Venus Retrograde And The Meteorites

Venus Retrograde and the Meteorites is a strange story. Venus is already in the shadow of her Retrograde through Scorpio and the late degrees of Libra.  It is not, as you may recall, a rad time for beauty-style moves that would be hard to change back.

But it works wondrously for morphing various aspects of your grooming regime. Not only that, but such steps may have subliminal significance. Here is my example. It does include a brand name, but this is not an endorsement. As always, the site has no promo-links, affiliates or ads.

Years ago, in that hot-zone of the 18 to 24 years old life phase, I got mixed up with a man who could be called, at best, extremely sleazy. The relationship ended when I fled a sunlit dappled house in a swank suburb and made straight for the police station.

For the Anti-Fragility and year of survival-hormone activation, I would like to thank Uncle Pluto.

Weirdly, though the memory of the Lower Pluto guy has thankfully faded over subsequent years, I always remember I left a cosmetic purse there. Given the scenario, the loss of that little bag was an odd thing to regret, but it was an era when I was obsessed with makeup.

The only particular item I remember was Guerlain Meteorites powder.  It was a considerable expense for me at the time and came in these cute little-colored pastel balls.  I loved that stuff; the packaging, the violet soapy smell, that I fancied it was from actual meteors and the ritual of dusting it on my face.

So, even though my modern taste has swung organic, herbal and low-key, the moment Venus moved into the shadow-zone the other day, I woke up after a weird dream and went straight out to buy Meteorites powder.

The sales assistant was kind and she reminded me of my Scorpio grandmother, which seemed fitting.  In the time since I left my original Meteorites at the house of the Sleazy Guy, they redesigned the product. It now has a Flower of Venus design on the container.

And so ever since Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, I have been dusting on the Meteorites in the morning, as a thanksgiving, a Still I Rise style of affirmation and a little prayer for those who did not make it through their hot zone.


Image: Rene Gruau

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  1. I love this post so much. So beautiful, nostalgic and strong in a gentle way. Like when you’ve toughened due to life’s traumas and then done the years long process of softening again, without necessarily realising it… and you get a reminder to look back and celebrate all that you worked through. We always talk about the Descent of Inanna but we never hear of her Ascent. That’s a journey too. And equally as tough! <3

  2. i love the phrase anti-fragility, i get it. i have it – much more than i did about 8 years ago anyways. i’ve got a scorp stellum in the 10th house, lady venus included.. last retro in scorpio was when i committed to a very toxic man (Pisces/got engaged). didnt go well, at all, for years. but, am still standing thankfully. its interesting in the last week or so have decided i want to change my hair from current blond (yea leo moon 😉 ) to natural henna red, its supposed to be so much better for your hair and i’d like to minimize the amount of chemicals i’m using on myself… Just realized – while pondering if i should wait till the end of the retro to do a hair makeover – that last venus/scorpio retro was when i dyed it blond – coz thats what he liked.. now feeling like it could be a phoenix rising moment! but seriously – should i really wait till the end of retro for hair colour changes?
    ps love the site 🙂

  3. And now a comment from me that relates to the actual post 🙂 – imo there is tremendous power in reclaiming items, artefacts, talismans and so on that meant something in the past, but were tethered to unhappy or difficult memories/times. It’s as if we use our witchy power to summon them into the now, and this summoning up releases their power over us. And in the reclaiming we allow access to that part of ourselves we may have lost or mourned (or abandoned) back there.
    I did this with my favourite childhood books many years ago. After I left home at 16 they were given away by my parents. In my 30s it became a massive mission in secondhand bookstores across the globe to find copies of the editions I’d owned. It was so healing.

    1. I so agree with this…..
      In an estate jewelelry and curio shop in Southern NSW, I recently found a dinner service for two in an old English pattern that I had first collected almost fifty years ago in Stratford on Avon, in England. Over the years it had all been broken.
      I couldn’t believe it and snapped it up and am now using it every day.
      It was bang on target too, as after all that same amount of time I had returned to a small country town to live. What a reinforcement, that I was reclaiming a life that I had lost.

  4. Mystic I have a question regarding mars Uranus square
    Are you a fan of midpoints? Ok so I’m not really sure what they do but would Neptune at the midpoint of this be any help/value? The most misty planet in the least concrete sign offsetting two firecrackers in fixed signs?
    Oh wait also is it a T square with Venus?

