Cyber Chiron

A New Definition Of Chiron

Are you  fed up with the typical take on Chiron? Apprehensive about an upcoming Chiron Return? Or wondering why interpretations of your anything conjunct Chiron talk about “wounding” and read like an Eighties encounter group?  Don’t freak but I’m coming up with a new definition of Chiron*.

I never liked the ‘wounded healer‘ archetype or even the centaur association. In January 2019, I called Chiron the Cosmic Detective but they’re more like a cyberpunk rogue gamer recruited to code the infrastructure for the Matrix. Only…they’re secretly working for Wyrd. The funky orbiting astro-phenom (it’s so irregular, the only thing you can guarantee about Chiron timing is the Chiron Return between age 49 to 51) is classified as a minor planet and a comet. That’s totally ‘unique asset’ material.

The name means “hand” – as in ‘the Queen’s hand, a la Game of Thrones?’ The mythological centaur Chiron was not like the other centaurs, who behaved like psychotic frat-boys. He was a healer, a herb-literate psychotherapist to gods and heroes. I’m not sure the goddesses liked him that much; one could almost imagine him mansplaining hemlock to Hekate or suggesting the best routes in and out of the underworld to Persephone.

Additionally, the planet/comet is between Saturn and Uranus – a “rainbow bridge,” as Barbara Hand Clow put it. The idea was that the Outer Planets were more difficult to integrate into our consciousness than Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter – so Chiron consciousness helped take us from earthly Saturn vibe to Uranus and beyond.

Chiron Return Is A Quantum Reboot Of Your Nervous System

But Generation X, the Pluto in Virgo people currently in the Chiron Return zone, didn’t get a conventional Saturn paradigm to reject. We (and Millennials even more so) were compelled into Outer Planet vibe early. We detoured around Saturn, at least in its job-for-life/free university study/wise establishment career mentor guise, and went straight for Uranus.

But the rainbow bridge concept, along with Melanie Reinhart’s similarly popular and influential book –  Chiron and the Healing Journey – set the tone for Chiron as Indigo Dude. Admittedly, the classic collection of planetary archetypes was lacking a cool, chakra-woke, kahuna healer. More recently Clow compared Chiron to Jesus Christ. The centaur Chiron was a martyr in the end, sacrificing himself to save Prometheus but there are enough saints. And what if you don’t see your Chiron Return as a healing crisis or want Jesus drifting around when you’re trying to focus?

21st Century Chiron Is Techgnostic

Well, every single close Chiron conjunct-anything transit (including Chiron Return) is a new trick or talent. And if you have natal Chiron conjunct anything, you’re gifted there. Chiron Return is not a cue to quieten down and look back for crap to resolve: it’s a quantum reboot of your nervous system, psyche, brain-power, and personal magic potential. Spiritual and creative energy surges in inverse proportion to your concern for conformity – the rest is logistics and hormonal fluctuations that could even be kundalini symptoms.

21st Century Chiron is techgnostic and represents opportunities to expand your consciousness at warp speed. I don’t think they’re the rainbow bridge to Uranus but they’re definitely a gateway drug. In fact, if you were born between 1951 and the early 90s, you probably have Chiron opposite Uranus. Given that they’re both maverick, what is the difference? Uranus is revolutionary and runs in seven-year cycles that, over the long term, reveal a pattern.

A Secret Agent For Wyrd

Chiron is not revolutionary, as such. If there is a pattern, it’s more like secret levels in a game. Chiron people are like those characters who pop up in stories who are living secretly in strange places, usually with cool powers that they created themselves. Chiron is not a Trickster, like Mercury, Uranus, or Hekate. They’re aloof and on some inter-galactic neuro-spectrum but they’re nifty-survivalists. It’s a helpful astrological influence, if you get their references.

Chiron is a consciousness that could not have happened before 1977, the year this planet/comet was discovered. Chiron is modernity. And, if you don’t believe me, think about what occurred in 1977:

* It was the dawn of genome sequencing – jump cut to 2020 and you’re browsing Ancestry DNA.

* Inventions included fiber-optic cable, the personal computer, automatic teller machines, and the personal stereo.

* Roots: The Saga Of An American Family – a prime time television series based on Alex Haley’s Pulitzer prize-winning autobiography – broke viewing records. The network was anticipating a flop, due to its majority African-American actors and the raw depiction of slavery. It’s still the third-highest rating television series ever.

* The original Star Wars came out, irrevocably altering cinematic culture.

1977 Seeded The Future

* Yves Saint Laurent released the perfume Opium, a fragrance ‘fork’ from the classical scent canon and the start of the controversy-as-marketing-campaign era.

* A New York court found in favor of the plaintiff Renee Richards, a tennis player who had had gender reassignment surgery, setting a new legal precedent.

* Disco plus Punk happened. Defying, well, everyone, singles from the debut album of The Clash shot up the charts. Brian Eno and David Bowie called Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ “the sound of the future.” It was a definitive cultural turning point.

* The bodybuilding classic Pumping Iron was released, changing physical culture forever.

