Aura Clearing – Is It Really Necessary?

Is Aura Clearing Necessary? Yes, actually. Auric or psychic hygiene is as vital and elating as physical hygiene. But you can do it yourself, in the shower with some good quality salt or via an Alchemy Bath.

If you feel like you’re murked up, burn some Sage or Mugwort or clang some Tibetan bells around. It need not even be that complicated. Walking in the wind, bathing in the ocean and orgasms can all re-charge your aura. Dancing to loud music and yelling ‘fuq off’ is aura clearing. Personally, I like to occasionally sit in an infrared sauna with the Green Tara mantra playing.

So I know someone who just paid about $450 to have her aura cleared. It seems excessive, and it was sold to her via some passive-aggressive Qi Vampire grifting.

She said if it was not cleared a.s.a.p. there would be horrible consequences, due to all the dark energy clustering around her whatever chakra. This is unethical although of course, if you’ve been through a particularly difficult stage, spiritual healing from a well=grounded and skilled practitioner is fantastically beneficial.

If you got your HOUSE spring cleaned professionally and have to pay a whole heap, sure, whatever – you’d know what needed to be done and where the $ was going, right? You would know if it was filthy enough to warrant Haz-Mat protective uniforms and a jumbo-bill at the end of it.

But in the case of an aura-clearing, you’re purely reliant on the opinion of the person selling it to you. Never trust anyone who tries to make you think some hellacious crap is going to go down if you don’t get your aura cleansed by them.

Or buy whatever ‘protective talisman’ they’re peddling that day. Tell them that to imply a dark presence or bad outcome will occur if you don’t pay them money is the bad juju. And that they’re the person who’s going to be copping all the bad crap. Vampirism doesn’t pay.

Finally, the more you do the hard work of consciousness-raising and proper boundary setting, the more your aura clears itself.Β  But again, if you’re emerging from a uniquely weird or difficult circumstance, your aura could be too depleted to lightly contemplate D.I.Y.

You don’t have to buy into the whole chakra concept or Hindu mysticism to know that everything living has an energy field around itself and that it can be weak, strong, compromised or re-charged.

And the best time to do it? During the monthly Moon-Neptune alignment, which you can see in the Moon Calendar or even better, at the time of the month that the Moon connects with your natal Neptune, viewable in the Daily Horoscopes.

This is when you’re naturally more able to detect subtle and unseen energies. Likewise when Mercury is near your Neptune or the current Neptune but that’s far less frequent and the Moon also inspires nurturing instincts.


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  1. The banter on this thread is delightful & insightful. There is no ‘reply’ to a ‘reply’ anymore so it prevents conversations where we gleaned masses of information about each other’s ideas, book recommendations & personalities.

      1. Wrote to Geo about it a few weeks ago….but it was at the time of the spam getting through resulting in a tightening up of protocols.Thanks Lovely x

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    Can I add to the list: having a good belly laugh.

    Horses for courses.

    Reminds me of the time when I was a 20 something girl. I was at the pedestrian lights about to push the button when a Scientologist came up to me and asked whether I would like a personality test. I replied ” Don’t worry I’m pretty sure I’ve got one! LOL.

    Fuq dodged a bullet there.

  3. Wish Upon a Star

    Thanks for confirming the wind aura cleansing. I have always felt cleansed by the wind. Even better under whistling, whispering high trees at night. Sublime sounds.
    They tell you their secrets.

  4. Having my energy field cleaned by a healer has worked wonderfully for me. I also trained in energy work myself, but there’s nothing like having someone else come in and do it for you.

    That said, $450 is astronomical- I don’t care who’s hanging out in your space.

  5. Everybody needs their f-ing aura cleansed! Come on now, we’re living a world of illusions. We were talking on the other thread (anon flux, Veronica) about seeing people’s energies. I know odd stuff goes on, family karma and energy cages and all that. But I’ve never seen anything or anyone be able to remove that, per se. I did go to a gypsy once. I gave her $120, considered I was paying for the performance. I could see where people get into having a story for why they’re f-ed up and a price tag for their fix. Let’s them pretend their in control of what they can’t stand to understand.

    1. “There’s a gypsy down on Bleecker Street
      I went in to see her as a kind of joke
      And she lit a candle for my love luck
      And eighteen bucks went up in smoke”
      Joni Mitchell ‘Song for Sharon’ xx

      1. That was in the 70s my BFF was visiting a gypsy in Bleecker Street a few years ago and it was $500 for a candle. Pre GFC prices….

  6. Bikram yoga- perfect whilst at the end the sweat is dripping your heart is returning to normal and all the visualisation is focused on getting aura crap out..

  7. I need an aura cleansing – but hell no do I have $450 to do it.

    I used to have an Epsom Salt and Eucalypt bath whenever I felt this bad… but the place I live in now has no bath. I can feel the negativity building!!!

    1. I wish I still had a home with a bath too! No to worry though, you can make a body scrub with the Epsom salts & oils – a few drops of essentials and a few of a carrier oil like evoo or ricebran oil – whatev in the kitchen really. Nice to dry body brush first then use scrub from toe to top… Really gets the skin zinging, then shower off, feels fab.

