Turbulent Times Part Two

If you did not read Part One of this CV-19 prompted rant, please check it out. Covering Health + Wealth in weird times, it is the most practical/political in focus. This one covers Magic.

Reminder: This is F.Y.I. info, not a ‘do this’ piece. If you require help, please see a medical or financial practitioner with knowledge of your unique circumstances.


The word magic doesn’t mean tricks or even spells. It means you’re operating with an extra sense. Magic is your consciousness. You are the spell. Rituals, tools, invocations, studying esoteric topics, divination and so on are all methods people use to enhance the awareness of other dimensions or different layers of being.

Everyone has their own supernatural style. Some people are pure mediums, picking up on everything. Others bring an intellectual focus to ancient arts, re-birthing lost techniques and scouring over old texts for the answer to arcane questions. There are Chaos Magicians experimenting with frequency and dark matter. Wiccans may identify with a psychic and/or blood lineage of goddess worship or heriditary beliefs.

Magic is an awareness of and attempt to understand or work with an invisible energy, our intuition, and alt-dimensional beings. When mundane s**t kicks up to the extent that it is at the moment, it’s initially tempting to can the magic.

An internal guilt-anxiety loop kicks in that generates thoughts like “I don’t have time to be stuffing around with this now – this is serious.” Or that it is selfish to even think about such things when so many people are deathly ill or suddenly out of work.  And then you put away the crystals or your dream diary to scroll through the dystopian news feeds.

But in turbulent times, we need magic more, not less. It’s not that knowing about the planets or raising our personal frequency will suddenly save people in an intensive care ward, create 1000 jobs or cure political leaders of fuqwittery. It won’t.

Although you in your full strength can heal, make jobs for people and lead. But currently, it’s about survival. It is the beginning of a transition that you’re probably prepared for – at least intellectually – but many aren’t.

If You’re Adept, Shut Up About It

Unfortunately, a certain kind of person resents people who seem better at handling massive Zeitgeist shifts like this. They don’t want to know ‘your secrets’ – they want to ‘other’ you.

There are historical precedents. In plague-ridden cultures where ostentatious religious worship did not save people, but the local exiled “herb lady” seemed fine, they didn’t go after her to get advice. “Witch-hunting was not only a popular response to chaos,” writes Professor Laura Beers, “but also a government-sanctioned means of controlling the anxieties of the population.”*

So, if you’re not surprised by this because you knew about the Saturn-Pluto thing (or the factors that sustain your resilience are outside of tribal identity, monotheistic religion, status in a crumbling structure, faded credentials, traditional materialism etc), keep it quiet. Not paranoid quiet, just stylishly low-key.

So magic-wise, it is time to up whatever house-witchery and aura cleanse protocol you have. Make it a routine – like flossing your teeth – and consider Wormwood or Rosemary smudge sticks. Rosemary smells cleansing and is uplifting, but Wormwood is brilliant. From the Artemesia family like Mugwort, it reputedly sprung up in the serpent’s wake as she slithered out of the Garden of Eden.

The Serpent Gave Us Wormwood

Classical magic saw viruses and associated pathogens as evil. The old Taoist physicians talked of Gu Syndrome. When I had my weird viral attack last year, my acupuncturist turned me onto it. Her take was that many practitioners saw it as too out-there and when Traditional Chinese Medicine was first introduced in other countries, the more ‘magical’ elements of it were kept out of the picture because it was important to show scientific validity.

Gu Syndrome has associated ‘Ghost Points’ and a Hexagram in the I-Ching: Number 18. The Gu herbs + points were ridiculously powerful; almost immediately resulting in the identification and removal of pathogenic people in my life, as well as rads results for the condition in question.

This article goes into fabulous depth, covering the erudite and the supernatural angle. Key Points: There is a mental or spiritual angle to invasions by these particular pathogens. You can only drive them out by a vehemently Yang approach; aromatic herbs, activity, heat and most of all, assertion.

In this context, seeking to be more Yin (reflective, resting, forgiving) makes the Gu syndrome worse. Resentment and self-pity create a metaphysically damp energy that favors the pathogenic fuqery. The reason T.C.M. practitioners and probably your grandparents want/wanted you to keep your neck warm is that the spiritual infestation of this thing enters there.

Seek more info off a qualified TCM practitioner if you’re interested, of course.

In Feng Shui, the most baleful, illness-triggering influences are Earth in its most negative manifestation. It seems to relate to Saturn and golden metal – gold, brass and copper – are the remedy.

Speaking of copper, it was interesting to read that it kills coronavirus. Ancient Queens used it in tinctures and body lotions. I read a book years ago that said they thought it burnished their skin with a golden sheen and had magical properties. Copper is Venusian and always will be. People used to wear copper bracelets to help link their physical selves with the astral realms and, more prosaically, because they felt it could ease arthritis pains.

Interestingly, the olden day alchemist-astrologers blamed practically everything vile on Saturn and saw Venusian talismans – aka Copper, Rose Oil, pretty women – as the antidote.

Metal is elementally aligned with the Age of more Air/Aquarius that we are about to move into. Another cool metal concept? Planetary tuning forks. I just got the Mercury one and – maybe because I have an Aries Mercury – I just bang it: it works! I felt elated and clearer.

