Time Witch – Saturn Time Versus Uranus Time

Saturn opposite Uranus makes you highly aware of Saturn Time versus Uranus Time aka Newton Time versus Einstein Time.

It’s complex but here is my Aries Mercury simplified take: Both men were obviously genius physicists, separated by centuries. Isaac Newton was a Saturnine Capricorn and Einstein a Uranian Pisces.

Newton’s version of time was that it was immutable and absolute – it acted upon us, like it or not. Cue untold Gothic poetry. “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, old time is still a flying” and all that.

For hundreds of years, the Newton Time – or what I think of as more “Saturn Time” theory held sway.  But then Einstein rocked up and introduced “Uranus Time.”

Einstein/Uranus Time is not a consistent, steady force pulverizing away at everything – it’s something more akin to a magical force that interacts with us or even that flows from us.  And as you know, a myriad – a multi-verse of quantum physics concepts have come from this.

I’ve personally experienced Uranus Time as when one phrase or a soft whiff of scent has folded time back in on itself and drastic, radical connections get made between one point in linear Saturn time and another.

Synchronicity and Deja Vu are Uranus Time.  We time travel in our dreams and we could do it every night if we wish.

I was talking about time and our perception of it with my friend, the very talented intuitive Jessica Snow – she emailed me this:

As for time, I get it. I feel time-crunched too. I am reminded of one section of that Upper Limit Problem book – The Big Leap. Have you read it?

There is a whole thing where he talks about Newtonian time vs. Einstein time – basically that when you are in your Zone of Genius, time molds itself to you and your needs, that it is relative.

It’s interesting, I think, to experiment with the idea that you, as powerful magician, can stretch time to fit your needs so you can do the things the universe wants you to bring forth.

Also, as someone who has been enjoying your prodigious output for the last few years, I can’t imagine you ever doing something halfway or in an untimely or non-Saturn-compliant way so yes, just maybe really giving yourself a bit of permission to focus more on the ‘eternal stream of things’

…and that you don’t need to entertain the pressure aspect (which might be an energetic habit from a time when you were not as on top of your game as you are now).

That really struck me. I have Saturn opposite Uranus. It’s possible that if you have one dominating the other, you would be more inclined to do Saturn Time than Uranus Time or vice versa.

FYI J.G. Ballard, Stephen Hawking, and Madeleine L’Engle Are All Saturn-Uranus People.

J.G. Ballard – a Scorpio who is one of my favorite authors – was obsessed with time themes. He returned to it again and again,  most notably in Chronopolis but in any number of short stories where despotic governments tinkered with time and introduced strange variations of daylight saving.

Ballard had Uranus in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn. Stephen “A Brief History Of Time” Hawking is Saturn-Uranus conjunct in Taurus.

Madeleine L’Engle whose novel A Wrinkle In Time is arguably one of the most original and out-there science fantasies for children ever – was Saturn in Leo opposite Uranus in Aquarius.

I think a lot of us also inherit or otherwise absorb a certain style of work ethic and time consciousness from our forbears. We feel that if we’re not sweating it or harrowed, it’s not work or it should not be profitable.

Or that age (as in time) should weary us and diminish our capabilities.  Uranus Time has none of that.  The astrological Uranus scorns convention, of course, but it’s more than that.

We need an element of Saturn Time to measure obligations such as tax or to suggest that maybe it’s time to retire our habit of getting s-faced at the club every Saturn’s Day night but it’s not always helpful.

The more you develop an astrological consciousness, the more you perceive in Uranus Time, broadly categorizing people by their Pluto generations rather than their age or noticing that Venus Vibe is back and happening.

Genuine rapport and chemistry are always experienced as Uranus Time. The energy exchange between you and another is such that time does not just fly, it’s suspended.

With other sorts of engagements, time just plods. When you’re staring with disbelief at the clock in geography class or sneaking a glance at your iPhone to see if it’s reasonable to make your exit yet, you’re doing Saturn Time.

The Greeks had two words for time – Kairos Time, aka “deep time” or qualitative, magical super-aware timeless time and Chronos, which is akin to Saturn time.

Time Management is Saturn Time – Time Witchery is Uranus Time.


Image: Diego Tripodi

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  1. I came back to this article, because Mystic mentions it in my Year Ahead report. My perception of time has changed radically since Saturn entered my 6th House in January. In my day to day dealings, I experience time as Uranian, but in my spiritual practice of meditation and yoga I am most definitely watching the clock – fully feeling time as Saturnian. I am so glad I found this post again.

  2. I loved this! With thetahealing one can *actually* do time witchery as in retarding or making it go faster — I always do it when I’m late or have lots to do.
    And this Saturn vs Uranus time resonates a lot with the Greek words for time: kronos (quantity) and kaitos (quality).

    Perfectly related!

  3. Mystic,

    I’m back. You should listen to “Jane Weaver”. So Uranian and cool.

    Also,” a swiftly tilting planet” by Madeline Lengle was the follow up to a wrinkle in time and I actually liked it more. So much time travel. Madeline Lengle was so intensely magical, I always go to her for guidance. Her books on spirituality are also nice, she was a devout catholic I think. The true roots of every religion which I find to be Saturn like are very esoteric in nature. Sort of like what was time before Saturn or Uranus? And why do these planets have a stronger influence than others on how we internet time? Is astrology mostly about time or timing? Is that all we are? Ahhhh!

    Love this post and your friendship with Jessica Snow. I love her and would like to see more collaborations by you two. Very wise serene influence.

  4. ho. lee. fuq.
    this is the key to one of my current pressing problems, THANK YOU.
    in recently coming to terms with my psyche as being of the autistic variety, i’ve agreed with myself that i function much better with a schedule – but it’s been a nightmare trying to make one that’s equally structured (Cap moon) and flexible (Gem sun). and now i’m pretty sure my issue is that i’ve been trying to use Saturn time when Uranus time makes way more sense to me (Uranus conj Moon, Saturn in Aquarius). i’m off to brainstorm how to implement this brilliance…

  5. LiberatingVenus

    Reflecting upon this topic some more, IMO Uranian Time is that moment when time stands still as your Future meets your Present. It’s something you experience as VERY distinct and you will never forget it if/when it happens – it’s like a “jump” or “short-circuit” type of effect.

