Renegade Bare Nails Uranus Chic

I have plenty of thoughts on Uranus in Taurus. But one of my Uranus in Taurus predictions is that people are going to be backing out of the beauty-industrial complex at warp-speed, the chemicals, insecurity sells and all.

I recently got brilliant results from a cream called Magnificent Skin Lover. Its ingredients were black seed oil and hemp I think. It was literally edible.

Recently, mid-pedicure, I just felt repulsed by the synthetics and scent of the nail polish. And yes, there are more natural versions. Still, it felt like someone was layering car paint over the skin and the whole nail spa energy was retro. Pisces people are super thing about their feet, of course.

First, I felt that this fresh desire for bare nails was attuning to the Uranus in (Venus Ruled) Taurus beauty Zeitgeist. Then I speculated that it might be more on the ‘giving up’ spectrum, a few stops before total matted hair hippie ville.

Voila, the new book from Nadine ArtemisRenegade Beauty.  I’ve always loved her oils & potions. But this book is a whole trip beyond that. Her philosophy is fantastic, going beyond just the obvious ‘don’t lather yourself in toxic chemical gunk’ admonition. It is more like a Uranus in Taurus manifesto.

And, yes, she says that nail polish is classified as “hazardous household waste,” that the nails need to breathe and that all they require is oils to moisturize if dry and a little bit of baking soda/lemon juice if yellow. Plus nutrition to maintain, of course.


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  1. The day I read how many women go blind each year from mascara was the day I gave it up. That was years ago. For blackened eyelashes, with moisture, I now use purely organic Indian Kajal.

  2. I just tried that bicard/lemon/oil scrub on my toe nails to get rid of yellow staining (from nail polish or life, not sure) and it worked a treat! Will def do that again.

    I am pretty fond of pedis though. I love the tool some of them have that basically makes grated parmesan out of my heels. And the fact that most of them have massage chairs.

    I have small theory that how you treat your feet is strongly connected to your sense of place in the world. In my hippy teenage days I’d walk around the city barefoot (pre-needle stick hysteria) and my feet developed skin like hardened leather. I’d pick out tiny shards of glass at the end of the day and that was it. Walking around like that was a humbling experience and I was very much in my own bubble. Then I bought a pair of docs and overnight I started walking taller, looking people in the eye more and taking up more space. It was such a confidence boost! Both were by choice – I could have afforded a pair of shoes earlier, but both came with such different mentalities.

  3. I feel sad that people have foot-shame. (or any body shame. something i also deal with) . I think if we do what we can to keep our feet in good health, that is the best we can do.
    Our feet hold us up in the world and get us from A to B … I hope we can give them lots of love and care and attention. irrespective of whether they are flat or arch-y, slender or solid, ghostly pale or beautiful brown.

    1. Oh I so agree Pi! My feet are gigantic and resemble a duck’s, but doggone it, they’ve taken me all over the world, from the streets of NY to the Rockies to the Alps, and carry me every day in ease and comfort. God/dess bless these silly, lovely feet of mine!

  4. Way ahead of you. Gave up mascara too. Plus I hate salons. Too loud, smelly, and germy. Still have to get haircuts though.

    1. i’m a huge mascara fan (pisces i guess) although sometimes I have noticed that (too much) makeup is a bit ageing. or maybe it’s me getting oldhahahahahahah
      clean fresh face and healthy skin is kinda nice.

      1. I love long eyelashes. Mascara definitely makes me look better. I just got sick of putting that goop on my eyes. It gets clumpy, causes eye infections, and is difficult to take off at the end of the day. Suddenly it felt unfair that I was expected to do it so I stopped. Saves money too!

