This Geomagnetic Storm!

As my Mega Mystic can attest, I have been banging on about Solar Maximum for ages now and here we (possibly) are with the strongest geomagnetic storm in decades raging away. 

To put it super-simply, the Sun flames out, bathing Earth in ultra-high-velocity ‘solar winds’ of super-charged particles and the Earth responds with intensified geo-magnetism. How intense?

The best illustration of this is the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Centre’s geospace model: Scroll down to Magnetic Pertubations Over The Globe and click ‘play.’

You can also keep an eye on the NOAA graphs which are live and updated every five minutes.

For more info, you can see the posts tagged space-weather here – some of them are members-only Daily Mystic Updates but I have opened them up for this occasion.

However, the most informative + pertinent posts are:

The Astrology of Solar & Geomagnetic Storms

Solar Flares & Geomagnetic Flux Management Tips 

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The question on many people’s minds at the moment is ‘could this be another Carrington Event?’  Named after Richard Carrington, the Gemini who meticulously documented the whole thing, it was a solar outburst of such fierceness that it took out the world’s power.

Because it happened in 1859, there were very few dependencies compared to our ultra-networked 21st Century and recovery time was relatively short. And, it was a G5 category storm like now.

While I hazarded some astrological theories in the post linked above, I’ve just realized something else: Neptune at the Carrington Event was at 26° Pisces, squaring the Galactic Center which was then at 24° Sagittarius. Now, during this cosmic typhoon, Neptune is at 29° Pisces, squaring the Galactic Center which is now at 28° Saggo.

And, stay with me, Neptune was ALSO squaring the Galactic Center, albeit from Virgo, at the time of the ‘Geomagnetic Superstorm’ in March 1940. And this weirding 18 months later!

To be fair, Saturn at zero Taurus was also squaring Pluto at Zero Leo then but still…the posts linked to above have more nuance but astrologically, yes there is a chance of an event but I’d put it at the same percentage that the astrophysicists are currently putting it which is between 5% – 12%.

If the Sun did zap out the power/internet, I am sure there would be a coterie of delighted steampunk/cyberpunk people but I assure you, that I would do everything possible and impossible to regain transmission powers.

More seriously, the cogent lesson here is that governments could beneficially expend more on the fundamentals, right?

Metaphysically, I have a theory that magical people or those with certain genetic traits are more space weather sensitive.


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  1. Have a big surgery 5/29 that I have to take out CC debt for … needless to say intense times indeed. But I know that if I wait things will only get worse. So off we go.

    1. Well at least it’s fantastic astrology for it! Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius, Mars conjunct Chiron and Mercury conjunct Uranus! Regenerative to the max xx

  2. ‘Metaphysically, I have a theory that magical people or those with certain genetic traits are more space weather sensitive.’

    This is a bit off topic, but on this, I visited my darling Monther yesterday. Though she’s well into the depths of dementia she seemed quite lucid, which is to say I could see her essence shining through the fog and we were able to be ‘us’. As I was giving her hugs and kisses goodbye she said to me, ‘We are magic, we are magic.’ She’s right, we do have a very strong and mystical connection and it’s one I treasure beyond explanation, I’m truly blessed. On my way home I was thinking on the lyrics for Olivia Newton-John’s song ‘Magic’ and it seemed very apt for a mother-daughter relationship. I feel like my Mum will come back to me, in a way, when she moves into the other realm, and that song perfectly fits my musings on how that might look.

    Last night I pulled a single tarot card about my Mum, I have the strong sense she’ll be passing soon and wanted to check it. I got ‘Heka’ – literally ‘Great Magic’ in ancient Egytian’ – and now this statement about magical people, so that’s three ‘magic’ hits in under 24 hours :-).

    So, it would seem that the space weather is certainly amping the magic around me.