  5. I googled these and all I wanna do is crush them with a mortar and pestle….
    I’d stand a better chance of inexplicably carrying a pouch full of powder and throwing handfuls around than I would applying this to my face in any same way.

    1. But weirdly enough the years I wore make up most was 18-24 and I worked in a funeral home. Also put make up on dead people and was better at that then on myself…

  6. In my hot zone of 18-24, I was given a Chanel nail polish as a Christmas gift from my best friend’s mother as being a Christmas orphan, I had been invited to their family Christmas. My friend’s mother not only exuded extreme kindness and care but a rare sophistication and grace that I was besotted with, had placed this tiny beautifully wrapped gift into my hands. The Chanel gift down to the packaging and ribbon and smell propelled me into an appreciation for the luxury and the almost unattainable beauty of it all. I will never forget what the whole experience felt like. Needless to say, Ive been a lover of Chanel since, although for many years, I didn’t buy or wear it. Recently, Ive started wearing it again and I now oscillate between all natural and organic and …. Chanel!

  7. The Hot Zone is when you are excitedly embarking upon adult life but still inexperienced, at peak fertility and yet highly unlikely to be actually planning a baby, having to manage the politics of your personal hotness everytime you leave the house, enjoying your youthful beauty and the ability to stay up all night partying without feeling much more than mild ennui but are unfortunately also the core target market for harassers, manipulators and worse.
    You also get Uranus Square Uranus in there – at the age of 21 – so it’s a lot about defining yourself outside of the pack you may have ran in straight after school

      1. So agree with this Mystic and during this time for me there were predators, who sniffed out my Dorothy naivety so easily but also sweet things who liked me a lot but I so wasn’t ready to settle down either and I hurt these ones. SUCH a confusing time emotionally.
        then I fell pregnant and had a thirty five year detour.., ah yes, the beginning of the Pluto transit sure shook it all up, have been back in my own life for nine years now and I can still feel that 18-24 yr old

    1. Such a sad unhappy and wasted period of my life. I was so locked in by my parents I did not get to experiment almost anything. But yesterday I bought – totally by chance! – a silky loose powder that reminds me of possibly the best loose powder I ever owned eons ago. It was Lancôme (not sponsoring anything here) but I cannot recall the name. We are taking early 90’s here.
      Now this one is a lot more natural and chem free (again not criticizing Lancôme, I just have a different beauty routine) but when I lightly brushed it on my face I got like a flashback.

    2. Mmm was in toxic relationships from 17 to 20 years of age. Then pretty much was single til 24. So I had a blast and remember the quiet one nights of sex fondly. No attachments. Some odd decisions but none the less. It was a time for me that I did wisely and its because I did it wisely I got the man I have today. And I could of gotten the other one too but chose not to relationship with a chinese horoscope metal snake. So all good. Earth ox for me!

  8. So this is not a post on an obscure ska band from the 60s? … damn…

    Seriously Mystic, this is such a touching & inspiring post, i love all of it. It speaks directly to my natal Venus-Pluto conjunction. And with Uncle Pluto being my personal trainer during the hot-zone yrs as well (it was journeying over my Asc & 1st H at the time) i really appreciate it. My story would be titled Venus Retrograde & The Midi Button Up Pencil Skirt….. not quite as zingy.

    1. Midi pencil slim button up skirts are so sexy and kinda secretarial, like fine for work then just unbutton t the knee, then as the night wears on the black silky stockings underneath start to show their lace tops at the high…Cue *thigh sigh*
      for those days.

      1. You got it! Plus it reminded me of the super stylish pencil skirts from the old 1930-50s movies i devoured, so elegant yet giving a sexy as hell silhouette ….. & yes with the peek-a-boo button play. Always found this to be more alluring than letting it ALL hang out from micro shorts.

      1. Hail fellow Plutonic-Venusian!
        Would be interesting to see if the darker-hued stories of this nature occurred more to VPs than to others.

          1. In the 10th. Kinda handy: Venus (also my Chart Ruler) loves harmony and sociability at work and Pluto gives enough edge/intensity to intimidate those who try to mess with me. Howeverrrrr, it was a different story when i was much younger, as this combo seemed to attract too many almost tragic & dangerous situations involving predatory males. And I’ve just figured out that it wasn’t till Pluto finished transiting my 1st house (& squaring my pluto-venus) that i seemed to *grow into* this V-S conjunction and become a lot stronger – like growing into my own power, so to speak.