Ghost Frequencies

I will research it more, but my theory is that with all the frequencies blasted at us these days; we need to do more – not less – sound therapy and investigation of how to counter it. I do not know much about 5G’s health effects but I sensed an agitating energetic shift the day they turned it on in my area, though I did not find out it was what had changed until weeks later.

An aside, if you can hear ‘The Hum’ also known as infrasound, you’re psychic and/or you have Faerie/Witch/Shamanic blood. It means you’d also sense earthquakes on the other side of the planet and connect with animals more powerfully than most people could conceive of.

Officially, the human hearing range for low frequency stops at 20HZ but approximately 10% (estimates vary) hear below that. If you feel you’re forever walking around asking what the humming noise is or feel like there is a transformer under your house, you’re probably just magic. People either get it or they don’t but the sensitivity gets stronger the more attuned and wise you become. And, you will love this, 18.98 HZ is the Ghost Frequency.

So, think sound, metal and strengthening your frequency.

Pneuma And Prana

The word ‘pneumonia’ comes from Pneuma – which is spirit, breath, air. Like the Indian concept of Prana, it is related intelligence, thought, Thoth, the Taoist concept of ‘nine sacred breaths’, Wind, Air and Mercury.

Similarly to the trad Chinese concept of Wind pathogen, most magical systems have an idea of ill winds and good winds, Pneuma that is benevolent and that which is not.

The burning of incense, sage and so on was not merely to destroy or deflect airborne bacteria but what the ancients believed was the negative entitites associated with them. And while it is, of course, standard to Yoga, Qi Gong and meditation, your focus on breathwork could easily be turned into a supremely magical ritual.

As it is also magically linked with thought and it’s a time when we want to power up, cut the crappy content. If you’re reading to spike fear or indignation but you like the confirmation bias/feeling of connection to mainstream Muggle society, think again. I have an issue with this: I do like to be informed and current but can also dive into a vortex of consciousness-scrambling content.

Genius Plant Magic

Finally, remember Uranus is in Taurus. Plant magic is everything now. Magically, the ideal is to have them growing and develop a relationship. You take leaves off the plant, thank it but leave it living, happy in the earth. I hate it when you buy even organically grown vegetables but they’re the whole plant. I ordered a turmeric plant and then realized I would need to eat the root; I decided not to, ate some leaves and felt the plant spirit.

Obviously all this is good for your health and very now but if you talk to your plants and show respect for their existence, the magical benefits are profound. You tap into a whole other level of liminal wisdom. I am sure many of you reading know this already but for me it’s quite new. I just had an experience that illustrates this.

Last week, during the Moon in Taurus, I was trying to explain my new entheogenic gardening theory to someone who was not getting it. (No more of that from now on, see above re discretion.) I found myself saying that if you were attuned to your plants, the garden would grow the exact flower or herb that you needed. That you would not need to ask and you could trust this energy.

Right after I said that, I was like ‘is that real? Did I read it in a book somewhere or just dream it?’ The next morning, I went out into the garden and there were three brand new dandelion plants, as high as my arm, that had literally not been there the day before. And yes, I need dandelion and it’s benefits now.

Magic is real and it’s becoming more real.

* Plague And Persecution – The Black Death And Early Modern Witch Hunts. This is a fascinating read that also talks of the environmental degradation that preceded this pandemic.

Image: Edward Burne-Jones

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  1. One year on (still here in AWST, but probably not in ADST), this article is still very relevant. I too try to avoid the dystopian online current affairs version of the world, to focus on what I can work with here and now; but just today I read about (for e.g.) Dr Shanna Swan’s new book “Count Down” on the increasing saturation of pthalates in our environment disrupting human reproductive cycles; and another discussing concussion/early dementia in football/collision sports. In both articles, the necessity of a massive cultural change was the urgent sub-text. But – and here’s the rub – people already in tune with themselves and the earth (according to some perspectives, “magically” aware) would already be “counter-culture”, simply because they sought knowledge, and acted upon it (cut out/minimised plastics, or -say – avoided collision sports for children). But the price is being ostracised/called sensitive. Maybe this is the lesson of Saturn in Aquarius – that objective scientific facts should determine cultural values – at least to the same degree as emotional values?? Rant over !🙂

    1. (And I am someone who is considers magic – especially as how Mystic has fabulously described it above – as self-evidently real (and essential) as air. 🤗🔥)

  2. Thank you for writing about this subject.

    I’ve always been able to hear the sound of humming and will ask people, can you hear that? I seem to get scared when both ears get the quick frequency whooshing and then the regular hearing returns. Because I know oh shit…incoming communication and increase awareness. I’ve also had many hearing test over the years.
    My bestie can smell and identity people’s blood groups.

  3. Saturn in Pisces

    Mystic, is hearing the Ghost Frequency you linked “infrasound”? I heard it pretty loud (and the sound immediately dissipates when I turned off the video). I have never explored infrasound before but have often heard “humming” etc. Exactly what you described.

