Pragmatic Magic & Astro Tips For Turbulent Times

The epochal Saturn-Pluto alignment out-did itself in the new-era stakes & here we are. Even if you were expecting ‘something‘ to happen or see it as a ‘force reset’, it’s daunting. But there is still magic in 2020 – actually, a resurgence.

So here is part one of my best pragmatic magic and astro intel. It’s neither doom-mongering nor serenity signaling. I am not trying to get eyeballs for advertisers or sound cool. I want you to not just survive but thrive through this.

The Threats

We need to keep our s***t together during an unprecedented global threat that we did not cause and can neither control nor cure. That alone stirs security concerns so ancient that they feel like part of a more primitive brain. It is uniquely challenging. If the economy was robust, and decades of kleptocrats had not plundered the health system, we would be better armed against threats like this. And if people weren’t already run ragged from a Ponzi economy with low wages, big debt and high asset prices bizarrely seen as something to cherish, they could take the time to augment their health.

But neo-liberalism or whatever we are calling it now destroyed not only the environment, hospitals and proper preventative practice; It also fuqed the real economy. The time-honored response to a financial crisis is to work a thousand times harder, move somewhere, stay wired, be wily, and hustle.

But that’s against good health practice, which you need to fend off said plague. It’s easy to short-circuit even thinking about this. But as you will recall from adversity you conquered in the past, when outer resources are compromised, your inner resources kick in. And they’re always far more potent than you thought they would be.

The Opportunities

As tense as this situation is, it is at least clear. It’s incontrovertible proof that the system we’ve lived under for the last 20 years does not work. When it has been successful, it’s been despite the system; via outliers, innovators and simply good people.

Deep down many people are not that surprised by this pandemic, the underlying shonky foundations of the economy and the lack of preparation on the part of people we pay to be prepared. They are switching off legacy leaders en mass. The age of Aquarius (yes, really) is nigh and it’s not counter-cultural. The idiots who think it is normal to blow money on vanity projects and hype while refusing to spend on clean water or to protect the forests that keep Earth alive are counter-cultural.

It is difficult to see now as the crisis is upon us and everyone is scrambling to find their haven or role in it. But a new culture is coming, and if you are reading this, you are in it.

With that in mind, here are the tips. Reminder: I am an astrologer and these are my opinions. Ignore what doesn’t resonate and if something does, share it with a medical practitioner,  accountant or trusted guide who knows you and your constitution/circumstances.


(I assume that anyone who reads this is aware of the basic hygiene and isolation precautions, along with the advice from your local medical authority/your doctor.)

Worrying about catching the virus is not helpful. It’s understandable but the anxiety or the sense of hopelessness is debilitating. The story is intimidating: it is hugely contagious, spreading fast and evidently has no particular cure aside from treating the symptoms and waiting until a vaccine/we develop natural immunity.

And, if the projected numbers are correct, there won’t be enough hospital beds or medication, anyway. I am not saying this to freak you out; it more makes me wonder why a certain style of person is so keen to scoff at people who are staying home taking Vitamin C powder.

So, listen up, the concept of just pumping up your immune system and then once armed, it takes out any invaders is not – apparently – correct. This saddens me as I like to visualize it as a protector. (More on that in the astro-section in part two). And while there are loads of takes on it, a herbalist and author named Steven Harrod Buhner has put together an erudite and informative take on Covid-19, the effects and a plant medicine protocol. It’s dense reading – you cannot skim it – but it is so empowering.

To get a thorough take on this, I recommend first reading this article by him which legit changed my consciousness. Then follow up with the article on Covid-19 and his plant medicine recommendations. It’s not a list of cool anti-viral herbs and supplements; It is an excellent explanation of exactly how viruses work and a protocol.

Run anything you’re interested in trying by your doctor first, of course. If you’re like ‘fuq this, no way am I reading all this,’ Buhner mentions several substances/plant medicines but some are instantly recognizable; Cordyceps, Rhodolia, Ginko Biloba and Sage. But read the articles, really.  It could also be good to one-up annoying people with your knowledge on Ace-2 linkages, if you don’t already know about them – I didn’t!

Next: Apparently the virus can compromise cilia, these little hairs that are everywhere but particularly in the lungs and trachea. It paralyzes them so it can go about its nasty business. The virus that took my voice last year also influenced – or tried to – my cilia. Without wanting to go into too much detail, they contribute to your mucociliary elevator, which is what helps you bring gunk up from your lungs and cough it out. If you cannot, things are not good. They are also in your ears and may be involved in tinnitus FYI. So I went on a cilia research bender and discovered two cool things.

(1) There is a cilial beat frequency – it is 11 to 16 Hz. Nobody says this except me (that I know of) but I would not be at all surprised if EMFs and EMRs interfere with this. There are ultrasonic sounds sent in malls to track us around the place, 5G (considered safe because it does not create ‘thermal effects’ – I read somewhere that is like saying smoking is safe as it does not set you on fire) and well, everything. So frequency awareness or an EMF/EMR mitigation plan could help general respiratory tone!

