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Frequently Requested: Divination Tips. How, people want to know, can they get the best results from an Oracle or Tarot reading, either the ones on this site or anywhere?

(1) Don’t expect the Full Reveal. There is a Grand Unifying Underlying Cosmic Principle or Theory weaving fate-lines through multiple dimensions, loves, and lives. But it can only be sensed or glimpsed fleetingly. Anyone “selling” you that is probably peddling voodoo or high on their own supply of synthetic Quantum matter.

(2) The more need you have attached to your question – the less likely you are to get an apt answer.  Set your mind to “light and detached.” For example, there was a briefly-occurring glitch with the Tarot where you didn’t get to shuffle before the reading appeared. Testing it, i was thinking of nothing in particular except checking if it had been fixed and yet the reading blew my mind with its relevance.

(3)  Get yourself into a magical consciousness – relaxed and receptive but not looking too hard.  That way you’ll pick up on the most sensational omens or messages via synchronicity. Tarot & the Oracle are but a few of many mediums.  Practice picking up on your instincts through all the conflicting input and the signal will become stronger.

Cultivating Magical Consciousness

(4) Reishi and Skullcap enhance shamanic awareness – I am convinced of this. This is not, obviously, medical advice.  Sugar is terrible for adrenals, good for a temporary focus lift and it scatters true psychic vibe, though i have no idea why. Alcohol also.

(5) The monthly Moon-Neptune conjunction is always a goer for contemplative reverie and psychic instincts. Although, if you are trying to solve a love mystery or discover the source of a particularly hard-to-shift emotion, Moon-Pluto is witched right up.

(6) Remember that particular symbols, numbers, and cards or even flowers and plants can have their own unique meaning to you. Rather than getting hung up on the official definition for something, take into account your own interaction or personal

(7) Much as I love Tarot & the Oracle, the ultimate shamanic, oracular experience is still and always will be dreaming. Whatever you do to enhance your sleep experience will also improve your dream recall, as will keeping a dream diary. Divination Tips essentially amount to magical consciousness. Once you’re on frequency, you can pick up what you need from anywhere.

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15 thoughts on “Divination Tips”

  1. Haha too often the oracle basically tells me to get a grip. I think I have a ways to go on this, and these guidelines will be super helpful. Thanks MM!

  2. I tried the blank, airy, detached approach this time and got a different kind of reading. Usually I locate myself in my current feeling first, although I don’t always put it into words. In my own readings, the cards won’t shut up about love and romance lately, even though there’s nothing on the horizon and even if I ask specifically about something else. But maybe those themes are part of my state of mind, whether I acknowledge it or not. When I cleared my mind first, the 12-card reading was quite bracing. It pointed out all sorts of conflict, clutter, frustration and tiredness, and I now know that’s what I need to tackle.

    I followed it up with a single-card reading that reinforced it in a profound way, showing me that a concept I apply daily to a tiny corner of my life could in fact be employed on a grand scale. I like it when I get some clear advice, something to go at.

    1. I got the most packed with romance reading I have gotten in years. Really.
      And I wasn’t really focusing on that (yes is on my mind but not while I did the reading) I was really open and curious. It could have been anything. And it came out very love and romance oriented, even in houses that don’t relate to that.
      I’ve saved the PDF and gonna read it again in a while.

  3. During the dark moon I went Defcon Mars in Virgo and cleaned my house, burned candles, opened windows, got fans whirring to move the air around and then clapped in the corners… did laundry, spritzed my bed with lavender water, scrubbed and magnesiumed my bod. Then I wrote and spoke aloud what I wanted gone – I really felt it.
    As the moon was new I wrote and spoke aloud what I wanted to come in, and actions I would take to support the intentions. This morning I feel rested and ready.
    I did a couple of Tarot readings also, saved them to read later as I was so tired after all the housewitching and incanting.

    1. That sounds amazing. Weather says stay indoors today so I might do similar, even if the timing’s a bit belated.

  4. Sleep is a difficult process for me. I would like to be able to get my dream world back. My feeling is I try so hard to keep my conscious emotions in order that my subconscious is running differently. I’ve been tackling deep trauma in therapy so I suspect that has something to do with it. My subconscious is finding a new way of communication.

    I often receive the tarot card about psychological wounds and recovery, which is a real comfort. The most repeated theme is the new romance or message of love arriving, I immediately dismiss this notion.

    Oracle can have a sassy attitude at times, which is just what I need.

    1. Yes I’ve had someone insist I am of Germanic extraction too.
      Thanks for the giggle PF. Love me some classic comedy capers x

  5. Well I’m glad that’s passed. I can honestly say I’ve not felt so funked out for a long while. Mega trip. Deepest soul angst. Now some ten hours post new moon I feel relieved. Not settled by any means but lighter. I’ve stepped back off the ledge shall we say. Did a tarot and it was very much on point in that all the incoming is career and much greater individuality. Hoorah. I always flit through my mind and feel the thing I’m asking about, visualise it and sit with the sensations. Then press go. Never fails.

  6. I do like that the more I do readings for myself, the more cards take on particular, personal meanings. Earlier today I accidentally deleted all my old 12-card MM tarot readings while trying to clear space on my phone. Oh well, it must’ve been time for a clean slate. My new (moon) reading is mixed…I’ll give it time to sink in. I’ve been sleeping more heavily just lately, and dreaming about exes. But it’s the ones I feel weird about, and I feel weird about them in the dreams too, and then I wake up from the deep sleep feeling even more hazy weirdness.

  7. I did all three readings: single tarot, oracle and the 12 tarots (looking at the 7th which is where Pisces are for me but did not have 7th house themes in my mind) it was all very “let’s see what this next cycle beginning now will bring” or “what do I need to know” with zero preconditions or specific interest in. Feels very liberating and inspiring.

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