  4. Sooo deep and meaningful.That bit about we are the magic is so true and I know it. Its a noetic experience. Different to just believing. Am re reading each of the parts and have the joy of knowing I spoke to each and everyone of my plants this morning, so a nice connection with this article which I haven’t read since it was first posted t hree months ago. . My thumb is a tiny bit green, it never used to be and I am loving the plant connection, and learning all the time. Not a monarchist but Prince Charles years ago used to get bagged for talking to plants, but he is so onto it.
    This is the closest I get to social media. Just never bin into it, except when the kids were overseas, and I am quite computer savvy..A lot of the net is just evil rubbish totally nonsensical… Great work Mystic (:

  5. Re copper, I just realized how ON IT the copper utensils, tongue scrapers, bowls and so on are. Also, you know how the official line is the 5G or similar could never cause anything pneumatic to occur? There is apparently an ailment called radiation pneumonitis – so while that’s linked to radiotherapy, it’s not utterly illogical to question the rollout of something unavoidable without more stringent testing…

  6. I thank you so often Mystic. You are a Blessing ❤️
    And I wish to add my thanks for the individual daily h’scope. It’s taken me a little while to get a feel for them……they are really interesting and so resonant. Well done ! And, thank you as always.

  7. Dear Mystic, thank you for the insights re noise.
    The amount of times I can “hear the electricity” in my house is something I rarely discuss. I have previously had my hair stand straight up while sitting in my car (convertible, roof open) which was parked under electrical overhead wires.
    Do I have thin skin, or am I operating on a different frequency?
    Thanks. T

  8. This piece from the New York Times seems to sum up a problem with the way we’ve chosen to live – food wastage – https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/11/business/coronavirus-destroying-food.html

    and then there is this from Leo Strine and Dorothy Lund, also in the NYTimes: “When we cautiously return to normalcy, there will be a natural tendency to play the blame game about the reality that our economic system was not well positioned to absorb the effects of the pandemic without an enormous corporate bailout. Bluntly, why do the wealthiest institutions in our society appear to manage their balance sheets less prudently than many middle-class Americans?

    When many businesses did not have sufficient reserves to pay the next month’s rent after less than a month of slowdown, and when many more furloughed or laid off thousands of workers for the same reason, it will be tempting to single out examples for shaming. But the finger-pointing will obscure a central question that must be answered if we want our economy to better endure unexpected shocks in the future: Are Americans well served by a corporate governance system that has encouraged all sectors of the economy to run their businesses on fumes?”

    rest is also worth reading https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/10/business/dealbook/coronavirus-corporate-governance.html

    Made me think of all your advice about Uranus in Taurus: re-engineering the foundation of your life, via ingenuity, to be a proper foundation. Not fumes. Not waste.

  9. Love love this Blog series it’s so resonates thank you 🙏 mystic
    Pleasantly discovered the apartment I’ve been living in 2 yrs now ( pre furnished ) I’m in Paris and most rental is ore furnished
    I have 2 brass silver plated lamps in each of the 3 main areas
    2 in the bedroom either side of my bed hanging
    1 large one in the lounge
    & 2 in the bathroom
    Fengshui was on Today’s agenda ! Thank you

  10. Mystic, I am interested in your take for frontline workers right now?

    As many people bunker down and have the opportunity to connect more deeply, I am run off my feet.

    I know this is a time to also lift my game re; supplements and good food.

    When i was looking for a book the other day I noticed my Green Witch book but didn’t think to pick it up. I was processing something else.

    I will go and hold it now and see what it brings up.

    Thoughts anyone? I have a Fruit & Vege business and working 80 + hours a week.

    There is a part of me that would love to be self isolating with everyone else just for the peace and quiet.

    Being in the middle of it all, muggles are losing their heads. More to come, re; I’m keeping this quiet right now.

    Feeling the need for extra protection.

    1. Yes, I am going to address it in Mindset, in part 3. TBH though I was also a bit hesitant to comment from the seclusion of my study! But I do have thoughts. x

  11. Strangely enough, found myself singing today. It started with a quiet plump willy wagtail sitting where they usually do not (plenty of insects, but plenty of human movement and less sun.) Used to sing for gig practice, and a willy wagtail would sweep in to sit on a rafter opposite my then-home, cock his head and LISTEN. Brought his sometime girlfriend now and again.

    1. I see Willie Wagtails as friendly familiars. If there’s Willie Wagtails around wherever I am, they will follow me. Crows and Ravens do the same.

      1. Do you think it’s a secret Saggi thing? Not sure why yours is ‘secret’ but mine is 12th rising into ascendant, so you got me thinking! Also one with the crows here

  12. Every time I am in the car, I think, “what is that humming noise?! My dads ashes are in the boot and I have no intention to change that right now. They NEED to be there.

    Reishi is making nature speak louder since I started it just over a week ago. Recently I ‘rescued’ some leeks from a compost pile, they practically begged to be lifted and moved. They since began the veg bed bunking up and on woodland walks, wild garlic is begging to be eaten and transplanted around the house. Medicine, protection and mindful walking.