    I’ll give an example: I have a wise old Aquarius Grandmother figure who reads my cards on occasion and she once told me (at the time) my next big love would be someone I’d know through work and that he would be “absolutely crazy about [me] – he’s not going to come on strong, though – he’ll do little things, like buy you a cup of coffee…” Fast forward months later and a guy I knew from my line of work walked through the front door of my then-place of employment and said “I got you a cup of coffee – I didn’t know how you take it, so the cream & sugar are on the side”. At that exact moment, time instantaneously decelerated to a crawl – I knew precisely what was going on as it was happening because I’d had advanced “warning” via that tarot reading. It was like seeing your destiny unfold right in front of your eyes in slow motion – the heightened Awareness made it seem as if time were practically standing still; slowed audio and all. It was one of the weirder (and cooler) experiences in my life – not coincidentally, I just looked and Saturn was also trine Uranus at the time this happened.

    IMO, Uranus Time simply = the Future we have advanced notice of. It does deal with deviations/divergence from “normal” or “standard” time, yes, but as a general rule I think it brings us more in touch with what’s to come rather than what has been. And when we’ve already seen our Future, it may be perceived as a momentary “glitch in The Matrix” that gives us a fuqed up sense of déjà vu. Astrology is considered a Uranian Art for this reason – though it may be retroactively applied, most often it is used as a tool for prognostication. Like anything else the longer we use it and better we get with it, the more often we’re going to wind up weirding ourselves out when our predictions are subsequently verified months/years down the road. There are certainly other methods of accessing Uranus Time, but since most of us here are PIABs this is probably the most frequent and relatable way of reliably tapping into it.

    I think Neptune Time is truly when time gets all funky, fluid, “bendy”, and non-linear – the laws of physics disappear completely as we merge seamlessly with all that Is, Was, and Will Ever Be.

    1. Yes, that’s my perception of Neptune-ness. I agree with you in the statement you made further up, how you don’t think it’s an actual Time as such – but more a state of being or timeless-ness…. no boundaries, just blending with the All and feeling peace. I currently have it trine my Sun almost exact and am consciously accessing it more and more. If it weren’t for Uranus sitting almost on my AC/DC axis – producing bouts of manic impatience and sleep deprivation :/… life would be sweet.

      1. uranus and sleep deprivation. OMG
        i have always been a night owl but since uranus has been opposing my 4th house (a bit before actually, probably ~ Aries ingress) it has been out of control . there are psychological factors too. Not insomniac – i adore sleep – but it’s like , well i have mentioned before somewhere

        what is the outer planet transit for REST?

        1. actually i guess that is chiron, neptune , huh

          problem with capitalist? world is its protestant? obsession with / assigning worthiness and value only to material productivity, busy-ness. God loves busy people. Have You Worked Hard Enough Today?

          1. productivity is the new minimalism.

            (Keep an eye out for my upcoming book, that I wrote on a 4 week bender while working hard on my day job and all while maintaining a rigorous health and fitness regime)

      2. soz skarab, by the end here this is me riffing, not actually replying to your comment, but inspired it all anywy X

        1. No worries Pi – rant on. I’m the same. Ever since it’s been in Aries it’s been trining my 10th H stellium. I. am. fried. xx

      3. LiberatingVenus

        Nail = head – “timeless-ness” is perfect! Something existing beyond the flow of linear time…it could be any point on The Multiverse’s space/time continuum or none at all, where we are simply floating outside of its influence. If you really want to get trippy with it, maybe all are happening at once. Maybe Neptune Time is actually a singularity, where space and time are infinitely compressed/distorted. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what it is – whoa!

        Cheers, fellow Neptune Traveler – as we speak, it’s within orb for me as well <3

        1. “I sing not of this world or other stars
          I sing the possibilities of myself beyond this world and the stars
          I sing the joy of wandering and the pleasure of a wanderer’s death”

          -Apollinaire (Neptune-Moon 9th H) :-).

  6. Saturn squares my moon but trines Uranus so I practically live in the space between the zones. Spiderwebs and stars, evening redness in the west, the blue and the dim and the half light.
    This is such an epic post though- and awesome Astro

    1. Uranus really is the liberator though isn’t she?
      I feel like this Uranian energy is helping me heal my Saturn – toxic daddy issues. Like you can work on something for ages and then ZAP Uranus throws a laser your way and you don’t see the incremental daily grunts just the splendour of what all the days together have made so far.

  7. Awesome post! The notion of Saturn time vs Uranus time sits well with me. Personally have experienced non local universe event where it caught up a muggle at same time, whereby muggle became aware of non local universe event (read Uranus time flow/distortion).and actually asked me rather aggitatedly and repeatedly…”did you see that”? I denied I had seen ‘that’ mainly because I had not expected event like ‘that’ before either. ‘That’ being that time flowing around us I.e. and moving objects including people and cars in our near vacinity slowed down….very, very noticeably….while we two appeared to continue on at normal pace, like we were in own Uranus time bubble. Could have of course been other way around Saturn vs Uranus (I honestly don’t know) but effect was observed and also experienced by the muggle is my point. So I know it was not just myself experiencing the shift/distortion with time.
    It was a very odd experience and must say have not experienced the likes of it again, but then have not been as focused like that again either. On my list of ‘to do’ or try when retired, or when the right time comes…pardon the pun!
    Perhaps time bending is a thing….!?! Oh also agree with the notion of vertical time or stacked time. Can relate to that concept having been involved in car accidents where time seems to go into extreme slow motion, collapses down on itself as you process or become hyper aware of the during the event. Well that has certainly been my experience, not sure if others have experienced same.?!?

  8. Oh perfect!

    Massive science fiction exhibition opening next month at The Barbican Centre – also perfect.

  9. LiberatingVenus

    I have an interesting relationship w/ Saturn Time. One of my previous incarnations involved estimating time (and ergo, costs). A Father Figure once noted that I seemed to have an aptitude for this without any training – he suggested I learn the trade, so I did. I taught myself all I could learn, hit the books to decipher the legalese portion of the equation (reading the General Statutes is always SUCH a good time, LOL), and eventually wound up obtaining not one but two professional licenses to this end. To this day, if you ask how long it will take me to do something or when I will be somewhere, you can pretty much take my response to the bank – one of the tightest aspects in my chart is between my ruler and Saturn.

    Uranian Time I think is best described as a “quantum leap” – it’s like being spontaneously and abruptly teleported somewhere completely different. Usually toward the Future, though – Uranian energy generally loathes the past….unless it can go back and change something.