Chiron is chaos magic, techno-elementals, and ineffable, contemporary Zeitgeist sensibility.


* Is my new definition of Chiron hubris? Not at all. The stars and planets in our solar system were mostly named centuries ago and the associations spanned multiple cultures. Chiron is a rogue comet but even scientists bicker about the classification.

The second planet from the Sun, for example, has always been Venus A.K.A. Aphrodite, Ishtar, Inanna, Shukra, Taibei and countless more. Saturn, Betelgeuse, Orion, Mars, and all – they are established archetypes. 

But the more recently discovered astro-phenomena are not so entrenched and there are no automatic ‘must be an Olympian deity’ rule to the naming. Frankly, it’s all been screwy since astronomers demoted Pluto. 

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  1. The April 8th eclipse occurs in my Aries sixth house, on top of my natal Chiron at 19 degrees…in the middle of my Chiron Return 😂

  2. Your site throws this up in recommended posts just as Chiron is approaching the North Node…😊
    I have thoughts on Chiron… many, but i am too tired to write.
    Similarly don’t feel that ‘the wounded healer’ fits… and yet, when Chiron transits hit i find myself feeling uniquely raw and vulnerable, easily hurt. It’s frustrating when i want to believe Chiron is something different, a keeper of keys and knowledge & know-how. A savvy medicine man. Not a sad-sack, sorry soul…

    New-ish things of note: Chiron has a partner in… crime? Life, healing, Centaurship.. Chariklo! (Asteroid #10199, currently sitting with the Sun in Aquarius as i write).
    Chariklo is the one who ‘holds space’ in order for Chiron to do the lancing, cauterising, and healing… Without her he really couldn’t do his job.
    And, most importantly, perhaps, both of them have rings… two discernible, maybe more.
    A lesson in boundaries! It isn’t only what you keep out, it’s what you keep in… and the value of the space between… 🌓✨☄️

  3. Terrifying lol. I’m one degree off my Chiron Return and am about to quit a well paying job to make giant marsupials. At least I know I’m following the zeitgeist correctly.

  4. Love this so much. Chiron the cyberpunk alchemist with a few cyborg super parts cos they are so cool & work so well. Natal Chiron conjunct my Jupiter in Pisces trine my moon/Scorpio.

  5. I’ve always preferred the version of Chiron as the coach who trained all the heroes, rather than the wounded healer.

    I love Kim Falconer’s take, that in the natal chart Chiron represents our own inner audacity coach.

    Your take fits in perfectly with that, for me! And I especially like the distinction you describe between Uranus and Chiron. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Going to have some fun exploring the broader implications!

  6. They are the Conductor of the Destiny Jumping Railroad. Compass Rose of the Future Wyrd. Avatar of Alternate Realities. I have Them opposite an 8th house stellium. I feel immersed iin the karmic past, collapsing under its weight until I think of your version of Chiron…

  7. I’ll have to read this a few times to begin to get it…
    I have been searching for satisfactory Chiron definition as it is the space-body that “ties my chart together.”
    Conjunct jupiter/ceres (Kataka, 3rd), square moon/venus/eris (Aries, 12th), opposite neptune/uranus (Cap, 12th), trine pluto/juno (Scorpio, 6th), sextile mercury (Taurus, 12th) tight semi-square to sun (Gem, 1st), all within a maximum orb of 5 degrees…
    I know there is something there…
    Contemplating the mystery…
    Also, this is my first comment on this website… I “discovered” it about a week ago… I am utterly in love with this writing… Powerful and radical… Mystic, you are divine…

  8. Chiron conjunct sun, in the 8th. My first astro reading I was told I “should go into sex therapy”

    Glad I kept studying. Aries 8th house peeps not known for their healthy values, I’ll still be peeling trauma off a few more years now that I figured out I had it.

    It just danced with Lilith on my natal moon.
    4 more degrees til it’s on the Venus sun conjunction.

    I’m tired.


    But I once, bored, did a composite chart of several generations of my family,5 I think, and the composite Chiron of all of them, ancestors and the grandchildren of my parents, conjunct my sun.

    Thanks to David, that empath breakdown was huge.

    None of this is mine.

    None of it.

    1. Follow up to “I’m having the best life ever”

      I think I’ll be in vow of silence mode soon enough.

  9. I love the concept of newly-discovered celestial bodies being separate from the ancient classical canon. But this new definition of Chiron is still a bit hard to grasp (not to say the centaur-Chiron was easy to understand or apply…). Mine is in the 9th and I suspect it might be conjunct with Jupiter (need to check). I don’t know what it’s got to do with me opting out of continued higher education and only being seriously interested in the ultimate spiritual quest, but maybe a little bit

  10. Hmmm, I can’t say I can get a grip on Chiron after this.
    Possibly having Chiron in Leo in 11th opposing my Saturn in Aqua in the 5th means I feel afraid to share my creativity in public?

