entertainment, I would love to connect the dream… Read more »


I can’t believe I got a response and a seal of approval from you, Mystic! ☺️☺️☺️ I was secretly hoping you would comment, but this makes me SO happy. The fact that this can be misused as psychological manipulation is the reason I have sat on this for over 2 years. If I do start this, I will defend psychic individual integrity until my deathbed, but I am aware that companies, especially those with this broad a scope, tend to outlive (and more often than not, screw over) their founders. Which is why, this community is SO important. Its best… Read more »


I wonder if this would also make to possible to measure the psychic impact of big events before they happen, documenting that people dreamed of them in advance.


Oooooo! THAT would be a biggy and gave me goosebumps. Tougher to quote as a benefit on Investor Days but I am totally onboard.
(I do experience precognizance myself, so would be super excited to make it easier for us to tap into the collective wisdom and “measure” its efficacy.)


It was so damn hot. We had an invasion day party and everyone went nuts. The people with kids had to leave early because of the heat and everyone left drank too much. Some guets stood on the roof of my car to watch foreworks and dented it. They all left suddenly and I then spent the whole night on the phone with the accountant who was in love with me. He told me in detail why I needed to ditch my partner and why I deserved more and better. Three weeks later I was free of it all and… Read more »


I was about to turn 19 and had just gotten back from a trip to London where I realized I really liked alcohol and sex with strangers 🙂 Now I’m 2.5 years sober and have been celibate for over a year (a really long time for me!!) because I’m focusing on keeping me healthy right now. Hard to look back this era–the choices that I made from 2008-2020 are so driven by fear and a desire to escape myself, and many people I loved died young and addicted in these years. I’m really glad I survived and while my days… Read more »


Elon just announced his pronouns are


YES! Fauci & friends! Total fear & guilt driven knee jerk reactions about gain-of-function & the mis-management of millions of peoples lives.


My dog died on the night of the 24th, so i know where i was that day. Digging a hole in clay soil, in the height of summer, beneath some olive trees (the Sun was on my IC, opposite Saturn, so of course i be diggin a grave). I don’t think it ever occurred to me that my life post-dog was also the era of Pluto in Capricorn… He arrived, with a bang, on Guy Fawkes night – a Scorpio at the tail end of Pluto in Scorpio, and quietly slinked off when the Moon & South node were conjunct,… Read more »


I’m almost finished reading a book about the French Revolution.

Recently, I read somewhere, the production of carbon dioxide is being discouraged to decrease crop yields, seems they’re very serious about making us eat bugs, and carbon dioxide can be used to make nasty bombs. I guess they’re worried we might make a fuss about the bugs.


Well, as a vegetarian/pescetarian i’m still not eating bugs. I guess when the plague of locusts arrive, it’ll be a boon for someone

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I love this. Tres resonant.


prob changing nappies 😹
now he smoking weed…


My morning laugh…… him a vape, better than smoke in the lungs.
(says this old head 🙂


i have tried to persuade him re a vape…


Organic, sun-kissed tobacco hand-rolled even better perhaps?


mmm will investigate..he’s v interested in native american indians and loves reading abt them 🪶

Sub rosa

May I add as a adjunct to my previous comment, but the tarot lately here has been bang on! Thanks Medusa. Your tentacles are far and out reaching providing solace and hope to weary souls. May blessings be upon you.👌😘


Love this post–totally brilliant scene-setting and connecting to the wider Zeitgeist. Also reminds me of a heady flirtation I had this summer with a Gemini hedgefund guy that briefly flamed very intensely and just as quickly spluttered out. On the night Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008, I was in the spring semester of junior year of college; and I was four days shy of turning 21. I did a quick look at some computer files from then, and found one created a few hours after Pluto went into Capricorn (evidently I was working on it between 1:36 and 2:59… Read more »

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Lovely reminiscing . . . Now back to work!

Last edited 3 months ago by embarkons7

Wow those quotes from Camus basically hit all the Plutonic themes of transformation while the 12th house perfectly sets the scene for diving into all sides of the mind…. conscious & unconscious! An amazing glimpse into your world & astrology at work ✨


His book The Myth of Sisyphus was just about the only writing I found that met me right where I was at a difficult time. I always appreciated his humane tone (naturally he is a Scorpio).

Last edited 3 months ago by Sam

Ooh! I don’t remember the day exactly, but I was heavily pregnant with my 2nd and last child, due to be born in May; my partner was unexpectedly ‘made redundant’ 3 weeks before she was born, setting us up for some difficult financial times for the next few years. I have a Capricorn midheaven, so the following years had me building a new career from scratch.


Did you become a mystic as your new career?