    Books dealing with this topic have always interested me, but in true Uranian fashion I’ve also enjoyed the more modern digital consciousness brought to the table by games like Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross – you literally got to visit different eras and/or timelines where the plot revolved around your ability to shift between them as necessary. Reading – though timeless – is more analog and my gen augmented this topic with a slightly more interactive experience. Next gen will have VR, while the gen after that may have *actual* time travel.

    Also, Neptune Time is totally a *thing* – actually, I’m not sure it’s a “Time” so much as an alternate “reality”. But the Saturn/Neptune Square did have all sorts of weird temporal vortices popping up everywhere – when Saturn and Neptune sync, time bends, twists, distorts, and loops back on itself – we’re apt to be haunted by echoes/ripples/“ghosts” from The Past especially.

  10. ok just realised i have saturn square uranus.
    hard to know if one dominates the other-they’re both in fixed signs…
    saturn in leo in fourth, uranus in scorp in sixth.
    i certainly know which tupe of ‘time’ i prefer lol
    people say i look ten yrs younger than i am, whoop.
    not that im concerned with that. cant wait for crone time

  11. also absolutely loving this whole post.
    i have always struggled massively with the concept of time–saturn time, to be specific. it’s difficult to click out of uranus time.
    i have saturn and uranus both retro and in my intercepted capricorn in the first house.

  12. Of all the things I’ve read today this is my fave. Also the first of 2 other random written references to ‘A Wrinkle In Time’. I’ve never read it but it’s made the top of my list!

  13. In movies time is used to create tension – and if i had the time i would make a film of all the the sequences in movies where they say or yell “We don’t have much time!” or variants thereof : “We’re running out of time” etc. Honestly, i’d say 99% of all movies – all except the time-less classic “Bambi meets Godzilla”:



    1. Perhaps the sequels depict the Many Worlds Interpretations put forward by Hugh Everett III, whereby different versions exist concurrently in different alternative or parallel universes. Thus, each time quantum systems interact with each other, the wave function does not collapse but actually splits into alternative versions of reality, all of which are equally real.

      (don’t know re Thumper – i’ve blanked that movie. According to my mother i found it too harrowing & ran out of the movie theatre howling)

  14. Adore this post!! I am Saturn conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius. “A World Without Time: The Forgotten Legacy of Einstein and Gödel” is a favorite book of mine and I studied Kurt Gödel a lot. The “most logical man” (Gödel) was actually a huge Platonist and I suppose what most logicians would call a ‘mystic’ (big diss in academic world lol) in spite of his huge contribution to logic, a really fascinating guy.

    I was talking with my guy about having hyperawareness of time as a child and how it was really existentially stressful at times when I didn’t have the language or idea framework for communicating the experience. Or, even if I did, anyone who could relate or cared.

    In fact — in a meta twist — my earliest memory is telling myself to note something totally mundane happening(eating dinner and looking at my sister climbing down a specific staircase in my house and trying to memorize everything about the moment) so I wouldn’t forget it. I also remember having two distinct experiences of time bending as a child. Both also totally mundane. One had to do with jumping in a pool and another was sliding on a carpet when I was playing. Hard to articulate. I was around 5 or 6. I know I wasn’t willing the experiences as they happened out of nowhere, only accounted for less than 10 seconds of time, and confused me deeply.

    The religious answers to questions always seemed like nonsense to me and during my teenage years I remember reading all these books on death from the library just to try and understand the passing of time. They were all geared toward people with terminal illnesses making peace with things so I didn’t get a lot from them. But then I studied philosophy in school and had some mystical experiences and I guess my worldview was shaped. And then these questions had *potential* answers at the very least.

    In my adult years the strongest Uranus time episode I experienced was when I was having a Pluto-Venus transit (I guess I still technically am as it is still in Cap but not exact). I was also very sick and traveling in a different country. Things started bending to my internal world and a world I had with a partner, it was surreal. Also strange things happening in the dream world…oh, it was magical. Some OG readers possibly remember some of what I wrote about that 2010 phase. But I am actually enjoying this Saturn time phase of my life at the moment. 😉

    1. i totally get your experiences as a child – i felt and did almost what you did at around the same age ( 4-6 ) – taking mental snapshots of seemingly mundane or random events so i wouldn’t forget. I also had my own form of relativity theory – something weird about us being trees – though it wasn’t obvious to us because we moved in a different time-frame to the trees that we perceive … just impossible to explain – but i was convinced we were all trees.

    2. Man, I remember Saturn and Uranus in Sagg. Shit, I remember Neptune there for a year or so – all three of them – as well. I was in my 20s, studying, having fended off going to uni for, like, six years or so after school.
      Really glad you reminded me of this time. It was when I first got into astrology/physics (as well as having mind expanded by study). Uber-self-disciplined – planned my essay prep schedule to a T. Somehow they worked together – Uranus gave me my best HD essay ideas when I was doing something else – often, doing laps, a la Saturn in my 1st at the time.
      Natally, I have Saturn in 3rd Aqua exact inconjunct SR Uranus on MC inconjunct Moon in Aries. A whopper of a yod. As with most of them, it’s bloody hard to satisfy. Have shifted jobs a lot in the attempt to satisfy Uranus/let him fly…very hard in this economy, and when you are a bit too old to completely change how you make a living (which usually involves having to work hard at day job while working equally hard to try to get the new thing going. Wish I had the energy I used to have. But one thing I notice that has always been there is that when the crunch of a deadline appears, I definitely

      1. oops..how did I click post? Anyway I mean I definitely find the way to do my Saturn inconj Uranus when under pressure – it’s like the writing/words flow way faster/better than usual and there is a background awareness of Saturn time but not a sense of being trapped by it – just a sense that I can confidently accelerate (moon in aries?) the flow to make it in the nick of time if need be.

    3. Amazing comment and I can so relate
      I remembered a dream I had as a child this morning
      So powerful but also seemingly mundane and so I’ve never told anyone and actually my childhood was characterised by feeling that the most “mundane” things and experiences were mystical and sublime and them feelings of shame because adults aroma would mock my Pollyanna like view of the profound. Was always hearing “it doesn’t take much to please you does it? And oh well, you’ll always be happy, you derive pleasure from such insignificant things hahahaha”
      And I’d blush and want to hide.
      It took a long time to stop telling people that an old wine bottle cork contains more interesting visual dimension than anything I’ve seen in a frame or that puddles of oil in potholes look glorious after it’s been raining.
      Silly grownups
      What the hell do they know?

  15. oh wow and any australian young adult fic readers might remember Playing Beattie Bow, time-space bender.

