How To Be More Uranian?

Dear Mystic, 

Uranus is in Taurus.

Regardless of our birth chart themes we are all gonna feel it. Some more than others.

We Mega Mystic members are lucky to have our super site, but knowing that is going to happen isn’t gonna be enough. 

So how do we raise our Uranian vibe so that we are not taken off guard?

I personally know nothing about Uranus: I am Neptunian and Plutonian, but he’s there in my birth chart as it is in any.  Regarding him I always feel like that friend of a friend that you get to see at dinner parties, but never got to know for real.

What should we “outer planets” peeps or non outer planets peeps do to get more on a Uranian wave length ? Read more sci-fi? Reassess our home tech gear? 

Thanks for whatever suggestions I might get from you.

A Non Uranian Virgo Rising 

Dear Non Uranian Virgo Rising,

This is a really good question. As a Uranian, I can share that i am currently obsessed with growing my own herbs/greens, growing out natural hair and growing psychologically via old-style psychotherapy. By “old style”, I don’t mean a seance with Freud – though he was a Taurus – but as opposed to the more ‘new age’ schools of thought. Growth but organic growth.

I am also getting one of those electric posture guard things that sit on your back and buzz you when you slouch.  I am convinced this somehow enhances neural functioning.

The other night, shortly after Uranus hit Taurus, I drank Lions Mane for nerve regeneration (as i have stopped trying to freeze my frown lines with neurotoxin injections) and google street-viewed streets where resonant things happened to me long ago. To digitally re-anchor in time.

None of this is “cool”. True Uranian people rarely look kooky. They often aspire to lead the most boring-on-the-surface life possible.

The Uranian frequency is contrarian – just as the herd suddenly gets spooked by debt, the Uranian will start leveraging up, for example. It operates out of linear time. Many Uranian people will become devotees of Saturn-based rules for living, just so they can do whatever the hell they want. So they are not bothered.

So if you are not born in the Uranus hood, you can’t acquire that vibe and nor would you necessarily want to. Can you imagine a life where people are perpetually greeting your ideas or opinions with genuinely “you’re so weird” judgment but then excitedly trying to tell you about the same concept as something ‘new’ a few years later?

It’s not always easy and it can be isolating. Uranian people learn early how not to be bothered by not ‘belonging.’

However, you can set your attitude toward the part of your natal birth chart dominated by Taurus to be as objective as possible. Like, if you were an alien arriving in your life with literally no preconceptions, how would you view it?  Work the part of your chart that is Aquarius with similar detachment.

But when I first read your email, my intuitive thought was as follows. How Best To Align With Uranus in Taurus? Grow vegetables and revolutionise your attitude toward money. Oh and if you are going to read sci-fi, Philip K Dick, William Gibson and Octavia Butler are very Uranian reads. What does everyone else think?

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  1. As a Virgo with Uranus trine my sun, rolling into my Saturn return, I just moved to an all female co-op housing situation in the desert, after quiting my job and downsizing all my possessions, to start an internship on a non-profit organic farm. First night there we decided to start an “inter-generational witch book club.” Also started training for a trail marathon and have suddenly taken an interest in old school sourdough bread baking and ceramics. None of this was planned, it just kind of happened very organically.

    1. It’ll reach 2°34 in Taurus on August 7th and starting from the day after it starts its retro. Then it’s direct on January 7th 2019 and enters Taurus for good on March the 7th.
      What a row of 7th btw.

      1. Oh it’ll leave Taurus on November the 7th (7th again!) re-enter Aries and then in Aries it’ll go back as far as 28° 36′.

        1. Thank you 🙂 – this is quite a row of 7s! Looks like uranus will be hanging in my sixth house for that whole time :/

  2. When i think of Elon Musk I think Uranian ( although I believe he is Taurian). This is how he has announced changes since Uranus hit Taurus !!!!