  5. I’m the tree of life sephirot / chakra systems people tend to think a little less of the feet / malkuth point and focus more on head heart throat etc. when in fact this point is the one most relevant to our day to day lives. It’s said that we live in all 24 dimensions, with a variety of bodies that transcend these dimensions. The best description then of our current earthly conscious life is that of a foot. We are the part responsible for touching the ground, earthing the whole structure. Our ego of course would love to be the heart or the mind of this being but really the best thing we can do is be the best foot we can be. This according to Vedic scripture is the key to a happy life. Find and Understand your constitutional position in the universe and you are in the loop.
    Your feet and their health are really important in that they can tell us a lot about the health and well being of the whole organic body.
    Not sure what this has to do with nail polish ? I know nothing about it. I just wanted to talk about feet. Hands we can talk about another day 🙂

    1. Love what you say about the humble foot/malkuth point – so true. Also, as an ex-practising reflexologist i could tell you stories of just how a gentle foot massage can bring someone back from the brink of other dimensions. Powerful. They should have a team of hand & foot reflexologists employed in every hospital. It would cut recovery time by almost half.

      I liken the feet as being the Samwise Gamgee of our bodies – the true hero of LOR saga rather than Frodo – or at least equal to him – bless his gorgeous huge and hairy tootsies.

      1. really like both of these comments.
        and with feet comes walking.
        as my very wise cancerian sun sadge rising friend says, “angels talk to a woman who walks.”
        I found (a missing part of) myself after a kind of walking-holiday. miles and miles and miles every other day.
        (The missing part was down a little-used forestry trail, at sunset, surrounded by pine trees, looking at flowers 😛 … )

        1. I walk a lot and a few years ago after a summer holiday of wearing thongs I got the condition plantar fasciitis. It’s basically a chronic tear in the muscle under your foot that is hard to heal because you use it to walk ! Took 2 years to fully heal and was quite debilitating. The older I get the more I appreciate my feet and care for them.

  6. Hate work gloves-prefer dirt, soap suds, so nails usually bare- esp in summer-

    I have Leo Uranus from 9th square Scorp Asc so can never settle on a look- lol! Lately it’s plaid flannel plus jeans- boots for way wet winter.

    Hate salons and fumes. But love my Kataka hair stylist- Earth mom- and wicked with scissors-

  7. I don’t do mani or pedis because I would rather spend my time and money on massages and facials. When I was taking care of my mom and bring her to the podiatrist for nail care (her toe nails were very thick…too thick for me to cut) the Doctor said warned me about those nail salons were keeping her in business. So many of her clients kept getting infections from visiting them. I also feel weird about someone handling my feet…its very intimate and I feel uncomfortable. As for my hands….short clean bare nails and tons of lotion.its very dry here in Minnesota in winter and gloves are my favorite accessory.

    Confessions on makeup. I own my own makeup brand. I, too think that cosmetics help me feel more powerful and its an inexpensive way for many to treat themselves with a little self gift of lipstick or mascara and a bit of reinvention. (I won’t go into detail here due to inappropriate self promoting…i know that’s a No No.). I do choose my products and partners from careful criteria re:ethics and ethical testing and ingredients and social responsibility. I do think consumers arw more picky about what goes into cosmetics, how they are tested and who are the people who make them (not children or forced labor for example). I think Uranus in Taurus will bring more criteria like that into our awareness on everything.

  8. I’m feeling it as an urge to create self sufficiency in every aspect. Which means that the beauty routine has got to be in line too.
    What better way than using or buying pure or raw ingredients that mother earth has provided – without all the added artificial crap that not only is bad for you but stupidly expensive.
    Not to mention harmful to animals (testing) and exploitative in many other ways – the objectification of women for one.

    (@ Uranus Dominant)

    Though i must confess that looking down on my shimmery multi-colored toe nails gives me instant pleasure. (Neptune Rising)

  9. This fits right with where I am at although as a beachy Piscean my feet are a bit wrecked at the moment.
    I walk past the nail salon in my local shopping centre and the stench of chemical is so off putting, but worse are the looks on everyone’s faces. The women who don’t make eye contact with the staff while their hands are being worked on. Everyone – staff and customers – looks so damn sad.
    I DIY at home however I need to source precision tool for dealing with post-Chiron return heels lol. And sometimes I’m just too lazy. The price of peace is eternal vigilance and all that.

