The Astrology Of The Global Financial Fuqery

Voila, my opinionated look at financial crisis astrology. It’s not – obviously – investment advice. Uranus and Pluto eras are fantastic ways to view the economy and politics. Their periodic aspects to Saturn make the energy more accessible.

Or, less pleasantly, felt in everyday-ville. 2020’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction is the first since late 1982, an economic annus horribulus in many realms. Happily, the zeitgeist toward less consumption, slow fashion, sustainability, and less debt-reliance is environmentally friendly and strategic prep for 2020.

It is disconcerting to be on the verge of Uranus in Taurus with so much geopolitical and economic hyperflux. But there are potentially fantastic outcomes from the new era incoming.  It is easy to see the late Eighties and Nineties trend of increased faith in so-called economic rationalism reflected in the 1988 to 1996 passage of Uranus in Capricorn.

Uranus = revolutionary and the sign of Capricorn broadly signifies the business system. It did seem like a revolt against fusty old government departments at the time. Governance was out of style.

All over the Western world, governments privatized publicly owned assets. Labor became more “mobile” – that is, many locals were now competing with imported workers able to work at lower costs. Debt grew easier to access. I think it was the observant (quadruple Virgo) Bernie Sanders who pointed out that the more freely available debt was a way to conceal earnings decline.

Leveraging options previously only available to business people with an appetite for risk became de riguer for everyday people. The debt aversion of the Pluto in Cancer generations (pre-baby boomers) was a relic. The Uranus in Capricorn era did not birth what we now called Neo-Liberalism, but it was when it became government policy.

The late 90s and early 2000s saw Uranus in Aquarius + Pluto in Sagittarius spring game-changing inventions such as Netflix and the Smartphone, with all the associated technologies. It was also the ascent of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and ultra-cheap air travel. The latter was ironic as climate change awareness was also becoming more mainstream. Property bubbles and a debt load that is now increasingly seen as toxic began to form.

Culturally, you could see Uranus in Pisces from 2003 in the growing presence of lives lived online and digital identities that were sometimes entirely separate from the everyday one. Think also app culture and the splintering of once broad demographics into a zillion micro-demographics. Official arbiters dissolved into everyone being a content creator and critic. User Reviews and “People who bought this also bought…” algorithmic recommendations became the only metric that mattered.

In 2006 the Law of Attraction ur-text The Secret – was published. It was arguably a spawn of Pluto in Sagittarius and Uranus in Pisces “positive thinking” on meth. It felt like everything got leveraged. Everyone was a multi-level marketer. Investment risk was the new “no-brainer.”

On the macro side, the use of offshore tax havens by big companies had dramatically risen, and millions of jobs transferred to emerging economies. It was part of the plan, the rising tide that lifts all boats, a new system working as it should. Many industries and professions boomed – from mining to financial planners and Pilates instructors.

If your house is out-earning you and you can legally leverage off its perceived value to borrow more, than anyone can aspire to the ‘designer’ life. But bubbles burst and booms end.

Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008. So-called economic rationalism was not so rational after all. Oops, they broke the financial system. The Lehman Bros collapse was the opening stanza of Pluto in Capricorn. The credit crunch swiftly followed. Bitcoin + other crypto-currencies appeared in January 2009, at the end of Uranus in Pisces. Fun times. Then, you would think, the whole mess would have been cleaned up and new structures created so that such a debacle could never occur again. But no…

Interest rates went to ’emergency lows’ and stayed there, decimating savings but inspiring – you guessed it – more debt. Quantitative Easing – primarily the creation of more money for the banks to lend out – was introduced.

Aside from in Iceland and the case of the Ponzi merchant Bernie Madoff, it did not seem like anyone got punished for the Global Financial Crisis. The taxpayers footed the bill. Little was done to prevent the sort of build-up of enmeshed loans and dependencies that led to the GFC in the first place. The story was left open for the prequel; GFC 2 or Global Financial Fuqery.

Then, with Uranus in Aries, came the “disruptive” businesses – Uber, Airtasker, Airbnband a host of others. Did these sorts of companies empower people to become self-employed or did they glorify low-employment? Was Airbnb an innovation, or did it just remove rental stock from the market and undermine communities?

This style of start-up butting against established business models was a core theme of the Uranus-Pluto square era (the Zap Zone) from 2012 to 2015.