  3. There’s an old Nepalese joke that goes:
    Q: What do you do when confronted with a tiger?
    A: Nothing – the tiger will do it all. 🙂

    That’s how i feel Uranus is when it strikes. The only thing you can do is be as open, aware and flexible as possible. Get yourself in the position of least resistance and roll with it. I have trans Uranus on an angle again & about to square everything in my chart – which judging from past 2 experiences changes EVERYTHING in my life. It has begun with me again. I am exited, because ultimately it has always brought great gifts of learning – though sometimes you can’t see them for ages.

    1. Love this saying. Had Uranus “angle-ing” everything when in Aries. I am through with it. But I’d crave some total – more harmonious – change with Uranus in Taurus.

  4. I was *just* going to ask how one knows if they’re Uranian, as I feel I’m not really cool enough, but I do have some Uranus and Aquarius going on in my chart (lost in a sea of Virgo in the 5th, and also whole life is currently dedicated to Saturn, but whatevs).


    Uranus: 40 pt.s

    Pluto: 27 pt.s

    Neptune: 19 pt.s

    Saturn: 28 pt.s

    Mercury: either 49 or 54 pts, depending on how you count my stellium

    Guess I am fairly Uranian. So… there’s that. I feel a bit too attached to my 401k, though.

    1. Aquarius doesn’t necessarily equate to cool. In fact the majority of Aquarians I’ve met couldn’t give a rats arse about how they look or come across to others. Or their idea of cool is about 20 years ahead of its time and they’re just viewed as weird. The key to Aquarius is to “stop giving a shit”, which might be difficult with all that pernickety Virgo in your chart.

    2. Oh and a suggestion if you want to try it – think of the craziest most outlandish thing you could possibly do and then listen to your Virgo voices scream in utter horror. Then laugh and laugh and do it anyway.

      Tho … keep things haute Aqua not low Aqua. “I’m gonna become a breatharian and live off the energy of the universe” is just so dumb that even your Aqua bits will think you’re insane. Likewise with murdering someone or robbing a store. Like … NO. 😆

  5. I was thinking today about making offerings to the gods of the highway I take every day??? Is that my Uranian Taurean take, perhaps?? A reinvention/modern take on paganism?

    Speaking of offerings: would love to know what people in this community do in terms of house altars. I was also sorely feeling the lack thereof.

    1. Ooh have always kept a house altar or two.
      Lately am more minimal, before i used to really pile on shells, feathers, images on cards, crystals, mini statuettes etc.

      These days just a statue, fresh flowers, some incense. I loved how the Balinese would place fresh frangipanis in their shrines each day, and grow several small frangies in various containers for my offerings when they are in season.

  6. As an Aquarian, my take on channeling and/or cultivating Uranian to think of it as experiencing:
    Extra Sensory Transmission Downloads…
    These happen to your whole Self in a somewhat layered and/or digital form…the “electrical” rush hits you both mentally and physically & you can feel like your channeling information/foresight/memories/emotions from the Source.
    To Avoid: too much caffeine and/or other stimulants.
    To Do: ground yourself with earthy food & stay very well hydrated.
    That’s a basic description from my experience anyway. Just sayin. Xxx

    1. Yes I have had that experience frequently as if I’ve downloaded a .zip file from the cosmos that needs to be extracted and analysed. It’s erratic though. Sometimes there’s nothing in the Inbox for months and months.

  7. MM, we must be on a similar Uranian wavelength! I began taking Lion’s Mane capsules (when I had been taking another mushroom blend for immunity). And just yesterday I was researching how to improve posture and rounded shoulders—after 9 years living with my laptop in my current lifestyle, I have to regain my conscientiousness around posture. Slouching over for most of my day has changed me very tangibly. I online searched “stretch the trapezius muscle” and found a yoga teacher who shows how to create a brace using a yoga strap, very effective and cheap. I worked all day yesterday with that on. I also found a video on correcting round shoulders and did the stretches, felt amazing and then ordered a resistance band to do the particular strength training exercises. I can tell you right now, just a day of utilizing these techniques and I accomplished so much more work, felt my neurons tingling, and my consciousness totally refreshed. I am regaining my power!

