Mercury Retrograde

Learn all about the notorious Mercury Retrograde and how it influences your life.

Pesky and surreal, Mercury Retrograde has the makings of potency but can certainly knock us out of our standard orbit. Infamous for sending tech awry, there’s more to Mercury retrograde than meets the eye.

It’s a time of weirdness, time warps, and memory trickery that can royally mess up any contract-based transactions. It’s not so much that it renders time still, but it goes one better and makes time completely irrelevant, which is frustrating for those who hate missing appointments, deadlines and calendar dates.

Communications with others are often fraught with misunderstandings and nonsensical quips. The most accurate communication is more likely to descent from astral realms than any of the people you deal with.

It brings bewildering dating tales and encounters of the good-weird,  bad-weird and ugly-weird.

But Mercury Retrograde is not without its depth or profundity. It brings logic to scenarios that made no sense on paper. It’s as if you’ve cracked some code to a puzzle that you’ve been ruminating on for years. It’s a zone of mysteries and solutions, enigmas and breakthroughs.

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