A new breed of tech Titans replaced the old. In many parts of the world, property shot up to absurd, irrational prices. Globalism on steroids saw countries lose most of their manufacturing base, becoming more reliant on imports or selling off assets like land. In some cases, they ran down their fuel or food reserves.

Now, with Uranus about to be in Taurus, we have the classically Taurean themes of populism (the Yellow Vests movement in France, for example), anti-globalist groups on the left and right, as well as climate change concern peaking among even the most skeptical people.

The worst case scenario is that whacko dictators seize control of the narrative and we all get re-feudalized, only it’s digital a la an episode of Black Mirror.

But the best case, which I think is more likely, is that Uranus in Taurus sees a groundswell of environmental awareness among consumers + voters. And that Uranus in Taurus common sense demands a more equitable society. Without our approval, they cannot keep getting away with this crap. And that this inspires perfectly profitable new business models.

In classical astrology, Taurus IS agriculture, grain, Gaia and our land. Uranus is ingenuity and revolution: we can turn this around. It could feature more sustainable money practices and reasonable valuations. I am going big on the Vegan, minimalist, non-flying, herb-growing, debt-averse, natural medicinal aspect of things.

It would also be wise to hedge against Global Financial Fuqery in late 2019 and 2020, with Saturn + Pluto meeting for the first time since 1982. But remember that Uranus in Taurus is in harmony with Saturn + Pluto in Capricorn.

There is bound to be some sort of financial reckoning with the current structure and you could argue that the neo-liberal world order began in the early 1980s. This is an excellent read on that and a good indicator that establishment people are getting woke to it.

Aside from the optimistic view of Uranus in Taurus being politicians doing their job and looking after the people who elected them + not destroying eco-systems so that they can personally profit, I am positive about Pluto in Aquarius! It’s not until 2024, but I can see it as – yes – robots. But also as people being free to live without religious repression. They would freely choose their spiritual beliefs, regardless of the culture of their birth.


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  1. Cindy Wineburgh

    thank you, Mystic, for the link to Project Syndicate and your articles on global financial crisis!
    I already knew many of these things, but every time I read them in print, it means more people are realizing what is happening (and I didn’t know abt the article on the trillion-dollar derivatives market – doesn’t surprise me! – and hadn’t heard expression “unicorn companies”. I already read bloggers who have been preparing for Uranus in Taurus for some time, but it helps to have other sources. Love your images also!

  2. I’m actually a programmer and rather than pluto in aqua as robots… I see it as the end of and/or reigning in of technology’s misuses. 2024 seems like it would be around the soonest we could get realistic anti-monopoly reforms, and while the reforms are likely to start with antitrust like forcing amazon to spit off from aws, there will be knock-on effects to all of the ‘unicorns’ like uber and airbnb if the 2020 intensity doesn’t take them out sooner. which will have effects on the housing market, probably globally at this point, as quite a lot of it in the states at least is being used for short term rental income to make home ownership affordable.

    I can also see pluto in aqua giving rise to a new type of technology focal – think low power/low energy, high value but cheap to manufacture, decentralized and async-first stuff that would make sense in the same sort of ecologically-focused culture we are all kind of anticipating from uranus in taurus. Also a Green New Deal rural electrification-type program for bringing ultra-fast community owned broadband networks, that would shift the center of innovation away from the coasts and into the neglected interior.

    Another thing I can see under pluto is aqua is the perfected surveillance state – everything digital capable of spying on everyone all the time, everywhere – and the associated reaction (maybe the latter part of uranus in taurus after pluto gets into aqua would reinforce that? or uranus in gemini right after…?)

  3. Is there a place called Astro-limbo land for lost libran-air brain souls who cannot understand a word of this discussion? You all are extremely impressive!!! I feel I might just float through the 2020 FF like Blanche in streetcar named desire “… I always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh you make me laugh.

      If its any constellation (ha ha). Wine helps me to understand. Or I go through shit then find out it is astrologically related. Then go aaahhhh.

      You’ll find me in Astro Limbo Land. I’m the crazy person screaming “Stella” at the top of my lungs.

  4. The financial sitch is worrying and I suppose that’s only one expression or the expression of someone who has backed the wrong horse or over extended. I fit neither. My debt is so low it’s negligible. It wasn’t the way I was walking some years back but it’s where I’ve arrived and for the times I think myself fortunate but fortune came cloaked as pain and forced growth as it often does.

