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Astrology And The Black Supermodels – Part 1

Astrology and black supermodels may seem like a trite topic, given what’s going on in the world, but no.  The supermodels on the cover of magazines and repping mega-brands – are at the intersection of art and commerce. They embody our aspirations or what big business wants us to aspire to. They’re selling but they’re also channeling. In the early 20th Century, most models were society women, presented as having …

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The 2020 Venus and Mars Retrogrades

Guess which planets in retrograde are the theme of 2020? Not Mercury, that’s part of our astral rhythm. And the Outer Planets spend a significant amount of time retrograde every year. Next year features Venus and Mars Retrograde.  That’s good for weird but enticing relationships and encrypted attractions. And it’s going to be a far stronger year for love – in general – than 2019.  Why? Because we’ve been under …

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Virgo Moon Magic Can Turn

The benefits of Virgo Moon Magic are well documented on this site and in the Horoscopes. Even people with zero Virgo Vibe or Virgo Vision rev up into ultra mode at this time of the month. But aside from the micro-tasking genius and gleaming accomplishments, there is a downside. It is the Moon Of Noticing Everything. If you are a natal Moon in Virgo person, you alchemize this asset/liability into …

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Beauty Therapists Of The Galaxy

Few realize that the beauty therapists of the galaxy can be practically grouped into planetary categories. Yes, even the ones operating on Earth. Here are the main types.  You may have encountered some of these galactic archetypes already. Or, perhaps you are booking an appointment with one of them this very week. The Sun Beauty Therapist  She appears from the shadows, a seemingly flawless vision of immaculate maquillage, manicure and …

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Love Warp 9 Is A Personalized Venus Horoscope

Love Warp 9 is back – the ultimate Venus Horoscope – now instant download and more affordable. Done off your personal birth chart, it suggests colors, scents, and gemstones for your Venus Sign… You won’t believe the Venus in Aquarius one! Love Warp 9 also details your most vital transit of Venus for the next 12 months: The enchanted Venus Return Transit Mars Conjunct Venus – if you’re getting this …

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Venus Retrograde Beauty Rules

Because you asked, here are my Venus Retrograde Beauty Rules. Read on for the cosmic take on everything from lasers and oil-pulling to fillers or Botox. For Retrograde Think “Reassessment” People who are reading this run the gamut from avid beauty-techies to coconut-oil for everything. Take what interests you and ignore the rest. Likewise, with gender-specific factors that don’t apply to you or any idiosyncratic opinion that you don’t concur …

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