  11. Natal Chiron at 11 Aries in my 7th and sitting opposite my lilith, uranus, sun, merc 1st h conjunction. It’s currently 3 degrees off my Chiron return so I’m watching with interest.

  12. I´ve always had a lot of questions about Chiron because it felt like a basic sentence answer when I asked. I have a “bucket chart” and Chiron is the handle, people said it was important but not really why. When I researched this it was only half satisfactory. My natal Chiron is in Taurus in the 11th house, closely trined to Jupiter and then Lilith in Virgo 3rd house, NN Virgo in the 2nd house. The old school dictates that 11th house Chiron will never fit in or find a tribe and in Taurus to have issues with the body and security (how does that even work together? create a digital dismorfic support group?) but this is not true I was very active in music and alternative scenes. However, anything organised- spiritual, witchy or political, school, I felt like that total alien or alienation that was spoken of. I had these hilarious, very noble utopian ideas and when I met the reality, I found more prejudice, conformity and catty oneupmanship than a suburban school P&T association. The socialists rejected me for wanting the revolution to be glamorous. The pagans because I didn´t want to be a swinger in cheap cosplay, The spiritualists because I laughed at cultish angel dogma. Anything I was supposed to have anything in common with ideologically aligned organised groups turned out to be a fat no. Transiting Chiron is about to conjunct my MC in Aries and oppose my natal Pluto in the 4th afterwards. My pie chart means if one planet is aspecting, it will move through the whole spectrum after Pluto. So Chiron is going to be a major theme for the next decade/s. I´m still learning about Chiron, I´m listening

    1. Ms. Are you still out there?

      MC chiron transit here too.
      The theme for me appears to be around fitting in or not, and when I reframed this I came up with “am I authentically aligning with who I Actually Am, or not?” (and circumstances rapidly changing, by choice or otherwise, when the answer is “not”). But I was blaming myself for all this career (sry) turbulence until just recently I realised what was actually going on. Oh right, of course Chiron MC. The real real. Chiron wants soul-actualisation. Or soulful, maybe. And that can include accepting the pain of things too which is probably why Chiron transits can feel so sucky, until they don’t?

      Anyway Authenticity is yes a bit overused concept but when coupled with that Pluto IC opposition and more, really it feels like the right word for the experience

      So chiron yes traditional “outcast” but also like, only an outcast if one gives a shit about being part of the crowd in the first place?? And if not then Chiron is as MM articulated, simply someone who is self-possessed and fine to do their thing without needing to be rubber-stamped by The Crowd?

      Also pt II, re your 11th house experiences: deeply relate – for me it’s Lilith though. To me, group dynamics are usually toxic hotbeds of status-clawing and power jostling. Pathetic primate antics from where I stand

      This got a bit long and should probably now be a standalone comment but whatever.

  13. I would love to know more about Chiron aspects, particularly my chiron conjunct ascendant in Taurus. I have not really seen an astro report that touches on these aspects in detail.
    Reading that it means I am painfully self-conscious and have low self-worth can be a little melancholic. While at times this has been the case, I feel those times were influenced on ‘nurture’ rather than ‘nature’. Perhaps I have just answered my own question.

    1. You sound like an empath to me. The ‘symptoms’ you describe say to me, an empath who doesn’t know they are one, or you know and have been taking on the pain of others. Turn those ‘symptoms’ around and you see the attributes of empathy.
      There is saying in Hasidic philosophy, something like, “in silence one can feel the pain of the world” it relates to those who from a young age had broken or no parental contact. This is the silence where the youngster learns, feels the wider group. They are said to grow to become great empathy’s, spiritual leaders.
      Not sure where you are in your Chiron cycle but don’t be surprised if what seems like a disadvantage is a clue to your greatest powers.

      1. Hey David, thanks so much for taking the time to make such a considered response. It definitely resonates for me and apparently for others too judging by the likes!

        1. A note for you and dark chocolate below.
          Your post was honest and expressed your situation in a clear way. I was able to feel your super power straight away.
          Learn how to wield that power and how Chiron is helping. The world needs high functioning Empaths !

      2. Thank you for this! I have Chiron conjunct AC in Taurus, plus my Moon is in Pisces. More empathy than I can handle 🙂 Also, your remark “it relates to those who from a young age had broken or no parental contact” hit home – my mom passed away when I was 15…

        1. There’s a process that can help. It’s helped me for many years. When you feel sadness, pain, both physical and mental, uncomfortable self consciousness, find some stillness and ask the question. Is this my pain ? Is this my sadness ? The answer will become clearer the more this is practiced. I think you’ll find that often the answer will be not only that no, this isn’t your pain but you will get a picture of who’s pain you have taken on. At that point you should decide to not carry it. Empathy is not carrying someone else’s pain. Empathy is being in that persons shoes and truly understanding how they feel. You can then support them in a very meaningful way.
          Feel it then let it go. Carrying it just impedes your ability to use your empath powers to help others. Don’t be taking responsibility for others ills.
          Empathy skills are valuable in any field of activity, commercial and personal. The power that can be generated by skilled empathy is infinite. x

  14. I love Chiron. And have always resonated with the arrow in the ass. He plays a super role in The song of Achilles. I get the archetype. I understand his nature. I feel saturn in him but there is also the openness of Uranus and beyond. He’s magical, a teacher, wise and strong totally anti fragile and he cares in a saturnine way allowing all their freedom. We don’t gain our freedoms through beds of roses. We gain it through the trials of which there are many and to deny them would be folly. Feel the arrow, understand the poison and be the aid for those younger who are moving past on their way.

