Daily Mystic For Monday 23 May

The Sun-Jupiter sextile was building all weekend, and it’s at peak strength today – exact at 11.05 Universal Time – but potent for the next 36 hours. Think levity where you’ve been overladen with guilt, gloom, or mundane scenarios.

The lunar backdrop is an intuition-enhancing, surreal genius of a Piscean Moon. It’s made even more powerful by Mercury backing into Taurus: weird reveries or liminal moments like the shore between sleep and wakefulness evoke solutions for old mysteries.

Mercury Retro does require a warning, though: this is the part of it when people are most likely to be unreasonable and put their full oomph behind an idea that they will later pretend was yours. And if you recently decided that someone had changed enough that you were cool to work, sleep or hang out with them again…you’ve probably just been pinged by Merc-Retro, or you’re about to be!


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