    1. oh my god! I just remembered another YA time travel book. and all the kids sci-fi/ fantasy that I devoured, along with all the girl-detective novels. god, i really miss reading. thanks MM. the daily must have just kicked in lol.

  16. I have Saturn in Sag train Uranus in Leo natally – so this is status normal for me? In my natal chart, though, Uranus is in 4th house, and Saturn in 7th. Now transiting Saturn is in 8th and Uranus is in my interminably huge 12th house, so it’s considerably crunchier. Hard to figure out how to move forward.

  17. Uranus, saturn, mercury, and neptune are all snuggled up to each other in my capricorn, so time is a fuzzy thing where I live. On the one hand, schedules and structures for everything, on the other, any free time is spent in a self-contained bubble of Uranian fluidity. I swear, I eat time to fuel my creative endeavors, so it’s used up more quickly.

    I feel like the astro/tarot/witchery thing is a way for me to merge the two, tracing the outline of the shapeless things so I can better understand them. Like the way I’m journaling what happens each day, along with the sign the moon is in – things I used to feel were out of my control are suddenly identifiable. I think there’s usefulness to it, using the Saturn vibe to work with the uranian.

    It goes the other way, too – I’ve been writing down dreams to better remember them, so then instead of just feeling deja vu when one plays out in the waking world, I can remember what happened and go with it/do something different, depending. This one is taking more work, but it has helped a couple of times.

  18. A few weeks ago, I purchased a copy of Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye. Read the post this morning, decided to start the book this afternoon. First page, Stephen Hawking quote. Then the story begins with speculations of time. Seriously.

    I suppose I think of time now and again but not the cultivated musings some have mentioned. Lately, since Saturn has opposed my Venus, I feel that time has been fuquing with me. I don’t have enough, it disappears, I am stunned on how much time passes when it feels momentary.

    I have Uranus and Lachesis conjunct my ascendant, like a jittery tease “what’cha gonna do with your day?” and Saturn close to my MC, breathing down my neck. I’m prone to energy leaks (energy = time), and started taking Hornbeam and Walnut essences because with Pluto as a chart ruler, you’re in it not just to transit but to conquer. And Saturn stick beatings are no joke.

  19. Just starting to weekly look at transits, menstrual cycle, top 3 priorities, and how I want to feel, and letting that inform a cyclical daily planner in which I acknowledge that early morning = spring, noon = summer, early evening = autumn, and night = winter, and adjusting everything accordingly as well as tracking energy. A la Kate Northrup’s new mastermind, Origin. It’s on point, i’m on point.

  20. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot


    I totally get it. When you’re in the Genius zone–that’s Uranus time for sure. Synchronicity too.

    And we still need Saturn time as a check, obvs.

    Cycles…yes! I’m much more aware of them thanks to astro. Uranus time.

    You have to balance the two…

    Somehow we are FORGED in Saturn time…so that we can go on to make best use of Uranus time with our hard won wisdom/genius.

    I looooooovveeeee iiiiitttt.

  21. I love this post Mystic. I have been obsessed with the concept of Time & time travelling since i can remember, & a “Wrinkle in Time” was in my childhood like a gateway drug for further time obsessing – even if it is a Saturnian construction. 🙂

    Time: “tempus” in latin from the Greek “tempo” – which in the early meaning referred to anything that has been cut out or marked off, such as the parts of the heavens marked off by the motion of the sun along its path – hence the meaning of tempo & tempus as a period, season or time.

    Temple: “templum” in latin also comes from the Greek tempo. Templum meant an area marked out by the staff of an augur as a place where one could enter to observe omens from which the future might be told. It also meant an area of the sky marked out for the same purpose – which has survived in astrology as the concept of “domicile” or “house” of a planet.

    And the viewing, surveying & reflecting on these “houses” in the sky was called “contemplatio” (contemplation). The prefix “con” means “together”, “with others”

    Love how these terms arose out of the study and measuring/ordering (Saturn) in Astrology (Uranus).

    For anyone who wants to geek out on the various scientific or mythic concepts of time to the history of time keeping devices – “TIME – the Familiar Stranger” by J.T. Fraser is a fun read.

  22. Wow, yes! Great post!
    I’ve had experiences of ‘bending time’ when I was in a flow or when there were many things to be done and also needed to be somewhere, to drop back into things at a certain ‘time’. As you say, time can stretch and expand to meet your needs, and you just tap into it, it is a different state of consciousness than the way a clock measures time and the collective everyday agreement we have around time, such as what time an appointment is or what time you need to be there to catch a plane.

    I wish I could find the link to a youtube from a yogi guy who talks about vertical time. It’s like time stacking on itself, like everything happening at once, probably has to do with parallel universes and all that.. And how ‘now’ can infinitesimally be divided up into smaller points of ‘now’. I think Eckhart Tolle talks about that too.

    My mind is all over the place with this….I also just thought of that quote, something like ‘Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything gets done in its right time, nothing left out.’ Wouldn’t it be great to relax into that!

    1. Hah, yes indeed! I left publishing because it was ALL about deadlines, deadlines, deadlines & not leaving anything out (omg the constant panicking!)… even the word deadline is horrible!

      Also, the Seth books channelled by Jane Roberts really chew on the concept of time & how past lives are parallel lives to this life all happening simultaneously. For self healing work this is fantastic – as one can go “back” to heal your self as a child or whenever.

      1. I am working on this right now – something came up in a reading recently about $, success, happiness and beliefs. My subconscious once again was communicating with me via a little earworm for a song i know, so I played it and yes… there it was, a starting point for some thinking and healing

        Flowerchild – sounds a bit like principles of wu-wei 🙂

        Sitting quietly
        doing nothing.
        Springtime comes
        the grass grows by itself.

        1. Aw, I like that poem, Pi! Yeah, it does seem like wu wei and the Daoist way of seeing things.

          skarab – I’m glad you got out of publishing! Whew! …..and yeah, I agree, ‘deadline’ is an icky word :/

          Past life healing, for sure! I have a friend who does past life regressions and he did one on me and at the time I didn’t think much happened but as ‘time’ unfolded from that session, I felt subtle and profound shifts in my deeper story, like, the soul’s time-line……all very interesting!