            1. venus is my chart ruler also!
              im toro rising, and venus in libra.
              im glad uve got a positive handle on ur conj…not sure if i hav has always been tricky for me…

  9. Magic! I love Guerlain perfumes, especially Mitsouko and L’heure Bleue… classic french. And there’s a meteorites perfume! haven’t tried it…

    1. When I was in my hot zone in the 1980s I was obsessed with French perfume, bold eyeliner (punk ethic) and new romantic bands like Spandau Ballet… my ideal look was from Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes video with the clubbers like Steve Strange. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and have a very minimal beauty routine, mainly using very good Aesop moisturiser. I have been growing my eyebrows a bit thicker lately though, unfortunately I over plucked years ago. For impact e.g. when going out after work, I might add eyeliner (subtle brown or blue), lipstick, and a spray of perfume, and brush my hair. I’m all about efficiency and simplicity!

      1. It *is* sad, lots of perfume reviews mention the sadness it evokes… The blue hour, just after sunset, is so romantic and melancholy!

      2. It must be the name with ‘Blue’ in it. If memory serves me well, it was my first real French perfume, a very small bottle so perhaps it was a sample.
        Memories in a bottle.

  10. I’ve never heard of Meteorites before and wonder how I missed knowing about it all these years. On the website it says the product came out in 1987. I was 19 years old then, in my hot zone but was very far from the ‘Meteorites vibe’ at that time. I watched the tutorial video just now because I don’t really understand these types of products. I wouldn’t trust myself with this one. I’d probably look like I just smeared glitter dust all over my face. I’d have to have a professional do it and then try to duplicate what they did at home. I don’t really wear much makeup in general, or very often. It stresses me out. I’m always worried it’s all smeared, and it usually is. I put lipstick on and it’s gone five minutes later, don’t know how, or where it goes…. My face just doesn’t want anything on it but I do wonder…..How do people walk around with perfect makeup all day? Please clue me in! I have Crab rising with the big blue goo goo eyes, but I’m also kind of a hippie and Aqua Sun ‘norm-core’ type, and cannot be bothered, so the end result of that is little to no makeup.
    On the rare occasions I wear any foundation, I do like Clarins sunscreen multiprotection medium tint, though. It really evens out my (very sun damaged) skin tone and seems to have the right texture and moisture for me. I also like Body Shop’s Oils of Life cream as a moisturizer and it smells amazing!

    1. Check out RMS- their luminiser is super pretty, clean and subtle. They have some tutorials on YouTube. Aqua risings do well without makeup but makeup can be a lot of fun!

  11. The Guerlain Meteorites, I STILL HAVE from ’89! They even survived 2 years in the tropics. The round pastel coloured box with gold threaded through, sits on my dressing table, all mostly unused, as bought as an object ‘d art. At the time Guerlain made the best perfumes, Mitsouku for Winter, Pamplelune for Summer, so that must have been how i found those little coloured balls of sweetness.

    Just listen to the DREAM talk. ‘The inland ocean of the psyche’..beautiful Myst.
    Explained why my dreams are full of people from the past. Still connected in the astral.
    That and Neptune-Moon marriage mid-heaven i guess.

  12. I’m on the edge of Hurricane Florence, and this resonates so much:
    “I am born of a thousand storms, and grey with the rushing rains.”

    1. O Calli be safe, isn’t that pix so applicable to you right now! Florence looks amazing from the space station photo, such power and unpredictability.
      WEATHER? We are certainly having it every which way and loose.

  13. I don’t wear makeup, never really have, but I’ve recently arrived in my 30s, divorced, working nights and after some health problems. My face can be a bit of a surprise most days (and nights) in the mirror.

    I still am not going to wear makeup, as my bounding Aries moon can’t really handle stopping for any daily rituals and if it could I would prefer exercise or meditation. So it’s a lovely hobby other’s have, but not one I’m interested in.

    But then last night I had a dream about a friend who (in the dream) got plastic surgery. At first I thought her mouth looked weird and then as the dream went on that it had all made her so beautiful. By the end of the dream I was planning to see a surgeon myself. I suppose it’s a metaphor for wanting at least some skin deep change in my life, or maybe wishing my current challenges weren’t so broadcast to everyone I see. Or it’s just my subconscious translating my involuntary cringe every time I see myself in the mirror.

