Astral DNA Birth Chart

Instantly download Mystic’s cool take on your natal astrology with this inspirational take on your birth chart. The PDF format also makes it simple to download and send as a unique gift. Recently revamped and extended, Astral DNA is upbeat and funny but direct where it needs to be.



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90 reviews for Astral DNA Birth Chart

  1. msmiklos (verified owner)

    I feel so seen!

  2. msmiklos (verified owner)


  3. Alchem (verified owner)

    An encyclopedia all about me..!!! Thankyou MM.💚

  4. Carla27 (verified owner)

    I bought this document because I read a blog post of MM talking about people born under Venus retrograde, and i thought that this would include that. Sadly, it does not :(, super fun to read tho

  5. Poonam (verified owner)

    I’ve read my birth chart multiple times and always get some new insightful information from it and allows me to understand myself more deeply. I enjoy this and have ordered it for my son as well so it can better help me understand his underlining traits and motivations.

  6. Dizla (verified owner)

    The newly updated astral DNA is phenomenally accurate. I swear someone who has known me twenty years wrote it. So insightful and detailed. Fantastical!!!

  7. Estela_Kanoviya (verified owner)

    Insightful and confirming. However, maybe due to cultural differences – i found it difficult to understand the metaphorical analogies and the references to celebrities and other people alike. I felt like those things made the report more complicated and confusing than it needed to be. It may be fun for those that like to use big language and don’t tend to get straight to the point. I really tried my very best to understand the report but unfortunately I couldn’t understand more than half of it with how the English language was worded and used. It was way too messy for me. I wish it would be like other reports and take away all the other fluff. Just keep it simple and straight to the point.

  8. Ley (verified owner)

    Fun, informative and spookily accurate. The report puts a lot of personal “stuff” into context and is extremely helpful in navigating everyday life. Love it!

  9. Jellyz31 (verified owner)

    So fun, relevant and useful! Thank you!

  10. Penelope Darling (verified owner)

    Insightful and accurate

  11. feather (verified owner)

    These Astral DNA reports are so fantastic. They’re really fun to read and there’s no truck with cliche which I adore. I have ordered one for everyone in our family. Thank you, Mystic x

  12. Centaurus (verified owner)

    Obviously a bargain and well worth checking out even if you know your chart. There’s plenty of detail and insight and I enjoyed looking from MM’s perspective. In particular I was wowed at a couple of really unique and refreshing interps that I’m sure I’ve never come across to even consider – and they resonated completely. I’ll call that the added bonus.

  13. Cecemesee (verified owner)

    I have not referred to one single document this much in my life! Mystic’s interpretation on the intricacies of your planetary aspects is done in such an entertaining way, which is not only informative but absolutely unique in its delivery! I’m still using this as an every day tool of discovery to this day. Thank you Mystic! x

  14. Step K (verified owner)

    Gave this as a gift and the recipient was thrilled.

  15. Sam (verified owner)

    Excellent astro report,I gained information that I haven’t seen in other reports. Really accurate,well written & informative,loved it. Thankyou

  16. Been (verified owner)

    Brilliant and comprehensive.

  17. x (verified owner)

    An interesting read but I found the format written in the third person too Impersonal which was off putting and annoying.

  18. Clementine (verified owner)

    I loved this report. It gave a unique take on my chart with some genuinely interesting insight. It also gave a bit of advice. Would recommend.

  19. LittleLunarLuxe (verified owner)

    I am loving these reports! I have now ordered them all! I couldn’t possibly deduct an entire star for this, but is there a reason Uranus & Neptune are not included under Sign Position of the Planets? They are the energies I’m less familiar with that I would particularly consult an astro report to learn more about. Regardless, Mystic has become an indispensable part of my daily routine and planning.

  20. DomA (verified owner)

    Spot on. Ordered one for a friend. Loved it! Great as usual!

  21. Ruby (verified owner)

    Have have had a few of these done recently
    and as usual the language is succinct, zippy and the delineations are totally “on the money”.
    Thankyou Mystic, I also LOVE that they happen so fast.
    Sending them as presents is fantastic…people, whether
    astrology devotees or not, are mighty impressed at the accuracy of the info.
    Being a multiple Aquarius, I will give a Vulcan blessing..May you Live long and prosper!

  22. VelvetAloha (verified owner)

    The best birth chart interpretation I’ve ever received, just love Mystic Medusa expressions and the random references to famous people. … such a pleasure to explore my chart, now I’m keen to get my transits.