    These are opinions based on some reading and research. I am not a financial geek but I have been watching the state of things broadly for a few years now. I am typically not interested in politics and finance but we are in changing times so I’ve changed up my brain fodder. It’s tedious and full of half truths and implied inferences.

    Fiat currency is all but dead. Each country is still breathing life into the thing but it is widely agreed that it has no worth anyway being re-loaned out time and time again and deflated at the whim of bankers and as a result of the jostling for world ruler continues. Bitcoin won’t replace it. It’ll just become another form of currency and investment opportunity but it’s massively inflated. The gold standard is being discussed again, it was removed Aug 15th 1971. Pluto was in Virgo, 28 degrees. The NN was Aquarius and we’ve seen SN there and quite a bit of upheaval in the finance space.

    The everything bubble is commonly quoted. Property prices won’t hold at inflated levels and I don’t think they’re done dropping. Naturally this is so unique to the suburb, property and home it’s impossible to broadly generalise the way that they are now. Some places never drop and some will in fact boom out of this as good opportunities. I sold a property around 4.5 years ago and made a profit but had owned for a long time and done the work on the place. The people after me paid and sold a year later at a profit. I think they timed it well from that perspective as that was the top and it’s always hard to pick the top. Retrospect shows the top. It’s instinct and luck, and research. It’s a bit of Jupiter and Saturn. Nobody will pick this but those who sit behind it all and probably manipulate it. Even then it could be a bit unpredictable. What will burst, in what order, how or when? I might suggest that some things have well burst and been burst for sometime but they’ve pumped air in the bubble hoping it’ll have a soft landing. So far that just appears to be creating new bubbles. Is this a ps2 game?

    I’m not Nostradamus and quite frankly have seen some of the best so called predictors of things get it wrong so it’s a mug’s game and I’m not interested but … hehe yes I’m a Saggo so on occasion I’ll roll a dice and shoot off my mouth – I think the next big currency move is cashless. Maybe heaps of people think that, maybe it’s old news but beyond that concept I think we all need to think carefully about what that really means. Again it’s goes beyond convenience for an individual. It allows for more individual tracking, more manipulation of advertising and products, more data collection but also more control on value distribution of currency and probably a bunch of other things that are out of my skill set and knowledge. It is a proceed with caution thing to me despite some of it’s superficial sparkles. Like some many things in recent times… dazzling, and whispering ease or convenience and even magically manifests more time for you… like wow.

    Have you ever seen a bunch of more distracted humans? Have we ever had a time as potent as now where we’re all espousing freedom and choice and independence and well whatever else whilst addicted and controlled by the tech we have permanently glued to our skin somewhere? It’s fascinating to think about and it’s not a knock as I think it’s useful and use it regularly but just yesterday alone 3 people walked out in front of me without as much as a glance up from their phone and I had to brake to not hit them. Different ages, gender, demographics and it wasn’t even the void Pisces Moon. Today will be more interesting! But really – you’re crossing a road in a busy inner city suburb. Yes it’s 40 kms but hey, I reckon that’s still gonna hurt if someone doesn’t stop or worse – doesn’t see you because they’re checking messenger.

    1. “I think we all need to think carefully about what that really means. Again it’s goes beyond convenience for an individual”. So, so, so, many things this applies to. Vis-a-vis ‘the internet of everything’. Am Piscean with a Scorp moon *she says, trying to claim some Scorpionic gravitas* : ) so I think about stuff… a lot. And this is the thing that worries me the most. Thanks for putting it so succinctly.

      1. Thanks for getting it in the context I meant it zenduende. I think about this stuff a bit too and it can feel pretty serious and definitely applies to lots of things right now. It can’t all be bad as everything is polarity but there are definitely things we’re (collectively) not addressing as well as we could be with all the knowledge and tech we have these days. Greed is probably still in charge but it’s wearing an eco-friendly tee… hmmmm. I don’t want to be cynical… I’m a natural optimist but also a natural realist. Some things have had their day. Everything is cyclic. Cycles are being perpetuated past their natural ebbs and flows. The ripple effect is significant when you prop something up that should have been allowed to deflate. That was the last financial crisis in 2008(ish) the natural decline of things was averted through various methods so it didn’t bottom out to it’s full extend. The nature of these cycles through all time is that they have to ebb and flow so the next ebb is upon us and it includes the one we missed out on during the last one. I don’t know what that will look like but I doubt it can be bypassed entirely.

