You Know You’re A Neptunian When…

If you’re heavily Piscean or have a prominent Neptune in your birth chart, you could count as a Neptunian. e.g., Brandy Norwood, Frank Sinatra, Krysten Ritter, and Paul W.S. Anderson. But there are other ways to tell if you’re a Neptunian, and here are six of them!

(1) The moment a vague concern crosses your mind, you mentally compose the lurid tabloid tale recounting your demise/fall from grace: Woman’s Vacuum Cleaner Explodes Seconds After She Googled Its Origin or Party Pack Of Lollies Poison Person Not At Party – They Were Doing Their Tax.

(2) You’re not just delighted when something is canceled; you’re euphoric. It’s mystifying when you give another person the gift of a “sorry I need to rain-check this,” and they’re not even grateful.

(3) You don’t have opinions – you have prophecies, excuses, and realizations. This is, by the way, not a criticism. Opinions are a gateway drug to pomposity and judgmentalism.

(4) You’re genuinely puzzled when people talk to you about contradictions and complexity as if something is problematic.

(5) The drug sensitivity: Neptunians find out early that they respond more powerfully to anything in this genre. How so? Well, their friends are all lounging around having deep conversations about the interconnectedness of quantum particles or obscure cinema, and you’re like, “dude, how do I get back into my body?”

(6) Your dreams have multiple channels, specific backdrops or landscapes, recurring motifs, and linked storylines.

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  1. Definitely 2 and 6. I love when things get cancelled too. Used to have this friend who sometimes when we’d arrange to catch up would cancel at the last minute. But I’ve been known to do this too. Also my dreams lately have been quite vivid and almost scary at times where I’ve had to force myself to wake up just to end the dream. Neptune in 8th house in Sagittarius

  2. Meanwhile here in northern nsw Australia is a total disaster zone. I watched my street turn into a river last Monday morning. People were stuck clinging to roofs waiting for rescue that came via community kayaks and tinnies, not by government response.
    the disaster is so big it stretches from Gympie to south of Sydney.
    but Lismore 😞 it’s next level.
    I thought mullumbimby was catastrophic then drove through Lismore with supplies for my brother.
    i don’t see how humans reverse climate change after seeing the bushfires of 2020 and this diabolical flood.
    if Anyone has capacity to support there are thousands on thousands of people who now have no homes, possessions or any means to get back up. The deets are in fb socials like north nsw flood relief 2022.

  3. Wishing you well Mystic! You sounded amazingly coherent and informative in today’s Daily Mystic, in spite of being ill. Take good care!

  4. International Women’s Day tomorrow March 8 here in OZ.
    Is it elsewhere on the planet?
    Wishing all the International women here safety & succulent success in everything they desire.
    Sending cyber bottles of Love & Luxury to all here under Myst’s umbrella.

    1. Thanx P (my house is full of glorious mimosa flowers in commemoration). Yes it’s a big deal up this way in Europe. The marches here were getting fairly enormous & bringing lots of attention to issues, but then covid struck & fractured the momentum quite a bit. We’ll see how it turns out.

  5. Myst, wishing you a speedy recovery back to your energetic copacetic self.
    Blessings & Bouquets xxx
    (and some vegan chicken soup for the soul)

  6. two Omg. Yes. All my life. You’re not just delighted when something is canceled; you’re euphoric. It’s mystifying when you give another person the gift of a “sorry I need to rain-check this,” and they’re not even gratefu

    1. Love it not many deserve out presence. Keeping our exclusivity to ourselves 🙂
      We are Board meetings of ONE. The solo shareholder in the business of being ourselves.

  7. Corduroy jeans

    **And hey, SheRat, if you’re there?? I just wanted to tell you that i have FINALLY stocked up on some patchouli, and I smiled the whole time trying not to laugh at your comment weeks ago about “you can tell if somebody gets pissy about patchouli…” Lolol – love it. My little corner of the world now smells fab – hope your world does, too! 🙂

    1. I fuqin Love patchouli and have gone undercover about it because yeah people do be getting pissy.
      All the scents I use are patchouli adjacent like Vetiver or frankincense.. that’s actually a whipsmart observation by SheRat. The lady nose )

      1. Corduroy jeans

        I fuqin LOVE patchouli/frank/vetiver as well!!! And what is with da pissy re patch?? Also – what about myrrh?? I Love that stuff – even if it clogs up with resin at screw-cap.. XOO

        1. As a recovering catholic frankincense aroma reminds me of mass, makes me feel like i should kneel and put my tongue out.

      2. I know. It needs a tee shirt. I’m not ‘pissy about patchouli’.
        What about OUD? Is that how it is spell-pronounced?
        The Northern African aroma, that encompasses sheiks, the desert, hand woven camel rugs & the bazaar.

        1. Oud should be used sparingly though. People are way too generous with that one and it knocks everything else off the table. After not wearing any kind of scent for a few years I appreciate subtlety and regard for others re this. The mere fact someone has applied scent is pretty telling these days and if it’s heavy handed oud it kinda bangs one on the head. Single and looking by any chance? Just a hunch.

      3. Did i tell you about the first time i smelled patchouli?
        A tall blonde male model friend used it under his armpits circa the magical year of 1969.
        Twas hard to get my nose back from under…….but from then on always thought of patchouli as sacred guess because he was a true Adonis.

          1. Luv you Pegasus & Invicta XOO What a relief to see your beautiful faces and hear your counsel and thoughts and sense of humour..❤💖

  8. Indeed. The drug/medicine thing is intense with me. My dreams are a whole entire reality that I frankly enjoy sleeping just to hang out on the other side.

