The Secretly Magic Capricorn Male

The Capricorn male is often credited with being a creature of spreadsheets, stoicism, and corporate ambition. But they’re also the Hermit archetype of the Tarot. Their worldly quest for success is but a pale imitation of their spiritual journey.

Carlos Castaneda was a Capricorn. So were Kahlil Gibran (The Prophet) and J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord Of The Rings).  So is David Lynch. My god, and Bowie. 

David Lynch is currently zooming around performing the very Pluto in Capricorn task of documenting abandoned factories. Farewell manufacturing actual things, hello quantitative easing.

Mercury is blowing through Capricorn, a new wind of thought, time, and context. Mercury is the Messenger God, Coyote, and Trickster.

You don’t have to cast spells. The world is a spell, and you already have magic in the very fabric of your soul.  But scientists have no uses for enchantment, probably some (understandable) hangover from the Inquisition.

Somewhere in the psyche of the Capricorn male, they’re the Grail King and the knight seeking to overthrow him. 

As Castaneda wrote:

Every warrior on the path of knowledge thinks, at one time or another, that he’s learning sorcery, but all he’s doing is allowing himself to be convinced of the power hidden in his being, and that he can reach it.”

The Capricorn back story is the weirdest of all. They’re Mer-Goats, half-human and half what exactly?

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  1. I’m a quadruple-Cap, so I’ve ended up dating a handful of them myself. Never more than a few weeks. Maybe it’s like that episode of Seinfeld said, they’re “like me…and I hate myself!” JK! But still…

  2. I always see Penticals as Capricorn or earthy signs. I imagine myself holding that Pentical. Not as money or a coin. But as the symbol for magic. Sometimes I feel like the magician for similar reasons. For me, Capricorn, definitely, the secret magical male… sharmic even…

  3. I want to marry David Lynch and have his babies, never mind that I’m personally anti both marriage and babies. In other news, I’ve taken fuqing shitloads of hallucinogenic desert plants in a shamanic capacity in my lifetime and I did it all with another Capricorn, so it doesn’t surprise me that Casteneda is a Cappy too (read all his books during one of my shamanic woo woo phases, couldn’t really be fucked reading him now though). That’s all.

      1. lolz, no, I would seriously love a kitchen bitch so seeing him get his Mars in Cancer on in the quinoa vid definitely does it for me, but I’ve been in love with him since I saw The Elephant Man (and then Eraserhead) when I was quite young. He’s got Sun, Mercury, Venus in Cap like I do, we would probably drive each other nuts and he’s older than my dad (RIP), but fuck I just love his work…

    1. Haha
      I totally love you Saturnalien.
      You are so fuquin dry and funny and you don’t even have to try

      I suspect you may indeed be an alien from Saturn

      1. Spank you darkling, I love you too! <3

        P.S. The closest thing I have to a celebrity look alike is the alien on the cover of Whitley Strieber's "Communion" book, so I could very well be an alien from Saturn…

    2. Interesting that you mention babies, Saturnalien, because this relates to my beef with Castaneda (not you!).

      I read all the Castaneda books in my very early twenties and perhaps I am the one person here who does not wish to fete him, or Don Juan’s sorceror thing.

      Found it all fascinating and all, and tried to love it, although I kept on thinking: Don Juan is a Loki-type fuqer with his head up his …. whose methods display the very ego and pleasure in playing with people that he says one should be guarded against.

      I did find the idea of the psychic attack REALLY useful as it made sense of something I’d experienced but hadn’t been able to articulate back then.

      What eventually lost me completely- and still revolts me, now that I re-read it – was the whole have-a-child-and-lose-your-power thing. ie the idea that to be a sorcerer you have to be complete and you can only do that by killing your love for your kids. If you think I am exaggerating, read it (see The Second Ring of Power, discussion with La Gorda – you can read here:

      The fact that Casteneda was Cap SO does not surprise me, and makes more and more sense to more I think about it. No offence intended to haute Caps, but the discussion of having kids/losing power (and indeed, Don Juan’s whole obsession with power) reminds me so much of the asshole’ Cronus, first of the Titans, identified with Roman deity Saturn, who castrates his own father Uranus to get HIS power, and then eats his OWN kids, in case they usurp his power.

