The 1999 Saturn-Uranus-Square Was Funkier

Saturn squares Uranus all year and apart from the truculence, political tedium, and brinksmanship, it is a time troll.

It’s not only lockdowns or the groundhog day ad infinitum nature of pandemic factors: Saturn reps chronological time aka Newton time.

It’s linear and big on status-deadline indicators. You know those stupid insurance ads that make you fear you’re missing about a million metrics of normality?

Uranus is Kairos time aka Einstein time, non-linear and freakishly magic. Think multiple timelines or of those moments when you’ve pre-cogged the future without effort.

Currently, Saturn is time-trolling Uranus, generating immense pressure for Uranian people , Aquarians and Taureans.

The results will eventually be rad and it is arguably a prerequisite for Pluto in Aquarius, but it’s the astrological grind of 2021.

The last time Saturn squared Uranus it was 1999 and things were a fuq load funkier.  That was Saturn in Taurus square Uranus in Aquarius – the flipped version of 2021’s version.

Every day of that year was like a time warp as well and events like the Seattle Riots against the WTO – the first – Columbine and the JFK Jr plane crash felt poignant and historic even as they occurred. But culturally, it felt more Uranian.

The Millennium or Y2K Bug was the big scare story of the year – would every single item of technology stop working on the stroke of midnight 2000? Spoiler: They did not.

Britney was young and free. Supermodels didn’t need to be influencers. The Matrix was released, as science fiction, not a docudrama. Cinematically, 1999 was iconic: American Beauty, The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, Blair Witch Projects, Talented Mr Ripley, Fightclub…Maverick movies went mainstream.

“Crazy” was cool, a hit song in fact: Ricky Martin attained global fame via Living La Vida Loca – Transit Note: Pluto was conjunct his Mercury that entire year. He’s a Capricorn with Gemini Rising, ie: ruled by Mercury.

Anticipate a radical cultural resurgence once we’re on the other side of this. And, if this aided your 1999 recall, think about then versus now in terms of your life and scene. What paradigms are similar but flipped?  Aside from the obvious passage of 22 years (!), what is the most significant difference in your deep psyche?

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  1. I’m an Aquarius Stellium with Taurus rising. In 1999, I moved my sole trader business premises 6 times, due to circumstances beyond my control and fell out will colleagues along the way. Nothing seemed to stick. I felt alone, now I’m here again, this time in my Saturn return too! Stressed and feeling alone and not getting anywhere.
    In 1999 a year and a half later I was pregnant and my whole life changed. 🙏✨I wonder what’s next this time!

  2. Oh wow, what a trip. I recall ’99 as being super intense.
    I was finishing music school and kinda imploding from the stress. Lots of partying and when I saw the Matrix in the cinema it felt REAL AF.
    Feeling similarly stressed but a little more grounded this time around. But with Saturn on my AC for the entire year, it’s been a never-ending grind.

  3. Then I was surrounded by a friend posse whom I needed to define me, and partying, now I’m far out of orbit from most friends (and at home with a toddler) but I’m grounded in my self and emotionally resilient AF.

  4. Yikes all the fabulous things i could do in ’99 that are beyond me now, like sex with a younger Florist-owning deadlocked hottie with an Akita ****sigh****now i watch movie’s for teens coz there is no sex but lot’s of magic think Vampire Diaries Legacies & The Originals.

  5. Love this mystic. In 1999 I just had my second son and got a communications job in an international technology company, prepping the media releases for whichever way the Y2K bug rolled out. Stressful!

    In 2021 I just got a new job in May and I’ve moved to the Top End of Australia, solo. I’ve got a job in the uni in digital learning design.

    i just realised both these jobs are very Uranus, but in between I was working 12 years in arts education.