    Still, some level of Venus talking to me, maybe. I am a major hippy, but if I were to make some beauty change, I’d prefer something permanent over something I have to do daily, so the dream is (kind of) speaking my language.

    1. I hear Yuh on alllllll of this. I dunno why but I’m feeling a familiarity under your words. Like a desire for change or new attention given to yourself, but this vague niggling notion not to, or to avoid it, or accept the status quo to stave off the not so great feelings around the status quo.

      I have Venus in aries who is basically like ‘make up? I GLOW, why would I put powder and muck on me to look lively when I’m livey AF?!’ (she is tempered by a square to Saturn also so this deranged and wholly narcissistic vibe is equally checked by some weighty humility and fear ‘i glow? Hiiiide it with frumpiness and work!’.

      Over the past year or so I have shifted myself from old self neglecting ways when it comes to ‘beauty’ regimes. Beauty for me is healthy simplicity.. This may bum you out, but for me what the permanent change was a few daily tasks that are just for me.
      Simple things like washing my face with or without a natural exfoliant. Brushing my teeth and gazing into the mirror, listing positive words to get use to hearing nice things about me and watching my facial reactions (they’ve gone from averting my own gaze/suspicion to eyebrow wiggles of agreement and tender stares.)
      Most importantly the stuff I’m putting into my body, that’s what comes thru the skin. Not just foods but base supplements (d3 (live in a northern country with not a lot of sun/don’t go outside much in general), herbs to help with sleep or nervous system that I can make tea with – nettle, dandelion, lemon balm, reishi.) Finding your own set or routine not necessarily to directly make you LOOK better, but that bring you satisfaction, make you FEEL better and looking better becomes a byproduct of this.

      There’s also the simple fact that everytime I’ve worn make up (to note I never wear make up. maybe twice a year and if so it’s eyeliner, mascara lip stuff or lip that order) I can FEEL it on me and have the strong urge to wipe or rub at it.

      Aries moon can be an emotional pioneer. Go to the skin deep frontiers with yourself, of yourself.

    2. A good foundation like Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel Les Beiges, Diorskin, in the perfect shade can do wonders, miracles in fact.
      My daily application of base is an affirmation of self loving and touching. Touching the face is seriously intimate, a sort of spiritual experience as a massage and an art. As i apply i do a gratitude thingie that i HAVE a face that’s friendly to others 🙂

  14. I went from “maybe I should watch make up tutorials” to actually buying make up and spending a lot on it. Something I haven’t done in ages.

  15. Checked out the link in this post to ‘Still I Rise’, forgive me but isn’t it a Black tribute so why a white woman image to illustrate?

    1. That is a good point, i was being color blind as i just love the poem so much and find it personally empowering, despite not being black. I will re-think the image.

  16. I have a similar bronzer-blusher to this in my toolbox, little multi-colored balls in a round tin, and though not as posh as Guerlain it still does the trick. I think “enhance, don’t change” is a good approach to beauty during Venus Rx. Good time to throw out all the old stuff that will only be toxic on the skin now too.

  17. I recently went full “Uranus in Taurus” with my beauty, opting for clean skincare in a way that my bougie self never has before. I’ve been on this kick for awhile, starting with the never ending quest for natural deodorant that works in hotter-than-hot climates. But I do always have to stop myself from weird beauty buys during Venus retro. When I was young and uninformed regarding these transits, I would buy the weirdest makeup that always looked awful on me (a yellow promenient green MAC eyeshadow look comes immediately to mind).

      1. Moo Goo makes a good aluminium free deodorant (not antiperspirant] – it is the only one i have ever used that works. fragrance free, no frills vibe. fine by me. they have international stockists now and probably ship wherever. They’re very down to earth and have heaps of info on their site about their products, whose ingredients are clinically tested, as well as encouraging their users to do their own research. appeals to the skeptic in me and also appreciate the ‘treating your customer like an intelligent human being’ thing as well [i don’t work for them, just to be clear]

  18. i used to lust after this product when buying lots of mags around the age of 18-24 funnily looked soo pretty….but never did buy it….the retro products i love are ‘jambes de gazelles’ by guerlain…love anything with palm trees on

  19. Literally just been on a youtube bender of make-up tutorials, recently getting more into earthy and gold shimmery styles myself. I used to be a bit “all or nothing” with makeup but lately, love a little shimmer on the eye and nude lip, rather than bold red lippy and winged liner combo.

