The Surreality Show – Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

On Sunday, we began nine and a half weeks of Mercury in Pisces. The Messenger God will not have been in this liminal zone for so long since early 2013. The long-running Mercury in Pisces show will feature on-off-on aspects to Shamanic Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) and the destiny illuminating North Node in Cancer.

It’s going to be a surreal backdrop to the more overt themes in play over this phase, like a whack television show playing in the background of an alien soap opera.

Occasionally you glance over at it to clock the cryptic subtitles or because you pick up a sudden, incongruent shift in the soundtrack. The Surreality Show has no channel, just frequency. There is a plot, but it only makes sense on multiple timelines.

The characters forget to pick up food for their dinner but can solve quantum riddles in real time. They seemed locked in strange, overly intense, inconclusive battles with gadgets, software and help desks.

Even in their dating realm, there are times when they don’t know if they are dealing with a bot or a person.  The inexplicable Nineties flashback scenes are more coherent than any of the relationships on the Surreality Show. Long-dormant Love Zombie crushes and Uranian romances reanimate, with no apparent narrative trigger. They’re just there all of a sudden.

Mercury Retrograde is a returning guest star, but the lead role goes to Ambiguity. The characters want something to get their edge back. Then they need something to take the edge off. They’ll trade in anything: Chaga Mushrooms, Sugar, Art, Space Dust, Aspirational Laser Beauty Regimes, Lilac Wine, Blue Devil Hoochie Juice or Love Zombie crushes; the show is the same.

Music, cinema, trance, dance, hypnosis, photography, lucid dreaming, and any Neptunian substance are potential narcotics. Then again, people could snort lavender oil and get transcendental under this influence. Everyone is a Neptunian now. And the actual Neptunians are in their element.

The Surreality Show is already playing, and yes, the Horoscopes will be covering it. And if you’re born with Mercury Retro in Pisces, you have your own permanent VIP booth in the club area – everyone here knows your name.

Thoughts on Mercury in Pisces?

Image: Michelle Philips in Fantasy Island

61 thoughts on “The Surreality Show – Mercury Retrograde in Pisces”

  1. Doubled up on therapy.

    Learned a new thing about holding possibility rather than blockages in a field…still have to work with this. Very fluid in a way that confuses all my earth.

    Allowing the uncomfortable thing to exist at the same time as allowing change, whatever that might be.

    Grateful for the sharing here that gives some form and insight to what’s going on around me.

  2. Just spent two hours in G-Suite Maze, unbelievable. Also texted someone about Mercury Retrograde and it auto-corrected to Mercury Renegade – so trying to go with that.

  3. That picture is so reminiscent of an upscale (well I thought so) nite club I visited as a 20 something in the late 80s.

    Love the Flamingo.

  4. Had a dream that I was driving over a bridge and it was very up and down and I felt kind of scared. I drove off of it but then the bridge was in sections and I kept driving into the air onto the different pieces. Kind of like one of the worlds in Super Mario 3.

  5. WOW Surreal.

    Just shuffled my natures spirit cards and 3 cards fell to the floor.

    1. Maintain your child-like spirit.

    2. New experiences and Possibilities.


    Wonders never cease, Thank you . x

  6. This sounds amazing… and fun
    Did my first kundalini yoga class yesterday, focus on the 2nd chakra, creativity and sexuality… and on letting shame, resentment, anger, fear from my childhood up until 11 years old… it was powerful and a real sense of new beginnings!

    1. Gemyogi, have found Kundalini yoga to be the most powerful of styles, very condensed, kinda compact with immediate results.. Maya Fiennes’s DVD’s for home practise worth looking at, she’s prob on YouTube as well. x

    2. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. Thank you for the reminder! Was it easy to find a yoga place that felt right for you?

  7. Just went for a lovely walk barefoot on the dewy grass then splashed around in the shallow still waters. I’m feeling my inner child innocence and wonder. Saw a crab put out her big claws and amoring up, watched her then left her in peace.

    18 sea ducks talking about the weather. Its going to be a scorcher today.