    1. What a beautiful story about you and your mother, Alex!
      And I have always found ‘Magic’ by Olivia Newton John a lovely, magic song ✨

    2. Yes! Wonderful connection, and beautiful. Time might be up for her on this planet but the links are forever, golden and real. Take that into your future next. She’s obviously magic and you are too. Hold tight, this link is going to endure and light you up – with brilliance – when most needed. All the best to you and your mother bond.

    1. There is some info on the timing in the previous posts about it linked above but essentially, Solar Maximum is only known in hindsight. If, for example, the number of sunspots began to decrease and that decline kept occurring for months, it would be apparent that Solar Max had occurred. In 2019, it was the opposite, it was Solar Minimum and it went on for longer than usual (associated with pandemics fyi) to the point that there was concern it could become a Grand Solar Minimum which is extended. But then the Sun began to fire up again and now here we are!

      1. Thank you so much Mystic, for this extra info! It’s good to know that we won’t know until it’s over 😉

  3. Hey Mystic not sure about this one. My Gemini husband said he never heard of it. So I read what it said. Still not impressed lol

  4. Have lived in Tas. for 25years and saw my first aurora last night (Saturday).
    It was huge and so brightly coloured… mostly red.
    Sensitives need to take in info not just from astrology but from space weather event reporting as well.
    These are huge helpers to working out what feelings are self generated and what are from external influences.

    1. I’m here in NW Tas and the whole sky and experience was truly awe inspiring! I still feel the residual magic from it all, I’ve created art based on it 4 times today – that flow feels great.

      1. Wow – how wonderful! Here in sodden Sydney there was NO chance. So lovely to hear your experiences.

    2. Of course this would happen during Taurus season. 🤭 I feel that this is affecting me more because I’m a Taurus. I haven’t been sleeping well, and when I’m awake my mind is racing.

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    So of course this was the day, albeit 3.30 pm, that I chose to get some sun rays. Stripped down to my bra and undies. I’ve got olive skin and need my natural Vit D. I had no idea about the solar flares. It felt good anyway. Maybe 🤔 I absorbed some cosmic intelligence?

  6. I am really wondering what Vanadium Lightyear has been up to lately. Surely the Magnetic Storm and Uranus/Sun conjunction is her jam.

  7. I had a seizure for the first time ever in my whole life on the 11th May!!! I was on the way to the hairdressers of course (Leo SN/Merc) when the lights just blinked out and I collapsed (Aqua NN/Mars). After being taken to hospital and followed by a battery of tests, the doctors could only conclude low blood sugar (!??). As I said – complete freakery. I have never collapsed or fainted, or even really been more than mildly irritated by low blood sugar in my whole 53 years on the planet.

  8. Just did a quick Brave search on the relationship between geomagnetic storms, stress hormones in the body, and heart rate – there is a link. I can feel it when I have cortisol coursing in my body when I can’t sleep at night, and usually it slowly goes away, but the last couple of nights, it’s been intense (particularly last night!). Thanks Mystic! The comparison of planetary arrangements now and during the Carrington Event is intriguing. Love it!

  9. I am so glad that I was well-prepared for this by my years of being a Mystic Medusa subscriber!

    I had plenty of warning to slather myself (and my father’s feet) with magnesium cream. I am having a healing experience instead of all my neural circuitry blowing out.

  10. Crystal blackburn

    I am extremely psychic and mediumistic. I did not know this was happening til like 8pm
    But all day I was amped up vibrating from the inside out and high as a kite. Good spoke to me all day and solved a few of my problems. We saw all the numbers from 111-999 yesterday.
    Such a amazing day

  11. I woke up at 6:30am suddenly this morning (alarm set for 9) and rapidly had a panic attack. Very out of proportion and unnecessary, even for me! I’ve also had sore joints the last two days for no apparent reason, and found out today that rheumatoid arthritis has been proven/studied to flare up during solar storms/flares.