      2. “The ripple effect is significant when you prop something up that should have been allowed to deflate. That was the last financial crisis in 2008(ish) the natural decline of things was averted through various methods so it didn’t bottom out to it’s full extend”. Colour me cynical but, hell yes! There’s going to be repurcusions and the consequences (and stakes) are very serious but, yes, some will even be positive. You’ve nailed it again, Centaurus (as per MM). Oh and btw, “Greed is probably still in charge but it’s wearing an eco-friendly tee… hmmmm”… would be hilarious if it wasn’t true ; ) In the social media frenzy we find ourselves in, it grows harder to have perspective but I also think there are magical elements of zietgeist so not all hope is lost. It’s time to saddle up and test our resilience, me thinks.

      3. It does get harder to keep the perspective but there is magic in the mix – for sure! It’s separating the signal from the noise and really knowing where we’re at and what we really need so we don’t get seduced by the latest show pony trotting out another dazzling distraction.
        It’s time to saddle up and test our resilience – you bed. Giddyup! 🙂

      4. Well we know in Astrology if you don’t deal with something when it occurs, you keep it hidden and then triggered again have double intensity to deal with.

    2. Cheers JM – I don’t necessarily have a clue either. Just another commenter with no insider trading clues but I do have an ability to do macro in a detached way… sometimes… and that won’t necessarily mean anything anyway eh.

  5. Credit where credit is due IMO the populism started in a big way with Trump.

    Am enjoying the analysis with pointed examples.

    Amazing stuff those planets …

    Would like to see women freed from religious oppression everywhere since women primarily carry the burden of that oppression as religion is also patriarchal.

      1. the parasite elite couldnt let John Lennon remain alive – too much of a shit stirrer, speaking Truth to deceit, encouraging us, by his example, to claim our right to live without being controlled … 1980, John’s assassination and the shadow creeps over the Sun a little more

  6. Hmm, I’d consider Pluto in pisces as the de-leveraging of spirituality from culture. De-materialising even. Def following the revolutionising of labour a la Uranus in Taurus. Pluto into aqua as you say mm,, the bots would arrive on the back of that revolution, with the last couple of years of Uranus in Toro. Whereupon Uranus in Gemini really gets the artificial (Uranus) intelligence (Gemini) up and running !

  7. Well there is 3 supermarkets within 2 kms of my abode.
    One is selling cherries at $24 a kilo, another $9.99 and the 3rd $19 a kilo. THAT’S financial fuqery to me!

  8. I’m a triple Taurus (sun, Venus and Jupiter) and as I child I felt the damage done to the earth and its animals as constant anxiety. I also have a strange aversion to overseas tourism – it feels weird and voyeuristic to me in a way I’ve never been able to explain, especially in an era where you are viewed as less than if you don’t travel.
    Uranus in Aries’ on my ascendant and square my cap midheaven has had me completely remodel my self and my career over the past 7 years. I still live in the same house with my family, but everything else is different.
    Who knows what Uranus in Taurus will bring? I think it has to be unexpected because it’s Uranus. I like Mystic’s positive outlook, and the fact that it’s in trine to Saturn and Pluto is a good start. I think renewable energy will become standard, with more independent and localised power generation and storage becoming normalised through Tesla-type power wall storage solutions. Taurus tends to be a bit DIY so that fits the picture.

  9. i love the last bit about pluto in aquarius. Evolution , Revolution, Liberation, Personal Rituals, I would love to experience a society that looks with in for the spirit rather than out.

  10. Hi Mystic,

    Just had to say that i also have sat and watched the financial fuqery for a long time as a single parent trying to survive and raise children. I still don’t see any of those who have profited from all your categories paying the price that the financially poor have paid for their greed and mistakes!!!!
    If there is justice to be had in the stars, i hope the Cap in Pluto has a big sting in the tail and we the financial disadvantage benefit from it.
    Just listening to the report on our banking sector and i am very disappointed that not one person has been made responsible for the fraud and deception they have imposed on the rest of us. The most disheartening part is they go ‘oops’ i turned a blind eye to the things my staff where encourage to do, i’m not responsible, but i’ll resign and walk away with every bonus and asset i received fraudulently and not really pay for the damage i have done.
    So wish for the karma stick to strike against all those who have cause so much harm to our environment and the 90% who are just struggling to get by in this country and world!!