    1. ps I am also meeting up with a friend soon to build standing desks. My work is tied to the computer, but I’m not going to ruin my physical home for it!

        1. Thanks for the ref, I will check out her work! The funny thing is, I’m a classically trained ballet dancer, have practiced yoga for 20 years, and yet the computer work has negated so much of my posture awareness. I knew it did that, but didn’t realize the magnitude of the effects until I began to have constant trapezius pain for the past 3 weeks. Time to retrain! 🙂

  8. I’m 38 and having the Uranian opposition. Uranus sits on my AC, conjunct my Mercury. Downsizing from a studio apartment to a 2 bedroom 1 bath shared with a couple in their 20s. Signed a 6 month lease yesterday. I’ve developed a severe allergy to debt after years of blowing money on dumb shit. By January I will have made a sizeable dent in it.

    Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

  9. I can only comment for myself, but I’ve always found that when I zig like the herd, it always winds up with me in a miserable pit of despair. I may have that subtle (or not so subtle) approval and the patronising pats on the head from friends/family, and my life might tick all the boxes on the outside looking in … but it sucks arse for me. Life has always worked out better for if I zag when everyone else is zigging. If I go against convention rather than with it.

    I’ve also learned over a long period of time, that I’m waaaaaaaaaay better off and happiest when living a downsized, minimalist life where I’m not dependant on anyone and can kinda beam in and out of the social milieu (or any milieu) at will when it’s all become too draining (or boring). It’s been a tough lesson for this 2nd house crab who clings to material shit like a freakin dung beetle, but my Aqua MC & NN insist upon it, as does my Uranus in the 5th and Sagg moon in the 7. Freaky weird shit and being unconventional is FUN for me, even if my crab sun and venus silently wring their little claws in fear.

    *insert George Michael’s Freedom* and you get the gist …

    Anyhoo moving right along here’s how I’m doing Uranus in Taurus, keeping in mind that Uranus will be transiting my 12th house.

    I’m starting a new degree next semester in the science field which is a complete departure from anything I’ve done before. After pondering how I’m going to manage four years of full-time university studies on a student budget, without going insane, here’s what I’ve decided to do it.

    LIVE IN MY CAR!! It’s the perfect solution:

    – no ridiculous rent and utilities
    – no fucking annoying housemates and real estate agents
    – can have naps between classes because my bed is in my car! yaay
    – buying a relatively cheap parking permit gives me 24/7 security parking!
    – no peak hour traffic to contend with
    – free showers and toilets all over campus
    – no more driving endlessly to find a parking spot, I’m already there! hehe
    – access to a kickarse library 5 minute walking distance 8am – 11pm
    – access to ports for recharging phone and laptop all over campus
    – access to student lounge 24/7 (with microwaves & tea/coffee facilities)
    – free WiFi ALL OVER CAMPUS :O
    – microwaves in the cafeteria free for students to use
    – doctor on campus who bulk bills!!!!
    – free counselling with a fourth-year Psych student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – entertainment, bands, markets, cultural days all just 5 minutes away

    Obviously I’ve done my due diligence and planned out very carefully how to do this safely and in relative comfort. I even get to bring my pod coffee machine and protein shake blender thingy which I can use via an inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter port at the front of the car!!! But what I love most about it is that I’m like I’ve got this stealth car. From the outside it looks like a boring normal car … but the inside is a different story. Of course nobody can see the inside due to the shade blinds, privacy curtains and window sox I’m going to use both to keep prying eyes out of my face and also for insulation.

    OMG I’m so EXCITED!

    Of course all my friends and family (bar 1 who strangely is a Taurus) think I’ve gone batshit crazy and will fall on my arse within weeks. Honestly … they can shove their muggle mentality right up where the sun don’t shine. I think most of them are just jealous because they’re in their stuck boring little lives and can’t stand seeing someone all inspired … it’s a water and oil don’t mix kinda deal. Anyway, I don’t care if I fall flat on my arse. At least I had the guts to try something radically different.