    1. “worse are the looks on everyone’s faces. The women who don’t make eye contact with the staff while their hands are being worked on.”
      This is why I never go anymore. We pretend we live in a classless society but ….I’m teaching my bf to do them. He already does all the chores around the house and cooks though so it’s late by the time he’s finished making dinner but you know, I’m patient.:-)

      In the meantime I just soak in hot water with a drop of olive oil, plush cuticles back instead of cutting them, use a sugar/salt scrub and buff them.

      I can’t imagine being in a salon again, with the awkward conversation as they act fascinated while watching paint dry.
      I’ve still not learned to say “fine thanks and you?” so the crap that comes out of my mouth in those situations is inappropriate at best unless she’s an undercover snaggle toothed cackler.

  10. Cap sun, Moon in Leo, Sag asc. I stopped varnishing my finger nails about a year or two ago, mostly because I can’t be bothered to waste time on the upkeep. This multi Cap has too many other things to maintain to worry about toxic shellac. It felt like a waste of time and money to deal with. I was painting my toes a dark maroon for the better part of the last decade but have recently taken it off. My toenails desperately need to breathe. I’m trying to embrace a more natural look as we head into Uranus in Taurus. This also applies to my hair, which amidst this first Saturn return, is finally being left to its own curly, graying demises. I’ll be 30 this year. I have other priorities and don’t like spending time on my upkeep outside of a diligent workout routine and healthy diet.

  11. Sorry but Gem with Leo rising here & am contemplating getting MORE into nail varnishes & manicures… Beauty is terror and so am I, as Arabella Sicardi wrote!

  12. I’m going through the exact opposite. My family is VERY low key in the beauty stakes. Growing up my mother never cut her hair, bought 1 lipstick /year and made her own clothes. Our family just merged with another family that is fake boobs, fake lips, constant spray tans etc. and I was just looking at the wedding photos and for the first time in my life really considering those things for myself. Maybe those things are worth it! Those guys just look better than us. I have Uranus at 11 Scorpio so maybe I am going through a NON-Taurus beauty thing because I am moving toward a Uranus opposition. Interesting I am feeling exactly the opposite to this post.

    1. I have something similar. My Pisces moms only beauty product ever was baby lotion. She was always very proudly telling she’s used that and nothing else since she was 20. I, on the other hand, view beauty as a form of personal power. I am not super fake or cakey at all, but grooming is almost spiritual to me. I need strong, coated nails too. I’m a leo and I always think my strong earth elements like Virgo in Venus make me super practically aware of my body and appearance

    2. same here….I want to try all kinds of beauty things now (not surgery). Moon @6scorpio..neptune @7scorpio they square my Leo sun..

  13. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I totally get this!

    And fake nails can be super damaging.

    Not sure about baking soda and lemon for “yellow” nails tho. I think yellow nails are caused by either too much nailpolish/fake nails for too long OR some kinda mineral deficiency?

    I’m a fan of Hanami nail polish. Aussie, Vegan, amazing colours and they let your nails breathe.

  14. That nail advice is VERY WRONG! Don’t listen to it! I did that too for a while — letting my nails ‘breathe’ by no polish and also those bleachy baths. DON’T! The structure of the nail bed is so that water makes it soft & thus more brittle and prone to splitting and breaking. Nail polish actually provides a protective layer on top of it. Moisture in the form of oil, especially Jojoba oil (as it is the only oil which truly hydrates the nail cells) is great, hydration with water is not okay. There are lots of great natural nail polish brands out there now that let the nails ‘breathe’ while keeping that protective layer on top!!! Thank me later.

  15. Year of the Phoenix

    USED to be a red toenails only person – sure I flirted with glitter and kooky colours in the 90s but years of midday mid century movies had left their mark (plus Mother and sisters were the same)

    NOW I am paint free and it’s just one less thing, it’s like I woke up and went “what?”
    “why?” and stopped

    I still colour my own hair and use shampoo (it’s the subtropics and steamy af)

    Not a lot of stuff on the face and no product at all the hair just the odd coconut oil mask

    I am really happy with the epoch change to earthyness my Virgoan stellium is up out of its seat and cheering!

  16. I never paint my toenails, mainly because I can’t be bothered. XD The rest of me? I’m only just feeling comfortable wearing makeup/having a skincare routine since Saturn did its last leg through Sagittarius.

