Pluto Transit Feels

You never forget your first Pluto transit, even if you don’t know what it is at the time. Associated with seismic shifts of heart, soul, and psyche, they feel volcanic in nature – something erupts.

To onlookers, it seems like you drastically changed for no particular reason – ‘suddenly obsessed with x‘ or ‘decided they didn’t want to be in a relationship…‘ and the early stage of a plutonic metamorphosis can be particularly baffling to other people.

Whatever sparked your transformation trip, you lack the time and inclination to explain yourself. Besides, instincts are rarely explicable or linear. You can quickly morph from being a desirable known quantity or ‘good old‘ whatever your name is into your set’s enigma or black swan character.

Not that you’ll care about any of the social judgments you used to frenziedly factor into your calculations. Pluto transits mean you can’t even lie to yourself, let alone others. What you lose in popularity or convenience, you gain in raw vitality and guts.

Once you’ve evolved through your first Pluto transit, you recognize the rumblings when they occur the next time. In the same way a dormant – or even officially extinct – volcano can reactivate, you begin to re-feel desire, trauma, ambition, and emotion that have been way beneath the surface.

Or, you don’t have deep reservoirs of subconscious feelings, but your earlier experiences made you allergic to synthetic living? So when Pluto swings around again, the authenticity begins to bubble up like hot magma, and before you know it, you’re looking to vent or effect significant changes.

Sure, some people may look at you askance, but as history shows, it’s never a wise idea to try and plug a volcano or pretend that subsurface activity isn’t occurring. FYI, this natural phenom also serves as a metaphysical metaphor: weeks before a volcanic eruption, scorpions, snakes, and centipedes flee the area en masse.

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  1. Pluto has been on my Ascendant and opposing my Sun for 2+ years. I feel like a lot of events in my life that have happened during this time can be termed my “villain origin story”. 😐

    1. I have Pluto square my ascendant nataly and I am just now starting to process the vitriol and try to alchemise it. That whole Better to reign in Hell vibe is so Pluto square ascendant- I get it.

  2. Ha! My first Pluto transit was when I was like, 3. And yeah, I remember tons of crazy political trips my mom was laying on me at the time.

    Like others here, I don’t think Pluto will ever stop screwing with my planets either. If Uncle Pluto didn’t always frighten people before I’m even allowed to talk (or get them all hot and bothered so when I disabuse them, them they get pissy), maybe life would be easier. What do Pluto Risings do to “leverage” that power when they’re not *actually* “powerful”?

    Like, it’s all fine and dandy for, say (to refer to the latest post), Nancy Pelosi to come across as “powerful” — she IS! People I meet often just immediately think I’m up myself (this goes back to like, 10 years old, this problem). Who do we think we are, us Pluto Risings?

    Um. Wondering why I’m the only person who seems to constantly have to justify myself in the room?!?!

    1. This is similar to my experience. If i remember correctly you have Libra/Pluto Rising? Well i have Pluto conjunct Venus (my Chart Ruler) – so kind of similar energy friction between Libra/Venus and Pluto energy. You feel like you’re vibing benevolence & affability (Venusian/Libran) but Uncle Pluto’s proximity overshadows this vibe. This might confuse some people (insecure, mostly) who revert to defensive or attack mode. Either mode is a nuisance as it puts us in the “justification” mode. It’s a theory …

  3. Pluto squaring 7 planets over 4 years changed my psyche forever and I don’t think I’ve ever quite recovered. Tick. Pluto crossing the descendant – marriage blown apart by partner secrets. Tick. Pluto opposite moon for a couple of years. Psychological torture with the backwash only just starting to settle now. Tick. Pluto is an arsehole.

  4. I’ve been approached by a dear friend to be one third of her next business venture. She’s a Capricorn dentist. Italian. It’s been a huge inner yes from the second she mentioned it. She’s selling her practice this week and taking her long time accountant/ receptionist/ tax advisor and right hand woman. I’m honoured they thought of me and also not hugely surprised. Their impression of me as a marketing genius/ rebel entrepreneur and all around fearless polymath is based off the fruits of Pluto transiting my first house. Now that he’s more than halfway through my second it makes sense step up and join two Saturnine Iron ladies and be the third in a trio of witches. She’s a known quality and I trust her. The number of times I’ve longed to be part of their work team over the years. You know when you see a team of women who work effectively together and you know they’re working their asses off but feel envy at their sense of purpose and the smooth efficacy of their labour?
    I am still processing it but I love the idea.

