Decalcifying Your Third Eye

If the Third Eye is for real, then we should be decalcifying our pineal gland. What? Yet another health threat to worry about? Not really, it’s more that it would enhance spells and connection to extr-terrestial dimensions. The theory is that the same modernity that undermines body ecology – too much Wi-Fi, Flouride and so on – mess with our psychic powers.

Some people claim that without decalcifying the Third Eye aka the Pineal Gland we operate at a lower level of consciousness. The attached conspiracy theory would be that society wants us without higher awareness. Spiritually disconnected people crave consumer pleasures. Witches are always more trouble than Muggle citizens.

If your pineal gland aka the so-called Third Eye is calcified, I gather, it doesn’t matter how much meditation you do, it won’t function. You need to descale it the way you would a coffee machine. Scientifically, the pineal gland makes melatonin, the hormone of darkness that helps sleep. But fluoride goes straight for the pineal gland, say the anti-fluoride people.

Did An Aries Plumber Invent The Third Eye Concept?

I don’t know enough about the debate to have a side but I am intolerant to fluoride. Broadly, I don’t like the idea of mass-adding any chemical to the water supply. It is especially suspect if you see it in the context of governments thinking they can thus avoid offering juvenile dental care.

Anyway, if the pineal gland is the mystical Third Eye then, yes you need to decalcify it.  How? Well, actually the detox involves the usual super-foodie suspects: MSM, Chaga, Blue Algae and Cacao. An experimental approach would be to drink only filtered water for one Moon cycle, add a superfood and track your dreams or psychic perceptions to see if they became more lucid.

But though Taoism talks of the Third Eye and some people try to say that the Ancient Egyptians had a concept of it, it’s possibly just a metaphor.  It became a mass culture concept in the West when Lobsang Rampa wrote a best-selling book called – yes – The Third Eye.

It was about the author’s experience as a Tibetan monk who navigated higher astral plains. But in fact, he was an Aries plumber named Cyril Hoskin, from Plympton in the United Kingdom. He was, interestingly, a Sun square Neptune guy.

But if the Third Eye is a hoax and, as my doctor informed me, the Pineal Gland is too interior for any effect from diet/the outside, why does it feel so good when I have it needled in acupuncture?

Who knows about this or decalcifying your pineal gland?

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  1. This blog post is visible to me in 2022, after a current post…. a msg from my pineal gland?? 🤔🤔 While I ponder on the beautiful synchronicities of life I’ll give my beliefs on the third eye. I have my energetic levels checked monthly with my naturopath via muscle testing and voice frequency testing which shows imbalances to all my bodily functions, and I can tell you when my pineal is off I have insomnia and direct hits to my 3rd eye when around crystals. Doctors could never validate or treat the pineal as it’s affects sit in the auric fields, which would never be treated by modern medicine which only treats symptoms not causes. That being said, I’ve abandoned all medical treatments for alternative medicines and energetic healing ❤️‍🩹 ✨

  2. Just out of curiosity how does one “needle” the pineal gland? AFAIK its buried in the centre of the brain, so major brain surgery would be required to achieve this. Lol! I think your acupuncturist may be preying on your professed lack of understanding about the pineal, Mystic 😉

    1. No, sorry it was my writing. She did not say she was needling it but that ‘third eye’ point always feels fantastic.

    2. Acupuncture doesn’t work by needling any *physical* organs per se. It works by stimulating points that lie on the body’s energetic pathways (meridians) which relate to each organ. The point located between the eyebrows (Yintang in Chinese, or Hall of Impression) IS related to the pineal gland & is often needled because it has a powerful action of calming the mind & treating insomnia – often caused by an imbalance of serotonin (precursor of melatonin) synthesised in the pineal gland.

      1. MoonstoneMagnolia

        Yes, agree Skarab. Used this point in my shiatsu days, very effective.