    2. My friend got an inflatable bath off Amazon for under $100 and loves it! She moved during a pregnancy from bath to no bath and the inflatable tub solved her bathing woes

  8. Agree with all the comments here…
    It’s like taking vitamin supplements when you eat and drink crap and don’t exercise. True transformation is in our own hands (and minds/hearts/souls) and starts from the inside out. I believe that yes there is spiritual help available but we have to take actions ourselves. It’s up to us to give the cosmos great material to work with. It’s also proved true for me that if I’m struggling with something I do better to go to the beach or clean my house than look outside myself for ‘cleansing’.
    In my 20s and 30s I spent a fortune seeing ‘psychics’ and healer types and wondered why they were always overweight smokers with bad teeth/hair living in dodgy suburbs. These people must give the honest and very talented practitioners a bad name.
    Now I am VERY choosy who I consult. I have a few rules: (Cap stellium loves a good set of rules lol). They must be taking care of themselves at least as well as I take care of me; their home/workplace MUST be uncluttered and quiet both materially and energetically; they must give me more than what I tell them about myself; they must offer something practical besides ‘Oh darl I can intuit you’re at a crossroads’; they must make me think and not just tell me what they think I want to hear.
    Having said all that I now have an army of amazing people whose help I call upon when I need it. Friends whose insight into me is far clearer than any stranger’s ever will be and who can deliver a well meaning kick up the arse when needed; a very good shrink; very grounded and otherwise un-woowoo bodywork practitioners who delight in the emotional / spiritual transformations that result from with their crunching and stretching; and a Tarot reader who is absolutely the genuine article. As I grow spiritually and emotionally I find I am seeking out new kinds of people/practices.
    I like what Caroline Myss has to say about all this. She says we all know what our answers are and what we have to do. But most of us don’t listen to that voice/feeling. We wish it would say something else.

    1. It’s so true that trusting that inner voice takes a long time.
      Now I also qualify my questions! Is this the best house for me vs is this the best house for my family vs is this the best house for my family and extended people in my environment all have very different answers. For me, I might live in Byron, for my family maybe the mountains, for all of us.. right here.
      Sometimes I have misunderstood my inner voice due to not misinterpretation.
      You sound like you have a really good team about you btw!

      1. Yes I can relate to that! Nowadays I also ask ‘which practitioner for which problem at which time’ – it varies. I no longer expect to be ‘cured’ or ‘cleansed’. It’s a process.
        Yeah my support crew is pretty fab. Nothing cleanses my aura like a good chat with my besties over a glass of wine.

  9. great advice MM! Also, I strongly believe there is rarely anything that another can do for you that you cannot do for yourself just as well or even better, especially within these realms

  10. not quite aura cleansing but I’m happy about a little thing I did for a family member.

    I had a look thru my only aromatherapy book The Fragrant Mind, as I was so compelled to baptise my room (bed, pillows, air space) in Geranium, Black pepper and bergamot last night and wanted to know why I chose these in particular (it made sense.) Also other citruses and some lovely rose.

    family member is ultra air, not a lot of body-awareness, her Toro moon has to fight for attention. Lately she’s been a bit burnt-out and having trouble sleeping. among other practical solutions she’s working on, I made her an aromatherapy mix with some oils Worwood suggests for ‘nervous exhaustion’ to burn in her room, included some yummy, enriching, next-level oils like frankincense, roman chamomile, clary sage, sweet orange, petitgrain and some other things .. it smelt fab…and she said for the first time in weeks she slept like a log, and woke up feeling great!! Also could have been the salad I made for her full of crisp vegies, seeds and splashed with delicous anti-inflammatory extra virgin olive oil πŸ™‚

    1. …wow that’s all beautiful!
      It could also have been the simple act of caring for another that helped her in combo with the aromatherapy and good food. Allowing her to feel nurtured and supported. Nothing like human compassion to help us sleep xxx

    2. Yum, all of it. Right now with the humidity in Sydney and living with 2 teens and another one that doesn’t see the purpose of bathing I could use a few potions. I feel a bit like I’m living in a football change room. Though I’m thinking more high pressure hose.

      1. keep a gurney handy? lol. teach them that smelling good will get them more attention from girls?
        I’ve always loved the idea of a house that I could clean via high pressure hose. Maybe I should live in a converted garage πŸ˜€

        1. Okay, you have given me the best idea.
          The Gurney Aura Nozzle.

          See we bounce off each other here and somehow we always get to the grist. We could make a fortune Pi.

          I’ll finance the gurney and the nozzle ….that should be , ommmm, $180 , hold on… Plus Deluxe Aura nozzle $50 …shit it’s just a nozzle ? ….anyway with shipping, handling , (hehe) testing . Application to the TGA… bout $50 .
          Let’s face it @ $450 a turn we is covered big time *high five*.

          Marketing …hmmm
          Bring on your Schmozzle …we got the nozzle.
          Give me the go ahead and I’ll go down to my local Aldi and grab some rubber gloves, eye shields ..what size onesy for you ? Silver or beige ?

          1. Product name: The Transformational Aura Purification 3000.
            I can see this working on so many levels. I’d like to nominate that Vince guy from the sham wow and schticky commercials.
            Just last week I spotted a bogan neighbour using a gurney to wash his car. This guy is not so bright, he has a mullet coloured blonde (party at the back) and brunette (all business at the front). He had the extension cord over the footpath and it was coping most of the water. No wonder the dog barks at him.

              1. I’ve Linkedin’ed with a few ET , entity type sites. They want a cut ! I told them that we weren’t interested in multi level marketing scams.. It’s against our ethical statement .. They laughed ? So 30 % ?

              2. Looking for ways to build and reconstruct your auric field.
                Don’t spend money on detoxing your body, true purification is at the soul level.
                Ways to detox your aura and transform your life.

                1. S …

                  ah yes “TRANSFORM
                  an essential turn of phrase!

                  was he trying to take the paint off or something?! πŸ˜€

                2. No I don’t think so but that was the result for parts of the car. I thought he was trying to electrocute himself. His mates I suspect looking on to record this for a bite of the YouTube cherry.