  15. My Mars and Chiron are both in Virgo, which apparently is not an ideal placement for either? I have overworked myself for ten years just to please my bosses, my family, my friends, and that’s a huge Virgo theme.

    1. Mars and Chiron in Virgo makes me think of a surgeon, someone deeply specialised, mastery personified. Your service doesn´t have to be the doormat. You would be amazing at what you do no?

    2. I’m sorry you’ve been given such a negative interp of Mars in Virgo… I’ve always seen mine as a superpower. I’ve found by focusing on the details of big tasks I get them done. It gives me persistence, focus and drive. It sounds like yours does too. With Chiron in Virgo, are you in your late 20s? Perhaps with your Saturn return on the horizon, you are starting to wake up to the inequities in how you have used your formidable Mars power to benefit others, instead of yourself. That’s a really powerful insight.

  16. Crystallised future

    An astrologer page I was reading a few years ago thought Libra should have Venus flicked off as the patron planet and Chiron be instated instead. I’ve been humming and haaahing over that ever since. What do everyone/anyone else think about that?

      1. Crystallised future

        Iron fist in a velvet glove? Having pondered on it, and me having 50% of my family as libra who drive me all mad with their softly, softly approach to anything (I have Mercury in Aries. Lol! What a mix we are!!!), it seems to me Librans will do anything to avoid rocking the boat. But if you leave the boat on its current course it may just crash into the rocks you know? And then you have to get out of the boat to save yourself, or you have to rebuild the thing if you want to move forward. That exemplifies how Chiron works in my mind, having a chart where it pings directly off 4 of my natal planets and NNode, as well as being in orb to another.

        The astrologer didn’t really say why, but it makes sense to me having thought about for a while now.

          1. Crystallised future

            Conjunct sun, Venus (in the middle) in 8th house Pisces, opposite Mars and Pluto in Virgo, square NNode in 11th house Gemini, trine Neptune in 4th house Scorpio, within orb of Jupiter in 10th house Taurus (3 degrees). A tea leaf reader said to me a few years ago “your life has always been a cyclone”. It has!!!

    1. In Libra is the balance, artistic aesthetic, ephemeral beauty like perfume, the arts of seduction with flirtation, the traditional masculine and feminine swirling into sweet and heady balance or superficial irritabilities, and most of all, Air. Which does not seem right to be ruled by a renegade dirty centaur with rebellious healing arts and an arrow in…really, EMG, the arse??? Ehgads!

      1. Crystallised future

        The arrow in the arse was not my comment. However, the downside of Libra is evasiveness until forced to take a position, denial of a problem until confronted, pretence of all is fine until it isn’t. By not making ‘the decision’ it can then be ‘someone else’s fault’ when things go wrong.

        My mother is a quadruple Libran, and if you count Jupiter at 0 degrees Scorpio, you could probably throw that in too. My father and sister both only have 2 planets in Libra, and I’d say both of those display the traits I have outline as the downside. My mum has a shipload of planets in Scorpio too, but she’s the only one that is into perfume and aesthetics and beauty. My father happily lives in squalor and goes to the dump scavenging for ‘good stuff’ and then leaves it in his yard. My sister couldn’t give 2 hoots about beauty and scent and the arts. Every sign has their downside traits you know, and not everyone lives up to the description of their sun sign.

        1. No, i referenced EMG as the arrow commenter. And on that finer point, can see very much how your Sun, Venus, Mars, Pluto and Scorpio WITH Merc in Aries often have a gutful deep in the entrails and pinging up high out with that King Jupiter in Taurus. The finer things in life are discrimination, appropriate and luxuriant earthly and environmental pleasures of your making. Can’t fully imagine (or shudder in sympathy) your father’s amazing treasure hoards left to junk and dusty disarray. For you, a project is one thing that will bring sweet fine focus, for him, some inchoate idea. If you don’t do it, it loses glamour, while for him it just remains the dusty acquisition of a dream that can never be realised in any perfection. I can see how you want to jump ship.

          And no, zero degree is powerful start. My 12th starts at 0 degrees Scorpio. A clean birth, but anyone with an empty house there can miscarry except for the channelling of transits, which always occur. What you do not know of her .. much as you know.. the woman who lives or lived with Furniture Man. That shit is symbolic of some block. I know, i helped an Aqua vintage lover of broken stuff he would repair to move house, and in with his Virgo partner.

