Daily Mystic For Tuesday February 1

I am back!*

The New Moon in Aquarius is conjunct Saturn and it marks the start of the Chinese year of the Tiger. Is there a connection? Totally.

Saturn on a New Moon makes it brilliant for a definitive startover moment. Its strength comes from saturnine logic. You draw your own conclusion from the data to hand and your wisdom/experience.Β  Mercury Retrograde deepens the process while also ensuring that discretion is the best tactic. Explanatory fluffing diminishes your power.

The Tiger represents beauty, instinct, and ferocity: the Tiger scares away your insecurities or habitually over-meek responses to certain factors. Neither the Tiger nor a Saturn-amped New Moon favors an over-reliance on validation.

Geopolitically, the Tiger says “claws out” – behind the anodyne press releases, few of the big powers are bothering to sheathe their claws anymore. It’s playing out across borders, the open seas, and in popular culture.

It’s the last year of Pluto in Capricorn (which began in 2008) before Pluto in Aquarius (2023 to 2044). If you’re not overly distracted by the dramas of the day, you can profitably pick up on the signals from the future.

This Tiger/Saturn New Moon impetus is an opportunity to establish exactly which areas you are genuinely self-assured in and which ones it would be better to augment. Either way, aimlessly seeking dubious validation is out.


*I have actually been here the whole time but working on other factors of the site. The extra time for focus has been invaluable – thank you for your grace and patience!

18 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Tuesday February 1”

  1. During this dark moon my subconscious has really mined some old stuff. I can’t wait for a refreshing Venus/mars/pluto sloughing of dead wood.

    My parents were both tigers & both now passed. My aim this Imbolc is to begin the mother of all cleanses & walk head-on into newness.

    *** Welcome return to front of your online house, Mystic.
    Hope you got some rest β™‘ ***

  2. Welcome back Mystic! Hope you got to have a good rest over the holiday period in-between all your site tinkering.

  3. Welcome back MM and Everyone. Happy New Year, the moon just entered my 1st house, giddy up to the new 😍πŸ₯ πŸ…

  4. Yay, welcome back! I wrote up all my February dreams/goals/plan yesterday and was eagerly anticipating the monthly to see how what I wrote aligns with the astro-weather. Mostly career stuff to be honest, Saturn just passed over my midheaven and is now 1 degree away from my Sun. x_x

    I am loving the thing in the Personal Daily I only recently noticed with the house that the moon is currently in btw. Was this a recent-ish addition? It’s been pretty incredible noticing how much I will be dealing with themes of the house on that day! For example… 9th house moon = insane philosophy/mathematician 50-tabs-open research binge, 10th house moon = big picture career planning, 12th house moon (natal placement btw) = feeling inexplicably drawn to a book by energy healer/physicist Barbara Brennan and then learning about Jack Schwarz for the first time…

  5. So happy to find this upbeat message waiting in my inbox this morning. Welcome back MM and hope you found time to rest and regroup.

  6. Well now this is a good start to a day….

    Still feeling the trudge of the dark moon vibe so this is good antidote.

  7. Happy you are back, Mystic!
    The Saturn new Moon as a definitive startover moment is more than welcome 🌚

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