          2. Genius.

            Deluxe Aura nozzle, guaranteed for up to five past lives and 20 negative entities.
            we would use a standard nozzle that has been coated in holographic paint and pre-treated with the relevant crystal(s).
            Pluto Oil infused of course.

            Fed up with Feng Shui?
            Entities in your entryway?
            Not enough witchery in your cookery?
            Children behaving like spawn of the Devil?
            Maybe you need…
            HOUSECLEANSE 4014
            The Clean Of The Future is here
            Detox your Dining Room!
            Blast your Bathroom!
            Bring the Love back to the Bedroom!

            Cleanse Stale Qi from household furniture and objects? Ask about our Obligation Free Quote!!

            Tell the entities they get their cut upon proof of departure, or at least going away for 12 months until the cleaning reminder arrives in the household’s mail

            we could spray paint some Tyvek suits in gold , or I could run something up.

            sweet.. and here’s me thinking i’m doomed to a life of award wages

            *high fives back*

    3. Scorporation, Inc.

      So awesome. x

      So frankincense is next level? I found soaps with its oil in them & felt compelled by an other worldly force to take them home. *Love* my new soaps: the way they smell, how they feel…

      (Natal Libra moon conjunct Pluto)

      1. πŸ™‚ next-level …hmm I may have been a little cavalier with my choice of adjectives, but some oils just have a way of making me inhale their scent extra-deep into my lungs .. at some level it feels like they are (beneficially) rearranging my space… maybe it’s because they are a smidge less common and smell more unusual than easily obtained oils like orange or rosemary, lavender (not that I don’t love all of these just as much)?
        all those resin-y, wood scents (virginian cedarwood- pencil shavings!) – feel very earthing to me. and the ultra herbaceous-smelling oils like clary sage that make me think of 3rd eye and headspace. BUT i am not an aromatherapist by a long shot so this is sort of flight of fancy.

        frankincense soaps sound luscious. perfect for a moon-plutonian? I have moon on cusp 7th-8th houses, and pluto in libra too so things have to smell right πŸ™‚ xoxo

        1. oh! just looked up frankincense in Worwood’s book: here you go… it’s quite long so i’ll just pull out bits.

          frankincense = Boswellia carteri (scientific name)

          elevating, spiritual, meditative,wisdom

          use to counteract… fears, grief, blockages,over-attachment, burn-out, repressions, resistance, self-destruction,apprehension,despair

          use to support…comfort, healing, emotional stability, enlightenment, protective, introspection, courage, acceptance, inspiration

          “Frankincense people are compassionate and interesting and something of an enigma in that they often display an air of mystery and secretiveness, even hinting at an understanding of the nature of the universe. There is a strong driving forcefulness about this personality, a strength and fortitude supported by maturity, conscientiousness, confidence and efficiency. At the same time, Frankincense can be impetuous, compulsive and generous. ”

          quotes Maureen Farrell (another aromatherapist) – Frankincense – the traveller, the pilgrim on the Way of Life – a steadfast companion on a journey through grief and in letting go of fear or suppressed emotions. For me, the resins and resinoids, most frequently used in aromatherapy, come into the category of the Wounded Healer.

          (pp. 435-437)


          1. a lot of the description i haven’t quoted also sounds like you scorp, if your (pixel-deep) MM personality is anything to go by πŸ™‚

            1. My great grandmother would burn frankincense in the morning as we were all waking up. Then in the evening at bed time . One of my earliest memories as a toddler. So an oil can be used to remind you of a time in your day. In our case it was upon wakening and going to sleep. When I smell Frankincense that’s where I can go if I choose . Those moments of peace and quiet before or after a busy day.

              1. Aw that’s lovely. I adore the idea of smell being like a theta wave inducer created by love… Of course physical love is an excellent theta wave to surf on too. πŸ™‚

            2. Scorporation, Inc.

              Great food for thought. Thanks for this, Pi. I’m having major Chiron action in my life as of late, & doing the Chiron return. As above, so below. No wonder I was so drawn to my franki soaps: on certain levels we know shiz we don’t know yet… Thank you! xx

              Can’t comment on the digital persona thing, except to say that I also have a Clark Kent in my repertoire. Depends on my company. πŸ˜‰

              1. no comment xpected re digi persona xox it just sounded very scorpy in general, Frankie sounds good for people who live in or are just passing thru the Styx Valley, you know xoxox

                1. Scorporation, Inc.

                  Passing through the Styx Valley: was that painful? I don’t remember so many things… Chiron return is painful, right? Yesterday I had to put on my best
                  game face & read a pedophile’s x-rated love note to his fantasy 5 yr old girl victim, it front of said pedophile. I had to read it: he dared me to– it was a test. And I did it without fuqing flinching. I even found compassion for *his* suffering somewhere in there. I can’t judge him: he is a product, & his makers are a product, and so on & so on… I know too much to judge him.

                  After two months of cutting my cigs down to two/week, I am smoking about 5/day now. They feel compulsory, like an inoculation. That’s how those things work, right: a little hair of the dog to keep the beast away?

                  I hope to sleep better tonight. I made it through, but the bleeding kept waking me. Yeah I took a direct hit. A door opens…

                  I am having a

                2. Scorporation, Inc.

                  walking sleep terror.Sun-Neptune transiting my 12th. Chiron coming round in my first. Pluto. Uranus, Jupiter– it’s big. I miss my dog, and my owl. Reversed owl.

  11. I can’t believe folks still fall for this bullsh*t.
    A Fool and their money…..and yes I have been scamed too.
    Hearing about these types of ‘spiritual’ creepers makes me want to lather-up and ‘cleanse my aura’ for serious.

