Britney Spears & Pluto

Britney Spears is about to speak in court, finally. It’s imminent and it’s occurring during a triple Pluto-transit + Saturn exact on her Moon.

She is expected to speak out against the conservatorship she has been under for over a decade. That’s right, she is one of the most successful recording artists on the planet and all of her assets + earnings have been under the control of her father since Pluto got into Capricorn.

Why is that relevant? First of all, it affirms that it’s been a ludicrously long time. Secondly, one of the symbolic associations of Capricorn is the father archetype and Pluto has a dark side to him. FYI one of Pluto’s aliases is Dis Pater – it means Rich Father.

Thirdly, Britney is a Sagittarius (as the protestor’s sign says in the picture above, ‘it means freedom’) with Libra Rising and her Saggo Sun, Uranus, Mercury, and Neptune all in the third house. She’s a self-expressor, a stream of candid consciousness, a soprano. Her Aquarius Moon is in the 5th house – you may or may not like her genre, but she is emotionally bonded to her creativity.

She became globally famous aged 16, with Pluto conjunct her Mercury. Her first single Baby, One More Time, sparked outbursts from ‘family morals’ groups, an era of aspirational abs flaunting, and most significantly, a vast and adoring fan base. They’re the people behind the #FreeBritney movement.

The conservatorship coincided with Pluto crossing her I.C, the nadir of her birth chart, and square her Ascendant. It began shortly after her public meltdown in February 2007, which through contemporary optics, seems legit.

Overworked, hounded – as usual – by a swarm of paparazzi, she had an altercation with her ex-partner over access to her sons and then – upset – stormed into a suburban hair salon to get all her hair cut off.

The hairdresser refused so Britney grabbed the shears and did it herself, shaving all her hair off.

She later said one of the motivations was that she was sick of people touching her hair all the time. She was probably sick of everything. Her bodyguards allegedly opened the salon shutters so that the paps could take pictures.

She’d made seven number one albums and sold a billion dollars worth of Britney-branded perfumes but she couldn’t get her kids, a haircut, or – apparently – trustworthy staff. She was ricocheting around with scant support, making everyone’s fortune but her own.

It would be handled very differently in 2021 but then, in February 2007, her self-styled hair shaving was streamed live on cable television complete with hateful commentary.

Bizarrely, for a person allegedly sequestered for her inability to handle her life, she has been required to perform and work the whole time. But she has no access to her money or the business deals around her brand. According to the documentary Framing Britney Spears, she was not even particularly close to her father. Nor does he have any expertise in handling money/show-biz careers.

She has been trying to have the conservatorship overturned for years. The situation began to shift with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Jan 2020, aided in large part by the efforts of Britney’s decade-younger sister Jamie-Lynn, an Aries with – incidentally – Mars conjunct her sister’s Midheaven.

She is literally fighting for not only Britney’s autonomy but her freedom to define her own brand and legacy. I don’t think I have ever seen a more succinct example of synastry.

There was a hearing re all this last year but Britney was not allowed to speak. Now that she is, I hope she gets support from her peers in the music and entertainment industry, as well as proper legal representation. It will be her sister’s Saturn Return and Britney herself has Pluto conjunct Venus/square Pluto and Saturn conjunct her Moon this week.

Chiron in Aries and Mars in Leo are trine her Saggo Mercury, the original fame-maker.  Jupiter in early Pisces trines her natal Jupiter in Scorpio and the Midheaven, boding well for a 2022 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction artistic comeback.

But is it enough? Will she get to speak and if so, what will she say?

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  1. When I read the result abd some of the details, I knew her representation was inept and the case had discombobulated parts. Then, her court appointed leech of an attorney resigned. She has another chance.
    I believe this brilliant Astro analysis was a boost for a cloud clearing with hope of more revelation that will lead to a liberating change.

  2. Britney is denied her freedom with the conservatorship ruling remaining and Bill Cosby is given his freedom….. what is the world really about right now? ☹️🙃
    Pluto turned all shades of evil?? Neptune retro gone rogue?

    1. Trans Saturn ON Britney’s Moon & Pluto ON her Venus didn’t bode well.

      As for Cosby “America’s Dad” (puke), i don’t really want to look, so fuqed…. Well ok, i looked & he is having his Uranus Return in his 8th H right now. Plus tr Saturn & Mars which are in opposition at this moment, are both squaring his Uranus too – how that manifests as favourable to him i’ve no idea, but it’s leaving a foul patriarchal stench in its wake.

      1. Pluto for all its regenerative qualities can leave you dredging through some ugly parts of your psyche. I hope she finds her grounding soon, there’s only so much a human can endure.