        Also, the ancient Bahui point I learnt studying West Australian wildflower essences. Drawing a line with fingers from ears straight up and across a bit, like where a hairband would sit.. often where the hair whorls. Effective with finger pressure or with essences.
        As someone who pulls their hair out when stressed, my hairdresser once commented it was white and a different curl pattern. I also stroke between my brows the liver meridian indentations when stressed … calming. I’m very livery and a wood Chinese element….. home full of wood, no metals, clanking bamboo knitting needles … can’t face a metal crotchet hook…. here everyone crafts or ….. writes long segue posts if they can’t paint or draw to save their lives. Mmmm

  3. Since the pineal is part of the brain, the known basics for brain care (which are hard enough to maintain nevermind obtaining obscure mushrooms): regular basic non-overdoing exercise, enough regular sleep, positive human connection, also not a huge diet of morbid CSI (uh, we could probably count election coverage in this)depressing dark television, relatively low work stress. Also blackout curtains/ basic sleep hygiene–that book “Lights Out” is major. One dot of light at night on your forearm is proven to start cortisol production and inhibit melatonin. Yellow lens glasses and limiting white light/blue screen time a few hours before bed.

    Also, cheap vegetable oils (canola, corn, etc) are horrible for the synapses in the brain even in pretty small amounts. Old school paleo-type fats are nourishing.

  4. Somewhat off-topic: whenever I lower my head down to kiss my “smart” cat (you know the ones, they are not just their species, but some kind of old soul), I feel his third eye pulsating with mine. Like an actual pressure in the middle of my forehead.

    Not surprisingly, he’s also woken me out of sleep by telling me he’s hungry in my dreams, the little rapscallion.

  5. Quite a heavy tome but The Serpent Power by Arthur Avalon aka Sir John Woodroffe was the first book i was advised to read when i started researching Tantra.
    One almost needs to be able to read Sanskrit to really understand it but it is very detailed for those interested.
    I remember one of the practises (not in TSP) was to navigate your home sans any lighting ie: being able to ‘see’ in the dark.
    ANother was ‘imprinting’, looking at the mandala of choice or given to you, closing our eyes repeat until you see it ‘in your mind’s eye’ the 3rd eye.
    Apparently trepanning was found in many ancient skulls. And a crystal like substance similar to cocaine was found in the skulls of mummies said to be made in the pineal gland.
    Now to read ALL of the above comments 🙂

  6. I recently tried out a third eye meditation group. It was very strict and almost more like therapy… but the results were incredibly tangible, I saw vivid swirling colors during meditation and my intuition started to go off the charts!

  7. I had the best cheesecake of my life in Plympton, Devon. I reckon that’s what opened Lopsang’s third eye.

    I ditched the fluoride toothpaste. I am on week 2 of no-poo which was the last of the nasty chemicals to go. Started up green juicing a couple of months ago.

    This is going to sound nuts but my husband has been looking into the effects of pyramids, specifically steep-sided Russian pyramids and their effects on the energies around them. He is also interested in how water running under buildings can affect health and wellbeing. We know there are streams running under the building that intersect and he feels in certain spots in the house there is some weird stuff going on, if he sits in a particular spot in the living room he starts to feel ill. He has 5 planets in Virgo so I don’t dispute him and he has done a massive amount of research. Anyway, he has been making these 72 degree pyramids, a couple of feet high, made from wood (cannot use metal in the construction). Painted white. They are beautiful. He placed one over the wifi router in our bedroom, and I started sleeping for the first time since 2012 (the year I moved out of an off the grid set-up that I had been living in for a while and into the world of wifi). I had a hunch that I was sensitive to wifi. Maybe it’s placebo but I don’t think so, my insomnia was so bad I was at one point feeling suicidal because there was literally no time off thinking about things. Just awful. And it has gone.

    He’s put another one in the spot in the living room that makes him feel ill, just to see what happens.

    I was walking under an avenue of oaks the other day and I felt the their energy pulsing down on my head, in waves. You know how squid move, that motion? That’s what it felt like. Complete wellbeing and goodwill from the trees. I think my pineal is being cranked open.

    1. What if you turned the modem off overnight?

      Feng shui says to no water channels under house. Includes stormwater drains, drainage depressions, sewer mains, etc
      I think.

      1. Have tried this to some extent but I am an early bird and he is a night owl so the amount of time the router can be turned off is about 2-4 hours, plus there is a scramble over furniture to do it, which I always wake up for despite the construction site earplugs. It is best not to wake the bear lol

  8. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I reckon my pineal gland is just fine.

    I only need to close my eyes to see a glittering kaliedoscope of colours. My dreams are super vivid and realistic/fantastical.

    I reckon staring at the sun a lot when I was a kid helped (I still stare at it).