  9. I haven’t visited you all here in so long! I’d say I’m fairly Neptunian. I have Moon in Pisces, Mars in Pisces, exact conjunct MC, and Chiron in Pisces. I moved to a town right next to the ocean during the pandemic, late 2020. I felt compelled to be next to the ocean again at this time and it has been a great source of healing and comfort during this crazy time. Also, being near the redwood forest… This new moon just slightly past my natal Moon has me feeling kind of vulnerable, at a crossroads again, kind of lost… I’ve got Neptune transiting my 10th long term now and have no idea what to do about career or my place in the world. I haven’t worked for a long time now and no clear ideas of what to do moving forward. Murkiness there due to Neptune influence? There’s always more, but for now just wishing peace to all from Northern California…

    1. Hi Flowerchild, nice to hear from you. You are lucky to live near the ocean and near to the redwood forest in Northern California 🌲 I can imagine it is not easy gaining your bearings though, with Neptune transiting through your tenth house (and close to your natal Moon?). A friend of mine has Neptune transiting her Midheaven opposite her Sun. She is deep into studying alternative healing practices. As Neptune also always takes something away though (in a ‘dissolving way’), she does not really have a good peaceful place to live (of her own). She told me that the only place she can be alone and have some peace is in a public park. I myself am undergoing a strong Neptune transit (square my Sun) and am experiencing it as feeling lost in a fog. I have come to compare the Neptune transit experience with the story of ‘Cast Away’ (2000), the Tom Hanks film in which the main character is lost on an uninhabited island for years… 🏝 Stay well Flowerchild, wishing you peace and clarity 🌟

      1. Thanks so much, Calcifer! That’s interesting your friend is studying alternative healing practices and the reminder that Neptune dissolves things…. I have been a doctor of Chinese medicine for 25 years and now I don’t want this career anymore and haven’t worked during the pandemic. I have no idea what to do next for work/career, would like to retire, but really too young and not quite enough money to do so. Neptune transiting at 22 Pisces is pretty well into my 10th house now, and transiting in between my Mars and my Chiron. My Pisces moon is at 7 degrees, so not by degree in the mix right now, but still… I relate to the fog feeling and I live in actual fog here in my town. I guess my environment is really reflecting my internal state these days.. I go in the ocean and the river here a bit, it’s very cold, but invigorating. I feel magnetized to the water. I want to get a kayak to go on the river.. Anyway, yes, a big transition time, but a confusing one because of Neptune. Clarity would be amazing! Best wishes to you, too! 🙂

        1. There are a lot of different careers in healing of course, Flowerchild, so if this has been your path before you could also choose something similar but different. But maybe Neptune transits are also meant too be periods in which you have less focus and willpower. Like a field that lies fallow.
          It’s fascinating by the way what you write about your surroundings reflecting your inner life, Flowerchild. I have that same feeling while being ‘Neptuned’. I have moved to a place in Northern Europe where there is a lot of water too, canals and small lakes. A landscape with lots of reeds and willows. The colors are tints of grey, green, blue and yellow, nothing very definite. And actual fog too. It is even below sea level. Take care, Flowerchild, the fogs will eventually lift 🌝

          1. Wow, sounds so beautiful where you are, serene and relaxing! I’m definitely feeling the less focus and willpower part of this Neptune transit, oh yeah…trying to just go with it, but afraid of getting lost and disappearing in all that low-visibility fog. It’s a time to have faith, I think. I’m not great at having faith and Neptune challenges my controlling tendencies, but yeah, I guess I have to feel into this, because I can’t see into it. I’ve been doing a lot of volunteering in agriculture here, and have a plot in a community garden, and those things keep me grounded and somewhat tethered to reality. I love working with plants so maybe in that direction for new career….we’ll see…. Thank you so much for all your insights, Calcifer!

            1. Thank you too, for your insights, Flowerchild! So right about having ‘to feel your way into it’ as you cannot go by eyesight. And about the importance of faith and doing gardening to stay grounded. Am taking it with me for the road ahead 💛

        2. Hey guys! i too have moved to a watery misty place in the northern part of my country. It’s a Celtic corner on the moody Atlantic coast (my birth place) where it can be sunny with azure waters one minute then go grey black with brooding skies the next. Mist & fog are a fixture in these low green lands that back onto a high mountain range. I recently tried living in a small interior town but soon realised i can’t live without being able to walk to the sea. I have Neptune Rising aspecting 75% of planets/angles. Trans Neptune is trine my Sun & Moon (has been for yrs) which may explain a lack of clarity for my future & any commitment to anything solid for yrs. Completely at a loss – i just can’t seem to look into my future as before. It’s been a concern, but then as I mentioned here a while ago, it also feels a bit like having opium being drip fed. I swing from being concerned to just letting go and enjoying smelling the roses.

          1. Hi Skarab, your place sounds wonderful (I guess Ireland). I can imagine the trine of Neptune to your Sun and Moon being a bit like being ‘drip fed opium’. An ambivalent experience. Hope you do enjoy the beautiful nature in your corner of the world, Neptune can make one exquisitely sensitive to that. And that – and art – are maybe the best ways to get the positive side of it

            1. Hey C, not Ireland – northern Spain. And yes, nature & art seem like a balm. World events as of late make for a pretty dire backdrop, which makes one even more appreciative of simple & natural beauty.