      1. Yeup, it’s weird in recent hindsight to realize I was in the Hotzone but never directly utilizing it. This I feel is part of the backwards aging of capricorns

      2. And to be clear, i believe in beauty at any age of COURSE but that unique Uranus Square Uranus age and hurtling into the world is what i am referring to

  20. Thanks so much, once again Mystic. Feel obliged to suggest non Scorps take a breath before listening to my Scorp 80s perfume – Lou Lou.

  21. This resonates. It reminds me also of the ex that I had to leave suddenly and self-protectively who held onto the nascent techno/break beat vinyl collection I was starting mid hot zone. Fuqq

    Beloved make-up items are like talismans. I never throw my true magical make-up tools out. There is the original Aveda ‘love’ oil; there my Lancome solid cream blusher glass pot. They are far too potent reminders of a hot zone magic I was weaving freely and uninhibited. (OK – old foundation and mascara I do throw out!)

  22. What a beautiful read… and that artwork! Breathtaking. Thank you Mystic x
    I don’t know if this is strictly on topic but holy fuq what a day.
    I read a page I don’t normally read and at the bottom of it is the cover of a record given to me for my birthday many years ago at a key ‘soul awakening’ time of my life. Then I walk to get coffee and there is a group of people sitting around in a random space having what looks like a meeting, when four of them get up and start singing an a cappella version of another tune from that same period in my life that also was super-significant. I just stood there bawling my eyes out. I’ve been in tears about it all day.
    This afternoon leaving the office a random woman appears out of nowhere and asks me for directions. (This is the universe’s tried and true way of letting me know something is up.)
    Merc-Pluto-Jupiter anyone??

  23. My Hot zone was as Pluto was conjunct my Scorpio Neptune in 10th (Sun in T) Bizarre x 2, I passed out the other side with no dreams of the ridiculous but many dreams of the love zombie phase.

    1. My favourite was Vintage Revlon Charlie Solid Perfume Apple C1979 still have one somewhere, but now its my Moldavite pendant.

  24. My 27th birthday today 🙂 what a beautiful post. I love reading about these type moments and refelcting on mine own moments.

    I’m excited about what this year and the oncoming saturn return will bring. Excited to Phoenix out and grab opportunities and begin to treat myself and others with love, care, trust and respect (baggage reclaim words 🙂

  25. I am curious.
    Why do you call the 18 to 24 the hot zone? It was my no sex (I did past my 24th year. Always been very late in everything love wise) zone.
    Anywho I was barely using make up and I only had unreciprocated crushes. Kinda like now, without the crushes.
    I wish I had any interest (better: ability) with make up. I think my looks would be getting some serious improvement. Maybe I can look at tutorials and learn something during VR?

    1. It’s a good idea to go to a makeup person in a department store… it’s free if you buy some makeup. I had a Napoleon makeover years ago and it changed the way I do makeup (when I bother). Never use foundation though, maybe a bit of concealer. I just can’t understand why young women use foundation! covering up young beautiful skin and makes them look fake. Ridiculous.

  26. This is a stunning piece of writing, I am utterly moved and uplifted by how gorgeous and evocative and powerful a statement it is. Plus I’m reminded of the french notion of a scented cassoulet where a women combines all her scent as well as Brigette Bardot singing the line Guerlain somewhere

  27. Important to honour these experiences and those of our sisters (and brothers), I really like your story mystic.

    I had the strangest dream last night, also about a past lover from when I was 18-20. But in the dream my sun-venus in Toro, Adonis-vibing, lover was unpleasant, vibing angry and spiteful and he looked completely different. Bad. For some reason we were staying in the same place and he made a point of bringing a girl home and trying to rub it in my face by having incredibly noisy sex (her, she was a bit of a smug troll in the dream) I was kind of more nonplussed than hurt.
    Wondering if it relates to men in my past who try / have tried to hurt me but they’re so ugly, in any sense of the word, that they’re just not worth paying any more mind to. Maybe this guy from so long ago was used to demonstrate how far into history all this should be relegated.
    Oh god, it was a similar dream plot recently with the triple libran too. Sigh. Really need to level up my choice in men.