    1. aww i know that relief feeling, i got it when i discovered the hsp bk.
      now im wondering if i have any other conditions…for want of a better word x

      1. I’d be interested in this too Nancy – loved reading the history and looking at the site but I’m in Sydney too – do you think you could come? Pretty please and thank you Mystic for facilitating this – Ask and ye shall Receive I guess

  9. Too good all these comments. I echo Ren’s words “Gosh I love our community” That says it all – the individual striving with collective support.
    Pineal gland calcification is a really fascinating topic and I am so excited to see support in this light field in Melbourne.
    At the moment with this Pluto energised moon cycle now waning from its full last week, I have to reflect on the relentless nature of the earth aspect of the journey (ie while we are in embodied form) and the destructive and creative (and calcifying) processes we undergo.
    I also resonate with Davidl’s comments. What do we do when you reach those lofty realms? Where are our brothers and sisters? I see the journey as mountain climbing – always climbers ahead and above and below and me in the middle. If I stop to admire the view I may well be standing in a spot alone or there may be others at the same spot and we can compare notes and rest and rejoice in the achievements so far. Then (sometimes with reluctance) because aren’t we told not to stand still? we continue the climb – alone or with others. If we look there is encouragement from those gone ahead – Ascended Masters and Ladies. That makes the journey joyful. And we can do the same to our brothers and sisters of all kingdoms and elements – look to them with encouragement. And here the looking loses its hierarchical structure and becomes one-to-one, as Davidl said the highest can manifest as “plumbers” or as the one we overlook, reject or discard as insignificant. Love that stone in your shoe. I like to think that I don’t stop to remove it and throw it away. I like to think I can tuck it in between my toes where it doesn’t cause any irritation but keeps me awake to its presence. Love and Blessings to Mystic Medusa and the community drawn here.

  10. YES! In kundalini yoga we always close our eyes & roll them upward to focus at the third eye. It crosses your optic nerves, putting pressure on the pineal & pituitary glands = voila, decalcification! It has completely blown open my intuition!

  11. twinfishrising

    Tv rots your brains

    Quote from Don’t Tell Mom the Babaysitter’s Dead.

    Ok, so tele series is where all the creative juices are flowing in film atm but the fear-addiction of “news” and “reality” tv has got to be calcifying for the pineal..

    Courage fortifies the capacities to travel to higher realms.

  12. I’ve been practicing Yoga Nidra, a sleep based meditation, at least once a week for almost two years, and it’s been hugely beneficial. And once I started taking the MSM, my already vivid dreams became even more insane (Neptune at the anaretic degree of Sag and the Galactic Center on my South Node and Ascendant trine my Sun in Aries, with a Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in Sag in the 12th).

  13. LiberatingVenus

    What a Saturn/Neptune topic – LOVE it!

    Decalcifying the pineal gland is about being Receptive, IMO – less output; more input. Listening. Paying attention to your dreams. Picking up on all the nuanced “signs” in everyday life (everything is a metaphor). Cultivating a spiritual connection to life.

    I don’t believe that I have it completely decalcified (takes time), but I’ve definitely been chipping away at it. The worst you can do is to deny your own intuition – Neptune is self-effacing by nature and I literally spent decades of my life thinking that I didn’t have any natural intuition. I was wrong.

    When I was young, I used to love to take my father’s tuning fork, strike it, and then place the ball of it directly on my third eye. I believe the pineal gland is activated via vibration, so sound and music can play a large part in helping to break apart the crusty layers that can encase it.

    1. I love to put crystals there, specifically Labradorite hearts and Amythest points. It relaxes me and stimulates something intangible.

  14. I think that fish pose or Matsyasana in yoga would help. It tones your thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands. One of my favourite poses as well.

  15. Turmeric tea could maybe decalcify the pineal gland? Does wonders for so much in our systems if used correctly…reduces beta-amyloid plaque build up in the brain that causes Alzheimers

  16. I wanted to do Lucia as it was at a party of all places but it is not recommended for epileptics or those who experience seizures.

  17. Interesting that 3rd eye is brought up after i just finished a yoga related workshop. it is thought by some that attempting to just soup up your upper chakras without balancing the lower ones, heart on down can cause mental imbalance, increased paranoia, etc. we are flesh and blood creatures so it makes sense to me that the bottom needs should get some attention first. Just like spot weight reduction fad in the 80’s this will probably be a year or 2 trend. However nothing wrong with being rid of fluoride, chanting and mantra, and extra suoerfoods though!

    1. This makes sense — I think for very creative / intellectual types it’s important to have those things that ground, requench flames, lower as well as upper. I think of it in Astro terms as trying to balance air and fire with earth energy.