  12. Scorporation, Inc.

    Today an 87 year old woman told me about the sexual fantasies she has starring a 20 year old neighborhood guy. That was right after I saw her hanging as if she was on a cross. That sounds really weird, but I can’t explain it any further. And I cant explain it any further.

    It was really very Lilith. A very Lilith, Uranus moment. I feel a little… spooked.

        1. Scorporation, Inc.

          I live in a David Lynch joint.

          And how lovely that you can feel your bedroom carpet under your feet again, Pi πŸ˜€ Expecting company, are ye?

  13. I agree with Prowln. Aura is just the emanation of what’s inside. Cleaning the aura is like telling someone who is killing themselves and internal organs with meth to put some make up on over the blotchy pallid skin and voila ! Your better, cause you look better.
    Let’s be clear here, I don’t believe in invisible entities attacking my chakras, it’s much more likely toxic thoughts and ideas manifesting themselves.
    To clear the aura from the inside, find your internal power points and clear them with toning the vowels. Sing to them and feel them grow and clear. Most auras that are cloudy and dim in my view are the result of not tuning those power points.

    1. Hey davey

      Yeah as I understand it, the “invisible entities attacking my chakras” thing is an externalisation method popular in a lot of traditional spirituality and indigenous culture.

      Apparently it’s more comforting to people to get exorcised of said entities by dancing around and having magic sticks waved at them, than by acknowledging that all emanates from within.

      Not that I’m dissing the traditional forms … it just doesn’t resonate with my more contemporary spiritual background. Also the traditional forms leave one dependant on the gatekeeper/s of spiritual knowledge within a given culture (priests, priestesses, holy person and the like), rather than the empowerment that comes from realising we are all our own holy person.

      ps. hope you’re feeling betterer mate. Tough times for us cardinals ain’t it? We’re being jabbed in all our sore spots!

      1. I always think of entities like tulpas, generated by emotion. But people’s fear can be so powerful, generate huge abreactions, physical ..changes.
        So yes, a shaman interceding on your behalf is preferable to some than dealing with that level of fear. But yes, to empowerment!

        Sozzy, I keeps interjecting, carry on! xx.

  14. Buckle (Aries, Pisces Asc, Gem Moon)

    Like the $57 mascara I blindly impulse-added to my 3-yearly proper makeup purchase last week, when something is stupidly expensive the buyer starts to build up in their mind the importance of the purchased item, rather than come to terms with the feelings of wasting money or being tricked.

    I totally wasted that $57. But for the three days after the purchase I was like: “Would Helena Christiansen complain about this? Sure, you did not realise that the mascara was that expensive when you added it to what you were buying, but don’t act like such an old lady in a $2 shop! Expect more! Be abundant!”

    Now I’m like: “GOD. Just stop and ask how much things are! The mascara is a trap. Nobody would buy it on its own.”

  15. THANKYOU Mystic Med.. such sage, timely, precious and generous wisdom and protips as always. love and thanks to you and all here (:

  16. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Wow, that sounds like a total rip-off.

    Especially the charging more because of “extra nasty entities”.

    I’m a fan of reiki, but am super picky about who I get to do it. Basically I have to feel comfortable around them. There is a vibe that I pick up. So many have this eager “I want to “treat” you and get your money ASAP” look in their eyes. It’s the ones who let you come to them that I go for, i.e. non-pushy.

    And YAH, if you’ve taken on some negative energy any of the 4 S will do: Shower, Sea swimming, Salt scrub or Smudge.

  17. I do energy work, and its an interesting thing, clearing chakras and meridians, which all effect the auric levels, I think its these things that have blockages, and after working for several years in this field I also tap into past life stuff as well- the body has incredible memory and any kind of physical or emotional trauma can stop the energy flow, thus your ‘aura’ is out of balance as your energy field is. So allowing for the body to release with some help can be pretty powerful- its really just facilitating the body to do its own healing.

  18. I read a book called ‘Miami Psychic: Confessions of a Confidante’ by Regina Milbourne. The author comes of gypsy lineage, and by the sounds highly accurate in her perceptions, but she charged a whopping premium to ‘shield’ her clients from dangerous evil forces. But some of her notable clients (anonymous in the book) were murderers, thieves, cheating spouses, Russian drug dealers, voodoo curses she was dealing with very unsavoury people who paid through the nose for her psychic protection. Lump sums of thousands…she had a Rolls Royce from her work. She ended up giving it all away later, apparently.

    1. Protecting them from “dangerous evil forces”?? … wot their well deserved karma? Geez I would not like to be that woman … talk about blatant abuse of a spiritual gift (if she actually has one). You cop some nasty fines for doing that stuff even if she did give the money away.

      1. Ha ha, yes “their well deserved karma”. It’s a funny course to take, who wants blood money for nightmares? Seems like an awful deal.

    2. In my own practice, a literal house clean is Uber satisfying to the aura. A turn -out every drawer, throw heaps of stuff away binge that I don’t get to do to that degree often, because life gets so busy.

      There was a time when I did heaps of journaling and burning, like writing out pages and pages of repetitive thoughts that were causing me anxiety, and then burnt them in the kitchen sink, also very cleansing.

  19. If only it was easy as waving a few herbs around … or whatever aura cleaners do.

    Problem is the aura, or etheric body is integrated with the body and mind. If the body and mind (especially the mind) continue to generate negative thought patterns, that lead to negative behaviour patterns, then you just get a cluttered up etheric body all over again. So what – are you going to pay a fortune to get your aura hoovered every month or something?