    I appreciate greatly the movement away from added fragrances/harsh chemicals in the products that go in/on our bodies. I’m much less pleased with the stuff marketed as natural/”clean”/better for you that refuses to show any evidence to back up its claim. Not sure if it’s my insane Cap stellium or my killjoy medical degree, but I am not here for it.

    There’s a culture surrounding the whole concept of it that makes me cringe, something about instilling fear of the familiar by preying on ignorance, combined with making a value judgment on someone if they don’t want in. You’re a bad person and potentially putting yourself in danger if you don’t buy their thing, and you’re supposed to take their word for it.

    “There are toxins in your [thing]!” Okay, which compounds? What harmful effects do they have on the body? “TOXINS!!! BUY THIS UNNEDESSARY CLEANSE DRINK OR THE TOXINS WILL GET YOU.”

    Do you think this kind of thing will get better or worse as Uranus nears Taurus? Or is it something else? (Pluto? Saturn? People trying to get away with predatory fuqery? I refuse to believe ALL of the genuinely useless stuff is pushed by people who truly believe it.)

    1. I feel very much the same! The word ‘toxins’ annoys me so much – it always seems to be accompanied by some scare tactic and no or sketchy evidence. I associate it most with control-freakery and fear so I’m going to hand this one to Pluto.
      Also I absolutely appreciate it when people question things or seek to live a simple life, but there are so many things out to kills us that I will not subject myself to more fear.

  17. Had bare toenails for all of 3 days before they returned to their bright red. It is summer here after all, sandal weather. My feet are my fate as they are attached to my legs which love to move and cavort.
    Goddaughter does the no shampoo (for years) and every time i see her i want to wash it.

  18. i never paint my toes, has always felt like a strange and unnecessary thing to do, especially if i were to go somewhere and pay someone to do it for me. that’s a weird relationship that i have no desire to be in. if one of my girlfriends wants to paint my toenails or something, sure. but i still don’t even care for the look of it. i rarely paint my fingernails, but do enjoy it once in a while. feels better to know that i have healthy hands/feet and nails and skin. mars in taurus?

  19. Have only ever had my nails done for special occasions, my feet & toe nails almost never. I am lucky to have very strong nails that grow well and have lovely white tips.
    My feet are so sensitive that i can’t stand anyone trying to cut or file my nails.
    But then again, can’t use most beauty products or perfumes, all i smell is chemicals and my skin reacts with rashes and itching.
    I mainly use pure aloe veria for everything and it works well.
    Just wish i could get a refund on all the money i have spent over the years trying different makeups that are supposed to be for sensitive skin, include body wash here too.

  20. I totally had he same bare nail urge last Saturday! After, at least 10 years of no bare nails on my feet. Feels fantastic!

  21. Your gut about car paint is dead on as nail polish is basically the same. In fact people use nail polish to touch up the paint on their cars…

    1. Some years ago I had a bottle of Chanel rogue noir (created after Uma’s look in Pulp Fiction), a mate would ask to use to fix the scratches on his Harley Davidson petrol tank.

  22. My feet are fugly. (yes, really). So, pedis are a must. It’s like lipstick on a pig, but makes me feel like I’ve made an effort. Will look into new colours that won’t destroy the planet, tho.
    Only wear makeup for Events, as my spouse prefers me without “war paint”.

  23. Honestly I went thru a whole beauty detox over the past few years and while it did break the spell on my compulsive spending on shitty beauty products, and make me feel comfortable and beautiful in my natural canvas (the most important part!), after awhile it felt extremely limiting and depressing “giving up.” While I was idealizing all things “natural” I realized I really just want things to be simple and safe. Now my protocol is to run product ingredients thru EWG’s database and make an informed decision based on the data. I’m feeling a really good balance with a MOSTLY concise, MOSTLY inexpensive, MOSTLY clean arsenal that allows me to play and enjoy the art of beautification.

  24. I love the look but not the feel of nail polish – as a pisces with cap rising (and aries in venus) I’ve always loved metallics in shades of blue and purple especially. I let my toenails breath from fall to spring and have stopped wearing nail polish on my fingernails on a regular basis, I do what my sister does, she puts it on for a night and then removes it (she has super long healthy nails).