          1. Crystallised future

            My mum has a packed range of planets in scorpio and runs multi-million $ companies. My dad has Virgo loaded with 4 planets and actually (can you believe it????? Doesn’t match his obsession with junk aye!!!!), when looking at his chart zoomed – he has Sun, Mercury and Chiron all at 9 degrees Libra!!!

            Actually most of my family and even one of my daughters have one or 2 houses fully loaded and a few planets scattered elsewhere in the chart. We can be intense…,,

  17. Crystallised future

    Chiron went back and forth over my natal Chiron for a few years, and in amongst THAT, I had a lover for 2 years that had Chiron exactly – to the decimal point – the same degree as mine. We weren’t even born in the same year!

    My Chiron is conjunct/jammed between Sun and Venus, opposite Mars and Pluto and just to top off all the activity, square my north node.

    I spent years running away from what I thought was the worst of me – fierce temper but a steadfast warrior if challenged (not just for me, but if someone was being targeted by horrible people or behaviour) an inability to keep quiet about bullshit but discovering half the time I was just saying what everyone else was too scared to voice, too scared to show my intelligence but as I grew older and more confident took up a law degree that I don’t work with but helps me help others inadvertently all the time…..

    For me, Chiron showed me that what I once thought were my least attractive or useful attributes are actually my most valuable. I’d say Chiron is a mirror thrust in front of us that we can’t escape from, but once we see our reflection objectively we can see how unique and beautiful we are. Chiron forces is to be unafraid of our own light.

    1. For me, Chiron showed me that what I once thought were my least attractive or useful attributes are actually my most valuable.

      Yes, exactly. That’s the correction I mentioned below. Chiron return corrected my view of certain attributes and showed me how valuable they are to me and more importantly others. My only regret in life is that I didn’t take notice earlier. The inner struggle I had for many years proved to be a futile effort to eliminate, minimize, heal ? something that didn’t need anything more than to be expressed.

      1. Amen brother. This is it. How useful all your traits are when expressed well. Chiron return is about this is me. And I no longer feel the need to apologise. Well put david

    2. “I was just saying what everyone else was too scared to voice”

      OOF, this really spoke to me. Thank you.

  18. Yes to liberating Chiron from musty tweeds!

    My Aqua Chiron lives in my 3rd opposite Leo Uranus square my Asc-Desc.

    The amazing Martha Lang-Westcott describes Chiron as maverick- exceptional. She gives to Psyche the wounded healing bit.

    While I abandoned my formal uni education for travel and did not finish, I am a go-to for legal-medical-healing. People call me and say “I don’t know why I am asking you, but I had a feeling you’d know..” At work I am the sole person in my job.

    Pre-Chiron Return I saw mostly differences. Now I see commonality and feel more compassion.

    Chiron return bestowed the grit to withstand Pluto’s demo job of -ripping-flicking folks out of my life. The courage and inner affirmation to parent my way- with love and respect. Standing apart from peers and family is a gift.

    Transit Aries Chiron in my 5th has gifted me new learning/ teachers.

    On education and Chiron- Old school experts sneered at online learning, but now it’s the savior of pricey unis and pre-schools.

    My transit Chiron challenge is to up my tech savvy.

    1. Tech savvy ? Look into what is being called low code app development. The Claris (FileMaker) platform for example is an excellent set of tools to take you simply from excel to custom iOS apps in a very short time. Good luck 🍀

  19. I was born in 1977 with Uranus on my ascendant, Chiron on my descendant, and both square my Leo sun. The current Uranus cycle is throbbing my Chiron and stoking my t-square while all this crazy surreal energy swirls around the earth. I’d love to share some personalized Chiron wisdom but I feel like I’m still working on getting into my power. Or not working on it and letting it bubble up and be absorbed. xo

    1. Born 66. Chiron on my asc with Saturn opposite pluto Uranus at DC. You come into yourself at your Chiron return so your feeling of not there yet is right. Once it occurs it’s like you slam the door throw away the key and proclaim this is me take it or leave it. And you really mean it. Must admit my health has been utter crap but I’m beginning to find the path. It’s empowering in a very strong but subtle way. Or at least that’s my take on it.

      1. My brother had Pluto on his DC, so I hear that one. Do you think that part of the Chiron path is finding the way to personal health? Just curious because of the way you worded that sentence. Do you happen to know your Chiron line in astrocartography? I live near mine so I know the influence is amped.

        1. My health has always had to be personal. Figured it out myself. I’ll look at my Chiron line. Currently living on my moon ic line. It’s awesome. Lockdown how appropriate.

          1. That sounds so nice! Glad your new place is working out with the stars. I visited my Jupiter line last year and my Pluto line the year before that. Not intentionally, just coincidence, and they were palpable energy experiences. Thank you for your insights, emg.

  20. I’m in the first wave of Chiron return. It’s conjunct my Midheaven and sextiling my Sun/Mercury, so arguably, it’s on my case. Interestingly, I just secured a contract that sees me obtaining some security work-wise, in these very odd times. I didn’t expect it but I had been working long hours and when my Chiron return was exact, I was rewarded for it. It’s been quite the hero’s journey on so many levels (talk about returning with the elixir!) I work in higher education, and it all seems to be making sense to me, especially in terms of the getting and sharing of wisdom.