    Nah this is silly. And it’s not sustainable. Neither does it lead to fully integrated change so totally ineffectual and pointless. Better off undergoing a thorough personal housecleaning of the mind and watch as stuff clears up like magic. For the really stuck shit that won’t budge due to past lives or whatever … just ask for spiritual assitance. They’ll remove it for you for free if it’s truly something you can’t do for yourself.

    1. “If the body and mind (especially the mind) continue to generate negative thought patterns, that lead to negative behaviour patterns, then you just get a cluttered up etheric body all over again”. So very true.

      As you say, the aura is a product of the will that lead to a person being where they are. The by-product of inner journey work is a clean aura. Not the other day round.

      1. Inner journey work … I like that phrase. πŸ˜€

        Yuh for sure … as soon as I fully realised the implications of aligning my will with my human ego, I quickly made a correction – instead attempting to align will with spirit – even if that often has meant directly opposing my own ego desires and delaying gratification of instincts.

        Bloody uncomfortable at times but leads to far less psychic clutter over the long term.

        Now to undo some of these really deep, core issues of stuckness and all will be sweet! Top of the list? Fear of intimacy. *gulp*


        1. Aw yeah, the way to inner gratification is paved with delayed ego gratification! I like that aligning of will to spirit, I guess some people call that the ‘higher self’ also.

          The avatar pic there is (I think) about channelling the higher self while embodied, so you attain the golden body or something.
          Is fear of intimacy a fear of losing something or is it fear of pain, or a memory of pain?
          I think I need to develop a fear of intimacy, or at least learn to press pause..

          1. Bahahaha … ummm. You need to get yourself a crap or absent dad. And voila. Instant intimacy issues.

            Fear of intimacy for me is an unconscious reflexive reaction .. a defensive mechanism if you like.

            Consciously I may be seeking intimacy. However my unconscious mind has other ideas and throws up a tonne of interference to stall or halt the process. It’s bloody annoying. Hence why I am back on the psychotherapists couch … πŸ˜‰

            1. Good luck with the couch, I imagine there are wonderful psych’s out there. I think I understand what you mean, as in intimacy inspiring a wall.
              You seem really different than a few years ago, much lighter? I imagine you can make a success of whatever you set your heart on doing.

              I haven’t had much talk therapy, guess I like Neptunian therapies.
              But I would love to go & talk to a good psych sometime. Maybe they can give me strategies to help with my fear of not yanking at the core issue of every conversation.. sigh!

  20. Entities try to find cracks in the Aura, mostly aiming for the throat or crown. If one if sensitive, one can see them as tiny balls of light swirling around the aura like moths to a flame. It’s best to have long hair, as they will entangle themselves in it. To clean, one can use the ash of incense. Rub the head and hair with incense ash and then take a shower. But it’s best to stay healthy through proper (non-animal) food, no alcohol and no drugs to prevent cracks from forming. If one is ill, then protection might be even more necessary.

  21. To kind of tack onto the last bijou discussionette that we had, I DO think that you can end up with nasty crap attached to you, especially if you have been abusing drugs, alcohol etc There is no doubt that it weakens the auric boundaries, your aura becomes more permeable, and the energy leaks attract arseholes on several planes πŸ˜€

    I have personally attracted many, many psychos in my youth, when I was young and fluffy and abusing drugs. I can spot a sociopath at fifty paces now; but I also learnt some basic hedge witchery such as salting your thresholds and lintels, freezing out unwanted persons using an ice cube tray, getting the local trees onside (the land wights as well, if you want to take it up a notch), using crystals, doing aura cleansing and strengthening exercises etc etc

    In my experience, a good Kinesiologist can sort out a lot of imbalances and weaknesses. Crystals can be very helpful. There are a number of helpful books on the subject – Sonia Choquette has some very helpful advice on dealing with negative and unwanted energies and how to spot unhelpful people. The gist of it is: no-one helpful (on any plane) will try to scare you, or make you feel special either.

    There are also some useful exercises you can do which involve getting in touch with your physical gut reaction. Its called a “truth spot” – you can test it on yourself by making true and untrue statements (bit like Kinesiology) and you can actually feel the “True” statements “chime” or “resonate” in the area around your Solar Plexus chakra. Untrue statements feel flat or dull.

    So in practical terms, even if I felt that someone was telling the truth that I had negative energy attached to me (it resonated) I wouldn’t be getting any healing done by that person, and certainly not for money.

    A helpful person would be saying stuff like you guys have above – “Go for a swim in the ocean” or “Go for a walk barefoot under the trees” or “I think you might like this chunk of rose quartz/ obsidian / jasper – why don’t you see if the nightmares go away with it under your pillow” or “Sprinkle some of this salt around” or “Here have a go of this smudge stick” or “Stop smoking so much pot !”. Or they might teach you an aura cleaning exercise.

    The ONE THING they won’t say is “You’ve got demons and if you don’t pay me $500 they’ll suck your soul out through your eyeballs”.

    No-one of quality has to scare you for money !!

    1. hey DT – thanks for that tip about testing using your Solar Plexus. I use something similar my guru taught me to test if a person is available (does not mean married or not – means truly available to have relationships with other people) using the Sacral chakra. It works for me in something like the other way. If I feel a clenching there it’s an indication of unavailability. If there is a sensation of ease, or no response, they are available. I don’t use it a lot but it works. Could possibly have helped say, Prowlin with the Cap or 12V with the Pisces (bearing in mind I have limited knowledge of those situations). Should have mentioned it earlier!

          1. good luck – you can test it and practice on all sorts of people, friends, parents, etc. although sometimes it’s hard to test because even people who might think and say they were fully available may not be. I discovered my mother who is married is really really unavailable to have a relationship with anyone which didn’t surprise me, lol!