    I won’t go to a salon for a mani/pedi – so toxic for the people working in the salons, there’s a lot of stories of the bad effects for the women’s children from breathing in those fumes.

  25. Oh darn. I’ve just painted my finger nails but I will say I’m enjoying nude toes. My feet are super stunning without effort, possibly the only bit of me that is like that but having nude toes is appealing. I was wondering what was going on. I’m now on the hunt for all things natural before applying any more to my bod

  26. Yep, I gave up on nail polish on toes (never did my hands anyway – keep nails short because long nails are dysfunctional to me) ages ago. Now that they are natural and healthy, I get “oh, I LOVE your French manicure” comments all the time – which, is just how natural, healthy nails look. The French mani/pedi is just an attempt to paint on what natural, healthy nails are supposed to look like. I stay far away from perfumes too. I prefer essential oils for everything.

  27. adore Nadine, adore living libations.
    that woman is truly genius.
    adore essential oils, esp hers-the deodorants…OMG
    like David Wolfe says, once u discover her stuff, its ovet, u dont have to look any further.
    ordered this from the library as im skint.
    gonna b making my own dry hair shampoo, after she helpfully pointed out the one id been using has butane in it..,sheesh

  28. I love getting pedicures….the pearl massage…ahhhh. I love my polished toes, highlighted hair and painted fingernails. Im heading into my 2nd saturn return, and these are things that will look young as long as im able to get to salon lol.

  29. Fun fact: Nail polish basically IS single-stage automotive paint. In the automotive world you have to wear a respirator and have special ventilation systems in place because the fumes are toxic – nail salons have no such precautions. :-/ It may not be applied the same way and aerosolized as it is in the automotive industry, but it’s pretty horrid for the body and the environment no matter how greenwashed the packaging.

    I don’t do my nails – I keep them trimmed and filed but never bother with a mani because I’m always using my hands for things where polish wouldn’t last half a day on them anyway. It would just wind up chipping off and looking like shit. Pedis I do very infrequently; mostly in the summer or if I’m going to an event – I do love the look of them but really don’t care for the health & environmental effects so do them sparingly.

    I’m already Uranus in Taurus ready – I wear nothing save lip balm and moisturizer and don’t even dye my hair. I suppose it’s the feminist in me, but I’ve always found it inherently fuqed up that women are made to feel as if showing their real face to the world is unacceptable while men get a free pass re: “upkeep” – jeez, just trying to get them to shave their faces more than once a week is a struggle! I’ve been doing “radical authenticity of appearance” my whole life…Pluto Rising (the way I do it, anyway) is basically like having paint stripper attached to your Ascendant – takes all the varnish off.

    1. I don’t even like walking past those nail salons. lol

      I wonder if those of us who are more into natural products have strong Taurus or Venus in the chart (Taurus in Venus here) With a name like LV it made me think. I’ve rarely used anything synthetic in nearly 20 years so it always seems weird to me when people don’t know what they’re putting into/onto their bodies. I do wear some makeup but I strive to use the most natural of things (which has been trial and error over the years).

      I do love the look of painted nails however and after years of not wearing any on my toes I started again just two months ago.:0. If I remember rightly OPI and Essie phased out some of the toxic elements but there are some brands that are nontoxic.

    2. nail salons and hazardous working conditions yes. those places reek of fumes. the young ladies working in there wear masks that basically protect from splashes – maybe some dust (imagine filing down all that gel acrylic every day generates a lot of dust, everyone’s seen it right) – but they’re certainly not the right equipment. A half face respirator for 8 hours on the job there is probably a safer option! or at least a proper dust mask
      I put this into the bucket of “It’s a woman things do so we don’t need to examine the situation too much like all mysterious woman things” uh, no.

      they’re strictly regulated in AU but i still see those places in shopping malls and i wouldn’t be keen to stand in there and breathe for longer than 5 minutes.