          2. Also Flowerchild, i’ve been in the T&CM field for decades too & have no desire to be in it any longer. I’m tired, & sick of fighting a hostile system. Plants & animals beckon me too, that is all i know. Maybe the trick with Neptune is to let the path open up to you …. *she says trying to sound wise & zen-like while simultaneously thinking wtf, why don’t i heed that?!* But i mean what else can one do but be open to all possibilities, right?
            I also just this very moment realised that Neptune is trine my Jupiter as well (0º orb)…. gasp! This could mean that the fog multiplies one hundred fold or maybe i could magically transform myself into Pollyanna? & drop the cynicism a notch or ten, which would be kinda nice. Anywaayz hon, rambling over – nice to hear from you & to say you are not alone in the mist. xx

            1. Northern Spain sounds amazing, Skarab! I wanted to walk the Camino through there, but who knows when that will be possible for me at this point..
              Nature has been imperative for me these past couple years, more than ever. These years have caused me to not trust humans or human systems, but I trust Nature and wildlife. Nature hasn’t changed while humanity has gone mad. Lean into Nature, it will carry you.
              I, too, cannot live inland, need to be near the ocean, Pisces Moon, Crab rising. It’s better for my migraines, too. Our inland areas in California are like scorched earth now, and way too hot. Unlivable, really, though millions do…
              That’s cool you do TCM, too! Yeah, I get it, I’m burned out on it, too…on taking care of other people’s health, trying to run a practice, trying to explain it to people, etc. I’m feeling too inward to deal with all of that. I still enjoy the continuing education classes though. TCM philosophy and worldview always feels like a homecoming to me. It makes so much sense….Nature, again.
              Yeah, Neptune trining your Jupiter could big-up that vibe, but as you referenced, it could give you a more optimistic outlook perhaps?
              I hope the fog clears for all of us, and that we can enjoy the cooling mist along the way….I do enjoy it when I have a migraine or dealing with my menopause symptoms, definitely grateful for it then! Haha!
              Thanks for reminding me I’m not alone! None of us are alone! Thank you! 🙂

              1. Just wanna clarify that what i meant by T&CM is traditional & complementary medicine – which as you know encompasses a wide variety of modalities from herbalism to body techniques – not your TCM (trad Chinese medicine). Though the first thing i search out in a new place is a TCM practitioner for myself & partner. This time i found a TKM (Korean) one – completely eccentric & always springs some crazy healing theory on me. I think he’s a bonkers Leo with some heavy Neptune/Pisces.

                1. Corduroy jeans

                  Thanks gorgeous Sk – I did wonder about that stray ampersand ‘cos I know you incredibly precise/skilled with written word!! Love both T & CM, AND TCM – but your TKM chap sounds a blast. “Bonkers Leo with some heavy Neptune/pisces??” Count me in!! Lol XOO

            2. Corduroy jeans

              Northern Spain sounds sooo magic… Jupiter trine Neptune = generational magic you can’t even tell us about!!??? 🙂 XOO

              1. I can’t put it any better than how Mystic put it in the 7 yr report:

                “You can’t remember your banking password but you’re recalling a past life from 1919 and the fragrance you were wearing.”

                And i’m hearing pipes again. Plus i ran into some magic mushrooms that were calling out my name while i was stalking a lynx, which turned out to be the local farmer’s huge tabby.
                Just, you know, tales of ordinary madness.

          3. Hi Skarab! Sounds absolutely beautiful where you’re living! I relate to all of this…can’t see my way forward to my future, no commitment to anything solid for years, and getting stressed about it and then completely just going zen with no big agenda and saying to myself, I’m just living and that’s ok, just here to experience life.

    2. Hello lovely one. It’s so good to see you back here. Hope you’re ok. Your new location sounds absolutely wonderful x

      1. Hi Chrysalis! Thank you for your good wishes! Sending some to you, too! My life has definitely much improved in my new location, which is geographically beautiful, too, and more resonant to who I really am. I am grateful every day, really and truly! xx

    3. Corduroy jeans

      Hey Flowerchild, I feel like this whole thread is perfect the way it is, without my 2 cents (I have learnt so much from everybody here!!) – but just wanted to say hello to a fellow Mars-conjunct-MC-in-Pisces person. 😀 (Mine are at 2 & 3 degrees).
      As I type, not-even-joking, have acupuncture needles sticking out of several facial points, as I DIY the places my weekly TCM practitioner does, whom I can’t see this week, as Covid is peaking in my city, and we are playing it safe. But am not remotely qualified – just interested over the years, and in need of healing. (by the way, anybody who has read this far – do NOT follow my stupid lead and do your own facial acupuncture without quals – you can paralyse your face!! I only did it out of desperation, and because I had fine-needles I could only transversely insert 0.3 to 0.5 cun, and I stayed right away from the temples..! I am laughing at myself as I write this, but seriously – don’t – I’ve paid somebody to do my acupuncture for ten years and have too much respect for their skills!! :-))
      Best I can say of Mars/MC in Pisces?? just to reinforce everyone’s already amazing points, yep, in one word – “Shaman”..? No convenient vocational straitjacket label available. Goes in cycles, like the sea. Run the gamut from dilettante to thoroughly obsessed. A viewpoint but never the point. Frustating as all get-out, but such a relief to slide ever onwards. Anyway – am going to dematerialise into the fog now. See you in the moonlight! Bye! Xx

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Yes I live 1.5kms from the ocean – Yes art has been my go-to since I could hold a pencil – Yes solitude and nature are my life-essence. Phew..!

        1. DIY acupuncture?!! That’s what I call innovation, Earthstar 🤣 And a good expression of your Mars/MC in Pisces. Your oceanic location sounds just perfect. I am having such strong cravings for the sea at the moment (I just wrote ‘crazings’ lol). I replied last night to your comment on the Leo post from a couple of weeks back… I think it is Jupiter amping up all my Pisces stuff and as it nears Neptune, my need for Piscean environments and wide horizons of solitude is overwhelming. xx

          1. Corduroy jeans

            Hi Beautiful Chrysalis, I hope you get to read this after your much needed oceanic healing, and not before XOO XOO I really do feel like you need to follow any “craving crazings” and be wherever feels at peace. I will pop over to the Leo post and reply there, too.. Sending lots of love XOO

      2. Oh wow, another Mars/MC in Pisces person! So cool, Earthstar! Mine’s at 17 degrees Pisces. Yeah, I’m an acupuncturist and I’m thinking Mars in Pisces at MC can be ‘healing with spears’ (acupuncture needles), as a career! The shaman idea is great, too, and I would aspire to that, but don’t feel quite at that level, even after so many years working as a healer.
        That’s great you’ve been able to do some self-acupuncture, especially during the pandemic. Did your practitioner teach you and give you needles? We wouldn’t be legally allowed to do that for our patients in the USA, and needles are only sold to licensed practitioners here.