      No wonder Castaneda said “the line ends with me” in his last interview. No one to usurp me, or perhaps, to prove that I was full of shit all along, made up half my research, and did it for the qualification and the fame, I guess.

      1. not overly familiar with castaneda’s work but yes the way that male guru-types are very ‘thing’ about children and the female experience as its own source of “power” (so subjective yes?) just reeks of ego and refusal to journey further. Am totally making this call based on your comment but also the whole “go and live in a cave for 5 years” approach.. i mean the fact that children annihilate one’s Ego, to be afraid of that process doesn’t that mean that there is more to explore? rambling maybe. i don’t have kids. or cosmic / inter-world experiences if that means visions and etc

      2. Just for the record, I wasn’t honouring him, I just happen to have read all of his books, I was reading them because I was interested in his hallucinogenic perceptions as compared to my own experiences when tripping on mescaline, not because I thought he had any particular spiritual wisdom to impart. He’d been busted as a fraud well before I started reading him.

        1. I got that you weren’t honouring him…It was the mention of kids (and perhaps also mention of David Lynch, much of whose work I loathe) that suddenly reminded me of my visceral negative reaction to the chapter of Castaneda’s books I mention above. Pressed reply without thinking, when I should have posted separately…

  4. Lots if people have referenced his books but I’ve never read them. Pisces’ cat pissed on my bed tonight. :-(. Feeling frazzled and frayed. I’m high mercury by default which may be why I don’t enjoy the extra zap. Not sur what I am resisting but I feel it in my jaw. Woke up with it locked last night and its been popping all day. Asked the Pisces if he felt the full moon and he said “oh, so that’s what that is!” Lol

    1. you have a beautiful life, 12hv. kitty cat might be feeling something though and sending a message via its “wee-mail” … how’s the atmosphere there? chilled out? cat OK in new neighbourhood? be at peace xox

  5. Yes!!!
    So in tune with this.
    My mercury is a full-on shaman. 12th house, within the Lilith corridor, aspecting nothing. Mediating between the worlds. Psychopomp, yes. Opened up to the rejected via insecurity role of Chironic healer.

    HE WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

    My crab!! He lives!!

    Last Tuesday his sister-in-law sent me a message that they didn’t think he was going to hang on much longer. The neurologist had all but declared him brain dead, and his family was talking about pallbearers. Worst night of my life. Looked at the stars, and saw that the moon was a degree away from conjuncting Uranus on his 9 Aries Mars. Mars was on his 1 Libra Pluto, minutes away. The message came: it is time. The portal. I pulled out every trick in my book, made bargains with everyone and thing, screamed and wailed and channeled every last iota of energy I had to him. Went to bed completely spent, accepting for the first time that he might actually die, and said, this is it. If he makes it through tonight, he will live. All there is to it.
    That night, he (heavily sedated and in the palliative care ward) ripped out all his tubes, got out of the bed, and started “talking.” The next morning, the other neurologist came in and said, wait, my partner was totally wrong, I see a lot going on!
    That was Wednesday. Friday he woke up with amnesia. I got there Saturday morning, and he knew me, remembered, was in and out there. Forgot me at one point, which hurt so badly, but remembered again. Yesterday he knew me all day, was talking about our cosmic love story. He’s only maybe 1/3 intelligible, but he has so much to say! Last night he kept trying to get out of bed, saying, I don’t want meds, I want to be well! He is mars- Neptune and loooves his drugs. Huge!!! His will to live is so strong. There are many complications still, but wow! Ah believes in miracles. And the fact that he’d been dreaming this for months prior…
    The full moon is on his Nessus-DNA-Saturn (intercepted 12th gem) opposite Lilith exact. Uranus going direct on his mars, squaring his 7 cap NN… My Phoenix.