And, (2) I improved my cilia and lungs drastically with advice from a physiotherapist. If I had to say what cured my viral thing – suddenly and fast – aside from magic, I would say it was her advice. She said to get a Back Pod specifically because it stretches the connective fascia between the ribs, allowing the respiratory system to ‘sit’ better. That last bit is my summation of what she actually said. It’s brilliant.

And there is more: A device called The Breather, which trains you to breathe better. It’s crazy-simple but seems to help jaw tension, oxygenation, and posture. Nobody is saying it cures or prevents a virus but given Covid-19 attacks the respiratory system, the stronger yours is, the better, surely. If you’d like a vanity-plus, it tones under the chin and some say it lifts the neck a bit. The more ‘scene’ respiratory trainer is the Power Breathe, which I have not tried but will. I like the idea of doing something with multiple benefits like this.

If you’re not feeling the device space, Wim Hof, the Taurus (with Sun square Uranus in Leo) so-called Ice Man is suggesting ice baths, cold showers, and his unique breathwork. Cold showers, when you can stand them, are incredible. You feel so revved up and powerful from them.

Finally, why not add Thieves Oil to your house cleaning routine and into a carrier oil so it is your perfume? It apparently comes from a pirate or witches formula to protect against the plague centuries ago. Thieves adopted it to protect themselves as they went around robbing houses with sick people and worse.

I have made it into a hand sanitizer, floor wash and actually just put it in everything. I don’t recommend a particular brand, and you can make it yourself anyway. Speaking of essential oils, my Virgo Forensic Pathologist cousin, who once contracted malaria in an Ebola-ridden hospital and worked in epidemic-struck regions, totally rates Eucalyptus.

I like all these things because, rather than just socially isolating and scrolling through dystopian news feeds, you are doing something. Also, my vibe: I would be very careful with any frozen food. Remember this “mystery contamination” of frozen berries a few years ago?

That was Hep A, in Australia and New Zealand. There is now a recall in America for berries that ‘got contaminated’ with Novovirus. I don’t like it. Priority Where Possible: Organic, locally grown produce.


I have done enough rants on Global Financial Fuqery for everyone to know what I think. The two most recent and relevant ones are here and here. I can’t think about it too often as it is enraging.

A cabal of fuqwits appear to have debauched actual money itself (terrible vibe – money is named after a Goddess, Juno Moneta), crashed the economy (again) but bailed out their mates who broke it in 2008, crushed savings, destroyed wages, exploited workers to a scale that would have impressed the old feudal landlords, disillusioned an entire generation of youth, hyped debt to unprecedented crazy levels and presided over the biggest share market/house bubble in history.

And they have the nerve to front the media and talk about citizens being more prudent. Also, Australia has just emulated America’s policy of printing trillions of dollars a week to “ease” the economy. Only it’s not quantitative easing because they rebranded it and they don’t print because they’re digital.  I am not saying all this to depress you but to clarify that this financial crash would have happened anyway. Covid-19 just took away the chance of a soft landing.

The future money is in ecologically progressive businesses and jobs, tech ingenuity, micro-businesses, music, arts, healing, reinvented currencies and citizen banks, fashion solutions that don’t fuq the planet, Veganism (my bias but also, I think, the Zeitgeist) enlightened agriculture, making things, trades, carpentry, fixing things, diplomacy, old-style book-keeping, crafted skin care and soaps etc, building biology, innovative property developments, a pivot back to manufacturing and fixing stuff.

Gone or going: Mass retail with global supply chains AKA cheap workers making things in countries without environmental laws or rules around certain chemicals. Middle person type jobs. Tourism. Petro-chemical perfumes and body products. Banking as we know it. Insurance will take a massive hit and change forever.

So all this is great, but how do you get through the next few months of uncertainty? If you can work from home, have a decent computer and the Internet, you are ahead. Hatch ideas over the next nine days – it is super ingenious for concept generation. If you are renting, great. If a particular location becomes unstable or rental prices drop steeply, you’re flexible. The less debt, the better.

If you have a mortgage at the moment, most banks and governments seem determined not to move on late payments; it is not because they’re nice – they know they messed it up but are thrilled to blame it all on the virus and seem vaguely together in at least one department. The property always goes up party may be over, but you have your own power lair to create, craft and grow things in.

If your job or business is in a Covid-19 affected realm and you have debts, don’t dawdle. From the New Moon next week, jump in and renegotiate on everything you owe. If you’ve left it all on set and forget for ages, inform yourself first. Keep your own books. Do your own nails. Self-reliance is back, big-time.

Have a garden, even if it is one pot on a balcony. I had this instinct to do this in December, and I am a terrible gardener. I read a Gardening For Dummies book and found it too complex. If I can do it, anyone can.  It is an amazing way to save money, and it is also incredible for your health.