        Foul is an understatement… but outer planet fukery makes sense since the Cosby situation seems so bizarre & abstract. The legal maneuvering is strong.. The only solace I can digest from all of this is the victims had their moment to live in their truth. Ugh… Appreciate you figuring out this mess Scarab!

  3. I love that she has moon in Aqua in the fifth and Saturn has moved into Aqua now.
    Although isn’t it about to go retrograde again?
    in my 7 years ahead report I see Saturn going back into my 2nd house for 6 months because beating up my spiritual bank account is fun for sick daddy and unca P 🧛🏼‍♂️🧛🏻

  4. Britney’s music is not to my taste but hey she IS a Sagg but seems to have no traits of the Sagittarius except this latest bid for freedom. No passport so no travel! Doesn’t seem like she reads any philosophy theology geography or evens reads at all, her fans may not appreciate that side of her…..
    She does love movement & continues to post dancing moves albeit the same ones over & over again from really bad angles.
    The court photos with her in shorts, very, un-ironed shirt & 70’s clumpy sandal heels shows she has no personal assistant-advisor & no respect for court procedures even by remote.
    Something very amiss here in every which way but loose.
    The Mercury in Sagg surprises me but it’s 3rd house whereas mine is 11th so guess therein lies the difference, explains why she was fast talking along with the fancy footwork.

    1. Have just read the transcript of what she said in court. HORRIFIC & explains her state of dress, explains what i have criticised her for. I’m sorry =big mouth Sagg. Twisting around trying to take my foot out of it. Ha still can. Twist that is.

      1. She has posted socialist-oriented things on her IG which is a lot considering she is… legally not allowed to express herself in any way? How could she possibly demonstrate what she knows or thinks or cares about. Saying she doesn’t read?! This is the misogyny that helped lock her up, fyi. Pop stars don’t get to go through school in the same way, they’re working their entire lives and never stop, so it might also be wise to consider that people exploited for their labor don’t get to be public intellectual masturbators as well. And… none of that is required for Sag anyway. She’s missing the classic foot in mouth syndrome many of you demonstrate though!

        1. ‘Many of you demonstrate’ ‘misogyny’? Who? Where?

          There is no need to get personal ehprice, this is about Brittany. Perhaps you have been wearing too much of her perfume or listening to her music on rote. How’s that for personal Kiddo.

  5. Does Britney have bipolar or something similar? She sounds very poorly, like she is keeping herself together and also very vulnerable.

  6. If we look at this through a health and power dynamic lense; this is Domestic Abuse. Why did the conservator ship get signed in the first place? When stars die, (Elvis, Prince, Winehouse)it is because it serves no purpose to the person benefitting most (look to the money) for them to be vulnerable/rested/human. It’s a smoke and mirrors trick, *look here to avoid looking here… I wish beyond all else the human race stops worshipping celebrity for this very fudging reason.

    Abuse should not be at the the behest of star studded capitalism. Why are we all So surprised when this happenstance all? It happens all the time for women domestically, behind closed doors. Yes it’s 2021 and women are still being kicked, especially when they are down. We allow this and then act so shocked when it happens to someone famous? Free Britney? Free all women from domestic, emotional, mental and financially abusjve situations.

    Would be great to stop feeding the media (by buying the magazines) who pap women like Britney at their most unwell. Hollywood is one of The Most toxic places. What’s the Astro on LA?

    1. She is not permitted to take her IUD out in case she becomes pregnant to boyfriend, she says. She wants to. If she does, he will be supported for life like the father of her 2 boys. Whatever reason this is fascism from her father.

      1. Actually, the support is only through the kids 18th birthday. After that it is not mandatory. And unless she marries her boyfriend, he will not be entitled to any support at all unless she chooses to support him. She wants to have his child regardless of having gone through marriage and divorce, and it should be her right to do so. Whatever her current boyfriend’s motives are, it is a fact he is acting and behaving in a decent and appropriate manner and yes her status and money is part of his attraction to her. Our ability to make money, to create fortune, to create a career and such are inseparable from our persona so it is natural for someone to be attracted to such things in a person. It’s all part of our energy exchange with the world and people around us. I wanted to comment on that specifically since I’ve noticed that many in press criticize or comment negatively on her boyfriend. To me, he seems to be a good influence – she is not drunk or drugged, and had no public outbursts like before. I feel so much sorrow for this woman.

