Venus in Gemini

Twelfth House Preview

The next post in my Houses & people series is going to be the 12th House! For an early concept of the genre, look no further than Terence McKenna. “We have to create culture, don’t watch TV, don’t read magazines, don’t even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe, and if you’re …

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The New Venus Retrograde Rules

Venus Retrograde 2020 Protocol Every Venus Retro has rules. Venus Retrograde 2020 has new rules. It’s not a control mechanism. It’s to help you avoid hair mistakes (henna, vodka, and the no-poo regime can be problematic) or drastically over-investing in a digital dating crush. It’s not a myth. I know a Virgo who left her partner/cats and sold a successful business at a loss to fly back to the country …

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Science fiction Venus

Your New Paradigm Venus In Gemini

Venus in Gemini 2020 was always going to be weird. Four times longer than the usual passage of Venus through a sign, it includes Venus Retrograde for much of May and June. For those of you nostalgic for your Love Zombie highs, it includes Venus square Neptune for three weeks. And Mutable Sign Retrogrades have a zanier edge to them than the others. But even with all that, it was …

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Venusian Vortex Theory Turned Reality

Venus Retrograde in 2020 doesn’t mean that Venusian scenarios – relationships, art, aesthetics – go backward. It’s a vortex – not a reversal. Or, more accurately, a series of vortices, the plural of vortex. In Vortex Theory, space is a liquid that flows. Is time the container or another liquid that we try to infuse with the first one? It means that Venus will be in Gemini for 18 weeks, …

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The 2020 Venus and Mars Retrogrades

Guess which planets in retrograde are the theme of 2020? Not Mercury, that’s part of our astral rhythm. And the Outer Planets spend a significant amount of time retrograde every year. Next year features Venus and Mars Retrograde.  That’s good for weird but enticing relationships and encrypted attractions. And it’s going to be a far stronger year for love – in general – than 2019.  Why? Because we’ve been under …

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Venus In Gemini Reading

Venus in Gemini reading is not usually ‘a thing’ – Mercury is more the deity that dictates or inspires literature. But Venus in this mercurial constellation is a cosmic cue to read about relationships. This book, above, is what Diana, one of my Mega Mystic peeps just sent me, as an example of her Venus in Gemini reading.  Yes, she is Aries, not the Rams Horns in the background. Anything around …

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