If you think about it, you can develop an entirely new paradigm for your life, food, and money. I am also seeing the fix-it movement taking off big-time. Uranus in Taurus will be fab for business and work – it’s Taurus! Money, security, food, seeds, trees, honest toil, soil and the deep peace of a slumber on the couch after a solid day’s effort. But Uranus in Taurus does not support “schemes.”

In terms of investments, talk to your advisor, but I think the standard markets will be unstable and just weird for a while. Invest in health, your skill sets – not ‘credentials’ – those are over in most cases – and land/property if it is an fantastic buy. But the scene has been so crazy for so long that it would be unlikely. If you are in Australia, read The Land Boomers for an interesting little take on the boom of the l890s.


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  1. Re-read your Astro Tips for Turbulent times MM – such sage advice. Genius & on point!
    It helped reframe thinking around these strange times – especially in light of Melbourne (Australia) now back in hard lockdown.

    AND the BACK POD mentioned above is literally a heaven sent solution for my seized back-shoulder c/ laptop & device crouching … arrived within 24 hours (service!) and I can not recommend it enough 🙏 THANK YOU 🙏
    Aside from the pain relief, hadn’t realised how constricted by chest was (no doubt thanks to current climate and life uncertainties) – feeling stronger and more ‘open’ already.

    2020 – what a year?!!
    At least we still have Kanye’s election campaign to look forward to ✌️

  2. I too have just re read this and am about to re read the next three instalments. A wealth of practical advice. Thanks Mystic. You truly rock

  3. I have just re-read this as I read the whole lot every time a new one comes out. I work and live tourism, there is literally nothing else that makes me happy. Perhaps I have taking it too literally but I will never be happy if I can travel, and I’m not going to be happy in any career. Reading this makes me feel hopeless and depressed. There’s nothing for me in this new world.

    1. Same here. What I have noticed is that taking a step back has identified how much we give of ourselves in this industry. The long hours, the bending over backwards for clients, the unreasonable demands. Maybe this is a reset in a good way for us? Tourism doesn’t need to be over, it just needs to be different.

  4. Just a quickie to say awesome rant. Looking forward to the next instalment!
    And have you noticed how thanks to the coronavirus even the muggles are getting into the Uranus in Taurus groove? All veggie seeds sold out in my city. Yep! Everyone’s gardening. And even my conservative boomer parents are choosing to buy products from small cottage industries now than the cheaper versions at the big stores. The times are a changing undoubtedly. There is good to come from all of this – wholeheartedly agree with you on that, Mystic.

  5. You’ve been saying get out of debt for the past year-and
    -a-half 🙌🙌🙌 So on point!!! Thanks, Mystic!!! 🥰

  6. So my question is, what to do now.. I was able to get a few of the recommended herbs today before of Shelter in place starts tonight (luckily I live right by a Chinese herb & acupuncture place) but unfortunately not the most frequently mentioned ones like Knotweed etc, so without attempting to tincture (haven’t studied enough to feel confident won’t ruin) what to do with the loose herbs now????

  7. My cat companion Romeo whose 3 Aries north node is hung out with my 4 Aries moon for a few years.

    Today I am putting on a face mask and gloves going to the street where a man in a face mask and gloves will hand me a syringe. I will ascend the stairs and put the concoction in Romeos mouth. I will then carry him downstairs and hand him to the man who will drive away.

    I’m feeling levels of repulsion, grief, confusion, relief, that are hard to quantify.

    We both are hyperthyroid, the chemicals in the cans of the meat by products i fed him and the flame retardant chemicals on our furniture that we lollygagged on.

    He and I toxic twins, moving from borrowed bed to borrowed bed no one quite believing me when I said it’s not just mental illness. A witch and her black cat playing canary.

    He would be twelve on April 8th. His sun just off my Chiron. His moon the only leo I had left in my life.

    No one can hug me at least and say it would be wrong to make him suffer. Which is everyone’s way of admitting thryve been slowly anesthetizizing themselves all along.

    I have no drugs I’d take and it’s just a ringing in my ears.

    Amidst the clamor, cacophony, I want to stand in a watchtower about him. You should see him.

    I’ve shared a bed with no one else in 10 years. He’s heard me sing, no one else has. He’s layed on geometric drawings and chewed them up because duh who cares.

    Wherefore art thou indeed.

    To sleep perchance to dream.

      1. Love to you and your familiar Saoirse. I’m hyperthyroid and was probably so, cycling on and off, most of my life and not diagnosed until my Uranus opposition. so you both have my sympathy as well as my empathy. You and Romeo seem to be blessed to have each other on this plane – may he continue to be your friend from the other side.