    1. I know Maeve
      They are never accountable
      They are either narcissists or sociopaths

      The fun is they erroneously believe (because they are so fn entitled)
      That Universal Law doesn’t apply to them either…

      Well the Lords of Karma have news for them…

      Iceland usurped their greed structure

      Unfortunately often we are too busy and tired just surviving to rebel

      The money power greed etc doesn’t make them happy
      That comes from within – not without

      Things like Banking RC only try to make us think they “care”

      Unfortunately not planetaryily sustainable for long

  11. Well I for one think there will be a big shakedown economically/financially with Uranus in Taurus. The lighting bolt hitting the tower, I think the last time Uranus was in Taurus we had the Great Depression and World War II, 1934-1942. Hopefully none of THAT happens this time around but you have to be ready. I am in the process of selling my house and eliminating ALL of my debt. I am downgrading to a home where I will not have to make a mortgage payment and will instead use that money to pay off debt the profit from the sale of my house wasn’t able to do. I will be debt free and with no mortgage so if the worst happens I will be able to sustain on just a part time job if need be and no fear of losing my house or going bankrupt. If I need to move, no problem as I will have no home to have to sell. To be honest, I’m not doing all this because of Uranus in Taurus but it is fitting, my motivations lie in my current transits and I believe this is all setting up something for me at a personal level (Pluto is getting ready to hit my Ascendant, along with Saturn).

  12. Let’s not forget…. wait for it, colonies on Mars producing self-sustaining food for themselves. By the time Pluto hits Aquaris Elon Musk might just have the right tech and tools to pull this off.

  13. That last bit about Pluto in Aquarius promoting people living without religious repression really spoke to me! However, I see it more as people opening their eyes and embracing their spiritual communities, whatever they are – whether that’s the sweet hometown church you grew up in or a crew of people who are more spiritual healers and refuge than just acquaintances.

    I, for one, was raised Catholic (went to a ladies’ only nunnery school!) and definitely had moments of doubts, questioning and curiosity where I dabbled and deviated. However, recently I have been feeling extremely appreciative of the faith that bred me. It taught me willpower, charity, unconditional love, loyalty and discipline. It is something I wish for all of humanity.

  14. As a history nerd I thoroughly appreciate this big picture analysis. I have been praying for our society to turn things around with the environment and our consumption habits. Your note on the Pluto in Cancer debt aversion becoming a relic during Uranus in Capricorn jumped out at me personally, just because I am a sun-pluto in Scorpio. I already had Uranus oppose my sun this last year and i’m About to have another go of it in the next month or so. It was hard to see while going thru the transit but now that I think of it there were a lot of ways that I got out of my own way and started living a fuller life this year. Fears around love, intimacy, making more money, food, receiving (as opposed to overgiving all the time), sitting still, being in my body… Maybe useful info for other Pluto in Scorpios

  15. Wish Upon a Star

    Thanks Mystic, your opinions and intelligence are the balm the soothes the worried brow when considering the future.

    As a Taurean Moon child I saw and felt the towering black smoke of the early Industrial revolution as sad. I knew it was the creation of man. No woman who could hold a baby in her belly would do this to the earth. These feelings were very primal to me as a child.

    Isn’t it funny how you grow up in society then start to believe that these primal feelings are unsophisticated, dumb, of a peasant mind. Then you turn your back on them. Is this the beginning of a cleaved mind. Is this how a confusion and dissatisfiion begins?

    During this Uranus in Taurus transit and the end of my 1st Chiron Return I would like to rediscover those intense, rich, beautiful feelings and ideas that bought me deep peace and coming back home feeling in my body/mind and nature.

    1. isn’t it odd. Those feelings that we have in that brief childhood window which I think arrives around 3 or 4 years and comes to an abrupt end around 7 or 8 years are the ones that speak most to our truth and the reality you inhabit. Then we get drawn into behavioural models and have to deal with society around us, that being teachers and other children. We try to fit in because we are told we have to and that is the objective. Cleaved is a very good term. Welcome home WUAS.

    2. we are all timeless! DNA is the timelord. I could go more woo woo if you want. And yes some women do treat themselves and their children poorly… one has to wonder why????