    Just bought some brass amulets to go above the south facing doors..
    ..I’ll be over here, just binging my tuning fork, #tunedin

  13. Loved all of this; the Gu article was so interesting. I’m into extreme simplicity & my v simple take away from this is: “Raw garlic (Da Suan)…… is often recommended as the most effective single remedy for Gu syndrome.”
    Sometimes the most obvious things are overlooked, and garlic has always been the biggest tool to ward off parasites, both in the East & Western healing traditions. Even in our myths it wards off vampires…
    I met a doctor who used to work in Angola during its civil war and he would often run out of medicine & antibiotics, and the only way he could treat patients successfully of pneumonia was by using raw garlic, both internally & externally as a salve.

    One thing i’ve been using with success is colloidal silver (topically), which is also a powerful antiviral & antibiotic;
    Silver, like copper has a long history of being used in hospitals too, on surfaces, dressings, needles, water filtering systems.
    It even kills werewolves!
    I would spray it liberally on the face (& eyes) & especially mask if working with infected people, throughout the day.
    Colloidal copper does the job too, but i use that more in my Venusian routine as a toner for my skin after i shower; it leaves my face feeling smooth & i hardly have to use a moisturiser.
    I’ve had a love affair with copper for a long time, it pleases my heart just to see it’s gorgeous warm tones. I would LOVE to have my whole bathroom made out of it, like a gorgeous Venusian womb to luxuriate & regenerate in – i honestly imagine it would be like Superman regaining his power from the yellow sun.
    Mystic, i can’t wait for your next instalment!

    1. I’ve gone mad on the garlic. Using it in everything. And love it sliced raw In salads or even on a corn or rice thin. Social distancing? No one will come near me.

  14. Thank you for all your incredibly hard work Mystic. I love the individual scopes and thank you for marathoning through all the hurdles and obstacles (quite weird some of them by the way!) I sincerely hope you get that resting in now. This is my third time reading through part two and checking out the links. You may already know about Sharry Edwards and Bio-Acoustics, she is able to produce the healing frequencies and tones with her own voice but for those of us who cant they offer a free Vocal Assessment as the voice apparently shows the health or health issues and they can work out which individual frequencies you need plus which foods etc your body needs to heal. Of course there are many ways to do this but this is the link in case anyone’s interested: https://soundhealthoptions.com/home/ .
    Magic is certainly in the air and at times I’ve had ‘communications with certain trees in my garden, particularly my lemon, olive and rosemary (well its a bush but almost a small tree) although I’m no great gardener! As for the hum, I hear this godawful hum every morning and I don’t know what it is. Because I’m quite a lot hearing impaired and I’ve only started wearing hearing aids, I have gone through most of my life without hearing everything which was sometimes funny, sometimes isolating but I loved all the strange tones or at inconsistent times ‘tonings’ that happened (not tinnitus). When I was in my 20’s I had an interesting experience I would hear these strange loud sounds in the middle of the night that no-one else could hear, but one night I was home alone, in bed and very calm I started thinking about ‘the music of the spheres and all of a sudden I heard a strange note coming out of the wall behind and above my head. It lasted about 20 seconds then stopped. Anyway gone on for long enough, many thanks, many blessings.

    1. In the beginning was the word/sound …..
      Love this – the note coming out of the wall as you’re thinking about sound – that was a bit cheeky.
      I used to hear a distant pipe-like sound (not entirely melodic but not unpleasant) playing when i visited my village after being absent for a long time. It would happen at any time of day, but it would go on all night. I used to ask people if they could hear it, but no one did, this went on for about 5 years & then it just stopped.
      Thank you for that link – fascinating. I would love to try it out.
      In TCM 5 Element acupuncture, one of the means to help diagnose a person’s causative factor of disease i.e., which element is causing their problem, is by assessing the tone or sound of their voice and the way a person speaks. Each element presents a different sound, e.g:
      Earth > sing; Water > groan; Wood > shouting; Fire > laugh; Metal > weep
      A weak & low voice indicates a Deficient pattern.
      A loud & coarse voice an Excess pattern. Shouting is a Liver imbalance, etc.

      Thanks & cheers to you.

      1. Oh! That’s fascinating. My mum has some major issues with her voice, especially after the last few stressful years. I’d love her to have an assessment but she’s not open to it right now. Ha love the shout related to liver, I have that liver issue. Otherwise I’m too softly spoken (strange for a pretty deaf person). You need a decent microphone to give a good enough sample, I have to save up for one. Hopefully we will start to hear with our other senses again one day – it was a magical experience

      2. Oh as i re-read this, the distant bagpiper has started up again! S/he sounds a bit better this time. Even the bingles are kind of faster and almost sound like jazz 😂

  15. Individual daily: FAR OUT – amazing, taken this whole site to a whole new level. Thank you so much Mystic.

    1. Yes, i meant to say a good thank you, but was wrapping my head around how they work and what they are showing. Strong Moony me appreciating the growing picture of moon influences by the month. I never really got it like this before!

  16. Just want to say the individuated dailies are so in depth, had no idea they would be so interesting. Just amazing. Superb! And i thank you.

    1. Thank you! We are still working out a few glitches but they are more like the coding version of typos so not difficult.