  23. Vie Illusoire (verified owner)

    Awesome intro to birth chart info in the unmatched style of MM. Much love!

  24. Squared Virgo (verified owner)

    simply amazing – such a contemporary, witty, deep and very proactive read. the best natal chart interpretation ever.

  25. Getsomebalance (verified owner)

    I think I have read my Astral DNA chart everyday since I got it. Like a novel I can’t put down. It is so enlightening and informative. Thank you Mystic, I love the way you express yourself, really strikes a chord. Best chart I have ever had done hands down. You really are magic!

  26. Itismyheart (verified owner)

    I have been a long time fan of her writing so it’s not surprising that I would love my specialized chart. Simply fantastic!

  27. mysticnj (verified owner)

    Best report I have ever had! Not your plain old boring traditional report she really gives a metaphysical perspective and it was just i what I was looking for.Very insightful. I will not have to get another birth chart done ever! Will get one for my son.

  28. gvolution9 (verified owner)

    you’ll always remember your first time..
    of reading these sublime reports

  29. Ali (verified owner)

    As an astrologer myself, I am a big fan of Mystic’s modern, witty, energized and no-bullshit approach and was excited to see her unique take on my natal placements. I was very impressed! The interpretations and insights are extremely accurate and it, as all of Mystic’s writings, was a pleasure to read. A great offering.

  30. k444m (verified owner)

    Mystic, every time a friend of mine busts into astrology for the first time I buy them one of these and it blows their minds. Thank you for everything you do!!

  31. Super T (verified owner)

    If you haven’t ordered yours, i’m not sure why you are waiting, you need this!! totally on point. Really great ,
    Highly recommend.
    Thank you for your work.


  32. grievebruce (verified owner)

    I was very surprised at how accurate and useful this is. Highly recommend for anyone.

  33. tk (verified owner)

    More valuable insights in this report than in 6 years of private school.

  34. Swordfish (verified owner)

    I gave my 15 year old her Astral DNA report as a Xmas gift, she’s fascinated by its fabulous insights, though I’m sure she’s secretly horrified that anyone has been able to describe anything about her character at all (Scorpio rising 😂).

  35. RAH (verified owner)

    The most provocative and insightful reading I have ever had. Brings astrology firmly into the 21st century. Provides psychologically sound updates to many traditional interpretations in a much more meaningful way, peppering insights with droll humour that seems never to miss the mark. If you think you knew yourself before you will have a new understanding after this reading. Can’t wait for individualised forecasts to go online.

  36. jess11 (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! You can learn so much about yourself. I loved the mix of insight and wit. I learned and laughed the whole way through the report! Thank you for all that you do!

  37. Vertex (verified owner)

    Love the flavour Mystic brings to astrology! This report is comprehensive but written in a way that it can be understood by those who do not speak the language of astrology. Perfect treat to give to friends this halloween season…

  38. tamtam (verified owner)

    I love this. Brilliantly written!!! Spot on too.

  39. MissNhamNham (verified owner)


  40. Miranda (verified owner)

    THE. BEST. Absolutely wonderful, comprehensive chart reading with the kind of straight-talk MysticMedusa is noted for. And which I love! It’s not all this heavy-handed mumbo-jumbo or fluffy live-laugh-love garbage. It gets to the heart of each aspect, what it means for how you perceive things and what it means for how you are perceived.

    As a Sun-Opposition-Moon (full moon baby) with Venus in Scorpio and Scorpio Rising who evokes strong reactions fairly regularly, this is invaluable insight for me, esp. when coupled with my anxiety-ridden Virgo sun mind always trying to make sense of things and my ornery Aries moon moods making me a hotbed of drama-bombs, being able to discern a pattern in the quilt of your cosmic composition is such an important step to self-mastery, and, failing mastery, at least self-awareness. MysticMedusa does just that, delivering all the good, the bad and everything else in a way that never feels stilted or inaccessible. I regularly refer to my chart when I’m dealing with any kind of heavy situation to see if maybe there’s something I’m not seeing, or some angle of me hidden away I need to harness more of. Either way, it’s like having a Celestial Big Sis looking right at you and showing you how to find your way. Excellent service!