        1. Corduroy jeans

          Heya Flowerchild, do you know I never thought of that?? The warrior element of healing – but of course. I know earth and metal are my “auspicious” elements according to Ba-Zi astrology; and every time I see the 10 of swords tarot show up, I think “ha-ha! Somebody/this situation needs some acupuncture!!??” 🙂 But I never made the connection – thanks! 🙂
          My TCM practitioner has no idea I have stayed up for years reading about the points (usually in chronic pain), or that I practice on myself (rarely), and she would never casually teach me/hand out needles – Oz regulations pretty strict that way, even though you can purchase acupuncture needles online (at least, a few years ago you could – might’ve changed). That isn’t to say she is against home acupuncture – she is Chinese, and her and her brother first learnt acupuncture from their mother, who in turn learnt it from her mother, and practiced it on them, and anybody in their social/community village needing healing. Of course, she and her brother went to university and then Chinese hospitals to qualify in their craft, but it was fascinating and awe-inspiring to hear of a complex healing tradition passed down through generations – beautiful, actually. (And yes, I completely agree with what you’re saying about the inaccuracy/risk involved in DIY! Not advisable.) Xoo xoo

          1. That’s awesome you’ve got a great practitioner to work with, Earthstar! She sounds wonderful! Yeah, I’m not philosophically against people doing some self acupuncture if they feel comfortable with it, I mean, these were all DIY techniques 3000 years ago, right?…’s just that in these modern times, it couldn’t be under my watch, under my license, because here it’s against the law and would put me under legal liability. Americans like to sue…

        2. Corduroy jeans

          Also, re: “shaman” – apologies for my loose use of the word – absolutely no disrespect intended, it was a joke that didn’t transfer on the written page!
          But thank you for prompting me to refine what I meant. 🙂 Xoo
          I guess what I meant by shamanistic, is, Mars conjunct MC in Pisces for me, has felt a lot like gaining knowledge, skills and experience that are (almost strictly) found outside the usual formal and accredited channels. So ontological as opposed strictly empirical knowledge accumulation, though of course the boundaries are osmotic/fuzzy (this is Pisces, after all – hollow laugh). So the initiations and “ascension of”?? perhaps mere accumulation of..? “levels” of “knowledge” (was going to write “stuff” – lol), are NOT externally played out on a university/graduation stage, but usually entirely interiorly, via adverse experiences/trauma, or being witness to certain processes and preliminaries of the human condition, that, for better or worse, are masked/not revealed to/actively shunned by others. And I would be willing to guess that you have also experienced this as a healer, whether it be an (usually unasked for) intuition about the “real” issue behind your patient’s malaise, to “knowing” where to place the needles, and that knowing comes from a place outside a university lecture studio.
          Now – this is purely my experience, not at all a general statement – so, I hope I can clarify what I meant by “shaman”. From my lay understanding, a calling to that more traditional role (as meant by indigenous cultures, all over the world) is not something you “qualify” in, rather you are “called” to it, and then initiated? But I honestly don’t know – I feel sad we don’t have equivalents in our mono-cultural, disconnected (from nature and kin) societies. But I do feel you are close to our modern equivalent, esp. as a healer!! Keep being magic, FlowerChild XOO

          1. No worries, Earthstar, I didn’t perceive any disrespect at all! I appreciate your take on what a shaman can be. I do think there is an intuition or other sense involved in being a healer, it’s definitely not just by the book. Lately I’ve felt even more and more intuitive about people, situations, patients’ cases, etc., and it’s actually disturbing me because sometimes there’s no where to go with that. No one gets it. Actually, it’s most useful in the clinical setting because you don’t need to share that with the patient verbally, you just treat for what you see, even if what you see is beneath the surface, in the subtext. I can see right through patients’ situations sometimes, regardless of what they’re telling me. It’s more confounding in social situations, or among friends, or in discussing or interpreting and understanding world affairs. And yeah, that intuition can’t be taught academically, it can just be honed by yourself, over years. Peace to you…

            1. I relate to all of this 100% flowerchild.
              All this accumulated experience but i’m not even sure how i fit in to modern society any more.

          2. There has been a bit of a back lash about ‘Shamanism’ by saying it is ‘cultural appropriation’!
            Going into the spirit world and conversing with them to ask for cures certainly wouldn’t be for sissies but can a non-indigenous person actually learn to be a shaman in the true sense i wonder?
            There was a book ‘Urban Shaman’ which was mostly about the Kahuna priests system of knowledge from Hawaii and that information was taken from a book called ‘In Search of Miracles’, a study of the Kahunas written in the 40’s.
            Initiation YES by the real deal, nothing urban about that!

            1. Want to add to this by saying my idea of shamanistic practises is that it’s performance orientated psychopomp, the other side of the Joker or the Fool, not sure of what they’re doing exactly but whatever….it works!

              1. If you haven’t already, you might like to read The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge by Jeremy Narby. Love this book – it’s a really interesting look at Shamanism & the striking similarities between Shamans in different parts of the world & their “journeys” Many a-ha moments.

  10. Dreams last night verged on or were actual nightmares. Fire and destruction and yes i watched world news for the first time in forever.

    1. Oh not the news !! I am the same. Sending you much peace energy, plus lavender and lemon myrtle essential oil vibes for calm and fairy sparkles xooxoo

      1. Thank you star of the earth and same to you 🙂
        Synchronicity at work as lemon myrtle was written on my shopping list last night!
        Gratitude that i CAN simply go and buy it while so many in the world are not in the position to do ANY shopping or even think about doing so.

