Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo people crush on high art and big creative concepts. It’s not all about the glamor, although they exude an excess of it, like panther pheromones. They’re ludicrously photogenic and believe good design can be life-altering.

Yves Saint Laurent at his desk working

Venus In Leo Trine Jupiter In Sagittarius Style

When you have natal Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, your sense of style and creativity is automatically amplified to support maximal living. Even the most minor aesthetic or artistic impulse tornadoes up into something sensational. Here are some fantastic examples of the genre.  Above, Yves Saint Laurent at work. Below Anya Rubik modeling an ultra-Leo cape. Not every Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius person needs to …

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diamonds in a bowl lined up like cocaine

Leo Self-Limiting Syndrome

Most Summaries Of Leo Personality Traits Leave Out The Most Important One Any rundown of Leo personality traits will mention their creative psyche, love of glamor and fully-primed ego. But few descriptions feature their Self-Limiting Syndrome, although it is probably the primary challenge for people with Leo Sun, Moon or Rising sign to overcome. Think also Venus or Mars in Leo people. Nobody begrudges Leo their love of dramatic entrances …

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Ana De Mendoza Was An Archetypal Venus In Leo Woman

Ana De Mendoza – the Princess of Eboli – was an archetypal Venus in Leo woman. She also had it conjunct Uranus. Below is an extract from my Astral DNA birth chart report: Venus conjunction Uranus Emile Zola, the guy who actually said “If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud” had Venus Conjunct Uranus. They’re …

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Venus in Leo

Venus In Leo Hypes Hot, Healthy Relationships

Venus in Leo is always a treat. She supports art, reinvention, fashion, pride, hot, healthy relationships and people who create themselves from the ground up. The Love Goddess has been in Leo for eight days now. Hands up who is feeling the heat? Venus in Leo is a diva. She is a beacon of fierceness, artistic vigor and the transcendence of tough times through personal style. Mercury (for cracking codes) …

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Seventies eyeshadow image of woman holding a crystal

Venus Signs And Beauty Routines

Your Venus sign reflects your attitude toward skincare, grooming, cosmetic aesthetic, and self-maintenance. Do you know your Venus sign? If yes, read on. If not, you can find out via one of my instant Astral DNA reports. Some people feel a skincare regime to be insanely comforting, a guaranteed this-will-happen ritual. It’s meditative; no matter what else fails to come to fruition that day, they will care for their complexion. …

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Venus Conjunct Jupiter Is A Party Animal

Venus Conjunct Jupiter is a party animal, and in Leo, this alignment is a glamor-pussy generous giver. This energy can go overboard with the giving. Your vision of Venus in Leo mate/date vibe this weekend might be like the above. Venus-Jupiter in Leo is nothing if not idealistic and noble. But it may manifest more along the lines of this: How so? Venus is at 25 Leo, the same position …

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