      1. in fact i’d love to walk in with a proper air monitoring device calibrated to the right substances and see what it tells me. and put dust monitors on the workers for a day or two. you know, like any workplace health assessment.
        maybe it could be fixed with a decent ventilation system

  30. saw a bus advert with Kim Kardashian’s face on it a couple of days ago and it looked unusually alien. like, even more alien than usual.

    also, winged eyeliner is my style staple, but I’ve cut my face down this past month to half the amount of products usually used. no foundation, just a few swipes of concealer. leaning in more to big bushy brows. feeling fresh and more like myself in being quite un-like myself.

    1. I got rid of the winged eyeliner mid-20s and recently I finally gave up red lips except for special occasions. Been more into the natural fresh-faced look for day

  31. p.s. it’s hazardous because of the gnarly volatile solvents that are required to keep it as a nice pour-y liquid to a shellac-y high gloss varnish in minutes or less. it’s paint. so you know.

  32. bare, uncoloured, cared for feet are the best feet. sometimes nail varnish is fun but the upkeep makes it a ‘sometimes’ option only for me.
    Foot care is my numero uno psyche-resetting ritual. I take around 90 mins or more, and 2 sessions over consecutive days. I am the kind of person who actually wishes someone would give me a foot spa. I soak my feet for ages while reading something engaging. Then as well as the usual scrubby things, I use a piece of sea sponge that i found on the beach, to scrub/smooth cuticles down. (Before the sea sponge pieces showed up I also used to just use a soft scrubbing brush.) Then I scrub, cut, clean, whatever.
    (Sometimes I use some ti tree oil around my toes – I bought a plastic pair of shoes once, like ballet flats, which made my feet sweat so profusely they developed tinea *so gross* – I found an aerosol ti-tree spray so I doused my toes in that 2 x daily and wore nothing but sandals or socks I changed like every 3 hours until it went away)
    Then I massage a nice oil based lotion – lucas pawpaw ointment is amazing in winter or anything beeswaxy – all over my feet and ankles (lots of attention to cuticles and toes) – man, that feels nice. DIY foot massage, although a smart man would know it’s a way to my heart. Then I put on a pair of soft delicious socks and go to bed or whatever. I wake up with the most amazing feet. If i need to, the next day I’ll smooth my nails with an emery board and give my toes a little re-massage with nice lotion. There’s a sally hansen natural (?) nail oil which was amazing but i can’t find it lately.
    anyway, that’s TMI about how i look after my feet. <3

    1. also, walking in soft sand is a nice way to massage feet, get a little sand-scrub happening, and also it is good workout for all the small muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet, ankles and shins,

    2. Thank you for sharing, this is really useful! I’ve been wondering about a regular foot routine as I don’t have a bath in my apartment and have thought a foot soak might be the next best thing on stressy days.
      The beach wrecks my feet although I do love to walk for miles on sand.

  33. I did the natural toes thing for a bit recently, but then felt a bit more like I was making an effort when I painted them. I think I was imprinted on red toenails as a kid, as my ultra Pisces mother is high functioning hippy flake in many ways, but has always obsessed over her feet, and has always painted her toenails to prettify what she is convinced are horrendous toes. Pisces and their feet. Super “thing” about them doesn’t even cut it. My sister and I both have a habit of yelling “get off my feet!” As a knee jerk, protective response to any children or pets coming within standing distance of our toes, because our Pisces mother was always telling us off for it. She’s so thing about her feet that we unconsciously picked up the assumption that if someone accidentally stands on your feet it’s a crippling injury. The other thing Pisces mothers do, of course, is throw out all your stuff when you’re not at home, in a bout of decluttering. Or bring round stuff they don’t want, because, you know, decluttering, and leaving it at your house when you’re not home “in case you want it.”

  34. I am a pretty foot fiend. I pumice and lotion and rub them in oils. I love seeing nails adorned in colors. I refuse to get in bed without them being refreshed.

    12th House Taurus Stellium I guess amps divine foot loving to high level Venusian art levels. So many American men loooove that ish – god, I miss them loving my feet, lol. Self foot rubs until we cross paths again…

  35. Best underarm deodorant I’ve ever used: equal parts bicarbonate soda and arrowroot powder, mix with just enough melted coconut oil to make a thick paste and refrigerate. Use once in the morning and remain deodorised all day regardless of how much physical exercise you do. Moisturises your pits too! Only downside is having to keep it refrigerated in hot weather.
    You’re welcome.