    1. ❤️❤️❤️ I’m so sorry. He’ll connect with you again but still, in the meantime, it’s the absolute worst. I’m so, so sorry. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Thank you & merci MM
    You’ve been my go to for years
    And even more so since I moved to France 4yrs now
    I have Tea Tree oil from Australia & since my heritage is Cypriot Greek we are the masters of lemon use !!
    I appreciate this pragmatic and positive non fear based approach
    Especially insightful future thriving areas
    Which many ( craft DYI et. We’re part of our grandmothers routine
    The 5g WOW
    I’ve been using sound healing for 2 years now
    Love & light & positive humour & exercise
    Keep up the magic MM 🌟🌟🌟

  9. One paragraph in 8 follow the link to the herbs.

    So much of the treatments involve invasive plants.

    The repeated mentions of japaneseknotweed and kudzu which literally covered most of my garden last year.
    This is amazing.

    Ok, back in

  10. Mystic, thank you from a different angle – the economic one. I read all your Saturn in Cap stuff the past two years and used that transit as it trawled through my 8th house. Last year, I worked multiple jobs, got out of debt completely (except for mortgage), built shelves to buy in bulk, cooked and ate frugally, and did everything so economically that we are … fine. Just fine. It’s been surreal, as if I read the tea leaves about my poor USA. I feel like I’m in the eye of the hurricane. You saved my husband and I from disaster! We didn’t party it up. We worked, we worked hard, and the Time God rewarded us.

    Thank you so much.

  11. I have a business that is considered essential. Fruits & Vegetables. I have been so loud in the last few years about supporting local and ethically grown food. Moon in Taurus, 3rd house.

    My concern is being open when everyone is panicking. I care a fuck load about my staff and all of the growers I support.

    I set in motion a plan to go online 4 weeks ago, I am pushing the needle to have this up and going by the end of the week.

    As a Pisces rising and someone that has about 5 planets in 11th House Cap, today I will be calling all of our local butchers, bakers and stores to see how we collaborate to bring some stability to small business. You betcha’ I will be selective about who i call too.

    Funnily enough I have been forced in to isolation due to travel, i have 6 days left on my butt to make some magic happen and secure the safety of 14 employees so that we limit our interactions with the public and i keep food on their families table.

    But I also want to keep good food on the table of our local people.

    But aside from wanting to help others, this forced isolation has tested my mental resilience, I have felt fearful and yet my natural instincts have me in all the right places, including here, to upgrade my own space right now.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Strength and LOVE to you AS.

      Once you set up this collaboration model it would be good to share it with other communities. For the Greater Good.

      I’m a Taurus Moon 3rd house with Pisces Rising also. I just ordered a small greenhouse online today. I got really excited about it.

      From small things BIG things GROW !

      1. You will have so much fun with it! My vegetable patch was my little paradise before I started dedicating so much time to the shop. Enjoy! And i will share absolutely, I believe it is the way forward, x

  12. A long known notion: singing and/or playing a wind instrument helps strengthen your lungs. The more you sing, the better you feel, so sing a song at every meal!

  13. Terrible gardener, Mystic, i do wonder if your Merc in Aries, bc it’s like mine, might have a thing, cos those plant babies like more Taurean slow loving couch at home vibes, and the way they are encouraged. I’m good for seed sprouting, checking on infections of the roots and knowing when to blast (ecologically) the bugs and when to to let the birds and bugs bee. Much much better than my old school domestos queen compulsions! But i just Jupiter, or Saturn (it’s my 6thx in Taurus) the heck out at home, never mind 2nd house Mars in Cap checking everything, some shit gets left behind, and it’s usually me, and some of the plants. There’s the 12th Neptune ‘boue’ in the roots of the lotus that wants to bloom, i guess, my poor plants, partner and friends.

    Venus IC NN aqua signals that sone things grow for some, and not with others.

    1. I should do a post on gardening! I’m evolving my talents: last night I went out, gazed at the stars (which I can now see in their entirety) and commanded the plants to LIVE. I swear the sage I thought had died quivered in delight.

  14. Love me some Buhner, bought 3 of his books last year, he’s the one I trust in all this mess, he knows what he’s taking about 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I’m certain my son had this virus last month, had him on 5 different herbals and Vit C, magnesium, liver support.

    1. Yes a lot of people are saying to me ‘oh, maybe that weird and terrifying flu I had in December was this’- I was really interested to read how the virus apparently does not do too well, like many viruses, on copper surfaces. And that most door handles were copper – in Ancient Rome and so on, perhaps because of that. I have a whole theory on this that I am putting into the magic section of Part 2.

      1. Also Copper drinking Jugs and food bowls were used in ancient times for their antiseptic and healing capacity
        In France they still use in restaurants ( currently closed )and at home 🙂

  15. Ordered seeds from Diggers online today, so in 6 weeks or so I’ll have my asian greens and herbs growing on my terrace in pots! 💚

    1. I love Diggers. About to go all out with my broccoli and leeks. Have also been madly making thieves vinegar from all the herbs in the garden. I love being self-sufficient garden wise and I also love that balance that comes with having one. From little things big things grow. Even excited about the HUGE zucchinis that have come at the end of the season. Those babies are going to feed us for a while!