  17. Brilliant! Seems like all day I’ve been reminding friends of their magics whilst wrangling my own mood into riding Mars into Aquarius with style rather than seething with c bombs. Wrote this to a dear friend who is concerned that war is coming…
    Climate change is the war I think. We have to change our ways, grow up, nurture every child born, listen to Nature, learn to love our Earth in such a way that we can ALL dance barefoot with full bellies and a warm bed. I know there’s a higher force out there and in here that concurs and is willing to intervene when enough of our species rise up in love. I don’t know what that looks like…maybe the trees are waiting to reveal their antidote for greed and evil. Maybe Ayahuasca will penetrate the hearts and minds of those who capitalise on fear and render them wide eyed in love, maybe…

  18. murasaki muenja

    Where are the demon points located on the body? I tried a quick Google search but couldn’t find anything.

    I’m majorly interested in this because I had an incident in Oaxaca that is a match with the symptoms of Gu syndrome. I came back looking like a different person, a ghost. My body, mind, gut, energy hasn’t been the same since. And I’m feeling particularly sensitive in my gut these days. I feel now is the time to put my focus on that mystery.

    1. They vary and they are done in conjunction with other points, depending on your constitution. They have Ghost points too! But I think work with a reputable practitioner on this and develop a really coherent plan. I also just read an amazing article on the homeopathic miasma theory, which is fascinating, Will post it later.

      1. Mystic- where (or under what title) would I search to find a practioner? (In US- Dallas actually) so wondering the terms to use to search…???

  19. Ohhhhhhh soooooo much gratitude. I’ve been so eagerly awaiting this piece. Thank you 💖 I always suspectEd what the constant hum was… thank you, for clarifying. I have always had a thing/knowingness for Ill or benevolent winds And the pathogens they bring… spiritually or literally.
    I just adored every word you wrote. You once wrote to me in an Astro report ‘that I could probably sit atop a mountain reading only esoteric scripts’ …..
    Yes! I would happily read your scribes till the end of time.

  20. “An aside, if you can hear ‘The Hum’ also known as infrasound, you’re psychic or you have Faerie/Witch/Shamanic blood.”

    Wait, really? I grew up in the country and I would ask my parents all the time what that sound was. They’re like…what sound. I’m like the sound I hear in the middle of the night when all the lights are turned off and everything’s quiet. This was pre-internet, cell phones…

    I’d run down the hall when I heard it and make them stand where I was standing so they could hear. But they couldn’t hear it. I called it “the noise that I hear when it’s so quiet that it’s loud”.

    The loudest I ever heard it was when my ex and I had to sleep in the car in a field in central California on the way back from a concert in LA. It was SO LOUD. But to him it was dead silent.

    Now I’m in the city and I don’t hear the hum but I hear other high pitched sounds that feel like all the invisible communications shit that’s flying through the air. I used to think the EMF people were obsessives and kooks but I think I was just scared of admitting that I might be one of them, at least in terms of being overly sensitive and feeling the effects. When all this coronavirus shit went down I splurged on a device called Somavedic that is supposed to help with EMFs and also structure water if you leave the water next to it. I can’t quantify it but I do feel the water tastes different and that I’m not constantly dehydrated like I used to be. The “vibe” in the house seems slightly different, the cat isn’t having her previously nightly rage attacks anymore, my boyfriend and I aren’t fighting though we’re locked up in a city apartment during a pandemic and were close to a breakup before it hit. I still need more time before I vouch for it 100% but I do think it’s doing something?

  21. “…if you were attuned to your plants, the garden would grow the exact flower or herb that you needed. That you would not need to ask and you could trust this energy.”

    Robin Wall-Kimmerer talks about this in Gathering Moss.

    And, of course, Findhorn has been growing and thriving for decades based on communicating and cooperating with the plant spirits.

    1. Similar in Anastasia, if you place the seed in your mouth before you plant it, it will grow the plant with what you specifically need. My auntie who is an amazing gardener told me about it.

  22. Wish Upon a Star

    Say what you will about the Corona virus. But Mother Earth is sighing a deep sense of relief. A reprieve for Gaia.

    People now appreciate the real value of Frontline workers like nurses, shopkeepers, teachers and grandparents.

    I wonder what will happen when things go back to normal. Will they remember or choose to forget ?

  23. I love this post, thank you Mystic! I think about iching 18 and about the Saturn – South Node activity last year and about ancestral trauma and karma coming up for review. Otherwise like poison or pathogen to us. People connected to ancient ways used to tend to, even acupuncture, the earth didn’t they? staying connected to healthy ancestors, to healthy land or plant helpers, seems key to getting or staying resourced? imho

    1. 18 came up twice in 2001-2 when having problems with
      teeth. Agree with what you have said.
      Metaphysically perhaps Mystic experienced a spiritual version of ‘the virus’ before it manifest???

      1. Interesting, as teeth connected to bone and carrying links to ancestors, I don’t know? And a rot underneath the surface that needs to come out. I tend to get 18 when I am unconsciously repeating familial patterning, or am about to. Haven’t seen it in a while. Had a lot of 24,53,54 recently. But you never know when it will pop up. For sure, entirely possible that Mystic was doing a psychic recce there of the virus – very prescient!