    Ooooh. That was a bit of a rant wannit? Sorry about that.

    *peace out*

    Anyway THAT’S my Uranus in Taurus strategy. 🙂

    1. You know, I’ve thought about this before , prowln. Especially in Aust cities where uni campuses are so well equipped almost 24/7. My thoughts were, if I was homeless or v down and out, I would strongly consider enrolling in a degree simply because a very decent standard of student support is provided on campus, there is financial support, excellent IT availability, heaps of stuff.. etc etc.
      I feel that you might land on a firmer living situation (e.g. plumbing) or some kind of good change before the degree is complete, because 4 years is a long time to be doing that, but I have friends in all kinds of living situations so if it works for you, why not? It’s vanlife, but without the annoying IG account and wierd “legs or franks” photos beachside..

    2. It’s also a slightly depressing statement about the cost of living in this city. Which brings me to my next question. Why be in a city? Regional Oz study is nice. Living is cheap, there is fresh air, fewer urban assholes. And… rent is actually humane.

      1. The degree I want to do is only located on this particular campus Pi … but that being said they’ve set it up beautifully with natural bushland, zen gardens, nature based chill out zones etc all over campus.

    3. I truly admire your plan. I have been living downsized life (thanks to Uranus in Aries) and now I want to expand it. Money wise, sentimentally and family wise, horizon wise. I have been living in a solitary box and cannot stand one more week of this.

      1. I think it works when you’re not “stuck in the box” … I’ll be in my car when I want to sleep, escape from people and eat. Most of the other time I’ll have a huge uni campus on my doorstep surrounded by natural bushland. If I had nothing to do all day I’d go batshit crazy!

        1. I actually have loads to do. The box is referred to feel downsized, not to have enough money, not to have a relationship or a family. It was important for me to be on my own but I am past that moment. I actually want to be able to count on someone in my life (and the other way around too, of course), I believe I want the exact opposite of what you want now 🙂

        2. Good nutrition though, is a thing. I suppose there is nothing stopping you from driving up (or down) the coast to rent a little cabin for the 4 week mid semester break (or whatever they are now) to reunite with a stovetop and so on.

    4. This sounds amazing and well thought through. You are right about uni campuses being secure and well serviced.

      TOTALLY agree about living minimalist to afford freedom. I have women in my office who are currently going nuts because their reduced hours mean they can no longer afford expensive upkeep of manicures/spray tans/new designer shoes every week etc etc. I told one of them the other day that the extra hours aren’t important to me as I don’t need the money that badly. It felt good to say it out loud after years of debt reduction and living simply.

      1. Being a Crab I do tend to cling to “things”, but luckily I have a lot of other energy in my chart that plucks me out of the proverbial rut every time and not too many fixed planets. I mean ok loads of Aqua action, but Aqua’s idea of “fixed” is nothing like normal people’s – lol. More like fixated! haha

        And yeah I’ve been obsessed with the tiny house/off grid/van life movement for awhile now. For me it’s not because I don’t have any other options – it’s a choice I far prefer. Our capitalist economy is a broken ponzi scheme and I ain’t playing its game no more ya’ll hear me now! Preach! lolol

      2. @ Veronica. Yup the tiny home/van life movement took off after the Global Financial Cockup which hit a lot of low to middle class Americans to the point of losing their homes. Since necessity is the mother of invention … we see people finding creative solutions and in the process living a more sustainable lifestyle overall.

        The trend has caught on here in Aus as well. I know loads of people who are already or planning to ditch their mortgages and over priced rentals in favour of a tiny house or converted van. It’s not just the grey nomads. The Millennials are taking this movement up at a rapid pace. Fed up with a shit housing market, a shit job market and basically living like a shit wage slave … they’re embracing off-grid lifestyles, veganism or vegetarianism etc in their thousands. Clever chaps.