      The yoga studio near my place just started a 7-week series, flow through the chakras, and I’m excited to learn more about it. We started with the lowest one, at the base of spine, associated with earth energy last week.

    2. I’ve been mega called to blue stones. However, I realized that creating a watery altar calmed my son but threw me off whack! I was becoming very cynical and negative again. A few days ago I threw on the Malachite necklace and Prehnite ring and within 24 hours ‘stabilized’ myself by purging toxic emotions.

      I realized I am MEGA heart-centered. When I focus on that chakra all else aligns exempt sacral. But playing with all those blue and purple stones exclusively threw me OUT, lol. Keyword – exclusively.

      I literally get a sore throat if I wear Lapis Lazuli for several days – interesting stuff.

    3. And doesn’t that make complete sense!!
      That theory was given to me and some of the practises entailed before i started diddling around with the root chakra…lol.
      Anyways that was 25 years ago
      when it was predicted that the word ‘Chakra’ would enter mainstream language within 10 years.

  18. Have tried a Lucia session once, it was beautiful…some dear friends invested in the light to provide treatments.

    I’m thinking that one should do it regularly to get the deeper benefit, I should probs do some more

  19. Toning is a tried and true method to stimulate and activate the pineal gland.
    Using your own composition of vowels,
    aeiou, in any order, from your throat hold the tone and move it up the back of your neck to the base of the skull, hold it there and move it down past your forehead back to the throat. This circle of toning can be extended to the thymus in the middle of your chest and back up the spine and so on. Feel the vibration of your toning in each spot and with a little practice a few minutes each day can really make a difference. It’s fun, free and you can do it anywhere.
    The idea is to have all those points stimulated, when they work together, the real benefits multiply.
    Don’t forget the thymus ! It’s in my books a very underestimated gland that can be reawakened to elevate immunity and longevity ! The vibration of toning can connect the pineal and thymus !

    1. E.g. Tibetan monks? Harmonics, all that?
      In music class we learnt a cool way to do this, basically you sing “Moree” in a very slow, drawn out, enunciated fashion which stretches all the tones and vowel forms out , do it somewhere echoey, even a tiled bathroom or the garage, sounds cool 🙂

      1. That’s how Tibetan Monks have orgasms, the vibrations when they do all that Omming.
        (or that’s what i tell clients when i think there is primal scream to be released).
        ‘Sound vibrates in the body-that’ why women talk a lot, it releases tension’.
        O well it gets a laugh and that’s a sound innit?

      1. There is a yogic move of tapping the thymus to acknowledge it. On the outside of the body of course 🙂

      1. 🙂 Actually I’m so glad that Lopsang was an Aries plumber. I have this book and it was one of my first on the subject. Why am I glad. Because it proves that higher knowledge is not only available from special gurus and those that put themselves out there as teachers. Higher knowledge is not just for those that take on expensive specialized study and strive and seek to attain it as a goal. I believe in a benevolent universe and that benevolence is not just for a chosen few. It must by its very nature be available to any soul, young or old, blind or illiterate, rich or poor. The beauty of it is simplicity. Simply that all of us have all the knowledge and skill we need from birth, we don’t need to be taught anything, we just need to be reminded.
        The holiest people I have met are those that know that reminding people of their inherent knowledge is all that is necessary.
        Plumbers, hobos, strangers, children, I don’t care who you are, I know when someone is giving me a leg up, and if that help costs an arm and a leg then I know it is not from source.
        I’ll add this. I have been lucky enough to have been shown the way to lofty realms but once there the first thought is this. Where are my brothers and sisters ? There is no peace in finding ones way when you are alone. The next step in spiritual evolution must be taken by all of us, not just some of us. I once asked my guidance about the end of this stage in human development. Who will make it ? Who is to be saved ? The answer. Every last one of us ! No one rises till all are ready.

        1. Love everything you wrote in the comments today. Useful and inspiring. I also know a magical pixie of a woman who also happens to be a badass plumber with a speciality for compost toilets. She spends half her year working on and studying sustainable building construction and permaculture in Denmark and the rest of the year fixing toilets and hang-gliding in red-neck Alberta Canada with a bunch of red-neck guys that wouldn’t know a pineal gland if it bit them. In her spare time she weaves and she is one of the most magical and delicately beautiful people I’ve ever met. There is no occupation that can’t be imbued with magic and no mould for what an enlightened person should look like.