    1. It’s incredible news Hidden Dragon Queen!!!!!!!
      Just wonderful and beyond fantastic he is driven to be present and talking of his love for you. Can’t wait to hear about his recovery. So many blessings and much love to you lady! Xx.

    2. HDQ – what wonderful news, your honey is awake! Much recovery after such a long time ‘under’..? Some photos taken on phone to show of house, garden, shared places etc, maybe some music he likes to help the memory find its place… slow and steady… what a ride xoxox

  6. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    I like that bit about not having to cast spells….junk DNA and dark matter have been on my mind lately….

    Also who thought Loki was uber Gemini in Thor 2. Also saw Rush and was blown away from an astro/philopsophy perspective! (was also v. good movie). It was like yin and yang–opposites that need each other to exist–the final image of the two tyres moving away from each other creating a space of white between the black….deep as all heck that film!!

    My dreams have been off the chart. I dreamed I was an owl spirit, flying and protecting small, newly hatched owl-lets in a nest in a forest at night. Oh, hello Lilith.

    1. Loki IS Mercury. When I figured that out is when it all clicked. Hermes never spoke to me as a shaman, but Loki… 😀 Works beautifully with Lilith- two sides of a coin? GORGEOUS dream!!!

  7. Hmm. Moon, Sun and Mercury all 2 degrees apart at the beginning of Cancer in 10th house. I still haven’t really worked out what that means! Lol.

    One of my major strengths is my communication though and I think it’s a huge fact in my career success. And like i said in a job interview the other day, i don’t have one management style, i don’t think anyone who has just one management style is a good manager. Same with communication, it’s about doing what’s right for that moment. I tend to wing it a lot. Maybe that’s the moon on my mercury….

  8. Scorporation, Inc.

    I need help with a dream I had last night:

    I was romantically entangled with Pee Wee Herman. Not Paul Reubens, but Pee Wee.

    It’s not in any dream dictionary. Anyone?

    1. Haha.. nope, it wouldn’t be.

      You have to think archetype of the person and qualities, then think through feelings regarding that in any sense relationship or otherwise including those that might come from external perceptions about the relationship.

      Also the level of intimacy and your dream feelings about that would be useful.

      Then you could look at the alignment or misalignment of sleep feeling and wake feelings / view and you might be getting close to an interpretation.

      Other angles to check now as I’m typing.. a former space? An old flame? A desire for someone who aside from the pee wee-ness might be ok so it’s a no go due to image or a particular trait?

      Feels like it needs to be mused upon more from this kind of angle.


      1. Scorporation, Inc.

        I’ve been thinking on all of this: thank you, Centaurus!

        First I had a serious LOL moment. Ghosts of late summers past.

        Then I wiki’d Pee Wee and Paul Reubens (dob 08.27.52? 51?). Late summer. More ghosts, but somber rather than funny.

        Finally, I came back here & contemplated the image above. I have natal Uranus-Mercury @ 29* Libra/Horns of Scorpio, 8th house. Feeling the bat wings. I keep a winged gargoyle in my house, trained on the front door.

        But anyhow, Trickster energy– I think that was what my dream was about. LOL


        1. All ghosts reviewed, accounted for and relegated to their correct position… the past. Maybe that was all the trickster energy was for, check if it’s current or not. Mind has no concept of time, a reply might as well be happening right now.

          Uranus/Mercury in the 8th…that’s interesting for you right. Any concept I begin to grasp just slips away on that one.

          I knew you’d get it sussed alright xx

    2. Maybe something about being more childlike and innocent in relationships? Taking them less seriously and remembering to play?? xxx

    3. Last night I dreamed I was shooting a remake of A Single Man with Rupert Everett playing Colin Firth’s character and Julia Roberts ( who was me in the dream ) playing Julianne Moore’s character.
      Perverse and make absolutely NO SENSE at all.