            1. Nice! Some kinaesologists also recommend standing in front of food and then testing if it will agree with you by seeing if you fall toward it or remain upright. Sounds a bit similar, the body knows!

      1. Guys, I love what you said about the “truth spot”. I’ve had my share of desperate times highing off to the nearest “healer”, it happened twice in the long gone past and the predominant feeling I had of those times was my own desire to will a result/push for my agenda.

        Getting out of your own way is a huge lesson in learning to listen.

        I definitely think groundwork is important, sleep, eat, rest, be in nature. I can often “visualize” emotions as noise, or pieces flying around me, and my goal then is to quiet down to where I can ascend that. Meaning it’s still there, but if I’m still enough I don’t have to deny the feelings as they are and tap into that vein of grounding, I can pull the thread of truth out i.e. what is this really about, what am I sensing, etc..

        Physical reactions around people, that clenching is true. Incidentally I seem to encounter lots of married/coupled people who give me that feeling of unavailability, almost as if they’re separate or cold from the structure of their union..and it makes me wonder if the fact that they are is what got them there in the first place. I wonder if the universe placed them there for the lessons of being with an Other. Obviously this isn’t true of everyone but it does leave me going hmmm..

        1. agree FA! I think there are so very many unavailable married people! and others who can live with that because their needs are not high or are also unavailable so it suits them.

        2. What you guys are saying here got me thinking that when I was in my twenties, I didn’t realise people got married for convenience, or social expectation -type reasons, I thought only if there was a really strong bond would you bother to get married…talk about naive

          1. yes – it’s so strange to me too. I mean a lifelong (lol) commitment right? why would we (more like, how is it even possible to) do that without a brutal appraisal into my own capacity to have that relationship. I guess that’s why it’s never truly crossed my radar as a realistic option: I wasn’t up to the job. Plus, I had (have) ISSUES. Maybe now things are a bit different. Or maybe I just take that relationship / marriage stuff wayy too seriously πŸ™‚ there’s always divorce right

            1. divorce sux though right. it’s like a regular shitty breakup WITH PAPERWORK worse yet and also divvying up stuff. and pets and children. sigh πŸ™ i’m sorry people have to go through that.. incl the peeps here.

            2. I never felt quite up to the job of having children either, always thought it vaguely down the track, and having mixed feelings now that it’s pretty clear it won’t be happening in this life!

              As Pegs said in a previous thread, only when she got to 45 did she feel like she might be emotionally ready, and now it’s a no-go, I hear that.

              Re the marriage thing, as I look back at some of the couplings, the weddings I went to and was bridesmaid at…who of those married for a grounded sort of love, and others who married because they felt they got a ‘catch’, those others who felt it was the acceptable thing to do and could get ahead financially in life by establishing themselves that way.

              Non of this occurred to me at the time. I did not have the sense, Pi, to coolly appraise my capacity to do it, as you do. I may have had an underlying feeling of lack of self worth cos I could barely earn a living, but I never examined it very closely…

              I will be very interested to see (so to speak) the fella that you end up with Pi, I reckon he’s going to be an interesting man (with good thighs)

              1. oh no no i am not remotely that wise… the sort of rational appraisal came later… thru my 20s it was more like “married?? who even *does* that?” – could not comprehend.

                Experiencing my own parents relationship, an unhappy home life, put me right off, witnessing my own mother’s deep unhappiness probably profoundly influenced my earlier perspectives on marriage and the like. Also like you, self-worth issues, driving my choice of partner, well that wasted a decade or so!!! until I started to realise ‘it’s not like this for everyone and it doesn’t have to be’
                i guess at the time (and still) I boggle at the idea of choo-choo-choosing someone 4eva. trust, many aspects of it. sigh.

                yes kids too, i’m not quite past the deadline but i do wonder. i feel for you in your position. Mixed feelings..totally. Are you ok? XX

                (PS love the thighs comment πŸ˜‰ )

                1. I wouldn’t be ok if I didn’t have dogs!!

                  And also, now realistically, I don’t really have the energy to have a baby, and work, and paint, I don’t think.
                  Have an acquaintance who did IVF six times until they finally had twins, she is 48, a year younger than me, and she looks pretty tired…

                  I will make do with having my friends kids around, and always dogs πŸ™‚

                2. gosh, twins … a lot of work at any age non!

                  also, i wanted to add, OMG i can be so emo I forgot the other main theme which was living in a houseful of Aquarians. couldn’t give a stuff about convention when it comes to … anything. So there was no, you know, marriage-consciousness in the house that ran stuff behind the scenes. well, my mum probably tried.

                3. β€œmarried?? who even *does* that?”

                  I can so relate to that, I’ve been like that my whole life – from teens through to 20’s, 30’s, 40’s.. Only recently did I start thinking… well, I might ready now, but not really. I have serious trust issues too. Maybe it’s myself I can’t trust. And Ive had a different family background. My parents are still together – not that they have inspired me in any way. My dad was/is a controlling Virgo and my mum’s a Pisces. I grew up vowing never to become a doormat or have someone control me.

                  I struggle with breaking up after a short relationship, sometimes. I just couldn’t deal with a divorce. Best not to get anything started. πŸ™‚

                4. I don’t think it’s necessary to get marriedat all to have a long term loving relationship between equals – which is what a good marriage is – your words make me a bit sad. You are not your parents. You would not have to have their relationship by default. I know that’s a smiley face but many a true word is said in jest, in vino veritas etc. etc. That’s some pretty full on self-defeating mind fuqery you’ve got going on there robot. And I mean that in a sincere, feeling quite a lot of compassion for you kind of way.