          1. Flowerchild I wanted to say thanks.
            Checked out that dudes YouTube channel and HOLY SHIT
            Sirens and alarm bells galore.
            Honestly its helped me so much I can’t thank you enfor the recommendation. Ive inhaled two of the books he mentioned already but the biggest thing I’ve gotten is the understanding of what narcissistic rage is and how destabilizing it continues to be even in adulthood because an adult child of narcissistic parents will isolate and keep playing those same audio tapes..I have really battled with my inner monologue and not understood why. My therapist calls it The Critical Voice and asks if I’m angry with it.
            The joke is I had been playing along unconsciously and trying to be the best little patient so she would feel like a great therapist (I KNOW!!!!!) how presumptuous and delusional can one person be?
            But eventually I was like “listen lady, those are just MY THOUGHTS OK? That’s reality!)
            Only later I understood that I was frozen in a kind of Stockholm syndrome with this Critical Voice but I still couldn’t find my father in all that. My mom is dead so it’s easier to scapegoat her and buy into the poor old dad, he’s so funny and weird don’t mind him, he means well…and go along with things.
            At some point this year I understood that it makes me sad that he never ever asks how I am when I call him or text him. After chickening out a few times I prepared a simple, non judgmental way to talk to him about it and waited for him to call me.
            In the middle of this super intense day today he texts me a joke, and then some random information..so I knew he wanted..well ..he was available..not busy or whatever and after letting him talk for a while I tasked him Dad, why don’t you ever ask me how I am?
            Nicely though
            Cue lame joke
            No dad, I’m serious.
            I feel sad because when you don’t ask me how I am. It hurts me. I wish you would ask me sometimes so we could talk about some stuff that’s happening in my life. You’re my dad, I’d like it if you asked me that’s all.
            I said it was ok and that I loved him and then it happened. I actually needed it to happen because I’d have “forgotten” i.e. Blanked it out if this rage, like completely out of nowhere this massively entitled murderous rage came spewing out of him.
            I started shaking and convulsing so much I could barely hold the phone
            He attacked me as if I was the filthiest vermin scum and had like tried to kill him
            He called me names and listed all these “reasons” none of which made any sense at all and honestly didn’t even..well..it was crazy.
            He used such blatant strategies to try and make it my fault that I had felt sad and as if saying that was like seriously trying to kill him or something.
            The interesting thing is that I wasn’t thinking of him as being a narcissist or I wouldn’t have tried to improve our relationship. I knew he had narcissistic tendencies but most people do and they don’t have to be malignant.
            This totally unprovoked rage though and the emotional and physical reaction I had were just insane.
            I’m still trying to calm down tbh
            He compared me to my brother who lives there, he blamed me for having changed my phone number every week (twice in ten years, because I was homeless for a while) and then brought up my niece saying she asks after me and he tell her what he can but no one seems to know my whereabouts mostly because I’m so …… but you know they mud though and get by”
            If I hadn’t seen his videos I would have bought into that whole “I am not a shitty parent as you imply (I wasn’t implying that but) you are a shitty person and how dare you have the temerity to say you are hurt or feel sad ?
            He just went off
            If I hadn’t been so focused on wording it perfectly Id have thought well maybe I’m not being fair..
            But THAT
            My mind just flooded with so many incidents of that insane and totally unprovoked, completely inappropriate narcissistic rage and I’m starting to unravel it and see that it isn’t ok and it isn’t my fault and I don’t have to tolerate that.
            I couldn’t speak I was / am a wreck after that attack but I sent a text saying
            dad, even if the things you’re saying were true they wouldn’t be reasons not to ask me how I am. I’m your kid and I’ve been waiting 45 years for you ask me instead of telling me how I am.

            I’m not playing this game anymore From now on when people hurt me I’m going to tell them even if they don’t want to hear it and that includes you.

            1. WHOA
              your dad
              triggered af.
              Guess you hit a nerve?

              your words/ request sounded fine to me.

              asking a certain kind of person to deeply examine their minds and possibly change based on a self appraisal that may be less than perfect?
              that’s a cup of cool, refreshing humility from the fountain of too-hard-basket. it seems?


              1. so i read your comment from the bottom up, commented part way, and then saw the top of your comment. so yes.

                1. Pi, he has no idea I’ve been made redundant or filed for bankruptcy or bloody shaved my head or literally NOTHING about my life and I’ve called him frequently
                  He just never asks
                  I can’t remember one time in my life when he’s asked me anything ever
                  I thought no that cant be true I’ll bring it up..

                  I got a text back from him saying “why is it that you’re the only person in this family that’s allowed to be hurtful?”

                  Like are we on the same planet?
                  I mean, I know I’m not crazy because I actually wrote out what I was going to say and not say a few weeks ago and I’ve been practicing..

                  I’m so freaked out but at least I know why now. I kind of brushed my dad off as this lovable rogue. He’s incredibly charming and a total cad but hey I’m daddy’s girl right?

                  I think not

              2. I am sooo sorry
                This is a really melodramatic and long winded comment that I could have cut down to three sentences..
                Saturn – father – Uranus- insight into what is dysfunctional and needs to be Chironed.
                I love this site and I’m so grateful for the recommendations and support I get from this community. It’s so amazing to have relevant and witty astrology content with sartorial and political undertones and no ads or nasty internet trolls.
                Thank you MM and PIAB’s

              3. Omg Pi thank you!!
                I’ve never appreciated a virtual hug so much in my LIFE!
                I know right?
                I literally said “i feel…when you..”
                Sad and don’t ask me how I am
                Like since when is this a reason to launch into someone?
                But I hadn’t grokked the pattern at all and I’m so glad I have now..
                Fuck what a scary man

      2. i was thinking about your comment here after some more re-listens to this song, have realised that with south node & chiron transiting conjunct sun/mercury and the rest, going back to heal stuff, or having it pass through all layers of time like a tibetan bell, i think this cross-temporal thing (healing / recognition) has been a manifest reality in my life in the past two years. it’s never over, but it is becoming easier to spot and work with, instead of always wondering why everything feels / is just so goddamn painful.

        1. Indeed
          I have Chiron opposite my sun, square my ascendant and in some or other aspects to Mercury too. I’m having Saturn square Pluto, Pluto square Chiron and Uranus square Pluto and on and on and on and I’m a fucking mess I tell you Pi
          A mess

        2. It is amazing though
          I know I whine about it constantly but when I’m not whining about Chiron, I’m appreciating him massively.
          Saturn already knows I’m a fan..
          Pluto I am virtually married to and I’ve always loved Uranus like mad zingy hot affairs
          Uranus is just sexy to me, and the others in more somber hues but Chiron has taken longer to fit in.
          I’ve been asking what the point of Chiron is lately and well, I guess I just found out.