I do, I made a baby! cheeky little scorp he is born during the Pluto RX so in Sag. Is alkalized water the new water thang? our local health food store in a retirement town (75% are 65 or older, think “Cocoon”) has a new fangled dispensing water machine, Filtered or Alkaline, out the front for after hrs access. Dear as poison but not poison. If you had asked about any other Australia day I couldn’t have told you what I did except listened to JJJ hottest 100. Don’t recall hearing the #1 but the rest I do clearly. There… Read more »

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Hey Mars was retro in Gemini 24 degrees


Wow, Mystic, what a great read! I’ve been reflecting on this myself as a huge cycle completes and looking ahead to Pluto in Aqua. Pluto in Cap has been my 5th house. At that time I was starting a huge creative project and had zero belief in my own ability to complete it. This year something that had its origins in what I began back then saw the light of day in the public arena. I remember sometime in early 2008 sitting in the shower for an hour and sobbing with fear about the task ahead and my emerging understanding… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Chrysalis

Interesting. I was on the cusp (same week) of meeting the man I would spend 14 years with (we recently split, amicably, with me now looking to move o/s early in the New Year). I was also a week and half away from taking some mentoring jobs that included major Entertainment plus 4 weeks away from going to a Saudi Uni for a lecturer mentor role. Felt very Capricorn/Saturnine/teacher at the time. I expect Pluto/Aquarius to be me ensconced in a futurist tech position.


Haha I met my abusive ex husband this day. We’re both Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, my Sun at 0 degrees, so an exact sextile. The first couple years of the relationship were Pluto conjunct my Neptune. We got married mid zap zone with Saturn in Scorpio (2013). Went thru five years of infertility, then finally got pregnant late 2018 with Uranus in Taurus opposite my Sun. Meanwhile, I didn’t realize he was abusive. I was doing a lot of work in therapy after we got married, un-doing family patterns (Pluto has been transiting my 4th). Then when we had… Read more »


Sending lots of luck and love— cheers to your bravery


Thank you!


So much I could add but I just want to say I could read Mystics tales from the vault for hours ❤️


lol me too!

Sub rosa

I enjoyed reading that thoroughly. Thank you. However I really do not like going back to that period in time either. Or following the timeline of the years that followed. I was reading aquahair’s rememberance with almost sheer envy. Perhaps I will go into my own ghastly details another time. Suffice to say I am looking forward to this new era with cautious optimism. I read a good word elsewhere this morning that I had not encountered before. ‘Hopium.’ Good isn’t it? Even if it had been used in another context.


We are totally on the same page Sub rosa. I hear you and here’s to a much better Pluto era.

Sub rosa

Thanks Aqualeo. Your words are balm. xx


❤️ to you dear girl


I’m stuck on a couch at my dad’s house with a spasmed back so I will let myself open an old Hotmail account to see if I’m correct and hang out and finish this catharsis garbage by the time mercury and my progressed moon usher this fuqer into the Aquarian area of my 5th house in handcuffs til we work out an arrangement.

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Your first day sounds awful, like the first day at a horrible boarding school. The type of experience that resulted in you transcending to a true survivor My experience of pluto has been ideologically challenging. In 2008, was about to turn 39 years of age, and was selling all my investments in equities to buy my first home my first ever property. The home was to be part business premises and part home. The financial adviser was going off her tree that I wanted to sell all my equities but I said it is just time, and sold everything before… Read more »


I love the awareness and flow you’ve experienced.


Yass! You have single-handedly restored my faith in humanity – and the upcoming Pluto ingress… Thank you! And congrats on your amazing achievements 😊 Incidentally i did my uni degree in two parts – i left it with a year to go as i was just depleted & uninspired and sick of being poor & cold. I moved to warmer climes, lived, worked, did some different study in the same field, and then 6 years later went back to it, in my mid-30s. I had a completely new appreciation for it – it was a choice not a chore –… Read more »


Aquarians are the people of the future, and you are providing the model for the new normal!


I can’t be specific but I would have been in or around the final wrap up of a relationship with a Capricorn about to embark on his maiden voyage underground. He has dropped a line here and there to say he thought I was his soul mate. I have a revised view on soulmates and will only say maybe and for a time. What he was was known. Sun SN 7 can most assuredly always tell if they are from now or before. I am given that data at first meet. In recent times has been in and out of… Read more »


i would have just been starting my very second semester of university. my university experience had a lot of new things in store for me, especially as someone fresh out of high school, but the thing that comes to mind first is that i got a job i really enjoyed—a barista at a little coffee shop in the school. as it turns out, earlier 2022 i “lost” my soul-crushing desk job of 11 years and imminently am going back to work—after an eight-ish month reprieve—at a cafe.


I love your story tw:leo, good you escaped from the desk-job, and your new job at a cafe sounds like a pleasant echo of the barista job back in the early days of Pluto in Capricorn ☕️


We’ve discussed this already but I was just married and still teaching art at high schools. Still married 😂 🥰
On the Saturday in question in the UK, I was probably sleeping, but it’s a fortnight before my Aquarian husband’s birthday.

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