                5. “you are not your parents” Do you REALLY have to say that?? Of course I’m not my parents. I was just shooting the breeze Saggo style. I don’t dwell on it every day. I’m carrying on with my life as are others who are in the same boat.
                  Not everyone’s fortunate to meet their equal and live happily ever after. Or even meet their equal. Period!

                  I have an empty 5th and 7th house, so maybe relationships are not the focus for me in this life. I really don’t want to talk about it anymore either because it’s aways couple and smug marrieds who feel sorry for single people or wonder why they haven’t met their match. I give up trying to work it out. As long as I have occasional flings I’m fine – Uranus/Pluto/Mars in 8th. One can be perfectly content NOT being in a relationship

                6. look if you think that was meant smugly then so be it but you’ve completely misunderstood my intention. I too am perfectly happy alone I jsut happen not to be right now. You’re very defensive. I find your hostility towards people who are in a relationship just as irritating. You shoot that breeze babe. Shoot it till the cows come home.

                7. This was exasperating because I actually like you but god sometimes there’s a real friction there. Uranus and mars are palpable for me right now and that doesn’t help. I never have any intention of patronising you but I despair at the way you express some things – and it has nothing to do with me not being single or you not being married – it’s at a human level. But all you see is a married person being smug.

  22. I did once have someone come to my house and move stagnant energies there – the rooms affected instantly felt lighter and less threatening. But I’d say, like you do MM or Andromeda (above), that transforming emotions, transforms your aura and by proxy your living space too. But whatever works best for you at the time – just don’t get ripped off in the process!

    btw, Mystic, thank you for your inspirational daily email. Was a good one today! But one line I could not understand (typo phps?). Could you clarify? “Don’t make the mistake of concentrating only on what is yet to be one…” – that sentence! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    1. Thanks Mystic – the corrected email just dropped through now. It seems like the meaning should have been obvious to me, really. Damn my Virgo moon! πŸ˜‰

  23. I switched healers when my old one doubled his prices.

    Still love and respect other healer/teacher. Just can’t do the high end price- plus he started missing stuff! LOL

    That said – all sales scams involve creating a need or desire where none existed. Maya or illusion isn’t just for meditation! Read Low Neptune!!!

    Qi vamp psychic script-
    Is there someone in your life who wishes you harm? It’s good you came- they are getting more powerful. Come back with ($huge sum) and I will give you a (gem/protective spell/healing).

    This used to apply to just card readers- but there are now all kinds of scummy peeps including conventional counselors. Beware!!

    Ethical healers will show you what they did and give you the techniques tools-where to tap in EFT, etc. -they don’t state you’ll never heal without them.

    Scummy Qi vamps scare you and try to take away your control. Run if you hear these tired old scams. Word of mouth through trusted friends or our dear MM and network is safer than the psychic hotline at $3 a minute.

    Ethical peeps listen to you, and don’t leech off you cuz they have other clients. They have good reps, clean energy and training. Many have credentials in healing arts, counseling.

    Recently I trained with a guy and I went back to my regular healer/teacher to make sure there were no cooties/thought forms left behind. Report was all good- but my Scorpi Asc wanted to be sure.

    Some of the worst psychic attacks are the programs we run ourselves – and the hurtful limiting beliefs from others. Plucking those weeds through journaling and inspired ritual is mega healing.

    Namaste and happy Moon Day.


  24. What is pass agg junkie schizz? The aura person was a junkie? That seems kind of gross if that is what it means. I don’t give a crap what they’re selling if they’re pass agg they can fuq off. A nice swim usually does the trick if there’s a weird feeling. Or aura soma is nice too. The whole entity thing I think people can get hooked on the fear thing with and then they actually feed on themselves. Vicious circle. I dunno each to their own. If you think you need to spend hundreds or just a few dollars and it works for you then all well and good. I do know that if someone has had an operation that it does weaken the area around the wound. You can feel that the energy is dissipated there. The force is weaker.

  25. Please excuse my terrible spelling
    Is it a coincidence that someone like my network chiro charges so little I keep going back twice a week and don’t expect change overnight?
    I think not. Yep, this lady def paid too much for the “aura cleanse”
    Sounds more like she had a wallet enema.
    Not that I can talk.
    Or spell.

    1. Wallet enema!!!! Hahah
      Yes I agree , I think standard medical survey and evaluation and *then* if nec the ghostbusting. All of this should ideally be after an intelligent self-appraisal, “am I actually/ am I capable of looking after myself as best I can right now?”

      1. then again I have had my fair share of below-average GPs… I stick with my original wise-woman doc for starters nowadays. She knows me.

  26. I was recently charged a small fortune for a few icky herbs (the exorcism was free lol) by a naturopath and Dr who I really respect. Or at least I think I used to. Telling someone there is or was an entity is not IMO a scientific diagnosis. I would have liked some blood tests and anti biotics. This guy told me I’d be fine now that “it” was gone. I wasn’t. Eventually my awesome biz partner was kind enough to score and bring me so e hardcore drugs (Metrodiazanol ) it took two courses of this before I was ready for the probiotics and alternative medicine.
    Not to dis alternative medicine but by definition it is medicine that has either not been proved to work or been proved not to work.

    Just saying :-D. I’m cool with the woo woo but let’s do the science stuff first next time Dr entity. His diagnosis made me feel scared of something I could not control (or see or feel or prove existed or didn’t exist) and believe that I was “fine” when I wasn’t fine. And for a mere Β£275
    I do believe that these things exist but I’d have loved to have seen actual blood work and a squiggly handwriting for that money. Like A Prescription dude. You went to med school right?
    Rant over
    Now that I’m healthy again (relatively) I’m back on flower remedies and alchemy works oils but seriously that reminds me of my experience.
    The joke is thus guy is an amazing doctor and I don’t doubt he had a point or even a sincere desire to help me. I just think he got it wrong and it wouldn’t have hurt to do the science bit too.
    Rant over

  27. It seems the higher people rise the greater the temptations and the greater the fall.. Like the 90% of people who win the lotto apparently usually lose the money, their friends and their family within a year. Reminds me of Rosie Perez, “Sometimes when djou win, you rilly loose”.