          1. Hi Invicta! I’m so glad R. Grannon’s work has helped you! He has helped me so much, too!

            Definitely sounds like you’re dealing with a narcissist in your father. Ugh.. sounds really painful, but you’ve got so much insight on the situation now. That will help you heal.
            You got classic narcissistic rage from him, they deny and then project onto the people around them, in other words, deny what they are doing, and then accuse you of doing that very thing…..it’s crazy-making…..unless you can see it for what it is. They will never change, it’s like beating your head against a wall. Unfortunately, the best strategy with these people is to steer clear, and that’s difficult when it’s family members, but do what you can to take care of yourself and not take it all on board, if you have to interact with them.
            Sending you virtual hugs, as well! 🙂

            1. Thanks Flowerchild
              I honestly feel so much better now I’ve calmed down and had some food. I’m glad it hapand that it was so entirely weird because if it hadn’t I’d never have acknowledged it. I don’t want to over react because I’ll just feel guilty and apologise if I do. I’d never have even tried to communicate on that level if I was sure he had the disorder. The fact that I did shows that either I genuinely thought he’d handle it or unconsciously that I was testing him. If so then the setup was perfect- thanks unconscious:)
              Yeah…makes total sense now.
              That guys videos are awesome and so is this site – community
              Big love xx

              1. curiouser and curiouser crab

                Thank you for what you wrote Invicta. You are a courageous woman and never for a moment do i doubt the pain that comes from that when working through the layers. I love your honesty and courage. Thank you too for shedding some light on something in my life. Wishing you healing and joy and love that is true and real. Xx

  23. Yes. Thoughts.
    Hi mystic…. community…

    My moon is exactly at the 12th house cusp (very neptunian) and my moon is also conjunct uranus and conjunct pluto (2 degrees both). My saturn is absolut exact square venus and in 1 min. orb trine sun and have sun, mars, jupiter and mercury in my cancer 10th house. My chiron is conjunct saturn. So I am very plutonian, uranian, neptunian, chironic and very saturnian.

    I was always “between” things. it was funny when one day, i realized that i even always had rented flats at or on the border of countries here in europe. (Yes. ON. in a old house, the border was through my bedroom.)

    I felt always to be like “ahead of times”.
    I was the first women allowed to be educated in a specific profession.
    The first women in austria who fought for a mutual child care with my ex after we divorced (and got it). They changed the law then.
    The first with a unique self-created-business-licence to teach. (after 16 years, it is still the only one like this here. and all i had to do, is to explain that I don’t fit in the hundreds they have, so they had to let me make my own. Others tried to get the same, but didn’t succeed.)
    I was the first who refused to send my daughter to school – she is 12 now – and also refused to do the exam homeschoolers must do according the law –
    and they normally force you to do it or take the child away. (I talked about that in TV more than once, but nobody asked us to come to the testing.)
    I always feel, that we are “flying under the radar” in some strange way. I am and I am not, in the same time than others. It feels a little bit, as if i can bend rules of being seen and being “here” somehow.

    With my saturn return I decided to do a big experiment with myself. I decided to stay 30. (I need to say, that i learned methods like nlp 3, hypnosis, constellation work, quantum-work. all techniques that access quantum fields and work with energies.)
    well, the experiment turned out to be really fun, because from that moment on, the guys who where interested in me, where always younger than me. first 8 years, then 14, then 16, then 25…. as if parts of me – i think its my energy, stayed at 30 and they check in with that energy.
    When i go out with my daughter people think we are sisters. when i go out with my son and his little sister, people think he is her dad.
    this christmas I was hiking. I went unprepared on the TA. which is a 3000 km hiking trail through new zealand mountains. every day a 20-30 km walk over minimum one top – going from 0 to 1700 meters high.
    and i can work 18 hours for 2 weeks in a row if i like.
    time is only a construction and that is a hard saturnian truth. it doesn’t exist. nothing physical exists. as jean houston says – we live in jump-time. you can jump from one time to the other at will. it needs practice and awareness.

    if you want to read more… i recommend “A mythic life” – it is her biography. and very interesting in terms of this topic. it was the first book i read in english.

    happy time-travelling folks! and take care. <3


  24. This post is everything Mystic! I’d heard Einstein was a Pisces but never thought about it in relation to his idea of time. His chart is super career /legacy Pisces/ genius Uranus in 3rd h pinging off everything.

    Einsteins space time diagrams were the only thing I was fascinated by in high school physics- the rest was too solid and saturnine for me to get into. Actually it reminds me a bit of astro charts with the dotted lines and movements of bodies across space.

    I experience Saturnine time in a Neptunian way I think- I always get blips to do practical things like taxes when I’m mulling/ walking about/ daydreaming. Probably the effect of cap-Saturn Neptune conj exact in 3rd h.
    My favorite kinds of conversations are under Uranian or Plutonian time.

    The flow genome project is super cool thought in this vein too

  25. I love this discussion!

    I am coming up on my Saturn’s return–(9 cap, 6th house)–I am of the uranus/Saturn/Neptune in cap generation though. So Saturn will cross over my natal uranus (2 cap) after crossing vesta (29 sag) both being tribe my natal venus (29 Leo, 2nd) which is being worked by the current north node, yet happens to be conjunct my natal south node–bang on asteroid Geisha.

    I have been thinking a lot about time in reference to space and activity. Doing things in a rush and possibly making mistakes vs doing things with careful intention and creating a beauty vibe.

  26. you are honestly so EERILY always in flow. I was wanting to write a blog post about my relationship to Time just this week. It’s my most challenging relationship honestly! Everything about this is rad and helpful. It’s so TRUE that time bends to us/with us/from us in the zone of genius. I have the Saturn-Uranus battle to — both super strong for me. This really explains it in a way that is perfect for me.

  27. Isabella Gaspardo

    me too I have saturn opposed to uranus (and pluto); uranus and pluto are conjunct my moon, so when I was younger I felt that there were periods of time when nothing happened (so I guess I was more tuned to uranus) and would get bored much more easily than now that I’m nearly 52. what I’ve always felt strongly is the difference re time according to where I am: there are places in the world where days feel endless, where every 30 minutes something happens and therefore makes my days and nights full (in a good way), where I feel that my life makes sense and that I am finally accomplishing something, moving forwards, not in a rush, but definitely moving forwards – all this regardless of transits. according to astrocartography, these locations bring out my pluto more fully, so probably this is why they feel more dense, more deep, more rewarding, but just out of curiosity , is anyone else experiencing these location-based differences?