  16. Thanks Mystic, a better spin on how to do more positive things and manage through the current bull hype.
    Just what we need more off….

  17. i am,first of all,DEEPLY grateful i came into this life with an affinity for what you do. all my life people have disparaged my ‘side’ interests (read: lifestyle)and yet,i have always intuited moving in Good Orderly Direction. so. reading your missive here is right on time. got certified as an organic farmer in 2014,but currently live in a desert. in place of not gardening,i found farmers and developed relationships. there are so many folks who are and have been on the grow your own food tip,so,that conversation has been going on for some time. many of my peeps are deep into that lifestyle. i listen to what they have to say. (ps: i see lemon trees all over my valley desert RIFE with unpicked lemons. shame on the homeowners). i have a relationship with two desert farmers who informed me that they would sell to me if i drove to meet them 45 minutes away. i am counting my blessings. speaking of blessings my little two person household(niece home from school)are saying GRATITUDE prayers at every meal. popcorn style. there is something to be said for SOME kind of spiritual practice. ANY kind really,just make it sincere and make it real. but back to you and your deep touch on all the matters we face: i feel fortunate to have taken you seriously,reading everything you write. putting much of it into action. i do own my own home, so,debt. rejecting stress around that. meet that devil in the street when he/she/it comes. if it comes at all. cancelled all the netflix bs and turned off the heat. we know how to get close to the ground around here and stay there. i am so sorry for all the people who are suffering and i am deeply sorry for those who are running scared. i know i am powerless to do anything about their situation,but i can check in with my neighbors and commando strike force with a phone call,a single girlfriend down with some kind of flu, living alone in an apartment in a city far away from mine. people showed up at her doorstep with food and good wishes. this is all i can do at the moment. there is an online pattern circulating around for making masks. we’re going to get on those this week. doing what you can where you are with what you have is the order of the day. THANK YOU MYSTIC. thank you thank you thank thank you.

  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mystic! Tons of food for thought — am having difficulty with concentrating, so I am taking notes, non-stop.

  19. I read the title too quick and read it as “Pragmagic and Astro Tops….”,
    I could totally get into Pragmagic , not sure what Astro Tops are though, perhaps exceptional tips for the Pseudo Intellectual Astro Bitch generation, ooh there’s a blast from the past perhaps not very Uranus!

  20. …Very well said Mystic. Thank you. …Covid19 and it’s global effect is a much bigger warning than the GFCv2 that was coming anyway (no one listened to v1)…And it’s certainly a “force-reset“ for the planet Heralding the imminent collapse of neo-liberalism. Excellent news – unless what most call ‘human nature’ (‘growth capitalist fuqwitery’) also needs GlobalPandemicWarGFCv3 to make them shut up and listen to country. …At least the earth is currently breathing a sigh of relief – When I looked at the sky Today. It’s a different colour.

    1. I am able to stargaze again with an app. It’s the most bizarre of times. And part 2 is going to be super rad. I wanted to get the practical angle of it up first – and am then going to fork into ultra weird. The only reason I have not done it yet is cos of daily individual scopes, coming soon.

  21. This is so great. Can’t wait to read the rest. Can I suggest sweet potatoes as something that pretty much anyone can grow from a pot or the ground – you can eat the leaves which will trail everywhere and grow up trellises and the tubers will grow wherever you bury the vines. Just grab one from the shops let it sprout and bury. Also kale is great when the weather cools down – just eat the lower leaves and let the plant keep growing them.

  22. Thanks for sharing Mystic. There is a lot going on. I look forward to living the dream – Growing lots of our own food, living more ethically, sustainably, supporting local, natural health and vitality etc – which I do now as much as possible (and I’ve certainly had huge nudges to live deeper in alignment the last couple years) I do feel those ancient security concerns that you mention with the crash landing going on.

    My personal astro and my intuition is drawing me to buying a home (of late the message has been homestead), and out if rentals… and there is also a weird vibe around the borrowing money from the institution that may not last (as it is) much longer. I’d love to feel astrological clarity on that one.

    Definitely more to sit with.

  23. Saturn return begins for us Millennials coming of age against the backdrop of a pandemic, saturn return of the internet, and a general vibe of change. Changes I thought would take ages to bring about suddenly seem possible overnight, being adopted at the mass scale. Imagine the Tory party bringing out socialist policies. It will be hard to keep up in a different way in the future as the world changes differently than we expected. The humanitarian in me is awakened but differently.

  24. Thanks Mystic – that got me buzzing with so many ideas and cross references – it will keep me going for days (weeks even) – and it’s only part 1!!!