  20. Oooh you’re local! I’ve looked at the Qi website before. Sounds like I need to get in touch Nancy 🙂

  21. Seeing as how I’m trying to a) lose 20lbs before Sept. 15 and b) do a cleanse of the entire Zap Zone that started in 2012 via juice cleanse, I’ll be awaiting more specific advice about this. Shall I just bring my favorite turquoise charm to every yoga class and lay it on my third eye during corpse pose?

    Will be staying tuned!

  22. Some ways I know are get lots of daylight, ceremony. Vision quest properly done I’d say was my greatest experience of opening the third eye. Preparation involved no salt for several weeks, avoiding meat and eventually just fruit . Then the quest itself is entered in ceremony and prayers sit in your spot 4 days and nights no food or water. By the third day I was seeing amazing things! Not hungry at all til last night which was the most powerful. First meal of marrow soup tasted amazing! I also think regular cleansing with sage or smudge. Use mugwort after doing any readings and using obsidian to ground is good.

    1. Yes to daylight or at least ultraviolet light. I knew a massage therapist who used tanning beds to combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder, very common here in Canada) as recommended by her health practitioner. Not only did she overcome her disorder, one day in the tanning bed she had an experience she described as like a walnut cracked open in the centre of her brain and then was flooded with a sensation of oneness and connection to the universe etc. Went home and googled it and sure enough, symptoms of pineal gland decalcification. So maybe all you need is to get enough vitamin D?

      1. Yes. During winter when the sun DOES come out, face it with eyes closed and let it seep into forehead, even 2/3 minutes is therapy for SAD.
        When the temp is below 16 celcius i become distressed as seems i run totally on solar power.

        1. Lol, Pegasus you probably shouldn’t come to Edmonton in the winter then as 16 celsius would be considered an unusually nice day! After 38 years of this Canadian Prairie winter I’m coming to the same conclusion about solar power. I crave dry desert heat like pms craves chocolate! I will try your recommendation this winter as it’ll be a year or two still before I’m able to move to a warmer climate.

  23. I will def be looking into this!
    Just back from days of psych assessments
    Had another week of insomnia, like literally no sleep for four nights in a row again and was on prescription melatonin, 3 mgs per night, running 5ks every morning, Pilates at lunchtime, meditating twice a day, no caffeine, no alcohol, dark curtains, in 15 hours of trying to sleep I was lucky if I got 2 or three. Been tracking sleep with jawbone, tracking periods, food, feelings, doing therapy, yoga, the works. Was like WTF, this again. Also I was getting that ADHD was not the whole story. Had booked in with an amazing woman to do a combo of EMDR and talk therapy but because my work involves reading a lot about different mental health issues I kept coming across info on HSP and SPD, autism spectrum and aspie stuff, and the twice exceptional gifted thing. Then I started reading a book by a woman diagnosed last year in the UK at 43 with autism. Because women present so differently than men and I’d previously assumed you had to be Dustin Hoffman or a chess prodigy to qualify and I can’t tell numbers apart, follow street directions or even find my way to the corner shop, no matter how many times I go there, I never thought…but yes.
    I cried with relief
    I am autistic
    I am.
    I cried with relief
    All the random traumatic events suddenly had a context and everything made sense. Things I was punished for as a child and learned to hide and suppress but never stopped hurting or being traumatic now have a context.
    I realise I’ve had to muffle so much just to survive but I don’t have to anymore. I am aspie ADHD, dyslexic, dyspraxic, dyscalculia and proud. I advocate for neurobiological minority groups. That is my life now. I fuqin REPRESENT!
    If you’re aspie and you know it don your shade, cup your ears 🙂
    I’m not sure if that made sense, I slightly delirious and start EMDR next week
    I’m just so relieved and feeling such love and respect for myself.

    1. Love and respect back at ya, Invicta, from an HSP. It did make sense. And every bit of your journey that you have shared here over the years has been a testament to your extraordinary courage xx

    2. HSP is also an acrynom and a book called ‘Highly Sensitive People’.
      The sensitivy is now recognised i suppose you know, but at the time it was quite an explanation for many childhood experiences.
      (and being able to hear thro’ walls 🙂

    3. Oh honey. So glad you have answers. I have been suspecting my teenage son is Aspie, but pediatrician doubted it. He said probably his high anxiety. He would refer us, but said it would not change treatment or schooling choices we made so …. Now I think I should reading your joy.

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