    1. I have heard great things about that kind of natural deodorant and I’ve been meaning to try but for the last decade or so I have been spritzing my underarms with rose, lavender or orange blossom hydrosol and then rubbing a salt rock on them. Has worked so well I never get around to trying anything else. Caveat: fast walking to and from errands is the sweatiest I ever get so cannot attest if salt rock would last through an actual sweaty workout.

    2. i’ve been doing this for years, minus the arrowroot. just approx 1:1 bs and coconut oil, stir til it’s fluffy, keep in a tiny mason jar. best ever. no reason to ever look back.

    1. I bought Nail polish 5 free. It looks the same, no bad chemicals for you.

      Free of: Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and camphor.

    2. I’m an Aqua too and always get red polish. 😀 OPI Big Apple Red at the moment. I don’t feel gross/naked/unpolished without a manicure but I DO without a pedicure especially since I workout barefoot a lot.

      My feet are cute and I like to take care of them!

  36. I loathe my hobbit feet.

    OK, better self talk: I accept and trust my strange feet, which carry me through my strange days.

    I cannot bear walking past a pedi place – i hold my breath and my whole energy – i throw a glance at the workers and say a quick blessing for them. The acrid odour repulses my soul. But thinking my feet ugly, I try to care for them so they are at least never the St Pisces in Cracked Heels that Mystic wrote in the Pisces Month Horo. Have noticed that my feet even hate the polish i use at home.

    What a shame! I have beautiful colours! When i mix them for contrast, i get compliments, like people seem mesmerised by the colour contrasts. (Of course, i think, now they’ll notice my horrible feet.) The polish seems to stunt the organic natural repair and health processes. It’s like my toes try to eliminate it but the chemical bonding wrecks the nail, quick and circulation. When you’ve got awkward feet and it’s summer, it’s really lovely when you catch a glimpse of colour and art, but i see it masks unhealthy toes, so i gave it up after New Year.

    It’s back to basics with baths (feet love baths!), oils, massages, exfoliation and YES, toe to ankle yoga 🙂

    1. Where can I find out about toe and ankle yoga? My toes and ankles have developed some issues in the last couple of years and I don’t want to end up with the mangled, arthritic toes my grandmother had.

      I recently started a regular yoga practice and it has helped my stiff ankles a bit and I also have yoga toe separators that help release tension in my foot muscles but I’d love to know more.

      Pisces with Aquarius in the 6th house, my feet and ankle issues are freaking me out way more than the high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes risks that run in my family.

      1. Was taught yoga at home when small, about six, and we would always do these toe, foot and ankle movements.

        I noticed that this was never part of any class I went to as an adult. Nor the hands and wrists. Haha I could make you an anonymous foot yoga video but then my feet would be on yout ube…for evah! The Horror!

        1. Lol. I did watch a youtube vid once about rolling your feet on a wooden dowel. It was very helpful but I couldn’t handle watching the guy’s big ugly hairy toes so I never watched again.

          So silly how we judge feet. I know a woman who refuses to ever be barefoot unless she is alone, even at home, even in summer.

          1. When i was 19 i knew an older man who had a thing for feet. It made me contemplate mine. And he kept going on about my lovely ankles. So, true young Pisces fashion, i figured my feet weren’t ideal.

            Also i had a bout of tinea when i was around 12, as my single mother had no chance to buy another pair for home. Anyway, another rellie gave me hell, treated me like i was some kind of putrefying garbage (which did not help a pubescent managing the women’s stuff). So, i’m ultra purist about cleaning my shoes inside and out every day, my feet, and throwing out shoes annually. It may be an old hang-up but who cares, because at least i know everything’s clean. Fungal infections can affect scalp even! And i’m very sensitive in my skin. Typical Pisces. (I hate that rellie but i’m always thankful for the good habits that help my oily/dry fungus prone skin to be fresh and nourished.) I had to reclaim nurturing of my empress self, as opposed to disgust.