      1. Yes that’s her πŸ™‚ pocket rocket. Been in many other films of course too. I know exactly the film you’re referring to but the name… Cld Google…Was it boys in the hood? (I’m writing that normal way as I don’t want to be lame and screw up the slang in the title!)

  28. I have never paid to have my aura cleansed but I have had many other things cleared or shifted by wonderful practitioners who have charged a third of this or quite a bit less to do it and have thrown in love and respect for nicks πŸ™‚

  29. Nothing is necessary. It depends on what you want!

    Eg. I want to know everything! I want to be the best I can be. I want to feel happy. I want to share joy. I want to be free. I want to be able to accede and to choose.

    At the end of the day we heal ourselves.
    But we need to know the questions to ask before we can get the answers we need to be free.
    It’s not my experience that meditating or simply intending is sufficient to mediate the impact of our powerful emotions – at least with any speed (lifetimes of practice) on our own.

    To me cleansing the aura is another way of saying ‘What commitments have you made in your myriad lives, experiences, and selves that do not serve you any longer? Where did you fail to love and to let go, where did you give in to revenge or fear?’.

    I imagine it like we live in a hologram that is built of emotional vibrations.
    Where is lack of flow you are locked in like a fly in a web, there the emotion takes form, it is just a web, but it becomes Shelob the spider too. So no matter where you go that decision or promise to yourself or others will dog you. Wherever you go, there you are!

    The question of whom to trust with this until you have the tools to see for yourself, yeah that’s key. So I am not suggesting letting others have power over us, I am just thinking discernment is really important.

    But I am talking breaking karma really, not petty ill-will which I agree can be generally dispersed by a nice dip in a sunny, salty sea!! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes Andromeda. I really like the way you describe the blocks as being memories of where we failed to love and let go in the past. I like to think of ourselves as being moving beings – we are just in the illusion of being static in space and time. So it takes much more effort to hold on to past experiences than it does to let them go. If we see ourselves as being part of a moving current then letting go is suddenly so much easier: as if in a moving river, the second you let it go, it is already flowing downstream and you are safely away from it.

      Recently, I’ve been trying to send love where previously I might have thought of myself & my petty feelings first: why haven’t they done this or that, don’t they know how I feel? And once I release the expectation, I also release myself from my fears or other dark feelings. It takes effort, but it seems to be a good tool πŸ™‚

      What is in our aura is what we attract but as you say, despite being a long-time forming, it can also be quickly modified and reformed!

      1. Your description is really lovely too, LF. You and Andromeda have given me a lot of food for thought. Thank you.

        Something I’ve come to see during the year and a half that I’ve been frequenting this site, is that every day we have an opportunity to build up our Qi, whether that’s through a loving conversation, or a walk in the sun, or practicing an art form, eating healthy, making responsible financial decisions for ourselves, etc.

        Not that we aren’t allowed to have our bad days. And there are times when we just need to completely vege and click off the everyday self. But as someone with Saturn transiting the 6th house (for what feels like foreeeever) and my Neptune, I’m relearning the value of daily healing and kindness to ourselves and maybe the release of some karma in the process.

        1. Sounds good Lotus Flower, I know what you mean about addressing healing through self talk and it is so subtle and gentle, yet so effective. Learning to be so sensitive to our inner motivations is so useful in myriad ways.

          Hey GBS, I have Saturn transiting my 6th too & I just discovered I have hypermobility syndrome! It’s actually a relief to have a name for it, as I was punishing myself a bit for all the non-obvious subsidiary effects which made me feel I was just being lazy when I was actually working my joints 1000 x more a day than average which explained a lot.
          So yeah, asking the right questions of oneself is a challenge. Thanks for helping me remember that Saturn! πŸ˜‰ I am learning to be kind to myself again too.

          1. Thank you both. You are so right gbs that we have the opportunity every day to build ourselves up. Every day we can fill ourselves with light and make ourselves strong. Wishing you both the best with your 6th house Saturn transits. Surely this too will make you interrogate your everyday routines, so that they support you in every way possible? Sounds like you are already on the way with this!

  30. lol, wow. I’m studying naturopathy and have been impressed by some practitioners who are demi-celebrities. Never been of course because of the $$$ but you’re really making me wonder now what is going on. Are any of them actually just really good?

  31. I had what I think is some contamination from a friend who has recently been hanging around some very unsavory types in very unsavory places. For a week after seeing her I was sooo negative and felt like I had low blood pressure or something, and this weird effect where the distance objects (horizon, far away trees) would feel very close but I couldn’t estimate where chairs where and fell over. I kept fighting with my boyfriend and became incredibly self critical. Ive never been into crystals, but a few syncronicities later I acquired some black obsidian and BOOM, all bad effects were gone.

    1. Sounds like you might be an Intuitive Empath.
      I pick up others negative vibes too.
      Protect yourself before you hang out with her again.

  32. Totally with you on this! Actually the good spring clean of your space with some essential oil and a smudge should do it. I love a salt scrub massage after a workout, followed by oil massage with relevant essential oils (depends on the situation – always talk to the massage guru), and I really believe that swimming in the sea is cleansing, especially if combined with full moon walk after. Probably reflects the air and water in my chart tho’…

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