  41. surlatable (verified owner)

    There are times in our lives when there are more questions than answers. Most of the time, probably. I ordered this report, (twice actually, that’s how hazy things have been lately) in an effort to somewhat streamline my own process. The path of self examination is replete with people telling you who you are and how you should live. None of that is in this report. Mystic loves what she studies and I trust that she doesn’t rest, anyone who follows her site knows that, in her quest. This lifelong vocation means she’s not only acquired the info, she’s distilled it. Reading this reminded me that having people who are passionate about what they study enough to pass it on can sometimes get into the power of it. Not here, not with Mystic. It’s clear insight into the basics of your time, easy enough for an non astrology student to grasp and with depth enough to do real work with. Frankly honest and uplifting at the same time.

  42. Lucia (verified owner)

    Spot on and clarity plus. Many thanks Mystic!

  43. stinala (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant, as always. Like many here, I’m an astro-fiend who has done my own chart and paid other astrologers for their full, complex takes on my chart multiple times. But I find myself coming back to this one over and over when I have a question about something, due to its succinctness and most importantly, Mystics brilliant writing and insights. I highly recommend!

  44. eletat (verified owner)

    Just purchased a second reading for my soon-to-be 4year daughter whose little personality is really coming into being. As suspected it was as wonderfully accurate and revealing as was mine. The more often I read these readings the more I can glean from them. I definitely have to order my husband’s too! Thanks Mystic xx

  45. Catebla (verified owner)

    This is a second reading for potential partner in life as I had the wrong date in the first one (by one day). This makes more sense (Leo vs Virgo). This is, at age 70, a serious love interest. So of some importance. And it’s spot on. Plus our Soulmate report (again a second go at that) still has us with 4 matches. So my instinct is borne out by MM’s spot on reading. Thank you so much. Plus this is the best laugh I have every day. Happy little fish!

  46. JacQui (verified owner)

    I bought this for a birthday present, for a curious friend. We kept wearing the same outfits every so often so we compared our charts. A wonderful way to introduce someone to “properly” written astrology.

  47. Ruby (verified owner)

    This was for a friend and she was pretty amazed at the accuracy…had a quick glance myself and it made me smile , so spot on were some points. Always positive and humorous to convey the message and entertain…love it, thank you!

  48. rubyslippers (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved getting my natal chart interpretation. It really hit home! Thank you Mystic! xxx

  49. Porkchop (verified owner)

    I LOVE Mystic’s astrology reports! They’re intelligent, insightful, accurate and fun. My new go-to present for friends is a bundle of three: Astral DNA, Power Moons and Your Year Ahead. The member’s discount makes these such a steal.

  50. Atalanta (verified owner)

    I’ve had just one other experience with a professional astrologer’s reading, and this report blew the in-person experience out of the water. Wow! Just, WOW. If you’re vascillating, go for it. You won’t regret these insights.

  51. Invicta (verified owner)

    Truly uncanny and utterly non generic. I’ve had my birth chart interpreted by several astrologers and none of them came close to this level of insight into my personality. Some of the points made were so revolutionary I was kind of reeling from them. Things I’d wondered about but not confronted. Suspicions validated and life direction reconfigured accordingly.
    I love Mystic’s focus on growth and evolution without any new age bullshit. It’s an unusually astringent and current take on reality with references that are relevant and usable.

  52. Aprilrain (verified owner)

    This was much more inspiring than a generic chart and was bang on describing my personality. Loved the references to famous or powerful people too.

  53. one_fab_chick (verified owner)

    This explained more about me than therapy. Spot on. Everything was super positive but pointed out the low vibe areas that need attention. It was not wrong.

  54. Eclipse Tripper (verified owner)

    Discover something new about yourself, get insight or an affirmation about your modus operandi, discover a secret strength you didn’t know you had (and where you could pull your head in a little!). This is almost as good as a personal reading, and well worth the investment. Mystic Medusa’s online products are awesome, I’m a regular consumer because she delivers affordable astrology for the modern customer, with style and humour. This would make a great e-gift for the more esoteric minded in your life. Thanks Mystic Medusa for looking after your subscribers too!

  55. Aishah108 (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous! I’ve never had a professional overview done of my birth hart until Astral DNA. Was wonderful to get some clarity and understand the influences on my life.

  56. seraphidart (verified owner)

    I was so impressed and taken by the Birth Chart Reading by Mystic, I couldn’t stop reading it, yet wanted to tell my Mum straight away that I will get her one too; the information, insight and genuinely eye-opening take on my specific details absolutely blew me away. So glad I made my first reading purchase, as there will definitely be more.

