Daily Mystic For Wednesday 28 September

Yes of course there are factors to be angry or – depending on your temperament, the mood of the day etc – apprehensive over.

But the Mars-Saturn alignment in effect until Sunday has brilliant potential. Any harmonious link between these two is helpful: Mars represents Warrior – fighter – energy, ambition and resolve: Saturn is the embodiment of time, structure and systems – immutable by nature.

When these two are simpatico, it’s easier to change systemic scenarios and manage things or people that require it. But when Saturn is engaged in a long-haul gnarly aspect with Mars-affiliated Uranus, this Mars-Saturn trine becomes a potential breakthrough in something you’ve been grinding away at for over a year now.

It’s good for beginnings too but they’re likely to be concealed in the Mercury Retro maelstrom; you’ll have a more lucid view when this beneficial aspect swings around for the second time – November 26 to December 1.

It’s in Gemini-Aquarius so you could anticipate this as being a clear, obvious conduit for a lofty concept that you’ve known is worthwhile but found difficult to translate into the everyday.