      1. Will never understand why all the excess water QLD is not piped-lined to South Australia, the driest state in Oz and also into the desert.
        Israel planted fruit trees in the desert in the 60’s and the word was they used Oz technology on how to water.

        1. Oh, South Aussie here. Simple answer is because we’re a backward country and politicians are too busy lining their own pockets!

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I was just thinking about those individual concepts/symbols the other day. Wondering how I could put them together in a sentence or two. Looks like you have done it for me. Well done.

      I live in Gympie. I was on of the lucky ones on higher ground with my neighbors.
      I count my blessings.

      Let us send love and peace to the souls that were flooded.

      1. Oh Wish, I’m in Lismore. I’m a lucky one too. The magnitude of this along the east coast is hard to comprehend. If this doesn’t shake things up for improved infrastructure etc, I don’t know what will.

  11. Great post and comments. Too hard to reply all…so a sweeping statement is it from me.

    Wouldn’t call myself Neptunian but sextile Venus Moon Uranus Pluto and trine Saturn wide orb. Shrugs. Neptune 7 is the most noticeable…at times after the mist lifts. Not downloading that transcript lol.

    1) Lol. Not sure Id be as witty.
    2) Yes!
    3) Yes. Saggo also weighs in
    4) Yes again. Think Jupiter Gem is in on this too
    5) Ridiculous these days but had put it down to Taurus. Yes.
    6) Dream eras. All of the above but depends on the phase I’m in.

  12. I’m reading through each point – I’m feeling fabulously guilty. Guilty? Maybe not the best word. More like the naughty secret I’m secretly proud of – is more accurate

  13. Well I didn’t know I was Neptunian until MM looked at my chart and told me so! I was using the weighting calculator of the Walter Pullen Astrolog chart thingy. Which is cool, it gave me a lot of clues, but I think a human looks at a chart more intuitively. Mercury is my most activated planet but I am primarily a water person with Cancer Stellium, Scorpio Moon and Neptune activating my Sun in trine. Pisces is my 2nd dominant sign after Cancer. My Jupiter in Pisces dominates my chart atop a grand trine to Mercury and Moon. The highest weighted aspect in my chart surprised me on the Walter Pullen chart delineation, as it is Neptune sextile Pluto which seems fairly generational but I suppose those outer planets will pull. My dad is a Pisces and my mother a Scorpio so I see a lot of their astrological DNA here too.

    1. No wonder you can tune in easily. Someone very close to me is Cancer, Cancer rising and also has Pisces prominent in her chart. Information comes flooding in but leaves so quickly that while you are pondering one of her insights, she has already streaked ahead to the next ten. I remember doing a coastal walk with her and she pointed out a gateway in the distance. When we arrived there five minutes later, she walked past it. I said “Don’t you want to explore the gateway”. She replied, “What gateway?” Whoosh it was gone that quickly. Sphinx, you would be interesting to take a nature walk with.😊

      1. So kind! Well, I am Leo Sun with Gem Asc, so not as watery as some, but I definitely suffer from ADD if that helps! Your friend sounds very fast feeling with that combo. I would love to go walking with the cast and crew of the Good Ship Medusa, I don’t know anyone IRL who cares for astrology

        1. Hi again Sphinx, fellow Leo Sun with Gem asc here, as well as ADD. I have a stellium in Leo. I wouldn’t have thought myself a Neptunian type but that list resonated so much so I checked my chart and there’s a Neptune square MC, in the seventh house, that suggest I need to check in on the balance between subjective experience and objective reality. Interestingly though, I’ve self-medicated with dreamweed for years, probably quite specifically to be somewhat detached. I have never been a drinker but when I tippled at parties etc, I would succumb to the effects very quickly. When I read the descriptions above, I felt these were similar traits to ADD. I’m very curious about the link between mental health and astrology.
          Also, cancelled plans are the best! They somehow suspend my anxiety for the allocated period and I’m often very productive because I choose to be, not because I have to. My own worst enemy sometimes! 😅

    1. Got to and in extended charts you can get the pullen/astro selection, then under that you have the Walter Pullen simple chart delineation and you can see how prominent that aspect is in your chart as they weight by %. It’s at the bottom part past all the midpoint stuff.

    2. I would say definitely. I have the same square although not 12th house. I have many of the neptunian failings but some of the wonder as well thankfully. It’s hard actually but I wouldn’t be a muggle for quids

  14. My Neptune phases have been eras suitable of an epic mini series lol. In my teens/20s it was broken people doing broken things while existing or floating in the neptunian purple haze!
    12th house stellium, Neptune in the 3rd sees sleeping / waking life being multidimensional lit.
    I just saw an amazing astrologer / medium in upstate NY and she was the 1st person in my whole life to see my whole timeline & just how other realms keep me from existing in the present. Understanding how to not get lost in the mist of illusion is one of my biggest struggles. This site is such a help tho!

  15. This Neptune thing is something I have to learn about.
    Failure to handle with care and understand it’s power has caused untold wreckage in my life. I’m only starting to wake up to my part in it. This influence on my 12th house moon in combination with my Pluto square Jupiter ascendant situation is the key responsibility I have been shirking. How was I so blind to this? I’ve literally never seen my part in any of it until Saturn started opposing my Neptune. I’ve been hiding so much in the fog all my life

    1. Oops Saturn I square my Neptune currently and Neptune is opposite my Mars and my sun. Guess that means it’s opposite my mercury too and I hadn’t noticed yet. Anyway it’s a lot of Neptune energy. Neptune is in my voluptuous 12th house and trines my Venus in the 8th. It’s an extremely fortunate natal alignment and I am ultra sensitive to all things Neptuniun. My responsibility is to protect that and keep it clean. Trouble with being a traumatised ACOA Virgo and having that rock n roll Janice Joplin style Sagittarius moon also in the 12th and wild child Sag rising vibes is finding balance. That groovy hippie vibe has dominated until quite recently and it’s actually not my authentic self at all.