  16. I’ve been plant based diet herbal and natural meds since the day I arrived but had literally given up as I’ve had to fight my corner all my life. I’ve always been well ahead of the drag curve and do see now the move for individuals to drop the collective mindset and into their own vibration. This brief historical review does shame me a touch in that we let this happen. That we have always been happy to swallow the society view of the time, being fed a diet of thou shalt believe we know what’s best for you! I’m still utterly smarting at the financial fuq up and that no body paid except those like me who are now basically homeless. And then referendums that can’t be acted upon ?! So I’m seeing the demise of the collective system and a rise of the individual. And with that we all need to be utterly aware of ourselves and our authority. Watch who and what affects our children but get them to take absolute responsibility for their actions and lives. No fragility and no victim hood. No dogma but don’t expect to be propped up. I’m positive about this. It’s not going to be easy as the shift in consciousness is vast and a lot will kick and scream but in the end it’s going that way. And once we face each other as ourselves and only expecting the other to be themselves without expectation we are winning.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      The best advice my Aquarian mum gave me as a sensitive child was “Don’t worry what other people think!”.

      It doesn’t always work. So if I don’t want other people shtting over my beliefs, ideas, and skills I keep them private and cherish them so they can grow. Or I find like minded people to share them with.

      Or I move to a small town next door to an utter narcissistic and suffer so much verbal and psychological abuse to the point where it finally clicks and I understand what my mum means. And I am no longer effected. But I don’t lose my sensitivity.

      It was a hard Pluto/Saturn lesson but I feel it had to happen.

      1. Good for you. The lessons of this next period of time for the human is to be individual and to accept others. Accept others. Not deriding or callous judgment or non platforming but careful and considered listening and then a smile and a wave and a walk away or a heartfelt hug and welcome into my pack! I’ll listen to anyone and frequently question and openly offer up another view or a more broad approach. I like humans, and 99% of them I can happily listen to. There are a one or two that you run like the wind from. But with those I have felt you don’t even need to speak or listen you just feel the vibe immediately and I never quibble with it. Opposite direction NOW! Trust yourself and enjoy your self and let all other do just the same.

    2. Great wisdom in your words here emg. Just nods of agreement from me.

      Tell the tale WUaS and don’t worry about what folk will say or think. I say this to you from my personal experience building resilience around such things AND from historical epics that appear here on occasion. .

      I also have a shift that is fitting a 4 year slot quite nicely and leaving me a bit baffled given it’s number. Feeling like it can only fit the Uranus and Chiron shifts and duration but it’s feeling very distinct in it’s timeline regardless of not fitting a mould and that still points back to Uranus and Chiron right! Hehe… rolls eyes and shrugs.

  17. What a summary! I read the economist religiously & MM, this piece needs be in the next edition!

    I’m personally looking forward to politicians actually doing their jobs as part of our social contract and not personally benefiting from destroying our environment. Also the property market falling, especially with short term investors bailing & then the release of the findings by the Royal Commission into the banks, it will be interesting to see how it all goes.

    Was also reading a story on this the other day:

  18. Great read! On the fly so will re-read but am aligning with a number of 5hings you mention including quietly following financial and political trends without hurting my brain and freaking myself out. News is so tedious – checking sources etc.

    In the other hand unread a great article on no flying just yesterday. I am already in this zone with probably a limit of 1 x meaningful flight and this has been my stance for the last couple of years roughly. Live new places but don’t like how we are just trashing everything we open to tourism and all folk went quite often is a good insta snap and don’t actually commune with the space. Yeah, so …glad you are down with this. and mentioned it as I’m curious what everyone thinks on this one. The cheap flight bion was good for inclusion and accessibility but have we gone too far? And at what price?

    Back to it for me for now.

    1. Yes! I forgot to mention that I think Uranus will also lead to a backlash against tourism…and thank you! Need to put some sub-headings in there

      1. Oh that is another interesting pairing. I guess we are kind of seeing some early indicators of this based on the destruction of loads of places due to too much foot traffic. I think it was the Taj Mahal I was recently reading had changed its access to spaces and lots of places only allow you to look from beyond a barrier. Then there is the Insta traveller who appears to be in it for the perfect shot, which I suppose is a different kind of travelling experience but not where its at for me despite my love for imagery.
        Putting my hand up for worst every post with typos. Sun was in my eyes and was waiting in btwn an appt but still

    2. The idea of no flying makes me terribly sad. I just came back from a week long dream vacation to the place I’ve always wanted and couldn’t afford to go. Suddenly it’s been made affordable to me, and will be for at least the rest of the year. My world has opened up! I loved the place I went, I communed with it all right – I cried upon leaving it. I fully intend to go back repeatedly. The idea that now my world has opened up, people are saying, “no, it’s bad to fly, you shouldn’t do that” makes me sad and angry. 🙁

      1. I’m with you Incense. Why does no tourism have to be the answer? Why can’t they just make more eco-friendly planes? I was reading in the last year that we’re only about 10-15 years away from driverless electric cars as the mainstream. Once Amazon and other major shipping companies adopt this technology (part of the Pluto in Aquarius robots), everyone else will jump on it too. So why wouldn’t the airline industry follow a similar path?