      1. 🙏🏻
        I’m incredibly stoked and it’s been tough trying to focus on anything else quite honestly. I’m having a rebirth of hope in my life and feeling a lot of grounded gratitude.

  5. In the same way a dormant – or even officially extinct – volcano can reactivate, you begin to re-feel desire, trauma, ambition, and emotion that have been way beneath the surface.”

    This, this, this, this, THIS.

  6. It’s been a lifetime of Pluto transits, across natal Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Sun, Mercury, North Node, Descendant (that was big), Saturn, Venus, Moon, Midheaven. Now it’s sitting a few degrees into the 10th and won’t quite get back to the Midheaven. It feels like the first 40 years were just astonishingly chaotic and unstable, and nothing I tried worked, or I sabotaged it all. Then I shut down for a long time and just tried to get by and not fuq anything else up, but that’s been lonely. Now about to turn 65 and wondering what the next phase will look like. Pluto will cross Chiron in Aquarius next. Only my Ascendant, South Node, and Uranus will not experience this transit. As a Scorpio, looking back on it all, I can see how hard it’s been to be in the volcano. It took a long time to even start to recognize my own trauma and grief, and that I’m not intrinsically flawed and deserve some joy.

  7. MoonstoneMagnolia

    Transiting Pluto conjunct Chiron and Saturn opp Pluto…. wondering whether to change name to Greta as in Garbo. Large head, hats don’t work, think troll doll. Cousin Itt. Maybe not.

    My sweet pooch Countess Claire turned 10 today, 70 in dog years (stellium Leo and a gracious star wherever we go, hence late night outings). As I forgot to get married and have children, decided to honour my new “big sister” for the day. Alone, ate a packet of custard profiteroles (not gluten free) pretending for the guests I’d asked for s pot luck cuppa or something stronger, several weeks ago when enthusiastic …. no one turned up, grateful after two weeks of battle fatigue with “my gov aged care” ..just the word sends shudders (moon in Gemini) …. yesterday I was the chick in the black bikini, fearless on the motorbike after seeing Easy Rider. I get in touch with her when I write, listen to Cream and Steppenwolf on late night (moonlight) drives with the window down, pretending to be 17 again. Where is She?
    Tomorrow my solar return, a few years of learning (becoming last man standing in family) and finding out where my tribe is? not in the art world here, not an artist, this town about art and revered …. I’m a writer who won’t be publishing memoir, despite filled journals, scratchings and long emails…..or young adult book as planned when told “you’ve a great voice for young adult” during pitches…..I haven’t had a working laptop for two years and don’t miss it… it’s basics now. Growing to accept what is, not what if? Accepting I have several “creative phDs” in writing workshops, many writing workshops….and just a couple of anthologies, newspaper stories, no novel, no published poetry verses. I love class, particularly zoom where I can hide in my leisure suit…. not so much being in the spotlight or on the stage….. I’m a pantser and accept it. Relief on its way…. signed Greta, ex Moonstone Magnolia
    Apologies, a bit off Pluto topic

  8. That news clipping above made me think of a trailer I saw recently for a film about two French volcanologists called Fire of Love.

  9. Ah, yes…Pluto is just causally rolling through my 1st house. Divorce? Check. My child diagnosed with a rare chronic illness? Check. Double hip replacement surgery whilst in the middle of a pandemic? Check. Lots of conversations with a therapist? Check. Ultimately, I am feeling as if I have been both boiled-down but also made of titanium. Fingers crossed as Pluto will be trining my Sun for the first time ever… is it true that Pluto leaves you with a gift? Here’s hoping…

    1. It sounds like a lot to take on, monicabliss! Hope you have healed well, after the surgery, be sure to take your time recovering and getting used to new hips. Hope your child is getting good treatment too.
      If you ask what the gift of Pluto is, I would say it leaves you with the ‘essential you’. The rest gets burned away. Pluto trine Sun should empower you, but it is still Pluto, so intensity is part of the process.