    In 1999 I felt very unsupported and frazzled but now in 2021 I feel magically supported. Don’t know why or how but I am very very grateful

  6. Just watched the Talented Mr Ripley. Amazing really because here I am on the Italian Riviera. Great movie. Ok so I was just getting back up from my hideous divorce to my first husband and baby cappi in tow. Found my lovely second husband and had the next eleven years living an almost fairytale life. But… I married for the security that has always eluded me. Looking back I didn’t make the most of how pampered I was. I just remember I kept on. I didn’t have to. It could have been all spa days and weekends away but no I needed a definition, I needed work, I needed to earn etc etc. Suddenly I’m doing it all again but on a shoestring (Taurus NN). And of course my job went awol this spring so I’m determined to enjoy my bit of down time which is ending up not being that down. I’m struggling with Italian surveyors, builders, ways of doing things. It’s ridiculously un streamlined or organised. I am trying however to let go of struggle and try harder to float along. I’m trying to embrace going inward (as discussed previously with wish on another post) but that’s tough. Recognising I do have to open my heart, realising that is happening and that’s tough too.
    ah enough about me already. Mystic your line “The Matrix was released, as science fiction, not a docudrama. “.

    1. That is beautiful emg, trying to let go of the struggle, trying to float along, trying to embrace going inward, opening the heart 💛

  7. Oh well this makes perfect sense. Saturn was in my 10th squaring Uranus in my 6th. I got married that year, it was a mistake, and I was trying to turn myself into his idea of what the ideal woman should be and how she should present to the world. I’ve just looked at the chart for our wedding day and Pluto-Chiron conj in Sagg were exact squaring my Sun-Saturn-Merc Pisces. Jeeeez. Not long after, I quit my senior exec role and went back to uni to study what I had always been interested in but never pursued. It’s interesting to look at the echoes from that era. Now I’ve quit a debilitating, toxic corporate job to focus on my health and build something new, although what that will look like, I haven’t a clue. I am at the ‘sleepless nights wishing I’d paid more attention to superannuation and wtf has my entire career been for’ and obsessively reading about older people who have changed their lives in some dramatic way.

  8. I definitely feel like we are in delicious cocktail remix of the 90s now… I mean trending fashion & hair is a huge nod to the early Supermodel years but with a boost from very now platforms like TikTok. You can feel the unique Saturn / Uranus power plays very distinctly!
    I think culturally we are moving towards being more authentic in a disconnected world the best way we know how. I believe there are many avenues for success if you’re not afraid of the beating Uranian drum of innovative change, while owning the pavement like Naomi did on the catwalk 💋

  9. Wish Upon a Star

    Saturn is time trolling Uranus. And Uranus is transitting my natal Taurus moon in the 3rd house which is natally conjunct my traditional Taurus north node. Or Scorpio north node? I live in the Southern hemisphere. It’s not a tight conjunct . Eight degrees apart.

    Can anyone explain this for me please?

    1. You’ve got that Taurus north node too. It’s a complete pain in the backside as far as I can tell. I have money I have no money I have money I have no money. I have promise of money and then no money. Security ? Wtf is that ?

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Or is it Scorpio north node as I live in Australia? It makes more sense for me. The Scorpioness in me started very low haute, then turned eagle like and seems to get more refined with each obstacle. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

          1. Mine’s Scorpio north node, in the southern hemisphere, in 12th house conjunct my Asc. Money is my biggest challenge – but it’s about accepting one’s own inherent value i think – which i clearly haven’t mastered. Yet. Life’s work perhaps? 🤷🏻‍♀️

            I look at the nodes as an infinity symbol – neither is good, bad, or better than the other. They work together – i think that’s the karmic challenge, to find the balance and flow between the two rather than abandoning either one of them for the other. Motion & evolution happens when you have balance & momentum… harmony… light & shadow, order & chaos.