            1. Have you ever used Colloidal silver? I’ts great for getting rid of and managing tinea, and any skin fungi. Ancient and proven tool against harmful bacteria.

              It’s unfortunate how in our most vulnerable moments some older people who you would hope should know better can mark us for life with such vengeful negativity. It really is a lesson to learn from. Unfortunately for them, they’ll mostly ever be remembered in a negative way.

              1. In my thirties a friend was super into it and i was curious. I’m also a bit Thing with Metal. Not always a bad thing, but born in a Metal year and resonate well with metalwork, knives and silver. It’s a part of my chart: Mars Square a lot, and even the creative house containing Merc Aries. So i do metal externally because i need to, and am always intuitively aware of how i use it internally. I don’t avoid it, i love it! But it’s Me, so i won’t ingest it, in case i can’t then externally go to it for Mars and Fire purposes 🙂

              2. I go with essential oils and cleanliness, which help my internal Neptunian/Piscean wellbeing rather than topical applications to combat an internal condition. Does that make sense? Probs not so clear, but when your Martian and Neptunian, plus Mutable to Max, it’s a shifting balance calibrated over a lifetime. The Horse Sense (my 12th house Jupiter Neptune Moon Sag) relies utterly on the Nose, which is the scent and taste. The 6th House Saturn Taurus and 2nd house Mars Capricorn are tuned to that frequency to Pisces 🙂

                1. I didn’t mean it (CS) to be taken internally** – i meant for it to be applied externally and even spraying your foot-wear with it. Sometimes no matter how well we look after our interior, those little bacterial and fungi fuqers can attack if you step into their territory like public showers, pools etc, you know the score.

                  **I don’t take it internally either. It feels a bit heavy handed (personally – and i’m not going to argue with Tibetan doctors and their “Precious Pills” as they are experts in metal medicine).
                  But applied externally it is more effective and safer to use than modern antibiotics or anti fungi meds which have now created superbugs. Which is why hospitals started using it and other metals: copper door handles, taps and light switches which they say kills 95% of superbugs. In the US there was a study which resulted in 58% less infections in the 3 pilot hospitals.

                  I love this ancient protective use of metals being used in hi tech.

                2. Hey, well, that’s amazing! Had no idea it could be applied to the body, not just in it!

                  I hope Uranus in Taurus brings us more widespread use of earth tech.

                  Thanks for explaining. I like the data, too! xx

              3. Also i’m old enough to remember the good stuff Mr ShitFeatures obliquely taught me. So no, like a Good Pisces, i flick the thanks to the universe for the person, while simultaneously knowing how shit they were at their core. I’d like to think they might have grown, but i get reports unbidden, and know they have only grown like a tree in a wracked ocean windblown terrain: stunted and sideways. So i have to remind the universe of the benefit of them, and think of the others in their lives, whom i do not know, with blessing. If i can learn and grow, so can those bystanders. Tamed Mars energy? I’m spiritual colloidal silver? Haha not yet but that’s at least my aim.

      2. I have my ft up on a low cane table every night now right through the year and hen I was on my feet all day for many years had the end of bed up on blocks…only a few centimetres but it really given that advice by an obstretician many years go and I’ve kept it up when needed…just gives your lymph system a bit of a hand, till do it in very humid weather.
        Not Pisces but double Cancer ….same deal and yes, high blood pressure too :)..
        ps. Please try to love your feet, they carry you faithfully and will always do so if we love, take care and give thanks to them,. as you get older it won’t matter as much what they look like, you”ll just be grateful that they still work.xx

  37. I’am afflicted with beauty ennui. Finding the beauty of the natural world more satisfying than any synthetic manifestation.
    More concerned with getting the right nutrients and supplements to foster my being. I guess the internal work is more appealing.

    1. I’ve been no shampooing for two months now and liking it, hair behaves itself wonderfully and I don’t have use any styling products either..not greasy. First month was hard!

    2. I tried it and haven’t (yet) gotten it to work. Think I have some dietary things to fix first.

      But I’ve transitioned to no soap on my face, just oils. 🙂

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