Housewitchery has never been so easy, authentic or fun. You don’t need screeds of esoteric info, occult bling or a particular aesthetic – your realm, your rules. Mystic’s freewheeling rave on the benefits and how-to of space-clearing + cleaning with intent will inspire arch-minimalists and clutter-lovers alike. There are few faster ways out of a low vibe than a targeted zap-up of your surroundings and guess what? It’s a million times more effective when you’re not in the mood initially.

Format: Mp3 – Download and/or stream from the site + PDF transcription. This now includes a  July 2023 add-on update and a Resources PDF. 

Duration: 38 minutes.

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8 reviews for Housewitchery

  1. Corduroy jeans

    I bought this a few months ago and I literally use the advice, if not daily, then at least once a week!! Worth its weight in gold, and yet I know Mystic has so much more cosmic intelligence of the ages to share – I hope there is a follow up book!! Thank you MM – oh, and I could listen to your voice forever!!! Xoo

  2. IX

    Brilliant! Informative and super practical delivered always in Mystic’s fun and quirky delivery.

  3. Susan

    LOVED it. Turns drudgery into a sacred ritual. Thanks Mystic

  4. Juno1977

    Happy customer! Got me in the mood for cleaning my apartment!

  5. Dizla

    Brilliant, out of the mould, incisive and entertaining, what Mystic is so good at. It’s given me so many ideas and much inspiration to clean and cleanse my mind heart and soul into the bargain! Thanks Mystic you are a truly legendary muse!

  6. sashnka

    in a word “perfect”
    not woo woo but solid useful and (forgive me) entirely rational, it was the push i needed to finally get to the oven it wasn’t a complete disaster so i kept putting it off but after hearing this i had to do it
    2 days 5/6 hours each day worth of scouring scrubbing wiping polishing etc.
    the immediate effect was a lighter/easier breath, the rest of the kitchen & house is cleaned almost every day but this just elevated the vibe to a smoother weightless flow, which always delights
    thank you

  7. Tallulah Aissa

    This dazzled ne into a cleaning fun frenzy! I was truly inspired to goddessafy my house and job space area too. Thank you I will continue going back to this recording for inspiration when cleaning.

  8. Invicta

    I play this recording to give me motivation for doing chores around the home if I find myself procrastinating because it actually works. Tasks I find dull and mundane (empty 4th house) feel way more significant because they have been imbued with magical significance. I’ve had gorgeous dialogues with my home after listening to this and cleaning sessions genuinely feel enjoyable and also urgent now in a way they never did before.

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