  25. My mercury in ♊️ Totally took “you can’t skim this” links in the health section as a challenge 🤦🏽‍♀️ but- I am definitely going back to read in full! In the meantime grabbing licorice and eucalyptus teas along with some of the other well known herbs! 🌿 I can relate to not having a green thumb but want to garden so bad… hopefully I can learn a few things in spring. This guide was right on time, and right on the money mystic. Thank you for all that you do 🙏

    1. I think people with black thumb (and I get this) have watering anxiety. And moving house plants anxiety.

      If it’s seed, wait til it is about to rain and then plant.
      if it’s seedlings, don’t smash them with sunlight
      if they are mature, and in pots – just check the roots.
      but at the same time I am like DO THEY NEED MORE WATER HMM?? gosh. my deck in summer fried everything.

  26. Mystic, thank you. I can’t wait to read the other parts of this epic piece.
    P.S. This Virgo cannot rave enough about the wonders of Cordyceps, absolute favorite supplement for nearly a decade now.

  27. I bloody love you mystic.. yeah yeah I know it’s virtual love BUT unexpected benefits of Reishi- Better sleep and its anxiety reducing. Thank you for that recommendation. Three days into supplement and I am so relieved to have this natural support underneath some fairly robust natural serotonin support tablets. I’m at risk in so many ways but my mood, JesusHChrist is allover the place what with the macro and micro feels around the world rn.

    I’m Gardening; planting the foods I have always promised myself. Getting to know my bird friends and honestly, I love the internet/tech options but for me telephone seems to be swapping anxieties so I’m just laying low and putting my hands in Mama earths dirt as often as possible. Technically I am front line health staff. Wake me up when it’s over.

    Questions in my mind currently;
    if people die and gatherings not recommended, what happens re funerals?
    also, dating was already challenging and weird and it just got more challenging and more weird..?

  28. I was *this close* to being annoyed by the plant medicine, etc. I’m a nurse, so it’s just a reflex, really. But then, I realized that for people who aren’t sick/are sick with a cold or non-disaster sickness, the “stay home and chill” directive can be *maddening*, and in the world of hospital medicine we’re way too busy to think past triage-mode.

    So, thank you, because working on preventative health maintenance, or any health maintenance at all really, gives people something tangible to do that has them thinking about their health in ways beyond the fight/flight/etc. panic response. Obviously it doesn’t take the place of seeing a health practitioner for serious symptoms, but that’s never been the point when you talk about this.

    An old friend of mine got way into Wim Hof’s cold bath + breathing methods, and I am completely on board with deep breathing and chest muscle exercise. Muscle strength isn’t everything when it comes to effective coughing and ventilation, but it does help! Now maybe I should get a taste for cold showers, haha.

    1. Medicine can be anything that improves one human being. But it’s individual and it requires you to work with yourself. And if it keeps one of us from Ill health it’s so worth it. I’m a functional medicine fan. Those guys are beyond awesome. And I went from chronic asthma to utterly clear with dietary intervention and supplements. Awesome stuff.

      1. emg what dietary changes/supplements did you use? I’m hesitant to invest much in it as the last time I tried to reduce my asthma preventatives with acupuncture and chinese medicine I ended up in hospital with the first cold I got. I’d like to strengthen my lungs though – this virus is a real risk.

  29. I LOVE you Mystic and everything you’ve written here. I looked forward to reading it and as usual, you never disappoint. Sending you much love from California!!!! xoJS

  30. Thank you! I’ve found it helpful to really lean into my Cap moon at this time – lists and learning.
    Figuring out how to help, teach, and be a part of the new zeitgeist. Almost like my sun and rising sign are on hold until I am around people again.

    1. So clever – the astro section of this will include a similar take – Capricorn is where you are strongest now, even though you don’t want to be, nurture the ruler of your 6th and go super yang in your mars area. More soon!

  31. thankyou Mystic.
    my asthma is coming back for the first time in years-coffee helps, and i run if im feeling up to it-makes me feel so good afterwards
    dont usually like eucalyptus but might invest now…and a cold rinse at the end of my shower-eek!
    my 95 yr old lady i care for has asked me to buy her some chanel no 5-bravo!
    she doesnt seem too bothered, refers to it in her received pronunciation as ‘the scare’- shes hilarious, and keeps ME going, even though i care for her!!!!
    meetings have been affected now, so my sponsor and i have said we will meet on the beach.
    it only takes two people to form a meeting!
    looking forward to part two, keep well everyone xxx

    1. This cheered my heart. I want to be buying Chanel No 5 at 91 and calling a crisis the scare! Love her – thanks for sharing.

    2. thankyou guys…we always have tea from a cup n saucer…everythings so proper…she is one in a million 😊
      i will be delivering her Chanel today….

  32. Absolutely brilliant! Thank yooooooou! I will be reading and re reading…but this vibes spot on with me, and is totally inspiring 😊

  33. Thanks Mystic-working-Overtime/Again,
    ‘It’s incontrovertible proof that the system we’ve lived under for the last 20 years does not work.’ Absolutely love this statement. Feel better already. Can see the depression lifting as morning sunlight filters through the pristine air.