    My feeling is that I should use this retrograde to embrace the inner child. Creativity, joy, lightness and laughter. Inner child is the guide into the next phase. A lot of rest, fun and healing.

    1. I just drew the Essence Tarot Card. What is not needed is distilling away and what I am left with is well: ESSENCE.

  8. Wow. Great post. I was inhaling deeply lavender oil yesterday, my eyes rolling back thinking it’s the best god damn smell right now.

  9. LOL bring it, I need a distraction from the current heavy transits going on in my 12th house right now and this sounds like a heck of an acid trip.

  10. My Neptune Rising and trans Neptune trine my Sun is all over this vibe already.
    SN-Gary in early Aries is chafing at the bit at the sound of Detective Chiron’s disco beat. (is why i dragged out my more neptunian disco-era handle)

    1. It should take none of us by surprise that Gary will be conjuncting Neptune and retro Mercury….. I’ll be having my Gary return then too, all this in my 5th house!

        1. Use Mystic’s search to search the site for ‘Gary’ – you will laugh, you may cry. I think he’s also a faq (sic) certainly a frequently referenced asteroid ☄️

          1. So funny. I have Gary conj my moon in Taurus in my 3rd house.

            Gary was the name of my first boyfriend. A tall, down to earth Northern English Gemini with a charming smile.

  11. I’ve been dialing up the soundtrack for this since Sunday. I feel the change before and have noticed a lot of full moon behaviour being around this recent new moon. The slain wounds of ye ole terrain need a new remedy for success to reach resolution.

  12. Well it’ll play out in my 7th and I am a Neptunian (Nept conj my IC).
    I love the description of it as a surreal tv show. Gonna try and flow through all of it, as, well, it’s not like we have other choices.

  13. Surreal… that’s how others see me. Childhood flashback…my father shaking his head saying “sometimes I wonder about you”. My bewildered son asking “why can’t you be like all the other mothers?”. Gotta laugh.

  14. With my natal mercury in Pisces, am I considered a Neptunian? Gonna watch how this mercury retro in Pisces unfolds as it crosses my natal mercury. I’ll make sure I have some popcorn.

    1. No. You are considered a Neptunian if actual planet Neptune is as near as possible to any of your angular cusp (i.e. Rising, IC, DC, MC, the first and the last being a lot stronger IMHO) or significant personal planet like Sun or Moon.
      Sure though, you’ll feel the effect when Mercury Retro will be passing your natal Mercury, if it’s in the degrees of the actual retro.

  15. Chiron loosely conjuncted ny natal mercury at zero deg Aries last April and hangs around till next year. My natal Mercury was retro or to be more exact stationing direct. So the transitioning mercury will form a chiron mercury mercury conjunction at zero degree Aries, my 10th house. I’d say that’s possibly a once in a lifetime transit ?
    Now throw in the double retro and you don’t have a transit, you have a spinning vortex that will not be denied.
    Anyone care to read the signs and give me any insight as to what this vortex might have in mind for me ?

      1. Thank you x
        That is a radical idea in itself when all around are sugnpits saying we are racing towards becoming a world of thought slaves, born to die , on a planet that is being mindlessly destroyed. 😉
        It’s actually the most optimistic thought I’ve heard from you in ages.

        1. you’re welcome. (what is a sugnpits? signposts? ) if it helps your perspective on my comments, I have also never followed the idea that we are racing towards becoming a world of thought slaves, born to die, on a planet that is being mindlessly destroyed. Why would anyone want to follow that line of thinking? I’m a triple-ish aries too you know, outside the pisces. Irrespective of my emotional wellbeing and recent struggles on the Pi front, disempowering conspiracy theories (or worldviews, whatever they are) have always given me the total shits 🙂

  16. Holy sht mystic, the first part , you literally described my mind
    And that image is My Aesthetic

    I was just casting around for energy to begin creating again, I think this mercury phase is going to be a big part of that <3

    Would you say that as mercury transits over the last degree of pisces that this might help with info and messages relating to Chiron's current exit?
    Thanks. X

    1. Also the bot / person thing. Like on a dating site when the only ppl who come up in the feed are clean cut twenty somethings in a sharp suit who work in “management consulting” … Ew. Pass lol

  17. This: They seemed locked in strange, overly intense, inconclusive battles with gadgets, software and help desks. Brilliant.