  7. Unicorn Sparkles

    The point Britney herself made that stuck with me was that if she is that incapable of looking after herself that she needs the conservatorship, then how is it that she can still work? These things are set up to help those who cannot function in normal life. And half of Hollywood would be under one if you added up all the incidences of celebrity erratic behaviour. I don’t doubt that she has MH issues. The constant pressure. And this state of existence would have added to them. But the justification for this conservatorship…for so many years…???

    1. She doesn’t work anymore & hasn’t since the Las Vegas one where she was worked so much that she refused after. Went on stage with 39 degree temp. Told the audience. Her reason was ‘not making more money for other people’.
      This girl-woman has been radically exploited. Said she shaved her hair off as tired of people touching it, guess over being an “IT” not a person.

      1. Unicorn Sparkles

        It was the Las Vegas residency that she was referring to…shes been in this conservatorship for over a decade… if it wasn’t for all the money….

  8. FREE BRITNEY! If she can still perform at the elite level, why is she still trapped in this oppressive conservatorship? Her father gives me all types of chills, and it makes complete sense that his behaviors are boosted by the darker shades of Pluto. The media beast created this spectacle that swallowed her whole, she deserves her freedom back and a career comeback pop track like ‘Papa don’t preach’ but the 2022 spicy reboot version! Totally here for it 😛

    1. The only performances she is doing is for her Insta account, dancing in horrible costumes with eye makeup that looks slept in for 3 days & day clothes for a 15 year old. Perhaps this is a ruse ‘look how i’m not cared for’?

      1. You’re sadly very right. Of late the live performances for audiences have been haulted in protest of this situation & replaced by some very concerning visuals. Anyone kept within a psychological confine would show some sort of regression. It makes sense with her and costume or dress ups because she may feel it’s her only uninhibited form of creativity.
        The way celebrities are watched like they are animals in a petting zoo speaks in volumes itself… ugh 😩

  9. This is horrific. I’m listening to the voice recording and it making me shake with empathy. Everything this woman has been through and continues to be put through. It makes me think of Frances Farmer and I’m shocked that it’s happening in 2021.

    1. HI Invicta you remember Frances Farmer. What a story that was & has similarities to Brit via family & institutions. Wonder her Sun sign?

      1. Yeah, Frances Farmer left an impression on me as a child because she seemed to embody a disturbing, distinctly feminine cautionary tale. I’m trying to remember the name of the psychiatrist who wrote extensively about stigma and how much slippage occurs once they begin to get piled onto a woman. I started reading him after girl with the dragon tattoo.

      2. Erving Goffman – Stigma and the management of spoiled identity.
        Is name of the book which I found helpful as I set about trying to reestablish myself in the world post everything. Frances was like a flare in the night to my little girl self warning me that surviving my upbringing, getting away from my first family was a much higher priority than anything else. When your family is narcissistic, they on some level know it. When it wants you for a scapegoat and also a cash cow escaping from them is harder than you’d think. I don’t believe that Britney’s situation is that uncommon honestly. Just not talked about because honouring your mother and father is the traditional and right thing to do. Unless they aren’t honourable people. When that’s the case however it’s almost impossible to prove that and get away from them. Normally you have to pick one or the other I think. Perhaps this will inspire more healthy discourse on this subject. I hope so.

        1. Most people who try and prove that their parents are narcissists or sociopaths end up staying mired in the shit and live out some awful Freudian reenactment. It’s interesting that her strongest motivation seems to be linked to giving this boyfriend a baby. I’m not saying it’s wrong but it is sad because what are the odds he’s also on the make? I remember her divorce and being separated from her kids being what triggered her going “off the rails” in the first place. Divorce is so painful precisely because it’s a often reenactment of those parental / romantic drama triangles. I don’t know. I hope she gets out of this god awful conservatorship and finds the autonomy and personal space she needs. #freebritney

          1. Well straight after court she was pictured in Hawaii with boyfriend. The Star with the back-up dancer par for the course i guess as not much chance to meet anyone in any other area plus the proximity of physicality. Not being permitted to remove an IUD is bizarre, what happened to ‘my body my choice’.
            Lithium? That’s serious medication for someone who may be simply a Wild Child who felt exploited & dictated to.
            It’s a Sordid Story Invicta, being played out publicly because no choice but to reveal such personal information.
            Hope all copacetic in your world now YOU have more freedom in UK. Blessings & Bouquets.x

        2. Jessica Lange ‘break out’ movie & she was brilliant! Found the movie disturbing as had a movie style man magnet mother who was bi-polar.Manic depression came under the umbrella of ‘neurotic’. A workaholic that used to crash on occasions. Two speeds: Fast & Stop.
          Celebrity culture is a new phenomenon that has created voyeurism & schadenfreude. Think ‘American Gods’ series.
          Quite extraordinary how just one person’s blood sweat & tears can support so many financially, how easy it is for them to be exploited.