    I see Chiron as the great mentor, the one who speaks from within, healing those wounds that impede our progress. This is the point I find myself at this time, whilst possessing an acute sense of wanting to embody the energy that is Chiron. I think Chiron returns are about making us whole in some way, as we position ourselves towards the mentor/guide archetype that we find ourselves inhabiting in the second half of our lives.

  21. I love this and certainly think that we aren’t anywhere near set on what Chiron brings. I have Chiron in Aqua 8th house and had my return a while ago. There was definitely a correction in my life, a refound skill emerged to fill the void at that time. Chiron continues to prove itself as my private guru. Currently conjunct my mercury and moving to conjunct my SN, MC and then Sun. Underestimating it is impossible after the return. Chiron is slow moving and so are it’s effects but they are cumulative and last, I think only in later life can they be fully understood.
    Considering we’ve had just one and a bit cycles around the sun to consider I think there is way more to come and in many ways it may prove to be the first form of astrology that is impossible to describe because it offers a very personal effect for each individual ?

    1. I met an astrologer who told me my uranus opposition chiron and my return coming would be shit, so this is encouraging to read. It is my nature to find the best way to do something and focus on the overall point of the experience. Chiron has almost conjunct my MC then it will oppose pluto later. I love that you note it as a correction and a refound skill because that is kind of what I feel I am building towards.

    2. David, Chiron in Aries moves opposite my Libra stellium. I have returned to meditation, the Seth books, running and NLP to prep.

      1. Just re reading Jane Roberts
        Adventures in Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology.

        Possibly the most influential book I’ve read in my life.

  22. I love this, and makes total sense to me! I have Chiron conjunct my Midheaven, and having to align with the status quo literally makes me sick. I always thought it was my strong Uranian signature and Aqua Moon, but this makes so much sense to my sense of life purpose vibe. I dig flying under the radar and inventing creative ways to fuck with dominant paradigms from other dimensions. It’s all about visioning new worlds with sound and plant magic.

    1. Chiron on the asc. Never been main stream. Can’t do societal protocol. Always been weird and only just learning to speak up even though I’m often not understood. Or thought of as shameful. I’m very outer planet. I love the idea of fucking with dominant paradigms from other dimensions. Blissful.

  23. Chiron? Conjunct Saturn and Kaali 2 deg orb. Square Uranus/Pluto/Isis/Pando in Virgo and square Jupiter/Psyche. But trine my Sun, NN, Mars, Mercury in T and SN and Neptune in Scorp. I love the Rainbow bridge it connects everything with a full range of potential, energy, colour. I had a very meaningful dream about my horse Harley, always loved him but now he is a familiar from lifetimes ago. My Chiron return was a massive sea change, literally relocating everything.

  24. I feel a sudden need to revisit reading about my moon conjunct Chiron. With new eyes now…thanks for that! Nothing else is so close to my moon and I’m also cancer rising so I know Chiron is significant for me (also opposes my Saturn and I’m a Capricorn sun so…)

    I used to view it so negatively but when I started learning more I felt relief because I now had a sense of understanding about all my melancholy as a child re: my parents and upbringing and just everything. I am now refreshed all over again with a much more positive perspective. I love how that can happen. 🙂

  25. I haven’t commented here forever, but have felt the *zing* of realisation reading your post about Chiron (read just before the Daily Dashboard message about being ‘Given a Key’). Im a few years off my Chiron return but have just had Uranus transit natal Chiron in rising sign Taurus (with Pan on AC) and had wondered how that would play out. I hadn’t thought about it so much about it until I read your post this morning.

    I have Chiron square Mars and have all this massive energy for healing things and ‘fixing’ (and a virgo moon) but I really only can use it well 1) in the service or protection of others and 2) when things are broken, chaotic, messy and dysfunctional. This is my thing. I keep not being promoted or confirmed into jobs (this happened yet again last week and it hurt) because once I have worked with the people to sort out the mess and made things suitably functional, the preferred other person is brought in to sail the ship in smooth waters (and take all the credit, if they are a person lacking integrity). I keep moving around to all of these spots and working around the clock to get things working, am told how great I am, how valuable, how no-one can do what I do blah blah blah … BUT…. I am never allowed to settle there and develop deeper mastery of a thing to graduate to be given the keys to the palace. I am going to my FIFTH position in 9 months. There is an established pattern. In my first professional life (2000-06) I had five positions, one of which I took leave without pay for travel, and even then I ended up working on a big problem for a foreign gas field to bail myself out financially (random, yes).

    If the healer can’t heal themself (especially with a rock solid square to mars in 2H cancer haha) it is possiby a sunk ‘cost’ investing energy in all that self immolating bullshit that goes with the distress of being wounded aka faulty – why not just let the wound be and accept being perfectly imperfect? Is this what Chiron embeds in us? That of we can only be healed through others, we must foster bonds in our community, through whatever connections we have, to have a place to be vulnerable. Chiron forces us to be interconnected. We are not separate and detached economic units, we can’t be and our survival depends upon it. We depend and rely upon the skills, ingenuity, knowledge,talent, gumption, love – many other things – of other humans in our orbit (ie the planet) to survive and be well.