      3. Well that is something I DON’T need. I want money to afford things more serenely. I am never going to waste on things I don’t even really want. Downsizing (and doing Marie Kondo) really taught me not to accumulate stuff I don’t need. But now I am really in deep desire of expanding and feel abundance in my material and sentimental life.

    5. Can’t afford a van at the moment PF, but that is the upgrade plan in future. If this idea pans out, I plan to continue living this way when I graduate and get a job. Rather than waste money on rent or ridiculous mortgages, I’d rather upgrade to a van and spend a bit of cash customising the interior so that it’s got long time liveability whilst saving a fortune.

      Eventually I want to buy a block of land and start an off-grid tiny house eco village … but that’s an entirely different story! 😉

      1. Yeah why didn’t I get it before? Crabs carry their home around with them … we’re supposed to be portable! DUH ME! 😉

    6. I cant remember where I read it, but there is a community of people doing this in on a street in San Francisco, where rents have skyrocketed in the last decade.

      There was one guy who was actually earning very well, but chose to live like this and had converted a large van so he had a little gym in there as well.

      I spent a summer showering at the local public pool when i first moved into to a ramshackle showerless studio in Surry Hills. Eventually i was able to install a dodgy shower in situ…i have very fond memories of that time

  10. Things I told my sister with Moon/NN/IC in Taurus opposite Sun/Mercury/SN/MC in Scorpio: You don’t need to force change, it is happening already, organically. Meditate on bamboo – be like bamboo, strong, yet resilient and flexible. Study Aikido. Practice Radical Self Care and all changes will happen organically. Tend your garden. No striving, only allowing. I think this is advice I will follow myself! <3

  11. Taurus here with Sun opposition Uranus Natally

    I think keep Venus in mind. I’ve become a lot less placating/ people pleasing and more focused on where I want to put my energy rather than following a “script” that I’ve afopted over the years. I’m seeing a release & rewriting of my script and letting go of the past resentment where I had imposed these expectations on myself and blamed others for “doing it to me”. When I was younger I rebelled a lot and relished the challenge from others. The challenge from others is just not there barking at me as much as used to – it’s an internal journey to more freedom & autonomy for me.

    1. I grew up speaking Uranian, but I dream Neptune. Saturn oversees everything and my mars does whatever it wants.

  12. Holy shit Mystic I’m Uranian after all! I was just thinking today that people who don’t know me must assume I’m super boring as I work so hard for my presence to fade into obscurity and have saturnian set and forget systems in place so that i can go do whatevs without being bothered.

    So nice to be gotten.

    Finance is big on the cards and planning some nice gardening weekends. My last housemate used Wolfsbane and Cactus in our herb garden to keep the pests (including possums) away FYI works real well.

  13. Being very Uranian I don’t think you can prepare for it I’m sure you can follow the vibe but until he pounces on your chart, out of the blue, just keep swimming. I for one am really heading off on the money issue. Been stoned broke for the past 7/8 years and it needs to change. My 2nd house Taurus north node will see to that with Uranus bearing down on it. Big shake up in my survival techniques. And if anyone every says to me again oh 2nd house NN, you’ll make money, I’ll scream. It’s about survival or not that node. So am on a determined path to find the gold or palladium to set myself up for a while. I won’t say forever because Uranus doesn’t do forever !

    1. It will pounces my chart: it’s 1 degree away from formi a sextile from the 9th house to my Venus in Kataka (10th). It’s that I got so interested into Uranus in Taurus thanks to the tonnes of posts by Mystic that I wanted to be sure to, at least, tune in.
      Last aspect was (were) from Aries and were WAY harsher. I got caught by surprise (as you would normally do when Uranus is at play) that this time I wanted to be on the same wave length, if that is ever possible.