    1. I do. I live on my Pluto-ic line, this is meant to be one of the most scenic and tourist y cities in the world but for me, anywhere is better than here. Leaving is like driving up a mountain into the blazing sun and open air out of a damp, grim valley.
      Some cities I am instantly at home in even on the other side of the planet with limited local language.

      My Pluto thing sounds a bit gloomy , prob reflecting current concerns more than usual.

      1. sorry for the late reply… been so busy on the computer that I want to throw it out of the window :((((( . ugh. I do feel your pain. I’ve been living very near my sun and mercury line for sooo many years, which supposedly is good for work & everything, given that my chart is very mercurial. yet it doesn’t feel like that at all. not even sun-stable relationship 🙁 . and I do relate to that sense of opening, of breathing more freely as soon as I get away from here. my pluto is well aspected, or perhaps I’ve just got used to it (conjunct the moon, sextile to venus), to the rarity of being 100% satisfied about a situation. in those locations I met plutonic people, but of the good kind: I was never played around or anything. my experiences were rather dionysiac, i.e. pluto as a bodily-related experience, intense, but never sexual (never even had a one-night stand 😀 ). hope your current concerns get less heavy for you.

    2. Oh totally, and thank you for the reminder. We did a hack on Astro-Travel at Mystic’s Astro School & it was amazing to see that the locations i’ve lived at really reflected the astro location of the place.

      The most interesting place for time-space blending/travelling & where i lived at for 3 yrs was on the Uranus/Neptune crossing (Uranus MC/ Neptune AC). It was truly life changing & mind expanding with inter-dimensional time travels & all. I met like minded & unusual people who were great teachers.The description of this on the sidebar on the astrodients map for this configuration was spot on.

      I could have stayed there forever or so i thought until i had a sudden flash (Uranus moment) where i could see myself in the future (as a lone & possibly homeless bird-woman sitting on a park bench feeding the pigeons & gulls) if i had stayed there – which freaked me out a little. So am glad i moved – time travel can get addictive. And i’m not talking about taking drugs, although i did also experiment with mushrooms while there & got to meet some of the local entities. And come to think of it, that was the area of that country where mushrooms grow best. It was more the land itself. I still go there about once or twice a year for work and it still has that effect.

      It reminds me of those fairy stories, where if you slip into fairy land & eat the food there you are likely to emerge into the real world 100 yrs later, while in fairy land only 3 days have passed.

      Great for shamanic work though. My Uranus in the middle of my 10th H stellium & sandwiched between Mars & Mercury ran wild. My Neptune Rising adored it. But i’m glad that my Saturn/Cap trine Neptune kept me on track.

      1. sorry for the late reply, but as I wrote before I’ve been working so much on the pc over the last 10 days that I want to throw it out of the window. gemini season overload I guess. such an interesting & enviable story! yeah, well, psychedelic drugs are not my cup of tea (pardon the tired joke). gave it more than one try, but not for me. besides, they didn’t live up to my expectations 🙁 . but yes, it’s actually fairy land in a way. I have pluto conjunct uranus and the moon in the 3rd, and saturn opposed to all of them in the 9th, so in theory being abroad is “bad”/difficult for me, while in fact what is difficult for me is remaining in my country. the plutonian locations are both abroad, on the same line but in different countries. I have no idea what exactly gets triggered, but iI love the results 😀 .

  28. I feel like the crunch of Saturn time can help me believe in/experience Uranus time. Like it is at the moments when I feel most hemmed in by too much to do or not enough hours of sleep or something else so objectively impossible that I sometimes throw all the rules out the window and slip into a parallel universe.

    Not much these days, though. Just Saturn punches day in and day out. I am feeling an unbearable need to escape into something more magical, though. Maybe I’ll find an escape hatch.

  29. This is wonderful. I have Saturn-Uranus conjunct in Sagittarius. My Virgo Moon uses Saturn Time as a constant tool, but otherwise I live in Uranian time. They’re like two modes.
    I work in film audio, in a software that lets us move pieces of sound around on layered “tracks” in a workspace which corresponds horizontally to a timeline in sync with picture. There are two modes you can work in: Grid or Slip. Grid mode lays a quantized grid over the whole workspace so you can make edits and alignments precisely to a particular bits of time, in order to sync sound to picture—much like we use Saturn Time to coordinate our actions with reality. In Slip mode, there is no grid, no lines, and the quantization is so small (in “samples” which are so small they feel like quantum things) that sounds can be move around, edited, aligned in any way regardless of the passing of time. Things can fit in the “in between” spaces of film frames (sound can happen here while the picture is “still”), like Uranian Time, manipulating quantum dimensions and interstices to affect perception.

    1. I love this! I used to work in Director and Authorware ages ago and they used the same concepts. I really feel this thread has zapped my consciousness this morning. Perfect synchronicity! This is amazeballs.

      1. Yeah! I had never thought of the software in this Saturnian/Uranian manner, but it makes so much sense.
        There is also Spot mode which snaps an audio region to a point in time specifically entered numerically. Super Saturn.
        And Shuffle mode which, when you move one region, it also moves everything “downstream” from that region as well—Neptunian time. lol

        1. Fricken cool. And I love how using these tools causes our brains to morph around the language/OS. I used to dream in Authorware, causing changes in my life (in dream time) using the principles of the software to manipulate and reorder events in my life. It becomes a new worldview/perspective in a way. Neptune time for sure.

  30. Omg I needed this. Saturn retro in Taurus in the 5th fuqs with me hard – I never have “time” to make art, music, play, etc., but my sun conj MC and Uranus in Libra in the 10th begs to differ as I have learned to transcend time and channel inspiration and do whatever I want. Now that I can name this I can work it to my advantage — THANK YOU! Also Jessica Snow is fablulous. I got an annual subscription w her during Venus retro. Love it. Oh and I am in love with Einstein and now that makes a lot more sense too! Thanks Mystic!!

    1. Like, really — this is straight up synchronicity (Uranus trine Saturn at work). Saturn is my Achilles heel but also good for me, but I have tended to lean on it a bit too much at times and that gets me bogged in a rut. This just liberated me. I looked at my chart and voila, Saturn is sesquiquadrate Uranus, which can be irritating, but now that I’ve had this eureka moment, I get it and can use it. Relief. <3

  31. Mystic, I LOVE this. I feel like something just short-circuited in my brain. My chart is chock-full of Saturn and I am haunted constantly by the spectre of Saturn Time (you know that quote from Fight Club, “this is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time”? That’s basically playing on a loop in my head constantly) and it’s making me miserable. Funnily enough, I’ve been doing Jessica Snow’s meditation programme for time crunch that she mentioned in her most recent subscriber email and its been helping a lot already!