  57. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot (verified owner)

    I can’t recommend Mystic’s reports highly enough. Eerily bang-on, affordable and instant! What more could you want! ASTRO KWEEN!!

  58. k444m (verified owner)

    The way you write is incredible and succinct! The best birth chart reading you can get online. Love you and everything you do Mystic

  59. rusty faerie (verified owner)

    the astral dna report should be created at birth for reference … and to share with our tribe … another fascinating and witty sharing of wisdom from MM…

  60. looniedreams (verified owner)

    fun and practical

  61. EdgeofJupiter (verified owner)

    Great new Astral shine a light on your being report. Every time you read it you find more helpful information. “Ahh!” moments. “That’s why I am like that…..” Thanks Mystic. What a talent.

  62. Jo Jo Maria (verified owner)

    Just purchased my 2nd DNA. It won’t be the last. I have been poring over my and my family’s charts for 25 years and I have found loads of new perspectives from the DNA charts. Love it!

  63. helixed (verified owner)

    What a remarkable document! Written in fast moving modernistic prose, Astral DNA dispenses uncannily accurate observations with incredible economy and wit. The style alone is light years ahead of any other astro-site I’ve investigated. The content – well, it can be devastating, depending on how you see yourself in the world. Mystic doesn’t pull any punches, but each interpretation and comment is delivered with grace and candour. To me, this is useful and gives pause for some deep reflection. Shine on.

  64. Love (verified owner)

    So amazed by the birth charts for my two small children. Mystic’s run down was spot on with how I am seeing their little personalities unfold. Great to have mystics wonderful insight as we navigate this unusual world we find ourselves in. I would say it’s a must for anyone with small children ❤️

  65. ladyluck (verified owner)

    This was the best astrology chart reading I have ever had. It is also written in such a positive way that I found it extremely helpful in how to utilise my many conflicting and faceted astrology. Seriously, I could not have known myself better through a chart. This is totally worth the investment

  66. growing (verified owner)

    I can’t begin to describe how much I love Mystic’s astral DNA Birth Chart. Her insights are vibrant, relatable and make sense of things in a way that I’ve not come across before. This is the first birth chart that I’ve really connected with at such a deep personal level. They’re funny too! I’ve also bought my kids charts as well. Wow, wow, wow… much does that make sense of them! Although my acceptance (and love) for my kids is true and strong, deepening my understanding of their differences through their chart really helps me support them even more. Mystics take speaks deeply into how they are as well as their nuances. I’d highly recommend.

  67. Child of the universe (verified owner)

    Such an empowering resource! Thank you Mystic for distilling such a rich reference. It will be very useful when spirits are low or the going is tough. As a blueprint of innate tendencies it’s good to reflect on what’s strong & what’s not, and to let some things just ‘be’. A great tool to settle the occasional ‘life panic’

  68. kataquagem (verified owner)

    Like all of Mystic’s offerings, this one is worth its weight in gold. I’ve been following my chart for over 30 years and had several readings by astrologers at different times, but this filled in so many questions I’ve had and things I could never quite get a grip on. I reread it often, and have given one as a gift. Love Mystic’s take on things which is always uplifting and her trademark humor. 5 stars, highly recommend.

  69. The Crazy Crone (verified owner)

    My husband is very cynical about astrology but suddenly said, one evening: “Okay, print me off a natal chart since you bang on about it so much.” He is Aries Rising, Aries Moon and Leo Sun, and it’s a bit like living with the Energiser Bunny, as you can imagine. So I gave him the report, he read it and went very quiet. So I had a read of it and had the biggest laugh of my life – SPOT ON, even to nailing the fact that his father buggered up his army service and he had to quit. My husband looked really sheepish when I kept reading out bits and pieces which were so spot on, while I sniggered at the accuracy! He is a born leader, a great people organiser, stubborn, hyper-active, great gardener and dog whisperer, trustworthy and very, very honest. All this was in the report, including the fact that he also gets very emotional and tries to hide it. So thanks, Mystic, I had to drag him kicking and screaming to acknowledge that astrology can be very insightful and helpful. He’s still recovering from the shock

  70. lennalie (verified owner)

    Makes sense even for someone like me that doesn’t ‘speak the language’. Really insightful and fun, totally worth the money!