      1. Strangely, of Virgo’s known to me, none have had what i would call an easy journey thro’ life.
        ACOA? Is? Whatever it is it’s only a name.
        Authentic self? Don’t we have 12 of them as in the 12 houses?
        Darling Invicta, you can be whoever you want to be, when ever you want to be it simply by an outfit change 🙂
        You are not used to economising and it’s a fun new thing…for a while.
        You are brilliant at reinventing yourself.
        Where do you want to go next? Design it then do it. You will know when the time is right.
        You have the power to do be anything you want as you have been thro’ the dark night of the soul, many times i believe, that sort of psyche cleansing gives you a certain carte blanche.
        Living in gourmet poverty has a time

  16. I can so relate to this post, despite having only MC and Mars cj in early degrees of Pisces.
    MC-ruler Neptune is an outlier in mid-Sagittarius, but a retrospective analysis of major life events show, eerily consistently, a major planet conjuncting Neptune. (Events occuring before I knew anything about astrology). E.g. When I got married – transit Jupiter was cj natal Neptune. When I got held up in bank I worked for, eons ago – Pluto AND Mars were cj. natal Neptune.
    I have always been “extra-sensory” physically – this is why drugs and alcohol have always been off my list, bar brief experimental phases – and it means emotionally I “feel” what everybody in my presence does. It isn’t “fun” per se, but I try to be useful about it..🤷🏽‍♀️❤

    1. – but dreamlife still a struggle, purely because my sleep is so dramatically and consistently disrupted – kids, pets, study, etc. Still, I try – begging my Spirit guides before I go to sleep “remember – be literal!!! I don’t have the energy for cryptic !! Be. Simple!!!”😂

      1. Moon-Neptune opposition here and currently transiting Neptune is squaring my Natal Sun. Before going to sleep, I have also often asked my Spirit guides – or Higher Power – in recent months to not take me to the astral plane. Because it’s too vivid and surrealistic (and exhausting).

    2. Hi Star of the Earth xx
      HSP yup, it’s an acknowledged thing with a book written called ‘Highly Sensitive People’.
      Once upon a time it was something you didn’t mention in case you were thought loopy.
      Was there a gun used in the hold up? Funny getting married and ‘held up’ in the same sentence…lol.

      1. I avoid this subject even with my thoughts and navigate away from it on screens. It feels true in a way that I struggle with. I’m wary of identifying myself this way although duh. Obviously 🙄 But it’s swampy. You know?

      2. Hi Lovely Pegasus… 💕💕🌻🐬💛🦄💐😚😚Have missed your fun spirit. Are you alright there in SA?? We slowly coming to terms with spread of Covid here in WA – mind you, I’ve never needed much impetus to go hermit-like – lol!!! Xx
        Yeah, the hold-up was with a sawn-off shotgun. Pointed at my diaphragm. First and only time i have ever seen a gun in my life!! Fellow bank staff said my legs were trembling the whole way throughout, but i don’t remember – but am glad in retrospect, as apparently that is a healthy way the body processes trauma?? (Invicta my Angel would know what I am talking about !💖💖) I just remember feeling sorry for the guy holding the gun, like, to feel like you had no other option but an armed hold-up. Nobody was harmed, and obviously it was terrible, but i felt he was in the worse position..?
        And yes, that is a hilarious point about marriage !!!🤣Am I the hostage, or the hostage-taker?? What is that book Esther Perel wrote, “Mating in captivity”?🤣🐅 (I haven’t read it – promise!! But would like to, she has some really interesting things to say. Also – i hope everyone following please knows I am only joking bout the monogamous VOLUNTARY commitment between two folks, and NOT actual kidnapping/violence – gross!!)
        I need to get that book about Highly Sensitive People, too – c’est moi!!! My biggest annoyance was being told it was my weakness, all my life. I guess it is, but I use it now. Love Xoo

        1. All copacetic in the south of the continent. We only ever had a lock down for 2 months in the beginning, so all has been here normal but your Premier gets a ribbing i’ve noticed :-).

          You showed massive compassion for the gun toter and hopefully it didn’t give you PST.
          Have experienced that (gun threats) twice, (in my wild youth) it’s something you don’t forget but luckily am super cool in dramatic situations. Being an offical elder now changes things as can’t fight back mentally or physically. My days of spinning and holding up my bracelets to deflect bullets are over..dammit.

          Do get the book HSP it validates and explains feelings and thoughts one has. It is a very useful ‘condition’ to have that others could be so lucky to have. xx

          1. Corduroy jeans

             “…My days of spinning and holding up my bracelets to deflect bullets …” You fell me. I love love love it XOO XOO (ps they not over Pegs you are just getting started teaching us how to do it) XOO

          2. Corduroy jeans

            Dunno if it was compassion for the gun toter, just because I saw it (the desperation) in his eyes (the only thing visible through his black balaclava, beside mouth and his fetching double-denim outfit. Bless him, all I saw was the truth – he was in a bad place.) It was a “world’s colliding” like Michael Hutchence sang, just not a prosaic or romantic one. I guess Pluto and Mars can be like that… Xoo

      1. Hi Beautiful, being the hsp in the room can be the absolute pits, right?? But also, really amazing. And I do wonder, if I knew how to switch it off, would i?? Like the data is so… rich?? And interesting!! Because it engages your imagination, too – and a myriad of your own past memories. I think this is why we love solitude so much. The frayed sensory system, and overwhelm, is real… X (but also – the best daydreams and fantasies) (and delusions ! lol)

        1. OOO THAT’S the reason i prefer solitude, the information picked up about people in person. Excellent when i was paid for it but now can’t be with friends or out in public for more than an hour or it’s overwhelming or exhausting or boring and want to return to studio, dog and books tout suite.