    I am now going to embrace that I am the nomadic Mr Wolf of my world and that’s how I will promote myself as I go into fifth ‘fixer’ position. I am actually the opposite of broken and that’s what can be built upon. And when I have my Chiron return at the next cycle I’m really curious to see what falls out of that tree then when it gets its big shake.

    Go well, friends of the multiverse.

      1. The symbol of Chiron is basically the picture of a key, if you look at your chart you can see the symbol. You´ll never forget it after that

  26. Wish Upon a Star

    Just yesterday I wanted to ask about Chiron transiting my natal Saturn in Aries (conjunct Lilith in Aries within 3°) in my Second house and then you post this. This is all opposite my natal Mars in Libra in the 8th house.

    “He was a healer, a herb-literate psychotherapist to gods and heroes.” Rings true for me.

    And yes I have natal Chiron in Pisces 29° 1st house opposite Uranus in Virgo 7th house. Classic X Generation. 52 years young.

    Any thoughts peeps?

    1. Chiron in pisces. 1st house. I was a chiropractor for 31 years. Our college symbol was Chiron. We are very other worldly creatures capable of magic. Hope you are well wish.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks emg. Thanks for your explanation it helps alot.

        My health crisis has been a big wake up call. I am looking after my health and I get very strong intuitive/psychic help about what to supplement my diet with etc….. And it pays back tenfold…….
        Actually I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. No more alcohol for me. It affects my mood too much. So this crisis is a blessing in disguise.

        ……Yes to the Magic !

        And how are you emg?

  27. I *love* it! I’ve always disliked the conception of Chiron as supposedly pointing to where you’re irrevocably fucked up.

    1. Same. It’s exhausting and or feels like a curse of shite-ness , my mental health needs something more useful, productive and positive to work with
      It’s like people with Pluto aspects copping, “power-tripping or being stomped by power” like does it have to be a scale of “friggin mess” vs “field of daisies”? Where’s the space where daily life happens, our daily sphere of operating? Where are the resources we can draw on in Astro that don’t corral us into silos, “Ah yes vampires /hippy flake etc

      1. Pi I am with you. It feels like just now I can turn to mundane tasks after 30 years of nearly non-stop crises. Death-illness-floods…

        Tr Pluto squares my Mercury- from the 3rd. Now in semi-quarantine I hound my husband to vacuum and wipe up before he liberates another client from jail. We cannot save the world from a sticky kitchen counter!

        Chiron freed me of the power-tripping frenemies- incarnations of my maternal line. No more Mother May I.

        Some old guard astro experts survive(d) by spooking the powerful and offering solutions for their job security. The great and powerful Oz…

    2. Yes. I understand some aspects can be really challenging, but it always felt like a massive cop out to read that you were wounded for life in X position of your chart, with zero explanation of what to do about it or the greater purpose of the experience. Like when a tarot reader starts talking about a past life experience they can apparently see to explain basic difficulties in your life.

  28. Oh, my! I hope you’re right about Chiron, Mystic!

    For far too long, I’ve felt that 24 hours simply isn’t enough hours in the day. In the last 5 years in particular, it’s been like I just haven’t had the bandwidth. It’s coming up to my 49th birthday, and that quantum reboot will absofreakinglutely be SO welcome, if this is what I can expect – especially as life for me has been one big cluster of WTF?! for almost a year.

    Thanks, this has given me some much needed hope for the future

  29. Interesting piece, Mystic… I have been wondering about Chiron over the years. I have natal Chiron in Pisces, in a T-square with a Sagittarius Sun, and Pluto | Uranus in Virgo. When I had my Chiron return two and a half years ago, I was promoted to a job with a lot of responsibility. It was an offer I could not refuse, even though I truly dreaded it at the time. Did my consciousness expand at warp speed? It’s hard for me to say, but the two years which came after that were a total rollercoaster of very, very hard work, done at a dizzying speed. Those two years were also the run-up to the Saturn Pluto conjunction, though, so that might have contributed to the fight to the death feeling of it all…

  30. I like this definition a lot and agree that with Chiron only being discovered less than 50 years ago that any attempt to set it’s meaning in stone at this point is hubris. The wounded healer archetype has not been helpful to me in figuring out Chiron in my chart and I definitely have a hard time relating to the centaur archetype in general. Mansplaining frat boys or the hot Guru with his swooning teen acolytes (a la J. K. Rowling’s centaur Professor Firenze) definitely don’t appeal.

    I have a co-worker at Chiron Return age and although I know nothing of her chart except that she’s Capricorn, she has been going through exactly what you described above. I had been admiring her current transformation without knowing what is going on with her astrologically and am now looking forward to experiencing this stage myself in another 7-8 years.