      1. I agree, as Pluto goes back and forth opposite my ascendant, the essentials are definitely coming to the surface. I have read that Pluto transits have three phases

        1. Disruption, (chaos) as it first crosses the aspect
        2. The “I don’t know anything” phase of the retrograde, (surrender).
        3. The emergence of the essential self, as it heads back across.

        The Deepak Chopra “The Book of Secrets, unlocking the hidden dimensions of your life,” has been helping me uncover the essentials.
        Best wishes to you, Monica. You’re a bionic woman now!

      2. I like the idea of the three phases Aqualuna. Maybe it fits with the transits of Neptune and Uranus too

  10. The Lion & The Centaur

    I had Pluto conj Moon, Ascendant, square Mars & opposite Venus growing up. Then I had years of Pluto conjunct Neptune and Uranus in my 1st house. I abandoned all my friends, went offline, moved abroads and found magic & astrology. Couple of years back I had Pluto opposite Mercury. Now I have my Saturn return and all in all it feels very civilized compared to the Pluto transits!

    1. ‘Civilized’ is a very good word for Saturn. My progressed Moon is conjunct Saturn all my life and I would say it is definitely civilized. Pluto however is unpredictable, tumultuous, deeply transformative and upsetting. The Plutos have been the hardest transits I have had to experience without a doubt. It’s hovering opposite my Sun as we speak. Gulp…

  11. Wish Upon a Star

    “What you lose in popularity or convenience, you gain in raw vitality and guts.”

    Love these words.

    1. Yes like a diamond studded steel sword running vertically through your conciousness making you stronger than you ever thought you could be. No namby pamby dealings with this planet.

      1. That is exactly it, Aqualeo, the gift of Pluto. It leaves you with a ‘diamond studded steel sword running through your consciousness’ 💎 Also through your physical consciousness, I would add

  12. Very apt. The seismograph is wobbling as we speak. I have already experienced Pluto opposite Mercury then Venus. And am now girding loins for the opposition to Sun Uranus. I am hoping innocently that because I did my absolute best with the last two which were SO HARD and life altering that this one will be OK (I know I’m kidding myself). Usually I have heard Pluto brings a person into your life. The last 2 did. But not good. Wish me luck sweet astro people. Any advice welcome…

  13. This….. I am currently in the middle of the metamorphosis blessing with Pluto square my Pluto & Saturn (both 1st house) + opposing Mars (10th house). And I can confirm my whole life is in reinvention mode where i moved to another country, completely changing the trajectory of my life (or putting it back on my initial reasons for incarnation) reinventing myself like some modern-ish-digital Madonna while falling back in love with the force of a woman I found. I don’t even know myself, so friends atm aren’t the priority rn. Phoenix level progress is 🔥

    1. Wow, Cece… moved to another country, back on track with your original reasons for incarnating… Keep the fire burning!🌋 When Pluto was conjunct my Sun in the early 2000’s I lost everything and rebuilt it more or less from scratch. And I was tireless (whereas before I always used to tire easily)

      1. Yeesss! Thank you lovely! Plutonian energy literally has transformed my life.
        And to think all it took was for me to step back into my path, and chose regeneration and evolution instead of staying affected by my past.
        Wow the 2000’s sound like it wasn’t very kind to you 🫣, but you’re still here!!
        I also hope your nasty fiery neighbor issue has found some resolve! 🤞🏼

      2. Yes, getting rid of the past is very much part of the Pluto process. Takes some hard work, but if you can get in touch with the power that’s provided, you have the necessary fuel for it!
        Here, the process with the neighbor is not resolved yet, but it is being worked on… Fingers crossed indeed 🪔

      3. It sounds so easy, but it really wasn’t lol. Which I’m sure you know, but once you find your step and a new way to operate it gets easier.
        Oh good! I’m really happy to hear that 😬 I feel like in the new few months, we will have a beautiful change in tides for us all 🌊

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