    1. I think so and as you’re dreaming you are doing the reorganisation work of filing them back. I’ve been dealing with the discrep between pre and post this summer’s eclipses me (especially in terms of how I allow myself to be treated) and received I Ching hexagram 49 (and 49/line 6 in an adjacent reading) last night which bears reflecting on. Metamorphosis will come but in its own time and does not need pushing. I’m writing this here no doubt to remind myself but what you wrote made me think of it. Sounds like the work is happening already!

      1. Thanks Lotus, yes I hope that in the process of dreaming, it’s a representation of some kind of neural activity/reorganisation.
        Glad the I Ching is working for you too 🙂

  28. Pluto square my Natal Venus from 2012-2014 – very brutal but I had my own Phoenix Rising moment in the end.
    The night of the most intense incident with said man involved was New Years Eve of 2012, and I had been cocktail waitressing at a large night club in San Francisco. At the time a good friend was a gogo dancer on stage that night and before I went home to endure one of the worst nights of my life, I remember looking on stage up at my friend dancing thinking that I wanted to be that free and empowered.
    Flash forward to the end of my Pluto transit, New Year’s Eve two years later and I am invited to dance in said gogo company, my first audition is to be on that same stage in front of an audience of 1000 people. Alone in the back room before my debut, dressed in virtually nothing but a gold bikini and a feather headdress I looked in the mirror and realized I was having a corrective experience and cried deeply. I stepped on stage and began menstruating immediately – a true reminder and encounter with the divine feminine.

  29. I remember the hot zone. And the bad decisions that came along with it. I do like the idea of reclaiming totems from then as empowerment for now. Hmm. Methinks it’s time for a journaling session! Thanks, Mystic!

  30. Oh Mystic, I loved that Meteorites Powder too, I have forever and still look at it wistfully in stores from time to time because I never did buy any. As a Libran about to embark on her second half century, starting with a bang with an epic self-guided solo tour through Europe, maybe it’s time I got with it and got some too (and never fear, not because of any endorsement, just because it rings so familiar for me). 😀

    1. Same here – multiple Libran speaking – exactly the same, I looked longingly at it but never did get. I went through a little phase in my hot zone of shoplifting (no endorsement here either) testers of the cosmetics I most most longed for but couldn’t afford. My absolute favourite from this era was a Lancome liquid highlighter which was a kind of shimmery gold essence, and it felt like it treated the skin well too, like a rose elixir would. It got discontinued, of course, or I would have bought it several times over. Other faves were a solid cream to powder Lancome rose blush and Guerlian’s solid terracotta and gold creams – I think this replaced my Lancome treasure actually and was much more make-up bag friendly, being a small clamshell container as opposed to a glass jar! Go get some, Lexie, I might too – and pay for it obvsss! 🙂

    2. I remember looking at it also at a younger age and thinking it looked magical but I could never afford it. I can now, I wonder if it is for me. I was only thinking about purchasing some kind of mineral glow powder or bronzer last night at the local supermarket and I actually recalled this product and thought rather than make an el cheapo purchase like I usually do, perhaps I could treat myself by going to a beauty counter…food for thought this weekend. Very timely post as usual!

  31. i just googled guerlain meteorites because it sounded familiar from another time, a younger time and yep i to once used this product. The pretty pastel colours made me feel feminine (its my Libra sun)!!

  32. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    YES, this is incredible. I love your story Mystic! Venusian, spooky and Plutonic…revisting the past!

    I am getting this vibe myself, particularly in terms of meaningful morning rituals.

  33. Wow the synchronicity of this post is too much! I really can’t interpret my chart to save my life but was once told I have a “heavy Scorpio chart.” (I agree but tend to think my Sag rising balances out the intensity greatly, thank heaven!) When I read the post title I immediately thought of Guerlain Meteorites as I too am a former makeup junkie turned skincare junkie but never splurged on this….I believe it could be time. Then I read the entire post & there were the Meteorites. ; ) Thank you for your brilliant posts & ways of helping me figure out astrology a bit more every day. <3

    1. Far out, I just read your comment after writing mine! I always wanted it and never bought it either but I, too, think it may be time 🙂

      1. Enjoyable reading the post-response meteorites chain reactions flashes showers recollections–some sort of retro pirouette into futurity bursting awareness with shades

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