  31. Thanks for helping expand Chiron’s perameters. I think some of Chiron’s definitions have been somewhat damaging to me.
    I’m a Libra with Chiron in the 7th, opposite my Venus-Uranus conjunction in the 1st.

    I’ve more or less been given the idea that I’m romantically doomed, always to be hurt by anyone I touch, or be so sensitive as to be a burden to my partner.
    I really don’t want to buy that but after a long series of disappointments it grew easier to believe and possibly became a self fulfilling prophecy.
    I really want to change the storyline in my head.
    I do believe in applying healing to the area where Chiron resides, so yes I’ve been doing self work on my interpersonal traumas and all that…it just seems like there should be something more to it.

  32. Bless and thank you. Chironic influence is strong, conjunct Mercury and in a heavy t-square or two. Fqn hate the Wounded Healer as it makes me think i’ll never heal, and that MercUranus opposition both squaring Mars says both fuq it all as well as, how irritating that i have all the tools to have got this by now or all the time. Jaw enhancing twisted spine and bad alignment. Might be a nicer take to see it as Chaos Magic and work with it from there xx

    1. I really dislike this new age concept to “heal” from everything instead of what a lot of experiences are: to move through a natural process, it feels like the wrong verb as a default setting- (actual trauma aside obvs). And I dislike the unquantified wounded healer myth as it does apply to a lot of situations. It is just garden variety insecurity most of the time blown totally out of proportion that we have a lot of control over how we deal with, most of it changes with time, age, wisdom and experience. I feel this way about past lover cutting rituals too. I don´t feel “magically bound” after just because I was in love and it needs it own closing ceremony or else a door forever lives. Seems immature and denying the reality of a natural cycle unless the circumstances are exceptional. Or vagina steaming and releasing energies of others, like fucking is dirty and we need to recreate our virginity or we are polluted. Stress, impossible standards and weird belief systems will do that all for you. It feels like a rescription of christian dogma in a sneaky new language. There are a lot of outmoded ideas the new age has drank right up with the because god said is now karma and “The Universe”. I love the way Mystic said the literal translation is the hand, like in game of thrones. Seems fitting to the myth much more and less like teenage fatalism.
      On mars: I have 3 tight squares (sun, merc, moon) which I was told would be difficult to brutal until my 30s when they would turn into assets because of the learning/boxing training it gives. True. I am not sure if this is as true for T squares but you have a ton of experience now using it and I am sure pretty solid when people try to play you or you need to get combative. Mars Uranus square is aggressively allergic to conformity on it´s own although prone to being irritated as you say. Part of you wants the angst and the grind, you might even be in your element here. Maybe that is the magic. Chaos like you say. How many people pray for that when shit gets hard?

      1. Thank you for your incisive and powerful thoughts. Your last take on MarsUranus aggressive allergy to conformity and being in my element is helpful. Some really old survival instincts have been kicking in, or kicking out, in disproportion to certain situs and people. A work in progress, yes, because how can i “heal” the fabric of me as if the embroidery should just vanish? Power and insecurity are the things to recalibrate. I’m not one for the cutting or freezing away ritual, either. They’re my feelings: i’m bound to my feelings (until they calm down after working with me) not a person. I cannot just gerbera that shit away, though i get rituals, for sure and understand why some want to turn from their obsessions. I have to explore them, and maybe fighting has saved me but i need to be a different kind of happy fighter, bit more float like a butterfly first.

        1. Yeah getting Mars to give the right amount is the key lol. My Bf is a Pisces with multi conjunct Aries and recently he has been turning his giant red lazer beam of attention to cooking. It is like 300 in our kitchen. Same with our plants, he nearly killed them all from overdoing everything. He was amazed this was not the correct process. Finally, cups became teaspoons and he stopped drowning everything. I had a a lot of disproportionate responses too when I was young (moon square jupiter too) and not reacting on my first reaction (very different to instinct) or letting yourself get that mad is basically the key. Fantastic astro if you are cornered in an alley though or you have to defend something or someone.
          I actually came to the opposite conclusion, that some of my feelings are not so important, fragile or sacred. In the moment oversensitive emotional reactions are not my true feelings if I am walking around with very altered expectations, hypersensitivity (insecurity) with a readytofight mars. Like you say, to calm down and have the perspective after. Having fight in you is a beautiful thing, like an allergy to bs and conformity but it has to be done properly, not perfectly. I think our job is to understand and work with these random elements in a raw and stylish way, you can´t heal a square but you can use it.

      2. The hand is powerful. I heard myself say an aggressive hand combat metaphor to describe what i would have done verbally in the past. Interestingly, i have a slow healing hand injury at present. I see i am still engaging in an outdated combat. And the hand injury came from planting but discovering past lazy contractors buried now compacted bricks in the little sand bed. Yours truly tiny woman ripped out four cartloads…with my bare hands. Well, things are growing there now and looking almost beautiful. No cute straw hat and white shirt kneeling on a gardening pad for me. And no, no vagina steaming 😂 you funny and truthful Scorpio woman xx

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