            1. American Gods is a wonderful book and one of the few literary works I’ve actually enjoyed as much on a screen. He, Neil Gaiman was very involved in the production of the Amazon Prime Video translation and the partnership with them has been so lucrative for him. What a rock star modern fantasy writer he is that guy. I’m a fan. Have you seen or read Norse Mythology yet? Good Omens was okay. Not epic like AGs but quirky and in the right spirit I thought.

  10. She is more than ‘undrugged’ lucid, and i know that’s not what you meant, she is polite, responsive to the judge and clear in her recollections and truth. Am amazed. She slowed down when asked, by goddesses! (Taking spiritual notes)

    1. Holy shite. I know right? She sounds a helluva lot saner than I ever could. I dread to think how I’d sound in her situation. I mean…

      1. Unicorn Sparkles

        they claimed she had early onset dementia in the last round of court proceedings. sure as hell didn’t sound like she had anything like it.

  11. Those thieves will do and say anything to keep their sticky mitts all over her cash. The goose that laid the golden egg. I hope she has a top-shelf entertainment(?) lawyer who will work on the basis of a no win, no fee arrangement (whatever). Imagine being Britney’s legal advocate and winning.

    ~ Plot twist: Without realising, she has a supporter within the conservator agreement who has been secretly investing the money and Britney is now worth even more but it will be her secret untraceable stash. Which she then uses to sue the living crap out of everyone and send them to straight to money jail.

    1. 60 million is her printed worth published at this time. That amount is not what she has EARNED over the last 25 years. Father getting $US16.000 per month but he wasn’t her manager, they usually take 10%.Her perfume makes a fortune considering the stink it emits.

      1. To the person who gave the thumbs down about Brit’s perfume hasn’t got what the French call a ‘nose’ or much Libran in their chart. Probably wears a ‘Free Brittany’ t-shirt.

  12. No words for this except – slavery and gaslighting and chemical restraint abuse. Free Britney and any other person being vampired on through conservancy.

  13. I know Jamie Spears had a rough life growing up and has had issues with alcohol and violence. Her mom labled him and Britney as having a “toxic” relationship. If that isnt Pluto square Venus, I dont know what is. Nornally Pluto sq Pluto scares me but this one seems to be about self-love with Venus involved!! #freebritney!

    1. Jamie is her sister, though. It may be Pluto sq Venus but not so tawdry as it sounds. More the deep complexity of sisters, girls growing up with oppressive backgrounds, now women as sisters.

        1. Ah yeah, thank you for the clarification! i realised that today when peeps at work talked about it! Omg her whole situ has been so complicated, enmeshed and i hope for her own clarity and truth more than anything. Jamie father has always come across as belligerently defensive.

          1. I remember reading an old interview (that was done years before this happened) and it seemed pretty clear she did not like her father and that he had been a crappy parent. I thought the FreeBritney people were a bit nuts but seems like they really nailed it early on.

  14. Wow, fascinating. Certainly gives this Sagittarius pause. I hope Britney is finally freed. I haven’t looked up her chart and I am not sure I have the ability to analyze it properly, but it would be interesting to compare Britney’s fight for Liberation with fellow Sagittarius Taylor Swift’s battle to unchain her songs from various entities ( ie. going up against iTunes, the guy who groped her, Spotify and now re-recording her songs to get around having the rights to the recordings sold out from beneath her, etc. Not to mention the whole Kanye West debacle where he tried to usurp her accomplishments and take ownership of her success) certainly seems like there are parallel struggles going on, although Taylor appears to be more in control of her output and empire. Anyway, thanks for this post.

  15. First thought – we are all facing curtailment of our personal freedoms in 2021. Britney breaking free will be a watershed moment for all of us.

    1. Penelope Darling

      A lovely analysis. We are all being kept home, more or less, by “Big Brother” the State as Father; perhaps this has helped so many finally sympathise with Britney.

  16. Excellent post. It is criminal how Britney has been treated… just that all of that can even be possible in the “land of the free”. The beauty in the story is definitely her sister’s efforts – what synastry! I love it when an Aries is fired up on a mission like that. Unstoppable.

  17. How can that bastard get away with it? It’s 2021 for God’s sake! I will be sending the good vibes and thank you for post Mystic.

  18. The Lion & The Centaur

    Rooting for her! I love that the astro supports her and the times are changing, as we know.

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