    1. Alchemical_Magician

      Yep. Can confirm, I have Ra. Sup in the sea was the only thing I could do to chill down the inflam x

  12. Gosh! Thank you!! I’ve been using my grounding sheets that plummet my jacked up EMF down to the level of normal earth EMF levels. And I really noticed the difference the day before yesterday. Have been away now in Copenhagen, and certainly am on a different frequency those weekend! In some ways, as a mystic, it’s wonderful!💐

    1. Interesting photo, looks very much like a picture just sent to me from a daughter up on the Canadian slopes (this evening!)

  13. Thank you, Mystic, for the reminders and insights and links. I’ve been vaguely headachey, utterly exhausted but unable to sleep, with no energy for mundane tasks but plenty of energy/insight/inspiration around metaphysical and magical whatnots. I’d dialed by magnesium back but I’m cranking it back up tonight. This is a wild ride, and I don’t entirely hate it, but wow it’s exhausting.

  14. Tonight I was at a fundraiser gig for #SaveWallum a beautiful and ecologically important area of coastal heathland that is home to many endangered species which is under threat from development. We here in Mullumbimby and beyond have been campaigning diligently to protect it. Tonight I experienced unity when everyone spontaneously stood up arm in arm circling the entire space and the words “the way I see it we have already won “ were spoken. This is the energy of our future 💚

    1. I follow space weather because I get bad headaches with sizeable solar flares and geomagnetic storms. This was no exception.

      1. Same. I follow space weather for health reasons too. CME’s skitz out my nervous system every time. I have had the most awful headache for the past 3 days.

      2. The Lion & The Centaur

        Get grounded, people! It may take as much as 4 x 20 minutes barefoot outdoors or hugging a tree daily in a space weather like this. I used to get intense head aches from Aurora Borealis but I read this tip and now I barely lose any sleep during intense space weather and I’m a Leo/1st house Uranian hehe
        I’ve been grounding my child, dog, myself and of course our indoor cat all day in the garden. Also – electrolytes and magnesium oil on body. Feels so good!

  15. Mystic you’re more than right about certain people being more susceptible to solar effects / celestial influence of these type of events. Especially if you have sight or some type of Clairsentience.
    Personally my South Node is 22 deg Sagg, next to my Neptune at 26 deg right next to the Galactic Center lol.
    This gives a direct channel to the Galactic center which is visible to me as a light language without words. Next stop
    putting ‘Intergalactic healer’ on a business card LOL. It’s been a wild year and it’s only May 🫠

  16. my daughter who is 25 years old now and has Down Syndrome is like a solar activity meter-
    she goes off when there are solar flares or CME’s. Someone has found 500 peer rec=viewed studies that correlate solar activity to emotional and mental health flare ups.Never mind howling at the moon!

    1. Thank you for this, I (Scorpio) went to see a band on Sat night with my best friend (Cancer) and we had a hotel room for mother’s day but she went mental then I went mental and we ended up in a fight the likes of which have not been seen since 2001. Sunday I pulled a knife on my hubby (Aries). To be fair, I was already holding it chopping veggies when I perceived he’d insulted me and may have waggled it around while staring murderously at him. Everything’s cool now. Geomagnetic storms and menopause do not exactly mix!

  17. I have been feeling like a space cadet today, floating around on autopilot. I went shopping and lost my car for a minute or two. All very strange but deciding to go for a beach walk helped ground everything. Then some painting. Photos on the net are amazing. I have been using the first link above everyday this week it’s so cool especially today with both poles flaring bright red, I’m glad I knew to expect it.

    1. also a space cadet, the beach helped tremendously. Although I’m tech minded, yesterday & this morning I haven’t been able to fathom any procedures for doing things & it panicked me.
      Lots of water, fresh air, epsom soak helping with the calm.

  18. Thank you so much for this!! I have had a powerful migraine for the last two days, even large amounts of pain killers didn’t flip it. Was wondering if this storm was causative. . Not to be a Pluto Square/buzzkill but if the Earth’s EMF is down by 20% and we are having these flares, I begin to be a little more understanding of why Elon is taking such an interest in Mars.

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