  34. Penelope Darling

    Day six of my self isolation and I just reset my altar, tuned in to Wendy Rule’s Equinox Ritual and Concert and am trying to feel more grounded. In a way, it doesn’t matter what happens. I’m only here now.

    1. Penelope Darling

      I felt really drawn to the theives’ oil and hunted out my old and mostly abandoned essential oil set. I had exactly the ingrediants needed for the oil and no others. It’s all made up and I am going to annoit the doors of my home. It is just charging on my Sun in Aries altar.

  35. Gaia gives me hope. As you do. You are fulfilling a very important role in keeping us focused on the bigger picture and the great change that is upon us. Thank you.

  36. WoW is the word! Wise and Wonderful stuff. (That’s a lot of W’s). As a triple Virgo who isn’t that worried about germs I did however find a combo of Lavender and Thyme oil rubbed over any bed when I traveled in India made sure I never got bed bugs, that with Eucalyptus is Gold! I love Wim Hoff too even if I can’t do too many cold showers but I’d love to magic up some money to get the back pod. So much useful information here, thank you goddess!

  37. Crystallised future

    As always love your work and it is a privilege to have been following your blog for some 15 or 17 years. The on-point information just gets better and better

  38. Awesome. Yes. I also like how you can feel the silence of the universe more closely than before, without the thrum of manufacturing and transportation and everything massively vibrating all the time. It’s like peace is a little closer in those quiet moments.

  39. Yes to all this… and have noticed small shoots of hope — my local community and small grocery shops and delis are full of food, people are polite and kind. I’ve noticed less air pollution and lots more butterflies! I feel empowered to change things, get emails about campaigns by social change agents (eg we cant let logging interests loot our forests or our premier restart fracking!). Venice has clear water in its canals for the first time in a hundred years! I’ve been living on a low income since 2011 and have got good at it, but my casual and freelance work seems to be continuing and I can do most of it from home. Stay safe everyone and guard your health! We’re all in this together and I’m so glad I’m a part of this magical community 🙏💕

  40. Have just joined this site for a try because what I have seen from the outside is some terrific writing and a heart in the right place. I don’t know if anyone is in a position to answer this question – and I stress I am interested in astrology on a macro level mainly (how news is influenced or may be influenced by movements of the stars as I am in that trade – newspapers, not stars – but I wonder how significant ‘individual’ astrology is in these circumstances. Having just had a look at my monthly.weekly forecasts (for Taurus) I can’t help thinking that the positive things being forecast have relatively little meaning when we are facing the threat that we are. In a way, I suppose, it is an inability to look much further ahead than the day after tomorrow when there is such doom hanging over us. Any thoughts that might settle these notions?

    1. This is a really good question -I did a post a few months back about the wartime astrology magazines – you can see them striving to balance this. But there is still positivity and individuality. And now, more than ever, is a time to assert this. Out of this a new style of ecology and economy will emerge. I know that if you are working in – say – tourism, that seems hollow at the moment. And it would also fail to resonate if you’re a doctor beginning your 26th straight triple shift. The Daily Individual Horoscopes are coming soon and they will be ultra-relevant. But to simplify it, if you are – say – a Virgo, and Mercury finally meets Neptune after having nearly got there several times over Feb/March – Mercury is an important planet to Virgos, Neptune spiritualises it to a degree that is almost impossible to channel – that is as relevant to Virgos stuck on a cruise boat having hot flashes and panic attacks wondering what the fuq happened as it is to a Virgo DJ who’s turned up the music to shut out their annoying housemate so they can get out of it and work on their hypothetical podcast. Same influence but the trick is to write in such a way that encompasses many possible readers, is realistic and yet also inspirational. If we start to say oh well our individuality is irrelevant, there are no prospects – that’s loss of morale – NO. If people going through war time situations could read literature or spray some perfume on their wrists for a whiff of pleasure, we can continue to follow the planets, develop our individuality and seek new ways of prospering, being healthy and safe.

    2. As a longtime reader of Mystic and a lifetime member of this site, what I can tell you is that the positivity on this site is not just trite, everything’s going to be fine, smoke being blown up your backside. The merits of tracking your individual astrology comes from following it over time, seeing where it resonates during good times as well as difficult times, whether those times be very personal heartbreaks and joys or global hard times like now.

      It took me many years of reading my horoscope as a fun hobby to start to see the patterns and correlations repeating in my life, reflecting the stars. And once I began to see this and dig further into my personal chart and see what the current astro weather brings to my individual experience, I became empowered to act according to the energy of the stars and make huge changes in my life. That is the kind of positivity you will find from Mystic and this community.