      I think some dreams are just random phycho bubbles

      Shameful admission oncoming, I watched My Best Friend’s Wedding about a week ago. So that might be why “them”

      Excuse no 1. I’ve been bedridden. And not in the fun way
      Excuse no 2. I had it on my iTunes but since I officially HATE rom coms had never watched it
      Excuse no 3. Moon has recently progressed into Kataka
      and sheesh am I feeling it.
      Excuse no 4. It’s freezing outside
      Excuse no 5. There is no excuse for such a disgusting dream. See, this is why I only have a Big Mac Pro and not a TV.
      I need new movies since Miz Kataka Blue Moon seems to like watching them. I may succumb to the Game of Thrones stampede since so many cool people keep referencing it. This watching of sappy rom coms cannot continue. I like my dreams epic and vivid not random imitations of greatness coated in saccharine. Yuck. Today I will write and send emails to my tax accountant and biz partner only. I will see my Network Chiropractor and do a yoga class if I feel strong enough. No more crappy rom coms allowed. Yuck!

      1. Scorporation, Inc.

        Rom coms have always irked the shiz out of me! Like horror movies, they are Things I Don’t Watch.

        Sorry to hear you’ve been laid up sick, Blue. Go easy on you! So you backslid & indulged in emo junk food (aka Rom com); I ate pasta yesterday. It happens. We gonna be alright. Besos, beautiful xx

        1. DITTO Rupert Everett (Gemini of course), the Banana skins autobigraphical book- SUCH a good writer and interesting life- would love to be best friends with him!

  9. It’s already dark outside
    And pouring with rain.
    At 4.30pm
    I don’t mind the rain but meh
    This is me having winge OFFICIALLY
    and I got kicked out of my local gym for mentoring women who can’t afford a trainer. I have bitched about this before…
    It’s a bitchin remix
    Time to go online.
    I’ll show them.
    They can’t stop me posting workout videos for free from home on YouTube
    Yikes must I ALWAYS see the silver fuqin lining?
    I’m trying to be in bad mood here!

      1. It so IS 😀
        I’d totally be wearing it today if I had bothered to do my laundry 😀

        Just watched Juno for the 3rd night in a row and ate my body weight in broccoli, butternut squash and nuts. Washed down with a litre of almond milk and now lying in bed nursing a food baby. It’s official.
        I AM A DORK
        guess who’s moon has just progressed into Kataka?

          1. That is simply NOT GOING TO HAPPEN .. I am competing for the world championship over 40’s fitness model in April and I AM GOING TO WIN! I’m just giving myself a bit of “off season” time. Got awesome closure from someone I do not mention anymore last night/early this morning. Basically he admits he’s made the wrong decision and is an idiot but has asked me please not to idolise the fantasy of him as a defense against living. Said he was trying to be unselfish because simply CANNOT move on from where he is. He is STUCK. He said, set YOURSELF free. I can’t do it for myself and I certainly can’t do it for you.
            Watching Juno 3 times in a row and binge eating doesn’t really constitute a love zombie trance does it?

            Yeah. I know … Got to find a way to make Kataka moon work for me. Nesting instincts? A buying my own home fantasy? Security fetish? As in staying debt free and getting cashed up? Expanding my circle of friends or deepening bonds with current ones?
            Finding ways to be more loving and homey in a healthy way? Like “what nourishes me spiritually & emotionally?
            This tummy infection has really laid me low so my emotions are not to be trusted. I’m just not me if I haven’t had some exercise. Hopefully I’ll drag myself to a yoga class tomorrow at least! Going to see Network Chiro and have to WRITE this week. Might start hanging out at the library. Have always had a glasses and cardigans fetish…

  10. I’d like a job that came with a lab coat. I would love looking up from my microscope to say ‘hmm’ and then I’d turn quickly, (swishing my lab coat) and scribble complex equations over a blackboard in chalk with one hand on my hip.