  24. Sounds good, all of it really. Copper bracelet to brave work tomorrow, Pull melted stainless steel car wheel blob out of pumpkin plant and put closer to the house (south from front door).
    I moved into a federation house in 94 and it was seriously visited, occupied even. But every Saturday morning the power line behind the house would hum away for a couple of hours…but I was the only person that could hear it. I’m working from home today and back to work tomorrow. Today I cleaned strange drawers and corners and “did” the floors. I’ve been house witching a lot since the drought. It feels good doing it and the house feels better after I have done it. Thank you MM

  25. Eclipse Tripper

    Wow, love the Gu article – Perfect correlation to what is happening all over the globe right now. Would love to know your astrological take on Hexagram 18. I’m getting death card in tarot, or the moon… Plutonian vibe – Apathy (yin) and mountainous top heavy yang (corrupt top heavy powers crumbling due to pathogenic invasion and weaknesses of the whole) – Which in TCM is most/more likely to occur when there is an extreme energy imbalance as there is in our socio-economic capitalist, environment trashing culture. (Our economy had a very weak immune system and was all yang, dampness but, and depleted lung yin & Qi). This virus is ultra-yang and is attacking and depleting the Lung Qi and Yin (and the gut is involved by association) Yes, we need to inject a boost of tonifying qi, both yang and yin, (and some major purging – draining and dredging) to restore and restructure things! This is a global pandemic/economic collapse example of the macrocosm and microcosm theory of TCM.

    1. Oh gawds I had the tower about six times over the past three weeks. Started just prior to me moving and I knew things were going to go bang. Knew my work would be scuppered and my man wouldn’t make it over. Cards had been utterly excellent for months. Then suddenly tower tower tower. Even had one last night.

      1. The Tower showing up is excellent communication from the tarot to you. Who needs the news whn you have the tarot / I ching? Joking, but.. I have been getting the Star a lot, reversed and right side up. Talking to me about a need for deep nervous system healing.

      2. I’m really grateful for this lockdown time. I’m awful for running at 300 miles per hour and now I can’t. And I can allow myself without feeling trrrible to just sit still, go for a run, pull tarot card without fretting. I sort of almost don’t want it to end! I have to keep running at that speed to make ends meet but this is bliss and like you say a nervous system calmer. Odd though a long lost voice appeared on the text a night ago. One that got away. Tentative steps at reaching out. Was I ever floored by it. Didn’t
        Sleep at all. He could utterly change my world.

      3. Eclipse Tripper

        Of course, the Tower! And we all need to get into a state of acceptance of change (as it is the only constant). Yes, so many people need the down time and are either loving it or in major resistance mode.

      4. Same!! Roughly 6wks ago almost any/every spread (or even the 12 card on here!) There’s the tower… Originally I figured it represented my son Kid Chaos (6) that just 2wks before all this in US had a FREAK fall off his bike that resulted in 7cm long spiral tibial fracture (and I do mean freak accident, I even have it recorded- he recently got into BMX so usually doing little bunny hops etc, but he was seriously just riding and fell off, causing we assume the crossbars to hit just right- point is couldn’t do it again if tried!) But then the next week– social distancing started and now in week 2 of shelter in place (Dallas, Texas) so yeah, totally feel this! (*and that’s coming from someone whose life cards are *Tower & Chariot!*)

      5. Aw! Thank you! (*update on Chaos: we got the cast off today actually, and though for weeks was deathly afraid of “the boot” he would have to wear for a few weeks- to help support as muscles get stronger- we overcome that fear just a few days ago thankfully- he laughed hysterically while sawing the camp cast off, LOVES being tickled!! smh. He’s been showing off his comfy little boot to all his friends on FB messenger kids) Speaking of Mars Uranus, I really need to start studying his chart.. Where mine is literally all Scorpio and Sag (in 4th & 5th houses.. Moon, S. Node, Pluto all 4th Scorp with Sun & stellium in 5th Sag ie *the lower right quadrant I got covered lol* his is giant squares corner to corner.. Perhaps THAT will help me with all the emotional rollercoasters that IS him OY! (Where as I’m split straight down- hellfire & storm water! Lol)
        ~ Congrats on your new inheritance.. What a FABULOUS quarantine project to immerse yourself in!! And jealous of your ivy walnut tree! Sounds amazing!!

      6. Eclipse Tripper

        I’m starting to vibe that the tarot cards tap into EVERYTHING going on for us, beyond any specific aspects we are querying. Well, if you are going to have an accident like that (especially as an energetic kid), he timed it perfectly as he would have been socially isolated anyway, as well as all the other logistics for the family of one of you being incapacitated. I hope he makes good recovery and you all get through this strong.

      7. Exactly- on all points!! I’ve actually created a little pre full moon spread to try! *fingers crossed* And yes yes yes- that has been my go to ‘rebuttal’ for all the “but I can’t play soccer” “I can’t play with my friends” etc. (If only their prefrontal cortex would understand!) Thank you for the well wishes— update on recovery above! *X*

      8. You know, Tower has been a big constant in my cards, too. Only digital ones (uranus?) The print cards i retrieved from shelf to work by candlelight one evening were different…but 5 cups outcome. I see it now.
        Focus on what is, not what’s gone. Rebuild. The fallen stones become stepping stones out of there

  26. I’ve just inherited land with this house. And yesterday I met my huge walnut tree. I carefully removed the ivy growth from its base and trunk and found myself touching the tree, being drawn to its energy. We are all energetic beings and I’ve also heard and fully believe that we don’t need to ingest plants but merely sit in or with their energy, their vibration to gain their properties we crave. I will also admit that the presence of a rose simply stills me and I’m humbled by them. They feed me. But it seems the walnut is going to be an energy I’m going to frequent. Love the post mystic.

