Mercury in Pisces

Mystic Mercurial Revelations

Mercury Retro in Pisces gives good mercurial revelations. They’re the seemingly whimsical little seeds of information that float in on the breeze. They’re more substantial than their levity suggests. The last three Mercury Retrogrades have been vile problematic. The one last March hooked into the Jupiter-Neptune square. The mid-year Mercury Retro was understudy for the starring Eclipse, interjecting surreal subtones and odd omens. The October/November 2019 Mercury in Scorpio Retrograde …

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Surreal art collage one eye over Moon scape

The Best Online Oracle Reading

Personally, I think the Mystic Medusa Oracle is the best online oracle reading out there. But it’s about to be joined by the fantastic Oracle 2! The Oracle is usually a Mega Mystic member-only feature but until Friday’s Full Moon, it’s open to everyone. Give it a go, if you have not yet, and share your thoughts. I got the answer below which is annoying but correct. Pluto on the …

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Mercury in Pisces

Is Mercury In Pisces Forever?

Is Mercury in Pisces forever? Or does it just damn well feel like it? “Desperate Sagittarius” speaks for many of us, I am sure. Dearest Mystic,  Is it possible, that Mercury retrograde is still “on”?!  I have been fine throughout the actual retrograde, working well and feeling inspired. But ever since it supposedly went direct, I am in a brain fog. My sound system has crashed multiple times and still …

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Mercury Retrograde Dating

Mercury Retrograde Dating Anecdotes

Mercury Retrograde Dating Tales are flying into my inbox. They are not even Ask Mystic questions because there is no “answer.”  Dating and Mating during Mercury Retrograde are like Zen Koans or a riddle from a Sphinx. The Pluto on the South Node influence renders all encounters significant. And the Fate Matrix is active. But, as you will see below, Mercury Retro weirdness and nebulosity still reigns. Mercury Retrograde Dating …

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The Deeper Dimensions Of Mercury Retrograde

Every Mercury Retrograde has its deeper dimensions. But they are particularly apparent during one like this; Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, for the longest time since 2013. Yes, it is a time when appliances are more likely to go kaput, and you probably shouldn’t scrawl your signature on anything binding. But the break-downs, scheduling mishaps and mixed messaging are just the surface manifestation of the magical flux. Mercury is a deity …

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mercury in pisces

The Surreality Show – Nine And A Half Weeks Of Mercury In Pisces

On Sunday, we began nine and a half weeks of Mercury in Pisces. The Messenger God will not have been in this liminal zone for so long since early 2013. The long-running Mercury in Pisces show will feature on-off-on aspects to Shamanic Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) and the destiny illuminating North Node in Cancer. It’s going to be a surreal backdrop to the more overt themes in play over this phase, …

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