  11. Full moon on gem asc. AROOOoooooooooo *howls*

    Had a little interlude (wierd I wrote interlife ?) this eve. Brushtail possum on usual evening high-way trek across the backyards via the cat-and dog-free safety of the high timber side fence. Bringing washing in, I stop, look up and observe that I am being watched by wary possum on high -whose fluffiness (and clouds of bloodthirsty mozzies) was also marvellously back-lit by the full moon … A were-possum? No less.

  12. After Tolkien and Ursula Le Guin (fink dats ‘ow you spell it) Carlos C was the next dude I got seriously into as a goofy teenager. The first two were pre teen but CC seemed and still does seem have the ability to popularise the bridge between science and shamanism. I haven’t read any of his work in a long time but he certainly had a lot of the trickster in his too. You could almost feel him sagely or maybe he was high but giggling in the background. Like “you KWOW this shitz is true man. You’ve always known it!” That’s how I experienced him anyway. I have a lot of trickster energy and Pan too. Kim Falconer made a very salient observation that with all my trickster energy, it’s better for me to really embrace that part of me, the part that shocks peeps and shakes them up even if I don’t mean to rather than try to repress it. The reason being that the psyche needs to express all aspects of itself and if I repress the trickster I will keep attracting tricky peeps, which is a lot less fun than just lovin my inner trix.
    Hehe. How’s Trix homies? You all ready for this full on full moonie?
    I am. I’m starting to recover, slowly from the sickness that’s kept me pretty much bed bound for what feels like an eternity. Probably only 9 days but ugh
    Zap Zone cleaning of body house I guess. Been taking my naturopathic meds which for a while felt like they were worse than the sickness itself until THE DAY OF THE EPIC BATTLE between my body and el nasty parasito.
    The war ain’t over yet but I’m certainly gaining ground. Glad I didn’t self diagnose and get my dr friend to write me a script for some anti biotics….
    Kinda. Although being told you have a parasite which is also “an entity” is pretty tough to take for a sceptic like me. I mean. Getting into astrology was a stretch. I’m more into shiny studded latex outfits than purple kaftans but that could be a slight overcompensating mechanism to my hippie CC reading inner child and feeling the need to “grow up and get with the science program”. Incidentally the about turn happened when as a teenager I joined a group of spiritual healers and 4 entities attached themselves to me. I thought I was going mad with the voices in my head, cue an exorcism during which I fainted and don’t remember a thing about it, literally.
    When I came to and five people told me they’d just taken 4 extraterrestrial entities out of me I guess I didn’t know what to make of it and that’s when I said. “Ok I’m done here … Outta my way hippies, I’m a carnivorous, promiscuous, dedicated follower of fashion and WE ARE LIVING IN A MATERIAL WORLD AND I AM A MATERIAL GIRL!”

    Funny how things go in circles huh?
    I feel like The Wizard of Earthsea trying to outrun his own shadow.

    Ha, a glass of Trickster anyone?
    I think its time to straddle both horses, hermaphrodite style and learn to live in both worlds.

    I’m off to bake some vegan protein cookies, yes really and nurse my gut back to health.
    I will wear my black latex apron and oven mitts tho. Easier to wipe down.
    Latex is still my best friend and means never having to say, “I’m sorry I spilled muffin mix on you!”

  13. Starting reading Castaneda after I found some in my dad’s collection. Also Lobsang Rampa (who claimed to be a walk-in of a highly trained Tibetan monk’s soul into an englishman’s body) some of which I really enjoyed.
    Dad went to a very strict hardcore Jesuit school, which is why, he said, he never made us go to church…he was Taurean with Aquarius moon

    1. I was given Castaneda and Lopsang Books as a late teenager, by my hair cutter of the time.
      She couldn’t get her couch out of a house she was renting and said if I could get it out I could have it. She gave me the books that night . Great couch too !

        1. I think she was trying to see if I could read, and lift heavy things 🙂
          I wish she had led me astray. She was a total bombshell
          ….ahhhh my imagination had such a good time. To a double gem it’s nearly as good.