  18. I have mercury in ♓️ in my 7th house. I find myself crying at the drop of a hat… rueful regret of relationships lost, choices made in a psychological haze, and consumed with pain and anger. I’m ready for Mercury to move on. After two days I throughly get that I’m unstable and incapable of maintain any sort of productive relationship or parental role.

    1. You might be feeling Chiron at 29 Pisces and counting down it’s last week until the shift into Aries. I’m feeling that big time. It’s a big and emotionally stirring week! <3

      1. Me too! I’m so introverted at the moment. Processing, scheming, integrating, stewing. My sun is 29 Pisces. It’s massive. I can hardly speak to anyone.

        1. Oooofff – that does sound massive. Well if anything, this is a fab astro opportunity to get to know Chiron!
          I’m about to get the opposite: trans Sol on my Chiron (4th H) part of my grand cross thingo. We’ll have to swap notes.

          1. True! We could start a Chiron study group.

            Chiron’s next trick will be a lazy roam over my Mercury and Moon at 3 and 4 degrees Aries respectively. We’ll be old mates by the time that’s through!

        2. Me too and me too! Writing this message while soaking in alchemic bath in an attempt to keep my auric field as clean as possible #mysticismymeditation

      2. Well, I am now visualizing Chiron as the Cosmic Detective, addicted to disco, good at code and of indeterminate sexuality. No wounds, no hooves, modern mythology.

        1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

          Oh he definitely has hooves, you just can’t see them as his trench coat is by Comme des Garcons and has v. long sleeves.

    2. Consider this: you’re not incapable at all. It is a matter of reframing capacity to more richly integrate the complexities of life and other people. That just kind of happens from the transits you don’t have to “do” anything. Living with a Chiron transit can be about coexisting with a deep sensitivity, or hurt, or a soft, personal tangle of some description. Or eventually, awesome deep awareness of Life. It does digest itself eventually. I would unsubscribe from any beliefs about overachieving / externally high functioning ways of being, just for the moment. It can put unbearable pressure on our souls at an already wierd time. Also, you’ll be fine. Don’t stop. Everything will work out fine. And also, yes what mm said, disco and cosmic detective 🙂

      1. I have Pisces Rising with Chiron 29 degrees. Mercury in Cancer.

        I am feeling the deep awesome awareness of life. Big information coming in and more Integration. Empty mind in a good way. Clicking again with babies and toddlers. No interest in adult conversation dragging me down, when it does I crack jokes that end in big warm laughs.

        Agree with the Alchemic bath keeping aura clean, no bath though, but the Pisces sea across the road.

        1. Secondy thirding all of this. Maybe disco coder has designer hoof boots on? Coexisting with sensitivity and “soft personal tangles” – you got that right, Pi. Since grokking the dates of the previous Mars-Uranus in Aries conjunctions yesterday (via the daily horoscopes – thank you, MM) I have been making hella headway feeling into new possible patterns and meanings of the 2011-now era and it is TENDER and requires / engenders a kind of objectivity in the midst of the ultra subjective that makes keeping current aura clean feel like a need. I cleaned out the house yesterday, airing and turning mattresses, then took an alchemical bath.. and still had strange dreams and feel not quite of this world today. It’s so good to feel held in this space with other fellow Chiron-tripper compadres

          1. “…engenders a kind of objectivity in the midst of the ultra subjective…” I’ve struggled to put it into words. This is perfect. Thank you LotusFlower.

      2. You articulate this so well Pi. Her Hensen I wish I could cry a lot during this phase, I envy you.

        Everything opened up for me when I embraced the deep tenderness and sensitivity of this transit.

        1. Xx maybe it involves becoming accepting of our own vulnerability, and by doing so, we become able to accept others vulnerabilities too. Tenderness seems to be a nice way to do this

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