  10. I was a new Mum with another on the way, moved into the remotest bush block ever, lived in a caravan, helped to build a new but old house from a recycled house timbers. Trying to get solar power sorted, but mostly remember that the simple things like hot water were such a pleasure. I washed cloth nappies in a hand cranked cement mixer carting buckets of water from a dam (yes 1999 not 1799). I was stoic (Saturn conjunct my Merc) and knew that things would improve…eventually. I don’t know how that could flip. Maybe I was deluded because Neptune was at the end of my 12th house.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Au contraire. I don’t think you were deluded. If I’m not mistaken there is Taurus in your chart. I have a Taurus moon and when I’m happy I like old fashioned chores. They keep you in the moment. In Buddhism they call that meditation. LOL.

      Cloth nappies in a cement mixer. That’s classic innovation.

    2. How apt. I was renovating house too but living with my millionaire husband to be. It was picking out all things fabulous. Now Neptune is at the end of my 12th or actually on my asc and I’m renovating again but on my own with no money, so I’m knocking a wall out here and buying a rose for there and picking and jamming my own apricots and making olive oil. I’ve reverted to peasant farmer. But I have a feeling my little farm is going to be vital over the next few years. And I love it here.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh that’s right you are having Neptune over your ascendant. Believe me you are in the right place. I speak from experience. And you love it there. Keep the faith baby. You have no distractions and can focus on simple pleasures. They are the best don’t you think ? Spiritually this place is ripe for growing more than apricots and olives. Enjoy !

          1. And you are so right about your little farm being vital for the future. Inflation is going to hit bigtime over next few years. Food IS the future. WE SHOULD ALL BE FARMERS.

      2. Emmie you are living the dream of many. Italy is in 50% of my DNA & Italians have excellent taste in almost everything. I used to quip ‘speak to me in Italian & i’ll follow you anywhere’ 🙂

  11. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    ohh this is so rad and on point. bring on the cultural resergence! i have a brain this time round, lol

  12. Significant difference in my deep psyche: recognising I have such a place and making friends with the goddesses and gremlins lurking there.

  13. I can’t imagine life being more different. Other than the ‘passage of time’ which has included the loss of loved ones, my major relationship, home and profession, 1999 was the precursor to the unveiling of who I authenticly was and am. I was living a socially conditioned life of denial and didn’t know it. Then came 1999.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Socially conditioned life! I had no choice but to change. In 1999 Uranus was squaring my natal Taurus Moon. I felt a visceral thread through my belly button pulling me away and far from my toxic, dangerous, fragmented family. My mum died. I was now an orphan.

      At 32 I moved up North to Queensland, Australia. Then the long journey began.

      1. Taurus moon here as well. I won’t go into details but I also had no choice but to change. And I think for many a long journey began. I hope your journey is getting better.

        1. Another Taurus Moon here, in the 10th house. I also had no choice but to change in 1999. I had just finished university and was very hesitantly trying to get a career in the media off the ground. Meanwhile my 5 year relationship – which had been a safe, but very limiting, haven until then – was slowly eroding until it collapsed at the end of 2001. The two went together, building a career and a slowly imploding relationship (Uranus was in my 7th house in 1999) 🏔 ⚡️

          1. Thinking about the 1999-2021 flip. With Uranus transiting through my 10th in Taurus, my job in the media feels very rocky, in spite of a significant promotion 3 years ago. On the upside, I have been slowly building a small wooden eco house made possible by the savings from a 20 year working life

              1. Thank you for asking Wish ☺️
                Definitely much more myself than I was in 1999. And happy that the wooden eco house is manifesting as a positive result of the Uranus transit 😉

                1. Wish Upon a Star

                  Yes Aquarius is all about being your authentic self. Happiness is a by product of that me feels.

                  Are you going to name your house?

                2. Yes, I will. It will be a name which has associations with the word ‘Peace’. Though it remains to be seen how peaceful it will be there, with Uranus on my Moon for the coming year :)) Striving for inner peace is always possible of course

                3. Wish Upon a Star

                  I’ve got Uranus on my moon currently. At least I know what is going on. I’m just starting to get used to it. It is definitely shaking things up.

                  Peace sounds good.