    1. What a beautiful combination! You must be stunning, I mean Scorpio Rising I am sure is literally stunning lol.

    1. Scorpio_Rising

      very cool. I love art and the fact you are teaching it to teens is perfect. We need more creativity and positive self-expression in this world. Make Art, Not War.

  17. Neptune squares my Sun Uranus Jupiter Mars stellium. I have one foot in one world and one in another. The minute I sleep I go elsewhere, every night, and it’s a very busy life. I am off to the sleep clinic to see if I can’t get a better kip and feel more energised.

    1. Can I just say, my Cpap machine has changed everything??

      12th house stellium opposing my pisces in Saturn, moon loosely conjunct Neptune in scorp. so I guess quite Neptunian, but I have always been a vivid dreamer and can remember significant dreams from childhood.

      Can relate to the busy dream life but since I am on the oxygen machine I sleep SO much better!! I was a really big snorer and didn’t realise I used to wake up so much through the night due to apnoea until they did the sleep monitoring test. I don’t wake up tired in the mornings now. More steady energy through the day too.

        1. Mullein is lung help along with Rosemary, Marshmellow, Thyme, Fenugreek and Tumeric the mix in my bottle of Lung Clear by Bioglan. It’s working well!

        2. Well Mystic, technically it is doable!
          to just put infused water into chamber instead of plain distilled water. I might give it a go too!

      1. This is so good to hear Veronica. I am anticipating it will change my life too. I too remember significant dreams from childhood and since then have woken making symbols in the air with my hands. I used to think I was dreaming of sewing but now I know better. Wish me luck!

        1. I do wish you luck 🙂 just test out what is the right breath-piece that works for you, and otherwise I found it relatively simple to get used to. In fact I stayed the night at my sisters a couple of nights recently and thought I wouldn’t need it but I really noticed the difference in my quality of sleep

      2. Dear Ronnie, you are hooked up to a machine at night as well! Me too 🙂
        Mine is an oxygen concentråtor that gives me 98% pure oxygen. Tried using it of a day and nearly ripped my ears and nose from Daisy stepping on the tubing when i’m walking around so now i hook myself up at bedtime.
        SLEEP, good quality sleep is radically important to our wellbeing, do get a little concerned when Myst says she doesn’t or stays up til dawn. You reading this Mystic??
        Happiness you’re getting your energy back.
        Brilliant book i sent for called ‘BREATH-the new science of a lost art’ by James Nestor.
        Thought i new much about breathwork but this book is a gem for everyone who breathes, has breathing glitches and for anyone who needs to renew their energy. For example just notice how often you breath thro’ your mouth.
        Going to buy some surgical tape to tape my mouth closed of a night.
        Great to see your name

          1. Hello Champ. ‘Breath’ is a must read. Either ask your library to order it if they don’t have it or buy it as it’s not expensive $AU16 only. Brilliantly researched and he acted as a guinea pig on some methods himself. It validates so much of what i intuited and discovered in the early 90’s. Before laying my hands on a person for my bodywork technique would say to the person ‘Breath i life and most of us don’t get enough of it’ and to ‘play with the breath’ to see where it takes you.
            Basically he says correct breathing cures all ills.

        1. Totally agree that good quality sleep affects our wellbeing holistically Pegs, I wish I had done it sooner. I was waking up so often in the night and thought it might have been a prob with my bladder but it was not enough breath! 0_0

          1. Darling this book ‘Breath’ by James Nestor, as just up to the chapter how you can cure sleep apnoea by stopping mouth breathing, the methods tested before and after trials showed it really works. DO get this book to se the methods used.

            1. Pegasus, i received this book yesterday, as per your recommendation (thank you) & am loving it – if only to justify in scientific terms what ancients have known about breath work all along.

              1. Skarab isn’t it the bomb! To have it scientifically proven. Many times in the 90’s had wanted scientific inquiry, have the person wired up to see what’s happening physiologically.
                It was a totally new journey of discovery for me and anyone one under my hands & voice.
                No wonder they said the kundalini energy is not to be played with!
                I witnessed the ‘Tummo’ effect in a group of women, some starting opera singing, other’s vocalised like they were giving birth, other laughing loudly:-)
                It was called the Fire Breath (or B & E orgasms) back then and it was one of the most amazing effects of breath, visualisation and suggestion experienced and quite scary actually calming them, but powerful as!
                They all felt lighter after and colours brighter.
                It was always said ‘group’ energy was more amplified.
                (Pity groups were NOT my thing as said up thread…lol)

                1. Breath, hands, voice. It’s all you need to bring on healing you never thought possible, eh? Very much my MO too. It’s them simple things …. no gadgets, oils (lovely as they are) or anything other than what we come into this world with.
                  Would have loved to have done some swapsies with you, Pegasus, and exchanged some stories on healing trips. Nothing short of miracles, or magic, when viewed from the outside.

                2. Skarab i was so alone when i started (late in life) and found the ‘new agers’ rather wishy washy sprouting rhetoric and cliches. Refused to join groups or go to workshops and seminars so never networked. If only i had the trusted brilliant women here to discuss The Work with back then.
                  There were ads saying ‘learn aromatherapy over the weekend’, when at least 12 months of study is need plus botany, massage, chemistry and physiology & anatomy.
                  No one was going deep enough for me and doing the research and theory of everything.
                  And yes, trying to introduce a new concept of healing to mainstream can be mind boggling, tiring, frustrating and sometimes totally exhilarating beyond! It’s that ‘sometimes’ that kept me going until i couldn’t.
                  WE DID GOOD Skarab xx

                3. WE DID DO GOOD!
                  The Work revealed itself & we work it, baby.
                  I’m not all that attracted to group participation, but life has at times pushed me into it. I was fortunate to be living in a place in the late 80s & 90s where healing techniques were (re)developed & taught by gifted people. It was also a fantastic place where women’s spirituality & the earth traditions were explored deeply as well. Pluto was going through my 1st H (Scorpio/Neptune/Jupiter) & i went deep into it, revealing a part of me that had been yearning to express itself since forever.