      1. Wave length is about right. I had an astrologer who once said Uranus is when you call the lift, it arrives, the doors open and there’s a brown bear stood in there. I consider you then are on the wavelength of omg Uranus. Totally unexpected

        1. LOL! “Uranus is when you call the lift, it arrives, the doors open and there’s a brown bear stood in there” is probably the best metaphor I read about the space ship planet. 😀

      1. I got …8!
        On the Walter-Pullen short chart, out of 12 planetoids weighted for influence, Uranus limps over the finish line at 10th.

      1. I’m a 43 Uranian on the scale. Pluto is 71, Saturn is 51, and Neptune is 38. They’re all “Strong” but Pluto and Saturn are “off the charts.”

    1. Haha. I’m with you sphinx. 11 ish, close enough 🙂
      *Gets on with life*

      If it helps, Aquarians don’t apply themselves to ‘getting’ anyone, because in part, they may think that it is an intrusion on your individual processes, which the Uranian believes that you must already be perfectly happy with, so you are simply being left to your own devices in an act of fraternal respect

      To the average Aquarian/ Uranian, your not being understood is a You Problem, not an Aquarius /Uranian problem.

      1. Or, your *wishing to be understood* : Aquarians don’t care if they are understood or not, because they know they are right.

      2. Or at least, are perfectly fine with their choices. To ask a uranian to ‘understand’ someone is to ask them to look at you kind of quizzically and a bit annoyed, like since when has being understood ever been a worthwhile exercise for anyone? Anyway imagine asking an alien from Cygnus-X to explain Jane Eyre to a cat or something. The look you’d get is about the same. Imho lol

      3. Lol, no I totally understand Aquas refuse to involve themselves in wasting their time understanding a person beyond a clinical analysis of history to predict the future as concerns them! Argh, I resent them all!

    2. Can I consider my Sun Trine Uranus? Sun is at 18° Gem and Uranus is at 14° Libra. I think not. Based on this I vary from 8 to 18 so ahem from low to moderate. This does not surprise me.

        1. I remember I read somewhere there are rules. Like 3 degrees for Trines, 4 degrees for squares and other applying to opposition and conj and sextile. Mystic did a post on this but I cannot find it.

    3. I got 62 ! But that means my pluto also got 62 so if you read on I’ve got Scorpio 8th house with Neptune and my SN so they suggest pluto is stronger ! I think I’ll stay in bed today, I dare not go out again. That then makes me think of terry pratchett. He wrote a book about Mort. A wizard who absolutely thought he could defy the grime reaper built himself a lead lined box surrounded by salt pentacles and crystals and sealed himself in all smug that he was safe. Then a voice says “dark in here isn’t it ?” There is never any getting away from your chart. Just the best intergration with it. So I accept I’m an intense weirdo!

  14. Thanks Mystic for posting my “Ask Mystic” question. I already have loads of feedbacks from this answers. 🙂

  15. I am into composting, have become almost obsessed with worms & organic fertilizer. Circe is smack on my Pisces ASC, I have been grounding my “self” with growing lavender, lemon thyme and basil. I have been giving away the saplings I grew from seeds – last week I gifted away a pot with five walnut, two avocado, one pine saplings.

    Taurus rules my 2H, with Saturn & Venus conjunct at 29 deg. I have been a compulsive saver, perhaps Uranus will help me to relax about my fear of survival & somewhat low self-worth.

  16. Starting off by saying that as a Uranian I dont really understand this question, lol. Why would you want to be more of something that you are not? Its like an elephant wanting to become more like a peacock. I understand the logic, but at the same time …I dont understand the logic.

    Your question sounds very Neptunian to me, but to respond:

    You do you. And be the best you. Fuq the rest. Especially since Uranus is in Taurus, I think it means you gotta root into the Earth, and up the self-care to find your truth. Then stand your ground, no matter what that truth may be(no wavering). The simple act of wanting to become more of something you are not automatically lowers your Uranian vibe, which demands you to stand as an individual with a unique contribution. Be unapologetically you and let your vibe speak for itself. It will.