    1. Oh snap, I need that email. Just started subscribing to JS and didn’t get any emails so I’m glad you said something.

      1. Yeah, I signed up separately to the emails before I started subscribing! I hope Jessica won’t mind me reposting the relevant segment below for your benefit…

        “First I suggested Meteorite or Dark Matter to get a little perspective. Then the next day they can listen to Pollinator to transform their feeling of running out of time into “Wow! I have so many things I GET to do”. On the third day they can do The Future or Siesta to make sure the things keeping them busy are in alignment with how they really want their life to be and feel. And then on the fourth day they can do Inquiry, Pyramid or even Pure Sound to get even more insight.”

  32. Saturn in Leo 10th house square Uranus in Scorpio in the first house, near my ascendant. I love Uranus time, a Pisces like Einstein, and feel so constricted most of the time by Saturn time which I just don’t get. I don’t really need a job, do I? And when was the last time I filed taxes? People don’t really do that, do they? I mostly seem to be able to make this work for me, but just noticed the constriction… Other people’s Saturn time obsession is so annoying. What do you mean you don’t have time for me? Time doesn’t exist, Saturn time I mean. But it’s a little lonely out here in Uranus lalaland… I loved the book The Big Leap, maybe I’m just in my zone of genius all the time? I wish… getting closer I hope. Thanks for this clarity on this aspect of my chart!

  33. Saturn time is good for evaluating time -money equation, I had a role for a long time where I simply had to learn to estimate and scope work vs time. But after being unleashed from that, to have to them retrain the mind was kind of deadening – it feels very 3-D , something else today and this has now prompted me to do some grounding work
    Uranian time is my favourite, things blip into or out of place and you just have to live with open hands to catch and let go as suits..
    Neptunian time ? It’s all right there in front of you 😀

    Fitting that Stephen hawking has that Toro conjunction. Groundbreaking (how is that for a literal definition of Uranus in Toro) institutionally supported (Saturn) work into matter itself (Taurus)

    1. Uranian time can also be a bit unsettling if you’re experiencing personal instability and just need your outside world to be predictable and safe while you reorganize your mind.

    2. “Uranian time is my favourite, things blip into or out of place and you just have to live with open hands to catch and let go as suits..”

      Totally this! I live by this – sometimes it’s Eureka! moments & sometimes the flashes are so imperceptible that only the nervous system picks them up & the mind either blows with info or/and then the residue is teased out & deciphered at dream time.

      It’s interesting how you mentioned Neptune Time, because that is actually the first thing that i thought of – wouldn’t Neptune (the time & space blender) used in conjunction with Saturn – i.e., in meditation or mindful living – would better prepare mind/body for the Uranus flashes of genius? – God this subject just turns me on so much!

      As for Saturn, yes well can’t get away from it – not my favourite time yet necessary on this material plane – but paradoxically, being a lazy person, i figure that by doing things properly (in the full Saturn sense), it gives me more time in the long run to dream/play/manifest. Having to fix things because i haven’t heeded Saturn is truly a waste of precious Neptune & Uranus time.
      Where’s your Uranus, Pi?

  34. Am Natal saturn opp uranus same as you MM, almost exact, and experienced Uranus flow often whilst painting. Many a sunny day pottering and painting by myself at home, starting in the morning and feeling as if time had stretched beautifully out around me.

    Currently working in a Very Saturnian time based profession, so those Uranian flow days are too far between. I have Libran rising, so I’ve pondered that maybe one of my life things is to learn be able to switch from one to the other easily. Too much saturn time causes a little pulse to twitch at the base of my skull

    On another Saturn- Uranian note, sometimes it freaks me out how literal the astro is!! as in my text- book surprise encounters with authority in the last 2 days

    So current 26 uranus is Exact on my sun, with 26 Saturn in exact trine.

    Friday night, for the first time in my LIFE I look up at my rear vision mirror to realise there are red and blue cop lights flashing to pull me over…am fined for not completely stopping at stop sign. A bit aghast and $300 poorer…

    Saturday night, different city, honked my horn and flipped finger at car which seemed to be obstructing a really busy intersection illegally, drove around it and shortly after, flashing red and blue lights AGAIN, pulled me over and cop asks me why I flipped my finger at him!! (unmarked car) breath tested, cautioned and on my way. YIKES. Should stay home until trine fades off a bit

    1. What is your 3rd house like guys? It rules short trips in your area etc. I have 0 deg Mars .. so um, relate to these lead foot troubles.

    2. Hoon 🙂
      I was quite worried about losing all my points…I have once before and is very inconvenient not being able to drive for 3 months

  35. This is fascinating to me. I am thinking of last year, when i first discovered my dad’s diaries and papers in the library – five hours in the room with the papers would pass in the headiest flash of information absorption – but then i had to start a new job (to pay the bills) which was, of course, in a police -related area (I’m undergoing a Pluto transit so maybe that’s why).

    It was the most boring job – i’d compose 30 tweets per week and only one would make it past the head ‘cop’. I spent most of every day watching the clock, wondering when i could flee to make it to the library for their one more hour of opening time – in which time i’d speed-read mammoth amounts of material – after learning barely anything and struggling to keep my eyes open for 7.75 hours in my ‘day’ job.

    Uranus time is so much more interesting. But Saturn helped me pay the bills….

  36. Thanks for such a ruminating and transparent post–there is certainly a sweet spot where moments are quantum not just here but potentially everywhere, everywhen or after deleuze nowhere becomes now-here immanent to every where-when what freud dismissed as an oceanic feeling the inkling of more integrated ideas of existence and time like Shao Yung plum blossom numerology divinations–predicated upon outflanking human hubris with wisdom

  37. Uranian fast forward at work. I bought a bunch of Jessica’s meditations (couldn’t resist once I heard your freeby) so I might do a bit of meditation to slow things down. BTW “A wrinkle in time” was my very first book in yr 7, initially I thought What? And reread it with many lights coming on…

    1. Uranus and Pluto (15 Virgo) opp Saturn and Chiron (25-27 Pisces) teaching so Saturn is all about bells and schedules, weeks and terms. Watched sense8 S2 and fairly sure Uranus time distorted for that. Very, very spacey and fluid.

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