      1. Well. Look at that. If that’s not bang on I don’t know what is. I’m not surprised. I’m just smiling to myself. Have to admit that things are just so obvious at the moment, like the veil is thin or the occult is not so occulted. Tarot if just on point, astro is crazy on point. I seem to have reached a singularity point if you like.
        Thanks for the link. That was awesome. I’ll sit with him again tomorrow. The walnut that is. .

    1. I love this. Have you thought of making a walnut vibrational essence to infest? Aka Mystic’s beloved “Pluto juice”? I have a bottle of the Bach flower remedy of Walnut, I keep meaning to make a blend with to take. Protection at times of transition and change. Tower, if you like 😏

      1. It’s all tower. If I knew how I would make a walnut frequency essence. ? And I must start listening to myself more. Neptune on the asc. The volume is way up.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Emg I have done my Neptune on the Ascendant. But I wasn’t in the right But in retrospect I learnt a lot and rose from the ashes.

        You are really lucky to be in your own place with all that nature. It is a very nebulous time. The advice I got from mystic was like it was you were being trained to be a priestess or medium. If there was ever a time to protect yourself in cotton wool it is now.

        Stay well away from a negative people and things. Totally embrace your Neptune side and hunches. Embrace it it’s a great time.

        Don’t feel guilty about wasting time daydreaming etc etc.

        May you have guidance and protection. Don’t worry about walnut essence. You will do your own thing or maybe nothing. It doesn’t matter. Nebulosity.

        The Tower card. How appropriate. Don’t hang on to the breaking bits when they collapse or you will fall down. Let go and fly !

      3. Well if I could hug you I would. I have known for a long while that this is my path. The priestess the witch the mystic all of the above and of course my soul group has JC At the helm. I’m just aiming not to get nailed to a cross that’s all. Oh and of course there has been Gabe when I asked for help. So yes this is enforced me time to find out what really has to come. I’ve done complete tower work before too so it doesn’t make me fearful at all. Just sigh as I roll up my sleeves again.

      4. Wish Upon a Star

        Roll up your sleeves? I believe Neptune Crossing your Ascendant is more about being then doing. I know that sounds a bit zen but therr you go.

        Is your Ascendant Pisces? You being nailed to the cross: I don’t think so. You are too wily for that.

        Yes I have a very strong affinity with Jesus but I am not in that soul group. 3 days before my mother died Archangel Michael came to visit me visually and asked if it was OK for my mum to leave? I went into a trance on my bed before that happened. It was a profound moment in my life.

        in regards to Walnut essence I mean don’t worry about making yourself but the real thing is excellent and appropriate for you at this time. In Australia we have Bush Flower Essence’s. I would recommend for you :Fringed Volet and Angel Sword. They are especially helpful with spiritual openings as you can be quite vulnerable at this time and they protect you. Crowea would also be good to relax. You can just check them out online.

  27. Just put my copper bowl with astro symbols around the rim in my south corner and played a singing bowl over it to activate.

  28. O my darling Myst, you have validated so much of what i have been researching to counteract the nasty vibes of this virus. Finding healing music & looking at the frequencies, diffusing eucalyptus as an antiviral antibiotic, pranic breathing and advising a FB site At Home Wellness on heating dried rosemary in iron or copper bottom pan til it smokes and wafting it thro’ the house. Saves on said white sage depletion. Have a beautiful Tibetan metal bowl with wooden pestle that sings way after the wood hits it either softly or energetically. Placed close to your ear it’s quite heavenly & also feels extremely cleansing. Daisy Dog’s ears dance when she hears it 🙂
    Essential oils were used in the great plagues as protection weren’t they.
    Yes Nanna said ‘keep your neck warm’ and you will feel warm all over.
    I Ching 18 my book says ‘Corruption’. Prefer it’s wisdom over tarot, takes longer & needs more conzentration to do and no pictures to influence.
    I think when a physical cause cannot be found easily, we then turn to the spiritual like ‘my white wolf is sick’ meaning my totem-guide is out of sorts, nurse her & be patient while she realigns.
    Am unusually happy to be a non-working senior so work is not lost & already quite hermit-ie anyways, but my heart bleeds for those whose work & sociality sustains them. They are feeling a loss & must believe that gap can be filled with many new enjoyable projects.
    Had a little look at what Deepak Chopra & Wayne Dyer have to say and Mystic you have advised & informed us 100 times more than they.
    Nanna also told me Dandelion ‘makes you wet the bed’ probably to stop me making necklaces from them.
    ALL we need is in Nature. The Creator’s Pharmacy.
    Thank you suggesting all we can do to protect ourselves physically ,spiritually and emotionally.
    LOve you.