                4. Ah you have Uranus on your Taurus Moon right now, Wish? Wow. That’s good to know, I’ll be paying extra attention to your posts to see how you are doing. Take care and all the best 🍀

                5. Wish Upon a Star

                  Thanks, the four leaf clover carries me on as I found one on holiday when I was a child.

                  Lucky 🍀

          2. Wish Upon a Star

            Hesitant and limiting don’t sound good. I think these are traps that us Taurus Moons fall into. Another bad one for me is staying in negative situations way too long.

            Thank God for Uranus.

            1. You are right, Wish. The good characteristics of a Taurus Moon – patience, endurance, staying-power – can definitely start working against us at certain point. Uranus makes us break free, but still not an easy transit for a Taurus Moon. It’s like dropping dynamite on a concrete bunker to make it budge

  14. 1999 was the last time I played 3rd base – literally – and I injured right rotator cuff sidearm throwing. 22 years later with a 21 year old headed to NYC to find herself and I’m feeling like I’m in the matrix. Nothing is weirder than planet earth right now.

  15. I love that you point out the astro similarities between 1999 and 2021, Mystic. I am feeling the Saturn-Uranus crunch so much as it is right smack on my fixed T-square in Aquarius-Scorpio-Taurus, and also involving my Leo ascendant.
    I have been telling myself lately that I can get through the 2021 astrological grind, because I got through it in 1999. But apparently this time it is different because Saturn dominates the picture? Food for thought 🤓

    1. Wow! Fixed square here too. It sucks! I’m so glad someone else knows what it’s like..! 😆 Mine is Taurus moon, opp Uranus Scorpio, square to Saturn-MC in Leo – all 1-3′. Asc 23′ Scorpio.

      1999-2000 was a fateful time for me also. At 13-20′ not on my t-square… but the third exact square, in May 2000, Saturn was on my south node. I won’t say here what happened but it was painful.

      This time around, there are echoes of the consequences of that last time. And new, different losses, and different grief…but still grief. Rug-pulled-out-from-beneath-you / fall-from-grace, types of losses (occurring as Saturn aspected my IC/MC/Saturn axis, and Uranus transited my Moon).

      T-squares are so hard as any transit to one triggers them all (including the ‘fourth’ point)… I kinda go into shutdown as they happen now – cocoon myself from their immediate effects then deal with the fallout/recovery afterwards. It’s a sort of coping mechanism, preventative strategy honed from past experiences (Uranus/Neptune through Aq for eg). Pluto in Aquarius will be the biggest test tho. Holy shit, i am bracing for that one.

      This series of squares is forcing me to slow down & do everything differently, which is a good thing…like slowly grinding to a halt in order to turn the ship around, and choose a better, truer, direction… Interesting for sure.

      1. Hi Mariposa, so interesting to hear about your fixed t-square experiences and how you have learned to deal with them over time, especially the ‘slowing down and consciously doing things differently’ part. I am sorry though that the experiences have included such painful losses. If I understand correctly your natal Moon-Uranus square in Taurus-Scorpio is in the early degrees, so that would mean that at least the triggering by Uranus of that natal aspect is done by now?
        I assume it is not easy having the natal Moon-Uranus opposition in Taurus-Scorpio by the way… Though my astrology teacher used to say that having a difficult aspect natally was completely different from having it in transit, because with the natal aspects people have a lifetime of learning to deal with them and getting good at that 😊

  16. Wish Upon a Star

    My mum passed away in May 1999. She was an Aquarian. I remember my friend taking me to see the sixth sense.
    After my mum died I left my corporate job in sales because my boss suggested I transfer to office work because of my grief. I remember my friend taking me out to dinner after I resigned. I wore a beautiful green, wool jacket. That green jacket made me feel free. It meant the start of a new life. In the previous life I wasn’t true to myself.

    But it wasn’t easy. I won’t go into the details. Maybe that could be my first novel. Significant difference in my deep psyche : I embrace myself warts and all. Whereas previously I was tentative and unsure of my particular skills and uniqueness.

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