    Thats the most Uranian advice I can give you 🙂

    1. saturnplutoflux

      That is the best advice I’ve heard in ages – it is now my manifesto for the next 7 years!

    2. totally. to be more uranian, give fewer fuqs. examine your anxieties and emotional attachments, your loves and fears, your passions. Examine them down to the subatomic forces that connect you to other things and people, right down to the level where you realise that exactly *nothing* connects you to other things and people. Then both you, and they, are free from everything.

      1. I like to think of Uranian mode of connection(through frequent detachment) as a different type of connection. Its really far out in distance, but that makes the connection a greater quality and strength at its core, if that makes sense. It takes more energy and will to transmit from space than from across the street.

        Its not about carelessness at all, even though that is how it is frequently perceived. I actually think it is about a greater connection to others/things, rather than a lack of connection. Its similar to how real love is about freedom and trust rather than dependence and expectation.

        1. yes.. I think (hope) that’s what I was trying to get to… if I truly love someone, then I want them – and me – to be totally free. The thought of reducing them to someone who is a function of need or expectation (as you say) etc then diminishes the relationship itself to a power dynamic or with control issues, rather than anything approaching equals. I think in this regard, it can only be a truly adult relationship – the onus is completely on each individual to handle their own stuff.
          (I don’t think it is possible to have a uranian relationship with e.g. children? where there actually is genuine need of many kinds.)
          hope this makes sense.

          1. I get this but I also disagree as my last, just ended relationship was Uranian to the max. There is an extreme to Uranus that you don’t want to go to in relationships or otherwise each little satellite dislodges from its mutually loving orbit and go careening off into space, alone. Uranus needs balancing out. Maybe this is why Saturn’s earthly influence is needed for Aquas. Too much space and no-one can hear you scream.

    3. HA! But I AM NEPTUNIAN. Hence my question

      Anywho I don’t want to “be more Uranian” but raise the Uranian vibe as I know I don’t naturally have it at high levels.

      I meant as a sort of antenna so to capture the new Uranus in Taurus vibe and make the most of it.

  17. saturnplutoflux

    Yeh to the vegies! I have found where I live Asian vegies/ herbs randomly chucked in a pot and forgotten about seem to flourish while my beloved Mediterranean style veg requires intensive baby sitting before it pitifully expires in a long and torturous death. ( Although apparently we are considered Mediterranean climate zone).
    Mentioned this to a Vietnamese work mate who’s dad is market gardener and he confirmed that yep ( here anyway) Asian veg just requires some dirt and water while the European ones need endless applications of chemicals and pesticides….Just mentioning it in case others want to try some organic gardening but have had sad and disheartening experiences before..

    1. That is very strange… I live in Europe (North East Germany, sandy “poor” soil) and grow organically (NO industrial/chemical pesticides or herbaliser!). Herbs (all sorts that can go with the low heat and short summers, but also mediterranean like rosemary, basil, lavender,thyme etc) and pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, oninons, beans… however – all best for your vegie babies!!

      1. saturnplutoflux

        yeh, im quite baffled by this…we have excruciatingly hot, dry, loooooong summers (its still hitting 28 degrees even though officially its ‘winter’ in a week or so) as well as very strong salty wind – so theoretically mediterranean plants should be fine. But even the permaculture experts i know really have to work hard to keep their gardens going – except asian veg. Bizarre.

  18. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    YESSS. I am all about the detatched objectivity now! It’s the BEST!

    Something that was so alien to me is getting stronger!

  19. Stellium Taurus and Aqua rising Pluto Uranus conjunct so I grew vegies and sorted finances and bought a new phone in Summer- Jan Feb. Just watching everyone thinking about this now. Also went OBSESSIVE with crystals at the end of last year, wands, moldavite, the lot. Thinking of re-hauling my temple next…gotta walk before I can run. Incidentally my European trip involved about 15 km of walking everyday, not bad for a lounge lizard, computer obsessed, drive an hr each way to work lifestyle.

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