          1. @David. “I wish she had led me astray” omg. How pass agg is THAT Lol. Wasn’t it you-hoo just the other day getting stoned in a glass house 😀

            1. Do I have to add the I’m fuqin with ya? rejoinder?
              It’s hard to gauge my acerbic level since I’ve barely left the house for nine days except to work and not had a workout of my own in weeks. Makes me sad 🙁

  14. Carlos Castaneda’s work made me sit up and eat a book with my eyes, hit me like a bolt of lightning. The guy is a genius writer and the witches books were fabulous also.

    Sad to say, like many teachers, he ended badly (in his case, probably started badly too). Good doco along with MM’s article:

    One guys says,”Carlos Casteneda’s life was like an earthquake and the closer you were to the epicentre the more damage there was”
    Power is an unbalancing thing. I would never wish for power after learning what I have about it.

    He did have Mercury in Saggitarius.
    I imagine that Saggi focus must be stronger than average given he is a writer and his Saggi Mercury changed 100’s of 1000’s people’s lives.
    Also his 3rd house has a conjunction of Pluto/Lilith/NN in Cancer.

    Gave his books to Piscean Pa to read, he said with distaste, “I tried, but he SO heavy”. Asc/Moon in Taurus, Cap Sun so Carlos a mega-earth man.

    1. ”made me sit up and eat a book with my eyes” – What a delicious statement Andy, that statement has got to ”win” the internet today (Ha ha there’s that Aries competitive Sun!) ! xx

      I devoured his works whilst preggers with the AquaNaut DC Stellium … sometimes i wonder if it didnt help contribute to making him so .. shall we say .. ”out there” … however reading he was so earth .. maybe i can let myself off the hook a little there.

      Been thinking of you beautiful one…xx

      1. Thanks Cosmic doll, I think you can entirely unhook yourself. Secretly I think some of the most amazing parents I have ever, ever met had autistic children, above & beyond for sure. I wouldn’t give Carlos the credit he had any power of yr unborn’s destiny either 🙂 . Appreciate yr kind thoughts for me, xx.

    2. Was also struck by that lightning as a teenager, forgot it in the years following. Funny, he popped up in my psyche two weeks ago and hasn’t left. I’m starting to almost expect these synchronicities!
      Not surprised at all by the Cap/earth. I’m with your pa – he’s heavy! Probably why I put him down- I hadn’t integrated my own earth yet. But now, it’s time. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. Aww, you are sweet to think of me when so much is going on for your lovely self HDQ.

          My question re Carlos is, when does a ‘bad’ teacher become a ‘good’ teacher? Can a power-hungry person ever really impart loving & complete teachings? I really think not.

          So don’t think you are missing too much not reading him. There are so many wonderful books out there with better vibes.

        2. Must say one quote of his often springs to my mind,
          “Beware feelings of uniqueness and power”.

          I have kept that close to my heart and it has been useful over the years in identifying when the ego is coming in to play…

          Pity he didn’t apply it to himself. But a great quote.

          1. Oh god yes, Andy. I didn’t see your posts here before/while I was composing my rant below, hence comment that I thought I was alone in being not that impressed and for essentially the same reasons x

  15. Just talking about Carlos today ! A friend was telling me about his ayahuasca experiences in Peru. We are contemplating doing a weekend aya retreat here.
    Carlos took anthropology and turned it into an incredible adventure of spiritual discovery. He transcended his field and straddled the fine line between science and the spiritual in a way that changed lives. He changed mine.

    1. Scorporation, Inc.

      Castaneda: genius. Similarly, Carl Jung took anthropology & spirituality and used them for further psychological discovery, transcending his field & rational thought. I love exploring the oneness of science, art & spirituality. Can’t wait to hear about your aya retreat, davidl!

  16. Mercury in my Sun space but not close enough to be conjunct.

    Have traits of effortless shape shifter and pulled off some major reinvention schemes over this life. They don’t come without work but they may appear that way on the outside due to the Saggi-ness of it all.