      Mystic’s ability to interpret astrology over a vast amount of topics and from a perspective that is neither shallow, nor fear mongering, nor faux optimistic, makes this an excellent place to gather what astrological information is of interest to you. That said, anything that is ringing false to you in whatever your current experience is legitimate. If your horoscope isn’t resonating because you are more tuned to the global mood than being consumed your own personal experience, that’s hardly a bad thing. But we can choose to stay stuck in the feeling that doom is hanging over us or we can empower ourselves to look for a way forward. Take what information on this site makes you feel that empowerment and ignore what doesn’t feel aligned with where you’re at. Best of luck to you on your astrological travels.

      1. I really appreciate this! Thank you. Also things really do impact people differently; I know people who are sanguine about the current situation – not delighted but viewing it more as a cyclical dynamic or necessary prelude to regeneration – and others are at risk of relapse, panic attacks and so on. I am going to put more of this in Part 2 of my plague posting.

  41. Caterina senang

    Thanks Mystic. Great information and perspectives. Looking forward to your next post – So much power coming through from the ancestors atm – they are terribly excited – you’ve got this they keep saying – we’ve done all of this before and now is the quantum leap – literally into quantum consciousness we go! They are all here we are. Just acknowledging them increases their efficacy and power – the descendants too – they call us forward – other powerful being are shaking into form – giants walk amongst us.

    1. I did an intensive tarot reading yesterday and I got the message to honor the ancestors as well. I use a nature oracle deck with the tarot cards so it was the ten of pentacles with the carp. In the Yeh Shen story, magic and good luck comes from the bones of a carp.

  42. Yet again you’ve nailed it.

    Years ago I followed Stephen Harrod Buhner. I even had a nice email correspondence with him for awhile with questions that he most graciously answered.

    His protocol for my own disease was difficult and tasted ghastly (dried herb concoction) but kept my disease at bay long enough (about 5 years) until the medical profession came up with a cure. I refused what had been THE going medical protocol until a 98% cure was discovered.

    I’m now cured.

    I believe it’s a multi-layered approach and you are yet again – so on point!!

    How lucky I was to have bought your book – Sun Signs and Soul Mating back when it was first published. Of course I wasn’t willing to ACTUALLY follow your advice cause “he was JUST PERFECT” (not) …

    I would always look for new books published by you and eventually lost track of you.

    And then somewhere along the way I re-found you. You are now online!!! And I’ve been a mystic member ever since.

    I still have trouble ACTUALLY heeding your warnings and it’s usually after I’ve nearly burned the house/office down in a rage (metaphorically) that I reflect and say — drat — Mystic warned me.

    I’m a bit nervous about the weekend as this weekend reading seems a bit dire … and I work on the friday, saturday and sunday.

    Fingers crossed.

  43. brilliant, thank you, about one million times.

    this made me sit up, “I am not saying all this to depress you but to clarify that this financial crash would have happened anyway. Covid-19 just took away the chance of a soft landing.”

    feel oddly okay with all of this – we sensibly got rid of an investment flat we couldn’t afford last year, and i’ve spent the past couple of years diversifying what i do for money; i garden both for others and us; am a freelance editor and teach meditation. we have already learned to live with less and enjoy it.

    and veganism! yes! the supermarkets sold out of meat and everyone lost their minds…sending light and love to everyone feeling lost and confused. and mm, so pleased your garden’s taking off! it’s hard-wired into us to grow – and the more you do it, the more fascinating it becomes. x

  44. Thank you Mystic for this, we all need some guidance in those freaky times
    All the best from France
    (we are on lock down for a few days now and it feels so unreal)

    1. I know, right. Every morning I wake up and then oh shit, that’s right. I am trying to find the balance between informing/entertaining people who’s current scenario is most likely to be lockdown/social isolation and respecting that some people are facing worse consequences. Then I think that if they are in a worse place, they won’t be on here and that we all know the broader implications of this thing, no need to Concern Signal. And then, my other dilemma is one I may even do a member’s survey on, I am half inclined to ramp into full epic diversionary mode – after I complete my Covid-19 series – but would that insult the people who come here for a more esoteric angle on the clearly most important factor of the moment?

      1. Personally I think any diversions are welcome. Avoiding the news as much as I can, staying at home (mostly) and grounding myself by cooking, art, reading, and yoga stretching, plus walking/bike riding in my neighbourhood.

      2. I can imagine, Mystic… I love this post, thank you for so much really useful reading and your usual smart, nuanced take on things. Also, feeling connected to this community is really helping right now. Yet at the same time I’m searching the archive for posts about Gary transits, or eyebrows… anything to take my mind off the chaos outside. xx

      3. Full epic diversionary mode – yes, PLEASE! It’s a form of energy, fuel….while it’s so easy to go glum and flop into depressive flatness at the moment. (I can almost feel it floating in the air???!?) Determined to stay effervescent, as surely that’s the most effective and useful approach.

      4. Please go full on diversionary. It would be great to have our fabulous pseudo intellectual chats back on such important topics as nail varnish colours and rising signs or sprouting seeds and moon cycles

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