        I’m here for a future of minimalist, debt-averse, natural medicine and herb growing where I can spend my money not on things but on travelling via clean technology, communing with lands that have always called to me and experiencing new ways of living and looking at the world that are different from where I’m from.

        I’ve travelled all around the part of the country I grew up in and find nothing but sameness and homogeny. I need the experience of being surrounded by otherness in order to really, deeply know, and not just believe, that in the otherness, I will find a more meaningful oneness.

      2. Ah yeah I get it and to be clear that’s not what I’m saying. Its one of a number of big issues impacting the earth. Every day travel is also an issue and lots of people won’t give up their cars easily either. Plastics polluting and man made plants and greenery trick us into thinking all is ok whilst we wildly consume a d splash pictures of our indulgences everywhere. Maybe it is? I’m not judging just observing.

        I wonder if we can’t all dial back what we’re happy to and maybe we’ll all balance each other out but in reality that won’t work because we need to go beyond token offerings to sacrifice perhaps…individually and collectively. People don’t typically tend to do that willingly or without necessity. Corporations even less so…

        It seems you’ve found a place you really connect so y’know…go there. We all also have to follow callings and spirit whispers but if you’re going to let other views impact your own experience then that’ll sit with you. I say that with a generous and light tone as I say it to myself quite regularly as well – what I think and feel is mine, always and irrespective of what anyone else says or does so if you stay mad and sad you may ruin your happy memory and future trips because they said you couldn’t etc…

        The biggest thing I got from reading your words is that you had a strong land connection and its brought up a lot of emotion for you. Nothing wrong with that xx

  19. > I am going big on the Vegan, minimalist, non-flying, herb-growing, debt-averse, natural medicinal aspect of things.

    YES I feel this so hard!! My ascendent is bang on 8.00.00 Aquarius, the ‘exemplars of the new age’ degree. I’ve been ranting to anyone who will listen about making private jets illegal and getting set up to move to a location by this time next year where I can be within electric car range of my family and land for a garden, and where there are train links to places to visit if I need to leave my home base.

    1. That’s my ascendant too (well 8.41), where did you see that about ‘exemplars of new age,’ is it from the Sabian symbols? I saw something about it being the degree of exile, which certainly describes my life.

  20. Wow, great read. So much to take in. Pardon the pun but I’m hedging my bets on Uranus in Taurus. Goodbye individualism and economic selfishness and hello the collective. Greed is not good but a plethora of veggies in the backyard goes a long way towards it.

    1. Start your collective now. Why wait for Uranus in Taurus? You live in a time and society where you are free to pursue that if you truly want it…and leave individuals to be individuals.

      1. Indeed! We started a community veg garden here 10 years ago. It’s been very fruitful (again pardon the pun) and I also had the good fortune to meet my lovely partner whilst working there. We have a sharing shed where we give away a lot of produce and other items, which has been amazingly successful. Would recommend. Would also recommend fermenting. Have been getting into kefir and sourdough and it’s been fabulous. Today is also saukraut day. Had a stack of cabbages self-seed and it’s so easy to make and incredibly good for you. I have my Saturn in Taurus and don’t let anything go to waste produce wise––I love the idea of growing and then filling up the pantry with all manner of home-made goods. It nourishes the soul and the body and is a great way to recycle old jars!

  21. Love it. Hoping that Uranus in Taurus leads to a moritorium on petroleum based plastics and a new biodegradable future.

    Curious about the Astro of Greta Thunberg.

    1. This! We don’t need all this fucking plastic. Make it stop. Please.

      And as a general commentary: I keep holding out a little hope that our collective brilliance will rise up to save all our selves.

      I actually keep hoping for something like the movie The Beautiful Green to happen. (Ooo, just found it on Vimeo: … fairly a propos a Uranus in Taurus.)

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