    Coyote energy is ultimately designed to make us laugh, lighten up and embrace the trickster in all of us, after all the ultimate trick is what we play on ourselves about who we really are. It’s being worked wrong if there is too much seriousness in the mix. It’s twinkle in the eye stuff… a bit like Mercury.

    So.. short answer – Yes 🙂

    If I had to pick Castaneda’s sign if would not have been Capricorn, I might have gone Saggi too. His chart would be interesting eh? Do we know his date/time?

    1. Exactly, you hear a story “bob took way too much peyote in Mexico ” your not thinking Cap. Your thinking Sag, maybe Pisces.
      I noticed the Neptune in Leo , 4th house.

  17. Also. I think people keep forgetting how deeply wierd capricorns are. It’s just that their very level demeanour means that society is lulled into thinking they’re more like the fixed Taureans. Like (some) virgos. Both very OK with kookiness and warped humour. in my experience.

  18. Yes, yes and Yes.

    I very much like to see Mercury as intermediary between worlds among its other descriptions.

    Capricorn as shamanic earth-creature is Hot btw. *suddenly looks vague*

    Scientists have no need for enchantment because they have an equation for it and are reading up on the latest related theories, or something. Including, no doubt, some interesting data on how spellcasting works at a sub-atomic level, something about neutrons and quantum particle dynamics, or something. I mean they always go the long way around but hey. The best scientists imo always leave their imagination a lot of room, imagine if we thought we’d reached the pinnacle of human knowledge in 1915! or now?! To rebuff everything that isn’t yet ‘established’ by scientific methods is to close a lot of doors. (Then again to ‘doubt’ the research that already exists is to be a bit bloody-minded maybe)

        1. Oh Pi how I agree about the scientist taking the long route. It is one of my hiccups with medics and bloody evidence base for anything you want to treat with. It creates massive stagnation in my opinion and has done no one any good apart from those will that kill all original thought modus.
          Seriously thinking of giving up my license in order to really treat folk the way I need to or take every damn exam gain every qualification and then batter them from the inside!

          1. hmm, i wouldn’t say evidence-based practice has done no one any good… but i think i know what you mean. limiting. we can only research what we can get funding for, answers are out there to be had, but there ain’t much of the lucre going around sometimes. good luck with your work – there must be middle ground out there xx

            1. Scorporation, Inc.

              I think it’s greater than the sum of its parts. The new thing that results from a chemical reaction. Put them together & waddaya got? Magic. x

    1. Maybe Krampus is a descendant of Dionysius?
      In the Greek myth in wiki I thought it was interesting that Dionysius was given to Hermes as a baby to help raise.
      So there is a paternal connection in a way between Hermes and Dionysius.
      Now I am confused.. is Hermes Dionysius? Are they Capricorns? Argh, some days it is easier to stick to unity consciousness. But yes Pan-like creatures are meant to be a bit sexy, even Krampus was bit of party boy with the ladies.

      1. Dionysius was given Hermes to raise. Lol
        That makes sense.
        Maybe by ……
        no I mustn’t.
        Say it.

        It does make sense tho.
        Yay. I live both of them.

  19. Truly … our words are power now. Power we think to ourselves, we say to others, power we express online and in person. So, it makes sense to pay attention to what we say, who we’re saying it to, and how.

    But I guess that could be said for any time. Just feels a little more potent now, perhaps?

  20. Yeah, so can we talk about the trickster aspect of Virgo, because this emphasis on painful earnestness is killing me.

    Love you, Mercury! : ) Thanks for the magic.

    And you too, Mystic LOL

    1. The trickster side of Virgos is often forgotten. Virgos are usually written off as boring, ocd nerds. lol!But, there’s far more going on than meets the eye.

      1. Many think Virgoans only grow plantations, when we are actually growing forests.Kokopelli is another powerful jester. Virgo is fertility, rather than perfection, which requires a fine balance and loads of spirit. Reap as ye sow,harvest the fruits of the soul, Virgo is womb, breast,and yes,sexy on a cosmic level. Chironic ironic 😉

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