                  Just want to add, since you mention ‘new agers’, that you might find Monica Sjoo’s book New Age & Armageddon: The Goddess or the Gurus, v interesting. I re-read it recently & found it pertinent regarding the current world situation, though written 30 yrs ago. She claims that the New Ager’s fixations on individual nirvana & “creating our own reality” at the expense of communal values, may sabotage altogether our efforts to transform the future; & that despite its lip service to the “healing” of Gaia, is essentially a patriarchal movement & so is part of the problem & not the solution.
                  Must retire pour ce soir, luv to you.💜

  18. Neptune rising, can confirm. I can’t even handle caffeine, antihistamines. And yes, my dreams are serialized, connected. Not every one but more like there’s different channels and they’re all connected. Also, invisibility–like being see through.

  19. Sun/Saturn/Merc conj plus Chiron in Pisces; Neptune conj IC and opp Jupe/MC; Neptune square Venus/Dsc. Yep, Neptunian. Drugs have a horrible effect on me and I was always jealous of others who would just be able to get pleasantly high. A blessing in disguise now, that’s for sure. These days I channel Neptune into my creativity and caring for my loved ones.

    1. Only have Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th house and Saturn, Chiron and Vesta in Pisces in other houses but have always disliked Neptunian drugs. I remember on a retreat being told we had to undertake a mushroom journey which I had not been warned of. I was not impressed. I objected but eventually allowed myself to be persuaded. Most were under after one cup of the mushroom soup. It took two and a half cups to get me under, I was that resistant and other than the horrible nausea and runs, I spent hours crying. I get that it was a release but I think I prefer to release in other ways and the blissful experiences that did eventually arrive, I can tap into myself through meditation. No extra help needed. My first and last experience!

      1. That is such a shame! Such a powerful Neptune person should never be told what to do in a sacred space, ever!! Lol. In the right moment approaching the mushroom spirit and connecting could be really beautiful. Have you seen the Netflix doc Fantastic Fungi? It’s amazing, mushrooms are our relatives! I also don’t require help to tap into things, but the documentary helped me realise how ancient and important mushrooms are to us and to remember to connect to them for enhanced understanding.

        1. No, I haven’t seen the documentary you mention but I do agree with you about the power and importance of mushrooms. And yes, I would prefer to connect directly with the mushroom or the spirit of the mushroom for enhanced understanding or any plant for that matter. Just being in a forest takes me into other realms and I have to take care not to end up in a Grimm’s fairytale. Thank goodness for all of my planets in earth signs to keep me grounded!

        2. Yes Sphinx I do love the mushroom connection. I wanted to tell you that I finally met Aya a couple of years ago and she came to me with the face of an eagle and told me to harden up! (paraphrasing) but she was a little contemptuous and I sensed that I needed to be more fierce which I totally understood as I used to be hella more fierce whenI was in my 20s 😀

          1. Ah, you are awesome V!! That sounds like the Goddess of the Vine to me, she knows what you are capable of and holds you accountable it seems!! You are the fiercest! I thought of you when I read Inanna Returns by VS Ferguson. I feel you might like to read it, it’s on her website for free as a PDF. 💙

        3. Mushrooms are very special indeed. I have done two journeys with relatively light doses, and they gifted me with great insights. They were not particularly pleasant by the way, some really difficult emotions came up. They have nothing to do with entertainment or escapism – at all, in my opinion. To me the experience felt sacred indeed…

          1. That sounds like an ideal way to journey Cal! I haven’t used mushroom allies to journey but I kind of want to, I am just not sure it wouldn’t be like swatting a fly with sequoia branch lol. Maybe it would be cool to join a mushroom ceremony and just sit with the energy.

            1. Had missed your reply, Sphinx. I would recommend a journey, but definitely start with a light dose if you are sensitive. And it is very important to have an interesting experienced ‘sitter’ to accompany you. It is common to set an intention when you journey, something you would like to focus on. Writer Michael Polla recommends them for finding fresh ways of looking at life and receiving deep insights… 🌿

              1. Don’t know why I wrote ‘an interesting experienced sitter’, the word ‘interesting’ just slipped in there. But I suppose it wouldn’t do harm if this person were ‘interesting’ ☺️

        4. A book written in the 70’s called ‘The Mushroom and the Cross’ about how they were used in ancient Greece to ride the bulls and cow worship came about because the mushies were grown in cat pats. Mentioned how their use evolved us, if my memory serves me well.
          Happiness to see Sphinx still gracing us with wisdom of the ages.x

      2. I would have been the opposite, one teaspoon and off the planet. The experience you had sounds awful and not sacred at all. No wonder you didn’t try it again. x

  20. ‘Opinions are the gateway drug for pomposity and judgmentalism’. How true is that! So much conflict and arguments due to opinions which are only other’s perceived ‘truths’ which are not truths at all.
    My Neptune is dating my Moon midheaven, in face they married many moons ago but don’t live on top of each other just very close by resulting in vivid dreamland many hours a night.
    Just read where Grimes (last post) had blue filters put on her eyeballs because blue light is aid to interfere with hormones. Am sure Elon didn’t tell her that.

  21. So Mutable It Hurts

    Ummmm yes, all of these are completely accurate lol Jupiter rising in Pisces, and I’ve been like mega Piscean since Neptune entered Pisces. When a plan gets canceled I am euphoric because my first thought is “things are better on the astral where literally anything is possible anyway, I’ll just go hook up with some ghosts from my past or future”

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