    1. Oh pegs. I filled my house with rosemary today. I’ve got a huge bush which was all over the place so I had to cut it back. I’ve brought the boughs in and filled three huge vases with it. It’s in blue flower too. Looks amazing smells fab and will dry ready for roast spuds in the winter. The odd stems I’ve used for tea.

  29. Plant Allies! They are so Awesome. Whenever I get a new someone growing in the yard it’s the friend I didn’t know I needed. Would this make plant remedies like Bach Flowers more effective than, say, the dried herbal capsules? Brilliant stuff, Thanks Mystic!

  30. Yes to frequencies! Though I can’t say I’ve ever heard the Hum, I have been into binaural beats for years thanks to Mystic and I have an app that plays different frequencies for different ailments and body parts. Could be placebo or could be magic but they always work! And I have been using them regularly since this whole thing came up.

    1. What is this App you speak of as it sounds amazing? I love binaural beats I really feel the shifts when I play them.

    2. I too am eagerly awaiting your reply kriblack, especially now I have been enlightened to frequencies and am definitely able to hear the low ones.

    3. I don’t really hear hums either, I feel them. Sag Moon Neptune in the second opposite a stacked 8th house.

  31. I’ve often thought of infrasound as “the sound of silence” or “the sound current” or perhaps “the cosmic ear.” Especially in these times, the way it is filtering through is especially tonal for me, prompting all kinds of functional imagery / imagistic thinking on my interior 🙂

  32. The energy that surrounds us and flows through us: I can feel it so strongly now. I only have to do a few minutes of meditation and I suddenly find myself immersed in it.

    And this energy can really be directed towards healing right now–for the health professionals on the front lines, the intubated patients, the grocery store employees restocking the shelves at night, the politicians who are dragging their feet, and for the seas and animals and plants and Gaia.

  33. Oh WOW! When the pandemic started to hit NYC, for some reason, I suddenly became obsessed with polishing all the antique brass in my house. I hadn’t touched it for years! It honestly was the only thing keeping me sane during the first days of the pandemic. Now I understand why I was doing it!?

  34. Seriously. The invasive plants thing has been making me feel like I want to talk to someone. I got so frustrated but then I realized, I’m not the one to do anything about it I just have to trust that. It’s there. It’s all there already. Why do I insist on being the agent? Because I read male texts all my life. I feel like a witness to the unfolding and my only regret is thinking, ever, I wasn’t connected.

    I’ll just sit here. It’s not even the hum, I’m vibrating.

    1. I tried to tell them and they drugged me.

      I was honest before.
      Now I’ll keep my secret.

      This time I’ll thrive.

    1. Yep, we had a new modem installed and I’ve been whacked out just fighting the frequency of it. When MM has been writing about ‘the hum’ I’m nodding emphatically! 🙁 Misting with a Black Tourmaline and Citrine essence has helped. And when I’m at my computer I put Black Tourmaline under my feet… all the ‘things’ to stay sane 😉

      1. Essences are rather easy (compared to tinctures etc) AND with the super full moon almost here, what a great time to charge water and stones!

  35. Oh the Hum. Felt so validated when the internet confirmed it was a thing. Is nice to think it could be related to my magic side – I think my magic is inherited but all in my family claim they can’t hear the Hum at all. Only asked them a long time ago as I finally learnt to shut up about it if I wasn’t somewhere magic friendly. The Hum seems to be reasonably infrequent near me but I have to admit it can drive me somewhat insane when it’s pumping and I need to concentrate.

  36. Love this post! It is true that what we need will be there. I have heard stories about this, one about a woman who had Lymes and was purchasing a tincture only to find out the plant was growing right outside her front door. This was heard firsthand.

    Energy certainly ramped up and I’ve been wanting to balance it and work with it. A few months ago I had a dream about deer warning me of danger and trying to protect me, and then a bear chased me into my house and I was safe. I tried hard to interpret the dream but now it’s crystal clear what I was being warned about. I have had symbolic dreams before but never a prophetic one. At least not as intense.

  37. Hi Mystic – a question…I am in the UK, so would it still be the South that I place copper in?

    Also – I know what you mean about communicating with plants. I have a pocket handkerchief of a garden but it soothes my soul as nothing else does and I regularly tell it how beautiful the ‘beings’ in it are and my gratitude for sharing their loveliness with me. I think this engenders a contact with the Spirit of the place. Might sound a bit fluffy bunny rabbit but I don’t tell many people that!

    Just have to say – you are really helping me with my lockdown -more sense and wit on your site than ‘traditional’ information sources! Thank you again for the fabulousness of your work.

    1. Yes, still South, no matter where you are. And thank you! Land spirits are more logical than a Guy God married to a Ghost who is repped on Earth by another guy who lives in a palace built over the temple of a god called Vaticanus, where hundreds of men can legally hide out to avoid police serving a warrant for their arrest on child abuse cases BUT their allowed to do exorcisms and opine against yoga, gay people etc. Every indigenous culture, from the Celts to the Maoris believed in land spirits and more.

      1. Your description of “god’ has given me a laugh out loud to cheer the morning 🙂
        Dare i spoil it by opening the New York Times.

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