  71. TripleCardinal (verified owner)

    I had the chart done a while ago and really discovered new sides and strengths of myself which I started to cultivate a bit more since then. Very enlightening to see the aspects of your personality in this perspective. I was always a bit confused about the way houses and the planets in them interact and this report details that beautifully. Definitely the best natal chart interpretation I have ever done for myself.

  72. LolaKritz (verified owner)

    Thank you Mystic for a great report, it was easy to read yet inspired. Well done, and thanks for the membership discount 🙂

  73. AquaCrab (verified owner)

    I had a personal (non automated) birth chart reading done by Mystic some many years ago, so I overlooked this until recently. In fact, I’ve had a lot of birth chart analysis from several astrologers over the years, all very good. I didn’t think I needed another. Mystic’s Astral DNA goes to a whole other level. It gets to the point and goes deep.

  74. recycleme (verified owner)

    An absolute MUST HAVE to live your authentic self. My daughter has become more confident and creative because she understands herself better. it is like plugging in an outlet to energy!

  75. TAB*LIBRA (verified owner)

    As always, Mystic’s report is not only spot on, but beautifully written, entertaining AND enlightening! Well worth the purchase!
    Very helpful as a mother to learn more about my children and their charts!!

  76. TAB*LIBRA (verified owner)

    As always, Mystic’s report is not only spot on, but beautifully written, entertaining AND enlightening! Well worth the purchase!

  77. cowden (verified owner)

    Most illuminating! I did this report for my new grandchild, so quite interesting,I’m sure we will revisit over time! Thanks Mystic.

  78. Pegasus (verified owner)

    Wished i had had it 40 years ago. Alas i put in 3 December instead of 8, which gave me a Leo Moon, not Libra, and Merc in Scorp not Sagg, silly me and my eyes. The rest was 70% true to life which is amazing considering nature nurture and environment in the mix. Beautiful layout and all upbeat as her style.

  79. smalmberg242 (verified owner)

    UM WOW. I was prepared to receive a high quality chart, as I have yet to receive anything less than thoughtful, sometimes humorous, always accurate materials from this astrology site and that is exactly what I received. Not only was this chart all of those things, it was insightful, illuminated areas of strengths and opportunities for further reflection (shorthand for learning to get out of my own way and understanding why I spend so much time there). Now I want a couples chart! xo

  80. Louise (verified owner)

    Mystic’s Birth Chart reading was spookily accurate. There was wording that rang so true it was uncanny. I was familiar with some aspects of my chart, but this gave me a much bigger overview. It was eye-opening and I loved it!

  81. Evavooreeuwig (verified owner)

    Just to clarify my last review… I’ve bought TEN Astral DNA’s so far and I still can’t stop… ugh!

  82. Evavooreeuwig (verified owner)

    The best (written) birth charts on the entire internet so far! Have bought one for nearly everyone I know… I swear I have to stop myself from asking everyone I meet ‘Okay well would you like me to buy you a very good written, fun birth chart???’ I really hope it makes more people interested in astrology. Mystic’s charts are witty, smart, quick, illuminating and fun!

  83. feather (verified owner)

    Mystic does it again. It’s inspirational, detailed and Zeitgeist.

  84. Sweet Sanity (verified owner)

    I can’t put into words how amazing this is. I have one for myself and a friend. The price is ridiculously low for what you receive. Don’t delay or ponder, you need this.

  85. Subscriptionz (verified owner)

    Thorough and illuminating. A helluva lot more compelling than you’re average cut and paste astrology.

  86. Zorana (verified owner)

    Very interesting, reading it again and again.thanks a lot

  87. Rochimystic (verified owner)

    So, i loved it. Some parts were astonishingly accurate, others surprised me a lot since I had no idea of many factors that contributed to how I behaved or reacted to some things. What surprised me most was that a lot of the patterns that were repeatedly present are absolutely and deeply rooted to how I face life and approach challenges . The chart has a lot of information and should be read many times , I even made some notes in my journal of things that I wanted to remember . Thank you Mystic ! I wish I could have a cup of tea with you and discuss some aspects further 🙂

  88. swiftmoon (verified owner)

    Spookily accurate as always – and so much more interesting and detailed than your run of the mill chart readings. Highly recommend!

  89. Boo Boo Kowalski (verified owner)

    Mind f-ing blowing. Illuminating. When you think you know yourself and then you learn even more to help guide your journey. Get it!

  90. Narelle1976 (verified owner)

    Very detailed and enlightening

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